Faithful Lutherans, Anglicans pushback against gay christian activism

A couple of heartening stories to report. Small in comparison to the tidal wave of gay christian activism in churches but nonetheless encouraging.

First, in Auburn, IN one Lutheran church has overwhelming decided they will no longer be subjected to the gay affirming aggression leaders in their denomination have embraced.

A Lutheran church in Auburn this week joined a growing number of congregations in voting to leave the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America over its recently broadened stance allowing homosexual ministers.

Members of St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, 211 E. Ninth St., voted 161-25 Sunday to withdraw from the ELCA, the Rev. Stephen Kummernuss, church pastor, said Friday.

A second vote must be taken in 90 days to confirm the action, he said.

“In August 2009, the ELCA changed its policy to allow same-gender persons in a committed relationship to be ordained, and we don’t agree with that,” Kummernuss said, adding the congregation is not against gays.

“No, absolutely not,” he said. “We believe that God made male and female for relationship with one another and not otherwise. We accept (homosexual) people but are not going to accept the act as part of God’s creation, and … not (among people) in ministry.”

The Journal-Gazette story also said the denomination previously allowed gays and lesbians in the clergy if they remained celibate. The policy change does not force any particular congregation to accept a non-celibate homosexual pastor.

But the move sparked an outcry in many ELCA churches, and many members of St. Mark’s felt it went too far, Kummernuss said. Some [members] began not attending church in protest, and giving dropped 50 percent, he said.

Nothing speaks louder to these apostate leaders than decreased money and members. If more churches would take action, they would no be so bold in installing homosexual leaders in authority. Part of the problem it seems is that many unsuspecting members are deceived with promises of more “dialogue” when in their inner circles they already have determined they will go against the Word of God.

Thankfully, for bible-adhering Lutherans there are options. Leaders have formed CORE, a “coalition of pastors, lay people, congregations and reforming groups. We seek to preserve within the Lutheran churches in North America the authority of the Word of God according to the Lutheran confessions.”

Meanwhile in the UK, a gay cleric was denied a key leadership position for the second time. The UK Guardian reported:

A gay but celibate clergyman has been blocked from becoming a bishop for the second time, following a row over his inclusion on the shortlist for the choice to run the Anglican diocese of Southwark.

Jeffrey John, the Dean of St Albans, was under consideration for the post and would have replaced the Right Rev Tom Butler, who retired earlier this year. In 2003 Dr John had been forced to stand down from his appointment as suffragan bishop of Reading.

When news of his second candidacy was leaked, the prospect of the first openly gay bishop in the Church of England immediately angered conservative evangelicals, who threatened to seek alternative leadership overseas and warned of a schism.

Of course per biblical standards, John shouldn’t be in any position of leadership in the first place, but the politics of religion have gotten him to where he is not biblical integrity.  Its interesting how  John is being marketed as a “gay but celibate clergyman”.  But further in the story says he is in a “civil partnership” but then again reasserts he is “celibate”. Sure, he is.  These agenda driven clerics will tell any lie they can to get into position.  So much for “honesty and integrity” they claim is the hallmark of being openly gay.

John reinvents the atonement  into a English tea party and in the end God and man decides to be friends. . Where have we heard that type of lunatic religious heresy before?

The liberals in the church’s left wing are predictably outraged, because they want to seat these sexual apostates in power. We all know what they will do once in power. Look no further than the vindictive  Vickie Gene Robinson and its clear that keeping people like John out of power in the church is a fight worth engaging in.


2 thoughts on “Faithful Lutherans, Anglicans pushback against gay christian activism

  1. People of God:

    This reminds me of the same anti-Bible tactic that Bishop Bruce Ough used in the Methodist West District located in Northwest Ohio and headquartered in Maumee, Ohio.
    He engineered the election of a gay male, who was in a “committed” relationship, to be the next Chief Financial Officer for this district.
    At the recent Lakeside, Ohio conference, this gay CFO was voted in over a hotly contested debate.
    The rationale for this move by this anti-Bible Bishop? Two reasons: [1] the district needed his financial skills to help bail out the financial mess the district was in and [2] the gay CFO candidate was in a “committed” relationship for over twenty
    years! As if somehow the Holy Spirit could not raise up another candidate for such a position or that being in a “committed”
    gay relationship is OK with this anti-Bible Bishop.
    Was a crock the people were served up by this Bishop Ough.

    This so called “bishop” intentionally went against the Word of God (assuming that he even knows the Word of God) and lied to himself and to others by stating that since the CFO was not a clergy member but rather a lay member, such a vote did not violate the Methodist Disciplines!
    That is the type and kind of twisted logic that this Bishop employed to get around the prohibitions on scripture.
    What was also sad was that so many people voted for this CFO and which indicates that the Methodists are now short on Bible
    exegesis but long on secular humanism being OK.
    This is a travesty for Methodism and a rebuke to the founders of Methodism (Charles and John Wesley) because this clueless Bishop thought more of this man’s credentials than he did as to honoring the Word of God.
    So, for this Bishop, being in a committed sinful gay relationship is OK regardless of what the Word of God states about such a
    I wrote a letter to this Bishop and called for his resignation. Of course, I have, to date, received no reply.

    Apostasy is on the rise in the mainline churches. If this nonsense can happen in conservative Northwest Ohio, then every location is fair game for this type of madness. After that vote was taken, the special giving for an annual charitable giving project plummeted.
    Again, people vote by their presence in the pews and their giving. Thankfully, this bishop’s time for his office tenure is soon up and he will be leaving that post. Sadly, he will go elsewhere and infect others with this torturted logic of committed gay relationships being OK.
    For this bishop being in sin but in a non clerical role is OK but not so if you are in a clergy position! Go figure that one out!

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