John Piper: why homosexuality is wrong

Excellent teaching video by John Piper on why homosexuality is wrong. Piper goes beyond authority to explain why homosexuality is not in the will of God. This seven minute video well worth your viewing education.


8 thoughts on “John Piper: why homosexuality is wrong

  1. This is a great message from John Piper. His point about the brokenness of a man or woman is right, a broken heart will always seek to find something to ease the pain. I have often told adults and youth alike the danger of sin is that it changes your nature against God and the things of God, uncontorled lust will always lead to sin. Also his point on how to persent this message is 100% right. God hates all sin!

  2. This is a great message from Pastor Piper as he make it clear that it is wrong for Homesexuals to live together and sleep with one another as it says in God’s word Homesexuality is a Sin and wrong in the eyes of God.So he is right to say what he has said as a pastor who lead a church and has to teach that Homesxuality is a Sin and you are Sining against God.Amen

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