Presbyterians now in the gay marriage zone

Mirroring the world by promoting and defending the gay marriage ideology, US churches are one by one falling prey to a seductive doctrine of demons called homosexual inclusion.  Sin has no “equality” with holiness, but some denominations are falling away from truth and the nakedness of their sin is showing.  Anytime you see leaders in any denomination or religious organization calling for “tolerance”, “respect” and “dialogue” on the issue of homosexuality it is cause to be suspicious. When it comes to ordination, marriage and leadership in the church of Christ, there is no discussion necessary. Unrepentant sinners cannot lead the people of God. But things are changing. For the worse I might add.

Reports One News Now:

PCUSAThis week’s General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) will consider redefining marriage to include same-sex couples and allowing ministers to perform same-sex weddings.

Carmen Fowler, president of the Presbyterian Lay Committee, believes those sorts of initiatives are to blame for the denomination’s declining membership.

Her group supports upholding the church’s traditional definition of marriage.

The PCUSA’s newly-elected moderator, Cynthia Bolbach, supports gay marriage but told the assembly on Saturday that the denomination has become paralyzed.

Fowler says that’s what happens when a church body becomes disconnected from its head — Jesus Christ.

The PCUSA is currently running a PR campaign which has the gall to declare pride in being Presbyterian “because it is God centered”.

According to the Christian Post, the PCUSA has been “debating this issue since 1991. That’s a long time to debate the validity of something with such a clear condemnation in scripture. It shows how weak many US denominations are spiritually and how far many have strayed away from foundational truth. With the election of a pro-homosexual moderator for the PCUSA, the issue now appears to be moving in favor of those who want the PCUSA to become another gay affirming denomination.

The newly elected moderator wasted no time with the smooth words of hate for God’s word:

“Those in favor of the full inclusion of gays and lesbians in our life together – and I include myself in that group – believe that we fail to satisfy the Gospel imperative of inclusiveness as we continue to exclude gays and lesbians from leadership in our church,” she said. “But there are also many within our church who believe that homosexual behavior is a sin that violates Scripture’s mandates. I respect their beliefs, and I want to continue in conversation with them about this basic issue.”

Continue to have conversation? The truth is they have  already decided that the denomination will be prohomosexual. The “conversation” is just to win more converts. That’s why its dangerous to even enter into these traps. People like Cynthia Bolbach have no intention of honoring or adhering to the truth of scripture. They words are just like the poisonous bite of a viper.

John Sloop of Shenandoah Presbytery interestingly argued that the church is being left behind if it does not accept the homosexual lifestyle that the world has already accepted.

“Jesus called on us to be the light of the world. But he never meant for us to be the tail lights,” he said, according to The Presbyterian Outlook.

And it goes on and on. The insanity that has taken over some churches is nothing but rebellion against the rule of the Lord Jesus. Since they wont be honest, I will. They despise him, his rule and his law. But they need his name to continue the deception. That’s why if you are in this denomination and any other for that matter, you should treat it like sodom and gomorrah and flee without looking back.

If the statistics are true, some are doing just that.

The ongoing debate over homosexuality comes as membership continues to decline in the PC(USA) – the largest Presbyterian denomination in the country. According to a newly released report, membership dropped by 2.9 percent to just over 2 million in 2009. The number of churches has also decreased to 10,657. Eighty-eight churches were dissolved and 15 were dismissed to other denominations. There were 524 more adult baptisms in 2009 compared to the previous year, but the denomination saw 1,336 fewer children baptisms.

Leave these apostates and take your money with you. Let them fund their own voyage into hell.

3 thoughts on “Presbyterians now in the gay marriage zone

  1. I will never forget in the early 90s when the PCUSA started debating homosexuality. It was such a horrible thing in the eyes of most Christians at the time. I also did not realize there were different Presbyterian denominations until I heard D James Kennedy preach on fornication. I realized that his church was a different Presbyterian group.

    There is a church here in Tulsa, Kirk of the Hills Presbyterian, that was a part of that group. I was horrified to hear this when the hot debate began in 2005 I believe. I knew from their teachings that they did not believe the homosexual gospel. Anyway the pastors attended a conference I think in 2006. The rulebook was so vague that homosexuals claimed it as a victory for their cause. Not only were they sliding down the path of the homosexual tolerance stuff while claiming that homosexuals could not be ministers. If I remember correctly one of the leaders led the ministers to pray to Gaia or some false goddess. That was the last straw and they decided to leave the group. I went to the vote to support them. I think 90% of those present voted to leave the denomination. They ended up having to pay almost 2 million dollars to keep their property even though the denomination did not contribute a penny to its construction. If you read the Christian Post on a regular basis you probably read several articles about this.

    This problem has gotten so bad that many are finding that some of their friends who were solid in their stance according to God’s word about this are wavering, confused or in my case with one of my friends, convinced that you can be homosexual and Christian. At least that is the front he is putting on. If he was really saved he does not believe that or his heart is incredibly hardened. I do not know which.

    This is dreadful.

  2. Ichbod!
    Following the ELCA, UMC, and others, down the greased slope to perdition… sad sad
    I have several friends in this denomination, and they are facing what to me is an easy choice, but for them may be hard (emotions, traditions, culture, etc. all play a part) But the truth will win out, and I will pray that they will be given the strength to take courage and walk , no RUN away…

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