BGCT cuts fellowship with Dallas church over homosexual deacons

GCM Watch praises the decision of the Baptist General Convention of Texas to hold fast to sound doctrine and practice. They made a biblical decision to remove a church which ordained and sanctioned sexually immoral members. Its a wrenching  to have to be forced to sever fellowship from other Christians, but when they uphold clearly identified sin as good and normal behavior, its time to draw the line in the sand. It may not seem like a perfect solution in our eyes, but its what must be done to uphold God’s Word. From the Dallas Morning News:
The state’s largest Baptist group officially broke ties today with Royal Lane Baptist Church in North Dallas, citing the church’s acceptance of openly gay deacons.

By a 63-4 vote, the executive board of the Baptist General Convention of Texas voted not to accept funds from Royal Lane. The same resolution asked the church to stop indicating in publications that it is a BGCT affiliate.

Randel EveRandel-Everett-02-08rett (left), executive director of the BGCT, called the decision “painful” but not difficult. Though BGCT churches should welcome homosexuals, he said, the group’s long-held view is that the Bible teaches homosexual behavior is sinful.
Royal Lane’s acknowledgement that it has ordained openly gay deacons meant that it was “clearly outside” BGCT beliefs, Everett added.
Doug Washington, a Royal Lane deacon and BGCT executive board member, spoke against the resolution. He said the church has two gay deacons, and he praised them as outstanding leaders.
Its amazing the attitudes of  church folk who try their best to sanctify sin. When satan, not the Holy Spirit is allowed to control the administration of the church, this is what you get:

Doug Washington, a Royal Lane deacon and BGCT executive board member, spoke against the resolution at the meeting in Northwest Dallas. He said the church has two gay deacons, and he praised them as outstanding leaders.

“To say something is wrong with them is to say God made a mistake,” Washington said. “I can’t buy into that.”

Compare that to the response of certain members of the church in 1 Corinthians 5 when a sexually immoral member was reported to the Apostle Paul.

It is actually reported that there is sexual immorality among you, and of a kind that does not occur even among pagans: A man has his father’s wife. And you are proud! Shouldn’t you rather have been filled with grief and have put out of your fellowship the man who did this? (vss 1-3) NIV

Instead of being grieved and saddened that one of their own was engaging in sexual immorality, certain members and leaders of the church were angry, arrogant and proud of the man. They actually defended him and railed against the ones who reported the situation to Paul. Since the man and his supporters were unrepentant, Paul instructed them to do exactly what the BGCT did. Put them out of the fellowship.


6 thoughts on “BGCT cuts fellowship with Dallas church over homosexual deacons

  1. But how much longer before the pressure of men overrides the fear of God? I’m glad that this man took the biblical stand – and I apologize for being pessimistic – but will he eventually crack under the pressure that’s going to come following this decision?
    How many on that executive board will begin to listen to the attempted rationalizations of homosexuality that’s going to come from those gay deacons and their supporters? How many of them will then begin to doubt the Word of God because of the pressure, along with their fear and unwillingness to face ridicule and even persecution?

    I know just by reading this blog alone that some leaders whom no one ever thought would give in to the temptation (to avoid conflict) have eventually succumbed to it. Some held on for awhile, adhering to biblical truth, but after some time, they too let go of the parachute that kept them high above the mess.
    I’m not saying they “lost” their salvation, but they mixed the pure with the vile.

    I’m not meaning to put a damper on your article Pastor Foster; thank you for informing us of the “good” along with the bad. It’s just that I’ve seen people proclaim God’s Word in the face of the masses only to see their boldness melt when the pressure cooker got set on high.

  2. to the baptist general convention of texas i say kudos to you for standing for God against the devices of Satan

  3. Well done BGCT. Maybe it is just me, but why do the supporters of this sin justify the persons actions outside of the sinful behavior? Their being “outstanding leaders” is irrelevant to the issue. Ok, she is a good teacher, many students graduated, but she has sex with her students. Ok, he is a good preacher, many people got saved, but he is a thief. Yeah, he is an outstanding athlete, very talented, but he is an adulterer. Somebody help me.

  4. Eld Carl, you know these people call good, evil and evil, good. Thats the best way I can sum it up. This is evidence that the spirit of the man of perdition is pushing to be released. But the Holy Spirit restrains him until that time will come. What the BGCT did was part of what Paul explained in 2 Thess 2. We are to restrict and restrain those who seek to make wickedness normal until we (and he that letteth) are taken away. THAT is the struggle we face right now. We cannot stop or eradicate wickedness including this insidious gay homosexual movement, but we are to stymie their influence until the Lord’s plans from to fruition. Some have already to sent a delusion so that they cannot believe the truth, thus (as the scripture says) they cannot be saved.

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