False teaching and the sexual immorality connection

by shofarsound

False teaching has always had a strong correlation with sexual immorality since the Old Testament times. Baal worship, which encompasses polytheism, idolatry, and sexual immorality was against Yahweh’s commandments and laws He established with the nation of Israel. Jezebel and Ahab were prime examples of Old Testament figures that corrupted Israel with the false teaching that Baal and Ashtoreth.  Their teachings stated that they were the god and goddess to be worship along with Yahweh.  They also taught that indulgence in sexual immorality was a part of temple worship.

In the New Testament there were many teachers who integrated false teachings into the teachings of the church as a method Christians away from the true gospel of Jesus Christ. The most popular type of false teaching is known as Gnostic teaching.  It was used to subvert the gospel and incorporated sexually immorality.  It was used to subvert the gospel.

Revelation 2:14-15, 20 talks about doctrines of Balaam and Nicolaitans, and the prophetess Jezebel.  Through their doctrine, people were led into believing that leading a life of sexual immorality was okay.  Anyone could lead an ungodly lifestyle and practice idolatry without affecting their relationship with Christ Jesus. The false teachers of that era were perverting the truth of God’s Word.

There are also examples of men in and around our time that are or were false teachers.  Their connection with sexual immorality and perverted teaching was brought about by their own perverted sexual appetites.

Detroit’s Prophet Jones

detriot prophet jonesOne of the most prominent black ministers and so called prophet of the 1940s and 1950s was considered being queer/homosexual was Detroit’s Prophet Jones (James Frances Jones). Jones built a religious empire on pimping the poor disenfranchised Black people in and around his area. Jones would pay for a hundred newspapers with a picture of him for ten cents each.  He would then turn around and sell them for five dollars each claiming the papers had “miraculous curative” properties. He lived like a millionaire, drove luxury cars, and lived in a mansion[source]. False Prophet Jones taught that all men would become immortal by the year 2000. He said they would not go to heaven, but heaven would be brought down to earth abolishing death.

So was “Profit” Jones right about his prophecy? After all, it is now 2010! What happened with all men becoming immortal by the year 2000?

Father Divine

father divineNow George Baker Jr., better known as Father Divine, arose in the late 1910s.  He founded the International Peace Mission. He believed he was God and was worshipped as God by his followers.  Although Divine preached sexual abstinence to his followers; he did not practice what he preached. He was not only perverse in his teachings and doctrine, but he was also perverted sexually. Father Divine would tell his mistresses, “When I have sex relations with you I am bringing your desires to the surface so that I can eliminate it, god is the only one who can do as he pleases”[source].   Doesn’t that sound like  Genesis 3:5?   Father Divine was best known for being the mentor of Jim Jones. Yup you guess it right.  The same Jim Jones that led over nine hundred people down to Guyana to eventually drink poison kool-aid in a mass suicide.

Jim Jones

Jim JonesJim Jones was a mentee of Father Divine.  He structured his People’s Temple in the same fashion as Divine’s International Peace Mission.  Jones also thought he was God.  He sexually abused some of his followers and was bisexual. In short, he was a sexual pervert and taught many false doctrines.  Jones believed in reincarnation which was a doctrine he picked up from his mentor Father Divine. Jim Jones eventually attempted to take over Divine’s International Peace Mission in 1972 after his mentor’s death.   Jones had claimed to be Father Divine reincarnated.   Jones was a “spiritual murderer” with his lies and false teaching.  He led 909 people to mass suicide down in the jungles of Guyana, leading them all too eternal damnation.

David Berg

David BergThe group Children of God (now called The Family International), was founded by David Berg in the late 1960s as a Christian organization. Berg established all sorts of wild teachings for his group. Berg’s method to gain proselyte was to introduced “flirty fishing” in 1974.  This is when he encouraged female members to have sex with potential members to show God’s love. By 1978 it was a wide spread among members, and in some areas “flirty fishers” used escort services to meet people. It was also a means to raise money for the group. Talk about evangelism!

Some of the other beliefs of the group were that[source]:

● Female bisexuality is sanctioned,

● Spirit helpers (i.e.: angels; departed humans and goddesses) give spiritual instruction,

● Otherwise known as bridal theology, members visualized that they were having sex with Jesus through sexual intercourse or masturbation.  Male members were to visualize they were women to prevent having homosexual relationship with Jesus.

Berg was seen as the prophet of the group and was called Moses David or King David.  Since he is now deceased he is looked at as one of the spirit helpers. He was known for being outspoken and reputed as an anti-Semite and pedophile.

David Koresh

david_koresh2David Koresh was the leader of the branch Davidians.  The Davidians was a group that broke off from the Seventh Day Adventist. Koresh moved to Waco, Texas in 1981 to join the branch Davidians and in 1983 claimed he had the gift of prophecy.  He then started an affair with the prophetess and leader of the group Lois Roden who was in her late sixties at that time.  She began to let Koresh teach. Roden died in 1986 and Koresh took over the group and begin to teach polygamy.  He taught that he was entitled to 140 wives, sixty women as his queens, and eighty as his concubines.  He based this teaching on his interpretation of the Song of Solomon. Eventually Koresh and his group were killed in 1993 in a standoff with the federal government. His followers followed him to their death.

Todd Bentley

toddbentlysmallerIn most recent times false perverse evangelist/prophet Todd Bentley, who lead the false Lakeland, Florida Revival, had an affair on his wife with a female ministry staffer[source].  He later divorced his wife to marry this woman. Bentley was like a shooting star.  He led this revival for a couple of months in 2008. However, he exhibit perverse behavior before the Lakeland Revival by getting multiple tattoos and body piercings well after being a Christian for a length of time. Not only was Bentley sexually immoral, his teaching was through a “perverse spirit.”  Bentley received messages and wild revelations from a female angel Emma.  He was quoted as saying Emma was an angel of the prophetic. There are two essential problems with this.

The first is that biblically, angels always appear in the human form as male.  Secondly, the moving of the true prophetic ministry is always through the Holy Spirit and not an angel. In truth, Emma is a demonic spirit that influenced Bentley. In Japanese mythology, Emma is known as the demon god.   Emma-O is the lord of death or the god of the underworld. Bentley’s perverse teaching lines up with his perverse lifestyle and this perverse spirit Emma used him to deceive many during that False Lakeland Revival through lying signs and wonders.

Second Peter two verses one through three says, “But there is false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and upon themselves swift destruction. And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of. And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.”

In these last days, there will be an increase of false teachers and false prophets.  As true Christians we must be established in the Word of God, have the ability through the Holy Spirit to discern spirits, and lastly know ministers by the fruit they bear and not through lying signs and wonders. We need to guard ourselves from deception.

12 thoughts on “False teaching and the sexual immorality connection

  1. This is a powerful update and insight, surely history is repeating itself.We are left with just but a few people willing to stand up especially against the present day heretics, who preach a series on how to get more money, how to be happy, if Jesus died 4 this then it was a waste of time. He died for us so that we repent and be a part of His Kingdom to come, not have alot of materialistic things…NO!!!!
    Tell you what, in 2050 the likes of T.Jakes,Joel Osteen,Carlton Pearson,Joyce Meyer,Eddie Long,Juanita, Paula, Hinn, Jones amoung other Televangelist will be listed alongside these Liars.
    Keep up the goodwork GCM, im as far as Zimbabwe and will continue praying for you…The message is reaching far and we will continue to stand for the truth at this last hour.
    God bless ye’al

  2. People of God: I always chuckle when I think of what would happen if the Apostles Peter, Paul, James and John were to take a
    disguised visit through America and visit its churches, both large and small and get on the mailing lists of the “televangelists” and watch “religious” tv for six months and
    read some of the “popular” Christian magazines and books.
    They would be speechless as to what they would find that people believe passes as Holy Ghost based Christianity.
    Talk about rebuking pastors and false teachers and apostles. James and John would have a field day with false and deceptive
    doctrines including the false doctrines of inclusion and prosperity and healing.
    I think Peter and Paul would storm the stages at Benny Hinn crusades and they would probably bar the doors at Dollar, Price
    and Paula White crusades.
    Talk about dusting off their feet as they would travel to different venues and hear pure nonsense from pulpits and see
    so called pastors and “prophets” spew forth gibberish; and the people being in agreement with it all.
    But yet, we have the Word of God in our midst and yet we do not
    raise or cry out as they would be doing right now. I do not think they could take six months of experiencing such foolishness and not calling down thunderbolts from heaven when they would see
    the antics of T.D. Jakes and Jimmy Swaggart and Juanita Bynum
    and Mike Murdock and Peter Popoff, et.al., all profaning and twisting the words that they were inspired to write!
    When false teaching is condoned or promoted, a little leaven leavens the whole lump (doctrinal teaching) and if you fall for the small error, you are being set up to fall for the big errors.
    That is why the Book of James is so hard on false teachers and false prophets because they are the gateway into falling away from the truth.
    People of God, when you get a chance to rebuke known error, do so and do so with a strong voice. Timidity in the face of error is not humility, it is fear.

  3. Thank you shofarsound for reminding us that the Devil only changes faces, not his game of deception!

    People beware, study God’s word for yourself and let the Spirit of Truth keep you from error. The church is full of false prophets who look good, smell good, preach good, are “popular” but are on assignment from the devil to destroy you soul and your future.

    If this doesnt convince you of the truth of Jesus’ admonition…

    Watch out for false prophets for they come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves Mt 7:15

    …then nothing will.

  4. No thank you gcmwatch. In light of the Walter Hawkins death and it being revealed that he was a inclusionist by both Carlton Pearson and Yvette Flunder, and the past post on gcmwatch about questions of Hawkins sexual orientation shed the light his false teaching lined up with his perverse lifestyle.

    Perverse living= Perverse Wild Teachings/doctrine of devils. That is why saints need to watch what spiritual food they take in, and know the minister by the fruit of the Spirit manifested in their personal lifestyle. Remember satan can transform himself into angel of light, just to deceive people to accept a lie.

    Also a shoutout to Joanna from Zimbabwe, happy to know the Word is reaching Africa. God bless you Joanna!

    Lafe good points you made. The original Apostles would consider most these minsiters false teachers, for they made merchandise of the gospel.

  5. Thank you shofarsound..
    The truth have no limits, though the devil might try to obscure it with all means possible but, sites like this one will never pull down their amour in the midst of all this turmoil,confusion and apostasy…
    Churches dont want hear the true and pure word of God anymore, they are looking for the so called power packed messages…forgeting that God never promised us such but a simple message…’repent or you perish’…It might not be enticing and tickling us bcoz Jesus said the children of the devil are in this age(world) more wise than children of Light…
    All these inclusionists have poisoned the ‘physical’ body of Christ…Its so sad that pastors can comemorete the death of a gay devil-ordained anti-Christ nasty bishop.
    GCM keep up the good work may God safegaurd you and may you pursue not an earthly reward which the world give, but wait upon him…who said Im coming quickly with my reward.
    Continue Standing up for the truth!!!!!!!!!!!

    GCMW: Thanks Joanna for support and love all the way from Zimbabwe

  6. Well done again Bro. Shofarsound.

    What a

    As you say, the danger is in not knowing the bible for yourself and I would also say looking for something new from God or somekind of move. God can move in our homes or in our local bible based church (hopefully we are going to one). I am not saying we shouldnt go and hear different teachers but if the motive is wrong and you are ignorant you can easily be lead astray.

    I knew a couple of people who went to the Bentley revival and they raved about it, they were quite shocked to know the truth.


  7. The interviewer irks me to no end but this is not surprising after his obvious admiration of Tonex.

    He actually asks Carlton Pearson if he is a Christian? and nods in approval! sorry but that guy is a clown!

  8. Paul, I just watched that interview. Thanks for posting that.

    Pearson stated that the Word of God is not the inspired Word of God, but rather the inspired word of man about God.

    There went his fall. When you reject the fact that the Word of God is indeed God-breathed, authored by the Holy Spirit through men, you reject any kind of biblical authority. Take away the authority of God’s Word and you become bait. And Satan caught him hook, line & sinker.

  9. Many are commiting fornication with the whore Mystery Babylon. They are following false doctrine, those spoken of in the book of Jude. I love the book of Jude. It is my favorite book speaking of those who speak evil of the things they know not, but what they know naturally as brute beasts. It speaks of these following Cain and Balaam, both of which deal with cursing. The bible tells us they who are of the works of the law are under the curse. Those who teach the works of the law do so through natural understanding. They do not understand the law of God is spiritual and is fulfilled through faith in Jesus alone. These seek to please God with their own works of righteousness in the flesh, the works of the law, the curse. For example, the bible tells us not to lie, 1 John 2:22 tells us the spiritual definition of a liar. This verse tells us a liar is one who denies Jesus is the Christ, which is unbelief in the gospel. When we believe the gospel, we do not deny Jesus is the Christ, which in turn makes us no longer liars. The same for stealing. Jesus told us to climb up any other way than through him makes us theives. If we go through faith in JEsus, we are no longer theives who steal spiritually. All the commandments are fulfilled through faith in Jesus. Salvation is by grace through faith, not works. Those in the book of Jude are those who do not understand the bible spiritually and seek to please God as Cain and Balaam by their own works of righteousness in the flesh, the works of the law, the curse as Balaam tried to curse Israel, these try to bring men under the curse of the law by works through false teaching, they bring cursed works to God as an offering as did Cain. God had cursed the ground from which Cain brought his offering representing these who follow the bible based on natural understanding. Here is an interesting bible study website that opens up the spiritual wisdom of the word of God.

  10. This is relevant for what is happen right now. Especially Swilley coming out of the closet, and perverting the truth of the Word of God to line up with his homosexual lifestyle.

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