Pastors and Adultery

by shofarsound

blaine-bartel2Pastor Blaine Bartel of Northstar Church in Dallas is the most recent pastor caught in adultery.  On April 29th of this year Charisma Magazine reported that he stepped down from his post as pastor after he acknowledged that he’d had an affair. Bartel and his wife Cathy have been married 28 years and are in pursuit of repairing their marriage.

It’s unfortunate when a pastor or church leader commits adultery.  It causes dysfunction both within his natural household and his church congregation. It causes division within the home as well as the church because the pastor’s credibility within his community is blown.  First, its blown by the spouse who was wronged by the act of adultery.  S/he may now be filled with extreme distrust and bitterness.  Additionally, the children and the congregation are also filled with distrust and bitterness.  Not only have the pastor’s actions brought a reproach upon the name of the Lord and upon his own ministry; it’s brought a reproach upon everything he was supposed to stand for as a man of God. The world takes its’ shots pointing the finger at the church, stating “…they’re supposed to be Christians!  Look at their pastor!  He can’t even keep his pants up, and he’s telling me that I’m in sin.” They paint a broad picture that all Christians are hypocrites who can’t follow the Word of God. Even gay activist who fight for the right of homosexuals to marry point the finger at the church’s divorce rate!  The adulterous pastors who indulge in extramarital affairs are a thing they ridicule.  They question as to why the pastors can’t stop sleeping around while ordering them not to marry.  They can’t even remain married themselves!  Pastors are supposed to be the leaders in morality and character in front of their church congregation and behind closed doors.  S/he’s supposed to be the prime example of holiness.  But when the pastor or church leader falls, the whole body takes hit.

How bad off are pastors and church leaders when it comes to adultery? Forty percent of pastors have had extra-martial affairs since entering the ministry. Why, you ask?  We can speculate that the first cause is simply the lack of spending time in the presence of the Lord in prayer.  Statistics show that 95% of pastors do not pray with their spouses and 80% spend under fifteen minutes per day praying.  There are just too many Martha’s and not enough Mary’s!

The second reason would be pride.  Instead of mimicking Jesus as a servant, some pastors believe that they are the ones that are to be served.  Some become celebrity pastors of the city and begin to develop arrogant attitudes.  They failed to remember that pride comes before a fall (Proverbs 16:18).

The third reason would be the lack of a true mentor that demands accountability.  Unfortunately,  seventy percent of pastors do not have a close friend, confidant, or mentor.

I speculate the fourth reason to be two fold: the lack of early character development in ministry as well as the lack of a spiritual mentor specifically designed to help nurture godly character in the embryo stages of ministry. Some pastors are very charismatic with talented skills.  They get by in church and everyone loves them.  But they have lust problems and are serial fornicators!  The churches’ leadership never deals with their issues because of their charisma and talent.  It is because of this charisma and talent that they continuously are pushed to higher positions in ministry.  Sadly, when the lust problems begin to manifest the church often believes that marriage is the cure.  Wrong!  All it creates for the future is a lustful serial adulterer who eventually gets exposed brings a reproach upon the ministry.

The fifth reason is simply the pastor’s lack of study of the Word and its application to his personal life within the kingdom of God.  The limited amount of study begins to reflect in his lifestyle.  Seventy percent of pastors only study the Word when it is time to prepare a message.

Regrettably, most churches in America don’t teach or have an understanding of the seriousness of adultery. In Judaism there are four cardinal sins or crimes a person should never commit:

1. Idolatry

2. Murder

3. Incest

4. Adultery

It is a crime against God because it is sin (Exodus 20:14).  It is also a sin against the spouse because covenant of marriage is broken (Job 31 9-12).  The person that commits the act of adultery has sinned against his/her own body.  The body is the temple of the Holy Ghost and when a man commits adultery he desecrates it.  It is a known medical fact that a man who has multiple sex partners runs the risk of giving his female partner pelvic or cervical cancer. Unrepentant adultery damages the spirit because sin separates a man from God.  The man exposes his body to potential diseases and damages his soul. Proverbs 6:32 says, “But whoso committeth adultery with a woman lacketh understanding: he that doeth it destroyeth his own soul.”

Remember Israel’s oldest son Reuben?  He lost his birthright for sleeping with his father’s concubine Bilhah. This adulterous act cost Reuben not only his birthright, but his position in leadership of the family. In the Pseudepigrapha writings of Testament, Reuben 4:2-8 says,

“For until my father’s death I never had the courage to look him in the face or speak to any of my brothers because of my disgraceful act. Even until now my conscience harasses me because of my impious act. And yet my father consoled me greatly and prayed to the Lord in my behalf so that the Lord’s anger would pass me by – which is just how the Lord treated me. From that time until now I have kept a careful watch and have not sinned. So then, my children, observe all things that I command you and do not sin, for the sin of promiscuity is the pitfall of life, separating man from God and leading toward idolatry, because it is the deceiver of the mind and the perceptions, and leads youth down to hell before their time. For promiscuity has destroyed many. Whether a man is old, well born, rich, or poor, he brings himself disgrace among mankind and provides Satan with opportunity to cause him to stumble.”

 Promiscuity brings dishonor and shame.  We must strive to be like Joseph and not sin against God.  We must present our bodies a living sacrifice holy and acceptable unto God.  If our minds our transformed by the Holy Spirit promiscuity or Satan can’t have dominion over the saints.

Is their epidemic of pastors and church leaders committing adultery?

Should pastors be held more accountable of their actions?


34 thoughts on “Pastors and Adultery

  1. I’d say YES to both questions. Yes there is an epidemic of pastors and church leaders committing adultery amongst other things and Yes, I believe wholeheartedly that pastors and leaders should be held more accountable. This is where I believe the root of the problem lies—ACCOUNTABILITY.

    I believe leaders (some, not all) have gotten beside themselves and have forgotten who they are truly serving and to whom they belong. The real definition(s) of “Ministry” and/or church “Leadership” has been redefined to mean that whatever the pastor says goes and that he is the law. Which I believe is in complete contradiction of God’s word: “Ephesians 5:23b “….even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body.”

    However, the church body is destroyed when there’s an error in his ways. Sometimes, it makes me wonder who we really come to church to serve and if our true devotion/dedication is to the Lord or to Man. Are we dependent on a spotless record of the pastor/leader in order for us to hold on to our salvation?

  2. To answer your last question first, yes, they should be held to a higher standard because the bible calls for it to be such (2 Timothy 3, for example). This includes having just ONE SPOUSE as per scriptural guidelines in Matthew 19:9, Romans 7:2, 3, among others–mentioned only because of the high rates of divorce/re-marriage What you have also outlined as causes for affairs (and other sins, quite honestly) among the clergy is spot on. The standard of measure used for promotion clearly is not scripture. Physical appearance, talent, popularity, charisma, oratory skills and ability to build and move a crowd take precedence over godly character–always. The abundance of such things flows from a prideful and unrepentant heart. Whatever proliferates at the top eventually falls downward among the adherents.

    In many of the highly publicized cases of infidelity among the clergy, I see a clear lack of repentance among this crowd. It’s one thing to admit to the transgression; something entirely different to take the time to come to repentance (to help facilitate restoration) and do so with sincerity OUTSIDE of the public eye. As long as these antics continue, we will all, by association, continue to be mocked and have our credibility questioned as children of God. This is part of the reason why, I believe, that separation is necessary (1 Corinthians 5:11), and my own reasoning from staying away from organized religion. That entity, and being a follower of Christ, are becoming more mutually exclusive by the day, and it’s sickening.

  3. Great commentary shofarsound. Ive always believed sexual sins (adultery, homosexuality etc) were symptoms of a deeper problem of disobedience and rebellion.

    And there has always been an epidemic of that. I think there is certainly a case to be made for more accountability. But if a person doesnt have a basic accountability to God or their commitment to God to be faithful to their spouse, would they submit more readily to the accountability of a another man? Just asking.

    You said, “Even gay activist who fight for the right of homosexuals to marry point the finger at the church’s divorce rate!”

    Indeed they are but here’s a caveat, there’s a lot of homosexual adultery going on too. In this case the pastor committs adultery with someone of the same sex. That is just as damaging. But the gay activists never say a word about that. They praise it as being “honest” about who you are.

  4. Friends,

    I’m sure not oblivious nor do I attempt to turn the blind eye, to the rampant lack of integrity in church leadership, or any other person in positions of authority, or a constant in the public eye, such as celebrities. But I praise God, that I serve a God, who is no respecter of persons, who gives me the understanding from both OT and NT that those in higher positions of life, are under a more scrutinizing eye, but also allows me to know, that I to, am under his scrutinizing eye, and should be just as mindful to my unforeseen actions outside of the public as I am to those who are in and under it.

  5. Pastor Foster,

    Good question about how can a pastor be accountable to man if he can’t be accountable to God. Look at Joseph, while down in Egypt he didn’t have his father Israel to watch out for him while in Potiphar house. He stated clearly to Potiphar’s wife, I can’t sin against God. Joseph was first of all accountable to God. I think it all goes back to are you serving God or are serving to be seen and to look great in eye’s of men. Are they sorry they got because it hurts their image they presented? Or genuine repentance that they sin against God?

    We live in a characterless society in America, look at the sports and entertainment world, people have such loose morals, but yet the public still celebrates them. This mentality has rooted itself in the “church world” now. dwdrums32 makes good comment on if quote on quote men of God are dedicated to God or man. As the church we need ask the question when we see these preachers in revivals or conference do you bear good fruit(fruit of the Spirit). Yet the church world celebrates talent over character. Most churches when they attempt to put together a conference or revival at their church, the first thing they ask about if it is a speaker or singer are they going to draw a crowd. Heaven forbid they follow the paradigm of the Church at Antioch in Acts 13 fasting and praying waiting for the Holy Ghost speak to see who send out for ministry or bring in to minister. Or try the spirits whether they are of God(1John4:1). But no, it is who can draw a crowd and bring in money.

    As for pastors who commit adultery with someone of the same-sex, that is article all in itself. Because it does occur.

  6. shofarsound, thank you for this article. This is but a demonstration of how important integrity and accountability are with regard to a subject that has far reaching consequences if left uncorrected.

  7. Tony, what can be seen or is revealed is ours to deal with. What cannot be seen or isnt known is God’s to deal with. I think the scripture is clear in that regards. For the record pretty much everything we deal with here is seen and public. If its not, then more than likely you wont see it here. That’s not to say that we think public/revealed sin is any less than private/concealed sin. Its just how we are supposed to handle the two.

    Shofarsound cited the Charisma article as the backdrop for his commentary. If a person is committing adultery more than likely there are other sins going on too. We didnt delve into that because it wasnt the focus of the story.

  8. Should pastors be held more accountable of their actions?

    Leaders that God has put in place are ALWAYS held to a higher standard in the OT and NT. That is Biblical fact. Everyone is equally saved but not everyone is in equal position in the Body of Christ. When you are a leader you are expected to be the greatest servant, and when you sin the punishment will be worse. That comes along with Power and Authority given by God.

    That is another key Biblical principal that is not very popular to teach. People not recognizing who God is, who want to speak in front of the little Flock just to be seen and heard (example: Jay Baker). But if they get up behind the pulpit and say something stupid and laced with false doctrine the speaker is responsible AND the pastor who allowed the speaker his platform in God’s eyes.

  9. There’s an epidemic of adultery among pastors because

    1. they have genitalia like other humans, however they have not
    surrendered their genitalia to the Lord.

    2. adultery being sex, can give the body pleasurable sensations.
    Pastors, I imagine, like pleasure too.

    3. He had a willing partner. Rape does not qualify as adultery. If he was guilty of rape, he would be called a rapist, not an adulterer.

    4. He lied. He lied to God, he lied to himself, and he lied to his spouse. More than once. About where he was, and who he was with, and why he would be late coming home for dinner etc etc. lies abounding.

    5. He made a plan. Venue. Schedule. Privacy concerns (will i
    be recognised here?) Transportation.Viagra (just in case)

    And the list goes on, and on………….

    How do you stop the epidemic? 1 Cor 10: 13 – 14. Adultery, like any other temptation, always has a way for you to escape. Like Joseph, you flee. Run for your life. literally.

  10. Yes and Yes to both questions, but like Joyce Meyer said in the ABC interview on the Dunamis Word “Pray for me and let me be.” Meaning don’t you think to much about it, cause others to ponder it and start to question i.e. stop the cash flow, and don’t make me have to dwell to much on it cause I might mess around and feel convicted. And you hurt my spouses feelings when you keep bringing it up (I think it hurt first when you did it, and again when you showed no shame about it. And then when it became public knowledge it got annoying…)
    As per the last couple of years’ sex scandals, preachers and singers are back in your face telling us how to live, not to judge, nobody is perfect before their issues are reconciled or dissolved completely. This is not like going back to sit in the drive thru window at Wendy’s, and even they’ll fire you if caught covorting with the boss/co-workers on company time !!!
    I loved Iesha’s points, the devil only has to cause you to stumble once, and once he’s got you down there the rest is you – over and over again. But God give’s multiple avenues of escape…Praise be to God!!! The women/men were fine before you fell, they will be fine after you repent, reconcile, and resign from whatever position of leadership you are in.

  11. I think a BIG part of the problem is that we as a congregation of God have forgotten what the assembly of God is supposed to look like. We have turned it into some type of entity ruled by authority, hierarchy, and material benefits. The whole idea of a pastor as we know it today is not biblical at all and the structure that exists within the modern church is not reflective of how the original, early church operated. The goal of the early church was to establish equality among the brethren, not a corporate system. All too often we elevate these “men” into celebrity status, 99% of the time unwarranted and unmerited. It is actually quite shameful. When you really think about it, in light of scripture, it is completely ridiculous to have one man over several hundred or even thousands of people, and call him a pastor (shepherd). We are to follow Jesus Christ as our high priest and only true shepherd. There is no under-shepherd, not even mentioned in scripture! The pastors who are committing adultery are victims of power and privilege, along with their own foolishness. I feel sorry for the wives for being married to such weak, pathetic men and for the congregations who blindly follow them as if they have any real spiritual authority. It doesn’t surprise me when a pastor sins, what surprises me is when Christians are surprised that he actually did sin! Most pastors are not men of God and are not saved at all! It is a career/job not a calling! There needs to be a paradigm shift where we go back to year 1 of the Ecclessia (Assembly) of God, which is how it is supposed to be. The way church is structured now is silly and is at the heart of why there is so much corruption within it and no real spiritual power.

  12. Jerry,

    I agree w/you wholeheartedly, many of the pastors get that way, as you said, because there respective congregations deify them, and put them into a category they do not belong, therein lies a twofold responsibility. As Paul would say, “While preaching the gospel you…yourself are a castaway” and that goes not only for pastors, but also anyone, who is in christendom. Jerry I believe, the under-Shepherd, term comes w/2 Peter’s, reference in calling Christ “The chief-Shepherd.”

  13. I agree with you too Jerry. This has deeper roots than just adultery. This is a compounded problem that needs to be stripped of its bad layers and get back to what God intended.

  14. Well said Jerry!

    Some how the Pastor has become the star in the Church when that place should only be for Christ. I was thinking as you have stated that men have made monsters out of many of these “men of God” and pride has taken root.

    People actually believe that their blessing is tied to the Pastor being blessed. If we make him rich then the blessings will flow down.

    I really do think that some of these men get to the point where they think they are above the Word.

    Here is a scripture that speaks to what you have stated.

    1 Peter 5

    1 The elders who are among you I exhort, I who am a fellow elder and a witness of the sufferings of Christ, and also a partaker of the glory that will be revealed: 2 Shepherd the flock of God which is among you, serving as overseers, not by compulsion but willingly,[a] not for dishonest gain but eagerly; 3 nor as being lords over those entrusted to you, but being examples to the flock;

    How did we get here?

  15. Pastors have been on my heart heavily for the past couple of weeks. And I’ve been praying for them. There are pastors out here who are truly walking in their calling, but because of burn-out, lack of support and so forth, they’re ready to give up. Their strength needs renewed and their passion for ministry reignited. These are pastors that you rarely hear about. So when we hear about things like this, in addition to these mega-church pastors being heralded as super-stars, we should find it all very grieving, for it grieves the Lord.

    Out of the many things that we can pray for, at the forefront should be God’s children asking Him to raise up a new generation of pastors who are desiring to love Him with all their heart, all their soul and all their strength. These are the ones who need to be the shepherds of the Body – not the ones we’re constantly reading about who are falling by the wayside more and more with each passing day.

  16. Amen Bro. Jerry. Amen, Amen. I am living in that awful reality today. And they scream “well, all promotion comes from God,” but I’d like to be one of God’s righteous promotions, instead of the wicked, yanno you might be the bad example. Hussein and Hitler were promoted a couple of times, and where are they? I had to go read it form myself, and they are missing some valuable in Psalms 75, v4-5 I said unto the fools, Deal not foolishly: and to the wicked, Lift not up the horn: Lift not up your horn on high: speak not with a stiff neck But they must not consider themselves wicked, which reminds me of that pharisee and tax collector parable, since you are in church your promotion is on the up and up. But when you’re promoted and don’t want to listen to members concerns, despise the advice of your brothers in the gospel, and show out at every opportunity to show out, that is more than a little bit foolish.
    Verse 7 But God is the judge: he putteth down one, and setteth up another. How come these men/women of god can’t fathom their indiscretion being the curtain close for them? Everyone thinks they are King David, and the way they act seems like they’d rather lose a child than have their little kingdom swept out from under them. But they are bringing a curse to their own homes and the church they are over.

  17. Not just their blessings, as Paul stated but their SALVATION which is even worse. You might as well call the leaders Jim Jones or David Koresh.

  18. The Mentor aspect is what hits home for me and like it has been mentioned the deifying of the pastor makes it extra hard for the flesh to not become puffed up. If no one can tell the pastor anything it is very difficult although it shouldn’t be for GOD alone to reprove and admonish someone. (you know what I mean) We all listen to GOD but many times a physical person will confirm what the Father has been saying by his Spirit. It is not the way it should be all the time but as the scriptures says, “As in water face [answereth] to face, so the heart of man to man.” Proverbs 27:19

    I strongly believe in the (true) elder system of leadership because it can keep things accountable (of course the enemy can get into this as well) thru admonishment, reproof and the general nature of not being the “Man” or “Sr.”

    I personally have had someone in leadership state that the pastor does it to everybody, so what are we supposed to do…. and that thought is a sad summary of what happens far to often, however GOD knows those that are his and I pray that those caught would seek true forgivness and seek to educate as Solomon did after his fall on the trappings that lead to the fall

  19. I love how you infused that scripture lapreghiera. Its right on point and drives home the message that self perception without the bible’s supernatural mirror is a recipe for spiritual disaster. Some of these pastors are actually hirelings who have made it rich off the sheep. But you let a lion or a bear show up and watch them show their true colors. The cash, positions, and arrogant attitude causes them to being looking for something to satisfy the wickedness in their hearts. Enter sexual sin, stage left.

  20. Angela,

    My friend, I emphatically receive your comments, and am reminded of God speaking w/Jeremiah, saying “I will give you pastors and teachers, after mine own heart.” But we also read Paul’s instructions to his young pastor Timothy, saying “The people will heap up for themselves, those w/itch ear messages”, and dare I say sinful lifestyles, so that they could also justify theres. But even those who have fallen can be restored, for when we look at both David and Saul, both were guilty of terrible crimes, but one repented and found no excuse for his sins, and recognized sin has consequences. The other justified and made excuses, thus never truly recognizing his sins nor the fatal consequences, even being informed, the Holy Spirit had departed from him.

  21. Here is a true story of a young pastor who didn’t want to be accountable. This happen about year and half ago or so.

    This young pastor between 32-33 years old was caught in adultery, his Bishop of the organization he was in caught wind of it, and strongly suggest he sit down for awhile from being the pastor of the church to receive counseling. The young pastor refuse to do so, he immediately left this organization, join another organization without any questions asked, kept pastoring his church.

    Well while he was preaching one Sunday, he had massive heart-attack on the pulpit, and eventually died a couple of days latter.

    That is really scary! Some of these pastors don’t have a fear of God. If they did they wouldn’t continue in sin.

  22. What sin you allow in your life today, will master and have dominion over you tomorrow. It will take you captive, and at the end the kingdom of darkness will make you look like a fool. We have more Samsons and not enough Joseph’s.

    When comes to adultery or fornication we need to flee from it, or 21st century terms run from it like Usain Bolt in 100 meter dash.

  23. did you see this post in yahoo cogic group???

    i just heard that supt derrick hutchins chairman of the elders council has divorced his wife who is the daughter of mother rivers. bishop blake flew to memphis to remove a church official that stole 20k dollars i’m wondering do bishop blake have the guts or spiritual courage to remove derrick hutchin or
    request he be removed as chairman of elders council and as a pastor of his church. more information will be coming out that will expose derick for who he is and who he has always been, but was protected by bishop blake. let’s see what happens now….

    who among us, which leaders will arise to purge this church of unrepentant perverts, child molesters, pastors divorcing their wives, homosexuals, whores/gays in the choir and playing instruments, false preachers, etc…who will demand holiness… when will our bishop demand its leaders either live holy
    or risk being stripped of their elders license and banned from the church. when will our chief apostle make an example out of an unrepentant church official for moral failure and divorcing his wife instead of making an example of someone
    just for money….????????

  24. smoothsingerz, I edited part of your comment out because it was unrelated to this post.

    Since you say you “heard” this, you will need to produce more evidence or a reliable source in order for the comment to stand.

    That being said, I do agree 100% with the last paragraph. Tragic for all who truly love COGIC and want to see reform. Personally, I think many of the people were sold a wooden nickel by electing the current PB. True change comes through earnest confession and repentance. Until then, I think the things you enumerated will continue to rise unabated in the grand old church.

    Please cite some sources for your claim that Derrick Hutchins divorced his wife or I will delete the comment.

  25. These Cogic preachers are getting worse. it’s out that Derrick Hutchins wife is divorcing him for infidelity. check it out
    he’s the Chairman of the Pastors & Elders Council.
    he should be removed from office.

  26. “That’s the part that I really find offensive,” Hutchins said. “Because sometimes it’s written like all we want to do is save ourselves from liability, we don’t really care about people—and that’s not true at all.”
    “Our first concern is the parishioners, not just pastors,” he added. “We do not tolerate pastors in the pulpit who are found guilty of these improprieties.”

    Thats what Derrick Hutchins saidjust seven months ago. If this “sexual impropriety” aka adultery he committed is true, will COGIC remove him from his position like he said they should do?

  27. These leaders have forgot to make a covenant with their eye’s to not lust upon another woman(Job 31:1). Didn’t Jesus say, whomsoever look upon a woman to lust after her has committed adultery in his heart(Mat. 5:28). The main issue is these guys get drawn away from their own lust, by being drawn by lust it conceives an adulterous affair, when finish it brings death and destruction to the marriage their in.

    Also lust is not just sexual either. Some people who have lust in their heart, will lust after power and position, material gain, attention, ect. As Gcmwatch stated these people have other deeply rooted problems besides adultery.

  28. Shofarsound said: Also lust is not just sexual either. Some people who have lust in their heart, will lust after power and position, material gain, attention, ect. As Gcmwatch stated these people have other deeply rooted problems besides adultery.

    Yep, many lusts there are, and they all produce the same fruit – death! Sin by any other name is just as deadly. No matter how good a sin may make me feel, it will only lead to death.

    Ever heard the story of the frog and the scorpion? The scorpion wanted tp cross the river,but he couldn’t swim, so he begged the frog to take him across. Froggy refused, “if I let you climb on my back , you’ll sting me, and I will die.”
    Scorpion said “Why would I ting you when I need you to help me get across the river? I give you my word, I won’t sting you!”
    So Froggy bowed to the undeniable logic of the Scorpion, and the scorpion gladly jumped on Froggy’s back, and the journey across the river began.
    Halfway across the river, the scorpion stings the frog, and as the venom spread through his system, the bewildered dying frog asks the now drowning scorpion, “Why did you sting me?”
    The scorpion replied “It is my nature.”

    For lust when it conceiveth, bringeth forth sin………

  29. Responding to previous posts, at the Women’s Convention last week Bishop Blake announced Pastor Derrick Hutchins resignation from his position, and asked prayer for his family.

    This was not a voluntary resignation, from a source I know to be reliable.

  30. COGIC Rev, thanks for your remarks. We have not directly addressed that nor do we plan to beyond what we already have in comments or in relation to the Charisma story from seven months ago. Having said that the search engines are burning up as people are looking for information on it.

    Incidentally, this post had absolutely zero to do with Derrick Hutchins, nor was it written with him in mind.

  31. My dear friends:

    I come in peace as I bear you greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

    The following comments are not for the faint-hearted, or for religious zealots with Pharisees attitude, but for those with a zest for the truth. I do not seek to encroach upon your feeling of self-righteousness, nor do I intend to defend anyone or insult any by my comments, however, my intention is to shed some biblical light to the matter of human failings as I enumerate my comments below:

    1. We live in a new day where intolerance is at an all time high, because so many, like the Pharisees and Sanhedrins of old, think to know the mind of God and set out to mete out justice “God style” They have a lust for spiritual blood and arm themselves with rocks ready to cast instead of love ready to forgive.

    2. It appears that some of you want to be the first tale bearer in the Hutchins’ case that you can wait to know the story to even tell it straight. I applaud GCM for putting every on hold until reliable sources emerge with a true picture of the whole story. Let us all be mindful that the Scripture say, “Le 19:16 Thou shalt not go up and down as a talebearer among thy people: neither shalt thou stand against the blood of thy neighbour: I am the LORD.”(KJV)

    3. Divorce in itself is not a sin because marriage is not a one size fits all. The truth is times are different now and people (both genders) are less tolerant of each other. It seems more frustration mounts and every level of society is plagued by breakups for one reason or another, some are perhaps justified and others are not. See, in Matthew, Jesus responded to the inquiry of the Pharisees, “Mt 19:3 ¶ The Pharisees also came unto him, tempting him, and saying unto him, Is it lawful for a man to put away his wife for every cause?” Please underline every cause as the most important part of the question. Jesus’ reply at this occasion was “What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.” Then they pressed further in the matter of law, and he explained, “Moses because of the hardness of your hearts suffered you to put away your wives: but from the beginning it was not so. And I say unto you, Whosoever shall put away his wife, except it be for fornication, and shall marry another, committeth adultery: and whoso marrieth her which is put away doth commit adultery; Mt 19:11 But he said unto His disciples, All men cannot receive this saying, save they to whom it is given.” Underline: All men cannot.

    3. Let me cite a few men in the Bible and most are celebrated heroes in our favorite passages: Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Samson, David and the list goes on. What do you think about their lifestyle? How did God deal with them? Remind you, all didn’t run like Joseph.

    4. When judging a matter (which you have a right to do) always think in light of the scripture and not just those that make one appear highly religious.

    5. As for those who are quick to criticize the PB for the actions of others, be cautious of the fact that he cannot deal with any issues based on “hearsay” because people can be falsely accused, else he would not be a good leader. He is empowered to remove someone from national positions but on Jurisdictional level where every churches are based it falls into the hands of a Jurisdictional Elders’ Council and that’s where removal decisions are made. That’s how the governing body of the Church sets it and it cannot be violated. Is the system perfect? Let me be the first to admit NO, but is it fair? Yes.

    6. In the question of Justice (perfection) and Fairness (mercy), Aren’t you glad God does not mete us out by (justice or perfection) but by (fairness or mercy)? I know I am and that’s why I’m saved.

    7. Now I’ll sit back and enjoy all that I’ve missed in my synopsis, since I know you will not miss anything.


  32. COGIC Born, reading your comments evoked several questions I hope you will answer:

    1. Didnt God say “I hate divorce”? Why he would say that?

    2. Re the mentioned biblical individuals: Is there any biblical evidence of divine approval of the sins committed by the people you mentioned ? What do you think of the consequences (some extremely severe) each of the individuals you cited had to face as a result of their sin(s)?

  33. Back on point with the blog, pastors have to be accountable to God, and should also find someone else saved ON EARTH who they respect, listen to, and who will take them to task for their own actions.

    A man, pastor or otherwise, who does not answer to anyone is in danger of destruction and hell.

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