How gay christians really view Jesus

Another must see and hear to believe it video courtesy of  homosexual christian clerics.

Have you been under the impression that gay christians love, revere, worship, honor, serve, obey and follow the Jesus of the Bible? If you have, you couldn’t have been more wrong.  In fact I would say that the “Jesus” they speak of is but an idol of their own imagination, crafted by the dark recesses of their minds. The Christ, who came expressly to die and deliver us from the penalty and curse of sin is mocked and demeaned by those who call themselves by his name.

After watching this video (a little over 10 minutes) of a gaggle of clergy from the Metropolitan Community Church (a homosexual christian denomination), it reminded me of Bill Clinton’s 1998 defense statement when he said “It depends on what the meaning of is, is.”

Listen to these gay christian “theologians” discuss what believing in Jesus means to them. Or rather what believing in Jesus doesn’t mean to them.

The panel sets the stage by defining their brand of religion as more akin to Jesus because everything is always in flux. There are no absolutes and there are no imaginative boundaries for followers of Christ. In their logic, man is smart enough —and has a high self worth— without the bible to determine what is right and good for us.

I pulled out a few of the more stunning statements for your review. Keep in mind these are people who are demanding to be accepted as equals (brothers and sisters in Christ).

The Rev. Durrell Watkins (the church’s senior pastor) refers to Jesus as some type of voodoo doll he has purchased.

“I as a progressive Christian have set my heart on Jesus so yes I believe in Jesus…and that means that Jesus for me is a symbol and a figure that I am constantly working with, exploring, playing with and so how that impacts me, how that influences my life is going to change over time. But because I have set my heart on Jesus Ive made Jesus a primary symbol to work with…”

A symbol to play with? Professing themselves wise, they have become fools.

Rev. Nikki Bailey sees Jesus dying for the sins of humanity is  something akin to a humorous fairy tale.

“I would say that belief in Jesus would be belief in all the questions and all of the seeking and all of the possibility that Jesus represents. I would agree with Durrell not necessarily believing about Jesus all of the things or I was taught in the tradition I was raised in, not necessarily that Jesus died for my sins., which is fine if that’s where you are… (all laugh) But for me it would be believing that all the things that Jesus represented through his life and all of the questions that arrive from that and all of the commitments that I need to make to justice and peace and loving my neighbor is a part of what that belief is.”

I was wrong. From there it gets progressively worse. The gay christian ministers go on to reject the significance of the death of Christ because they possess a “high anthropology”. Thus, they have no need for Jesus to save them although, as the man says, they do have high regard for Jesus.

I’ve said it before and it bears repeating. The theology of the homosexual christian movement is diametrically opposed to literally every fundamental teaching of our faith.  This is the very nature of satan who wraps himself in an angelic facade and presents himself as one who is focused on love and peace.

More on MCC ministers and their perverted view of Jesus:


47 thoughts on “How gay christians really view Jesus

  1. By the video it is quite clear that these folks are from a truth is relative camp. And to believe as such is to be delusional by choice. They’re opinionated to say the least they don’t use any references to scripture. Another Jesus is what they are propagating in all of their attempts.

    This is too much, really!

    Progressive Christian must be code for come here and let’s hook up, if you know what I mean? I guess the meetings at the market aren’t broad enough for potential mate(s).

    “I’ve said it before and it bears repeating. The theology of the homosexual christian movement is diametrically opposed to literally every fundamental teaching of our faith.”

    So true!!

  2. Hebrews 13:8

    8Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

    What in the world is a higher anthropology and low anthropology? lolol.

  3. What a pathetic load of manure. Progressives make me sick. They turn the simple message of the gospel and of Salvation through Jesus Christ into some abstract etherial experience.

  4. What I just heard and viewed on this video clip is exactly what was foretold in scripture …. 2 Timothy 4:1

    …. “for the time will come when they will not endure our wholesome doctrine in that they will hold themselves firmly against it, but, dominated by their own personal cravings, they, having ears that desire merely to be gratified, shall gather to themselves an accumulation of teachers. In fact, from the truth they shall also avert the ear, and [as a result] they shall receive a moral twist which will cause them to believe that which is fictitious.”

    “I solemnly charge you as one who is living in the presence of our God, even Christ Jesus, the One who is on the point of judging the living and the dead, I solemnly charge you as not only living in His presence, but also by His appearing and His kingdom; make a public proclamation of the Word with such formality, gravity, and authority as must be heeded.

    Hold yourself in readiness for this proclamation when opportunity presents itself and when it does not; reprove so as to bring forth conviction and confession of guilt; rebuke sharply, severely, and with a suggestion of impending penalty. Pleadingly exhort, doing all this with that utmost self-restraint which does not hastily retaliate a wrong, and accompany this exhortation with the most painstaking instruction;”

    (from The New Testament: An Expanded Translation by Kenneth S. Wuest Copyright © 1961 by Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co. All rights reserved.)

  5. Progressive Christians? God is not finished with the Universe, thats true he is going to burn it up.

    Low anthropology, NAH!

    “Things that were put on Jesus for 2000 years, things that were never there”. What in the world?
    Yes all those things that were WRITTEN and the things that Jesus said to FOLLOW! The bible that is.


    My question is how did they first know about Jesus, was it not the traditional Christians said what THE BIBLE says.

    “For me” “I think” “I believe”. no! what does scripture say is what it is.

    This vid is so weird!

    2 Timothy 4:3
    3For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.

  6. Angela, the same thought came to me. Its terrifying! I am finding hard to believe that its not some kind of a joke. Its make no sense at all but they seen soooo convinced.

  7. Paul, I know that as saints of God we have nothing to fear. However I fear for those who are deceived. I truly do. The god of this world has blinded their eyes to a point where they believe that they’re ok and in reality they are not. I’m not being dramatic when I say that at times I think of the day when everyone will stand before the throne of God and how much trembling and crying there will be. And Satan will be laughing, for he deceived people by the masses.
    That is frightening.

  8. One verse of scripture comes to my mind when I see this kind of mess:

    “There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.”(Prov. 14:12)

    These people are essentially committing slow-motion suicide, spiritually speaking; and it’s so sad to see.

    Lord help us all.

  9. You know I have to wonder if these people are deceived beyond return.
    Is there a difference in a sinner who is just in sin and a person who calls themselves a Christian but yet they are so married to such a demonic belief that rejects the sacrifice of the cross?

  10. So what exactly who or what do they worship when they go to “church”? What could the “Pastor” possibly talk about since they don’t believe in Jesus the Christ? Why even call it “church”? Frightening indeed.

  11. I don’t think there’s a difference in the person who is just in sin and the person who thinks he’s a Christian (when in reality he’s not). I believe they’re all equally deceived without measure.

    The possible difference that I do see, though, is that those who call themselves Christians but who are deceived will experience both a greater terror and an unmeasurable feeling of regret on the day of judgment. There they’ll stand in front of the God whom they thought they knew but’ll realize they didn’t. I can’t imagine anything more gut-wrenching than this. Neither can I imagine anything that would provoke a feeling of such regret than to realize that you’ve been duped into believing that you were a child of God yet all the while you were not. For this reason I think that the only difference between the person who is just blindly in sin and the person who’s deceived into thinking that he’s a Christian is the severity of shock that’ll be experienced when they’re standing before the Lord.

    These individuals need prayer.

    I’ll also add that I continue to self-examine myself. If not for the grace of God I’d still be sporting my blinders, too. Thank God for both His grace & mercy.

  12. gcmwatch (author) said:

    You know I have to wonder if these people are deceived beyond return.
    Is there a difference in a sinner who is just in sin and a person who calls themselves a Christian but yet they are so married to such a demonic belief that rejects the sacrifice of the cross?

    I think their punishment is worse because the Scripture does say there are different levels of sin. They are willfully rejecting the Word of God and twisting it to fit their agenda, therefore bringing others down with them.

    A sinner just living in the world and not knowing about the Bible which is unbelievable but is prevalent now in America is not going to get judged as harshly. Don’t get me wrong though, to die without Christ is to suffer the second death, no exceptions.

    John 19:11
    Jesus answered, “You would have no power over me if it were not given to you from above. Therefore the one who handed me over to you is guilty of a greater sin.”

    *Bold Emphasis Mine*

  13. This is a sin and a shame!! Such blatant apostasy!! And the tone with which they “mock” the doctrine of the atonement(“it’s fine if that’s where ya are ha ha ha”…..). I can only tremble at what these people will face on that great and dreadful day that the BIBLE declares will surely come—and unless they repent, they will be found sorely lacking before a completely HOLY and JUST GOD and His righteous ANGER……

  14. The mockery of the atonement was pretty palatable so count me disgusted at these serpents in clergy collars.
    One thief mocked Christ on the cross and the other one repented. Guess which one entered into the kingdom of God?

  15. so it seems the Nikki girl doesn’t believe Jesus died for our sins. “…that’s fine if that’s where you are…” and then they all laugh.

    I guess I’m not progressive enough.

  16. This is laughable and how ironic….How can darkness “share the light”? These people are truely decieved.

  17. what they fail to realize is that the teachings of the New Covenant has its roots in the Old Covenant. Jesus nor the Apostles dishonored Moses’ law for “progression”. Rather scriptures says that the Law was established in Christ.

  18. tog, this is what Jesus said on the road of Emmaus.

    Luke 24:25 Then He said to them, “O foolish ones, and slow of heart to believe in all that the PROPHETS HAVE SPOKEN! 26 Ought not the Christ to have suffered these things and to enter into His glory?” 27 And beginning at Moses and all the Prophets, He expounded to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning HIMSELF.

  19. These folk are the children of pride(Job41:34), and are ruled by Leviathan. Just like Leviathan is twisted serpent(Isaiah 27:1), they twist this progressive christianity garbage to line up with their sinful lifestyle. Just like Leviathan/Satan these ministers are the enemy of light.

    Paul N use the perfect scripture. They’re foolish people slow to believe. I think it is because of a great level pride that is within them, they have open themselves upto the demonic realm to promote lies and deception.

  20. “Have you been under the impression that gay christians love, revere, worship, honor, serve, obey and follow the Jesus of the Bible? If you have, you couldn’t have been more wrong.”

    Once again, I’m feel compelled to remind people that the “gay christian movement” is not monolithic.

    I’m sure you’re aware of which is maintained by a friend of mine who would also find the views in the video to be disturbing, rejecting essential elements of the faith.

  21. Bix, unless Ive missed something, I have never seen any gay christians rebuke others gcm such as these in the video who pervert fundamental Christian doctrine.
    Maybe you can bring me up to speed (with evidence) to prove your nonmonolithic point. Thanks.

  22. did anyone else feel like throwing up after watching this??? I’m so sick of people reducing my SAVIOR to nothing more than a “symbol” or a model to follow after. Listen up so called “christians” if you don’t have the SON then you don’t have the father, if you don’t confess/repent of your sins and confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus died on calvary cross for your sins and rose the third day, then you are going to HELL!!! td jakes might not wanna say it, joel osteen might not wanna say it, but put me on tv or in front of billions of people and ill tell them exactly where they are headed if they don’t accept JESUS as their lord and savior!!!

  23. I couldn’t stomach more than 3 minutes worth of this junk. When he started defining progressive I had to just stop the video. WOW….is all I can say….WOW.

  24. People of the Book: These people, among many many others, have
    made a decision to consciously sell their souls to the Devil so as to engage in their homosexual lifestyle.
    They do not revere the Word of God…they do not honor it or do they abide by it. They undermine it and rationalize it and demean it to be of no important or the final word or authority in their lives. They are restless dark clouds empty of any water and they
    are encouraging others to enter into their doom.
    They openly mock the Word of God and pooh-pooh it to the point that it is trivialized and is viewed as just another book on the library shelf.
    It is sad to see such blindness but I firmly believe that at one time or another, they were exposed to the true Word of God or perhaps knew the true Word of God but made a decision to follow Baal because Baal lets them do whatever is in their hearts to do.
    Yes, at the final judgment, there will be weeping and gnashing of
    teeth and a lot of that “dental noise” will be based upon people
    being shown the exact point of their departure or denial of the Word of God or the wooing of the Holy Spirit and they will recognize that period of time or that witness that was done unto them or that moment of convicting as done by the Holy Spirit and how they rejected it, often many times.
    When they see that, that is what will cause the weeping and wailing because they will see how they rejected the grace of God
    for a lie and how crafty Satan was in duping them to believe that
    they could have it all and live as they so wished and still enter into God’s kingdom.
    What does this video do for me? Keep yourself unspotted from the world and be pliable to the wooing of God’s Spirit so that you will flee from error and not be hoodwinked by the lusts of the eye and of the flesh.
    People of God….you can be kept, if you want to be kept and that is by the power of the Holy Spirit and not your fleshly efforts.
    God is able!

  25. There’s a nuance in your challenge that goes beyond what I’m trying to say.

    I’ll concede I haven’t seen alot of the specific apologetic rebuke that you’re talking about, but I have seen examples of teaching and belief that does differ from (and in a sense rebukes) the perversions indicated in this video. I’ve even seen hints of this in a few posts on this site, but the focus almost always goes to how it’s still impossible for these people to have any regard for scripture or morality because of their conclusions regarding homosexuality, as if getting this “right” is an essential of the faith.

    At any rate, gay issue aside, if you were to explore my friend’s site mentioned in my post above you’d see his views are quite different from those indicated in the video.

  26. One word sums it up – “Jello”

    It will conform itself to any mold, meet any sugar seeking palate, and it lacks any real substance or nutritional value.

  27. Bix:

    I went to the web site you indicated and that I can tell you that reading the material there is an experience in tortured Bible logic.
    For example, you indicate that the Eunuch who was witnessed to my Philip was a gay person! No basis for it. Just a vivid imagination of the author.
    Also you stated that Jesus never condemned gays or the gay lifestyle! What Bible do the adherents of that website read?
    What a folly to remotely suppose that such a website is approved of by God and that both gay and straight Christians can “walk together!”
    Note to Bix: Light and Darkness do not mix. Sorry Bix…if you are supporting that website as being something that affirms and supports gay christians (no such moniker), you are off the beaten path. is no more than an apologetic site to affirm a deviant lifestyle and somehow convince people that being gay
    is affirmed in the word of God and that somehow being gay and professing you are a Christian will be OK.
    Not so..never will be. Sorry. Try a different lie or corrupted
    logic. That dog just won’t hunt!
    What a crock!
    I would encourage other readers of this website to go visit the website that Bix mentioned and see for yourself the artsy delusions that the gay community has established in order to delude you into thinking that being gay is OK with God and passes
    Bible scrutiny and exegesis.
    The website does a masterful job in its appearance and colors and
    artwork but it is the same lie from the pit….that somehow if you say it enough and believe it enough, just maybe God will relent and change his mind about homosexuality not being a sin.
    Just maybe….

    GCMW: “Just a vivid imagination of the author.” That about sums it up Lafe.

  28. bix, trust me when I tell you I am very familiar with Rick Brentlinger. He’s visited here before with us. I wasnt impressed. I didnt intend any nuance yet straight up if these so called gay christians (like Brentlinger) is as disgusted by this road kill religion as you say he is, let him publicly denounce them…on his own website. If he has before, then show the evidence. Otherwise, Im not sure I can accept your claim that the gay christian community is not monolithic in its fundamental beliefs.

  29. My point in referring you to that site was to try to address whether the gay christian movement is monolithic. I believe if you were to explore the site putting the “gay issue aside” as I specified you’d find my friend’s doctrine to be far from what this video laid out as the way people in this “movement” view Jesus. Lafe’s response didn’t address that issue in the least.

  30. just noticed the latest comments since Lafe’s reponse. I’ll give this some thought and may be back.

  31. my suspicion is regardless of what Rick (or anyone else in the conservative wing of the gay christian movment) did to denounce such teachings as those presented in the video, his/their views on homosexuality would prevent you being “impressed”. At any rate, looking over the site I don’t think it’s that difficult to find evidence that they at would NOT agree with those on the video (again, “gay issue aside”).

    First I notice the site’s description of themselves as “swimming against the tide of Bible rejecting theological liberalism, upholding the truth of God’s inerrant, infallible word” and I’d say their Statement of Faith bears this out, as well as their guidelines for finding a church.

  32. Bix that statement is oxymoronic at best. The website fully supports, endorses and provides apologetic imaginations of gay christian heresy. In case Brentlinger hadnt noticed, gay christian heresy IS a stark representation of theological liberalism to its core. Talk about monolithic. You will have to do better than that.

  33. “gay issue aside”.. never mind.

    Is there some need on your part to present all gay christians as totally uniformed in their views (which would be the case if the movement was monolithic) to give credibility to your mission here?

  34. I saw that and point taken. However, false teaching is…false teaching. Our site deals primarily with gay christian heresy. Hope that answers your question.

  35. To add some perspective to this, suppose Rick on his website posted an entry about “How non-gay-affirming christians really view Jesus” and then posted a video discussion among a group of Mormons talking about their false beliefs, and then went on to indicate this is representative of non-gay-affirming christians across the board. I believe you’d feel you’d been misrepresented.

    I agree to an extent with your statement that “false teaching is false teaching” but no one’s teaching is 100% accurate. (And no one is going to be 100% accurate in their grasp of God’s holy moral standard.)

  36. Some of these MCCs are also black Christians, therefore I believe this video must be representative, and this headline should just as likely be named, “How black Christians really view Jesus.”

    Makes as much sense as stating this represents “How gay Christians really view Jesus.”

  37. 1. MCC is a gay church
    2. People in the video are gay (that’s the common trait)
    3. People in video talk about their views on Jesus
    4. People in the video claim to be Christians
    Thus, headline reads how gay christians really view Jesus

    So it does make sense. Your counter suggestive headline wouldnt apply because “blackness” is not the common trait of those in the video. The headline makes no assumptions that 100% of gay christians hold the exact same views as those in the video, however there is scant —if any— evidence that suggests otherwise. Make sure you read the supporting links at the end of the story.

  38. Well, I guess I’m “static” because I believe God’s is the same yesterday, today and forever and that His “word” doesn’t change to suit perverted “progressive” lifestyles of sin.

  39. These people don’t represent all the views of all gay Christians. They are all from similar churches, in the same area, and from the same denomination, so of course their views and interpertations are very alike. To assume that the views of these select few people can represent the views of a group so large and diverse as the gay community is illogical; it is akin to saying that all people who like pop music automatically like Christina Aguilara.

  40. Lucky, two questions for you:
    1. Are you a gay christian?
    2. Why didnt you condemn this clear heresy?

  41. I’m sorry but I don’t feel sorry for these reprobates at all. THEY KNOW THE TRUTH, THEY REALLY DO, BUT THEY HAVE CONVINCED THEMSELVES THAT WHAT THEY ARE SAYING IS THE TRUTH BECAUSE THEY LOVE LIVING IN THE SIN THEY ARE IN. There is no such thing as progressive christianity. It’s not in the Bible they are like a bunch of babies who are talking gibberish. You can tell these four haven’t really been through any trials. I feel sorry for all the people who are being led wrong by these so-called leaders instead of being told the truth. WOW this is ridiculous. They need to be taken out in the woods somewhere have have the hell beat out of them literally. A traditional christian and a progressive christian WOW what a concept. I thought God’s people were saints not traditional or progressive. WOW!!!!!!!!!!! and people are still wondering why all these catastrophes are happening here in America

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