NO more moralistic theraputic deism

jbm-nmores Juanita Bynum can keep her sheets. But please mam, for God’s sakes stop the madness.

Unfortunately,  there’s scant evidence to suggest she will. So here we go again with “No More Sheets”.  And look who’s joining her to tell us all that all we  need is a good dose of celebrating ourselves.

Jonathan Nelson who recently appeared with inclusion heretic Carlton Pearson

Dorinda Clark Cole of the How Sweet the Sound controversy.

Darrell Hines. Cant help but be disappointed in this after the “holiness is right” speech on TBN. Et tu Bishop?

Is it the money? Do these people not care about what Juanita Bynum is doing and saying? Are they in agreement with her lunacy? Are they in such a deep vacuum of seclusion they have not seen and heard?

Do they just need to keep their faces out in the public with these appearances to help sell CDs and products? All of the featured faces except Woods has a new CD product on the market. Is this just one big CD sellfest disguised as a conference about dealing with sexual issues or whatever it is Miss Bynum is hawking now? Notice there’s no scripture references on the flyer. That’s so the tag is open to whatever interpretation you think it means. A scripture would add restrictions.

And the “preferred seating” thing still is just so very weird for a church gathering.

My brethren, you must not make distinctions between one man and another while you are striving to maintain faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, who is our glory. James 2:1

This conference is aping the new american religion with its  ” its all about you” message.  Its a trending favorite of all the preachers turned life coach gurus. I was at a seminar last weekend and heard a term I’d never heard before describe the state of American Christianity. Its called Moralistic Therapeutic Deism and is defined by researchers thusly:

1. “A god exists who created and ordered the world and watches over human life on earth.” 2. “God wants people to be good, nice, and fair to each other, as taught in the Bible and by most world religions.” 3. “The central goal of life is to be happy and to feel good about oneself.” 4. “God does not need to be particularly involved in one’s life except when God is needed to resolve a problem.” 5. “Good people go to heaven when they die.”

Infused with a new world ethics of diversity and inclusion, people conclude that no one is in a position to judge anyone else. Thus, we are all left to determine what is morally right for ourselves. Add to that the idea that religion’s goal should be to make a person happy. Any talk of suffering, responsibility, self denial, sexual morality or sin is rejected because such things inhibit one’s “personal happiness”.  The new cosmopolitan belief that God can only become involved in our lives when we want him to seals this false construct becoming so prevalent in the church today.  God  becomes God only by default. He is viewed almost like Santa Claus, rewarding good people when they die with heaven. Hell (if it exists) is for those who don’t want others to be  good, loving and happy by telling them they cannot live in whatever way makes them happy.

Listen closely and you will hear these ideologies rehearsed over and over in popular Christian/gospel music, sermons by popular Christian speakers, in books by popular Christian writers and in conferences by popular conference conveners like Juanita Bynum.

Thats why blogs like GCM Watch is hated by the lovers of moralistic theraputic deism.

It also explains why people can call themselves Christians and at the same time promote concepts and ideologies contradictory to biblical orthodoxy (right belief) and orthopraxy (right conduct). And why so many of the conferences and “sermons” we hear today are me-centered. God wants you happy, God saw the best in you, live your best life now, be a better you, “love yourself”, “do you”, ad naseum.

Watch Jaunita Bynum talk more religious goobley-gock where she says Prince, DMX and Michael Jackson had a “prophetic anointing”.

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  1. People of God: Anyone who still has two working brain cells needs to forsake and flee from this false prophetess. She speaks nonsense and is no more an anointed prophetess than the Pope is
    a practicing Mormon.
    It galls me that people have not dumped this misguided child long ago but still, she reinvents herself with a lot of tomfoolery
    and PR drama and black folks fall all over their feet rushing to her seminars and paying her money for gibberish.
    What a sad state of affairs it is in the black church when the
    Juanita Bynum’s can find ANYPLACE that will even allow her in their parking lot, much less to take a podium and shovel out
    this pablum of made up foolishness!
    Our judgment is that God has allowed these fools to continually fool some people because they wanted to be fooled by the Bynums and Dollar’s and Price’s of this present age…so God said: “OK,
    have at it”, and has left them to their own devices to follow these charlatans.
    Times are waxing worse and worse and such idiocy as these “seminars” only hastens the development of similar self
    appointed and anointed prophets and prophetesses to get in on the goodies and monies while the time is still ripe.
    Unless these people pray the larceny out of their own spirits and hearts, the Bynum’s will continue to dupe and prosper gullible Christians who have itching ears to hear what they want to hear.
    There is indeed a famine of Word in the land!

  2. She canceled the conference at the last minute…She announced, however, that she will begin holding “1 hour prayer conference calls” once per month exclusively for the registrants of the canceled conference…This is the message she has posted on her site:

    As we prepare for the prophetic shift December 1-3, 2010 God has given his servant Dr. Bynum a mandate to prepare those that will be in attendance…. We will have a 1 hour time of prayer conference call with Dr. Bynum once a month starting August 3….We will corporately pray together monthly and meet in Miami, Florida on December 1-3 on one accord…. God is preparing a ready people for this next shift in Him! Please make sure your registration is confirmed with an accurate email address. All private details concerning conference call will be emailed to the address we have on file.

  3. great article…so many people sing that Marvin Sapp song without realizing how “me centered” it really is…i caught it when i first saw it on tv….i wanted to like the song but i couldnt because it totally contradicts what the Bible says about what’s in us…

  4. Thanks for that Ann. It seems it has basically went underground. I hope it was because ticket sales were low. But I’m still perplexed as to why the aforementioned would agree to appear with madness in the first place.

  5. What, no “refund” of registration fees! Total insanity!

    Have no fellowship with the “unfruitful” works of darkness, but rather expose them. For it is shameful even to speak of those things which are done by them in secret.
    But all things that are exposed are made manifest by the light, for whatever makes manifest is light.
    Therefore He says…
    Awake you who sleep, arise from the dead, and Christ will give you light! See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be unwise, but understand what the will of the Lord is! (Eph 5:11-16)

    I know that it is NOT the will of the Lord for “my” life to attend any such “ear-tickling-self-exalting” conferences! Sad to say, these conferences are more of the “norm” in “christianity” today! Come quickly Lord Jesus!

  6. If you look carefully at the website, the conference has not been cancelled. The date has been changed to Dec. 1-3.

    GCMW: Wow, I feel like ping pong. But I did look and the website announcement says NMS is Dec 1-3. So its not cancelled. I wonder if the same guests will be in it?

  7. From the bottom video.
    Bynum said”…or who my NEXT husband is going to be…” LOL are you serious? Of course don’t ask God if this is the right person for you to marry.

    DMX rapped a song with Marilyn Mason and the devil called “The Omen” it is the most satanic song I know if. I would not suggest you listen to it.

    Micheal Jackson and Prince well if you really don’t know go buy TBHH part 5.

  8. Well the flyer says it all. Right above the word July it says, “It’s all about you”. It’s never all about Jesus. It’s all about your season, your moment, your harvest, your blessing, your purpose…and preferred seating? When did it become ok to “pimp” the gospel? I guess God isn’t speaking to her anymore so she has to re-hash old sermons and put a new spin on it….smh…would the real men/women of God please stand up??

  9. After reading this post and the comments, I’m kind of saddened. So, why are we so excited about the “us” vs. “them” mindset? And while it doesn’t always take a rocket scientist to recognize the foolishness surrounding Ms.Bynum, what benefit does this article or our judgement serve? Our spiritual arrogance is not winning souls for Christ — As we bodly profess how righteous we are, folks are becoming less and less interested in the “Church.” Question to ponder: Are we truly ministering like Jesus or are we modern day Pharisees?

    To be honest, I’m totally frustrated with religion and if I wasn’t introduced to the church at an early age, I wouldn’t want much to do with it, at all.

    No disrespect intended, just adding my opinion.

  10. i too can’t STAND that Marvin Sapp song “he saw the best in me”….a lot of church folk have been just going on and on about what a great song it is and how it moves them….but i challenge them to see that, is it not more worth thanks that GOD SAW THE ABSOLUTE WORST IN ALL OF US (Sin) and yet Sent his blameless son to the cross????? THAT’s what makes me rejoice…..

  11. JBII needs to repent and be saved. I really have no words for this foolish woman other than she literally looks like a child of satan to me. And I am not speaking of her “looks” but her countenance says it all. There is something about this woman. I am not sure if she is just deluded herself or if she is being used of the devil or is she is fully aware who her father is and enjoying her ride to the lake. Either way I will pray for those still deceived and following this woman.

    No refunds? They must be nuts to accept that.

    And that MARVIN SAPP SONG…I am SO glad someone else said it! People singing and crying and snotting over that song because we are SO “me centered” and more concerned with our “haters” than the filthy dirty rag we are before we realize we NEED a savior so we can REPENT and the confess (through our actions) and believe on the savior to save our nasty selves!

    ok i’m done, let me step off this soapbox

  12. $40 preferred seating? Who thinks these things up? It is shameless, self serving and devoid of any humility.

  13. shakila I tend to think the epitome of arrogance is to deny what God has to offer and forge out your own “way” like what Bynum does. She is in open violation of the Bible(multiple marriages, false prophesy ect ect) and has made a living scamming church folk with no Discernment.

  14. amen Dmac. They act as if “preferred seating” is some benefit. Its just another scam to get more money out of the conference goers and make people feel faux importance. That’s “me-centered” religious culture for you.

  15. But what is behind the offer of “preferred seating”? I mean, what’s the point of it? How can it be justified? The only thing I can think of is that preferred seating is seating up in the front, close to the speaker. And if that’s the case, what benefit does one receive from being close to the speaker? A mighty wind of anointing? Being healed in their shadow? Having the luxury of hearing every syllable uttered?

    I truly don’t understand why there is preferred seating in what they believe is a gathering to hear God’s Word. It makes no sense, it’s not biblical and frankly it makes me want to vomit. It’s blatant favoritism towards those who have more money. And if you want to stretch it further than that, it feeds people’s pride, for who wouldn’t get puffed up when they’re so close to the feet of the great prophetess and the highly-esteemed singer?

    I can’t stand favoritism in any form, in any place.

  16. Wow! Jb has gotten progressively stranger by the year. Religion Is so dangerous. It just moves God right out the way and man becomes god unto himself…very dangerous.

  17. C’mon Angela! Preferred seating puts ya closer to “dat anointing” that the prophetess will impart. You know God can’t get to ya if you seat in the $20 seat.
    Seriously, we are witnessing God’s amazing grace and mercy that He doesn’t destroy us all – but judgement is coming~

  18. “…You know God can’t get to ya if you seat in the $20 seat.”


    My bad. I totally forgot about that scripture: “Beloved, think it not silly to sit at the feet of the prophetess, eagerly awaiting the annointing that will come upon you once you give her the non-refundable payment of God’s preferred seat.”

    I think it’s in Proverbs.

  19. Exactly Lady D, how is JBII’s mantle gonna fall on you if you are at back. If you want the double portion, you gotta pay!

    I think JBII would say the back seats are for common folk like bic pens.

  20. Lord help us. Am I hearing this right?
    So foul-mouthed DMX, who sang his demonic song with Marilyn Manson is a Prophet?

    And Michael Jackson was admittedly in contact with spirits from the dark side, but he’s a Prophet? (see 2:33 to 3:52)

    And Prince, who’s a member and and promoter of the Jehovah’s Witness cult, is a Prophet?

    This ignorant woman needs to really go sit down somewhere. She doesn’t seem to have the discernment level that God gave to a mosquito.

    Yes,those artists are talented, but that doesnt make them “prophets” by any means. By that absurd definition, let’s all give honor to the Prophet Elton John, The Prophet Eminem, and that mighty Prophetess Mariah Carey!! Silly rabbit. This woman is really becoming more and more annoying with her foolishness.

  21. I loved this article. Great Posting!

    I think the artists she mentions are prophets….prophets of Baal, demons and the like. They prophesy and speak death into millions of their followers and lead them on like paths.

    As for the preferred seating thing…that literally cracks me up. As soon as I see that stuff on the conference flyers, I know it’s not about Jesus but about man. I wonder when Moses read the Commandments to the Israelites if he charged 20 silver coins to be closer to him as he read God’s laws? And for the other million that were in the back, could they not feel the anointing in the reading of God’s Word?

    And why does she try 2 b so deep? What is this new dimension she keeps referring to? Is not the revelation of God found within His word?

  22. She is scrambling trying to make money! Its not about souls because if it was She could preach on the streets.I can see right thru these attempts to gather enough cash to hold on to a lavish lifestyle.She just cant find a Hustle that will work right now

  23. This is a great post. I think the conference was cancelled because of low ticket sales. JBII has alot more people who have picked up her anointing and ran with it. LOL! I think the KISS method (Keep it Simple Stupid)should be applied to modern wannabe prophets and apostles. There are more nonbelievers actually reading and studying scripture than folk in the church. That’s why people like JBII, JHB, TDJ and others can continue to dupe the church folk cause they have nothing but itching ears.

  24. thank you prophesi and Holy Events. Great comments.

    I also wanted to point out that the words “good, loving and happy” are morally neutral as utilized by the new ethic Christian church. The problem is these words are devoid of true biblical context and leave the definition open to one’s own sense of what that might look like.

    God is then obligated (they think) to reward good people who have done good things. They generally judge that by popularity and human affirmation rather than the Word of God.

  25. This is a not a prophetess of the Most High God. It is pure blasphemy what this lady is saying as she is comparing light and darkness. Prince,MJ,DMX is clearly children of the devil that has been used to bring in the power of the antichrist spirit. I feel sorry for those souls that continue to support and her delusions. The bible says, But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.

  26. A very timely post, and very sobering. You touched on several things that have been bothering me lately as well. That Marvin Sapp song? Our church choir sang that recently and I was just dumbfounded that anybody could equate that with the Gospel. What makes God’s grace so AMAZING is that he saw the WORST in us and sent his Son to die for our sins anyway! The bible clearly says “while we were YET sinners, Christ died for us.” At war with God and he saved us anyway, his enemies and he saved us anyway! Also the first time I ran across the phrase in the header was in the book “Christless Christianity” by Michael Horton. I highly recommend this book, very thought provoking.

  27. thanks, Ken501. It should bother all of us who know what the good news is all about. It is just as you said. There was nothing good or righteous in us, that’s what he saw. Even after that our righteousness is as filthy rags. But Sapp perverts the gospel by writing this mess which sounds like something describing two teenagers in love in a sappy 80s movie.
    This song is a perfect example of moralistic theraputic deism. Lyrics below. Look and see if you can find anything remotely biblical or scriptural about it.

    He saw the best in me
    when everyone else around,
    could only see the worst in me.
    can i tell yall one more time,one more time
    He’s mine and I’m his,
    it doesn’t matter what I did.
    for He only sees me for who I am.
    He saw the best in me,
    when everyone else around me
    could only see the worst in me.
    He saw the best,what did he see
    the best
    he saw my smile
    He saw the best
    my laugh
    my hurt
    it is true
    The best
    he saw
    The best
    The best
    He’s mine and I’m his,
    it doesn’t matter what I did.
    He only sees me for who I am.
    I am his everything and he is mine
    we were meant to be
    yes we have gone through fog and we have gone through the trials
    but it doesnt matter because in the end we will walk out hand in hand because

    Incidentally, the song shot to #1 on the billboard charts helped by Sapp’s TERRIBLE APPEARANCE the Monique show. As I said the stuff that passes as gospel is fraudulent.

  28. OK, I must be from another planet, because I don’t even recognize the song. I have a very small library of current gospel music. Not because I write it all off, but because what’s out here now does nothing for me. When I listen to gospel music now, it’s almost always music from way back, and I listen to that primarily for nostalgia’s sake. What’s more is that many of the older songs, in my opinion, tend to be more Christ-centered. I am aware that gospel artists have been around as long as forever and even then they were writing & singing songs, but the content of many of the songs back then seem to be different.

    Anyway, I’ve never seen the lyrics of Marvin Sapp’s song written out until now (much less heard the it), and I must say that I now understand what everyone is talking about.
    Well, I suppose this is one reason why you can play certain gospel music in the clubs – who’ll get convicted listening to a message like that?

    I think the objection that people have to other people objecting to the song itself is that [some people] are being pessimistic about the gospel, as though every song written and sung should talk about how sinful we are and how miserable we are without God. But what they’re not understanding is that it’s vital that whenever we’re singing about the Lord, we have to be scripturally-sound. Because when we’re sound, we then have the proper image of God, and when we have the proper image of God, what we say, do, write and sing is fundamentally correct, therefore bringing glory to Him.
    It all begins with a correct view of Jesus.
    Not to sound like I’m preaching or anything.

    Well I got to look this up on you tube or something.

    And doesn’t the lyrics seem to encourage you not to change?

  29. Angela, like you, I only heaard this treack for the first time in its entirety this morning on Tom Joyner’s show. I had precisely the same sentiments you had on this track, as well as noting the distinct differences in music quality of old veruss today. There is no way this can pass for “gospel,” and I would dare say that tracks such as these are designed silence “critics” i.e. those standing in righteousness carrying forward the mandate to preach the Gospel in its entirety.

    (Sigh) I so cannot wait to get my mp3 player………..

  30. I think a lot of this music is designed to “chart” not minister or even save. Charting must have the widest appeal possible. Thus, the lyrics cannot be about anything that could possibly turn someone off. Well at least not those who truly value the gospel.

  31. N’Catina, too bad, because I have two and I could give you the one I’m not using! Then you could put all the songs on there that you want.

  32. That Donald Lawrence song, “Back To Eden” is silly, too. I hate that song. Great post, gcm, keep on telling the truth!

  33. Angela, I placed my mp3 player order on; should arrive by Tuesday……..again, can’t wait!

  34. JB is just going the way of her brother Tom Bynum. He had a church and a TV program, in Chicago, back in the 90’s and at that time he was preaching that Jimmy Hendrix had a “psalmist anointing”. It was spooky to hear “the man of Gawd” speak in such idolatrous terms, and it is more frightening today that his sis has taken up the banner.

    No matter: GOD IS IN CONTROL!!

  35. Thank you aplus32! That Donald Lawrence song doesn’t even make sense! How can we get back to Eden & supposedly “live on top of the world” when Adam & Eve already got kicked out??? It is just foolishness to please the flesh & to promote the prosperity false gospel…smh

  36. GCM Watch,

    First time I’ve seen this video. I’m in total agreement with your assessment, as well as most of the other commenters, I just saw something in the video that struck me rather odd. Ms. Bynum claims that she is prophesying under the “spirit of Issachar”. Perhaps I’m missing something, but when did Issachar ever prophesy like this? What type of reference could she be referring to? I’m normally able to pick up when false prophets/pastors/teachers are using a scripture blatantly out of context (even if it exists), but I don’t have a clue where she’s getting this one. Then again, maybe I’m just not looking close enough. Any ideas?

    The rest of the video is pretty clear cut, as it is the same proverbial soup we’ve come to expect from her kind, just reheated.

    Really enjoying the material on your blog…I’m currently on an extended deployment (thanks to the Navy), and since I am graced by Christ to have some internet access out here, I try to check in from time to time. Mostly to observe, and seasonally to comment. May God richly bless and keep you in all of your endeavors as you continue to contend for the faith (Jude 3).

    Soli Deo Gloria,


  37. r4c,
    First of all a big salute to you and all our brothers and sisters serving overseas! Im proud of you and pray for your safety and success.

    Bynum’s reference to prophesying under the “spirit of Issachaar” is a tie-in to 1 Chronicles 12:32, “Men of Issachar, who understood the times and knew what Israel should do”.

    Of course, given the evidence, this is a brazen lie coming out of the mouth of JB II. She is devoid of understanding and certainly not in any position to advise anybody on anything.

    But with this woman, what else is new? She misuses scripture to portray herself as some sort of spiritual mediator between God and man.

  38. To piggy-back on Robert and Observer comments. Michael Jackson was both a closet homosexual and very much into the occult. And he had an prophetic anointing. Yeah right JB II? I guess Jay Z and Kanye have an anointing?

    Good article about the truth of Michael Jackson, by Pastor Joe Schimmel, the link below.

  39. Shofarsound: blinking my eyes repeatedly. Wow, this man hit the devil right between his eyeballs! Its stunning how the spirit of seduction blinds people to truth and rapes their souls. My God!

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