Kirk Cameron: how to build church with false converts

Satire at its best. Gotta love Kirk Cameron for bringing that truth with humor.

Too many of today’s pastors are being pressured (by the god of false success) to build churches with false converts. Such churches look great on the outside and appeal to “lights, action and camera” folks but there must be concern that souls are truly converted to Christ, not just become church members.

The Lawman Chronicles blog lists 10 marks of a false convert (feel free to add on):

1. You believe that you are inherently a good person, thus denying the doctrine of Original Sin.

2. You commit idolatry of the mind and blaspheme the very character of God by denying essential doctrines such as judgment, hell, regeneration, and justification by faith alone; and you replace the truth with lies such as sinless perfection and open theism.

3. You think that only the red-lettered words in your Bible are the words of Jesus and, therefore, the rest of the Bible can be interpreted and applied to your liking.

4. You believe that a person can be a Christian while wantonly engaging in habitual sin; such as homosexuality, fornication, adultery in mind or body, the support in any way whatsoever of the murder of the unborn, or any other sin.

5. You believe that because a person has prayed a prayer and asked Jesus into their heart, then they are saved.

6. You believe a person can be a Christian, even if they bear no fruit after making a profession of faith in Christ. You treat the grace of God as a license to sin. You like the word “backslider.”

7. You struggle with the thought of missing a meal; but going days, weeks, even months without reading your Bible doesn’t faze you.

8. You pray when you want something from God; but beyond that you have very little time for conversation with Him.

9. You believe that Darwinian, macro-evolution is a scientific fact and compatible with belief in the God of the Bible.

10. You see evangelism as a gift other people have; and you have no real concern about the fact that 150,000 people die every day, with the vast majority of them bound for hell. You soothe your conscience by convincing yourself that “friendship evangelism,” as it is most commonly practiced among American Christians, is actually in the Bible. You think that if you “let your little light shine,” you don’t have to verbally proclaim the gospel


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  1. Pastor Lou C. Fur! ha ha ha!!!! – ok onto watching the rest of the vid!

    Is that supposed to be Osteen?

  2. Brilliant vid and very true.

    The music, lighting, tone of voice are all used to emote people into the kingdom. IT DOESNT WORK!

    The part of the vid that jumped out to me was the “everyone close your eyes”, whats the point of that? If an individual really sees their need for Christ they wouldnt careless if the whole Church is watching them

    What I would add to this list is giving alter calls piggy backed on your sermon. In other words, athe sermon will be about God taking care of His own and then weasel around that and say “if you want God to take care of your needs you need to accept Him as Lord and Saviour”.

    I say Preach the pure unadulterated gospel of Jesus Christ with no music and so people understand what they are getting into and so thay can soberly count the cost. The Cross, Faith, Grace, Repentance, New Life…

    Good stuff!

  3. Paul N,
    “Is that supposed to be Osteen?”

    Sir, I was thinking the exact same thing! Especially with that southern accent. Everybody wants to pick on Joel Osteen because they know Joel ain’t gonna fight back! It is so easy to pick on Joel. I give Kudos to Melvin Jones @

    OK…I am going to stir the pot with this one. I have heard renowned ministers say the following and I am paraphrasing, but I hope everyone gets the point of what I am saying,

    “Once you give your life to JESUS CHRIST, “ALL of your sins are forgiven. Your past sins, current sins, and future sins are all forgiven. JESUS CHRIST paid it all for you on the cross at Calvary. It doesn’t matter what you do from this point on, you are in the hands of JESUS CHRIST and you are going to spend the rest of eternity with HIM in Heaven when its your time to depart this life. Just ask JESUS CHRIST into your heart and you are saved. You will become a child of GOD.”

    That type of evangelism gives people a false confidence and a license to sin and deceives them into thinking they are OK! And these preachers say it with SUCH SINCERITY as if they REALLY CARE FOR YOUR SOUL! GOD Help us!

    The Holy Word of GOD says THIS is NOT SO! Just feast on all of 2 Peter Chapter 2. This speaks to these pastors and ministers that give people false assurance and a false hope. Assurance comes from the HOLY GHOST and trusting in the Holy Word of GOD and being born again! Amen. Look real closely to 2 Peter 2:17-21 KJV (17) These are wells without water, clouds that are carried with a tempest; to whom the mist of darkness is reserved for ever.
    (18) For when they speak great swelling words of vanity, they allure through the lusts of the flesh, through much wantonness, those that were clean escaped from them who live in error.
    (19) While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption: for of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he brought in bondage.
    (20) For if after they have escaped the pollutions of the world through the knowledge of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, they are again entangled therein, and overcome, the latter end is worse with them than the beginning.
    (21) For it had been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than, after they have known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them.

    Now if those verses don’t put a fear of a HOLY GOD in you, what will? GOD is talking about preachers like Pastor Lou C. Fur! Look at Verses 18 and 19…WOW! FATHER GOD in the NAME of JESUS CHRIST, LORD please have mercy on the Church in the USA and send true revival and true repentance, because we know that you are severely judging the Church and will severely chasten the Church if she does not repent!

  4. To be fair, the video didnt “pick on” Joel Osteen. However his “type” is a part of what’s wrong with the new coliseum convert folks so its understandable that type would be included. False teachings, tricks and gimmicks never produce true converts. Thats the bottom line. 🙂 back to the humor….

  5. A good litmus tests: If Jesus was to preach and teach the same message your pastor does – would He have ever been crucified? Something to think about…

  6. great video!

    I was just reading in Keith Green’s devotional book “If You Love the Lord” regarding Charles Finney:

    “Instead of leading these crying people through the sinner’s prayer, he would send them home for the night. Finney wasn’t interested in false or premature conversions. He believed sinners needed to be so deeply convicted of their sin that they turned from their old lives to pursue God with every ounce of strength. …few…under Finney’s ministry ever backslid.”

  7. I agree I think the bulk of spiritual recidivism (aka backsliding) is due to the fact that far too many new converts havent truly been converted. We need to stop the “decision” factories.

  8. Totally agree wabout the decision factories.

    I remember a young man “made a decsion for Christ” and I asked him if he was coming to Church on Sunday and he said he didnt know? Conviction without conversion. What we have so many times is people wanting a “get out of hell” card, its not true repentance at all. They say the “sinners prayer” and live the same way and believe its all good, no fruit! The sad part is that this is what they are told, If you make a decision for Christ your name will be written in the lambs book of life. “easy believism”.

    We really have to stop this!

    “you will know them by their fruit”

  9. Paul,

    May I just say that someone not knowing whether or not they’re coming to church the Sunday after they got saved does not mean that the person has not been converted. wow.

    religion is crazy.

    So, a sign of true conversion is coming to church every Sunday? If so, everybody except for the pastor is in trouble.


  10. Behold, I believe the point that Paul is making is that, when someone has become truly born again, his immediate desire is to surround himself, acquaint himself and immerse himself in things pertaining to the Lord. One example of this is to fellowship with a local congregation.
    And please, let us not get into how the Church is not a building; I know that and I’m not implying that. I also understand that the Holy Spirit is our Teacher and that He guides us into truth.
    But when a person has just committed himself to Christ, when he just becomes saved, he’s eager to learn about the Lord, wanting to be taught, and he desires fellowship with others in the faith in order to become connected. And since he’s a new member of the Body of Christ, the inborn thing to do (spiritually speaking) is to assemble himself with a congregation in order to receive these things. (And hopefully one that teaches correct doctrine.)
    It’s an expected & typical response of someone who’s newly converted. New believers typically aren’t keen on the depth of apostasy that’s occurring now of days, so for this person who says he’s been converted to shrug off going to church afterwards, one may have to ask, “Why”?

    I believe this is the point that Paul’s making. On top of that I didn’t see anything in his comment in which he said or implied that coming to church every Sunday is a litmus test for true conversion.
    Are you reading into something that’s not there?

    But one thing that I do agree with you on, behold, is that religion is indeed crazy, primarily the gay christian sect.
    But a relationship with Christ is not.

  11. Angela,

    I get what Paul is saying, in that when someone gets converted, they should want to attend church. I get it and I absolutely agree.

    However, I think that sometimes we make this long list of what converted people truly look and then call in fruit. However, the bible is clear on what the fruit of the Spirit are in Galatians 5:22

    Love, joy, peace, long-suffering, goodness, kindness, gentleness, self-control, against such there is no law.

    Other than this, where do we get our long lists of what ‘real’ converted people look like or not?

    Look like this, dress like that, talk like them, don’t do this, please do that, if you do this, then you’re truly converted, but not until after you do this or that. and if you don’t do this or that or show this or that where we can see it, then you must not be saved.

    That’s nothing but ‘religious law’ by any other name.

  12. Behold, I agree with you on what you said in your last post. And I’m glad you agree with what I said.

    We should definitely reject man-made “laws” and traditions that place unnecessary restrictions and ridiculous burdens on Christians.
    But listen, we should expect those of the faith to “look like” they’re indeed people of the faith.
    Just as police officers, firemen, physicians and the like have uniforms that advertise the line of work that they do, so too, should believers have a “uniform” letting the world know the type of “work” that they do, and Who they represent. One way to do that is by being in unity concerning things that they’re expected to (by God) do. So in that regard, “converted” people, whether newly converted or well-seasoned, should generally look the same (minus individual personalities of course).

  13. “Look like this, dress like that, talk like them, don’t do this, please do that, if you do this, then you’re truly converted, but not until after you do this or that. and if you don’t do this or that or show this or that where we can see it, then you must not be saved.”

    No one here has said that so leave the strawmen out of it. True conversion is a permanent change of heart. That was the whole point of the video. Maybe you didnt get that.

  14. Thanks Angela, seems the satire of the video got a little lost in the discussion. It was hilarious.

  15. Thanks Angela, you hit the nail on the head.

    Behold, you went way over the top and have not even remotely explained what I was saying (see Angela’s post). I really dont like the way you have addressed what I said for you twisted it to suit where you are and how you think. Not kool! The scriptures you posted are totally irrelevant to what I was saying also for a young believer will not be walking in the Fruit of the Spirit for he doesnt even know what they are. This is why he WILL desire to go to Church so that he can learn of God.

    Pastor Thanks for addressing the rest of the comment.

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