Dr. Albert Mohler unmasks gay movement's origin

Why is that important to this site you ask? Because the gay christian movement is little more than a religious version of the socio-political gay movement. Its goals, agenda, character and ills all mirror their parent movement with one addition: a Christian veneer. Its our view that it is much more sinister because it masquerades as part of the Body of Christ when in essence it is actively working against the mission of the church and the Lord Jesus.

Deception becomes the homosexual movement like nothing else. Its rather shocking when you realize how deeply homosexual culture’s perverse way of thinking and living has impacted so many of the central areas of our society. Marriage, politics, religion, education, entertainment and music, law and finances all have either been drastically altered or in the process of being altered by people blinded by their worship of their error-ridden sexual passions.

And for context remember it only takes a little leaven to leaven the whole lump (Gal 5:9).

Thankfully, Dr. Albert Mohler’s “History and Origins of the homosexual movement”  help us to understand and thus respond with wisdom and accuracy to one of  the greatest threats of our times.  Dr. Mohler does a monumental job in explaining how the homosexual movement evolved, its etimological subculture and particularly the point of its spear:  the sexual orientation theory. He reminds us that homosexuality unlike any other sin formulates a distinctive attack against God himself. Looking at the Romans 1 passage, the Apostle Paul identifies homosexual conduct in men and women as a prominent sign of the decline of societal integrity. If this is true in society, imagine what acceptance of it in the church signifies!

“Essential to understanding this reality in theological perspective is a recognition that homosexuality is an assault upon the integrity of creation and God’s intention in creating human beings in two distinct and complementary genders. Here the confessing church runs counter to the spirit of the age. Even to raise the issue of gender is to offend those who wish to dispose of any gender distinctions as mere “socially constructed realities” and vestiges of patriarchal past.”

You should be aware that you are being played with words that serve a singular purpose:  legitimizing homosexual conduct. He explains how the homosexual movement only recently began using the term “sexual orientation” and why. In contrast, they vehemently object to the usage of the word “homosexual” because they say it was only “recently” introduced into biblical translations. You will understand why gay christian activists and their supporters  (who come to this blog) always argue identity over behavior as a defense despite what the scriptures teach.

“The concept of sexual orientation was an intentional and quite successful attempt to redefine the debate over homosexuality from same-gender sexual acts to homosexual identity–that is, from what homosexuals do to who homosexuals are.

Yet this concept is actually of quite recent vintage. In fact, even within the past decade, the concept more commonly employed by the homosexual movement was sexual preference. The reason for the shift is clear: “Preference” implied a voluntary choice, so the clinical category of “orientation” was more useful in public arguments.”

If you truly want to understand what we are facing, why homosexuality is satan’s weapon of choice in this generation forward and why the gay christian movement should never be allowed to operate in the Christian church in any form, take some time and read this four part series.

I’ve taken the liberty of linking to the articles at Black Christian Network News.

Part One – Introduction

Part Two – The construct of sexual orientation

Part Three – Homosexuality in Biblical and Theological Perspective

Part Four – The Church’s response to homosexuality


18 thoughts on “Dr. Albert Mohler unmasks gay movement's origin

  1. Sorry we cant offer you anything “new” or ” exciting” mark. Truth isnt like getting a new pair of shoes or the latest version of the iPhone. Maybe some other time.

  2. “Continued” truth on this subject is not grievious and worthy to be repeated in light of it’s infiltration and deception.

  3. Thank you Godlysoldier! There’s nothing wrong with continuing education. We need to keep our knowledge up to date and remember the facts so that we are not deceived.

  4. yes, Lets safeguard our faith.

    I find it very interesting how they would change it from ‘preference’ to ‘orientation’. Very very deceptive words.

  5. Hello Brothers and Sisters

    Do you believe that ex-gays who have had same-sex liaisons should face criminal charges or perhaps they should be forcably treated by psychaitrists?

    GCMW: No, we dont.

    If you don’t think that these people should face jail time then you find yourself on the “gay” side of the origin of the homosexual movement.

    Sexual orientation was not a concept dreamed up in a vacuum. The homosexual movement was a response to two forces 1) the criminalisation and 2) the pathologisation of same sex conduct.

    GCMW: No one on this blog or in the video has said or even suggested that homosexuals be put in jail. However that doesnt make homosexuality right, honorable or respectable.

    If you want to live in a world where God’s children are free to come and find Him without fear of death, jail or the asylum then again, you are on the “gay” side of the homosexual movement.

    GCMW: God’s judgment against sin will be 1000 times worse that jail. Think about that and start preaching real freedom.

  6. GCM, just a note of thanks! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For being watchmen on the wall in this critcal time we live in. Its not popular to stand for biblical truth. But when we realize we have a God to give an account to, popularity doesnt mean anything. You all are an inspiration to me and thousands of others. May God bless and strengthen your resolve to proclaim the truth amd uncover heresies, false doctrines, lies, deceptions wherever it may be trying to hide, or show its head.

    GCMW: Thank you so much my brother. As we used to say in church: pray my strength in the Lord.

  7. “Sexual orientation was not a concept dreamed up in a vacuum. The homosexual movement was a response to two forces 1) the criminalisation and 2) the pathologisation of same sex conduct.”

    The creation of the sexual orientation theory was a calculated political strategy to gain acceptance and legitimacy. As Dr. Mohler said, it has been successful. Historically there have been many “successful” lies. But a lie is still a lie no matter what reason its told.

  8. Hello, Pastor:

    I am so glad it was not “coffee time” when I read your response:
    Sorry we cant offer you anything “new” or ” exciting” mark. Truth isnt like getting a new pair of shoes or the latest version of the iPhone. Maybe some other time.

    Jesus surely has bored the crap out of most people He has contacted.
    (Yeah: present tense as well as present perfect.)

    Seriously, Pastor. That made me laugh. And my laptop still works!

    Still lovin’ you, man.


  9. lol Dickkopf, it was just an honest response, nothing more. But thats a good warning for people: do not attempt to read this blog while drinking hot coffee at your computer. 🙂

  10. Hi Angela,

    What I mean is that the contemporary discussion that occurs on this forum does two things 1) proposes terms that are more or less opposites of each other (straight/gay, moral/evil), 2) references conflict dialogue (“culture war”) that depicts a world in decline – that we are moving from bad to worse due to things like the homosexual movement.

    But when you peel back conflict-oriented language you can begin to realise that the academy, the world critical thought surrounding sex/sexuality/gender, is actually very open about its origins. This is not something that is hidden from anyone. Also, the intellectuals are very critical of each stage in the development of language that has become part of gay liberation.

    For example, Mohler Jr. says the notion of a “third sex” is a contemporary argument. But it actually dates back to Karoly Benkert, Germany in 1869 and neurologist, Magnus Hirschfeld in 1897 who used this notion to argue against anti-same-sex parts of their penal code(Though I will say Maggie Gallagher gets it right, that this is a 19th century imagining).

    What my previous post pokes a finger at, is rather than a state of total decline, there are some victories and shared expectations (“GCMW: No one on this blog or in the video has said or even suggested that homosexuals be put in jail.”) that have been purchased through homosexual politics. We do not live in a western world that continues to incarcerate homosexuals, nor does it subject them to electro-shock or drug therapies.

    My advice is to remember that gay liberation has origins before stonewall and the smaller homophile organisations often argued from inside accepted concepts such as sexual inversion or psychopathology. Their voices are varied and multi-modal and have created a world in which ex-gay theories are possible.

  11. For a dream comes through much activity, And a fool’s voice is known by his many words.

    For in the multitude of dreams and many words there is also vanity. But fear God.

    Ecc 5:3, 7 (NKJV)

    When there are many words, transgression is unavoidable, But he who restrains his lips is wise. Pro 10:19 (NASB)

  12. William Lane Craig does as good a job as anyone I know for arguing against homosexual behavior within a natural law point of view vs. a revealed law of the Bible. His argument can be found at reasonablefaith.org.

  13. I think that judgment will be much greater for the non-homosexual clergy who have lied to homosexuals by telling them that God will accept them into His kingdom without repentance than it will be for the struggling homosexual who just never could quite humble his or herself to the point of surrender.

  14. Any christian, has the resposibility to speaking the truth. Homosexuality is sin. No matter how you color it…making it as beautiful as the rainbow…it remains sin. Therefore, if you compromise and lie to the homosexual person saying; “it’s ok” , then you are in big trouble at the judgment day. Abel

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