Former homosexual writes of "fearless love"

I enjoyed reading this commentary from former gay youth activist and leader in the gay movement Michael Glatze. After a 2007 encounter with Christ, Glatze says he came to believe it wasn’t possible for a person to claim to be a Christian and remain in homosexuality. Still, he argues, the love of a Christian isn’t passive assent but potent and effective in dealing with those who have chosen to live their lives as homosexuals.

Published at OneNewsNow, Glatze makes some very important —and heartfelt— points about Christian love and the issue of homosexuality.

Some of the highlights:

“Jesus provides a way out of all temptations that are common to man. Homosexuality is one of those temptations that some people face. There will always be the temptation to dive in, completely, becoming identified with a sinful behavior; in fact, this temptation has become a political movement – supported by many politicians and courts in our land, as well as other countries in this world. But Christians aren’t to be afraid of the pressure of an increasingly prevalent world system; we are not to be yoked together and conformed to the ways of this world.

And, so, it is frustrating when Christians lose their principles and compromise on the brilliant truth and the power of the gospel to save people from all sins. It is frustrating when Christians take the side of the enemy, against fellow believers. And it is frustrating when Christians re-crucify Christ, through their obsession with never-ending transgression. But, all these things – and, so much more – needn’t make us afraid; they should make us more ready to love.

“For me, it is remarkably frustrating to see some people within the so-called “Christian” sphere compromising the Word of God on the issue of homosexuality. It terrifies me to think of what might happen to these people’s souls. I know that homosexuality is a powerful force in today’s world – but don’t forget that it was a powerful force in ancient times as well. Remember in the book of Judges, how homosexuality pops up at the end of a long, progressive apostasy? Remember how homosexuality is described as one of the lusts that enflames people, after they have turned away from God, causing in them the results of their transgression? Have we gotten so far from God that we are willing to attempt a revision of reality, simply because we’re too afraid to see how bad things have gotten?

“The truth of homosexuality is that it is, like so many other things, a sin. And the truth about healing from homosexuality is that, like so many other sins, it can be done.”

As we have seen with some Christian leaders profiled on GCM Watch, we thought they were fairly solid in their theological perspective on homosexuality. But Glatze says the real issue is satan’s agenda of division.

“When I first came out of homosexuality, publicly, in 2007, I received 900 e-mails from loving Christians, praying, asking for guidance, sending their love. But in the last three years, I have seen strong, good Christian leaders fall into a pit of apologetic confusion around this issue of homosexuality. And I have seen good Christians turn on their brothers and sisters with an accusatory look, and the curses of the devil, because of their support for homosexuality. Make no mistake: Satan wants this issue to divide the church.”

That division comes when we reject God’s Word and his plan for man’s salvation and instead offer ourselves and our plans as sufficient to save.

Read the entire commentary at One News Now.


10 thoughts on “Former homosexual writes of "fearless love"

  1. This is brilliant! God can and will deliver any man that turns to Him of whatever sin. Will it be easy? most probably not, but come it will if an individual keeps pressing forward in Christ.

    One must though if these Christian leaders were strong and good for them to be so weak on the stance of homosexuality.

    The sad thing is that the devil cannot divide a church that is standing on Gods word, so if someone denies the truth we cannot treat the situation as if it is ok. Could some of these folk be tares that are amongst the true believers? False prophets and teachers?

  2. I know not any support for Obama here.
    Based on this and other comments, Glatze agrees:
    “Have I mentioned lately how utterly *disgusting* Obama is? And, yes, it’s because he’s black. God, help us all”

  3. @ Bix, what on earth are you talking about? It would be nice for once if people stop being so cryptic in their comments.

  4. Bix, I still dont get the Obama name dropping in your comment since there was no mention of Obama in the story.

    You would need to provide some sort of link to this quote you provided so that we can see the entire exchange.

    And Obama’s policies are disgusting. That’s putting it mildly but I digress.

  5. I know Obama isn’t relevant to this topic (I have reservations about him, but his being black isn’t one of them). My intent was to point out the racism that appears to motivate Glatze’s views about Obama. A google search will reflect several possible links. If I have time, I’ll try to provide at least one later on.

  6. Jesus defines ALL sin as lack of love (Matthew 22:36-40). Name a sin and you should be able to identify an unloved victim (self or another). What is sinful about a couple in a homosexual love relationships? Neither is victim, neither is unloved. Where is the hurt? Who is the victim being sinned against? Neither the Gospel writers nor the Prophets mention same-gender sex as a sin. “Homosexual” was coined about 1865, so any translation using a form of that word is a lie that needs to be emended. The word didn’t premier in an English Bible until 1946, so you must check earlier translations to learn what heterosexual sin is condemned. If God didn’t want men to have sex with other men, He would have said “Man shall not lie with man PERIOD. That “…as with a woman” suffix condemns straight men (such as prisoners) pretending to make it “as with a woman”. Gay men know nothing about sex with women.

  7. Fred there is a serious malfunction with your definition of love. With a sleight of hand you switched Jesus’ definition and added your own version. Until you clear that up, nothing you say after that has any credibility. And btw, most of it is just the same ole illogical arguments we have grown weary of even reading here. Anything new we can debate or examine?

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