Lesbian bishop remembers gospel singer's influence

Yvette FlunderBishop Yvette Flunder has released comments about gospel music industry producer and singer Walter Hawkins who died last Sunday at age 61. Her comments reveal more about the private Hawkins and confirm that he was at least biblically in error at the time of his death. Unfortunately no sermons or teachings of Hawkins have been made public, but his embrace and apparent teaching of gay inclusion sullies his music legacy.  Flunder who is “married” to Hawkins’ cousin Shirley Miller said that anyone who appreciated her progay ministry, must also pay tribute to Hawkins. And black gospel industry stars are lining up to do just that.

“I received an invitation to come and preach at Love Center Church in Oakland, and very reluctantly I went. I had not preached in years. I had planned never to preach again, but that day God transformed my life. I joined that Sunday and the Sunday after I met the leader of my new church family. We called him Pastor Walt. I understood why I was led there when I heard him preach. He spoke with passion, clarity and conviction about the extravagant Grace of God that is greater than all of our shame and guilt. He introduced me to the doctrine of Eternal Security that made me understand that my salvation was not fragile, and that God was not punitive and vindictive. I realized that I was indeed justified by faith and that I had peace with God. What a glorious revelation!

I recall him saying over and over, ”What shall we say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?” I became progressively freer every time I heard him. I learned to both love and affirm myself. Pastor Walt became my friend and Brother. We talked regularly, shared vision, traveled the world and designed ministry. He was my Biker Buddy and we spent many hours riding through the hills of Northern California. I remember late night conversations that turned into after church fried chicken, sweet potato pies, (he made them from scratch), and Walt practicing his budding hair styling skills on me. I have fond memories of sitting with him on his piano stool, watching him create brand new music under the influence of the Holy Ghost.

I was blessed to know him and he was the same when we were at the ice cream parlor and when we were at the Stellar Awards. For 10 years I served beside him as his Assistant Pastor and as a member of The Hawkins Family. My love for the transforming power of Gospel music grew under his direction. My call to the Ministry of Radical Inclusivity grew out of his influence.

Bishop Hawkins took the courage to step into uncharted waters and to preach a liberating Gospel that was like fresh cool water on my battered spirit. Everyone who has ever been blessed by my ministry in any way…every church, every class, and every organization must pay tribute to the life and ministry of this great man. His mark is on you.

Bishop Walter Lee Hawkins, Walt…you were and are a giant of a man. You are home now with the Jesus you loved and served with your whole life. May your legacy have an even greater impact on the world than you could have imagined in this life.

Flunder as well as many of Hawkins supporters have stopped short saying the gospel singer himself was homosexual. Highly lauded as a man who wrote and produced music which dominated the gospel music industry and spanned four decades, Hawkins was at the same time an advocate of the false inclusion doctrine. Strangely,  his songs were solid in contrast to his theological fallacy. Undoubtedly, Hawkins was a man of immense talent, but his support of homosexuality and gay marriage is particularly troubling despite that acknowledged talent.

I grew up on the Hawkins’ music. It was personal and remain significant markers in my life.  I’ll never forget the first time I heard “Dear Jesus, I love you”. I sung it over and over till it felt like I wrote it myself. As a young man struggling with his sexuality, it was my letter to the friend that understood.  “Changed” was my anthem when I came out of homosexuality. But others like me have expressed an unusually torn feeling about Walter Hawkins perhaps unlike any other gospel singer/musician we know. His songs weren’t trashy chart topping ditties you forgot about two weeks later. Each one seemed to strike a deep chord of common experience with the listener.  But his support of something that we all know is deeply offensive to God sours the memory. How can the same fountain bring forth both bitter and sweet in such contrast?  The danger of being a castaway is something we all should consider. When its all said and done, we had better be sure that we have not run in vain.

I therefore so run, but not with uncertainty; I so fight, but not as one that beateth the air. But I keep control of my body, and bring it into subjection, lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway. 1 Cor 9:26-27

Like his predecessors and some contemporaries, Hawkins’ legacy embodies the very best and perhaps the very worst of the gospel music industry. Hawkins is gone and whatever his eternal state is, it is already done and cannot be changed. But no one should ever mistake talent and acclaim as an indicator of right relationship with God. We can only be sure of our relationship with him  by adhering to his word and never compromising it for ourselves or anyone else.

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  1. Amazing blogpost, pastor! Simply Amazing! This artfully expresses what i believe many (including myself) feel in regard to Hawkins and his musical abilities, yet his apparent aberrant theology. It’s interesting because he has a legacy of ‘solid’ lyrical church music BUT also a legacy of heretical (or apostate)’disciples’ including Flunder, Miller etc….I noticed recently that Flunder is having a conference with the apostate “Bishop” John Shelby Spong…..that (as much of her unfortunate proclamations) speaks volumes as to where she is at this point in time. It is truly a shame that she (Flunder) was taught (apparently by Hawkins) that “eternal security” means that God is ‘affirming’ or accepting of our SIN and rebellion! NO!!! God is not vindictive but he is PURELY HOLY and RIGHTEOUS and has a “Holy hatred” of sin. But thanks be to God through Christ Jesus we can overcome, and if we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive. We are then empowered to ‘crucify this flesh’ and die daily. We deny ourselves that we might find life in Christ.
    I can only hope that perhaps Hawkins had time to reconsider and realize/acknowledge his folly before entering eternity..but as you stated, whatever his eternal state is, it’s “unchangeable” now.

  2. Great. Now some people, upon reading those words by Yvette Flunder, are going to take the doctrine of eternal security and equate it with pro-gay theology. Before anyone jumps on that, the two are not intertwined. And may I also add that inclusion theology is not birthed from the doctrine of eternal security, lest anyone get that mixed up, too.

    Like you Pastor Foster, I too, used to listen to Walter Hawkins’ music. My mom played it all the time on her stereo when I was little. More than any other CD, I specifically remember Love Alive II – every song. Even before I was saved I would listen to that CD. His music (and Tramaines’) bring back a lot of memories.

    Regarding his lifestyle, I did hear his name on the rumor mill that he was possibly a homosexual. But since it was never proven as fact (at least to my knowledge) I paid no heed to it. As for his doctrinal beliefs, I’m surprised that he embraced the inclusion delusion. That’s surprising to me. Don’t know if it should actually come as a surprise, but it does. I suppose this just reaffirms that the world of gospel music is placed on so high a pedestal that one’s scriptural understanding is of little importance than one’s talent – something that’s been discussed a zillion times on this blog.

    I just hope for his sake that he was truly born again. And I’ll leave it at that.

  3. I just want to add something else. For me, the death of Walter Hawkins reinforces that all of the accolades that we accrue on earth are of little value.
    For all the gospel artists out here, it doesn’t matter how many Stellar awards you’re nominated for – or how many you win; it doesn’t matter how many collaborations you undertake with other well-known gospel artists, or secular artists for that matter; it doesn’t matter how many people are singing your songs in the pew, it doesn’t matter how many Cd’s you sell or who your agent is or who your record label is or if people are dancing to your songs in the club (Mary Mary). The only thing – the only thing – that truly matters is where you’re going to spend eternity.

    The death of Walter Hawkins just grieves me because there are others who, if the talk about him is true, are like him, establishing a music legacy yet their eternal legacy is at stake.

    So again, I sincerely hope he belonged to the Lord.

  4. DL, another winner of an article. I distinctly remember an FB conversation we had some time ago regarding the gospel music of the 70s & 80s being more aligned with scripture than what is out now. I was a small child listening to the music, and was enthralled with all aspects of the vocal and instrumental arrangement–particularly with Tramaine’s soprano voice. That is the tear for me at the moment between what Hawkins composed musically and what he advocated for theologically. The two are diametrically opposed, and this aspect must not be played down in favor of the acclaim, sales, collaborations, awards and popularity he amassed during his time here.

    I can only pray that those looking to attend the memorial, to all of those seeking to do media coverage, will keep in mind what God has said addressing such things. As you said, for whatever Hawkins’ spiritual state was leaving this earth is unchangeable.

    Instability comes with double-mindedness, and what greater example can there be such as this?

  5. Pastor Foster and Saints of the MOST HIGH GOD,

    When I was a babe in CHRIST, all wanted to hear was Gospel Music 24/7. I had all of Walter Hawkins CDs from way back in the day. Those songs were anointed by the LORD! It does not mean that the vessel that GOD used was clean, but those songs WERE REAL and inspired by GOD! Even the lates James Cleveland songs were used by GOD!

    We have to remember, GOD’s Word…whether spoken, read, or preached and sang WILL NOT RETURN unto GOD void!

    I was a guy that grew up in a home where yo’ mamma made you to go to church…no ifs ands or buts. And I rebelled against that and I was in love with hip hop music from my teenage years, from the mid 80s until mysteriously GOD took the desire of hip hop away! This was before being born again. Saints, before my conversion in 1997, GOD was dealing me over 10 years, from the age of 16 to the age of 26. I saw how rap music went to speaking a message of black pride to speaking debauchery and death. I never forget when I was going through my valley of decision, I heard on the radio that Tupac Shakur was murdered…then I heard Biggie Smalls was murdered…And even though I was not born again and I was not filled with the HOLY GHOST…I knew something was drastically wrong with the music and culture of Rap/Hip Hop.

    Well, what are you saying EnochWalked…I am saying that same taste that I had for black gospel music. It was really “milk” and not all songs are meat!…GOD started weaning me off of gospel music, gospel radio…Why? Something is drastically wrong with the spirit influencing gospel music today. I believe in my heart that Walter Hawkins started out right, started singing truly unto the LORD…and something happened…It is just not him alone, but the entire urban, black gospel music industry. If you listen to old rappers, they say that rap lost its soul and became commercialized. Well, is it not the same with gospel music.

    And as Angela mentioned, ETERNAL LIFE is the goal! It should be the focus!

  6. Last thing,

    I have come to understand that this scripture is one of the most powerful truths in the Bible. Romans 11:29 KJV
    (29) For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance.

    Saints, GOD doesn’t take the gift away! Balaam was a prophet that prophesied and had the power to speak blessing or curses. But Balaam prostituted his gift.

    In my few years of ministry and meeting Christians of every type…I have met ministers who (if they have not repented since I separated myself from them) were willful fornicators, adulters who have married more than one wife/husband, committed divorce that is not biblical, ordained ministers who have children out of wedlock, etc, etc, etc…LISTEN AND READ this…who can prophesy “THUS saith the LORD” and the prophecy will come to pass….BUT and I mean a big BUT…their lives DO NOT LINE UP with Holiness and Obedience to the Word of GOD! A very good friend of mine in the prophetic who lives what she preaches and teaches told me that the greatest enemy to the Body of CHRIST IS NOT SINNERS in the world who DO NOT KNOW CHRIST! The greatest enemy is the people in the Church who ARE GOATS and TARES! Who purposely worked craft and treachery to crucify JESUS? It was the religious leaders and ministerial order of that time. The enemy is not the world! The enemy is in the Church! The Synagogue of Satan!

    Judas Iscariout was a chosen disciple! He saw miracles and was ordained by the LORD JESUS CHRIST himself and GOD used him before his betrayal of our LORD and SAVIOUR…LISTEN AND READ this to preach the gospel, heal the sick and cast out devils! Want proof. Look at Mark 3:14. Explain that one??????? GOD, the LORD JESUS CHRIST…Ordained….let me put that in All CAPS…ORDAINED Judas Iscariot and gave him power to preach, heal the sick and cast out devils! THE GIFTS and CALLINGS of GOD ARE WITHOUT REPENTANCE!

    BUT…A BIG HOLD UP, WAIT A MINUTE!!! Look at Mark 3:19 KJV
    And Judas Iscariot, which also betrayed him…key words BETRAYED HIM(JESUS CHRIST of Nazerth, YESHUA HAMASHIACH)!

    We can be as anointed as Peter and Paul…but WILL WE BETRAY HIM, the LORD JESUS CHRIST????? Pastor Foster quoted 1 Corinthians 9:26-27. That scripture is not there to say Paul was being hard on himself. NO!!!!! That Scripture is A WARNING!

    When Christians preach and teach a false gospel call Inclusion, blatantly add or take away from the HOLY WORD of GOD…they Become Judas Iscariots and BETRAY HIM! When Yvette Flunder turns the truth of GOD into a lie for her selfish, evil, wicked desires…She betrays HIM! She betrays THE ONE she says Loves her unconditionally! I beg to differ with that term…LOVE IS CONDITIONAL! And ETERNAL LIFE IS CONDITIONAL!

  7. I don’t know if there’s a difference between the doctrine of inclusion or pro-gay theology; but I am deeply troubled to hear that this woman, who is in sin, at one time had the opportunity to hear the truth, but was given a lie. Forget his musical legacy! He just misled someone into not turning away from their sin, by telling them that if God is for them, who can be against them…if you are in a gay lifestyle, do you know who is going to be against you–the almighty God himself…it’s just disturbing and troubling to see the kind of influence ministers and pastors have and how they can misuse it or not be equipped properly in rightly dividing the word! People can go to hell, because of misinformation, moreover, they can turn around and mislead others, as she has done.

    My godmother grew up with Yvette, and they went to the same church adn the same COGIC bible school. Yvette’s husband apparently had an affair, and she never could recover from it and turned to homosexuality…my godmother says she still sees her in the airports when she goes to run revivals…Yvette always says, “I don’t want to hear anything about gay stuff; I just want to hear how you’re doing.” And of course, my godmother says “Naw, I ain’t goin to meddle this time, but maybe next time…” She is someone who had some heart-breaking experience but was improperly guided…yuck

  8. Rogers thats true about her husband. Flunder told me that herself.

    Her admission that Hawkins basically affirmed her lesbianism as “God being for her” is a clear cut case of blood on the hands.

    The doctrine of inclusion is highly popular with the gay christian crowd because it removes any guilt, punishment, sin responsibility and requirements for holiness, etc. Instead it only teaches a false love and grace. In fact, Pearson after his fall went to Flunders gave the term to her and she popularized it with the gay christians i.e. “radical inclusion”. But at the root of that per her statement was Hawkins’ MISteaching of eternal security.

  9. People of God: Perhaps, Ms. Flunder will have a born again experience and come to her senses and repent of her foolishness
    and then she will see that this inclusive nonsense is from the
    innermost cavern of hell. Such a doctrine permits a person to believe that if she or he is saved, they can do whatever they please and still remain in God’s graces but simply lose some of their reward.
    Regretably, Walter Hawkins peddled that gibberish and that may have led a lot of people down the wrong road thinking all is right with them and God but in reality they are a far piece from the Kingdom of God.
    DOCTRINE MATTERS. Because doctrine produces decisions and decisions promulgates a lifestyle and your worldview.
    It is nigh difficult to debate and agree upon the concept that both sweet and brackish water can come out of the same font.
    It can not be done.
    I do not know if such a doctrine kept W. Hawkins out of the Kingdom of God due to his belief that if he was saved, anything was permissible. I will not judge since I do not know his
    lifestyle or his fruit.
    One thing is for sure..He certainly has Ms. Flunder all atwitter
    with his wrong message that she has taken as confirmation of her
    sinful lifestyle.
    She can not blame it on W. Hawkins because each soul is going to have to give an account on their own. W. Hawkins will not be able to stand besides Ms. Flunder at judgment and tell the Lord, “let her in, it was my fault. She relied upon my errors.”
    I do not care how gifted this man was, Ms. Flunder thinks that
    her precious memories are important to her and that in this man she found redemption. Hogwash. If she is relying upon his doctrinal errors for affirmation of her lifestyle, she is far from the Kingdom of God.

  10. Oh, so Hawkins misled Flunder and she misled Pearson who is trying to mislead everyone (at lesst the TV crowd) into going to hell with him! unbelievable…and yet scary…

    Now that you mention this doctrine of inclusion being peddled by Hawkins, I see a whole new meaning to the popular song “I’m going Away” that Hawkins would sing so fervently

    He repeatedly and almost defiantly sings in the hook, “I’m going away and nobody is going to put me out. I’m going to heaven, nobody’s going to put me out.”

    I remember thinking long ago when I first heard this song–“what’s all the protest about people might wanta to put you out”…well if you’re an inclusionist, you may see this as a key concern

    I know that’s silly to talk about his song, but in a way, it is eerie

  11. doctrine of Eternal Security and Inclusion = Doctrine of Demons

    1 Timothy 4:1
    [ Apostasy ] But the Spirit explicitly says that in later times some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons,

    That’s the first red flag.

    As you can see homosexuals love the eternal security message because it gives them a license to sin.

    The fact that this lesbian bishop is gushing with praise over this man’s accomplishments is another sign of a possible double life.

  12. Pastor Foster, here’s a question for you.

    If Walter Hawkins did in fact accept the doctrine of inclusion, do you think that the following verse applies to him:

    “They went out from us, but they were not really of us; for if they had been of us, they would have remained with us; but they went out, so that it would be shown that they all are not of us.”
    (1 John 2:19)?

    The apostle John, of course, was referring to the false teachers of his day. But in principle, does this apply to people who were once among us, such as possibly Hawkins?

    The departure of people from the truth is their unmasking.

  13. Hey Angela thats a really good question. And I dont think it applies just to Hawkins but to many of the “names” and “faces” we see today who have acclaim but yet are promoting false teachings. And not just those who have a name but anyone.

    The difference in true and false brethren is repentance. If one teaches an untruth and is confronted and changes it, one cannot be considered a false brethren. But such as in the case with Pearson (and perhaps Hawkins) even when the truth is shown to them they stubborn refuse to change their falsehood.

    I agree with you, the unmasking of a person’s true spiritual self is their departure from God’s truth. We already know gifts and calling come without repentance. Or in other words, they will be in place regardless of a person’s spiritual condition. But in times of spiritual apostasy and deception as we are seeing now, many in the religious community think just the opposite. They believe gifts, callings, talent, ability and charisma mean God is with that person. In doing so, they reject any assertion that a person’s doctrinal beliefs have anything to do with the matter.

    As Lafe said so well “DOCTRINE MATTERS. Because doctrine produces decisions and decisions promulgates a lifestyle and your worldview.”

    A few points about the scripture you mentioned.

    1. The “went out” doesn’t mean they necessarily left the physical church. More likely is they left the truth. The “us” John refers to means the fellowship of the saints. We all know that just going to church is not defined as true fellowship.

    2. Went out from us indicates at some point they had been sanctioned by the church but were possibly hypocrites from the beginning.

    3. That JOHN said this is a striking example of how all of the apostles were very tough in fighting against false teachers. John was the “beloved disciple” and gave us much of the beautiful, glorious writings about the love of God. Yet, when it came to perversion of the truth, he had no softness.

    4. I think it does apply to Hawkins, Pearson and Flunder and others who have departed from the faith to teach such indefensible doctrines such as “inclusion” and gay affirmation, not to mention rejection of the bible’s clear prohibition of homosexual activity.

  14. All I want to say is Walter Hawkins was one of the greatest Song writers and Preachers of our time. His writing showed us all that he understood what the gospel is: GOOD NEWS. I don’t know anything about this ‘inclusion’ doctrine but I do know that he loved those whom the ‘church’ rejected. I don’t know his sexuality because I wasn’t there to see for MYSELF. And frankly I don’t care. God knows the sins that man have fallen into since the beginning of time. He’s there to help us and ‘…his grace is sufficient…’. Its ALL we can do to keep ourselves together let alone worry and talk about someone else’s walk. The only people Jesus had problems with was the ‘church’. He called THEM snakes and hypocrites. He allowed the prostitute Mary Magdelene to worship him with her hair while the ‘church’ sat idle.
    Walter Hawkins was a great man with whatever struggles, gifts, doctrines calling and ANOINTING he had. He has been a GREAT blessing to the body of Christ and to those who struggle. Read and study the word for yourself, know those that labor before you. Take the good, pray for our brothers and sisters. And when its time to preach and teach the truth do so in the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit. But this do: LOVE EVERYONE LIKE JESUS DID. Reject no one. Help those who struggle because we all have our own.

  15. That same Scripture, 1 John 2:9, came to me when I first learned that Carlton Pearson embraced the doctrine of inclusion. In fact, whenever anyone hears the truth and claims that they believe it, but then turns around and rejects it, this Scripture comes to mind. And I can’t help but wonder if these people were ever saved.
    I apply this to Flunder and Pearson, notably.

    Thank you for the feedback.

  16. Jonathan, did you ever personally hear Hawkins preach? If so are there any of his sermons, messages available anywhere to prove he is what you said he was?
    Note to you: you need to know false teaching from true teaching, if not and if you dont care there may not be much more to say.

  17. Angela,

    I know this is off topic, but Ang you made me laugh w/your statement. Yes beloved I’m still alive and kicking ministeering and being ministered to the Word of God. And by the way missed you to (smile). And to pastor absolutely correct interpretation of the verses referred to in 1 Jn.

  18. Jonathan,

    Remember LOVE rejoices in the TRUTH. Love without truth…truth without love…you cannot have one without the other. Love is not blind, love does not look over sins, but sees it for what it is. False teaching must be confronted and challenged and those who adhere to false doctrine must be reproofed and rebuked. And yes the confrontation, challenge, reproof, and rebuke are characteristics of “LOVE” and so is leaving a person where they are if they deliberately and knowingly refuse the “TRUTH.”

  19. GCMW here is your comments from 4/22/09 from the article New Book Alleges Hawkins Brothers are Homosexual:

    P28, in today’s church you’d might get stoned saying that the musician/music minister/psalmist/minstrel/artist and other names they are referred to are not part of the fivefold (or fourfold) ministry. These people have equal if not more clout than pastors, evangelists, prophets and apostles and its completely out of biblical order. Instead of putting them in their proper place in the church (as you said music is sacred for the worship of God) many are using them as emotional candy. False teachers, false music to cover for it.

    This is a very powerful statement, and true that people look more to musician than true anointed five fold ministry gifts that keep the saints from being tossed to fro from every wind of doctrine.

    Inclusion is false wind of doctrine.

  20. Someone left a comment accusing me of slandering Hawkins because I said I had never heard any of his messages. My assertion that Hawkins taught and promoted inclusion is not based on pure speculation. To be considered:

    I do want to say, that I personally called Love Center Church long before this (1999 to be exact) and inquired as to their beliefs about homosexuality as taught by Walter Hawkins.

    And I quote from Mary Catherine Cross who spoke with me:

    “Love Center doesn’t delineate or separate about someone’s sexuality. We just preach the gospel. We believe your sexuality does not affect your walk with the Lord. As you mature in Christ, the Holy Spirit will lead you into those areas”

    Love Center’s Mission and beliefs:

    At Love Center Ministries, Inc., we believe that both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible constitute the divinely inspired Word of God. We also believe in One God existing eternally in three persons; the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Moreover, we believe that the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, became man without ceasing to be God, in order that He might reveal God and redeem sinful man. We further believe that the Holy Spirit came forth from the Father and the Son to convict the world of sin, of righteousness and of judgement to regenerate, sanctify, comfort and fill those who believe in Jesus Christ.

    As demonstrated in the Word of God, we believe in supernatural healing power and miracles of the Holy Spirit. Through the Word of God, we are taught that man is totally depraved in that of himself and utterly unable to remand his lost condition. Likewise, we know that the life of the believer is to be separated from the world by consistent conduct before God and man as a “life-giving” light.

    The Word of God teaches us that salvation is a gift of god brought to man by grace and received by personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, whose atoning was shed on the cross for the forgiveness of sins. According to the Word of God, water baptism symbolizes the believer’s union in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. In obedience to the Word of God, we are taught to observe the Lord’s Supper through Holy Communion, in and effort to commemorate the sacrifice of our Savior for mankind.

    Lastly, we believe in the personal and visible bodily return of the lord Jesus Christ.

    ~Our Mission~*

    The Mission of Love Center Ministries, Inc. is to preach and teach the gospel message of Jesus Christ, so that others may come to know Him and his transforming love, and to provide Christ centered worship services and programs to build up its members, and the community at large.

    The Bible teaches us in John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish but they shall have everlasting life’. This verse clearly reveals that God’s love is wide enough to embrace all people. We are also instructed in Matthew 4:19 that Christians are to be fishers of men, therefore, the “Fisherman’s Net” best describes the basic underlying principal of the Love Center Ministry. We hold fast to Jesus’ declaration that when we follow Him, He will make us fishers of men and, because we belong to Him, it is our privilege to go fishing and to catch anyone and everyone in God’s “safety net” by sharing the gospel with “WHO EVER” will listen.
    We are admonished in scripture to go into the highway and hedges and compel men to come to the Lord. Therefore, we cannot determine who will receive the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our charge is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone who wants to hear it, and all are welcome regardless of their past or present life experiences, position or socio-economic status. God does the rest/

    In response to a question as to why he wrote the song “Changed”, Hawkins responds (which I find a rather strange statement) “its not about legislating morality…”

    Hawkins was pastor to the Sylvester who performed in drag and was funeralized at LCC dressed as a woman.

    Yvette Flunder was an assistant pastor and member for 10 years as a open lesbian who was sexually involved with Hawkins cousin Shirley while both were members and performers in his choir.

    Flunder herself credits Hawkins teaching with her “accepting” herself as a lesbian. “He freed me”, she said.

  21. Walter Hawkins was an apostate. What did it profit Walter Hawkins to gain all the worldly fame in the gospel music industry? Yet lose his soul(Mark 8:36). I’m judging this based on his fruit which was bad. Flunder is byproduct or fruit of his ministry which speaks loud volumes.

  22. This is sad.

    It annoys me to no end when people put someone in good stead due to their being “gifted”. According to scripture, Lucifer was the most gifted angel of all so whats the big deal.

    I hope and pray that those who have been influenced wrongly by him come from under his fasle teaching. A mans fate is sealed after death (man dies once and after that is the judgment, lets hope many come to repentance.

    I have heard people say preach the gospel and not the bible (silly isnt it?). Funny thing though but the message that preceeded the coming of Christ was the message of repentance, John said he came to prepare the way for the Gospel. No repentance, no teaching about sin and you cannot share the gospel at all.

    I didnt know Jonathon Nelso was singing at Pearsons thingy – geez!! another hit on my CD collection!!!!

    Blessings on you all!!

  23. Jonathan Nelson what can I say

    Wow what a self delusional individual with ideas of grandeur.

    On his website which heavily promotes….not the Gospel of Christ…there is a promotion of a song apparently sung by TD Jakes called “My Praise is my Weapon,” weapon against what? The Holiness of God?

    What fellowship is there light with dark?


  24. Thanks for posting this! I was looking everywhere for some insight into the funeral. Bishop Flunder is a powerful voice and advocate for the marginalized so it is a great treat to have information on her and her relationship with Walter Hawkins. Thanks!

    GCMW: Nothing a little googling on your own wouldnt have turned up. Shout out to all the “marginalized”.

  25. one thing that continually bothers me is how we throw around this term “marginalized” or take every opportunity we can to “take potshots” at the Lord’s church and then say “Jesus hung out with sinners” ….uh huh, but Jesus’ goal was not to leave sinners IN THEIR SIN!!
    I watched the funeral yesterday and SURPRISE SURPRISE ….there was our ‘friend’ Carlton Pearson giving remarks about Hawkins’ being one of the earliest to preach “an affirming gospel” and all that blather…..(which of course the crowd applauded)….even though i think around the world there was a little trepidation when Pearson first took the podium….
    This has really served to underscore to me that despite my admiration for much of Hawkins’ music, there is something very wrong within the gospel music industry (and church at large). I mean Yolanda Adams was blathering on about how it was such a big deal that Hawkins performed at drug infested Woodstock in the 60s….ok and???? I mean i have nothing against “taking the message of the gospel to the world” and beyond the four walls of the church but when that “gospel” is the likes of Pearson and Flunder (and apparently Hawkins) “inclusion” and “affirmation” of SIN….then what we have is a FORM of godliness but no POWER.
    And these celebrities seem to be ENAMORED with the idea of singing in clubs and such venues, but how many are really sitting down with these folk they are supposed to be ‘reaching’ and EXPLAINING the true BIBLICAL gospel of repentance??? No, it’s all about another venue to perform and be applauded…And let’s not even talk about Edwin’s remarks about his mindset around the time of “oh happy day” (about his ‘rebelling” and taking the attitude “i’ll show them (the church)”) uh huh….right
    Wow, i never thought my own affinity for gospel music would become so distasteful……

  26. thanks very much for that summary bereal. It was as I suspected it would be. Pearson and Flunder have both confirmed that Hawkins was one of their kind. The crowd apparently either also knew and affirmed it or were so star struck they would have applauded at Jim Jones saying “drink the koolaid”. Take your pick.

    I watched also the video where a gay man spilled the beans about Hawkins and “inclusion”. They all are still dancing around it but some like Pearson went straight in and said it. Im going to post a comment sent to me a couple of days ago from someone who lives in the Oakland area. I know the person, but wont identify them.

    “I think Walter was inclusive, but really kept it under raps. It was always hard to get a straight answers even from friends who I knew were members [at Love Center] there. I do know that one of the reasons Yvette left was, she wanted LC to become an openly gay church instead of a church that pretended not to be a gay church, yet in most ways was.”

    Hawkins kept this ambiguous —almost downlowish— theological enigma in public, but any discerning saint can see he was not leading people to the Christ of the Bible but to revel in their own desires as right and normal, whatever that might be.

  27. Will it seems youre missing whats called big picture. Gay or otherwise, his theology is rotten and decayed. And he’s been feeding it to people for a long time.

  28. “They were so star-struck they would have applauded at Jim Jones saying drink the kool-aid.” LOL…it’s the truth; church folks are something else

  29. The church for years has known that men and women serving in the ministry were gay, and it’s been okay just as long as they don’t come out about it. It’s almost like, be as gay as you want, direct the choir and sang yo song, but we’re just going to keep that one thing about you a secret okay? just don’t tell nobody about it and don’t be trying to wave yo rainbow flags and pushing for gay marriage and leading the chil’ren wrong and let’s just have church as usual, … but remember, don’t tell nobody or we’ll have to put you out. okay? God bless you brah….smh

    so, to me, IF and that is a huge IF Walter hawkins was gay, then he played the church folk game to perfection.

    and ALL the religious folk said! AMEN.

    may the man rest in peace.

  30. I listened to the Hawkins when I was in the church. I loved their music. As a matter of fact, I just listened on-line to “Going Up Yonder.” I’m not here to judge, but the ways/demeanor of Walter Hawkins when I saw him, said “gay.” I saw him perform, but back in the day I was focused on his singing. However, as I look back now, I can clearly see he was “out there.” I don’t know why he and Tremaine divorced (didn’t even know they were, because I don’t keep up with gospel music anymore)but I bet she saw something. I’m not biting my tongue because I really couldn’t care if what I say is liked and appreciated by anyone.

    All of these people talking about God, Jesus, Christ, whoever, loves us all the same, are trying to hide behind something that is un-natural. Homosexuality is not a natural lifestyle. People have tried to justify it to make themselves o.k. It appears that it is running rampant, because the church has started to accept it; entertainers promote it; government officials condone it; and others don’t want to offend. Well I couldn’t care less who I offend — it’s not right! When people in the church are trying to have others believe God wants us to be inclusive, they’re not right. Everywhere you turn, somebody’s slamming their “gayness” in your face. Every television show or movie has to have a gay story line — for what? They want it to become mainstream.

    Mankind is going to be the demise of mankind. I don’t know all of these church people that have been mentioned, but I do remember James Cleveland. To all of them, don’t hide behind a robe or pulpit, let people know where you stand, so we can decide how we’ll receive you. If what James Cleveland’s son said is true, I can’t see him “entering the pearly gates.” And if so, everybody’s going to heaven.

    Say what you’d like about my post, it’s my personal opinion. These gospel/christian/whatever performers who are out there hiding behind their music/ministry/mayhem need to get themselves together. Now that I know about this foolishness, I’ll look more closely, because it’s ironic that some of us were talking about how Kirk Franklin looks more feminine…yep I said it. If you/he doesn’t like my comment, tell him to “man up.”

    The age for people “being gay” is getting younger and younger. It’s ashame!

  31. behold said:
    The church for years has known that men and women serving in the ministry were gay, and it’s been okay just as long as they don’t come out about it. It’s almost like, be as gay as you want, direct the choir and sang yo song, but we’re just going to keep that one thing about you a secret okay? just don’t tell nobody about it and don’t be trying to wave yo rainbow flags and pushing for gay marriage and leading the chil’ren wrong and let’s just have church as usual, … but remember, don’t tell nobody or we’ll have to put you out. okay? God bless you brah….smh

    Yep lets use these artists for their talent and CD sales and then usher them into the Lake of Fire. Nice knowing you, and oh by the way where you’re going there is no escape, ever.

  32. I have to agree with behold on this (I know finally something). Hawkins played the dont ask dont tell game the church has allowed to go unchallenged. Of course Hawkins will pay the price for his part in playing the game. But just because Walter Hawkins and others play it and think they are going to enter the kingdom of God, doesnt mean that you (whoever you are) have to do that.

    That’s why I support immediate repeal of church DADT and replace it with DADN (Deliverance and Discipleship Now). That’s right, Im saying COME OUT OF YOUR CLOSET and get saved!

    There’s no need to keep secrets and play games when the blood of Jesus was shed to give you freedom. And no man, church or lifestyle can keep you from being free if that’s what you truly want.

  33. I appreciate your line that states, “…His songs were solid in contrast to his theological fallacy.” I too am perplexed as recall some sound lyrics like, “Sin will take your life & turn it upside down…and then when you feel the little pleasure’s gone, the guilt still lingers on…” But pleasure is at the heart of the homosexuals’ way of life.

    I think that the Walter & Edwin Hawkins’ music ministry are prime examples of being “hearers only” of the Word – along with many in Gospel Music today. The lack of being able to be “doers” begats, the “God still loves me and I’m still human” philosphy, to a blatant perversion of God’s word that the Inclusion Gospel as Ms. Flunder is now standing on. (A Definite unsure foundation)

    We are all still blessed, not so much by the Hawkins’, so-called, “annointing” but moreso by the Word of God itself, which won’t return void. The most memorable songs will take us back to the Word of God. The others songs, we don’t recall as well!

  34. GCM,

    I agree with your don’t ask don’t tell comment regarding the church. As someone who has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area my whole life, what was going on at Love Center Church was a DADT situation for certain. It was like Liberace; everyone knew the obvious but no one said anything. I know people who grew up in my old COGIC church who went to Love Center and all who went eventually “came out”. Why? Because it was the one church where they knew they would not be rebuked, or reproofed regarding their conduct yet they could not be openly known as a “gay” church otherwise they would have been shunned. So on one hand Walter Hawkins could oversee the funeral of Sylvester laid out as a woman in the casket, yet still sing on the memorial recording when Bishop Gilbert Patterson passed away along with the other gospel performers.

  35. This homosexual stuff is really messing people up and the true body of Christ has no other choice but to expose this. I need to tell you all a sad story. But first I’m going to give you a little back ground information. My husband and I are ministers and we are also both musicians. I am an Alumni of Howard University and my husband went to UNC Charlotte. We have run into a WHOLE lot of crazy folk that claim to be gospel artists and we have run into people that have truly been hurt by these gospel artists. We go around doing different types of seminars and people get violently angry when we expose this information. But I’m going to tell you a particular story that really hurt me…

    When I was at Howard University, a Caucasian brother started going to my church and it just so happened that we became good friends after finding out that we both were attending Howard. He knew I was a musician, so one day, he told me that he wanted me to meet someone that used to be a music teacher at his highschool. The music teacher that he wanted me to meet was none other than Dr. Wesley Boyd who used to sing with Richard Smallwood and that was the head of several choirs in the D.C. area. Any way, the young man asked me to come to a special Board meeting about a school of the Arts that Dr. Boyd was trying to get started. The Brother had been telling Dr. Boyd about me and so, Dr. Boyd requested that I come to the Board meeting. I went, and after the Board meeting, Dr. Boyd shook my hand and said that God had told him that I was anointed and supposed to help start the school. But, the Lord had already revealed to me that Dr. Boyd was gay, and so were a lot of other people in that room. When the Caucasian brother and I left, I stood in the parking lot and said, “Man, I hate to tell you this, but Dr.Boyd is Gay.” The brother was like, “no he’s not, he really loves the Lord and he does a lot of church stuff.” We talked about it for a while and I just told him to pray and seek the Lord.

    A few weeks later, the Caucasian brother told me that Dr. Boyd wanted us to come to some kind of special choir rehearsal. So, I prayed and I went because I truly wanted God to confirm what he had revealed to me . And I tell you know lie, when I walked in there… Gay dudes galore! When we left this time, I said, “Dude, Somethin’ ain’t right about Dr. Boyd. I’ma need you to pray.” But the brother was star struck cause Dr. Boyd had been inviting him to his house and letting him meet gospel artists (and notable ones at that!)

    A few weeks later, the young man called me and said that Dr. Boyd had talked him into dropping his current major and changing it to music business. However, the brother didn’t even know the fundamentals of music. He just liked to sing! –The boy was having some personal issues ( I don’t think his family was happy about him changing his major ) and didn’t have a place to stay. He said that he told Dr. Boyd and Dr. Boyd said that he could come live with him for a while. So, he moved in with Dr.Boyd and the OTHER MAN that was living with Dr. Boyd at the time! The Caucasian brother would see me on campus from time to time and tell me all about the gospel artists that he had the chance to meet.


    But one day, I got a serious phone call from him. He said, “Alicia, you were right all along! Dr. Boyd is Gay.” I said, “man, what happened?” The brother told me that he and Dr. Boyd were riding in the car one day and he (Caucasian brother ) started talking about how he couldn’t stand homosexuality. Then suddenly Dr. Boyd just came out the box and was like, “Well, I’m a homosexual male!” Then Dr. Boyd went further to tell the young man that he could help the boy get really far in the gospel music industry if he would sleep with him. I tell you the truth, this boy was devastated! He was so devastated that he immediately packed his bags, dropped out of school, and joined the military. The last time my husband and I heard from him, he was on his way to Iraq. –And to this day, we don’t know how to get in touch with him.

    I said all of that to say … This is what happens when people allow a man or women full of sin and perversion to come into their church and pretend to be ministers. Lives are messed over and messed up. Kids are confused, hurt and become weak in the faith. Sadly, my husband and I were doing a youth seminar and actually told this story. People were steaming mad at us. So mad, that one woman left in the middle of the seminar just so she could call her mom to tell her that we were talking bad about Dr. Boyd. Funny thing… when we minister, the kids want deliverance, but it’s the parents that be smokin’ hot!

    Ironically, Dr. Boyd just died this past October 2009. –And of course there were a whole rack of gospel artists that celebrated his life as well. My question is… What were they really celebrating?

    Church, lets seriously use the boldness that God has given us. It’s time to get this foolishness out of the church, even if it means not having a musician for a while!

    Be blessed and encouraged

    GCMW: Alicia, I dont know you but I have heard the same stories with names mentioned. For an alternative view of Wesley Boyd, read here. Thanks for sharing that and continue to be bold in exposing the enemy no matter who he is hiding in.

  36. Thank you Donna and God bless your local COGIC in San Francisco for not allowing this heresy to take root. Unfortunately, in recent times some in national COGIC leadership felt some sort of obligation to him despite him teaching this inclusion heresy (Carlton Pearson redux?). He was “consecrated” by COGIC Bishop George McKinney, a general board member and allowed to direct and sing with the COGIC international choir (the title cut) thus influencing more young people with mixed messages.

  37. Having Carlton Pearson @ Hawkins memorial is like having Chuck Smith or Greg Laurie appearing at Bishop Jones church, the latter will not happen. But any black folk already knew about the homosexual practices in the gospel music industry. I have yet to see one artist stand up for the truth and practice discernment.

  38. I’m glad you posted this article and got your feelings out.
    Please consider that we humans are all vessels… be it gay ,straight, white, black, vegan,young, old. God will use anyone or anything God wants to use regardless to human thought or understanding. Bishop Hawkins served his purpose here on earth and reached millions through music with the message of Christ Jesus (not himself, Christ).

    Bishop reached you in your (gay)distress and never judged you.

    He gave his whole life so that people of all races,ages,genders & economic states
    would come to know Jesus and be set free by the transforming power of his love. That’s it.

    How could you twist Bishop Hawkins amazing gift with your petty fears of homosexuality?

    His ministry served marginalized people, just like Jesus… He was welcoming and delivered the word of God… no if and or buts.

    Just like Jesus… Bishop Hawkins provided hope and a reason to live on…

    I’m so Glad that us Humans
    have no power over death, heaven or hell.
    Cause we would all be doomed by each others petty thoughts.

  39. Valerie, if “Bishop” did such a great job I doubt you wouldve made that comment.

    Jesus did mention something about blind leader leading the blind.

    There is nothing “petty” about exposing the wiles and strategies of the devil, even if your favorite singer is exposed.

    Can you show us where Jesus said that sin was ok?

    What did Jesus say to the women that was caught in aduletery?

    John 8:11 …And Jesus said to her, “Neither do I condemn you; go and sin no more.”

    What about the man whom Christ healed at the pool of Bethesda?

    John5:14 Afterward Jesus found him in the temple, and said to him, “See, you have been made well. Sin no more, lest a worse thing come upon you.”

    I would say that Mr. Hawkins has done more bad than good because he watered down and changed the gospel of Jesus Christ to what he wanted it to be and not what it is.

    2 Corinthians 11:3-5
    3 But I fear, lest somehow, as the serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, so your minds may be corrupted from the simplicity[a] that is in Christ. 4 For if he who comes preaches another Jesus whom we have not preached, or if you receive a different spirit which you have not received, or a different gospel which you have not accepted—you may well put up with it!

    Galatians 1:8
    8 But even if we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel to you than what we have preached to you, let him be accursed.


  40. This vid right hear speaks loud and clear about what bishop hawkins was about. Check out what carlton pearson said.

    I am so angry right now!

  41. @Paul: WOW!! Well i guess there it is officially from the “serpent’s mouth” directly (Pearson). Hawkins “affirmed” him in his heresy of inclusion…..What these folk seem to get twisted is how they talk about how “he reached out to the unchurched or the ones society threw away and welcomed all”. WELL THAT’S ALL FINE AND DANDY. HOWEVER, what did he preach to them?? That they were and are accepted while still in open rebellion to God?? That’s where the error occurs. Contrary to what many in the “affirming” camp believe there are MANY MANY churches that are reaching out to the “unchurched” and marginalized in society BUT they don’t compromise the gospel. They rather PRESENT the TRUE GOSPEL to them so that they should REPENT and be truly CONVERTED! That’s the difference.

    This makes me sad but i guess it just goes to show that what really counts will ALWAYS ALWAYS be the uncompromising Word of God. I had heard that once upon a time, Hawkins and Flunder had some distance between them because she was a little too “far out there” for Walter. So i had hoped maybe he had recanted this heresy but apparently he took it with him to the grave. “Tragedy indeed is commonplace.”

  42. I hope Valerie will come back and answer some questions. I’d like to know what she meant by “reached”. What is reaching and just exactly what did Hawkins do. As wannabereal said, reaching people (whatever that means) and telling them the truth are two different things.

    The so called marginalized if they are truly marginalized dont have to stay marginalized. I was once marginalized too. My sin did that to me.

    But your iniquities have made a separation between you and your God, And your sins have hidden His face from you so that He does not hear. Is 59:2

    There it is right there. So if Pearson, Flunder or Hawkins are telling people that its NOT their sins that is marginalizing them, then they are leading people astray and creating a body of rebellious outlaws, not baptized believers.

    Telling the marginalized to repent and live holy would start the end of their maginalization (and alienation) from God.

    Romans 5:1Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, 2through whom we have gained access by faith into this grace in which we now stand.

  43. I whole heartedly agree with Jonathon. Never have I witnessed Pastor Walter Hawking preaching the Gospel of inclusion. He Preached what rarely black Churches preach about now and that is the Love of Christ. The Gospel is Love and what few realize is that Jesus preached Loved to all that listened. I have never heard Pastor Walter Hawkins affirm homosexuality, but what he did was He gave them the Gospel in Love. He included them in the Love of God (now please show me in the word of God where that is wrong?) He didn’t just preach to the Church He preached to the masses, through his music and his undying Love to our Lord. REST IN PARADISE Pastor Walter Hawkins, your ministry and your music will be greatly missed.

  44. wannabereal, you spoke some serious truth. GMCwatch…thank you for your obedience.

    I am definitely sharing this blog!

  45. The gospel is a message of love but what is the purpose of the gospel?

    If there is no sin, there is no need for the gospel. One cannot rave about the love of God without dealing with the total depravity of man. It is only when man knows how sinful they are that they can truly apprecciate the gospel of Jesus Christ. Therefore if Hawkins was not telling people to repent of their sins, he preached a false gospel.

    So Nique, did Mr. Hawkins deal with homosexuality as a sin, did he call homosexuals to repentance? From what I have read and heard from the testimonies, homosexuals felt really comfortable aroung him.

    Its a shame that musicians have so much power over Gods church. We can listen to a man that was obviously very close to Mr. Hawkins. He says that he started inclusion and affirmed him and yet still we defend something that is indefensible.

  46. I think you have mischaracterized Jesus’ messages. He preached about many things including sin and repentance. The gospel isnt just “love” it must include the depravity of mankind which prompted the love.

    Maybe you dont know what the gospel of inclusion is thats why you never heard him preach it. But the testimonies and evidence of others say different. Were you a member of the church or just a casual observer?

  47. PaulN Have you ever heard him Preach or do you have just second and third sources? Have you ever seen someone who was convicted by the Love of Christ or have you just seen the church “Scare” people out of their sin? I wonder if you have received the love of Christ because it seems as if you don’t show it.

    And GCMWatch I know what the Gospel of Inclusion is, I am a Theology and Biblical Studies major so lets not go there. I just will not tolerate people disgracing Pastor Hawkins memory. If you cared so much what he preached how come you didn’t talk to Him while he was living? I’m sure He would have done an interview. I never seen an “article” written about him prior to his death, but suddenly there is interest in what he Preached after He is gone?.

  48. Nique, I guess so many of the people paying “tribute” to him are lying?

    You talk about the “black” church. One thing i know that if you can sang many “black” churches will overlook almost anything.

  49. Can you answer this question please? Did Mr. Hawkins tell homosexuals to repent? Since according to your statement, he made them aware of Gods love, did he then tell them to flee from their lifestyle of sin?

  50. Friend Nique,

    If I may intervene w/the knowledge given to me by Christ, in God’s speaking w/his prophet Ezekiel, he tells him, “If I tell you to tell the sinner man about his sin, and you do not tell him, he will die in his sin, and the blood will be required on your hands”, further the Lord goes, “If I tell you to tell the righteous man (you and I) about his sin, and you do not tell him, he will die in his sin, I will remember his righteousness no more, and the blood will be required on your hands.” Now we both know “love rejoices in the truth” and one of the main ministries of the Holy Spirit is “conviction” without conviction there is no change and without any change there is no understanding of the love of Christ.

    The verses of scripture I’ve just given you is an indication of that love that rejoices in the truth, for if I love you, I will tell you the truth, and I will share the truth w/you meekly not passively there is a difference. The word of God is quick and powerful sharper than any two-edged sword, it cuts the bone and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart, so as we see God’s love both comforts and convicts, love without truth is not love at all, “If you love me, you will obey me.” So many times we use the love of Christ to justify our foolishness and make it useless and devoid of power in our lives, when it is the one source that gives us power, “God has not given you a Spirit of fear, but of power and of LOVE and of a sound mind.”

  51. Paul N, most old school black pentecostal churches don’t over look anything which is why He was so disliked when He first came out. (Do you know anything about the Black Church?)Secondly I have actually heard him preach and He called people to true repentance of all matters of sin (Not just Homosexuality) by preaching about hmm how shall I put this CHRIST LOVE! Which can convict the hardest of hearts and cause true repentance. The preaching of God’s love can cause you to flee from whatever sinful life you are living. Have you forgotten the cause of Christ coming into the world? John 3:16 or are we so “deep” now that we have forgotten those scriptures.

  52. “Paul N, most old school black pentecostal churches don’t over look anything which is why He was so disliked when He first came out”

    So you agree that he overlooked sin?

  53. @Nique:
    Just wondering, did Hawkins’ emphasis on “God’s Love” cause his ASSISTANT PASTOR for over 10 years, Yvette Flunder, to turn from her sinful homosexual “relationship” with his (Hawkins’) cousin?? Did it in fact “call her to turn toward turn repentance”? or was she in fact ACCEPTED in her sinful state AND put in a position of leadership in his church? A quick search on youtube of her heretical preaching proves otherwise; AS WELL AS her OWN WORDS (which was the start of this post) of how Hawkins ‘affirmed’ her in her sinful state; which was again emphasisized by Carlton Pearson in the above video as well as Pearson’s statements at his funeral service (which garnered applause from many in the crowd).
    It is not my intention to be ‘contentious’ with you. As i have stated before, i have long had a great appreciation for much of Hawkins’ music. But the strange dichotomy between much of his songwriting and his obvious personal (and proclaimed) theology is disturbing to say the least.
    (and lastly your assertion that this blog has not ‘covered’ Hawkins before his death is wrong. See the archives for past articles dealing with him)

  54. and let me just say in general….while speaking of Flunder, I truly pray for her and that she come to repentance while she still has breath in her body. The earlier post about how she personally stated that she could not get over her ex-husband’s indiscretions and later turned to lesbianism saddens me as she is an outwardly beautiful woman with an incredible voice. It is also sad that (according to her own words) Hawkins “affirmed” her in her sinful state rather than pointing her to repentance. I also personally heard her state at a concert several years ago that she went into seminary believing orthodox christian principles and while there had her theology “turned upside down and right side up” while in seminary to the point she wasn’t sure what she believed by the time her professors got finished with her. She no longer held to the Bible has inerrant and infallible and seems to have been a downward spiral from there.

  55. Nique, apparently, you havent read though this. Yes, I certainly did make a major effort to talk personally with him in 1999. His people played silly games. Just like some of them are still doing. There’s no “sudden interest”. Read the attached articles please.

  56. It seems like Nique has no interest in the truth, she is only interested in defending Mr. Hawkins.

    She has a warped view of Gods love, how can you have love without truth?

    If we read through John 3:16 we must get to the word perish, its not all lovey dovey as one would want it to be.

    Nique, one cannot know truly know love of God without acknowledging their wretchedness. The only reason Jesus had to die was due to us being sinners. You cannot affirm people in their sin and call it love. At that point the false teacher becomes an idol for the sinner.

    Luke 7:47
    47 Therefore I (Jesus)say to you, her sins, which are many, are forgiven, for she loved much. But to whom little is forgiven, the same loves little.”

    Minimize sin and you minimize the love of God.

    Jesus said the Holy Spirit convicts of sin, righteousness and judgment.

  57. It is clearly apparent that you did not know the man, that you never heard him preach, nor do you have the spirit of God directing your ‘3rd person’ opinions of him. Have you considered that the man was truly an anointed vessel of God, being led to love and aide the broken souls in need of the true message of Christ? Listen to just one of his sermons, and I know you will have a totally different position….that is, if you have even an ounce of the Holy Spirit within you. Perhaps you haven’t really been able to turn from your old ways and doubt the true transforming love that Christ offers to all.

    GCMW: Ollie, here’s your chance to prove everything said about WH on this blog a lie. Make sure you prove Yvette Flunder, Carlton Pearson and the gay guys in the video a lie too. Im assuming you personally knew him and thus that would qualify you to correct any “misinformation” contained here. If you cant, then I will accept your words as just somebody else peeved because their human idol is being examined.

  58. My words to Yvette Flunder”God WILL take care of you.” How dare ANYONE try to scandalize the name of an anointed man of God?, and to add insult to injury after he is dead, and cannot speak for himself?…I ALWAYS told Bishop Hawkins, if you lay down with dogs you will get up with fleas…How can someone who Bishop introduced to the gospel music world and helped to heal, travel on the road with him, and get exposure from being part of the Hawkins Family singers now say such slanderous things about a dead man. I was Bishops friend for over 40 years, and a faithful follower of the ministry for over 30 years. Bishop was a family man, an astute businessman, the glue that kept his family together, and had a heart as big as this world. Bishop did not lose all his weight from cancer but because he emptied himself out of every penny, love, word of God to his family and his church members. He was totally empty when he left this earth, and we are full of God’s grace, love. and mercy and are all the better for it….Bishop preached the love of Christ, he might have began with an inclousion message but he preached holiness, fire and brimstone and the uncut gospel of Jesus Christ forever.

    I have no doubt in my mind where Bishop is gone….King David was flawed to the max but HE goes on record as being a man after God’s own heart. How dare ANYONE touch the legacy of the man of God in this manner, and most of you writing all of these accusations and dishonors did not even know this man who was gentle, kind, and giving in EVERYTHING he did. I am appalled that this didhonor of this man of God and his preaching and music legacy was initiated by a so called friend and co laborer in the gospel, however I should not be because a person with a reprobate mind and who has totally sold their soul to the Devil for worldly gain will say ANYTHING…What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?, and I don’t care how you slice it, dice it, and make it out to look, ROMANS ONE is still the ONLY truth and REVELATIONS 22:19 still stands. “Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.” and finally my brethen and sisteren, NO weapon that is formed against Bishop Walter Hawkins legacy shall prosper, and every tongue that rises against his ministry, his family, and his legacy in judgement thou sall condemn.

  59. I did want to point out that Gospel Music Channel did a 40 minute video story on Walter Hawkins. You can see it through Comcast On Demand in the gospel music section. I saw it last week.

    Hawkins was asked about the vision for Love Center and what it represented and he said /quote/

    “I want to have a universal kind of inclusionism.”

  60. Why the delusion? why why why why! now these people are slandering him?

    There is a Jamaican proverb “if it no go so, it near go so”.

    Simply, even if it isnt excalty like that, its is very close to it.

    Pastor since you are an honorary Jamiacan (lol) you can put the accent in.

  61. My prayers goes out to the Hawkins Family. Bishop Hawkins toiched many lives. One thing that bothered me when I heard that Yvette Flunder married his cousin, Shirley Miller. Yvette flunder is not a good leader, I would not want to be under her. She can’t get any lower than she already is. Somebody tell me please, is there a video of Bishop Walter Hawkins preaching at his church on any given Sunday morning? If so, where is it located? Did he ever preach about being saved and filled with the Holy Ghost? Did he tell the gays that they can be free from sin all they have to is turn there lives around and they can be delivered? Was he ever gay himself? Its ashame that him and Tramaine divorced.

  62. the church has become hiv postive from these spirits. we need to fast and pray. i went to shirley ceaser church last sunday all i saw was homosexuel men walking around like they where at a gay pride gathering but guess what they where,someone in charge of that church is playing the game. take a guess!

  63. I was looking for something totally different when I was this site, and started not to give answer to it at all. But the Word says we are to give an answer to the HOPE that is within us.

    Well, I guess I should start with the way that you have violated of your own policy to “Be Nice.” Did it ever occur to you that there are so many hurting people who have been blessed to come to find Jesus Christ by Walter Hawkins ministry now that he is gone to be with the Lord? Does our grief matter to you? The Word says mourn with those who mourn. How ugly it is to have to read such hurtful words written about someone you obviously do not know. When was the last time you were AT Love Center. No worry, I know you have never been there. It is always the case by people who spread things like this.

    I just wonder what the Lord thinks of all of this! Love one another as I have loved you. Hummmm. When I was 14 years old, I went to a convention and they taught us a song it said,
    “We are one in the Spirit, we are One in the Lord, and they’ll know we are Christians by our Love, by Our Love, yes They’ll know we are Christians by our love. “

    My exact feeling in reading this was, if you are what a Christian is supposed to be, why in the World would anyone want to be You to be so very thoughtless, so loveless?
    The Word says, some plant, some water, but it is God that gets the increase. I entreat you as a fellow believer, remember that God has a purpose for everything he does and does it well. Where can you please tell me do you suggest that Homosexuals are supposed to find Christ? It is for sure not here!

    What is the job of Holy Spirit? He is the Sanctifier. How do you believe He is supposed to do his job? Or have you just fired Him and taken his place? You have people posted on your site that have found deliverance did you know that God is in Love Center?

    One of the most powerful testimonies came from a heterosexual woman that did not want to come into the Church, but the man preaching the Youth Revival was her friend. He was very inexperienced and it did not go very well. We were attempting to dismiss the service, But then, Holy Spirit started his own revival. 4 hours of shear deliverance and testimony, the visitor came up and said:

    They told me about the drug addicts that were here. They told me about the homosexuals that were here. But they never told me God was here!

    If you will provide me with an address, I will send you a copy of every ministry CD I personally own by Bishop Hawkins. And in the meantime, I will pray for you. I will pray for all of those who struggle with their lifestyle but truly want God.

    I will pray that you don’t pull up Good Wheat while mistaking it for tare. I will pray that one day you will realize Holy Spirit is very capable of doing His job, He saved you!

  64. Gwen Moore, thanks for your comments.
    I have to confess Im having a hard time trying to understand what your main point is?

    Dont judge?
    Who is the Holy Spirit?
    Walter Hawkins?
    Homosexuals need help?
    Violate our “be nice” policy?
    Dont talk about dead people?

    Maybe its all of that.

    I do think that you are misinformed in many ways. I dont want Bishop Hawkins sermons sent to me. Why dont you get a youtube channel and put them there where everyone can hear, listen and evaluate for themselves?

    Also, are you saying that Yvette Flunder was lying about Bishop Hawkins? She was there for 10 years and did know him. I noticed you neglected to say anything about that when in fact it was the focus of the article.

  65. Gwen,

    If you have a CD of Bishop Hawkins sermon, why not put it on Youtube so we can all see it. I would love to hear him.

    Yvette Flunder needs help and a lot of prayer. I understand that there has been a lot of issues in the Hawkins Family. Was Bishop Hawkins ever Gay at one time?

    GCMW: Please see this story. The person who makes the claim is an openly gay professor at a major university.

  66. pastor foster, please pray for me ,i was involved in a gay church of course not knowing it yet until i was affected. i was babe in christ and was happy with what god had done in my life. SATAN was not happy he came after me with all he had and i bit into the apple,to make a long story short. Well i went in healthy but came out sick. i still have some mud on me from that experience. The pastor is on the dl and all the men in our church are to. please pray that i can be totally free from those spirits that i attached myself to.


  68. I think the obvious thing to say is, should we believe the people who were very close to him or the people who have but heard his sermons.

    I think the popular saying “you can’t handle the truth” is appropriat with many people who have an issue with what Ms Flunder. I think most people are missing that point, these are her words, not GCMWATCH.

    All these inclusionist are coming out and saying they were “Doctrinally, personally and relationally” influenced by Mr Hawkins but it is they who are lying on him and this all in tribute to him.

    Thats doesnt add up in the least.

  69. Those are my sentiments exactly Paul. Its very strange that none of the ones complaining about the post are condemning the remarks of Flunder as lies. Actually they avoided addressing it altogether. I wonder why when it is the big orange elephant in the virtual room.
    Instead they complaining about the usual stuff that doesnt amount to a hill of beans in context to the issue.

    I’d like to see/hear someone close to Hawkins give irrefutable proof that Flunder (and other gay christians) are lying about him. That’s where this needs to go instead of all the teeth nashing about respecting the dead, judging, you dont know him, etc.

  70. I’ve read the article from the professor regarding Bishop Hawkins being gay. This may explains why him and Tramaine split. What I would like to know is there a reason why Bishop Hawkins sermon is not on Youtube? Has anyone in the Bay have visited his church on any given Sunday morning. Does the people ever shout in that church or is the annointing/spirit in there (could you feel it.)? Someone said theres no annointing in there, is it true?

  71. gcmwatch,

    let me say I appreciate your ministry…. I have commented on your various youtube vids of yours and I thank you for your principled and clear condemnation of homosexual practices under the color/banner of christianity and the black church…

    This is a difficult topic to discuss specifically relative to Bishop Walter Hawkins. I LOVE Bishop Hawkins and his entire family- ever since I was a young boy; I can also appreciate the honesty of your comments regarding the blessings of his music on you. I have personally fellow-shipped with him and heard him preach numerous times. I would also strongly recommend that those who have questions about his teachings call the church and request copies of his various sermonS ( I highly recommend his sermon series called the Kingdom of God(approx 1997). I strongly believe that his views on homosexually were fundamentally similar to your own. Several points:

    1) I do not know of any credible multiple independent sources supporting that he was immoral.

    2)As earlier suggested he disagreed with the request of “ms” flunder. Of the many ministers whom he influenced, the position of Ms. flunder appears to be an “abberation”. Similarly, the case of “Mr”. Peason is certainly an example of someone who appears to have pursued a false teachings completely on his own (although he and Bishop Hawkins were friends from many years ago. Ms. Flunder does not believe that the Bible is to be understood and applied “literally” UNLIKE Bishop Hawkins.

    3) I do not consider Bishop Hawkins a proponent of the false doctrine of “inclusionism” in that he preached that salvation in only by faith, and grace through the death, and resurrection of Christ. He also preached that one must be born again and repent subject to the law of the Spirit. He also taught that the Bible is the complete and full revelation of God.

    4) These points are not to suggest that, (over the course of 30 years of ministry) some aspects of his teachings, practices and liturgy did not change, develop and mature over the years. The Live Center church from the early ’70s certainly did not appear identical to the Love Center church of the 90’s. For example, while he did teach the traditional Reformed church theology of “Eternal Security and pre-destination”, in the 90’s, his earlier stage Pentacostalism understandings limited his understanding of this Bible teaching in the 70/80’s.

    5) Again, the primary teaching of the Love Center ministry is that the ministry of the church is to preach the Gospel of Jesus; is is for the Spirit of God to sanctify and mature the Body of Christ. It is for the Lord to separate the wheat from the tares

  72. Jay Shields thank you so much for your enlightening comments. A welcome change from the “how dare you talk about my bishop” stuff. Like you yes there is a certain amount of pain talking about him, his music and his theology because there was a personal investment that is still with me today. Yet, our love for a person’s talent —no matter how much it has impacted us— cannot obfuscate the need to examine their theology as to whether it is true to the biblical record. Im sure you know that talent and theology are not necessarily interchangeable issues.

    To address your points.

    1. while I never personally met or talked to Bishop Hawkins in person (probably like the great majority of people) I dont think that precludes us from drawing conclusions based on the preponderance of “evidence” that is publicly available. His interviews, music, others comments about him, biography and personal associations. Even with that its a cautious conclusion. But with that I would say that WH seemed to embody a schismatic theology, thus the controversy attached to it. I do not refute what you have heard for yourself, but even if I had heard it, based on other equally applicable factors, it would still not be an open and shut case. We cited the work of Northwestern Univ professor E. Patrick Johnson. You would not call that independent and credible? It was released while Hawkins was alive.

    2. Flunder remains hugely problematic for Hawkins’ legacy. One cannot erase her nor pretend she did not exist in the capacity and relational frame she had with him. You may say that was an ministerial abberation of sorts, but for ten years? Either she exerted an enormous amount of (jezebellian?) influence over him or he at one point agreed with her and perhaps later broke camp on some specifics. Her “inside” knowledge of him is telling unless someone can specifically refute and pointedly call her a liar. To date, no one has done that.

    3. Again the problem I had with the alleged transition you say occured is that his public appearances (90s and beyond) when he did talk theology or about his church and/or preaching was strained, evasive and spotty as if he was trying to obscure something. If a person confidently taught sound reformed theology (a world of difference from inclusion) why all the shell games? I think he was still loyal to the homosexual religious following he had and knew that they were a fickle bunch who could publicly turn on him should he say anything they perceived to be wayward. But in doing so, he presented a very taut appearance that would make me think he was being bi-theological.

    4. I do understand LCM’s public doctrinal statement. Yet, it is problematic because it doesnt seem like it was lived out in practice. Secondly I feel it is somewhat disengenuous to say well let God do this and the Holy Spirit do that. There are numerous scriptural references that give that responsibility (in partnership with God) to church leaders. We were not meant to be a hands off leadership. Eph 4 tells us that our responsibility (from God) is to equip and perfect those who claim to be part of the body. WH’s approach seemed more absenteeism than shepherd-like.

    Nevertheless thanks again for what you have said. For some, they will only see one side of him. My point is that all sides should be looked at for the sake of vunerable, immature Christians lest they be deceived.

  73. thanks for your reply…..

    1) regarding Northwestern Univ professor E. Patrick Johnson, I can only surmise that hearsay and speculation is the case here….. over the course of more than a decade, attending numerous Hawkins family related events, services and concerts, I have never heard this man speak, sing or minister. While I am in no position to judge his motivations, one wonders does he have an axe somewhere to grind ? What about “his” character. What proof exists that he had any substantive, personal relations with anyone in the Hawkins Family period ?!? While I am by no means excessively machismo, I can honestly say, that I have NEVER been inappropriately approached by ANYONE at any Hawkins’ event (specifically, not by any known gay person). There have certainly been any number of friendly,attractive people of both genders (and certainly women) though who act with dignity and respect!

    2)”Ms” Flunder, was a hugely talented speaker and musician yet also, very, very sadly to say,…. is now a heretic ! She does not preach the Gospel of Jesus. I was stunned that the she rejected and denied the teachings of Paul the Apostle !

    Bishop Hawkins was a GREAT lover of the teachings of Paul the Apostle. I do not share your view that she needs to be specifically refuted in that people who venture into the areas of false teaching such as hers are equally prone to be misled on any number of other issues If one absolutely demands a response to Flunder however, then I can only point to the ministries current associate Pastors who have been there even longer and who share NONE of Flunder confused heresies.

    3) Again, I can only assert that she is a gross aberration of the influence of Bishop Walter Hawkins. Bishop Hawkins both associated with and influenced hundreds of Black (and some whitez) protestant ministers all over the country and world.

    By way of contrasting example of Bishop Hawkins’ influence in the life of a professed, FORMER practicing homosexual (who now publicly condemns it), you have NO FURTHER to look then Pastor Donnie McClurkin. Pastor McClurkin is a long term associate and collaborator of Bishop Hawkins and the Hawkins family up to this very moment. Pastor McClurkin has strongly condemned the practice of homosexuality even in the face of considerable social censure from gays (and the President himself) in many quarters.

    4) I DO agree with the position that as Believers we are to examine, discern and judge..I truly think and believe however, that in the area of these accusations, the Bishop is being terribly maligned and misrepresented. This ministry has been very productive for the Lord and the Body of Christ and ultimately people will make their own determinations regarding the nature of its fruits.

    Please consider the full picture and judge righteously… Bishop Hawkins has also directed people like Yolanda Adams, Byron Cage, Judy Mc’allister, Kevin Du’bose, Joel Smith and others toO many to detail here. Anyone who knows the Hawkins family will be hard-pressed to deny their love and faithfulness to the Lord Jesus and their overflowing fruit of the Spirit.

    God Bless you and the Love of Jesus to you and your family.

  74. Gcm Watch perhaps this could be an attempt by Ms. Flunder to draw more attention to herself and her heretical teachings. I’ll admit I have never been exposed to Bishop Hawkins songs or peaching. To be honest, when He died I had never heard of him. Maybe my young age has something to do with it…..However I know that flunder and other false preachers who lead people away from the salvation of Jesus Christ desire to be known, (with their inquechable thirst for the spot light) and the controversy this has created only increses their popularity….Maybe she is making it up….maybe not……

  75. A final comment please…. On additional reading, I have seen comments from Ms. Flunder relating to the changes and uncertainty of her previously held beliefs FOLLOWING her experiences in theological seminary. Note, Love Center neither operate nor directs any seminary school. In one of her video comments, she remarks that she used to be certain of every (most) things, but now she is not certain about anything (paraphrasing).

    The safe assumption here,in my view, is that she acquired her anti-Paulline and gnostic gospel [mis]understandings from unsound,Anti-Christ scholarship and theology propagated at this particular seminary.

    For anyone else interested in making the comparison (both in her teachings and those of Mr. Pearson), I personally hear the exact same sexual ethical relativism, biblical revisionism, and selective rejections of the New Testament canon in their teachings as one inevitably hears in the likes of the former Episcopal head John Shelby Sponge, and also the leaders of the Jesus Seminar. I hope this helps to provide further clarification of this matter.

    GCMW: Thanks but they can look up his music on YT if they want. Your link is on your name.

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