Official denominational positions on homosexuality

A listing of the official positions on homosexuality from some Christian (name identified) denominations.

David Kyle Foster wrote in his revealing  1998 article The Summer of our Discontent” that the intent of gay activists has always been to subvert biblical teaching in order to have access to positions of influence within the church.

“Gay activism has carried over into the churches. For years homosexual activists in many of the nation’s largest denominations have been insinuating themselves into doctrinal discussions and decision-making processes in order to overturn the idea that homosexual behavior is sinful. Gay activists have worked hard to redefine morality, values, love, the family, and the meaning of the biblical text itself.

When a denomination has failed to give them a voice, gay activists have raised up their own organizations (e.g., Reconciling Congregations, Dignity, Integrity, Affirmation, etc.), and have succeeded in portraying themselves as an “oppressed minority” or “deprived victim underclass” in order to win concessions. Often employed as a tactic of obfuscation, such posturing unfortunately has turned the debate away from the real issues of brokenness and morality. But how successful have they been in effecting a redefinition of biblical morality?”

Take a look what has happened since then. In this listing, the MCC, and the Family are included as wholly apostate Christian bodies. The majority of the links are to Religious, a website which claims to list both the positive and negative aspects of religion.

You may be surprised at what some denominations believe about homosexuality and how close or far away they are from biblical truth.

Additionally, while the National Council of Churches has no specific statement affirming homosexuality, its leadership has affirmed the practice. Look here for a list of NCC members which include several African American denominations.

Anglican Church of Canada

Anglican Communion, worldwide

American Baptist Association

American Baptist Churches in the USA

Assemblies of God

Christian Reformed Church in North America

The Church of Christ

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Church of England

Church of God in Christ (scroll down)

Church of Scotland

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

Coptic Orthodox Church (centered in Egypt)

Episcopal Church, USA

Evangelical Christian Church (Christian Disciples)

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Evangelical Lutheran Church of Canada

Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark

The Family

Methodist Church in Britain

Metropolitan Community Church


Presbyterian Church (USA)

Presbyterian Church in America

Presbyterian Church in Canada

Reformed Church in America

Reformed Churches in the Netherlands (RCN)

Southern Baptist Convention

United Church of Christ

United Church of Canada

United Methodist Church

United Pentecostal Church International

World Council of Churches

Worldwide Church of God

International Church of the Foursquare Gospel (1993 Resolution)

The Biblical record shows that sexual union was established exclusively within the context of male-female relationship and formalized in the ordinance of marriage. In the New Testament, the oneness of male and female in marriage pictures the relationship between Christ and His Church. . . . The Scriptures identify the practice of homosexuality as a sin that, if persisted in, brings grave consequences in this life and excludes one from the Kingdom of God.

The Evangelical Free Church of America (1993 Resolution)

“Homosexuality,” which was adopted by the General Conference in 1978. The resolution is clear that neither ministers nor congregants who are involved in the practice of homosexuality will be allowed in the fellowship and that no one may “urge or concede that the state should give special protection or approval to this practice or promote it as a matter of personal taste, free choice or ‘sexual orientation’.”

Addendum: Predominately African American and Latino churches rarely have “official positions” on homosexuality per se. Most have some sort of non-official condemnation of gay marriage, but no official resolutions on homosexuality itself. Generally, various leaders make statements almost in passing about the issue but nothing voted or confirmed upon by the organizations episcopal/governing electorates.

A 2007 Pew Forum surveying African Americans Christians as a whole found that slightly less than half are opposed to homosexuality as a social issue.  But  as a biblical issue 73% in evangelical denominations were opposed to it. The survey did not segregate denominational groups.

3 thoughts on “Official denominational positions on homosexuality

  1. People: At their recent conference at Lakeside,Ohio, The West Ohio
    District of the United Methodist Church by a vote of 948 to 920
    allowed a homosexual to become its chief financial officer.
    The grounds given by the bishop whose name is Bruce Ough was that this homosexual was in a “committed” relationhip with his partner for over twenty years.
    And get this: due to the urgent needs of the district to bring on board his financial acumen and the strength of his financial resume, the bishop fought loud and hard for this man’s election.
    Another reason was that the church disciplines spoke only to
    homosexuality not being compatible if you were in ministry and since this financial officer was not in ministry (i.e. clergy), those prohibitions did not apply to him.
    That is the convoluted reasoning being given by Bishop Bruce Ough.
    In spite of the Word of God, Bishop Ough threw out basic Bible
    exegesis and discernment and engineered this election because of the above three grounds: [1] financial exigency [2] committed
    relationship and [3] the church disciplines did not specifically speak against a non clergy elected official being barred from such a paid post due to his open and notorious homosexual behavior.
    The Bishop apparently has no trouble with allowing a professing homosexual into such a high visible position in spite of Bible
    injunctions. That is the state of Methodism in Northwest Ohio.
    This is the beginning of the end for orthodoxy for Methodism in
    Ohio and it will spread elsewhere when others, who are homosexual,
    come into the Methodist camp and when they see how this homosexual
    financial officer (Bill Brownson) was allowed to continue in his
    “committed” relationship, they will say…”Hey, what about us!”
    Thankfully, the term of this Bishop Bruce Ough is up very soon.
    His engineering of this travesty will be on his record when he
    stands before Jesus Christ and he is asked what part of scripture
    did he not understand about homosexuals not inheriting the Kingdom of God.
    He will probably answer that the man made doctrines of the Methodist camp are in dispute with the Word of God and he, the Bishop, sided with the Methodist handbook.
    To soothe such a troubled vote, the Bishop said God is a God of love and mercy…as if that is a balm for engaging in premeditated known sin. You would think that the Bishop would have witnessed to his man (Bill Brownson) and realizing that he was a practicing homosexual, would have told him about God’s plan of salvation and how the homosexual will not inherit the kingdom of God. But, that might have been to harsh for the Bishop to engage in and would have hurt the feelings of Bill Brownson, since afterall, he is in a committed relationship…not married, just a “committed” relationship. That means if you are committed to your sins, that is OK and you are welcomed into the Methodist
    And the Methodists wonder why its denomination is one of the ones that is losing members at the fastest rate.

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