COGIC bishop puts gay Tonex in the driver's seat

Relax COGIC Memphis members, its one of the other COGIC denominations. Bishop Eric Figueroa, a clergy member of the Church of God in Christ, International allowed homosexual minister Anthony Williams aka Tonex to “preach” at his church. Since self identifying as a homosexual, Williams has become a fixture in the gay church movement. We don’t know the occasion, why or who was instrumental in causing this blasphemy to happen, but the facts are it did. It appears Tonex disguised himself with old church father robes and gave the church as real show.

BET gospel writer Torrence Glenn who attended the event, gushed at the opportunity to praise Williams in his recap writeup:

So to hear that a more traditional and pentecostal church such as New Life, pastored by Bishop Eric Figueroa was inviting him to their church was a shock to me. Being the Tonex fan that I am, I decided that although it was short notice, I had to go! (Yeah, I don’t stop supporting people just because it’s not popular to. Not my style.) Once I arrived at the church on Monday night, I tweeted that I was there and MORE than a few people asked me to recap it, so here goes. (I originally intended just to go for myself, not necessarily to cover but I realized that more people than me were interested in seeing/hearing what Tonex had to say.)

After the offering was taken and a guest choir sang a song, it was time for Tonex (or Minister Anthony Williams as he prefers to be called as a minister) to preach. He was dressed in a full liturgical preacher’s attire. He had on a navy blue robe with a light blue panel. VERY traditional. Before beginning to preach he sang a piece of Karen Clark-Sheard’s worship song, “God Is Here.” And when I say he sang it, he SANG IT!

That’s about it and as expected from people who devalue sound doctrine, the message (whatever it was) is sidelined in favor of performance techniques. to With all the false teachings Anthony Williams has spewed out in the past, Glenn ignored that to obsess over something else.  The musicians weren’t falling over themselves to back up Tonex on the organ, etc.  Read it for yourself:

“This may be my personal observation/opinion but it seemed the musicians on duty weren’t very willing to help or follow as the sermon came to it’s climax. I understand that some preachers don’t like accompaniment when they preach and many  musicians will wait until the preacher instructs them to play for him/her instead of just flowing with it. Better safe then sorry I guess is their thought process. But this was a totally different thing. There were moments where Anthony had to tell them the chords to play and they hesitantly played the chord and then just stopped. (Imagine if someone told you to pick up a piece of paper and you did and just put it down instead of doing something with it.) It was as if they needed to be told every little thing to do. It was odd because they were seasoned musicians who “know church.” But I may be wrong, this is just my opinion, but it felt like they had to be forced to participate in the closing praise experience that followed Anthony’s message. So to all my musicians, if you feel some kind of way about who’s preaching, get off the instruments!”

If you’re not familiar with what Glenn is having a problem with, let me explain. In the black church, particularly pentecostal ones, when the preacher shifts into a certain sing-song cadence of speaking (heading towards the “climax” of his or her message), the musicians are expected to jump in and match them in intensity. Here’s an example here (listen to the music). One would think that with a self professed homosexual preaching, one would not be caught up about what musicians were or were not doing. But such is the shallowness of today’s church goer. The musicians may have not initially wanted to participate in another man’s sins, but they too probably got caught up in the pentecostal histrionics of Tonex.

Lay hands suddenly on no man, neither be partaker of other men’s sins: keep thyself pure. 1 Tim 5:22

Who’s Bishop Figueroa?

Let’s try to sort out all the connecting names so that no one is slighted.

bishopfigGlenn admits all this is somewhat surprising since Figueroa’s church is known as “traditional”. According to Glenn, Figueroa’s daughter who sings background on Sunday Best show, tweeted the news out like it was Bishop Mason returning from the dead. Traditional?

Another source told GCM Watch Figueroa is mainly known in the New York area.

“When I lived in NY years back I’d see his name and his church’s name a lot in the main Christian newspaper which I used to receive monthly, taking out large ads advertising their various events convocations, etc. He might not be that well known nationally, but in NY black church circles he seemed to command a lot of respect from various other well known churches, leaders, bishops, etc.”

Figueroa’s Myspace site says he was consecrated a bishop in the Church of God in Christ International in 1998 and currently serves as bishop of the New York “jurisdiction” of said denomination.  This is not the COGIC Intl headquartered in Jonesboro, AR.  This particular strand of COGIC breakaways has its headquarters in New York and primarily sprang out of the famed Institutional COGIC headed by the grandfather of Monique Walker. Its now headed by Bishop JC White, a former member of the Institutional Church.   White has not made any public statements about the appearance of an openly homosexual minister in one of his churches.

So what do we make of all this? The same as we have been saying many times before. We are in the midst of a great falling away where the so called church is becoming a habitation of demons, unclean spirits and every unclean work. But guess what? They all “love the Lord” and gonna “get their praise on” no matter who says what.

And I heard another voice from heaven saying, ‘Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues. For her sins have reached to heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities'” (Revelation 18:4,5).



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  1. Yet another confirmation of the “black” church as nothing more than an entertainment venue; becoming increasingly useless against satan’s devices. Sound doctrine be damned.

  2. I wished that I could say that I’m surprised by the goings on in the black church. But we seem many a time to kick the word to the curb while doing things based upon how we feel. Not lining things up with what the scriptures have to say is the downfall of the secular church, that do things their way (which is it the Burger King church or the Frank Sinatra church doing it their way?).

    I knew that some entity was going to give him some play under the auspices of being a church!

    He’s a drawing card to my estimation.

  3. God Bless The Musicians. They seem to be the only ones acting with any sense in this matter. Certainly not the Bishop.

  4. If I were black, and in a black church, I would be sprinting for the exit. Hello: Galatians 3:28!

  5. @Robert: I went to that website……”interfaith”….hmmmmm….sounds like Mormons could join in their efforts too as long as they believe in Christ in some form.

    Once again, the madness continues. This falling away is happening before our eyes and you will be hard pressed to get the church to get past the “sangin’ thing and get back to the hard core simple truth of the gospel of Christ. I mean, really….

  6. I dont know about any personal connection between the bishop and tonex, but that third eye logo is creepy for a church group.

  7. Many of the commentors on that blog are blind to the truth.

    I really didnt know of this bishop but I know of his daughter, they can “sang” really good. They are compromisers also but one would never know it if not for this situation.

    What is going on, how comes the Churches, Bishops are not following simple sound teaching? the love of money is no joke is it?

    Lord have mercy!

  8. That 3 eye thing is way creepy, eveyone know that those are secret society symbols. whats up with that?

  9. Oh my goodness. This is not the church that Christ is returning for. The Great Falling Away Today is truly happening now. Before it’s over with almost all churches will accept the homosexual movement. God is going to remove his sheep from the goats, the wheat from the tares and His Church will then be established cause what we are seeing now is NOT it. I cannot stand it when preachers preach and the musicians start playing behind them in the end. Why do they do that, what is it for. I so wish they would just teach the word and leave the musicians to the choir. It’s like they feel they need theme music or something. It’s all for show. It’s past time for them to just grow up preach the gospel and tell the musicians to go sit in the pews and open their bible like everyone else. It’s time for foolishness to stop. It really serves no purpose.

  10. Rome has taken over the black church. The robes, the hats, the choir boy robes, the candles, the crosses, the staffs. All of this catholicism. I don’t understand why the congregation doesn’t see that their churches have become Rome and they have been sucked into a one world religion. It is being secretly done by Satan and these preachers are happily taking the money and wearing the garments. If only they knew how stupid they really look and the women are wearing them too.. Do they want fame and fortune so badly that they will sell their souls to get it?

  11. Paul, they are simply a reflection of the person who went and wrote the “recap” in the first place. Blind. Blind leading (or writing to) the blind. They both fall into a ditch. You can always spot a spiritually blind person. They never see truth in the Word. Or worse, they see no value in God’s word.

  12. How terrible is that Pastor, they totally reject sound teaching. Its true, Its mind blowing the way how they just have no regard for what is written. wow!

    Regarding the music helping out the Pastor or whatever you call it. My friend goes to Lakewood (pray for him) and TD Jakes was there at the end of last month. TD Jakes imported his own organist and had him on stage with him. I guess he cannot preach without his organist keeping it hype. I have to laugh, this is so ridiculous to me!

  13. Pastor Burnett the third eye is that and a lot more in occultism. When you look at the hindu and buddhist false gods and they have that eye in the middle of their forehead, that is the third eye.

    Many counterfeit gifts from satan utilize the third eye. For example when individuals see “ghosts” (which are really demons) their third eye has been opened by some way.

  14. I must object to the use of COGIC in reference to one of these breakaway church. There is really only one COGIC and it’s headquarters is in Memphis. C. E. Blake is the presiding prelate, period. The others are imposters. You guys should not use COGIC in reference to these other churches without whatever additional monikers they have added.

    GCMW: Douglas, sorry. It is what it is. And the article did distinguish between the two.

  15. the COGIC Int’l is a splinter group from the original COGIC the division happened sometime in the 60’s its a small group of churches sprinkled mostly in the New England area…similar to COGIC in doctrine.. Gays have always been a part of the “Church ” no longer in just singing in the choir and playing music if it wasnt for homosexuals and women there wouldnt be a church both have become more vocal.. Homosexuality is in every denomination this is nothing new in the black church Most hid it behind marriage(dl) but you also have fornicators, liars and adulterers as well.. the physical church again has always been infested with these spirits for the most part its about the money and lavish lifestyles..

  16. doorkeeper thanks for your mini history lesson.

    But it seems you kind of yawn at the reality of this blasphemy which I find disturbing. You say if it wasnt for “homosexuals and women there wouldnt be a church”.

    Thats about as biblically illiterate as it comes not to mention a bizarre statement.

    Matt 16:18 is clear enough so that no one mistakes what the church is built upon. Im sure real women of God would find it very offensive for you putting them in the same category as the sexually immoral.

  17. Im sure real women of God would find it very offensive for you putting them in the same category as the sexually immoral. I sure do!!!

  18. People of God: Do not become a part of the problem. When Jesus
    returns for his Bride, do not be found in garments that do not
    bespeak of an invited wedding guest.
    Even if the black church or any other church goes belly up in
    sin and total errant doctrine, do not be found amongst them.
    There are times when you must come out and be separate or when
    the “fire falls” you will be scorched. Remember Korah’s Rebellion.
    Do not get caught up on the liberal hype about permissive sin being condoned in any church because “God is a God of love.”
    Know the Word for yourself and be diligent and watchful and when you are reproved for sound doctrine and your refusal to compromise,count it all joy.
    We are too close to falter near the finish line. Fight the good fight and contend for the faith and count any earthly loss as
    dung for the joy of knowing Jesus Christ and being found in his
    Saints of God, this is our/your finest hour! Quench not the Spirit! Contend for the faith!

  19. Now that I look at this, I really dont think the majority of the people showed up cause they wanted to “hear a word from the Lord”. Most probably wanted to see Tonex, how he would act, what he would say about being gay, what he would wear, etc. That’s not a good thing. Basically they treated him like a circus act and he obliged.
    That’s pretty sad.

  20. GCM, if you take a look at any of these annual “church conferences,” now complete with “gospel artists,” the motivation for the attendees is virtually the same. They get to see their favorite TV/internet preacher, their favorite singer, buy their materials, hear them speak/sing and, if they’re lucky enough, get an autograph and/or a picture with them.

    Lafe, your warning is well taken. I came out of the apostate church system over two years ago after having had enough of seeing the week-to-week antics and the privilege to pay for it with my time and money.

    You made an excellent quip surrounding the “God is a God of love” mantra. It is absent any kind of accountability or responsibility, and has no expectation for growth. It puts to mind this piece of scripture: “When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I gave up childish ways.” 1 Corinthians 13:11 For people to flock to what is touted as a “church conference,” they are going to hear/see/do everything else EXCEPT be fed with and by the Word of God. The motivation to attend will speak more than anything else.

  21. N Catina, I couldnt agree more. Its a true representation of the shallow spiritual condition the contemporary church has fallen into. What you described could very be a Maxwell or Usher concert. That’s what happens when the main motivation is driven by personality and their attending eccentricity and not a love for the word of the Lord.

  22. doorkeeper,

    I believe I understand what you were trying to say, perhaps maybe you should’ve explained yourself alittle more clearly. For sometimes what we consider to be obvious to understand, is not to another, thats why I believe in expounding, even in the midst of that were still going to understand what we want to, and see what we want to. Thats true for all of us at times, so my opinion/advice, for such as it is, attempt to be more clear and specific.

  23. This article makes me think that some Christians are like uncovered food on a picnic table: contaminated because we’ve been left uncovered, a perfect nesting place for disease-carrying insects. These insects fly around seeking a perfect place to both nibble and lay their eggs.

    We believers need a covering to prevent being contaminated by things like this. But I suppose some of us have settled for blinders instead.

  24. Angela, I definitely like your picnic analogy; very fitting. As for our covering, we have that in Jesus Himself. With that, there is no need for (other than a husband in a marriage covenant), any additional “covering” touted by the increasingly apostate church system that insists on people pledging membership, commitment, time, energy, talent and money to some man-made entity as a requisite for salvation.

  25. N’Catina, I’m a bit puzzled by your last 2 posts. Are you saying that being a committed member of a particular church/assembly is a bad idea?

  26. N’Catina, I agree with our covering being in Christ, and applicable to marriage between a husband and wife. And I was referencing the Spirit of God as our covering in the above message, though I didn’t clarify myself and say so. Yet I do hear some people in the Church make comments such as “you need a covering”, and I always interpreted that as a local church or pastoral protection from sources which harms the sheep. Honestly I never searched the Word to find out if this principle was biblical, but it seems so: shouldn’t all believers be under sound teaching and discipleship under the godly leadership of a pastor Can that be equated to being under a covering? Or no?

    By the way, I enjoy reading your comments. On point & insightful. 🙂

  27. Angela,

    Hi, how are you doing, I hope fine. If I may you and N’Catina are correct concerning the “covering”, spoken of by the Apostle Paul. And friend Observer, if you would permit me, I believe N’Catina was hitting on the over emphasizes on said remarks she made concerning the church, being as she commented on coming out of an apostate assembly. I would pray N’Catina do not allow the foolishness of one assembly, to make you overly cautious of another, you have to much to offer to the body.

  28. Observer and Tony, if you take a very hard look at recent headlines surrounding major denominations (Episcopal, Methodist, Univeralist, etc.) integrating heretical doctrinal beliefs into its bylaws, along with recent information regarding COGIC and Catholic leadership in their poor handling of sex abuse cases, I stand firm on my assertions of the growing apostasy among the modern-day church.

    My personal decision to leave was not based soley on my experiences, nor do I believe what is going on corporately are just mere isolated incidents. Does it mean that I am against all gatherings? Absolutely not. I support the fellowshipping of saints as outlined in Hebrews 10:25. Yet, confirmed stories of rampant sin, unsound doctine (particular the prosperity doctrine with its broad, popular appeal), the worldly premise for gathering and just the overall falling away from the Word of God in these assemblies today gives me great pause.

    My comments are not meant to be all-inclusive. I recognize that there are a few and I highly emphasize “few” fellowships that operate under a sound biblcal mandate. The issue I have is that the numbers are extremely low. Scripture has already warned us, and has been mentioned on this blog many times, in part, that the time would come that people will not put up with sound doctrine, will become lovers of self more than God, would be vile and will operate without restraint. For me to continue with any of these church gatherings (separate from the true Bride of Christ) will corrupt my living testimony of Him. To that end, it is on 1 Corinthians 5:9 – 12 & Revelation 18:4 – 5 that I have permanently left what has become, in my opinion based on scripture, an increasingly apostate church system.

  29. brothers and sisters please realize that this is NOT a reflection on the TRUE church! the true church is already established and more and more are waking up to the deception that is in these BUILDINGS called church. the true church is the ekklesia, the body of CHRIST, us who are daily conforming to the image of CHRIST and who follow, live, and spread the gospel of CHRIST. these buildings are already apostate (not to say that true believers cant fellowship in one) but the system that these buildings are ran on is apostate as well as most of the people that believe they have to go to them. people MUST read the word and pray to GOD for wisdom, knowledge, and understanding or they will continue to be decieved by these false prophets. it just really bugs me that people dont and wont read the word of GOD. these buildings are nothing more than the synagougues of the bible. GOD does NOT dwell in these temples (acts 7:48,17:24)so why focus on these wicked places? lets focus on bringing more people into the TRUE church! the one that is real and that GOD does dwell in. HIS people

  30. @ angela the word tells us in 1 tim 2:5; for there is one GOD, and ONE mediator also between GOD and men, the man JESUS CHRIST. we dont need to be covered by ANY other human being

  31. …interesting…the SWEEPING generalizations and damnation of the “Black Church” as a whole by N’Catina, Vaughn, dickkopf, etc. Does this include ALL denominations, non-denominational, and independent churches with a Black Pastor and/or MOSTLY Black members??? WOW!!! Are there NOT “Black Churches” that adhere to sound doctrine???

  32. Wendell, take time to re-read my posts, and drop the defensiveness while you’re at it, PLEASE?!

  33. @wendell- test them by the spirit, the majority of them are not! i cannot speak for all because there is an exception to everything and i wont be that close minded. but yes he majority of not only “black” church BUILDINGS but any other church BUILDING are not preaching sound doctrine! and when and where in the word are there distinctions made in the body of CHRIST? we (who are apart of the body) are all one in CHRIST. equal and the same, denominations in itself is not in line with scripture so YES there are NOT many, IF any “black” church BUILDINGS that are preaching sound doctrine. (dont take the caps as me yelling, i do that for emphasis)

  34. What I find wonderful is that there are people who think alike and want sound doctrine as you can see on this site. The thing to do is find people likeminded and fellowship with them. If we pray and we are vigilant we will find what we want in a church even if it is we who have to start the fellowship.

    I am attending a church with about maybe 10 people at the most and I Praise God for it. The word is expounded and I am challenged each and evey time we meet.

    The thing to do though is to have Godly elders to keep the Pastor in check. The Pastor should not have total authority in the Church, this is where people lose it as from what I can see as they are not held accountable.

    Proverbs 15:22
    Plans go wrong for lack of advice; many advisers bring success.

    Provers 24:6
    For by wise counsel thou shalt make thy war: and in multitude of counsellors there is safety.

  35. @ N’Catina

    …again..interesting how you read my questioning as “defensiveness” and then you added a sardonic “please!?” At least from my read/perception, your first post was sweeping (no caveats, predicates, dependencies, etc.). Later post(s) were an indictment of the church in general (not just the Black Church) – specifiacally your post # 9 June 2010 at 9:14 am. To be honest the post referenced above was so far down that I did not make it there. I was (sincerely) looking for answers to my questions – they were not rhetorical.

    I do attend a (mostly) Black church that has a Black pastor where the Word is preached with power and authority – The Word is the Final authority for how we should live our lives. My questions/post was to gain greater clarity and perspective from others on the Black Church/to see if I was missing something/if it was different from the Church in general? I really wanted to engage/discuss the issue. I was not looking to discuss how I should address the issues/frame my questions. Of course, I have a perspective and that came through – evidently – and seems like you were put-off by that. I apologize! But, now I know not to expect that kind of engagement from N’Catina.

  36. As a former member of the fashion show at New Life Tabernacle, Bishop Fiquoroa quietly affirms the 75% gay and lesbian church membership. It appears the musicians are the only ones who are anointed to know when something is not right. Bishop has been in adulterous relationships with several women in the church and its acceptable. New Life is the Las Vegas of NYC churches next to Hezekiah Walker

  37. Wendell, you implied “SWEEPING generalizations and damnation of the “Black Church,” something I clearly did not do, thus my asking you to re-read my posts. If you are part of a congregation (really, regardless of race) that is teaching the Word of God in fullness, wonderful. Apostasy and false teaching is not limited to any one denomination, sect nor race thus my specifically mentioning the few as I did because of the headlines they have made for their respective deviant activities previously noted.

    Please understand that this is a very hot issue, not to be construed as an attack against any one or some random assembly. This is so because of the collateral damage done by these institutions that have rejected God’s Word; having adopted traditions that void of God, the redemption of mankind back to the Savior or anything or primary importance in reconciling mankind back to God. The results have been of many already vulnerable saints turning to other damnable heresies and doctrines in search for truth they never received in the first place. Those in many pulpits across this country have and continue to make disciples unto themselves, and are actively using “gospel artists” to achieve that end. These are the people satan is devouring! A cursory glance of some YouTube accounts of those that have been burned in the institutionalized church now turned “watchmen” is testament to that fact.

    Tonex is but one of many used as fodder by these pulpit pimps to draw a crowd to increase their own name recognition. He is in an apostate condition b/c he has rejected knowledge concerning homosexuality. The “church” that invited him to speak has blind “leadership” because they CHOSE to overlook all of the obvious gross, demonic activity and doctrine in the face of widespread media reports to the fact. They brought him in, not because he has something of substance to deliver from the Word, but to put on yet another concert for publicity’s sake. The point of which was greatly underscored by Torrence Glenn who was oh-so-enthralled to hear Tonex “saaaaaaaaang”.

    If anything, we are to read, pray AND execute what scripture has outlined regarding the activities of this day. Blacklisting churches (no pun intended) is not my goal. However, those supporting, or are otherwise part of these institutions’ sinful nature, will not necessarily be entirely excused from punishment themselves if they continue the “fellowship.”

  38. Wendell said:

    …interesting…the SWEEPING generalizations and damnation of the “Black Church” as a whole by N’Catina, Vaughn, dickkopf, etc. Does this include ALL denominations, non-denominational, and independent churches with a Black Pastor and/or MOSTLY Black members??? WOW!!! Are there NOT “Black Churches” that adhere to sound doctrine???

    Good post, Wendell.
    I’m also a member of a [predominantly] black Pentecostal church with a black pastor, deacons, etc. The church is strong on sound doctrine, holy living, encouraging a strong prayer life…the whole nine. I know of quite a few other such churches, including the one I attended before I came to this church.

    Yes, there are many “black churches” with problems, but I’m tired of people broad-brushing “the black church” as if practically any church that’s black is given over to false doctrine. The Lord said the “gates of hell shall not prevail” against His church. At the end of the day, I think if anyone sincerely wants to find a solid church, the Lord will lead them to one if they ask him to. There are still many quality churches out there — black, white, brown, or whatever color.

  39. @ Mr. Royal

    Agreed! There are some signifcant problems in the Black Church that need to be addressed – many are too far gone and some just need strong(er) Bibical Leadership. I just could not get with the posts that blanketly labeled “Black Churches” as heretical.

    @ Observer

    It is good to hear that there are others that receive sound teaching in Black Churches – especailly with regards to HOLINESS!!! God will always have His people and there is no color in Christ. Praise Him! 🙂

  40. Wendell, Observer other interested parties… Ive looked at N’Catina’s last post and I didnt see any evidence of sweeping generalizations about the black church. Maybe we are looking at two different posts. So since you are calling her out on it, please take a moment to cite exactly what she did or did not say that could be considered broadbrushing the black church.

    Lets be real, we’ve written about just about any denomination or local organization —without preference— which is affirming sin and compromising clear teachings (check the record), but this blog does attract probably more black church people so the discussions are going to revolve around that. People can only talk about what they know and most primarily do. But please dont take that to mean that a person is implying ALL black churches are corrupt dens of inquity. Unless they specifically say that, Im not sure you can make that charge. Personally I have not seen that and I read this blog everyday. 🙂 If someone is doing that, please let me know and I will investigate and correct if that is the case.


  41. Cleo, thanks although I cant specifically confirm what you said, this is the missing link with this story. Why would Figueroa let a person like Tonex into his pulpit EXCEPT he agreed with him? So barring any other plausible explanation someone can offer, I believe you. People’s blood will be on his hands for opening them up to receive doctrines of devils. And I have been told more than once Institutional church has been a homosexual haven for many years. Maybe that explains why Tonex would be welcome to “preach” there.

  42. Pastor Foster,

    N’Catina’s first post said, “Yet another confirmation of the “black” church as nothing more than an entertainment venue…” The quotation marks make her statement even more sweeping from this reader’s perspective. Is that NOT sweeping/broad-brushed??? Maybe N’Catina’s latter post addressed the church as a whole, but that does not detract from her original post.

    Secondly, I was not picking on N’Catina. I named others in my original post(Vaughn, DickKopf, etc.) One of which made an outright racist comment in my humble opinion.

  43. @ N’Catina

    Understood! Having grown-up as the son of a pastor in a “black church” where sin ABOUNDED, suffering the affects of the same, and having struggled for years to gain my own freedom in Christ – trust me – I do understand!

  44. Ok, thank you I was just trying to get my bearing on what was said and where. I think she is saying that was not her intent to be “sweeping”. But in context to the post and many others we have done here, it is the truth. Too many are entertainment venues where the Word of God isnt valued. I dont think it necessary everytime someone criticizes the “black church” to note that they are not talking about all black churches. Unless specifically stated, I would just take it face value and go on. I know you are in a great church with sound teaching (at least from what I have heard for myself). But the fact remains that way too many churches are nothing but Sunday clubs for the church crowd. That’s really shameful.

    I didnt see the other remarks you referred to and only N’Catina defended hers.

  45. Wendell, please take a moment and look at the two sentences below. Look closely.

    1. Yet another confirmation of the “black” church as nothing
    more than an entertainment venue

    2. Yet another confirmation of the black church as nothing
    more than an entertainement venue.

    Now Wendell, in accordance with the laws governing the English Language, which one of the sentences is a sweeping generalisation or broad-brushing? (Dramatic pause then drum roll) Yep, the one WITHOUT the quotation marks.

    Now, in light of the above, isn’t there at least one more thing that you should be saying to N’Catina?

  46. GCM, thank you for taking the time to addressing the clarifying issues surrounding this topic as a whole. As I said earlier, I knew this would like turn heated because of the affection many still have for the institutionalized church, “black” or whatever. Unless people learn the difference between that and the true Church of Christ that is without all of these denominational and racial identifiers, these type discussions will likely continue. To that end, I don’t believe there is anything else I can, or need, to add to this particular discussion.

    Again, great topic, GCM!

  47. @ Iesha & @ N’Catina

    I concede that your point is well taken. However at the time of reading and in the context of ALL that was said by N’Catina, it did not read as such from my perspective. Am I supposed to guess at the other thing that I should be saying to N’Catina??? If you are implying that I should apologize to her, I have already done that in one of my previous post (see above), but I have no problems apologizing again. N’Catina, I am VERY sorry that I mis-read/misunderstood your post.

    @ Pastor Foster

    I do not post comments frequnetly on GCM – if at all; however, I do read your blog/GCM with a fair amount of regularity. I hardly ever read the comments so I will concede that maybe I am not used to how the “the regulars” discuss topics here. I will process your feedback. Thanks for clarifying!

    FYI -The other comments referenced in my previous posts are pasted below:

    dickkopf said:
    If I were black, and in a black church, I would be sprinting for the exit. Hello: Galatians 3:28!

    Vaughn said:
    I wished that I could say that I’m surprised by the goings on in the black church. But we seem many a time to kick the word to the curb while doing things based upon how we feel. Not lining things up with what the scriptures have to say is the downfall of the secular church, that do things their way (which is it the Burger King church or the Frank Sinatra church doing it their way?).

    I knew that some entity was going to give him some play under the auspices of being a church!

    He’s a drawing card to my estimation.

  48. If I were black, and in a black church, I would be sprinting for the exit. Hello: Galatians 3:28!

    Thank you Wendell and I appreciate not only you reading but your comments. The above line is out of order, I hope dickkopf will retract it.

    As for Vaughn’s comment, I do agree with him. The church mentioned is another example of churches who are allowing all types of ungodly things and people to have a platform. I felt the same way it was only a matter of time before some “church” gave Tonex a platform to mock God and his word. Sad to say it is a black church.

  49. Bishop Eric Figueroa is my pastor and I attend New Life Tabernacle I was also present for Tonex well Pastor Williams on that Monday night.
    First off lets just say I do not know what service the reporter was in clearly he wasn’t in the service at my church because the church was jammed pack and the musicians was on point with the music. Most the people came out for a show and came to see what Pastor Williams would say. He preached JESUS and JESUS only it was of GOD and I thank GOD that it took My pastor a man of GOD who I know hear from the LORD to open the door and allow GOD child to bring forth the word. It’s clearly that everyone want to use the bible for there own usage but don’t understand one thing about who GOD is and his power at hand. and how GOD is love! Because of people like this we have so many people leaving the church and going to the world or killing thyself and giving up on GOD.

    1st of Tonex is a man of GOD excuse me Pastor Williams is a man of GOD 1st I will go on record and say that because you can not preach the way he did with so much power and be fake I know real when I see it I been in church my whole life. Yes he have what some people may say a issue ok but we all have a issue you have some pastor out here drunk as a fish and others sexing everyone both man and woman with a wife at home so lets not go there…… lets take a look at the bible everyone GOD used not man GOD had an issue and GOD still used them. From Moses who was a killer to the woman at the wheel with 5 husbands, to Mary Magdalene who is identified and best described in the New Testament, as one of the most important women in the movement of Jesus throughout his ministry and they said she was a prostitute. So it goes to show you GOD deal with people with an issue most of todays pastor have issues but can’t come clean about who they are because the church people will turn they back like they so holy and if GOD was to take the cover off of them they mess is no better then the next man lets just thank GOD for favor and graces!!! The most important thing is saving people. I want more preacher’s to just preach JESUS and JESUS only his birth death and resurrection and all that other stuff leave for people and GOD 2 work out.

    It took a man like my pastor to allow Pastor William to come and preach because the rest of these pastors don’t have the balls to stand up on there own two feet. My pastor Bishop Eric Figueroa is well taken care of by his church and he is the presiding bishop of the new life covenant fellowship which has 10 church under him so he don’t need the approval of no one but GOD and I know the kind of man my pastor is he went to GOD before he allowed Pastor Williams to preach and I can’t wait for him to come back again with an on point word like he did. And for the nay sayer don’t get it twisted my pastor is by no way gay he has a wonderful wife my 1st lady and 3 bless children who are all Anointed and called by GOD. Tonex didn’t have anything on my pastor for the person who made that comment yeah I read all the foolishness posted…..people kill me if this wasn’t about church I would forget i’m saved and really tell you all something! Good Job Pastor Williams be Encouraged and to my pastor Bishop Eric Figueroa keep being you!! love you and thank you for showing us that you have to step out the box and seek GOD for yourself and do what he say do no matter what man say as it is written in 1 Corinthians 1:27 But God has chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise!!!!

  50. Thanks Gods child, the mystery about why Eric Figueroa invited a self confessed homosexual minister into his pulpit is more clear and evident now.

  51. I dont remember reading a comment in which so many scriptures were taken out of context.

    Jesus said to beware of false teachers, He called them wolves in sheeps clothing. That means they will come looking like sheep, behaving like sheep, etc. In order to do that they must also claim to be following the Good Shepherd, they will come in the name of Jesus. Thats the whole point of the deception.

    I remember watching 60 minutes (quite a while back) but it was about a couple of men who came up with a scheme to start a “church” to make money, guess what? they were successful. People were so blessed by their preaching that they gave them money!

    2 Corinthians 11:11-15
    11 Why? Because I do not love you? God knows!
    12 But what I do, I will also continue to do, that I may cut off the opportunity from those who desire an opportunity to be regarded just as we are in the things of which they boast. 13 For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into apostles of Christ. 14 And no wonder! For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light. 15 Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also transform themselves into ministers of righteousness, whose end will be according to their works.

    wake up!

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