Anglicans impose sanctions against gay affirming Episcopal church

This is good news. In response to the Episcopal church’s ordination of its second homosexual bishop, Anglican leadership has basically pulled the plug on the denomination’s influence to debate doctrine and interact with other Christians on certain high level church committees.

According to Religion News Service, the church’s high priestess Katharine Jefferts Schori is highly upset.

The high-level dispute between the head of the Anglican Communion and Episcopal Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori continues, as Jefferts Schori accused Archbishop of Canterbury of getting Anglican polity wrong and jumping the gun by imposing sanctions on her church. Conservative activists in England say its “discourteous” of an Anglican cathedral to invite Jefferts Schori to preach, given the tension in the AC.

A Beliefnet story indicated that the head of the Anglican Communion considered the second consecration an act of seditious disobedience.

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, the spiritual leader of the communion, proposed the removals last month after Episcopalians in Los Angeles consecrated an open lesbian as an assistant bishop. Bishop Mary Douglas Glasspool is the second openly gay bishop in the Episcopal Church, after Bishop V. Gene Robinson of New Hampshire, who was consecrated in 2003.After Robinson’s consecration, all 44 member churches in the Anglican Communion were asked to abide by three moratoria: no more gay bishops, no official blessings for same-sex unions, no interfering in each other’s provinces.

While most Episcopalians support ordaining gays and lesbians as bishops, many Anglicans in the 77-million-member communion view homosexuality as a sin, and have angrily confronted the Episcopal Church. Williams had warned Episcopalians that consecrating Glasspool would have “consequences” for their role in the communion.

Kearon said he wrote to Episcopalians on the affected committees last Thursday to inform them of the changes. The one Episcopalian on the “faith and order” committee, the Rev. Katherine Grieb of Virginia, can serve as a consultant, but not a member, Kearon said.

The homosexual religious movement has done nothing good for the unity of the church. Quite the contrary, it has seeded and fostered division and disobedience to God and his word time and time again. Its good to know some church leaders are growing a backbone and responding with influence killing sanctions. And that’s best course of action with people who are hell bent on spreading sexual immorality and false teachings. Restrict, restrain and if possible kill their influence.


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  1. Most Episcopalians support the ordination of CELIBATE gays. The gay movement within called Integrity forgets to mention that. Good, I am glad the Archbishop of Canterbury gave the American branch the big smackdown.

  2. Thanks Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams for finally acting I guess two openly prideful sinners in church leadership was just too much for him to stomach…..

  3. People of God: During this current week, the Maumee Watershed District of the United Methodist Church (Western District of Ohio and based in Maumee, Ohio) voted to affirm as their
    Chief Financial Officer, a practicing homosexual who is in a “committed” relationshp for some twenty plus years.
    Bishop Ough engineered this travesty by extolling the financial
    acumen of this person and how financial savvy he was and how this
    particular district needed his expertise.
    Nothing about the immorality of his lifestyle. It was all about his financial savvy.
    Such is the madness going on in some church circles wherein we adhere to the ways of the world instead of the Word of God regarding the issue of homosexuality.
    The affirming Methodist voters justified it by saying that this person was not a clergy person and therefore, according to their Disciplines, the admonition against homosexual conduct did not apply.
    That is the faulty logic now being applied to open the door to a future ingestion of gays coming into the Methodist Church.
    For when they see that it is OK for this person to be in such a
    “committed” relationship, they too will use the same premise as why they also should be allowed to continue in their gay lifestyle without being rebuffed.
    Churches are toppling everywhere with this infusion of a permissive theology that does not take seriously God’s Word regarding homosexuals not inheriting the Kingdom of God.

  4. In response to Lafe’s comment, it’s the same principle we see repeatedly: worshipping the gift rather than the Creator (and His Word).
    I suppose both saving money and making it is just as vital as the Word of God.

    Lord have mercy on all of us.

  5. Yeah, Lafe “committed” is the new “virtue” buzzword that’s supposed to justify and sanctify any type of sexual arrangement. Funny how they are never committed to God or his word, just to having sex with someone of the same gender.

    Lord have mercy at this madness. Satan, your kingdom will come down.

  6. Funny how they are never committed to God or his word, just to having sex with someone of the same gender.

    Great observation Pastor Foster.

  7. Make no bones about it; people like Mrs. Schori and Spong are committed only to their agenda of de-Christianising the church. They pick out some (not all) of the principles of the Bible, put their own secular twist on them, polemicise any opposition, and present morality as situationally relevant and outside of God’s “antiquated” standard of holiness. There is even an attempt by high ranking clergy to sow doubt about the divinity of Jesus and pagan rituals and worship are allowed in their (TEC) churches! Add to that the insideous scourge of the gospel of prosperity, the physical persecutions of the churches in China, the Middle East, parts of Africa and India and you may conclude that Old Slewfoot is having a field day. Attacked from within and without.
    Nevertheless, I am hopeful for the Church. The Gospel message is spreading like wildfire throughout Africa and Asia. In fact, some of the countries that the West sent missionaries to 50 years ago are now sending missionaries to the West to revitalise the church here. There is a renewed movement of the Holy Spirit in the mainline denominations for a return to holiness and seeking the face of God. At the same time there is a move afoot among pentecostal churches to a more orderly liturgy yet allowing for the move of the Spirit. I am encouraged by the return to more comprehensive biblical teaching and preaching in so many chuches.

  8. I grew up in the Episcopal Church and am proud that it led the movement to integrate the southern states of the USA. It seems contradictory for the same church to be dragging its feet when it comes to acceptance of those who love someone of the same sex. Same-sex couples are raising children successfully, living in committed relationships successfully and contributing to our society. It is unfortunate that, even when they raise children and serve in our hospitals and schools, they cannot be married in most states. In the decades to come, all of us will find relatives and friends who walk with Christ — and who have chosen to love someone of the same sex. As they take leadership positions, they will make the church proud. Fear seems to have displaced our fearless love for the “other.”

  9. E Craige, you forgot to mention that they are also sinning successfully.

    And you might want to tell them what they will get paid for being so successful at sin.

    Here it is:

    For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 6:23

    The demons leading the Episcopal church have been successful in railroading people into hell. For that, God will require much blood at their hands.

  10. There were three moratoria. The Episcopal church has broken at least the first (maybe the second); but African churches, such as Nigeria, have broken the third. Will the Communion impose sanctions on Nigeria and other such churches too? Or is this a case of double standards?

  11. Zarnacy, who imposed the moratoria? And what were they imposed against? Ordaining homosexual clergy or breaking fellowship? Please enlighten.

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