Wanted: A radical return to holiness

BDH_3PIECE_72The June 7th episode of TBN featured a rare moment of sound biblical teaching from Milwaukee based Bishop Darrell Hines in an interview with Mark Chironna. Not rare for Hines, rare for TBN.

Thankfully, this was devoid of the gratuitous set ups that are usually the custom of stale TBN interviews. Chironna gave Hines liberty to express what was “burning in his heart” at that time. And what followed was 99.9% lean meat. It was clear that Hines was speaking truth because there were no perfunctory “clap right here” moments for the audience. Either the audience wasn’t accustomed to such strong meat or they were so enraptured they didn’t do the usual studio audience happy shout and dance at the “blessing and miracle” speeches.

Hines spoke clearly about the message and meaning of holiness. In his exposition he explained that holiness is an identity and our personal responsibility to reflect holiness. His very direct message: the church has an identity crisis.

Interestingly enough, Hines said the catalyst prompting his search for the true biblical definition of holiness was seeing the much talked about —albeit shameful— Tonex interview by Lexi.

“I was watching television, this interview that was being done by this one Christian singer, gospel singer… and I won’t call his name,  he had been to our church and had really blessed us but these were some years after, he was on television confessing to being a born again, homosexual believer in God, continue to pastor his church,  God loves him and he loves God and we just have to accept him like that . And something happened to me Mark.  I felt a real…sadness. There’s a whole generation of young people being influenced now by this music, but the lifestyle doesnt represent the music nor does the music and the lifestyle go together.”

That began an awesome exposition of holiness and the inherency of identity.

Bishop Hines understood and articulated what it at the root of the gross indecency (and the passive acceptance of it) of behavior: the church does not value holiness. I would even say the church has lost the true meaning and application of holiness. Thus, the problem with people like Tonex and the gay christian movement’s ideology he now champions, is an clear result of the church’s moving away from holiness.

Hines addressed a common fallacy used by some as a cloak to justify sin as well as the off track gospel music industry which is by and large is operating under the influence of religious homosexuals.

One of the more striking points he made is that love is God’s ability while holiness is his identity.

Hines said that he is encouraging pastors everywhere to return to preaching holiness. He’s probably seen enough of the tricks, gimmicks and hollow messages used to fill seats with false converts.

This is good, sound teaching that’s well worth your 15 minutes to watch, hear and heed. Yes, we really need a radical return to holiness.

Watch the full  June 7 broadcast with Bishop Darrell Hines. The interview begins at 1:05.


30 thoughts on “Wanted: A radical return to holiness

  1. Pastor,

    I wholeheartedly agree w/you, myself and wife pretty much stopped watching TBN sometime ago. We got tired of the same old foolishness and tickle my ear messages, and song and dance. I don’t need anyone to help pacify me, I’m capable of that on my own, but however I do need help to be accountable and responsible. And yes, we have lost our concept of holiness, as we have lost our concept of love. For if we never truly understood the concept of love, we’ll never truly understand the concept of holiness. So in saying, I have but one thing I disagree w/the pastor in his concept of saying, “love is God’s ability.” For our beloved friend and Apostle John, said it this way, “for God is love” I see that statement not indicating an ability but and identity.

  2. Great post. I think that love is both God’s “ability” and “identity,” for it was love that caused, or enabled, him to give his son, Jesus, that we might be forgiven and given everlasting hope. Also, 1st Corinthians 13 shows us love’s “abilities.” It says that love is “patient,” and that love “bears”, “believes,” “hopes”, and “endures” all things. I consider those verbs “abilities.” While God “is” love (noun), God also “loves” (verb). God bless!

  3. Amen!

    Bishop Hines is on point for the most part, simple but powerful.

    I thank God for his message about holiness and it is part of our identity, i would say along with love since Jesus said that this is how men will know we belong to Him.

    Yes LORD! Thank you Holy Spirit for the strength to walk in Holiness!

    Its is true about entertainment vs annointing, the power of The Holy Spirit working through you and changing lives. The unbeliever doesnt understand and doesnt know Who you are singing about but yet many gospel artists say they are trying to reach the lost, God says preach the gospel. The devil has decieved many into thinking that God has called them to do ths but it is the love of money that is in control.

    I have been around people in the music industry on a small level and it is a cut throat, business wise, as the world. You better make sure the dollars are right! Yes, its producing a bunch of false converts or at best carnal Christians, all in the name of Jesus though!

  4. gnp22, youre right in your comments it is both. The only thing I would say is that Hines isnt wrong to say that Love is God’s ability. Since he didnt say that only holiness is God’s identity, I would think that he was saying in context to his point that Love is God’s ability. Which it is. Love is both God’s ability (John 3:16) and as you pointed it is also his identity (1 John 4:18). God is also Holy, thus holiness is his identity. I think what he was saying (again in the context of his remarks) is that people can claim love, but still commit acts unlike God, but if you are holy, you cannot i.e. a “holy liar”. I hope that makes sense.

  5. Good discussion. I believe as the Word of God says that God is love but love is not necessarily God or of God. If so, anyone could use that slippery statement to justify any lifestyle and blame it on God.
    A person can love and that love can be humanly generated. A person can love that which we should not love and try to ascribe that “good” feeling to God.
    God is love and his “ability” (I use that word advisedly) to love was shown in Jesus Christ dying on a cross for the sins of the world.
    When people ask what is the God definition of love…simply tell them the gospel story of redemption and regeneration and the keeping power of the Holy Spirit. Point them to Jesus Christ who is God in the flesh as the definition of love embodied in the flesh.

  6. You’re right, Lafe, this is a very good & clarifying discussion (thanks, GCM) surrounding the issue of love in the context of holiness. I will take time to view the video myself, since I am not a frequent viewer, by choice, of TBN.

  7. Lafe,

    I fully agree w/your statement, many of us and I’m talking about those of us in christendom, still operate in humanistic love, and have not allowed the Holy Spirit to full galvenize the supernatural love God requires us as believers’ to operate/walk in. I love the words Paul used when encouraging his young and timid pastor Timothy, “God has not given you a Spirit of fear, but of power and of LOVE and a sound mind.” Many in christendom believe God’s love and judgement are separate, but they are one and the same, but to understand that you must understand the concept of love.

  8. I was brought up in holiness. So I find his sentiments refreshing…As leonard Ravenhill would always say, “Its funny how we have people in the church who are more afraid of holiness than they are of sin.”

    I see the move away from holiness in teaching and living as due to some excesses of the church in the past that people thought were abusive or heretical and so they decided to move away from holiness; specifically, they thought it was all about works and not faith, all about over-spiritualism, and all about legalism…

    This kinda fits the perception of the church in the media as in “The Fighting Temptations, with beyonce” (a hot mess!) and “The preacher’s Kid” as the church being judgmental and legalistic–Unfortunately, the last decades, the world has been telling us who the church is and we’ve bought it, although this is a gross inaccuracy and misrepresentation…

    so gradually (I mean it’s almost as if you didn’t recognize it) people abandoned it, so as not to offend others and to let themselves off the hook–accepting that no one can really be holy, we are all human….But time always tells the best story. I mean look at the mess in the church we have now

    I don’t know if we can even go back and find it…

  9. Hooray!!!! I’m glad that someone is standing on holiness. Too many times Pastors have been taking down and preaching a watered down gospel, and people are dying eveyday and going to hell because nobody wants to tell the TRUTH. Nobody preaches about HELL anymore, but it’s real, and it’s eternal. I have not seen the telecast but I’m gonna be looking out for the recast. I’m in total agreence with the Word of God. I don’t care who it is Family Members,Church Members, Saved, or Unsaved. I’m gonna blow the trumphet in Zion. I’m standing for Right and Rightousness.

    GCMW: Thank you Lady Ivy, click on the link at the bottom of the story and you can see the video!

  10. Roger,

    I know most of the church is in an apostate condition, truth be told. But I believe, if we in the body of Christ allow the Holy Spirit to reenergize us w/those most powerful attributes of “hope, holiness, reverence and love”, we’ll cease being tossed to and fro w/every strange wind and doctrine, we’ll treat each other the way were suppose to, even in disagreement and as David said in Psalm 51, when I’ve allowed the Spirit to work out those things in me, then I can help/nurture another.

  11. Enjoyed those comments Rogers. I grew up in holiness too. My experience was more legalism than anything although on some levels I am grateful for the truth even if it was misapplied.
    I was talking to several friends today about the state of the church and the shrinking away from holiness and the consensus was we are sorely lacking in balance, moderation and temperance. Our pendulum swings to the extremes based on several external factors which you alluded to. And I want to make sure that moderation is not confused with compromise.

    One of the most enlightening books Ive read and I have in my library is The Holiness of God by RC Sproul. In his book he shows how holiness in its contemporary meaning and usage is vastly different that what the scriptures define it to be. Holiness is of God, not of man. And we aspire to live out holiness by making daily decisions that honor God’s identity.

  12. Ok, I’m going to have to check that book out. I’ve always been curious as to what holiness would really look like. I mean if the holiness movement didn’t have it just right, the way we were brought up, then we really need to grasp what holiness really means…I never thought about that, but yes that’s a good way of putting it, it has to be something that glorifies God and not man; which I think legalism kinda puts a spotlight on man a bit, you know, how great he is depending on if he gets all the rules right…

    Funny, this is not to dismiss or detract from Bishop Hines sentiment about holiness. But I really think the leaders in the church will need to be the first partakers, for any changes to take place…. For instance, I am quite miffed when I’ve seen Bishop Hines periodically show up to preach or sing in shades at meetings I attend (maybe he has an eye problem, I don’t know)…why do I say that, because I think that shows a lack of holiness, a kind of irreverence that is surprising for anyone who is of the cloth. And if the preacher can’t respect God in such simple ways, why should I, the laymember, attempt to…

    The devil is in the details. For holiness to be done right, there is going to have to be an overhaul in everything that is done–not only how you live and think, but how we worship and preach–I can’t tell you the messages I’ve heard, that you’ve think that we were on HBO, preachers talking about genitals, spiritual orgasms (I’m not lying, this was a real message) and all kinds of ungodliness–this is just an outgrowth of the lack of holiness that the church and the world has been starving for…In short, I think the slip back from really stressing holiness in the church is because of the huge cost in really thinking about whether our actions are honoring to God that holiness requires.

  13. The church at large today is truly in a sad state when it comes to preaching and teaching holiness.

    I remember preaching at a “Woman’s Day Program” at a local COGIC church in my area. I spoke on Lydia and preached about the “godly roles” God called us as women in the body of Christ, first as married women, honoring and submitting to our husbands and nurturing our families, for that truly is our “first ministry” then to the single women as honoring God as not just their Master but as their “husband.” It called for us to be holy women, not falling into the deceptive worldly agenda of the “women’s lib movement. I won’t go into all the details for sake of space and time as I’m at work, but the message spoke of being holy women, liberated in God for His purpose, and not our own selfish, worldly agendas with a “Jesus” title slapped on them.

    Well,the Pastor of the church was at the meeting, and after I spoke he came up to me and said…and I quote “My goodness, I didn’t expect such wisdom and holy preaching to come from someone as young as you. I can’t let you back in my church preaching like that, you’ll drive all my members away”…end of quote.
    He said it jokingly, but from what I “know” about this ministry, he meant every word of it. I know my assignment was to speak what “thus saith the Lord” to the women and leave the results up to God, however my heart was truly grieved within me.

    It’s a sad day in the history of the modern day church when “counted heads” are more important that calling out for holiness!

  14. Out of all the attributes that God possesses, I believe the least honored and revered is His holiness. I don’t understand this, because the more we comprehend His holiness, the stronger the desire is to worship Him. At least that has been the case for me.

    Our God is holy, and I love Him for it.

  15. GCM, i bought that book a little more than a year ago on your recommendation…its a pretty good book…

  16. Pastor,

    I’m reminded by the comment you made concerning “external factors.” I remember when reading the gospel of John, when the Lord addressing the pharisees, said this, “stop judging by external standards, and judge by internal standards.” Or I’ll quote one of my favorite scriptures, in 1st Sam., “The LORD sees, not as man sees. For man looks on the outward appearance but the LORD looks on the heart.” And let us remember the Lord had to remind a person who already knew him and had a relationship w/him of this, for it was Samuel when seeing Jesse’s eldest son said, “I know the LORD’s annointed is here” and Eliab was far from God’s choice. I know its off topic, but just wanted to address that statement.

  17. Its quite simple, you must preach the word. If the whole counsel of God is not preached and unpheld then the people will become lax as far as holiness.

    Case and point, lat night, I spoke to my friend who goes to Lakewood, only for him to tell me that he saw two men kissing in the bookstore this week. If JO was preaching against sin, I doubt that these men would do that, the fact is that they wouldnt attend the church.

    Preach the word without fear men and women of God!

  18. This was awesome! I really appreciate you posting this message. It was powerful, needed and on point.

  19. Yes Angela, I am not that surprised but I could see that my friend was shook pretty badly! All for his good, I say.

  20. Robert, I believe he goes because he gets encouraged and you dont get your feathers ruffled. I try to reason with him and show him the many flaws. Its seems that God has used this situation to cause him to see the errors.

  21. Now, I hope the Bishop doesn’t do a Donnie M. on us and come up on some half baked compromising situation or endorsing something that God has rejected.

    Stay on track Bishop we need more than a new Elder’s Council Chairman, we need integrity

    Elder delete that first one please. Thanks and God bless!

  22. I second that Pastor Burnett. He did mention that pre-gay Tonex had been to his church and “blessed them”. I dont know what to say about that other than deception? But I hope that incident will make him much more aware as to who he allows to have access to the sheep.

  23. I agree with Bishop Hines whom is a member of COGIC that same Church that is lead by the evil Bishop Blake according to GCM and he’s also the chairmen of the mens ministry.
    We can no longer play church we as leaders must tell the people the truth whether we want to hear it or not. I’m striving to be like Christ and love everyone and hate the sin, you see thats how God see’s us all he loves us as person as a creation but hate all of the sin we committ. When in a large organization like COGIC and the Catholic Churches exist there will be people who take advantage of others through abuse of power and this is not an excuse, we made alot of mistakes trying to shield the church from scandal that would cripple the good that the church done and in the process of doing through Charity works both home and abroad. We can not Demanize churches for the mistakes they made to deal with one sin to allow another sin to enter the church.

    Homoseaxuallity is indeed a sin as it is written in the Bible. God did not create us as sexual beings put created sex as a tool to continue to populate the earth thats why he create woman for the purpose of companionship so Adam would not be by himself. In no way did Bishop Hines accepted your lifesyle as being Holy. What he meant is that we need to lower the tone of anger about our different veiws, but we can not accept what is written in the Bible to be wrong to enter into our churches. I understand as a african american how it feels to want to be accepted when your the minority but I can not justify accepting your lifestyle no more than the lifesytle of a sex abuser, liar, or someone who worship idiols we must preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. Christ had 12 special deciplies and those 12 had problems that they had to overcome so if they can change I Know that you can change your lifestyle Philiphians 4:13 say’s “I can do all things through christ that strenghtens me” so ask for strenght and he will change you lifestyle. May God bless you and I Love you all with the love of Christ

  24. Tonex did not start this unholiness, he just joined it. Furthermore, Pastor HInes should be speaking out and against all of the sexual abuse that has been going on in the Big Ole COGIC.

    Al of this madness is coming for the top clergy not the bottom!
    They all love their money and will continue to peddle the gospel.
    That is what I want to hear people speak out against, not some little Tonex who joined the already existing problems.

  25. It really doesnt matter if he started it or joined it, he is contributing to it.
    But interesting POV Carol and I agree Bishop Hines should indeed be speaking out against the clergy sexual abuse. I dont think he will as it may kill any political aspirations he may have in COGIC. For the ecclesiastical ladder climbers, that means everything.

  26. I grew up in COGIC, and I am extremely disappointed in the organization. My father was a minister-pastor in the organization for over four decades. However, because he was a man of integrity, he was kept on the outskirts of the political structure of the church (which turned out to be a real blessing). However, when someone needed sound biblical teachings, and serious prayer for healing they always called on him.

    I am happy to hear Bishop Hines teaching on holiness. He appears to be a man of integrity. However, I don’t know how high you can climb the “COGIC church corporate ladder” without becoming corrupted. They tend to “bar” ministers who disagree with leadership that participates in and turns a blind eye to rampant homosexuality within the church (at all levels)and misappropriation of church funds.

  27. Carol I agree with you. Tonex joined an existing problem within the church. COGIC has been unmindful and spiritually re-missed in the way they have dealt with (abused)their children. See this clip from one of the conventions in Memphis. I am happy to see someone finally giving voice to the problem that has existed for way to long. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hcRHrTpYh8

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