COGIC partnering with NOM against gay marriage? [updated]

cogic_shieldThe National Organization for Marriage (NOM) website lists high profile gospel singer and COGIC member Karen Clark Sheard as one of its big name draws on the final leg of its summer tour to raise awareness in support of male-female covenant marriage in the US.

Clark Sheard of Detroit is scheduled to perform August 15th during the 2-3pm time slot on the steps of the US Capitol building.

Previously, there was no participation by any COGIC members of prominence in the marriage debates. Perhaps the ice water of the Prop 8 ruling has signaled to COGIC leadership s need to encourage participation where possible. If that is the case, certainly GCM Watch applauds that move.

Its unclear when or how the two organizations first crossed paths, but  in June NOM presented the top two COGIC male and female leaders with an award.  Bishop George McKinney of San Diego, a COGIC General Board Member issued a statement —through NOM— blasting the Prop 8 judge using “specious and outrageous comparisons between same-sex unions and interracial marriage”.

Is this the beginning of a new partnership between NOM and COGIC?  We hope so and welcome the good news.

UPDATE 08.11.10

Since this post appeared, NOM removed Karen Clark Sheard’s name and replaced it with Detrick and Damita Haddon. NOM also removed contact information from its website. Coincidence or is something going weird going on?


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