A beautiful conversation: Talking with God

I’m not sure how often you pray, when is the last time you prayed or even if you believe that prayer is important. I do. I’ve learned to talk to God and listen so that whatever he wants me to know I don’t miss it. I confess there are times when I don’t “feel” like praying. And (more confession) there was a time in my saved life I didn’t want to pray. But as I have walked with God and calmed down considerably, I value the conversations we have.

Prayer isnt just talking selfishly about our wants as God cannot be manipulated by our prayers. While we tend to talk to God in abundance, it appears that he doesn’t speak in great volumes to us in return.  But when he does, its undeniable.

Prayer is the primary form of communication with God. It is, in essence, a conversation between divinity and humanity.

The great Christian writer Oswald Chambers said “Prayer does not fit us for the greater work; prayer is the greater work.” Indeed, we cannot see our prayers as a means to an end but rather as both the means and the end.

There are many types of prayers:

Agreement – Our will submits to the Father’s will. The other aspect of agreement is when we pray with another person with one heart towards what is desired as in Matthew 18:19

Meditation – Quietly thinking on the Word of God and recalling it either in silence or whisper. Psalms 1 says  a man is blessed when his delight is in the law of the LORD, and on his law he meditates day and night.

Confession – Acknowledgement to God personal wrongdoing.  John 1:9 tells us If (in prayer) we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.

Forgiveness – Acknowledgment before God releasing someone who has done you personal wrong. Jesus himself prayed the prayer of forgiveness on the cross. Father, forgive them for they know not what they do. Luke 23:34

Thanksgiving – A proclamation of praise for what  God has done.

Praise – Expression of adoration for what God has done. No one biblical writer could put it down like the prolific warrior/praiser King David. His psalms (songs) are the basis of countless songs and prayers. My favorite: the 103rd Psalms.

Petition – A personal request for things that we need. There is nothing wrong with asking God for personal needs. We are encouraged to do just that in Philippians 4:6. Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

Intercession – Bringing another’s petition to God on their behalf. The church prayed for the release of the Apostle Peter when he was imprisoned in Acts 12:5.

Listening – Active quietness in the presence of God in order to hear Him speak. The child Samuel was instructed to say “speak Lord, for your servant listens” in 1 Samuel 3:9-10.

There are some misconceptions about prayer. Some believe that prayers should not be public, only private. Not true. This misconception comes from Jesus warning to his followers in Matt 6:5 about emulating the Pharisees.

“And when you pray, you must not be like the hypocrites. For they love to stand and pray in the synagogues and at the street corners, that they may be seen by others. Truly, I say to you, they have received their reward.

His warning was not against public prayer, but public prayer used as a cloak for hypocrisy. Please understand that public prayer does not bring the same personal results as secret, closet prayer. Reference Matthew 6:6.

I believe the greatest prayer we can pray is “Lord, let your will be done”. When you don’t know what to say, its best to pray that his will be done. Knowing God like I do, that prayer will certainly always be right and true.

Question: Has God ever specifically answered your prayers?

19 thoughts on “A beautiful conversation: Talking with God

  1. Oh thank you. I printed this out and posted it on my fridge.
    I always thought prayer was talking, talking and talking to God, letting Him know what I wanted and requesting what I needed.
    I had a lot of misconceptions about prayer.
    And I’m not going to get into that “name-it-and-claim-it” teaching which some folk thought you should incorporate into your prayers. Like God has to act on our Word. No, we act on His!

    This is great. Thanks.

  2. Angela, yes prayer can be very frustrating sometimes. I think that comes from misunderstanding on our part. I know that was the case with me.

    But Im glad this was a blessing to you!

  3. Not Andrea!!!
    Yes sometimes I still have to reign myself in to pray, especially after the events of the last year, especially when He is not working fast enough, etc…when it has been a while I often wonder why I don’t do/haven’t done it more….

  4. Oh yea! Thanks Pastor!

    “What a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer”

    What a awesome thing to know that the veil has been torn from top to bottom and we can now go boldly before the thrown of Grace in the name of Jesus!


    Praise The LORD!!!

  5. Youre right Paul, under the old covenant one could only approach God through a priest. But under the new covenant we all have access with boldness (through personal prayer) to God. The ripping in half of the temple veil dramatically symbolized this new and awesome privelege. People should take advantage of it rather than trying to solve their problems on their own or through some other person.

    Oh what a privelege!

  6. This was awesome Pastor Foster. I too printed out and posted on my desk at work and at home. I’m just now learning how to be still in God’s presence and “LISTEN TO HIM!” And no, God will not be rushed while we’re in His presence…listening to God in prayer requires much patience and stillnes before Him.

    I thank God that I don’t have to “sow a monetary seed” to “hear” directly from the throne of my God…as some would have you to believe…(cough cough…$183 “turnaround seed” to Paula White?)

    Thanks you and much blessings to you Pastor Foster!

  7. LOL! Ok, Ok…Father, I “CONFESS” that I just made an unkind remark about a Wolftess…I mean “sister” in the body. Please forgive me and help me to pray that this Wolftess…I mean “sister” will see the error of her ways, repent, and no longer lead the sheep astray, nor use the “Gospel” as a means for “gain.” In Jesus Name…Amen!

  8. GS, when I read “turn-around seed”, I was like, what? Then I looked it up and found this on Benny Hinn’s (I know) website:

    Turnaround Faith
    “Right now,” Todd Coontz says on This Is Your Day, “there is an anointing for people who need a major turnaround. It’s time to plant a turnaround seed, and that seed will become the divine magnet to bring change.”

    Dr. Coontz quotes this verse, “Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert” (Isaiah 43:19).

    Then Todd adds, “This is a divine moment! God has anointed this time for a special turnaround.”

    My spirit quickly confirms what my friend is saying.

    Right now, many people need a turnaround in their businesses, in their families, in their personal finances, in their relationships.

    God wants to give you a turnaround in your life!

    He wants to show you a business idea, a concept, an opportunity that will change everything in your life.

    He wants to give you favor with others that will turn everything around for you.

    But God always requires that you plant a seed before you see the harvest.

    What kind of turnaround seed can you sow toward your turnaround harvest?

    So in other words, in order for me to experience God’s will for my life (something that we just discussed on this blog), I have to cough up some money. So I’m paying God in order to discover and experience what He has planned for me.
    I didn’t know God required money from His children and I sure didn’t know He was broke.

    Thank God I was never caught up in that junk. What a bunch of schisters. GS, I am so glad you got out of that. It’s comforting to know that God isn’t taking too kindly to these thieves manipulating His people.

    When we go to our Heavenly Father in prayer with a pure heart, an open ear and a mouth full of praise, it is then that things begin to turn around – not when we write a check.
    Prayer is the source of true turn-around.

  9. Just to clarify, I know that giving is biblical. I’m referring to the context of “give-and-get”.


    I thank God that He opened my eyes…IN PRAYER…to see the error of this false teaching.

    I just happened to peruse thru TV channels one night and saw PW hitting the “saints” up for the $183 Turnaround Seed. It just vexed me sorely in my spirit! I even posted on FB what I thought and only 1 person responded, saying that it was “totally” biblical and quoted Malachi (about the tithes) to justify it. I had to correct the sister and I pray she received it. But it just goes to show you how many sheep are still being deceived by these wolves because we won’t go to God for “ourselves” in prayer and allow the Holy Spirit to give us real discernment in these trying times. It’s like no one wanted to say anything against their “chrisitan celebrity.” We must continue to PRAY like never before and seek God’s face with a pure heart for guidance and direction…not just for what we can get from God’s hand, or finance the lifestyles of the “christian-rich-and-famous.”

    Side note…yeah, funny how PW is pumping the same “turnaround seed” fallacy that her “friend” BH is promoting…birds of a feather…Selah!

  11. uhhhh saints? hello, we are supposed to be discussing the Word of the Lord here, not PW and BH and their turnaround seediness. 🙂

    And for all those who believe in the turnaround seed, please send a $5000 turnaround seed to help GCM Watch fight false teachers who teach such madness.

    Nuff said.

  12. Just call me “butter”, I was on a “turnaround seed” roll!!! LOL! Ok, Sorry Pastor…back to the subject at hand….again, Great Post! (and my $5k is on the way) 😉

  13. THis is an awesome post. It encourages and convicts me all at the same time. Too often times we let our lives get too busy to reflect on prayer and the importance of continuous relationship with God.

    Even before I read this post today. I was reminded that I don’t have to wait until I am in a physical place that is favorable for communication with my God. We can go into the quiet place in our heart and have moments through out the day that we can speak to him and He to us.

    Is post is should be marked as sticky … as a constant reminder…

  14. Friends,

    You know the word says, “Pray without ceasing”, and as sister’s Dee and Angela said, we can sometimes get frustrated w/prayer and get so caught up w/the issues of life we end up forsaking this most important fixture in our life and walk w/Christ. Now the statement I’m about to make shouldn’t make us use it as an excuse or justification not to pray, or be read into, but I thank Him, that He never ceases seeking, searching and loving me, more than I could possibly Him. I remember an episode of discomfort in my wife’s life, that she forsoke prayer, and she told me, while attending church service, she heard a still voice say to her, “I miss you.” Pastor you’ve been on quite a roll lately.

  15. Wonderful topic Pastor!!! I’ve been praying for years, and some prayers have been answered and some haven’t. I always pray, God this is what I want, but Your Will be done-You know what’s best. I’ve learned to trust the Lord, because I have seen Him do some impossible and amazing things.
    Whenever I get impatient, I think of our spiritual forefathers that often waited decades for the promises of God to manifest. While waiting for Isaac, Abraham tried to help God and through his impatience bought forth Ishmael, David waited 13 years to be crowned king while dodging spears and hiding from Saul’s army in the process. An innocent Joseph waited several years before he was released from prison; and countless others that waited on the Lord and received His promises. And some died never seeing the promises, but their children were blessed. These are the examples that I think about while waiting for prayers to be answered.
    I’ve been unemployed for almost 1 year, and it’s been hard. But I have seen God keep my family and I’m learning more about my Father in this season. Through many tears of frustration, anger and total helplessness, I find Him to be Faithful, Provider, Comforter and Keeper. Our God is amazing and I’m forever grateful that He saved me.
    And Pastor thank you for the list, with your permission I would like to use it as a handout for jail ministry~

  16. Thanks for posting this… I have been sincerely lacking in my prayer life and I know the Holy Spirit is pulling at my heart in this area!

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