In brief: More WH devotees come out in St Louis

greenleeThe St. Louis American posted an article interview with two area clergy which offered more evidence that the late Walter Hawkins was a closet inclusionist. One of the two men in the story, we have covered before. Bishop Wyatt Greenlee (left), an assistant of Yvette Flunder said Hawkins and Flunder helped him start his gay inclusion church Greater New Higher Heights (now a UCC). Read more about Greenlee here and here.

“I started ministry in 1988 and it was through his wisdom and counsel that helped me set it up properly,” said Greenlee, founder of New Higher Heights Church. He and Bishop Flunder took me under their wing and allowed me to network with the right people – he was my pastor and a man of incredible wisdom and council.”

New Higher Heights operated under Hawkins Love Center Church Umbrella and he was instrumental in the process of their first church recording in 1993 – serving as producer of the project.

Other pastors under Walter Hawkins umbrella ministry.


3 thoughts on “In brief: More WH devotees come out in St Louis

  1. Not sure how I missed this article but its surprising how people want to ask you “did you know him personally, etc”. How foolish, when his legacy is alive and well and everyone is attributing their inclusionsit movements to his influence. All in honor of him, mind you.

  2. GCM auther, I can’t spell that good or type for that matter,so please be patient with me. Anyways, god has shown me that most of the leaders over his temples are the ones who we should be looking at.Just like Hawkins attracted only his kind so does the rest of these so called pastors. You know the saying, birds of feather flocks together. the lord has put something on me where i can see them that are on the down ……………..low.there so deep in the closet they start looking like the clothes in the closet. These are the more dangerious ones. whenever you see a lot of homosexual men in a church,ask god is the pastor gay? the spirit of god will show you. my pastor was on the low low but i did not know it yet i was a baby christian and every man in there i later found out was to. how much longer are we supposed to stand by and look at the enemy and do nothing. you have the fishing rod in the air but you can’t catch anything until you cast your line in the water,fish live in water not the air. so we see whats going on but what are we going to do about it .we need to put our gifts to work .we need to go in gods house and clean it up. we need to cast our spiritual lines out and catch some demons. they are not afraid of us as long as we stay away from the church.they are having a homosexual good time in gods house.

  3. I have been told by many to not get emotional and respond to these outright lies about my Bishop and 40 year friend, but I am teling you it is a shame for anyone to speak about someone after they are dead and they cannot speak for themselves. Bishop Walter Hawkins preached the unaudulterated gospel of Jesus Christ almost to his dying day. His love for the world and for hurting people has been mistaken now for him being an inclusionist..These demons who are accusing NEVER heard ANY of his sermons the last two years of his ministry. The Bishop emptied himself out of every word God revealed to us, and it was NEVER anything about you living any kind of way you want to and that you would get into the kingdom of God. .I told Bishop many times that some of these people were outright enemies to him, and now you have proven yourself by coming out and trying to blackened his name. What a SHAME…I hope we don’t have to start world war III over you gays trying to make your lifestyle normal.come out of the xloset, stay in the closet, whatever you choose to do but don’t ask the world to agree with your abnormal, queer lifestyle, we love but dont include us in it…people are really getting sick and tired of you….

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