CHEATERS: 'Open and affirming' churches

churchsign-5-mo-b1A very interesting —and truthful— first person account by a man who says he was cheated by the gay/affirming church’s message of acceptance and freedom. It was published in Christianity Today in 2004, but feels like it was written yesterday. Lies and deception never change for the better. The silver tongued lie that sexual expression doesn’t matter to God as long as its based on mutual love is a soul killer.

Gay churches who dangle this poisoned carrot in front of confused, hurting and struggling men and women manipulate their hurt and promise them freedom when just the opposite will result.

The only answer to the devastation of sin is to repent of it and live a disciplined life in submission to Christ.

An excerpt:

I spent several years in bondage to lust. Over and over, I would quit, shamed beyond measure. But the message that I should embrace my identity as a “gay Christian” continued to entice me, and I would return to my self-made prison. My sin separated me from God, and I lost the joy of my salvation. My conscience didn’t side with the affirming church.

After so many years of stimulation, my senses became dulled. I no longer could get the rush I needed so badly. Encouraged by the message of the affirming church, I was “embracing” my homosexuality. But as I fell deeper into sin, my marriage grew increasingly boring, and my wife’s love seemed more and more distant.

The affirming church had a bigger lie for me: I had been “guilted” into a heterosexual marriage by a church that lied to me about my orientation.

The author unmasks the gay church and its franchises in mainstream denominations:

My pastor likens affirming Christians to the doctor who examines her patient and discovers life-threatening, but treatable, cancer. However, knowing that the patient cannot bear the thought of the painful treatment, she sends the man home with the “good news” that there is nothing wrong with him. Instead, the good doctor tells her patient that the symptoms of cancer are something “quite natural” that he should “accept.”

In the same way, I’ve had Christians tell me that homosexuality is “natural,” that I was “born this way,” and I should “accept” the way I am. They have said that my marriage was a mistake; I should divorce my wife and affirm my gay identity. But I have heard countless stories of men and women who came out from affirming churches because they realized that they were not being who God wants them to be.

Believers can act like the false physician, telling people tempted by homosexuality that same-sex orientation is part of their identity and that they should accept it. Or, we can act as judge, jury, and executioner, driving them away from the Savior who loves them. Either way, we risk the same result: spiritual death.

The author is anonymous honoring his wife’s request. Read the entire story here.

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