Media in brief

I was blesseMicrophone1d and honored to be a guest on the Dallas based radio program of Jim Norman. The show, entitled Wise People, broadcasts on 91.3 FM KDKR. The interview is in two 30 minute segments. The first part aired this morning and part two will air next Saturday, May 29th at 830 am.

The interview has two distinct parts. The first explores the ministry and personal witness aspects of my dealing with homosexuality. In the second, I talk about GCM Watch, its purpose and the challenges associated with it.

To listen to the first segment, click here.

To listen to the second segment click here.


4 thoughts on “Media in brief

  1. Brother, are you live in studio or is this a phoner? E-mail a bruh.

    As for the first part, very well done. I have alreayd passed it on a few friends of mine – some have dealt with it, others just know how to for those who do.



  2. Outstanding interview! Like the way you used Joshua 1:8-9, I believe on whatever you meditate on will have dominion over you. If we meditate on the Word we will be properous. But if we meditate on sinful practice we will be defeated.

    Looking forward to part 2 of the interview.

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