Gay UPPC bishop: "we deserve AIDS"

This video is part six of seven posted by the homosexual church Fellowship 365 in Durham,  NC.  The church is part of the Atlanta based UPPC.  The featured speaker —according to the UPPC website—  is UPPC “senior bishop” Donagrant McCluney.

The roughly 9 minutes of remarks contain so many bizarre, conflicting, ironic and yet truthful statements, its best to just let it be viewed as is. Its very hard not to notice the “we deserve AIDS” statement. McCluney acknowledged that some in his organization object to him saying it and it is a rather shocking statement that generally the gay community would be up in arms about. It does show why as long as a person is in a homosexual church, their bondage is pretty much guaranteed due to the overemphasis on how right homosexuality is.

This man is certainly a reflection of the institutionalized sexual immorality in the church and its unbiblical way of dealing with homosexuality. Unfortunately, the bitter experiences and memories people like McCluney leave with become justification for their sin and false teachings.

If you are concerned about “context” feel free to watch all seven of the videos on Youtube.


66 thoughts on “Gay UPPC bishop: "we deserve AIDS"

  1. 2 Thessalonians 2:11 couldn’t be more evident here. God certainly wasn’t lying when He said that He would send a strong delusion to those who would believe a lie rather than the truth. The power of a delusion is disturbing to behold, it really is. Watch this video and it’s hard not to come to the same conclusion.

    This man did speak rightly a couple of times, such as saying that when people don’t tell the truth in the Church, God will pull the cover (so to speak). He will. And yet this is what makes deception so subtle, in that oftentimes there are elements of truth mixed in with the lie.
    As for the AIDS comment, I wonder why he actually said that. Is it possibly promiscuity in the gay community that caused him to say that? Or a belief that, because homosexuality is sin, AIDS is a deserving consequence? The video froze up on me a few times so if he expounded on that, I missed it.
    Even so the statement came from his own mouth so he knows the answer to that question.

    Pastor, you’re right – this video is quite bizarre. Even more, it’s eerily familiar, given that some of the behaviors shown in this video, along with those “Jesus, Jesus” remarks and some of that other verbiage is commonplace in many congregations, particularly in our black ones. Doesn’t matter what the speaker is saying; indulge my flesh, encourage me in my sin, affirm my life and I’ll tell you to “Preach, brother” all day long.
    The only difference I see between this congregation and many others that are not openly “gay affirming” is that this place is, and the others are still affirming in secret.

  2. A few things I learned from this guy in the video:

    1. I guess you only deserve AIDS because you were promiscuous (like his gay boyfriend) and not for being gay…
    2. And don’t depressed because of your gout, bad blood pressure or AIDS–take your meds and you will live–forget that you could prevent these illnesses (like eating right and abstaining from unbiblical sex)
    3. oh and everybody is a hypocrite; nobody’s living for God like they say–how could they say that I (a gay preacher) am wrong
    3. The only sin in the bible or the only people God can’t stand are liars (including those who have the nerve to actually believe the bible and say that homosexuality is wrong)

    just way too much too stomach

  3. Angela I agree, delusion in action is a truly frightening thing to have to see. But for the grace and mercy (and discipline) of God, we could be that man in the video. It should act as a deterrent to anyone who thinks that affirming sin has no consequences. Both blind leader and blind followers will fall into a ditch.

  4. Oooohh mercy, he said ‘we are going to their conventions and revivals, and we’re gonna dance. But we will not tell lies…’
    So is that what that is at the convention now when they boldly prance around? If he realized they were hypocrites, why YOU not go back the Bible, confess, repent and then you live holy, make them out like the Sadducee/pharisee instead of continuing on in the confusion? He says holiness is right, God is holy in clip 2
    He definitely tells the truth on the lies and hypocrisy being exposed thru disease and other things that have befallen folks, but not everybody was trying to keep them in the closet. Somebody was living holy and teaching the truth but since they didn’t have a collar on or drive a benz they don’t want to hear it.

    @Angela, maybe the ones still in the closet deserve AIDS or maybe he is wishing it on his cheating “victim” EX…

  5. WOW!I cannot even get to so much ti the specifics of what he was saying but the delusion, like what Angela said is so great (given over to a reprobate mind).

    The fact that they say “Jesus”, “Jesus” while he is talking about his homosexual relationship is baffling.

    Bizarre is the right word!

  6. this is truly sad to see…the depth of delusion that folk will stay in–all the while “having church”. I looked at some of the other video clips of this man and i notice he has a lot of “church-y mannerisms” even down to the inflections of his voice yet it is all merely an illusion and empty vain babblings. And what is also sad is to see the “congregants” perched up next to each other celebrating “the church they came out of”. If you watch the other clips you also can’t help but see the LACK of scriptural exposition (rightly divided) in his “preaching”. yet these folk will leave there thinking they have “worshipped”…delusion indeed

  7. Just wanted to point out that this isnt just one of their obscure ministers in training. He is the UPPC’s second highest cleric. Just think that if such delusion exists in the head, what a terrible consequence of bondage for those who are subjected to him.

  8. OT: Great interview Pastor that you did with MalaniKai. Don’t know if she told you this but right after the show some guy who calls himself “Peaches” who claims to be a “gay christian” calls and said he wants to debate you on her show. Can’t wait to hear that one!

    GCMW: Thank you P4life I really enjoyed doing the show and she’s a great host. The bible tells us to be ready to give every man an answer according to the hope within us, so I look forward to future opportunities to do just that.

  9. This is something else. I’m scratching my head right now cause I’m like how can these people be so blind to their sin. But reprobate says it all. This is sooo sad

  10. So all the people in this denomination are gay or Gay Affirmers?

    GCMW: yes, they are. The entire denomination.

  11. That Saddens me , I was viewing some of their other videos and if you didn’t know you wouldn’t be able to tell except for a few of the mens mannerisms and then I seen the “mothers” wow sad

  12. I have watch this vidio and I have cried and prayed and I hear everyone and Lord knows I understand every comment because Holiness is right and with out it no man shall see God. I look and I realize that the devil is a deceiver. i grew up with him and we grew up in holiness. We came up around prayin holy and santified women and men of God. As a matter of fact his parent is still under holiness and this has been a hurting thing. It made me to realize that the devil will deceive whom ever no matter who or what title you hold. He has been save since age 8 and he was a very anointed man of God but if you don’t draw nign to God resist the devil he will not flee. I also releaze that when you connect with people that compromise you will back slide. But I am praying that God shake the very foundation and Save and set free. Not just him but all of them and the ones that will not change I pray God make them an example that others may fear. I am just waiting on Jesus to come. I know he is on his way I can see the signs of the season arriving. Be blessed and holy even as God is holy

  13. As a Straight Male I actully visted this church with my wife. And I have To Tell you Not Everyone In this Church Is gay. My Reason For attending Becuz I been dealing with drugs for quite sometime and I guess You can call it the “Straight” church didnt want anything to do with with me. But when me and my wife step foot in the fellowship365 we instanly was greeted with love nobody looked at me funny (like they do in the straight church) or thought i was less of a person. (like they do in the straight church) These church actully showed support and prayed me and my family thro are drug problem. and im happy to say ive been drug free for 11 months. Now don’t get me wrong the straight church tried to help but i could feel the vibe that there were beign “nosey” and Looking down on me. What the “straight” church fell to relize that the church is a hospital so it suppose to be full of drug attics, people that been abuse etc…….people are coming for a healing and to be set free. but how is that possible when the “straight” church shun’s you out? How would you want a gay or lesbain to be honest in the “staright” church when the sec they do the pastor is callign them, “sissy, Fagits and homo’s” telling them they goin staright to hell from the pulpit? instaed of saying, “look, you didn’t get thro this ova night but imma pray and help you get out of what ever sin u in?” now think, Have any of yall pastors ever said dat? No! The sec the “staright” church found out they had him or her at the alter calling out there sin over da mic so everyone that didn’t know now kno!” so if God is Not Please with the UPPC organzation then he is Not Please with these uncover Gays thats all in the “staright” chuch! and thats from all the bishops, pastors, praise team leaders ushers, your sons and daughters……I agree with this man here, the “staright” church are a bunch of Liars!! And God Is not Please There As Well!
    But this church HAS Staright Members! its a mixed church for whom ever want to serve god without False Pretense and a Heart Of sincerity. So, For whoem ever that said, this is a all gay church your wrong!

  14. Mike you bring up a good point Id like to ask you about.

    Since they prayed you thru your drug problem and you have been drug free for 11 months, are you going to help pray them through their homosexual problem so they can be free like you?

  15. @ gcmwatch, Everyone that is a member or a guest at this church is not a homosexual…lol Now as far as me praying them out of there “problems” I pray for any church in general Thats God Will Have its way. But what i can’t do is a Heterosexual Is go around and assume or pick out the few people that i think is gay and tell them there going to What people do in there bedroom is nobody bizz but there wife, husband or even partner. If its so worng then they have to answer to God. And Right now with all do respect we can’t be judging people. People have been hurt so much by the “Staright” church. Where now they look for a place where they can worship God. When I visted feelowship365 the church is full of people that been raped, on drugs, getting of drugs, acholics, prostitute and even a few gays. I think that is what inspred me and pushed me when me and my wife seen that, “hey these people going thro the same thing we goin thro. Some of them actully just came out of what we in.” Now the “staright” church would just have me sit in the back away from everybdody and “IF” there is a alter call lay hands and move on…But its something about fellowship365 that had me actully get clean and stay clean. something about when people are in ur mist that been thro the same thing I been thro and told and showed me how they came out… thats what i needed at that time. Its time out for the “staright church” to stop preaching to me about me going to hell if i don’t get off drugs. (all that do is run me away from da church) They Need to start preaching to me how I can get out to avoid hell….

  16. So…Can someone please explain to me what the point this sight is.

    GCMW: Faith, your questions seem legitimate. I hope you are looking for legitimate answers. See them in bold.

    I’ve been on here several time and I haven’t figured it out yet.
    GCMW: Please read the about us, beliefs and the article why we must examine the gay christian movement. That should clear up what this ministry is all about.

    You find gay people and expose them and then what? Do you ALL get off the site and pray or just go around gossiping about what these unrepentant homosexuals do?
    GCMW: No, we don’t “find gay people and expose them”. See above response. I cant answer for others, but I most certainly do pray and reach out too. In fact I was reaching out long before I started this blog. What are you doing to reach homosexuals and get them saved?

    If they were to walk in your church and were not instantly delivered as I’ve noticed most pastors would like them to be, where do you go from there?
    GCMW: Every pastor should want anyone bound in sin to be delivered. Having said that, it is God’s alone to deliver, not man. This site strives to educate the church and pastors on that very thing. Check the archives we’ve certainly covered it before.

    Will there be constant calls to the alter and dirty looks simply because people know that he/she is still homosexual, whether it be a unrepentant one or someone who wishes to be delivered. I often wonder where the church came up with this saying “We can pray all night but unless you want to be delivered, it won’t do any good”. Now we speak of sickness, depression, hatred and even fear and several more as a Spirit, correct?
    GCMW: Are you referring to a specific church?

    Not just homosexuality. Now when Jesus went to cast out a unclean spirit did you ever once here him say, “Do you wanna come out?” If you approach most gay people who were raised in church they have no problem with receiving prayer. All people in general want to see in church, is realness and love. Now, you can be real and preach the word but, make sure that compassion follows. No one wants to be called out of their name…especially in the CHURCH.

    GCMW: Its a mistake to think that every homosexual is demon possessed. They may be where these issues arise. We do not allow any gay name calling on this site. GCM Watch is not responsible for what pastors do or allow in their individual churches.

  17. Mike, we got several things going on here so let me dissect and comment.

    1. Even if everyone at the church was not a practicing homosexual, it doesnt make it right or good. Your leader is and your submission to him knowing that he is puts you in the same boat with him.
    Romans 1:32 Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them. Take notice of the “approval” or your associational agreement with their sins. I dont care if they gave you a million dollars and washed your dirty toes till they were clean, you cannot agree with someone’s sins. Thank them for helping you but agree ONLY with God and his word.

    For some reason you seem to think that being heterosexual is better than being homosexual. In God’s eyes it isnt. Both will go to the lake of fire for refusal to repent of their sins. The only difference is that homosexuality is always sin in every context, whereas heterosexuality when expressed in the context of creative intent (like you and your female wife i marriage) is not. So this is a “bedroom” issue, cause they have brought their beds into the church for everyone to approve of.

    2. You are mixed up on judging. That’s to be expected considering the “church” youre at and the leadership youre submitted to. But you should be an independent enough to study the scriptures for yourself and stop letting your own prejudice keep you from right discernment. If you will admit it, you engage in “judging” every day on a variety of issues. Even your comments here are judging (based on your definition). But for some strange reason when it comes to sin, we’re not supposed to judge. Wrong answer as my drill sergeant would say. Behold here are the scriptures, take some time and study all of them. Then challenge your leaders on their hypocrisy. You’ll find out real quick just how much they “love” and accept you.

    3. You could have went to a secular drug abuse program and got clean, so F365 isnt doing anything spectacular in that sense. Here’s a whole list of them.

    4. Why is being on drugs wrong/sin/destructive, but having sex with others of the same gender not wrong/sin/destructive when GOD himself (not the church) said it was destestable to him? If F365 is telling you that drugs is wrong but they continue living and CELEBRATING their sin in your face, doesnt that make them 1st class hypocrites? C’mon Mike think critically here.

    I will tell you how to avoid hell and the lake of fire (which is the final punishment much greater than hell Rev 20:14). Repent of your sins and forsake them. Submit your entire life to the Lordship of Jesus and serve him faithfully for the rest of your days. Go back and tell that to the pastor of F365 and see what he tells you.

    Thanks for your comments.

  18. F365 waz not putting the stuff in my ear about me goin to was the “staright church” that did all that. I here where u coming from but maybe YOU should make a phone call to all the “black straight” churches and tell them that there are a lot of people needing healing, delivernce. And that praching, hell, hell, hell iz not working. We as the straight church been doing it for quite sometime and its time to find a new method. What’s happening people are running away from the the churches but deep down they cryin out for help and the “straight” church iz turning a blind eye….so people is feaning for a word the best way they can…..dats all I’m sayin….lol

  19. Mike actually, I dont think churches are preaching “hell” near as much as people claim they are. Not from what I have seen and heard. But just as a comparison, preaching love, love, love is not the answer either. The gospel is comprehensive covering man’s deep depravity and God’s expansive love and everything in between.


    I’m so glad God saved me when HE did, like HE did. And I thank HIM that HE sanctified me wholly. HE filled me with the Holy Ghost and gave me a mind to live right until HE comes.

    I am open to entertain dialogue from anyone who truly desires to understand my persepctive of God’s Holiness. So, with love toward all, malice toward none, and respect for all who differ from the convictions of Truth as I see it, I BID YOU GOD’S PEACE AND ERNESTLY DESIRE YOUR PRAYERS.

  21. I understand that there is but one right perspective of holiness, and that’s the biblical one. And the biblical perpective of holiness isn’t validated by human thought or outlook, but rather by God’s standard.
    To say that one has a perspective on holiness is to say that it can be viewed from a variety of angles. How can that be, when the Bible itself defines it clearly?

  22. I think it best to understand (and accept) God’s perspective on holiness. Especially since he is the one who instituted it.

    Its not have a holiness perspective, its BE holy. And we might as well kick the elephant in the room now.

    How can anyone possibly be holy and at the same time sexually immoral without intentionally redefining holiness?

  23. Gcmwatch, right. There is no authoritative perspective except for God’s and it is we who need to conform to it. To introduce one’s own perspective is to invite bias and rationalizations.
    It’s easy and tempting to do, but it leads to deception.

  24. I have a question Sir GCM author….could you please sum up your perspective on what you consider God’s perspective on Holiness?

    GCMW: Its best to let God’s Word give us God’s perspective on holiness: 1 Peter 1:13-16, “Therefore, prepare your minds for action, keep sober in spirit, fix your hope completely on the grace to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ. As obedient children, do not be conformed to the former lusts which were yours in your ignorance, but like the Holy One who called you, be holy yourselves also in all your behavior; because it is written, ‘You shall be holy, for I am holy.

  25. Angela,

    I appreciate your appeal to the Scripture for your perspective on Truth and I respect your courage to speak out against what you believe to be deception and delusion, BUT my testimony is neither deceptive nor delusional. IT IS MY TESTIMONY (an undeniable, personal experience that I encountered in my walk with Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior).

    By the time I began to testify in this particular sermon, the homiletic points had already been made and celebrated. The message was “A Call to Worship” from John 9 that had little to nothing to do with a gay message.

    Now, because I am your brother, allow me to encourage you to communicate with me directly. If you want to know why I made the ‘AIDS comment’, ask me – I am of age and Reverend Foster DOES NOT KNOW ME. According to Romans 3, all sinners (no matter what the sin is) deserve death (no matter how the death comes). Your comments reveal that I you did not heed Rev. Foster’s invitation to put the comments in their proper context. The invitation of the sermon is to Holiness: not homosexuality. But I will affirm your discernment about the difference that I boldly proclaim and represent: IT IS TIME FOR THE CHURCH TO COME OUT AND WALK IN FULL TRUTH ABOUT ITS HUMANITY, SO THAT GOD’S POWER CAN BE REVEALED AMONG US.

    Furthermore, what is the one clear Biblical definition of holiness?

    GCMW: There is no requirement for anybody to “know you” in order to make a judgment call on what you say publicly. If there does exist such a thing, please cite your source and authority for us to evaluate.

  26. Roger,
    I am humbled that you gleaned some insights from the message, but the Teacher in me is compelled to clarify a few points for you:

    1. I believe that any “workman is worthy of his hire”. When we do what it takes to receive just consequences, then we deserve what we have earned. BUT I DO DISTINGUISH BEING GAY FROM BEING PROMISCUOUS; they are not the same.

    2. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” BUT God’s grace has allowed various people to live with various diseases that they caused by not obeying God’s provisions of prevention.

    3. I am very happy to inform you that God has real people (gay and straight) who live genuine lives according to their understanding of faith in Christ Jesus. HYPOCRITES (Pretenders who do not repent in time) ARE GOING TO HELL!

    4. I believe and live by the Bible; it is God’s Book of Inspired Truth. You and I understand it differently; and that’s the beauty of denominations within the Body of Christ.

  27. Lapreghiera,

    According to Ephesians 4, there is only ONE Body of Christ. Your conventions and revivals are mine/ours; your struggles and shortcomings are mine/ours; and your victories in Christ are mine/ours to share. We need not bite and devour each other as if there were another Church for us to compete with. WE ARE ONE IN HIM!!!

    Thank you for going beyond the one clip that is used to spark this dialogue. I BLESS GOD FOR REAL AND GENUINE PEOPLE OF GOD!

  28. Paul N and Nan,

    What is a reprobate mind? Can believers really discern when a person is ‘turned over’? How does this message fit the context of Matthew 7 (the entire chapter)? Have you judged this preacher prematurely?

  29. Evangelist,

    Inasmuch as you know me, I know you and am persuaded of your loving concern for the well-being of my soul.

    Keep crying and praying that my faith fails not and watch God get the glory in/through all of this as we have already agreed to do.

  30. Faith,

    Reverend Foster never reached out to me.

    I found out that I was being featured on this site by a celebratory phone call that encouraged me to find out what he was saying about me. If he had called or reached out to me, I probably would not have posted specific responses to the saints who dared to speak in this forum because he and I would have steered this piece in another direction.

    GCMW: Just to clarify, whoever placed your sermon on Youtube initiated this.

  31. Reverend Foster,

    “The bible tells us to be ready to give every man an answer according to the hope within us”, so inasmuch as you have initiated a conversation about me, I would be remiss NOT to give the saints an opportunity to converse with me since it is my testimony and witness that is called into question.

  32. Reverend Foster,

    Thank you for presenting the video clip as it is and for encouraging the saints to listen to the entire sermon for themselves. The English vernacular is not sufficient to express how blessed I am to participate in a forum where the People of God conscientiously evaluate traditional doctrines and dogmas that are no longer sufficient for the present age that we are Called to serve.

    My personal journey into Progressive Pentecostalism is best related to Peter’s experience in Acts 10. I neither desired nor intended to be numbered among the outcasts of the Church, but when the Power of God was manifested among them and the Fruit of Righteousness become visible in their camps, I gladly embraced them as Brothers and Sisters in Christ who share this Amazing Grace that I so enjoy. Now, you and others who do not know me assume that I am gay in spite of my testimony of deliverance and victory, but that ok with me. I, like Paul, have become all things to all men that I may win some for the cause of Christ. My greatest joy is God settled my faith in HIM long before he exposed me to the cruel intentions of the self-righteous and the secretly jealous.

  33. My reaching out (ministry) is to those who seek discipleship and deliverance so their lives will be pleasing to God.
    Are you saying that you are willing to leave the UPPC, cease promoting its false doctrines and serve the Lord in righteousness? If not, then what sort of reaching out do you envision should occur.

    If its not obvious to you why the video of you appeared on this site, then you might want to pause with all the comments and read. That will help you going forward. And for anyone curious GCM Watch doesnt seek or need anyone’s prior permission to feature a youtube video on this site. When you place a video on youtube and make it public the understanding is that you want people to see, hear and evaluate what you have put there. That’s without respect of person.

    Hope that clears up any misunderstanding as to why you and hundreds of other gay christians appear on this site.

  34. Bishop McClurney, how can a person live holy and yet continue willfully engaging in sexual immorality like your founder of the UPPC Clay Allen? And how can people who claim to love God and serve him celebrate men having sex with other men (same with women) when there 100% condemnation in scripture against such practices? Secondly how can such a person claim to lead others into holiness when he himself is blind and willfully rejects God’s moral standards? You seem to be implying that you are not homosexual. Be clear. Are you are you not. If someone is assuming something and you know the correct answer, then go ahead and answer it instead of perpetuating the assumption with ambiguous responses.

    Ive noticed you have proferred quite a few questions, but you havent attempted to answer any of the very obvious questions already presented. Let’s not play shell games.

  35. Mr. McCluney,

    I have no hesitation in communicating with you directly.

    First, allow me to clarify: I never stated nor implied that your testimony was or is delusional. Testimonies in and of themselves are not delusional; your experience is your experience. However, theological doctrine – or fruit – that begets from your experience can bring a delusion. And based on what I’ve heard in this video, you are disillusioned. Why do I believe this? Because based on what I heard you say beginning at 0:07, you made it known that you were romantically involved with a man – a relationship that crumbled because of supposed hypocrisy. And if this is true, then how can you remain in immorality – or more specifically, a homosexual lifestyle – yet continue to praise and worship the God Who hates your sin, without repenting? The emphasis is on the word remain. You can’t remain in sin yet continue to be straight with God. No pun intended. This goes for any habitual sin, whether sexual immorality, lying, idolatry – any sin that characterizes a supposed believer will separate you from the LORD. And since this is a website that primarily focuses on the christian gay movement, I decided to make specific reference to the homosexual relationship from this video as my focal point – that’s why I zeroed in on it. Your comments about the hypocrisy in the Church is on point, that’s why I wrote what I wrote in my first comment, saying how you spoke truth on somethings. But again, given the focus of this blog, I concentrated on the homosexual content.

    As for the Aids comment, I have no qualms about asking you why you made it. Why did you?

    And lastly, as for the biblical definition of holiness, you’re the bishop. Why do I have to answer that?

  36. One last thing. If you are not a homosexual, and never were, then you have my apologies for misinterpreting what was said. But I listened to what you said in this video three times, and I’d have to be almost tone-deaf & lacking comprehension in any form to conclude that you weren’t referencing a homosexual relationship.

  37. Man of God,

    I am honored by your posting of my testimony and witness to the Grace of God that is available for honest believers who will seek to know HIM in Truth and Righteousness. Because of you, I have an audience that I never fathomed I could have; but my faithfulness to the Call of God has favored me with this wonderful opportunity to share Good News in a way that I never dreamed I would.

    I am not bothered by you or your mission to seek and to save those in need of deliverance and discipleship. WE ACTUALLY SHARE THE SAME MISSION. The beauty of it all is that you will reach some and I will reach others, while both of us “press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”

    Ephesians 6:1,2 exemplifies yours and my sentiments precisely, but you and I will part ways trying to interpret Hebrews 13:4. I REST WITH ALLOWING GOD TO BE THE JUDGE OF SPECIFIC SITUATIONS THAT I DO NOT FULLY UNDERSTAND.

    Point of clarity: The Holy Bible does NOT celebrate anyone having sex with another; IT celebrates the bond of holy matrimony and the intimacy of worship that is demonstrated in the physical intercourse and exchanges that take place in loving and committed relationships.

    Secondly: Are any of us really responsible for the effects and expanse of our obedience to God when we simply do what we believe God has called us to do in spirit and in truth? I need not defend or define Apostle Allen if you are not willing to meet him and get to know him for yourself. I will invite you to prayerfully attend a worship encounter with him and see if the Holy Ghost in you will bear witness to the truth that he speaks to the people he serves.

    I learned some years ago that when a person has formed an opinion about you, you are the last person on earth who will change that person’s thought process, so my claim is that of Galatians 2:20. My personal details are of little to no consequence until they can be used to edify, exhort, or comfort the Body of Christ. I’m glad to be SAVED and SANCTIFIED, HOLY GHOST FILLED AND FIRE BAPTIZED. I’m on my way to heaven and I feel good going this way… Pray for me as I journey!

    1 Peter 1:13-16, “Therefore, prepare your minds for action, keep sober in spirit, fix your hope completely on the grace to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ. As obedient children, do not be conformed to the former lusts which were yours in your ignorance, but like the Holy One who called you, be holy yourselves also in all your behavior; because it is written, ‘You shall be holy, for I am holy.”

  38. Angela,

    The object of our discussion is a clip of my personal testimony. It was used to illustrate points that were being made in a sermon, so Rev Foster’s invitation to view the other clips for the sake of proper context was justly proffered. You are entitled to your thoughts and opinions, so I will simply request your prayers for the Will of God to be done in my life.

  39. Bishop McClurney, your first comments gave the impression that you wanted to “answer every man” but you are now acting as if someone has illegally pried into your private business.
    Feel free to bow out whenever you feel you no longer want to answer. However, please understand the following:

    1. I am not seeking to change your mind. Only God can open blinded spiritual eyes so that’s between you and him. Apparently, your position is that you are A-OK with God and I knew that just by the video. What I am doing is exposing false doctrine and the unfruitful works of darkness as taught by you and the homosexual church you lead.

    2. I get it that you are overjoyed that you have been “featured” on GCM Watch and equally thrilled at your new audience as you have alluded to several times. Im not sure what significance that has to this discussion but, oh well. GCM Watch has “featured” numerous false prophets so that people can beware of them as Jesus instructed us to do.

    3. The bible does indeed celebrate and give all due praise for sex in its God ordained context. God first gave the command. Its in Genesis. Jesus said: Haven’t you read,” he replied, “that at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female,'[a] 5and said, ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh. Notice he specified the opposite genders and the creative intent. He did not say committed gender-neutral or same gender relationships. So if youre saying something opposite of what Jesus said, that means you are in error, not the Bible.

    4. The scriptures have never sanctioned any form of homosexual coupling. Certainly not the contemporary construct of so called “loving and committed” relationships. I could respect that position more if its proponents wouldnt bring God into their lie. As such those are your words, not the Lord’s. He no more sanctions committed homosexual relationships than he does committed relationships between a horse and a man. All of it is sin and the only recourse is to repent of it.

    5. The only “opinions” formed about you are based on what you presented in your public statements. If we are missing something feel free to fill in the blanks.

    6. Its unfortunate but your comments here have done little more than reinforce that you are under delusion. But that’s what sin does, it blinds you to God’s truth and you try to compensate for your blindness with educated guesses about your spiritual condition. Not good.

    7. I see why you dont want to defend Allen. There really is no defense for submitting to a leader who perverts the Word of the Lord. Im not sure how meeting with him will change that. The same free message is available to him. Its not too late to repent and turn away from your sins.

  40. I visited the website of Progressive Pentecostal Church as well as its UPPC affiliates. I suppose that those who belong to these congregations would be thrilled to know that their church was brought up on this blog, and that their websites gained more traffic. But no. I visited them so that I could tag them and make people aware that these are the places of which true believers need to be cognizant of. We should strive with a balance of grace & truth to prevent as many people as possible from becoming deluded like many of the people who’ve already planted themselves there.

    Satan can make things sound so loving. He attaches himself like a leech to the unresolved pain (see Mike’s post above) and bitterness of people who supposedly got hurt from the “straight” church, and he causes them to turn to a place which supplies pseudo-spiritual band aids. And because they were embraced with open arms, they embrace what these men teach with open ears. For what practical profit is sound, biblical teaching when you feel that you’re accepted unconditionally, regardless of your lifestyle or doctrinal beliefs? This is give & get in its most subtle and dangerous form.

    Let me wrap up everything I have to say here by saying that the Church is to show love to all men, just as Christ commanded. When people come into the Church hurting, being as far away from God as possible, we’re to welcome them with arms open wide, just as Jesus would. Yet with those same arms that are open wide to embrace them, we need to use them to enclose them, enveloping them in the truth.
    Hospitals don’t admit sick individuals and say to them, “It doesn’t matter how sick you are, we’ll take you in”, yet put them in a ward and feed them cafeteria food while not providing physical treatment and invoking healing. Some congregations within the Church need to take a clue there and apply that principle spiritually, so that those who are spiritually sick won’t be turned off and run to their nearest “Urgent Care” instead of being cared for within a true place of healing.

  41. Angela,

    The scriptures say that we should edify one another, well allow me to edify you my dear friend, after reading your above comment, it reminded me of Paul’s statement to the Colossians, “Walk in wisdom toward those who have not, redeeming the time. Let your speech be w/GRACE seasoned w/SALT that you may know how to answer ever man.” You spoke w/grace but it was seasoned the STINGING and yet PURIFYING element of salt.

  42. Bishop McCluney,

    You ask me what is a reprobate mind.

    Well, I would love for you to prove me wrong and I would not hesitate to apologize.

    My issue is, if God is doing as much as you claim why is he not convicting your church of the sin of homosexuality?

    If God has not given you or the members of your Church over, I have no doubt that it will result in repentance and that you will publicly denounce your former “progressive” beliefs.


  43. Hi Tony, how are you?
    In regards to your comment, I really do strive to communicate with people using a balance of grace and truth. I mention this a lot because I think it’s needed to handle the word of God efficiently. It’s a work in progress for me, though. I made the comment elsewhere that Pastor Foster does it well; so do you (and others who post here).

    I do want to keep my comments from being overbearing, giving opportunity for people to defend themselves, but at the same time not squandering the opportunity to speak out against blatant error and defend the faith. Satan is a liar, and whether those lies come in the form of obvious, loose-knitted lies or eloquent and elaborate ones, I despise all of them. The enemy of our souls is just that and he will do anything and everything to distort and pervert the Word of God. He hates the Lord and His saints and will scheme relentlessly to make the Church ineffective.
    He masquerades under the veneer of labels such as “progressive” and “inclusive” and worms his way through the wounded emotions of those who’ve been confronted about their sin by the Church, yet refuse to repent and be healed. He then injects his venom into them which is a false message of security, afterward celebrating in victory while the still-unredeemed are busy proclaiming to the world that there is nothing wrong with their lifestyle.
    He makes me sick.

  44. I am shocked by all of this. As a daughther of a preacher in the cogic church I sorta agree with bishop mccloney. I’ve seen how the church treat the gay people or people that suppose to be gay. I’ve been in the room where a bunch of pastors and elders talked about them like a dog in meetings. Now keep in mind I’m only 17. And I’ve seen this happen not just in my church here in TX but everywhere me and my parents travel. So, its one thing to say, “we want to help you!” But to actull mean it is another thing…and yes I’ve spoken to my parents about this plenty of times. But it just not them its 98% preachers and its awful…so I do belive and agree with bishop mccloney when he says the church are liars. How can somone expect healing when they can’t be true to there self? So well said bishop!

  45. Faith on August 17th asked

    “So…Can someone please explain to me what the point this sight is.”

    I think the diologue that has taken place has more than aswered that question. The Devil is deceiving people into believing that the sin of homosexuality is ok with God. Those who are decieved then spread this deception to others.

    I agree with Angela, hurting people are strung along as false converts. Their emotions are played upon because they want something that all of us really need, acceptance. The Church must be a place of restoration and reconciliation regardless of the stronghold!

    Angela, the great things is that satans time will come to an end!

    Glory be to God!!

    Revelation 20:10
    10And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.


  46. Preacher Kid, its good to see someone of your age engaging in these kind of conversations.

    I agree with you that people struggling with homosexuality should not be abused in the church and thank God that this is a sight that doesnt do that. It does expose the lie of the gay christian movement but is here to help those who are stuggling with their sexual identity also.

    As far as being true to ourselves and being healed, when you are confronted by Christ you MUST come to the truth of your sinfulness. That truth is the beginning of the healing process. Bishop McCluney or his Church are not trying to be healed as you put forth.

    This is what he said:

    Point of clarity: The Holy Bible does NOT celebrate anyone having sex with another; IT celebrates the bond of holy matrimony and the intimacy of worship that is demonstrated in the physical intercourse and exchanges that take place in loving and committed relationships.

    Notice he doesnt mention, marriage between a man and a women.

    Now, suppose I was a theif before I came to Christ, do I serve Christ being true to myself that I am a theif and then go on stealing?

    This is what the Apostle Paul said.

    Romans 6
    1What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound?
    2God forbid. How shall we, that are dead to sin, live any longer therein?

    So there is nothing at all honorable about what Bishop McCluny is propogating. For you say that 98% of Pastors are liars but do you see that what Bishop McCluny is saying and what his Chuch organization teaches are also a bunch of lies. If this is the case would he not be in your 98%?

    Blessings on you, young sister!

  47. thanks Paul that is so true. We acknowledged that Bishop McCluney is right in speaking about the ungodly abuses that occur within the church against struggling homosexuals. But two wrongs never make a right.

    And to preacher kid:
    There is indeed a disgusting climate in the church of which homosexuals are the brunt of ungodly mockery. I have seen and heard it myself AND spoken out against it many, many times. Yes, it has turned people off to the church and some may never return. That’s because there are many people who are in church but are not in Christ. There’s a big difference in the two. Whoever has said and done those things will reap what they have sown. Trust that God will handle all that.

    But watch this:

    None of that is justification for a person rejecting so great a sacrifice that Jesus in great pain poured out his soul and shed his blood to give us freedom, power and eternal life with him. That’s TOO GREAT of a sacrifice to let someone’s mockery keep you from Christ. You cannot stand before him and say well I would have served you but people made fun of me and joked about me. Because he paid such a high price to redeem us, No one will have any justifiable excuse when we face him in that day.

    So here’s the hard truth. Im not being insensitive cause I have been on the receiving end of the faggot word and more. Here’s what Bishop McCluney (and you) should tell people struggling with homosexuality who have been hurt by the church. Get over what people are saying and doing and seek out Jesus Christ. Be like the woman with the issue of blood. Get to him by any means necessary. Your eternity is at stake and you cannot let people block you from joy everlasting and deliverance.

    Somethings will never change until the Lord himself comes to put an end to it. But that doesnt mean you have to be ensnared by it and lose your right to be free from homosexuality. Thats why he died: for your freedom.

    Take it from me I lived as a homosexual man for 11 years and I knew that the church didnt want me as I was. When I was sinking into death in my sin and could not save myself, I didnt cry out for the church to accept me.. I lifted my voice to the Savior and cried out, LORD SAVE ME!. He heard my cry 20 years ago and without the church’s help he saved me, delivered me and filled me with his Spirit!

    So young sister, be a part of the solution. I dont think that 98% of COGIC preachers are doing what you said. But I know that there are many and its an institutionalized culture among church leadership. Send me a personal email at and I want to offer you a few suggestions privately.

  48. well said Pastor! God will deal with those who abuse but that does not negate responsibility for seeing our need for Christ.

    Hebrews 2:2-4
    2For if the word spoken by angels was stedfast, and every transgression and disobedience received a just recompence of reward;
    3How shall we escape, if we neglect so great salvation; which at the first began to be spoken by the Lord, and was confirmed unto us by them that heard him;
    4God also bearing them witness, both with signs and wonders, and with divers miracles, and gifts of the Holy Ghost, according to his own will?

    I was too rejected by the Church as a young man in jeans and T Shirts. I was overlooked, not spoken too. People wouldnt want me to speak to their daughters, as I guess they though I was going to try to sleep with all the young ladies in the church (people would actuall pull and call their children away from me).

    I was also put out a church based on lies!

    BUT GOD! He transformed and changed me, so If I turn away, it is Him I would be hurting and offedning. The Church didnt save or transform me.

    I had a friend who told me he stopped praying becuase of a bad situation in his life, God asked him “What did I do to you?”.

  49. Paul, you just reinforce how many people view Christianity. There are people who want to attend church, not for the sake of attending, but because they feel drawn by God. And what happens when they come? They’re met with hasty and unfair assumptions, ending in judgments toward them. How self-righteous of some people, for if God Himself had done that to us when we first came to Him, we would be without hope.

    Is it really that difficult to love unconditionally while teaching truth at the same time?

    In this culture it seems there are two extremes. At one end you have churches that are full of spiritual contortion in that they bend in every way imaginable trying to please and pacify people in order for them to feel accepted and loved, all without instructing them in the way of true righteousness and holiness. And on the other end you have churches that lack compassion and mercy, where judging runs rampant and there’s a competition of sorts to see who’s the most spiritual. Please. We need balance in our churches. We’re to love one another with all of our shortcomings, showing mercy, living in grace, exhibiting compassion, yet all the while teaching (and accept teaching) on living a holy life, being instructed in the truth, killing the flesh daily and allowing the Word of God to continually cleanse us. It’s possible to do both – and we do it by both the power and the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

    Just to reiterate, those who truly want to know God can not lean on the mistreatment from some people as reason for rejecting the truth. All of us are accountable for every choice that we make, spiritual ones included. It’s not hard to understand the feelings of anger & rejection when exposed to the hypocrisy of some, but again, as it was already said, two wrongs don’t make a right. Hypocrisy doesn’t validate immorality.
    These people who had their feelings hurt need to rise above that hypocrisy and like the author of this blog did, reach out to Christ (not necessarily the Church); He will surely take hold of you and lead you into a place in which you will follow Him, in both truth and love.

  50. Rev. Foster,

    I learned the value of didactic lessons in seminary, so I am as committed to education and empowerment as you are; however, I also understand the power of Matthew 16:24; Mark 8:34; Luke 9:23 and John 3:30, so I am not pressed to answer any personal question that is NOT relevant to the Gospel and/or the purpose of your ministry.

    Can a good tree bring forth bad fruit? or a bad tree good fruit? Matthew 7:18-20 answers us and gives us to understand that only time and a full cycle of seasons can display the truth of my and your works. So, I perceive that we are best to focus on and walk worthy of the Vocations wherein we have been called.

    I thank God for and celebrate your testimony of deliverance!

  51. Angela,

    The Church is to show love to all people, just as Christ commanded. When people come into the Church hurting, being as far away from God as possible, we’re to welcome them with arms open wide, just as Jesus would. Yet with those same arms that are open wide to embrace them, we need to use them to enclose them, enveloping them in the truth.

    “Walk in wisdom toward those who have not, redeeming the time. Let your speech be with GRACE seasoned with SALT that you may know how to answer every man.” Colossians 4:5,6

    “Is it really that difficult to love unconditionally while teaching truth at the same time? We need balance in our churches. We’re to love one another with all of our shortcomings, showing mercy, living in grace, exhibiting compassion, yet all the while teaching (and accept teaching) on living a holy life, being instructed in the truth, killing the flesh daily and allowing the Word of God to continually cleanse us. It’s possible to do both – and we do it by both the power and the fruit of the Holy Spirit.”

  52. Paul N,

    Thank you for your blessings! I John 3:1,2

    I think homosexuality is like birth control and divorce. It may not have been the original intent of God, but it most certainly is a very present reality of human evolution. Our assignment is to minister the Truth of God in Love to those who find themselves outside of God’s perfect intentions.

    “The Church must be a place of restoration and reconciliation regardless of the stronghold! God will deal with those who abuse but that does not negate responsibility for seeing our need for Christ.”

    I thank God for and celebrate your testimony of victory over church people!

  53. Paul and Angela,

    I understand how insensitivity of the church to homosexuality can be problematic–I heard Kirk Franklin on the radio talking about how harsh the church is on gays and we have to love them and yet help them overcome…

    Although that kind of mistreatment in the church is unacceptable, I think some of the harshness is due to the church trying to balance two tasks: 1. we’ve gotta correct/rebuke those who are in this sin 2. we’ve gotta prevent some from committing or even considering such a sin.

    I think the preventive side is emphasized more in pulpits–which is necessary–they talk about it so bad; you wouldn’t ever think about it…

    so this is a delicate balance–how do we welcome those who have broken sexualities in a corrective way while effectively warning those to not become entrapped in such abominable choices?

  54. Friend Donagrant,

    You appear to be a sincere and thoughtful man, but sincerity and thoughtfulness is not enough to escape the chastisement of the Lord. You also are an educated man pertaining to the things of the Lord, but it is difficult for one to teach, what one does not live. There are many pictures of brothers and sisters in scripture and also in our own lives today, that God brought out of darkness into his marvelous light, but the question arises will we WILLINGLY allow ourselves to be brought out of that darkness. Paul’s words echoe to us, “if its too much, God will give us a door to escape” will we take that door of escape, or will we stay, because we like where we are? I appeal to you my friend in the name of Jesus Christ, take that door, I discern you have alot to offer the body of Christ, but you cannot offer this in your present condition, Paul said it was like scales were removed from his eyes, will you allow the scales to be removed from your eyes, and receive that which you know to be true. As Paul said to the Phillippians, “Brethren I’m not here to tell you I have attained anything”, so I say to you, I too haven’t attained anything.

    What I say to you I say in love, a love that requires discipline and obedience, not the worldly version of love that has crept into the church. The heart has to be KEPT and the mind TRANSFORMED, I pray you allow the Holy Spirit to do those things in you and watch God do a mighty deliverance in you, as he has done in Pastor Foster, and countless others who were once in bondage to this sin, but in order for one to be delivered he/she must desire deliverance. Yes the Holy Spirit is called the “Helper”, but will the help be received or rejected w/the notion, “God made me this way” or “God’s not through w/me yet”, or “God understands even if you don’t.”

    Your to educated in the things of God to hold on to those notions, if you are. I leave you w/this word from the bk of Eccl “I gave my heart to WISDOM and to know FOLLY. I perceived this is vexation of spirit, for in much WISDOM is much GRIEF. And he that increaseth in KNOWLEDGE is increaseth in SORROW.”

  55. Is it really that difficult to love unconditionally while teaching truth at the same time?

    It may be for those who dont want to. But can’t we ask the same contextual question and come to the same conclusion about those who claim to be gay and christian in direct violation of God’s moral commands? Why cant they forsake their sexual immorality and show their love for God through obedience?

  56. behold your question is out of sync with his statement.
    God is holy, he doesnt “do” holy.
    The priority of holiness isnt what you do, its who you are (identity based on right relationship with him). Based on who you are (holy), what you do (or dont do) is a result of that.

    In this case it would look like this:
    Since I am holy, I do not engage in sexual immorality. If I do, I will repent.

  57. Rogers,

    The Book of Romans was written as Paul’s introduction to that particular group of believers and in his explication of the Faith, he unfolds the dangers of setting up laws for the flesh because the flesh is contrary to the Spirit of God and they who live thereby CAN NOT please God. He further encourages the saints in Galatians to “walk in the Spirit and you will not fulfill the lust of the flesh.”

    My point is simply to suggest that maybe the Church needs to return its focus to/on the Gospel of Jesus Christ rather than the delineation of all that is wrong among us and allow the Holy Ghost to correct, change, and empower us to live holy, especially since that is HIS job: not ours…

  58. Tony Davis,

    I rejoice that I am a son of God (I John 3:1,2) and THAT keeps me in the line for God’s chastening (Hebrews 12:5-8). Furthermore, I sense that you and others have drawn a conclusion about my present status, which has neither been confirmed nor denied in any portion of my discourse with GCM Watch (and it will NOT be because it is NOT relevant to the point of our dialogue). WHAT MATTERS IS THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST AND THE GRACE HE OFFERS BY AND THROUGH THE LOVE OF HIS SACRIFICE ON CALVARY!

    In the spirit of your appeal, I submit and encourage all of us to do the same: “allow the scales to be removed from [our] eyes, and receive that which [we] know to be true.” Our God is able to do exceeding, abundantly above all that we ask or think according to the power that works in us. What you and I desire for each other is a work that only God can do, so in submission to the Will of God, and in answer to your appeal, my answer is and shall always be ’YES’.

    “The priority of Holiness isn’t what [we] do, it’s who we are (identity based on right relationship with [Jesus Christ]). What [we] do (or don’t do) is a result of [who we are in Christ].”

  59. “Furthermore, I sense that you and others have drawn a conclusion about my present status, which has neither been confirmed nor denied in any portion of my discourse with GCM Watch. “

    More shell games.
    Remember you said you and another man were in a sexual relationship for 5 years then you confronted him because he was bringing other men into your bed when you werent at home and then he got vindictive and reported you and you had to appear before 7 bishops in your organization because of it? Remember that from the video?

    Now, if you are you are delivered from homosexuality presently do you not want to reveal that because it would clash with the false teachings of the gay UPPC in which you are a senior bishop? Honestly, youre being quite disengenous. You teach homosexuality is right and natural to others, but you yourself dont partake? That’s some incredible hypocrisy.

    You sound just like that gay church which insists its not a gay church. I guess that’s to keep people from knowing the truth so they will join the church.

    We’re not having a dialogue when one person is playing shell games with information.

  60. Rogers, I agree with you: the Church should not, can not and better not (too late for that) tolerate habitual sinful lifestyles. How can we say that as believers, we possess the Spirit of God within us when we’re knowingly, willingly and boldly unrepentantly living in immorality? To do so taints the Church and wreaks havoc on its purity. It also has a disastrous effect on our witness. So yes, as fellow Christians we need to hold accountable those who claim they are of Christ by addressing their lives of continual sin. The Word of God instructs us to and we better be obedient about it. If there are people who claim they’re part of the Church and they’re practicing immorality of any kind, it’s to be addressed, rebuked and repented of by the person practicing it. The Lord has mandated that we do that.

    When I spoke of showing mercy and loving people unconditionally, I was speaking in context and referring primarily to those who are not yet part of the Church, but who come to our congregations, seeking God. They are the ones who come as they are and the Church is to accept them as they are. We show mercy by that, just as God showed us mercy when He embraced us as we were. Gossiping, calling people names and condemning homosexuality endlessly so that those who are practicing it can be “convicted” of their sin is not the proper nor biblical way to rebuke and correct. True conviction comes by way of proclaiming the unadulterated Word of God, which is apparently not happening in many “churches”, thus the reason for this blog (and many others).
    But the scales become balanced when we teach the undiluted Word of God from the pulpit while bearing fruit of the Holy Spirit in the pews. When we teach the Word of God, free from tamper, in all its entirety, we allow it to do what it ‘s purposed to do – save and sanctify. And if we allow the Spirit of God to do what He longs to do while we’re being instructed in the Word – fill us so we can bear fruit – we can minister in true effectiveness. This way the Word of God goes forth with convicting power from the person who’s filled with the Spirit. And when you’re filled with the Spirit, you don’t operate in the manner of which was mentioned in Preacher’s Kid’s post (see above), but rather in the Spirit by exhibiting traits such as kindness and self-control.
    It can be done, but only if we’re walking by the Word and being continually filled with the Spirit.

    So Rogers I think that’s the proper way way to achieve the delicate balance you mentioned. Teaching and exhorting from Scripture while being filled with the Spirit, having the truth go forth in power while declaring it in by way of fruit of the Spirit. Just keep in mind that I’m speaking of those who are not yet saved and those who are babes in Christ, those who are new to the faith.
    False teachers and prophets, and those who know the truth but reject it are a different story.

  61. “Now, if you are you are delivered from homosexuality presently do you not want to reveal that because it would clash with the false teachings of the gay UPPC in which you are a senior bishop? Honestly, youre being quite disengenous. You teach homosexuality is right and natural to others, but you yourself dont partake? That’s some incredible hypocrisy.”

    I was thinking the same thing, Mr. McCluney. Based on your comments here, it seems that though you may no longer practice homosexuality. Yet you’re not speaking against homosexuality and encouraging those who practice it to turn from it; you seem to condone it in the context of “loving and committed relationships”.
    If this is correct, how is that declaring the Word in truth?

    Sir, despite what you say, your “present status” is relevant to the dialogue. Given the fact that you’re commenting on a gay christian blog of which its focus is to first and foremost expose the faulty theology of the gay christian movement, your position in the UPPC, comments that you make for the public to hear (the video) and your position on homosexuality is relevant to any discussion on this blog. Therefore I don’t understand why you continue to state that your “present status” isn’t relevant. It is.
    If I was a habitual adulterer at one point yet I no longer practice it, I wouldn’t associate with a bunch of cheaters.
    If I was a habitual liar at one point and no longer practice it, I wouldn’t keep company with a pack of liars.
    If I was an idolater but then repented & put God above everyone and everything, including my love of sin, I wouldn’t keep silent about those who are idolaters, and I wouldn’t make excuses for them.

    Homosexuality, or immorality, should be in this same company. When we speak of living in grace and showing mercy, that’s not equivalent to providing a license for sin. It’s embracing humility in which we acknowledge that if it wasn’t for the grace and mercy of God, there go I. And by being humble in that regard we teach the Word of God allowing it to convict those in sin – doing what it does best.

    I leave this section in peace. I’ve commented way too much under this video. Sometimes, though, I just want to keep crying out.
    Pastor Foster, I acknowledge your tenacity in confronting things like this. The lies in all their sophistication just become a bit much.
    We can not allow tolerance of blatant, unrepentant sin in our Churches, especially sin that has such hapless effects. To keep silent is to allow people to blaspheme the holiness of God and as His children we simply can not allow that.

  62. Well he said in the video, that [they] the gay christians would go to their [churches] conferences and conventions and dance but “would not tell lies”. Now, he’s dancing around the real issue and talking about his “present status” not being relevant. Well he fulfilled at least one part of his video promise. The dancing part.
    I think Im ready to close this out too. Its went nowhere real fast.

    BTW, thanks Angela ALL your comments were refreshingly on point.

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