Thinking biblically about homosexuality

jmacarthurThere’s only one way Christians should think, talk and believe about homosexuality and that’s biblically. The Word of God should be our primary guide and source document in dealing with this issue. When we devalue or diminish God’s word in any way, confusion is inevitable. Telling the truth about homosexuality from a biblical perspective is a great act of love.

That’s why I believe Pastor John MacArthur does a superb job teaching biblically about homosexuality. Its a great example of truth in love. With statistics and scripture, he unmasks the horror of this sin so that we are not deceived and then tells us God’s plan for freedom. Oh to God that every pastor would just take some prime time when the congregations gather and without bells and whistles, hoot calls and organ riffs just…teach the people to think biblically about homosexuality. MacArthur acknowledges that it is not an easy subject to address and he’s right. But with so much death, suffering, deception and perversion, why would any real preacher of the gospel allow such deep darkness to go unchallenged?

Here is the video to watch. Here is the text of the teaching.

MacArthur touches on many facets of the homosexual condition we have covered in detail here. There’s an underlying support system that fuels the false idea that homosexuality is normal,  including false teaching, bad logic, social reengineering, political revisionism,  the gay christian affirming movement and those with AIDS who have been deceived.

I want you to look at 1 Corinthians chapter 6, and all I want to do is just give you a biblical picture so that you’ll know how God views this kind of behavior. And let me say at the very beginning, and I will show you this, but I want to say it because I want you to understand it. Homosexual sin is nothing more or nothing less than a perverse sexual act, or acts…it is no more than that, it is no less than that. It is a perverse abnormal sexual behavior. I’m reluctant even to call someone a homosexual because that seems to identify them with some kind of staple character that draws them into that behavior. It is no more or no less than a perverse act or acts.

In 1 Corinthians chapter 6, go down to verse 9, the Apostle Paul writes these words, “Or do you not know that the unrighteous shall not inherit the Kingdom of God? Do not be deceived, neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers shall inherit the Kingdom of God. And such were some of you, but you were washed, but you were sanctified but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the Spirit of our God.”

Here is the good news that answers our question…what does God think of homosexuals? It is God’s desire that they be saved, that they be justified, that they be sanctified, that they be washed. And that homosexuality and that homosexual behavior be only part of their past so that it can be said of them, “Such were some of you.”

Of the “affirming” Christian movement:

One of the supreme tragedies in our day is reclassification of homosexuality as a non-sin, as a normal behavior, as an acceptable behavior, even as a noble behavior because that’s the way you’re made, instead of defining it the way the Bible defines it as a perversion from which you need to be rescued. Wrong diagnosis obviates the cure. And the evangelical church must stick with a biblical definition of sin and confront the sinner with every sin, whether conventionally popular or not. And there is a massive movement to appease the guilt of homosexual behavior, and it is a fierce guilt that needs relentless appeasement. There is a massive movement to somehow free these people from their behavior that is a result of unchecked lust and to make them feel okay about what they do. There is an effort to redefine it as an acceptable alternate life style, sexual orientation, genetic difference, or personal preference.

Listen closely and understand that the church of Jesus Christ must think and act biblically when it comes to homosexuality. Nothing more, nothing less.

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  1. I just had bible study right here at my desk at work! SOUND ON THE GROUND TEACHING!!!

  2. This message had me so very emotional, I started to think about my Brother who is caught up in this mess. Lord deliver Him!

    Wonderful message!

    “We speak the truth about sin, in order that we may speak the truth about the Savior”

  3. Paul I pray with you for your brother. May God touch his heart and uncover his eyes to the danger. Truth uncovers deception and it allows the light of God’s forgiveness to shine in. This is about that truth that Jesus said would make you free. I praise God that like his mercy and love, his truth is unfailing.

  4. I have not had a chance to view the video, but for over 40 years I have been tormented with the pressure of homosexual desires. Each person’s background is unique and I can specifically define why I have been in constant turmoil for 4 decades, but the bottom line for me is that at some point I made a decision that life is short and eternity isn’t. Not only do I want to spare myself the torments of Hell, I truly did desire to please my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. At the end of the day it is a small price to pay for eternal relationship with the lover of my soul.

    Everyday is a battle. During my 20’s I spent time in psychiatric wards for severe depression. I cursed the day I was born because of my feelings, because I always somehow knew it was wrong. During my 30’s and 40’s I was in therapy with several wonderful Christian counselors who were kind and never judgemental. I will forever be grateful to them. And now in my 50’s after years of therapy and yes some medications to keep the depression in check I feel as if I have found peace. I feel as if the worst is over for me. I still have the feelings. I still feel the loneliness. But I have the assurance that my efforts are not in vain.

    Just a side note: I know the average straight (normal) person is completely in the dark regarding this issue. I understand that, but for a moment think what a lifetime of suppressing, denying and bottling up of all sexual desires is like. It is no fun. It is painful, lonely and empty. I am in no way defending homosexuality, quite the contrary, but it takes super human strength to overcome and without Jesus Christ it would be impossible.

  5. John I do honestly understand your remarks. But I have to tell you, you DONT have to live that way. There’s a few things you should understand. Im glad that you dont feel your efforts are in vain.

    Whether married or single, every Christian must suppress his or her wrong sexual desires. So it is not unique to those who have homosexual desires. Do not offer the parts of your body to sin, as instruments of wickedness, but rather offer yourselves to God, as those who have been brought from death to life; and offer the parts of your body to him as instruments of righteousness. Romans 6:13. The reason why our desire must be held in check is that they will ultimately lead to behavior that is wicked.

    It doesnt take superhuman strenght to overcome homosexuality. It takes devotion to Christ, discipline of oneself and the willingness to be a lifelong disciple. Thankfully God has not left us powerless to overcome. We have the Holy Ghost who is our power and by following his lead, we can be overcomers.

    You seem to be placing restrictions of yourself that are not necessary. You didnt say you were attracted to women, but God has provided a suitable partner for us to enjoy sexual pleasure and companionship. He said it was good and that man alone without the woman is not good. So you have options. Removing the limitations in your mind is key to enjoying what God has already provided. Im not suggesting that women and marriage is the answer for overcoming homosexuality. Its not. But it is the answer (per God) for loneliness and sexual frustration. I know homosexuality’s dark side that few of the professional gays paraded around by the media will ever admit to. I think this is what Pastor MacArthur was saying, God has a plan for freedom…and he wants you to experience it!

    You dont have to spend a lifetime suppressing, denying and bottling up as if you are some type of slave. If this is what you have determined is the only way for you, I just want you to know that is not God’s will for you.

  6. Dear GCM Author,
    I have been reading your blogs for about a year now. I just wanted to take the time to THANK YOU for your boldness in addressing the truth! Your writing, approach, and attitude have remained consistent in every article. You never cease to show the love of God, despite attacks made upon you. Keep doin’ what ur doin’ and KNOW that many, many, folks who are struggling with this sin are being delivered by your words and your unique approach. You have a distinct way of writing, which unlayers the lies and restores the truth in an easy way to comprehend. Don’t believe the enemy when he tells you that ur going no where with know better! You are removing the MASK, no you are literally TEARING off the mask of this perverse and destructive spirit!!! And you are bringing freedom to those wearing the mask of this false identity! God Bless your Ministry and may it continue to grow and prosper. Also, please continue to expose false doctrine in the church…those articles are absolutely vital. And also, thank you for allowing the rest of us to comment on your posts as well.

    GCMW: All I can say is thank you so much for the love and encouragement to me your brother. My greatest desire is that satan is exposed, men be freed and God be glorified.

  7. To GCM, I agree that how I am living is not necessarily God’s will for me, but I do not dare let my guard down on this issue. For the most part I have determined that a life without intimacy, whether sexual or not, is not available for me.

    I expect very little out of this life. I have a nice job, I have my dogs and I have a few good friends. Anything beyond that is a blessing and I thank God for it. This is a decision I have made for myself and I do not blame God for it. We live under the curse, and that is not going to ever change.

    I will never sacrifice momentary pleasure for eternity in Hell. You see I spent over 25 years in the Pentecostal Church, so I had that fact drilled deep into my psyche. I love life and I love the beauty of God’s creation, but at the end of the day I look forward to the day that I take my last breath and pass on to be with Jesus. If I am losing out on God’s blessings for my life, then so be it. I say I will never allow myself to entertain any thoughts of intimacy with another person whether male or female.

    P.S. At 10 years of age I was a victim (I hate that word, but for lack of another one) of incest. That was nearly 50 years ago and I can still feel the horror and fear of it. So at the end of the day the fact that I am not locked away in some asylum is blessing enough. Jesus has been so good to me…

  8. Thank you Pastor Foster for your encouraging words to John.
    To John, homosexuality is not the battle that I fight, so I can only empathize with you. On the other hand, I’ve been divorced for several years and through the power of the Holy Spirit, I live a life devoted to Christ.
    Is it hard to live sexually pure in thought and actions? Yes, sometimes it is, but every day I make the choice to serve my King and not my flesh. Do I sometimes have dreams or sexually thoughts that come out of nowhere? Yes I do and when that happens I’ve learned to really take those thoughts captive quickly, or else the downward spiral into fantasizing can began.
    I guard what I watch on TV and movies, I don’t listen to secular music or hang out with worldly saints and unsaved people. But I do talk with and enjoy conversations with unsaved people-but they are not in my social or advisory circle. Faithful God has surrounded me with Christian friends and fellowship.
    John, I pray that you would have godly friends and keep coming to the website-God uses GCM as another resource for encouragement, renewal and awareness.

  9. I back up what both Gcmwatch and Lady D says here. I personally don’t have homosexual desires, but what I can relate to is keeping myself pure. It’s all too tempting to throw in the towel, especially in this current age of free-for-all sex, not to mention an unashamed media that boasts of every sexual act and fantasy under the sun.
    Celibacy has been my calling card for a long time now and it only gets more challenging as time goes by. I struggle with sexual temptation more than I’d like to admit and everyday it’s a fight to kill my flesh. I understand that I’m human and that it’s natural to have these desires, but if I’m not careful I can rationalize my way into sin. But it’s the Word of God that prevents me every time.
    As a well-known Bible teacher once declared, the Word of God is intended to help us achieve several things: salvation (1 Ti 2:4), self-sacrifice (Ro 12:1,2), a Spirit-filled life (Eph 5:18), submission (1 Pe2:13-15), suffering (! Pe 3:17), satisfaction (1 Th 5:18), settledness (Heb 10:36) and sanctification (1 Th 4:2-8). The Christian life, when basically summed up, is self-sacrifice with contentment. That’s why this current, new-age mesh of a gospel that many people are living under will not help John from Seattle, or anyone for that matter, live a life exhibiting these traits, because it’s core message is contrary to these things. Self-love, self-happiness, self-reward, self-esteem, self-this, self-that is the celebrated message nowadays. While we should undoubtedly love ourselves and treat ourselves with respect, Christ has commanded us to live a life of sacrifice and it’s expected in every area of our lives – every area.
    It’s not easy and at times it’s painful, but the Lord never said it would be easy and He never promised a life of comfort…did He?

    John’s post only reaffirms that we of the faith should be in prayer for one another at all times, encouraging one another and at the same time keeping our face in the Word. We all have our battles John and we need both encouragement from other Christians and guidance from the Word of God.

    Hang in there, you’ll be rewarded. 🙂

  10. I watched the video…it was interesting. Nevertheless, I think his argument is a little demeaning. Homosexuality is just a “sexual act” or as he put it or the bible puts it as a “perverted sexual act” but “homosexuals” are just people who have attractions towards someone of the sex. In other words; you can have desires/attractions for a same gender person and never act on those desires for decades or even a life time, but does that mean you are not “homosexual”? Yes, you are a homosexual even if you never engage in the act itself. As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.

    So, its more than just a perverted sexual act.

    Also, I think it is demeaning to compare homosexuality to murder or even to people who harm children…which btw…the majority of child molestors identify as “heterosexual”…but I assume he links homosexuals to these groups because in his view they are all “sinners”….

    I don’t think the Gay community cares what the Christian community feels or thinks about Gay Rights or Gay being “normal”. The sad truth is..more and more Americans are no longer identifying themeselves as “Christians” and now more than ever…a great majority of Americans do not even attend church. While they believe in God; they do not believe everything in the Bible.

    Gay Marriage and other Gay Rights are going to happen in this country regardless of the opinions or efforts of the Evangelical or Christian community…that’s just a fact…

    But why should any Christian be surprised at this?…doesn’t the Bible state these things should happen or will happen?

    just saying…

  11. Markofreason, I don’t think the Christian community – the authentic Christian community (excuse the qualifier) – cares that much about how the Gay community feels or what they think about how we feel or what we think. The only thing that the Christian community is concerned about is how God feels and what He thinks, which should be the Gay community’s (and the world’s) primary concern as well. But since “more and more Americans are not identifying themselves as Christians” anymore, it’s not a primary concern of theirs and ultimately, what the Christian community feels or thinks about the Gay community will be totally and utterly irrelevant.

    Just saying…

  12. markofreason youre right. sinners do not care what the bible says or what Christians think of them. I know when I was a sinner I didnt. I lied, had sex, stole, drank, fought and more and really didnt care who did or did not like it. We are told in 1 Cor 5 that God will judge sinners who reject him, thats not our job. Just a note, when he does judge them, it will be without mercy, so dont think it will be some sort of lovefest.

    You are also right about the increase and proliferation of sin in this country and the world. Things will not get better in this world. Homosexual marriage is a sign of exactly that deterioration. The world doesnt care what God thinks or says so they will press forward in an attempt to tear down his laws and encourage others to do so.

    Youre also right about false Christians. Many of them are Christians in name only. Others attend church but intentionally pervert the way of the Lord to others. (The gcm is a stark example of that.) Their intent is to overthrow the rule of Christ and use lies to turn his church into a den of theives. So by your own hand you have accurately laid out what the people of God are facing in this time (you see it but youre in error). It is a serious time and we cannot afford to walk around in ignorance lest we be deceived by our enemy. This isnt a “house on fire” message, its just foundational truth that we must not forget.

    That’s why Pastor MacArthur’s message is so critical. You probably dont see that, but I digress. Those who do see it will reap the benefits.

    To sum, the post is not to educate unrepentant homosexuals. Its not to find “new and exciting” information to entertain you or anybody else. The truth is timeless and is as new today as it was since the words came out of the mouth of God. This is to educate and equip the people of God. For those who want to stay aware of what deceptions lie in wait and how we must respond and alert others. Knowing is half the issue, applying what you know is the other. The bible clearly tells why knowing is so important. It has devastating consequences for us…and our children.

    “My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. “Because you have rejected knowledge, I also reject you as my priests; because you have ignored the law of your God, I also will ignore your children”. Hosea 4:6

    So if this bored you or you found it offensive, just remember its for the people of God.

  13. Pastor, thanks for your prayers!

    Well markofreason, what is it that the homosexual community are fighting for? they are not fighting for the right to have homosexual “feelings” they are fighting for the right to marry, adopt and for sexual intercourse between the same gender to be seen as normal. I believe this is what the vid is dealing with, sexual perversion.

    I would say that homosexuals do care what Christians to an extent because When I have told homosexuals they are in sin, they have called me every bad name under the sun. They may not care to submit to God’s word but they realize that the real Church is their greatest opposition.

    If I dont care, I dont try to force something down your throat or come against you in any way, shape or form.

    The bible says that there would be a great falling away from the church and that people would be lovers of themselves instead of God. Anyone that is aware that people are forgetting about Christ should repent immediately. Thats a sign that time is running short!

  14. To Pastor Foster,

    I can think of many other things other than “Gay Marriage” that tells me the world is coming to an end…when I read the paper or watch on the news of fathers killing their wives and children and then themeselves; i know the end is coming….

    When women leave their unwanted babies in “garbage cans”- I know the end of the world is coming.

    When wars are started based upon lies and deceit, I know the end of the world is coming….

    From my studies on this subject back in College; Gay Marriage is nothing new….Priest as early as the Christian Middle Ages even “blessed” Gay Couples or performed “Gay Unions/Marriages… this is nothing new…and the majority of American’s, including Christians are for Gay Unions with equal rights; just have a problem w/ the word “marriage”….

    just saying

    link for reference on Gay Marriages in Middle Ages..


    Same-Sex Unions in Premodern Europe, by John Boswell. New York: Villard Books, 1994. Pp. 412 + xvii. ISBN 0-679-432280.

  15. I know you are not posting John Boswell links after your “old news” comment. We talked about him and his insanity almost 3 years ago. Talk about old news.

    Just a couple of things and I will leave you be.

    The end of the world is for sinners. The coming of Christ is for the people of God. Once again, youre in the dark.

    Youre right gay marriage is nothing new. Sin is nothing new. But people have short memories. Jesus himself said that homosexual marriage would be a signal sin at his coming.

  16. One of the links is broken, but thanks for posting them, and unfortunately I did miss those awesome articles! Jesus was referring to people going about their everyday lives…business as usual..

    However, you posted that “Jesus himself said….” and I still don’t see anywhere in the bible where Jesus “says” anything about homosexual marriage. You are in error brother, it’s okay to admit it.

    But, I’ll leave it alone….

  17. behold your response is predictable. But then again most everything you respond to here is predictable.

  18. Thank you Angela and others for the kind words. To markofreason, I agree completely. Gay marriage and all of the associated social changes will be the rule rather than the exception at some point.

    Also, the gay community has little to no interest in what God does or does not think or say about the issue. Dan Savage, a gay activist commentator for a local counter culture newspaper, said awhile back…”I don’t care what God thinks. My rights are my rights.” The Gay Agenda is moving forward with lightening speed which, in my opinion, will hasten the judgement on America. The Gay Agenda has infiltrated every mainstream organization and the church has now signed on with equal fervor. It is very sad to see this all unfolding right before our eyes. God’s mercy and forgiveness is always available to us and that should give us hope.

  19. To John..

    and others…

    The bible does not sanction “divorce”; unless for “proven” adultery is it allowed….but every married couple in America has the “legal right” to divorce for whatever reason they want too…the courts in America do not care what the reason is; as long as it is mutual between the two people involved.

    There are certain rights that as a taxpaying citizen of the United States that I have and that includes the right to marry. I do care about what God has to say about me but God created as “free will” agents; meaning he does not control us; the choice is ours to obey him or not; the choice is ours to follow all of his rules or break some of them….if God is God enough to give us our “free will”; then why can’t America gives Gay’s and Lesbain the “free will” to partake in their “legal right” to “marry” the person of their choice?

    Many Gay’s and Lesbians do have harsh feelings towards God, the Bible and Christians in particular…its sad; a tradgedy even…but who can blame them?…the Church hasn’t been the most loving towards them…even this Pastor in the video above compares Gay’s and Lesbain’s to people who commit “murder” or “child molestation”…..well no wonder why some Gay’s and Lesbains have turned their back on God or religion…there is a lot of pain there….a lot of hurt…many Gay’s and Lesbians were kicked out of their homes at a young age because their Christian parents could not deal with their child’s sexual orientation. I work with these kids everyday…and I hear the torture that they go through…and it definitely shakes their faith…they see God as the mean, [edited] hating God that their parents and other Christian’s serve….

    The most evil thing is to present one’s “love” as an excuse to demean and put down those that are already marginalized.

    just saying

  20. mark, this is not thinking biblically. Remember the title of the post?

    Gays are no more persecuted than any other minority in this country so please stop with all the special persecution complex ideology. Christian parents arent the only ones to kick gays and lesbians out. Tell the whole story. Many of these kids are so rebellious (influenced by the homosexual culture against their parents authority) the parents have no choice but to remove them from their homes. I would too.

    I would tell you about rights and priveleges as American citizens but its a forked road. I would tell you that marriage is not a right, its a privelege in this country but you are beholden to liberal thinking (Im owed everything I want). I would tell you that homosexuals can marry anybody and anything they want. But the state has no obligation to support that no more than it has an obligation to support a man marrying his mother.

    Youve misinterpreted and missapplied the free will issue. God allows sin (i.e. homosexuality and homosexual marriage) but does not assist. He will bring it to and end so dont mistake him for some sort of aloof absent landlord either. Be careful in your quest to support sin, as you will also inherit its penalty.

    The most evil thing is sin. Let’s tell the truth and stop making excuses for people who refuse to accept God’s way.

  21. To Pastor Foster

    My post was definitely Biblical.

    God gives us “free will”….to sin or not to sin…to obey or not to obey…

    Marriage according to the law of the Land is not a priviledge; its a right. Thankfully, many States are recognizing this and now more than ever EVERYONE can marry the person of their choice.

    As far as judgement goes; well..that’s left up to God..and thankfully not you or me…

    Your statement about these young people kicked out of their so demeaning; once again..its that insensitive nature that causes these young people to not only abandon their parents..but even their parents religion/faith.

    Teenages will be teenagers will be matter their orientation but that does not give a parent…including you the moral or legal right to abandon or kick your teenager out of the house.

    We are currently in the process of suing some parents for kicking their child out. Did you not know that in many States that is against the law? Its called “child abandonment”…unless the child is 18; in most states he or she is considered a minor..and if the state does not find them a home or adoptive parents; the state can send your child back to you and if you do not allow them in your home; you will be breaking the law…so Pastor Foster I would think twice about kicking a teenager out of your home…if that teenager is breaking no law…you have no legal right to do so.

    Again, I worked with Gay and Lesbain kids, youth..who when interviewed with their Parents stated that they do not want their kids home with them because they are either afraid their sexual orientation will rub off on their other siblings or I’ve heard because they got that gay disease and may spread it to everyone else…and yes I’ve heard them say because their child is an abomination and they don’t want them in their home to curse them….one particular parents were Jamaican..and even stated that their gay 13 year old son was the “seed of Satan” so they kicked him out..the boy is a honor student…smart, kind..and very talented.plays the piano….

    Im shocked at your response as it relates to these teens..again…teens will be teens..will be out of order..will do things…will disobey their parents….will experiement with sex or drugs…but that is no reason to abandon them…not in this country….

  22. Jesus said the the Word of God will judge ultimately so one does not have to wait for the day of reckoning when you can pick up the bible and read what is says as it is God Himself that is speaking.

    So if we want to be in right standing with God, we should look at what he says about marriage, as He is the one who instituted it in the first place.

    As Pastor said, you can “marry” who or what you want but the Word of God will prevail and judge all accordingly.

    Mark from what I can view you are defending someones right(s) to go to hell for eternity, is it worth it?

  23. To Paul

    Your question is “is it worth it?”

    Well, to many and I mean many Gay’s and Lesbain’s it is.

    I know heterosexuals as well homosexuals who don’t believe being Gay is a sin and they will show you all of their facts and they will make their points…quiet clear i might add and convincing…

    And then when you the read the Bible in plain form..on the surface…it does say homosexuality is sinful…but its a matter of “words” and what “words” meant during a particular time in our history and even the best scholar or historian out there will tell you that no one alive still speaks the same language Jesus spoke or Paul spoke so its next to immpossible to know exactly what was said and what was meant unless you can ask the source….and since they are dead..the only source people really have is God…so there you go….many Gay people pray to God and believe God speaks to them…who am I to judge that?….who are you to judge that?

    The Bible is subjective….and I believe ultimately in LOVE..and that everyone deserves respect…everyone has a right to believe as they long as their beliefs do not convert to phyiscal harm or danger to anyone….everyone has equal rights in this country and the beauty of America is that we have freedom of Religion…so if a group of likeminded thinking and believing individuals want to get together and form a church or a movement then so be it…as long as it is not encouraging or promoting hate or anything that is against the Law.

    What I really don’t understand is how people are so quick and confident in speaking for God.and using the Bible as their “source”; when the Bible is so subjective…and based upon interpretation…

    I think we should abandon all Bible in English and just let everyone read the original manuscript..word for word…i can tell you now..impossible..u must have a translator…who in many cases has to interpret what a word means because the word either is so unpopular or just that ancient….so guess work comes into play….

    So, at the end of the day…everyone has their own belief based upon their own study and research…guidance and prayer….

    That is why I will all be clear..when Jesus returns…now even Paul understood that..1 Cor. 13…even he realized that what he knows and what I know and you only “part” of the truth….soon..preaching and prophetcying will all cease…..

    Can you explain this scripture to me: “Do not teach men to know the LORD..for ALL shall know ME from the least to the greatest”….Hebrews..can’t remember the verse right now..but its in there..word for word…

    Yet…that’s what most Christians do all the time..including this blog..determine to teach or show Gay’s and Lesbains the way back to God….

    The Bible is subjective…

  24. So to Mark: Then the Bible is all things to all people? As referenced in an earlier post that the Cathedral of Hope in Dallas is playing with the notion that Jesus Christ was a homosexual. Should we just give them a pass on that one or should be challenge it? Are there no absolutes in the Bible? Does anything in the Bible have any merit on face value? Or is everything in the Bible just one huge subjective collection of words that really means nothing at the end of the day?

    God will judge according to our deeds. God knows the heart and mind of those that struggle with homosexuality or any other of life’s situations. It is important to “try the spirits” and see what fruit they produce.

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