Gay choir wins How Sweet the Sound gospel competition

Do you think a headhowsweetthesoundline like that would stop other churches from selling themselves out competing in this contest? Probably not. That’s why the homosexual choirs are back again sangin’ gospel music. Its more proof that singing gospel music requires zero holiness. In fact, you don’t even have to believe the bible is true.

So they’re back. And sweeter than ever.

Gay choirs are back in the running for Verizon’s capitalistic cash cow How Sweet the Sound. How you ask?

Because HSTS is owned by a secular, pluralistic company whose bottom line is money, there can be no restrictions on who can participate. It can be the Black Temple Church of Satan Mass Choir or Black Temple Church of God in Christ Mass Choir. To Verizon Wireless, they’re all the same. Qualifications per Verizon:

The Choir must have a meaningful and consistent relationship with a church, temple, mosque or other similar religious organization (the “Religious Organization”). The Religious Organization must be a tax-exempt organization as described under sections 501(c)(3) and 170(c)(2) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended from time to time, and must have a tax-exempt ID number; (our italics).

Please also understand that a great majority of gospel music isn’t what it labels itself to be. Its like a jar labeled as jelly but inside its glue. However they need the name to deceive the shallow-minded. Its money driven.

Last year we reported to you that HSTS judge Dorinda Clark Cole advanced a St Louis based homosexual choir from the Metropolitan Community Church denomination to the competition’s semifinals.

This year, the same choir is back again.  With all the blasphemous vomit spewed out by this denomination time and time again, you would think that somebody with a slither of integrity would protest their inclusion. But not so. The lust for money and fame has attracted greedy, ignorant churches lined up once again to “praise the Lord”. And if its any consolation, we can’t single out any denomination. Churches from a smorgasboard of denominations have got on the grind to win the cash prizes and fame for their pastor.

No Light

There is absolutely no way light and darkness can co-exist physically or naturally. They are polar opposites of each other with nothing in common. The same can be said spiritually.

I  have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness.  John 12:46

And the light shines in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not. John 1:5

So what does Marvin Sapp, Hezekiah Walker, Dorinda Clark Cole, CeCe Winans and other celebrity gospel music industry workers not understand about that undeniable truth? To be blunt, satan’s kingdom is characterized by darkness and God’s kingdom is characterized by light. So Marv, Hez, DCC and CeCe are you saying its okay for the two to mix to sing gospel music? How can the blind sing of a glorious light they have never seen? How is it possible to praise a God whose sexual standards you reject? How can you approve and participate in such things knowing the judgment of God against them?

Don’t hold your breath waiting for an answer.

Joining the MCC choir is the “85% gay”  Tabernacle Baptist Church and the metaphysical, “new thought”, gay affirming church Hillside Chapel of Truth both in Atlanta.

You can see a list of all the churches involved here. Oh, how ironically sweet it is.


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  1. My former “church,” Victory “Christian” Center of Philadelphia (Voices of Victory) was part of it this year.

  2. ‘Not everyone who says to Me, Lord, Lord, shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. Many will say to Me in that day. Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name? And then He will declare to them, I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness.” Matt. 7:21-23.

    There you have it folks. Should we be surprised? Hardly!

    If you are practicing homosexuality, it is lawlessness and singing gospel while practicing lawlessness will only warrant one word. “I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness.”

  3. I’m truly disheartened by what is happening here. As a man overcoming his own homosexuality, it concerns me that those in the same struggle with me are so increasingly angry at those who are not where we’re at with the ‘truth.’ I understand that there should not any kind of endorsement or promoting of homosexuality. But what I also know is that spreading God’s Word to the lost is more critical than any kind of endorsement.

    We’re called to be witnesses, not judges. So here’s my question, ‘Are we for sure that those judging the contest are aware of the participating church’s stance on homosexuality?’ ‘Have the members of the participating choirs openly indicated that they are gay, or are we going by what we see and hear, i.e. display of gay tendencies?’ ‘If God can select rocks to praise Him, then how do we know that what these judges are experiencing is not a true praise and worship onto Him, are we there to witness this?’ As a Praiser, myself, I’ve got to admit that the best praise and honor onto God is one with a testimony behind. In other words, you don’t know what I go through to get to. Some of the best Praisers are the worse sinners, that’s because they’ve got a testimony that would blow your mind. They know that God has been good to them in spite of who they are and what they do.

    It troubles me to see and witness such hostility, hate, anger, smite and malice on both sides of the fence. There is a part of me that has truly had to learn the meaning of speaking the truth and in love. This article misses that mark and feeds into the enemies scheme, which is to divide the church. I love the scripture in Matthew where it states that when Jesus was being accused by his accusers ‘he held his peace.’ Right now, the only ones holding their peace are those being accused of being gay.

    Jesus said they hated me without cause, which I think is one of the saddest scriptures in the bible. As a man who struggles with his SSA (Same Sex Attraction) it has always been my hope that those in the struggle with me would understand the most from my struggle and love me even more. What is really being portrayed in this article? Really, where’s the love?

    The men who ‘caught’ the woman in the act of adultery told Jesus that the law states that we have to stone her to death.’ And Jesus in all his glory said, ‘he who is among you, who is without sin, let him cast the first stone.’ And after being convicted themselves they went away. If Jesus didn’t condemn her and she was caught in the act, then why are we? If Jesus is our example, then can we really say that this article is Christ-like?

    Hear me when I say this, I understand the “mission!” It’s just the “method” that I’m bringing into question!

  4. Ken thanks but your comments really raise some questions that hopefully you’ll respond to. Perhaps its because you arent aware of the scope and depth of the problem. If you have, please answer the following for clarification.

    Did you read any of the links and supporting evidence?

    How is solidarity in the struggle with homosexuality related to gay choirs singing gospel music?

    Also can you be more precise in explaining how this article “divides the church”?

  5. Thanks for allowing me to follow-up

    Question: Did you read any of the links and supporting evidence?

    Answer: I did, what concerns me is that the article doesn’t take into consideration that the judges may not have had the same links and supporting evidence the article brings out. Additional, the article brings into question the judgment of those who judge the competition…

    Quote: So what does Marvin Sapp, Hezekiah Walker, Dorinda Clark Cole, CeCe Winans and other celebrity gospel music industry workers not understand about that undeniable truth? To be blunt, satan’s kingdom is characterized by darkness and God’s kingdom is characterized by light. So Marv, Hez, DCC and CeCe are you saying its okay for the two to mix to sing gospel music? How can the blind sing of a glorious light they have never seen? How is it possible to praise a God whose sexual standards you reject? How can you approve and participate in such things knowing the judgment of God against them?

    Bringing such disparaging and judgmental remarks against God’s anointed vessels whose kingdom work clearly illustrates the favor on God in their lives, I believe, is divisive and unloving. My life has been moved through the praise and worship these individuals have produced and recorded. To put them under this kind of scrutiny, I believe, just seems unfair and unjust. How can you judge someone who may not have access to the knowledge you have? This really holds to the old cliche, never judge a book by its cover.

    Question: How is solidarity in the struggle with homosexuality related to gay choirs singing gospel music?

    Answer: Praise and worship is a ministry. The way I’ve been taught by my Pastor is clear, anytime someone steps out from sitting in the pew and puts on a robe, especially if it’s through God’s grace and favor, you’ve been raised up. It takes a lot of faith to praise God openly in a choir and I’ve witnessed personally, that I cannot praise and worship God earnestly with strife in my life. So if I know that someone is judging me based on the outward sin, that effects my praise. Not to say that I’m sensitive, but have you ever tried to talk to someone who doesn’t like you or care for you? That no matter what you do, they’re not trying to hear nothing you say and their facial expressions illustrate just that! Some of us who’ve step out, given our testimony and proclaimed deliverance and healing, our sin has officially been exposed and we’re being placed under a microscope by none other than other believers.

    Personally speaking, if I was aware that you saw me as you see those in the participating choirs, IT WOULD HURT ME IMMENSELY! Because I hold true to God’s Word, we’re suppose to encourage and pray for one another; confess our sins to one another; love one another. How can any of this be accomplished if I’m being judged by you? My spirit grieves at the very thought of being in the shoes of those on stage trying to honor God while secretly and/or openly being condemned for their struggle. Would it have made it different if they stated, ‘Yes we’re gay, but we want God to know how much we love and thank Him in spite of this fact?’

    The comments, especially coming from someone whose been there, whose struggled to become an overcomer, whose taken a stand against the devil, really HURT! As a man or woman of God, there is a higher standard and, I believe, how can you say such things and call it God’s love. Solidarity is one thing, but God’s love in Solidarity takes it to a whole different spectrum.

    How can I follow an overcomer, if that overcomer that I see and listen to, seems to reject “any” effort being made by those who don’t fit in a certain category or belief system. If church is suppose to be a hospital for the sick, but the church desires to pick and choose its sick, then how effective is that church? Many people have come to church, waited for the day the Pastor will preach a message that isn’t godly. One Pastor stated, that two women being together is disgusting! Now where is that stated in the Word? There’s a higher standard for God’s people!

    Question: Also can you be more precise in explaining how this article “divides the church”?

    The article attacks, what I believe, to be phenomenal men and women of God whose careers in gospel music have been a blessing to many. So as children of the living God we should be honoring them, not tearing them down for what we believe to be benevolence. As Christians, we must support their efforts, encourage their diligence, pray for their continue anointing and praise along with them in song. To go after them in the way it was done in this article was, I believe, not only contrary to what was previously stated, but also contrary to God’s Word.

    Once again, I thank and praise you for all that you do to provide information to those of us who are struggling with SSA. And again I say, I understand the ‘mission,’ it’s just the ‘method’ I’m bringing into question.

    Be Blessed….

  6. Ken, trust that I do understand your perspective, but at the same time, I strongly disagree with just about all of it. In theory (love, respect, anointing, etc) are in play. But the specifics of these types of incidents bring that into question.

    Your responses suggest to me that you arent aware of the depth and scope of this problem. For instance, you dont seem upset at all at Verizon’s entry qualifications which allow any type of choir to participate and sing gospel music. The judges are aware of this, are they not? Should holy be mixed with that which is unholy now? Light with darkness? You dont seem upset that an openly homosexual choir could be advanced in a gospel competition right along with everyone else.

    Re the judges: The ignorance clause is no longer acceptable. If a person agrees to judge a competition and does so without looking into its implications and their responsibilities, they are setting themselves up for certain failure. It does indeed bring into question their motivations. Especially in the age of information when such things are out in the open.

    Personally an “anointing” which only works in church is not an anointing at all. I do think most people may misunderstand and thus misapply the anointing. An God-given anointing does not work against the plan of God in one area and then work with the plan in another. Something is wrong with that.

    Even if this were not about abetting homosexuality, subjecting (what is supposed to be) God’s music to a capitalistic venture such as HSTS is grossly out of step with biblical directives. Finally division (if there is any) is caused by people who refuse to uphold righteousness, not those who do. Remember the question Moses asked: Who is on the Lord’s side? That’s really the question we should ask now. If you are on the Lord’s side how dare you lend your God-given talent and “fame” to help promote something so spiritually destructive as homosexuality? To me as an overcomer, it is a direct threat to the work of helping people overcome. And I will speak out against it wherever and in whomever is a party to it.

    I do appreciate your comments and hope that you continue on your path to victory.

  7. I love and so appreciate this discussion, because it really allows all of us to do some self-examination. Having said that… Many times, myself included, we’re lead by our feelings. When we are God-conscious how can we be self-conscious? Or as you put it, light with darkness! Being self-conscious requires flesh and we all know that the flesh ain’t good!

    So here are some questions to consider.

    – What if God instructed these judges to be a part of the show, and they knew all that you say they knew, and they prayed and fasted and asked God for confirmation, and through all that, He still instructed them to do so. So they followed the instructions of the Lord, who are we to question that? Shall we require an explanation from them?

    There will always comes a point where God requires us to come out of our comfort zones, to come out of those places where we feel comfortable and have become complacent, to a place where we’re not comfortable just so we can do something for Him.

    Through your convincing statement, I agree with you that the ignorance clause is no longer acceptable. So now, I believe, that they became a judge, to please God, not you please anybody else. I believe as a believer moreso than an overcomer, that if God is going to ask me to do something, He will provide me with the vision and the provision for my victory, which, in the natural, may appear completely contradictory to what I stand for. But God! But I can’t be concerned about that because, Romans 14:12, ‘So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God.’ And like those judges who do a great service onto God, I can’t be concerned with the minuet details, if God instructed me to do it, “I’m doin’ it! My motto when instructed to do something by God, ‘The less I know Lord, the better! Because my little mind would never comprehend or understand what You’re doing.’ Because the last thing I want, is to be like is Job, when God answered him out of a storm and told him, ‘Who is this the darkens my counsel with words without knowledge. Grid yourself like a man! For I will ask you questions and you shall answer me.’

    I appreciate all that you do in service and honor onto God. Be blessed!

  8. Bro.Ken said: – What if God instructed these judges to be a part of the show, and they knew all that you say they knew, and they prayed and fasted and asked God for confirmation, and through all that, He still instructed them to do so. So they followed the instructions of the Lord, who are we to question that? Shall we require an explanation from them?

    That didn’t happen.

  9. Sorry Ken, Robert & GCM are right.

    It is unlikely that God “told” them to be a celebrity judge. It is more likely they were offered and simply accepted (no lightening from heaven or anything deep).

    This doesn’t mean they don’t love God or aren’t being used by God. There is a business side of the industry though and when big corporations underwrite these large platforms their agenda comes along. This doesn’t mean this is the agenda of the artist who were judges but unfortunately they inevitably move it forward with their influence. I listen to each of these artists and to their credit, I doubt they did so with any intent to dishonor God. Unfortunately, this is so much apart of the African American church that most folks have become desensitized.

    The question we need to ask is who will answer for our sons and daughter (the next generation) as they reap the consequences of our silence? What will our families “look like” a generation from now?

  10. David,

    You have no evidence whatsoever. That’s the problem with your point of view. You never give the benefit of the doubt because let’s face it; you want to believe what you want to believe. It appears to me that evidence doesn’t matter to you because assumptions are backed by God in your opinion.

    Bro. Ken,

    I appreciate your kindness and understanding during your struggle. I hope that one day your struggle will end and you will find happiness. After the struggle, never forget where God has brought you from. Humility is a terrible thing to waste and so don’t lose it. Your humility is on full display in this particular forum and I pray you never lose it. That same humility allows you to see the world through another perspective than your own and thus learning is able to flourish within you. Love is the most important thing of all. I have a feeling that you will never forget that!

  11. Bro.Ken said:Thanks Robert, so you know this didn’t happen, how so?

    First, I must point out that you started that paragraph with a “What if” statement. So you don’t even know, its an assumption.

    Secondly I know the Bible and Him that authored it. The Light does not exalt Darkness.

  12. The fact that a gay choir won this so-called gospel competition is further prove that the church has offically crossed over. I can’t help but cringe everytime I hear the gospel being used for a competition or an award show. It’s no coincidence that shows like “Sunday Best” and “Bet Gospel Award” usually seem to be lacking true annointing. The gospel should not be used for entertainment, or “cash prizes”. There are REAL souls out there that are going to a REAL hell, and the church better wake up and get REAL serious.

  13. NC, the headline is suppositional. The competition hasnt started yet, but the possibility certainly exists that they could win.

  14. Oh my, I feel silly Pastor I have to learn to read more carefully! But it’s not only a possibility but a probability that a gay choir will win this year and every year they continue to hold this mess…

    GCMW: hey thats okay! glad for your comment

  15. Pastor Foster, why do you keep destroying my CD collection? lol.

    Bro. Ken, thank God for His power to deliver!

    I think we have to get over emotionalism and the use of these gospel artists music. There is a big problem when we want overlook and question articles such as this because they are being jusdged by our favorite artists. I dont care anything about their music if they are compromising all over the place, we should be concerned about their souls and the church, forget their talent. I say sing your own song to The LORD!

    Just a thought: I have come to the point that I have started to check myself during times of corporate worship. I ask myself these question,”am I praising the song, the vocal and musical abilities or am I lifting up my heart to Christ?”. While some are shouting, I am checking as I think there is way too much of a entertainment aspect to church nowadays.

    These individuals should know what and who they are judging. No one owes them anything to ask them personally, they are in it so they better read what the deal is.

    Anyway, they know and we would only fooling ourselves to think otherwise.

    I quote Mo’nique – “The Black Church and Black gospel music are very gay”.

    A serious a statement as I have ever heard regarding the “black” church.

  16. Paul are you serious? misspell the correction? GEEZ!

    GCMW: I cleaned up your misspells Paul. lol Dont sweat it. 🙂 Hey you said it best. We can all sing a new song to the Lord. I dont need to pay someone money to make that joyful noise. Blessings!

  17. Everyone responded so well, that I don’t have much to add except that anyone who declares to be a Christian is commanded to obey the Word. Be it a judge at one of these gospel contests, or a believer sitting on the back pew – we are commanded to put off the old man. In Ephesians 4:21-23 states, if indeed you have heard Him and have been taught by Him, as the truth is in Jesus: 22 that you put off, concerning your former conduct, the old man which grows corrupt according to the deceitful lusts, 23 and be renewed in the spirit of your mind. (NKJV)
    As a matter of fact in Ephesians 4:21-32, 5:1-21, Paul gives instruction for godly living. All the epistles tell us clearly how a believer is to live in a world of darkness. We are required to be holy, and we are all seeing what happens when we don’t. This is the glorification of man and it is idolatry plain and simple.
    Verizon has simply built an altar for “fake saints” to worship and praise the god of their imagination while dancing to “da gospel”~

  18. Oh dear Lord, why? Sodom and Gomorrah Gospel sanging contest is what they should call it. The homosexual agenda is in full force! The blood of these people will be required at the hands of those who know better!

  19. David & New Christian: I totally agree with your comments!

    Sometimes I see these competitions, and it reminds me of elementary school in a way. I wish that we could come together and delight in whatever we are doing without the fierce “competitiveness” that comes along with it. And this happens before these choirs even take the stage — abuse from the choir director who has his/her career on the line, performers trying to out-sing each other, and people generally competing for THEIR glory versus the glory of God.

    A line in the sand needs to be drawn. Abominations cannot be tolerated. Once you open the door a little bit, that’s all that is required for the rest of the elements in Pandora’s box to escape. I think people genuinely want to help others who “are not there,” but like people have said before, opening yourself up like that will bring you down faster than it will bring them up.

    I truly hope your fictional headline stays fictional, but I fear it is just like Big Brother and 1984: the day will come when this becomes a reality.

    The enemy is gaining strength day by day, and we’re just watching it all happen with a soda and popcorn in hand.

  20. Will, thanks man for your encouraging words!!!

    When I read articles and comments like those displayed here, I’m just so reminded of how people, especially Christians, judge with little or no thought to others. I learned to just call it the ‘Me factor.’ Such judging and judgments kept me out of the church for years, because I just didn’t want to have to deal with that. Comments that tore people down have never set well with me. I love how Steve Harvey put it best on his radio show, ‘There are so many Christians that are such hypocrites by being so judgmental, that they make it so difficult for anyone who wants to be saved. They make it so hard for new Christians to even begin their love walk with God.’ And sadly, this is true, I would watch other Christians act and speak ugly to people in general and think to myself, ‘if that’s what God’s love is, then I’ll pass.’ It honestly took God to intervene and begin show me that though our love for Jesus is the same, the way we illustrate that love is very different.

    Today I just simply try to empathize and understand not only where people are coming from, but where I’m coming from. And your right, God is still healing me from so stuff that is outside of the scope of homosexuality and though my humility for others feelings has often put me in a less favorable position with the moral majority, I still love in spite of.

    GCMW: Ken, take some time to study the scriptures about judging. Judging has very little to do with emotion as it does with standards. Anyone who’s ever been in a court room knows that a judge who rules based on his own emotions and not the facts and evidence of the case is an unfair judge. Mercy does involve a measure of emotional identification, but mercy is about the sentence and cannot be dispensed first without proper judgment.

  21. GCM, thank you for taking the time to outline what has already been mentioned many times already: the issue of judging. I saw this as a recurrent theme as of late from the Hawkins & the JBII thread. People such as Bro.Ken seemingly are more interested in preserving feelings that truly defending what they say they believe. Too often, these defenders default to message delivery than the message itself, to the extent that the MEANING of the message is heavily diluted into being ineffective. They seem to have no problem with the behavioral duplicity on clear display among those such as Steve Harvey, for which he needs to come off the radio and get some solid biblical teaching. (Doing a “prayer” and playing a couple of inspirational tracks at the top of the show ARE NEITHER QUALIFIERS NOR INDICATORS of one’s established relationship with the Risen Savior.)

    Holy Events, I certainly understand your agnst with the current landscape of these competitions. I was once part of an elementary school choir (in the early 80s–loved it), but it was not until I was among the “saints” 20 years later that I saw the crap as you described. The favoritism shown towards some/brutailty towards others from choir directors & “music ministers,” petty people attempting to out-scream each other (I refuse to call it singing) to the extent of risking hoarseness, 3 hour rehearsals (often right after work) was astounding, and for what?!

    As you said, God is not glorified in any of this, and to boot, far too many of these people leading these choruses have a nerve to tell people in the “church setting” that they should sing as though they are NOT part of some competition. If that is to be the case, why sign up to become part of one!! The stupdity astounds me!!!

  22. Bro. Ken,

    I hope you remain encouraged in spite of! The world needs more people like you in it. Stay positive and know that we serve an awesome God who welcomes everyone to his table. Have a blessed weekend!

  23. If we practice sin, then we deny the truth of God’s salvation. People love talking about the type of folk Jesus
    allowed to fellowship with Him. No matter the title-prostitute, tax collector, etc.-we HAVE to put the word
    “former” in front of it. Jesus never surrounded Himself with people who
    were still IN their sin. They all had to denounce their old sinful lives and be forgiven BEFORE they could fellowship, or have a close relationship with Christ.
    It is foolish to try and bring your nasty life to Christ and say He’ll accept it and you because He loves you! The devil is a liar! Repent now while you still can!

  24. I look at this blog from time to time, and to the owner of this blog, thanks for the info, as it is needed to not just point out the frauds, but also to point out the mistakes of those who think that their decision to be a part of something that remotely relates to christianity is actually on God’s agenda. Being one who stuggles with this mess of homosexuality, I am not at all surprised with what is going on, as the explanation of it is clear, one example being what is written in Romans 1. But what I find interesting is what appears to be “shock” when it is documented about a gay choir winning a competition, mega church leaders caught in scandal, and the like. To stay within topic, look at what we call gospel music! Look at who sings it, look at who owns the record labels, who run the radio stations, who goes to streaming faith, tbn, THE WORD NETWORK and the rest! Are we REALLY surprised?? I am a collector of “gospel” music, from the 50’s to the 90’s and I am embarrassed and ashamed that the majority of what I listened to, got saved by, and got a Holy Ghost Shout off of was sung, written, or directed by a homosexual male or female. What I am saying is that more than 75% of the music of this era was tainted! tHIS IS NOT INCLUDING WHAT WE ARE LISTENING TO NOW!! If you don’t believe me, you can easily look on youtube and pull up a name and see who is singing (such as alex bradford, james cleveland, gospel clefs, institutional radio choir of NYC, new york community choir, issac douglas singers, the hawkins, savettes, victory chorale ensemble and it is said that some of the wards singers were in it too, including clara!) and if that isn’t enough, look up some of these people’s biographies EVEN MOST OF TODAYS ARTISTS. My consolation is the fact that Gods Word tells us that His gifts come without repentance, and so God’s gift was utilized by these individuals, but it doesn’t mean that because their gift may have brought souls to Christ, that they themselves will enter into Heaven. The question now is what do we do, once we have full knowledge of who is who? Do we continue to buy their product, because the music sounds good, and “anointed” because it gave us goosebumps, or made us cry and lift our hands? Do we continue to support their efforts by listening to their music, and buy tickets to their concerts? I guess the question now is, what do we do now that this particular sin, an ABOMINATION acccording to God’s word, is blatant and obvious for the entire world to see? Do we continue to read/post on these boards and speak on this, yet continue to support those who we know are only out for the bucks, because WE ALL KNOW THAT THE GOSPEL MUSIC INDUSTRY IS A BILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS NOW! Homosexuals have strategically placed themselves in every industry and has affected every industry that generates $$$$, so do we continue to hide in the 4 walls of church buildings, and embrace them as long as they give tithes and offerings yet trash them privately? How do we then love them, according to the Word of God, to the point of repentance and deliverance from this particular sin?

  25. Yes they must be rhetorical questions because the Word of God clearly answers everyone of them.

    Leviticus 11:45 (King James Version)

    45For I am the LORD that bringeth you up out of the land of Egypt, to be your God: ye shall therefore be holy, for I am holy.

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