Are the "days of Daniel" are upon us?

Two cases of Christian students who have refused to affirm homosexuality as a precondition to degree requirements are setting an antichrist precedent much like the story of Daniel.  Judge for yourself.

A judge recently ruled against Julea Ward who was forced out of Eastern Michigan’s counseling program after she refused to participate in a diversity “remediation program”. The program was intended to repair the problem Ward had caused by saying she could not affirm homosexual behavior in a client but instead opted to refer the patient to someone who could better serve their needs. The university said that was “discrimination”.

Another case in Georgia is anticipating a similar fight. Per an ABC News report, a school is making approval of homosexuality a prerequisite for graduation from its counseling program.

Backed by the Alliance Defense Fund, Jennifer Keeton has filed suit against Augusta State University after, she said, school officials threatened to dismiss her from its counseling program when she refused to participate in a “remediation” plan to increase her tolerance of gays and lesbians after she made it known that she believed homosexuality was a personal choice.

Lou Engle leader of the Christian youth movement The Call told Charisma Magazine that hard times are surely ahead.

“I believe that the Supreme Court will probably go that way again,” Engle said. “This means that the Christian voice is being completely discriminated against, and it’s going to, I believe, release persecution on university students, and it’s only the beginning.”

Engle said Christian students will be forced to take a stand. “We’re in the days of Daniel. … You’ve got to trust that God will bring you divine promotion when you refuse to bow down to the image,” he said. “To compromise for the sake of getting a grade, you’re practicing to receive the mark of the beast.”

“In other words, if you can’t stand in this day, how are you going to stand when the real pressure heats up?” Engle continued. “We’re going to find out who the real Christians are.”

This isn’t just happening in academia. Its beginning to manifest itself in numerous employment arenas. The world (under the influence of the antichrist spirit) sees the refusal to affirm this abomination a major crime. The gay church helps by portraying it as a major sin. It is fast becoming the litmus for basic judgment of a person’s character. The cases and legal precedents being establish now will eventually become the law of the land. What will you do when it does. Will you be a Daniel and open your windows wide to do what you know is right? Or will you attempt to save yourself (and your family) by agreeing with it? This, my brothers and sisters is an inevitable conflict already prophesied to us in scripture.

I have had numerous Christians in the teaching, administrative and related fields ask me about this and its implication for them. I agree with Engle 100%. This is not a matter of if but when you will face it. To think that you can or will remain neutral is a grave error in judgment.

Consider the dilemma of those who will face the antichrist. If they worship the beast and take his mark to receive support, God will pour out his full wrath upon them. If they refuse the mark of the beast, they will be killed (immediately?) for their allegiance to God. Revelation 14:9,10; 13:16-17

You had better make up your mind now and determine within your heart that you will stay with God no matter what. We told you before open war is upon us. The false prophets continue to speak “peace and safety” (aka blessings and favor) but too many have no idea what is about to break open in this country. If you listen to these false voices, you are setting yourself up for sudden destruction.


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  1. Hello Pastor,

    I just watched a series of clips on exministries where they are talking about “homosexual sensitivity” training. I agree with what you said that the time is come that we must make up our mind who’s side are we on. Its sad, but Jesus already prophesied all of this in Matt 24, plus many other references in scripture. In my city Baton Rouge, LA, there is currently a big deal of passing an ordinance “accepting” glbt as part of the community. The City did not pass this, so now they are saying that they will protest and try to make it a law instead of a non-binding ordinance.

    The truth is, there is a difference between tolerance, and affirmation. Why the lgbt community scream tolerance, what they really want is affirmation. The average citizen tolerates homosexuals…but thats not enough. As always when dealing with the Spirit of Antichrist, remember that it opposes and EXALTS itself above anything that is of GOD.

    The truth is homosexuals,need to repent b/c the Lord is coming back. And also liars, whoremongers, adulterers, etc. I Cor 6:9, Eph 5:3,4 Gal 5:19-20

    May God bless you Pastor to continue to stand, and not faint!

  2. jp, what we are seeing today has been a generation in the making. When I worked for American Airlines, HQ mandated that all employees watch and sign agreement with a video on “gay sensitivity”. I watched but refused to sign my agreement to it. I dont know what my boss did. She was a pentecostal Christian and I told her in no uncertain terms I would never sign my name to it as agreeing to what they put forth in the video. After that video went out homosexual support groups exploded in the company and they organized the first “employee diversity” group conference in Dallas. Allegedly it was supposed to make all the different groups in AA feel valued and equal. I went to the one day conference and I can tell you the homosexual employees were in control of everything! Their prancing, bragging and posturing sickened me. This is what they wanted us all to agree to. The other groups (even the one so called Christian group) was there only as props to affirm the agenda of the gay groups. Incidentally by the time this conference was held the gay groups already outnumbered any other diversity group 3 to 1.

  3. Well I’ll be. Thanks for writing this.
    I’m in school now, working towards a degree in social work, and the end goal is to obtain a graduate degree in the field. The graduate education entails components of counseling.
    The truth is, I didn’t think about encountering this specific type of situation along the way. So now I wonder, will I encounter the same pressure as Julea & Jennifer to accept and affirm homosexuality as normal? And if I don’t, do I have to go through the ringer just to receive a degree that I worked hard to attain?
    This gay christian movement is like an octopus, it really is. It’s agenda is spread everywhere, in all facets of life, affecting everything. And JP, I agree with you. The gay community wants more than tolerance, they want affirmation. I think a better way of putting it is that they demand tolerance, and strongly desire affirmation. And the line between the two is becoming increasingly blurred.

    Interesting though: if we are living in the days of Daniel so to speak, what’s symbolic to the burning furnace and the lion’s den?

  4. This is not surprising really. There are only two sides and both are diametrically opposed to one another. The Bible says as the darkness increases so shall the Light.

  5. Robert, what is surprising is that a lot of people in the church dont know that it shouldnt be surprising. This isnt a yawn, told you so moment. It calls for one’s serious reflection of their own personal devotion to Christ in the face of what is to come.

    As it says in Jeremiah 12:5 If you have raced with men on foot and they have worn you out, how can you compete with horses? If you stumble in safe country, how will you manage in the thickets by the Jordan?

    Too many are giving out and falling down and the battle hasnt even intensified at this point. Just imagine what will happen when the restrictions on these demons will fall?

    Its only through the personal resolve (see Daniel) to standfast does the “light” provide inspiration to those who are weak. But make no mistake a gross darkness and a famine for the Word of the Lord is coming.

  6. Counselors are human beings, not robots. If she wanted to pass this person on to someone else who is better suited for that kinda thing, she should have the right to do so. What next, she’s forced to talk to pedophiles and help them through their issues?

    This “movement” is getting stronger and stronger by the day. it’s really sad. But I am proud of her for standing up for what she believes in.

  7. I was thinking of precisely the same thing. I just completed my first week at a new job at a university hospital here in PHL, in a part of the city known as “The Gayborhood.” (Rainbow monikors on the street signs gives that away.) College campuses specifically are targets for such a thing b/c the majority of the student body is young (fresh out of childhood) and idealistic; the perfect sponge by which to soak up virtually anything they encouter. Where else to push such an agenda so aggresively?

    GCM, as far as corporate having these “diversity tranings” for the employee base, one of my former colleagues for GlaxoSmithKline mentioned that such a thing was done there earlier this year. All employees were required to avail themselves to the “tranings” as forced affirmation of this garbage. It is very pervasive, and I agree that this qualifies on a large scale as a Daniel moment.

    Angela, you asked some very good questions concerning this Daniel moment; wondering about the sybolism of the firey furnace and the lion’s den as it applies to this time period. In any instance, this is but a huge clarion call for anyone that says they are a child of God to begin proving it now as He continues to supply breath to our bodies.

  8. Interesting Topic.

    I believe we are seeing and will see the following events occur like this…1. Hezekiah erroneously showed the Babylonians(The World) his treasures. Aren’t Christians today showing their talents and abilities to the world…mixing the profane with the holy. 2. Then we have the Jeremiah’s who are preaching GOD’s judgement vs. the false preachers…Prosperity, Inclusion, Peace-Peace, Once saved always Saved, the GCMs, etc, etc. 3. GOD invaded and destroyed apostate Israel(the Church) back in Jeremiah’s time then with Babylon(The World). 4. GOD will destroy this apostate Laodicean Church in order to raise up a Church(a people) without spot or wrinkle. 5. Then then the Church(underground) or saints in captivity(the Daniels, the Josephs) will be raised up to proclaim GOD and HIS SON JESUS CHRIST to the whole world.

    GOD’s people overall, overwhelmingly, are not ready for this? I believe and know that Christians that have been enduring and suffering hard times are more prepared than those that are at ease in Zion. Overwhelmingly, Christains are at ease in this country. They ain’t ready for the stuff that is coming!

    Why isn’t the Church overall ready? The Gospel of the Kingdom of GOD has not preached in this generation the way the LORD JESUS and after the day of Pentecost in Acts Chapter 2, Peter, James, John and the apostle Paul preached it. Following CHRIST will cost you EVERYTHING! Overall, Christenity is asleep…Many have been taught a false gospel of inclusion, once saved always saved, prosperity gospel, and GOD is love…HE would never allow the devil to attack me, overtake me, or destroy me.

    If you notice with the LORD JESUS CHRIST’s teachings and parables, HIS Words were warnings and words of preparation for severe persecution, endurance and hardship. HE did not LIE to them then and HE is not lying to us today! We need to ask ourselves personally and individually, Who is preaching and teaching like JESUS would today? WWJD???

    The LORD said in Luke 17:32 to remember Lot’s wife…What does that tell us? Lot’s wife was given the opportunity to get out of Sodom and Gomorrah…she was judged unworthy to escape and condemned because she looked back! Look at Luke 17:33 KJV
    “Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it; and whosoever shall lose his life shall preserve it.”

    Carnal Christians will not make it in! PERIOD! Look at what is coming to us…Luke 17:22 KJV And he said unto the disciples,
    “The days will come, when ye shall desire to see one of the days of the Son of man, and ye shall not see it.”

    What you say LORD? Say what? Are we ready? Am I ready?

    Last thing, the worse place to be spiritually right now is ASLEEP! PERIOD! Wake up Church! Wake up Church! Wake up!

  9. HE, youre right Ward did what was professionally acceptable. If you cant help a client, then refer them to someone who can. But its clear EMU wanted to make an “example” out of her to send a message to others.

    These so-called discrimination policies are nothing but nooses for Christians who refuse to bow down to the sacred gay golden calf.

  10. First I’d like to thank you for all you do. You blog has really opened my eyes to things I never thought much about.

    We’ve stated a study of Daniel for our Bible Study and God has really been speaking volumes to me on this subject. Babylon was established by Nimrod of the “we will rebel” fame. Babylon’s first order of business was a 3 year assimilation and indoctrination program. Sound familiar? Instead of their God glorifying Hebrew names, they received Babylonian names honoring the Babylonian little g’s. Babylon wants your identity. They were taught the literature and language of Babylon (confusion). They were offered the opportunity to eat from the king’s table and drink the king’s intoxicating wine. 1st Corinthians 10:21 You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons too; you cannot have a part in both the Lord’s table and the table of demons. Revelations 14:8 A second angel followed and said, “Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great, which made all the nations drink the maddening wine of her adulteries.”

    Daniel 1:8 Daniel resolved not to defile himself with the royal food and wine, and he asked the chief official for permission not to defile himself this way.

    It’s time for resolution. Which table will we eat? The Lord’s or the king of Babylon.

  11. gcmwatch (author) said:

    Robert, what is surprising is that a lot of people in the church dont know that it shouldnt be surprising. This isnt a yawn, told you so moment. It calls for one’s serious reflection of their own personal devotion to Christ in the face of what is to come.

    GCMWatch I apologize I didn’t mean to trivialize the situation as the norm. It certainly is a big deal and the Bible even speaks of such times, that Christians will give an account for their beliefs.

    If we are living in the days of Daniel lets pay attention to what Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego said in answer to the King of Babylon.

    This is only a part of the Bible Real men of God will preach on behind the pulpit, because it affirms persecution for the sake of God and real Faith.

    Daniel 3
    17″If it be so, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the furnace of blazing fire; and He will deliver us out of your hand, O king.

    18″ But even if He does not, let it be known to you, O king, that we are not going to serve your gods or worship the golden image that you have set up.”

    “…EVEN IF HE DOES NOT…” read it and believe it.

  12. Sho nuff sir! Even if he does not!
    Now, thats the message and resolves EACH OF US needs to have going forward. I so identify with that. Bowing down is not an option.

  13. N’Catina, congrats on your new job, by the way.

    I agree with your comment about how the young, college crowd is the ideal target for the gay christian movement, given their spunky idealism and how easily they soak up modern philosophies like a sponge. It’s a primary reason that I grieve for this generation, because everyone is out to get them; they’re consistently bombarded with deceiving ideals and imprinted with political agendas. I pray that the Lord would raise up some authentic, biblically-sound, passionate Christians who have a heart for this generation in order to silence the noise in their ears.

  14. Poeple of God: This post regarding the stance of these courageous Christians is on point! I believe that this generation will see the untold beginnings of persecution of the real Church of God…
    The phony ones will capitulate and sell out and go the way of peace and conformity.
    Jesus warned us then and that warning stands true today: The Church is/will suffering/suffer persecution but not wrath. The Bride of Christ will not suffer the wrath of God but we will be sorely tested for the faith.
    This persecution in academia is just the tip of the iceberg. So,
    do not be dismayed or surprised at the fiery ordeals that will come upon you but rejoice and stay focused and in fellowship and have your full armor on. Jesus has not lost a battle/war and this coming one we know who wins because we read the end of the story in Revelation…and we win!

    The Satanically inspired gay movement is on the move and remember the battle is not yours but the Lord’s. Our job is to be faithful and steadfast and only move when the Spirit of God says move.
    Be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove. The Spirit of God knows the present and the future and He is not alarmed or concerned about events.
    When you view events from the worldview of the Word of God, all things are under God’s complete control and direction.

  15. I agree with most of what has been said, but has anyone considered the possibility of some type of civil war on the part of convervatives and what impact this might have on the ultimate outcome. God has been dealing with me for some time about what is happening now so it has come as no suprise to me, but what has suprised me is how quickly this is all happening. Also GCMWATCH let me take this opportunity to thank you for the stand that you are taking.

  16. Larry That answer is quite simple. God’s judgment is coming to America. With the way we call evil good and good evil our nation is on a one way path to a not so good outcome. There are only two sins God ever destroyed a nation for, homosexuality and false god worship.

    Sodom and Gomorrah = homosexuality

    Nation of Israel = False god worship

    The sins of Sodom and Gomorrah were many but God decided to point out the homosexual lust specifically as a lesson to bible readers on what happens when a nation of people reaches that level of sinful depravity.

    As a reference look at Prop 8 which just got overturned. Think God is happy with that?

    They nation of Israel was destroyed because of false god worship. At least that’s what God told Jeremiah here.

    33″They have turned their back to Me and not their face; though I taught them, teaching again and again, they would not listen and receive instruction.

    34″But they put their detestable things in the house which is called by My name, to defile it.

    Jeremiah 32:35″They built the high places of Baal that are in the valley of Ben-hinnom to cause their sons and their daughters to pass through the fire to Molech, which I had not commanded them nor had it entered My mind that they should do this abomination, to cause Judah to sin.

    36″Now therefore thus says the LORD God of Israel concerning this city of which you say, ‘It is given into the hand of the king of Babylon by sword, by famine and by pestilence.’

    Within the false god worship there are 2 specific actions that God saw fit to point out.

    1.) The Children of Israel were setting up idols in Yahweh’s temple. A modern day reflection of that would be Yoga in churches (Hindu worship in God’s house).

    2.) Passing your children through the fire to Molech, otherwise known as abortion. There are 4500 abortions every day in America, Israel at that time could have not burned up anywhere near that many children every day because of population limits. So how does that make us look?

    The consequences of these sins is sword, famine and pestilence. I didn’t say it God said it and that is the Truth.

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