Michelle Smith is what grace is all about

From the Sunday Guardian in Trinidad and Tobago:

Reverend Michelle Smith’s story is unusual. Maybe a little shocking. She says that she used to be a lesbian. And now, she’s not. “I used to be one of those who said that the Bible was ambiguous, because I wanted to justify my lifestyle,” she argued. “But God did something to me and I can’t deny it.” God or no God, Smith’s experience certainly doesn’t fit the status quo for either side of the fence. In fact she has received serious criticism from the Gay, Lesbian, Transgender and Bisexual community (GLTB), and she’s been largely ignored by T&T’s versions of the mega-church. Most GLTB believe that if you’re gay, you’re born gay, and no amount of licks, shock treatment or holy water can change that.

Smith certainly never tried to change during the 26 years she spent as a lesbian. She dressed like a man, worked her way up to being a top dog in Jamaica’s drug industry and by all accounts was the life of the gay party. “I loved being a lesbian. I thought I was going to die a lesbian,” Smith said honestly. “I never had a problem getting women. I had penis envy; if anybody called me a woman, I would be so upset.” A photo of her former incarnation shows her with a butch haircut, grim expression and male clothing. A very different person to the gorgeous-haired, grey-suited, make-up wearing woman shfrom-lesbianism-to-gracee is now. Most women learn to cultivate outward femininity during puberty; Smith is now learning to do it at age 41. But it wasn’t her desire to change her gayness that drove her to Christ, she added. It was the fact that no matter how many women she wooed and won, no matter how much money she made, it was never enough to fulfil her.

“I came to Christ at a point in my life where I felt so much emptiness. You keep hoping for a relationship where someone will love you unconditionally, and you’re not getting it.” And while searching for something to fill that void, she pursued Christianity, with no intention of giving up her lifestyle. Once she began a relationship with Jesus, Smith said, her lesbianism became an issue: not for people in the church, but an issue between her and her God. “He was telling me, ‘All or nothing,’” Smith said of her conversion. “I didn’t have anything to lose.” It’s been six years since the Jamaican left the life of a lesbian behind. It’s ironic that becoming a Christian and leaving the gay life has brought her more isolation, a harder life materially.

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Order Michelle Smith’s book  “From lesbianism to grace” here.  To read more about how  grace works for the believer go here.


6 thoughts on “Michelle Smith is what grace is all about

  1. God is a deliverer isnt He? I read another article on ex times and one wonderful things is that she never blamed God for the abuse she went through, being raped and disowned by her mother. Many in the world would look to blame God for the worlds ills but this is the power of God, through Him people can see the truth and realize the work of the evil one.

    Praise The LORD, He saves to the utmost!!!

  2. Wow, what a powerful message. This is a brave woman as homosexulas can be killed in Jamaica with impunity. After reading her synopsis, I know that there is hope for my friend. I continue to pray for him each night and I ask God, thorugh the power of Christ to remove all that is unpleasing to Him within the heart, mind, body and soul of my friend. It is amazing how blind we are to sin, any sin, illicit sex, alcohol, drugs, homosexuality, greed, usury, gossip, etc. until we are convicted, until we really hear God. May God continue to bless this woman and keep her safe and close to him.

  3. Ina, can you please cite a source/reason why you say homosexuals can be killed with impunity in Jamaica?

    (the rest of your comment is beautiful, by the way)

  4. WE who believe in Jesus Christ should encourage each other to stand as a body united against the widespread movement of homosexuality. There are so many young individuals whose minds are being influenced and messed-up by this particular lifestyle. What ever office, post, position we hold in society we use as our advantage to make known to them the deception. Do not sit still and stay silent. Sin is Sin however many individuals at this very moment you are reading this note are united in one cause diligently promoting this manner of lifestyle as being acceptable in society. The body of Christ is individually planning programmes but let us continue to promote Christ by uniting and joining forces to deal with this particular mind set and every other mindset which opposes the will of God and With God all things are possible.
    Mar 3:24 And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.

  5. Amen and well said Erica. We can counteract this mindset by helping to share the testimonies of people like Michelle Smith. As you said wherever we see the opportunity we should speak up and challenge this demonic notion that God has sanctioned any sin.

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