Dottie Rambo manager sets the record straight on late singer's beliefs

In an exclusive email to Gay Christian Movement Watch, the long time manager of the late singer Dottie Rambo said she did not support “inclusionism” nor did she support her daughter and son in law’s progay church ideology.

Larry Ferguson and his family, traveling with Rambo at the time, were all injured in the fatal bus crash. He was managing the singer at the time of her tragic death and  requested GCM Watch publish his exclusive comments in response to a story which appeared on our site in May 2008.

“I would like to publicly state that Dottie Rambo didn’t subscribe to the “Doctrine of Inclusion”. Dottie believed the only way to Heaven was through the acceptance of Jesus Christ as your Lord and Personal Savior. She lived every word she sang and walked in the truth. Dottie showed unwavering love to anyone she came in contact with no matter their faith, belief, life styles, or celebrity. Nearly everyone that made her acquaintance usually left hearing the Gospel message and knowing she was a compassionate loving Christian. Dottie Rambo was no respecter of persons . Dottie believed there was a Heaven and there was a Hell and would not employ or entertain conversation to the contrary.

This being said she and her daughter Reba and son in law Dony McGuire DID NOT share beliefs concerning Christian teachings. I’m not speaking of one particular issue but nearly an entire life body of work and ministry. Though Dottie lived in Nashville, TN where her daughter’s church is located she refused to go to the church due to their doctrinal teachings as she believed they were contrary to God’s word. She never attended one service at the church her daughter pastors and was adamant that she never would. This was a very public choice that Dottie shared with fans, friends, colleagues, audiences, pastors, and congregations. Dottie loved her daughter very much though their ministries and personal lives were separate.

If you will go back over the last few decades and view Dottie’s appearances you will find that her daughter is sparsely seen with her. As her manager Dottie directed me to never book her on an appearance with her daughter or son in law. On a few tribute television specials honoring Dottie, her daughter appeared on the programming as I didn’t want to explain their strained relationship personally and doctrinally with producers of programing.

Dottie Rambo’s fans were an eclectic group of individuals that include traditional church goers and those outside the church. She showed immense love and appreciation to every person she came into contact with. I can’t stress this enough. Her ministry was to share with broken people that they too could overcome great physical illness, divorce, loss of family, sin, and hurt through the power of Jesus. Dottie never consider herself a preacher, but her songs were sermons in themselves. “He Looked Beyond My Fault and Saw My Needs” sums up her message.”

The comments stating that Dottie Rambo had embraced the gospel of inclusion were posted by Pastor Kevin Gallagher.

“Dottie Rambo didn’t always support the gay movement, but with her continued slide to a more secular and worldly lifestyle over the later years….probably due to some input and influence from her hyper liberal daughter and son in law, Dony and Reba McGuire.

With her open embracing of the gospel of inclusion came her open acceptance of the gay and lesbian lifestyles.”

Gallagher made those comments on June 24, 2008 and sadly passed away June 25, 2010.

About Larry Ferguson
drmgrLarry Ferguson, a Louisville, KY native dreamed as a child of working in the music business. His family and friends were often forced to listen as he attempted to entertain or give them the latest scoop in entertainment news.
Ferguson was represented by Alix Adams Modeling Agency throughout high school during which time he won a contest which landed the teenager his television debut as the guest co-anchor opposite Kirby Adams on WHAS-11 TV, the Louisville CBS affiliate, on it’s local based magazine show “Louisville Tonight Live”.
By mid teens Ferguson became involved in Southern Gospel and Country music promotion. Before adulthood Larry had already started his own highly successful concert promotions company “Larry Ferguson Promotions”. It was at this time Ferguson began bringing in America’s favorite Country and Gospel groups to the Louisville, KY area. In later years Larry would bring Legendary Gospel figures such as Jake Hess to packed venues and eventually work with his favorite Gospel artist Dottie Rambo.


36 thoughts on “Dottie Rambo manager sets the record straight on late singer's beliefs

  1. So apparently your article from 2008 stands true, she didn’t believe homosexuality was a sin. We know the end game of those that buy into a lie according to the Bible….

  2. Robert, It was never our assertion that Dottie but Reba Rambo who endorsed homosexuality. That assertion was made by a commenter. Mr. Ferguson as a person who was very close to her states that she did not nor she she support the antics of her daughter and son in law. The two of them were the focus of the 08 article.

  3. ??? I’ve never in my life heard of any of these people. Is this like an old people thing or something? Not quite sure why this is relevant to today’s generation. Is this a white church thing? The article didn’t really clear this up. If it is then I hardly see what it has to do with the black church.

  4. She was a constant contributer by way of song on TBN years ago, nothing more nothing less. TBN had a few people that they kept on their payroll to fill out the airtime during the breaks between the interviews.

    Her views are unclear to me although it would be safe to assume that Christianity was what she subscribed unto. But many are reinventing what we are to believe, that is why we are to know the truth in effort to spot the false doctrine(s) that come our way, so that we wont be made merchandise of.

  5. Willie, If you havent heard of “these people” either take some time and read the backstory links or just dont comment until you do understand. Its not that difficult.

    And the article doesnt have anything to do with the black church, that’s why it doesnt have a black church tag on it.

  6. That was an in general statement that was directed at a general audience or at least that was my attempt. Disparagement wasn’t my goal if that is what you may have picked up.

    Reread that and show me where I may have thrown a rock

  7. God Bless you Larry for all that you do. The Lord has given you many gifts and talents and I have watched you use them over the years in his good favor. Keep your chin held high and keep your eyes on the Lord. It is he who shall deliver us all from this earthly suffering and into Eternal salvation if we call upon his name in the spirit of humility and sorrow for the sins we have committed. Dottie is in Heaven now and she praises the Lord for all the has done and I know she greatly awaits the day of your arrival when the time is come.

  8. “She was a constant contributer by way of song on TBN years ago, nothing more nothing less. TBN had a few people that they kept on their payroll to fill out the airtime during the breaks between the interviews.”

    Vaughn, thats what I was referring to. It sounds like you are relegating her to a paid stage hand for TBN. I mean you referred to her specifically. All Im saying is that she deserves to spoken about with the respect she earned thats all. Thanks

  9. I’m trying to think if I remember Larry Ferguson from TV as a child, he can’t be much older than I if he was a teen in the early 90s.
    Did Rambo her daughter and son in law ever come forwarding confirming or denying whether Rambo supported inclusion-ism taught their church at some point? I guess though since they teach a lie, why we could really trust anything they say, especially if they feel it would add fuel to their cause, would have to be considered, but just wondering…

  10. Thanks for posting that, Pastor. I don’t know many of her songs, but one I do know very well is “We Shall Behold Him”. She wrote that song, and in the early 80’s Sandi Patty made it sort of famous, at least in the Christian arena. I loved Sandi’s rendition. Vicki Winans, as I’m sure a lot of you know, recorded that song, too. Powerful lyrics. I still listen to it.

    Well if what Mr. Ferguson has stated is true, I’m glad he clarified this. The last thing we would want for ourselves is for someone to lie about about our stand on the Word of God.
    Of course, those who teach false doctrine don’t care about that, only that they were loved and accepted…

    But nonetheless, informative.

  11. You can count me as one who appreciated (and still does) Dottie Rambo’s music. I’m 54 years “old” ;), I’ve known of her for most of my life.

    She was a prolific writer; having composed over 2,000 songs. Her music was popular (to those of us who knew of her) long before TBN came on ‘the scene’ and while an occasional guest, was – in my opinion – certainly more than just a “constant contributer” on TBN as Vaughn has claimed. You might be pleasantly surprised to find out she may have penned some of your favorite singer’s songs…

    Thank you to gmcwatch for publishing Larry Ferguson’s statement on ‘setting the record straight’ (blessings to Mr. Ferguson). To me, it became evident over the years that Dottie’s relationship with her daughter and son-in-law was becoming more strained due to their (Reba’s & Dony’s) very open “progay church ideology”. I imagine it must have grieved Dottie as much as it would any of us whose “children” (adult or otherwise) break from – and compromise – God’s Word.

    Lastly, her songs truly were “sermons unto themselves” as Larry Ferguson stated. I believe her life to be a witness to God’s mercy and grace; she played and sang through excrutiating physical pain for many decades. Yet, you would never hear her complain. When she died in that horrific bus accident, the first thing that crossed my mind was she is now in the presence of our Lord and Savior, worshipping and praising Him in her new, perfect, pain free body.

    Thank you again, gcmwatch.

  12. I just had the opportunity to read this post, and it is certainly untrue, and shows Ferguson’s true motives, which have little to do with protecting Dottie Rambo.

    It is unfortunate that he continues to push and believe the lie he spins; usually those who are blameless don’t shout so loudly.

    Let’s set the record straight. I attend the church pastored by Dony McGure and Reba Rambo McGuire. They do not support the homosexual lifestyle, period. They do welcome everyone, gay, straight, etc., and that’s how church should be. Jesus said to love, not with exception. I’m sure they don’t support the sin in any of our lives, but ultimately, that’s for God to judge. Our job is to teach His word, regardless of whose toes get stepped on (including but not limited to homosexuals).

    Dottie Rambo surrounded herself with those in the gay lifestyle and embraced them, but she did not condone their actions. Ferguson boasts numerous openly homosexuals as “close friends”, including Lily Tomlin and her brother and their companions, and wearing eye makeup (including mascara) seems perfectly acceptable when looking at Ferguson’s pictures. In some, men are wearing more than women. It appears disingenuous for Ferguson to malign anyone for befrinding homeosexuals. Again, those who clamor for the most attention need to be observed.

    And if the message of their church was so terrible, why did Ferguson allow his children to attend the church’s school, and participate in numerous recitals? He was there regularly and was nothing but supportive of both the school and church AND REBA…
    UNTIL THE ACCIDENT. Only then did he change his tune.

    People in the music industry are very aware of Ferguson’s behaviors and why he continues to malign Dotties daughter, and there are several others who have kept quiet but will come forward to expose him if his behaviors continue. One of his former clients told me privately that his behavior was “laughable”. Ferguson should be glad that information regarding him has remained private; should he continue to push it may not. His remarks are not enhancing the career Dottie Rambo created, they are distracting from it.

    Dottie was a wonderful lady, and Reba loved her very much, regardless of how Ferguson would like to play it.
    I was witness to several wonderful times between Dottie, Reba, Destiny and Israel prior to her death, and she loved each and every one. She spoke of Reba’s beauty, and saw herself in Reba’s face. They had plans to do a project together (Reba, Destiny and Dottie). Reba loved to give Dottie gifts, and shopped extensively for “just the right thing”, whether it be jewelry or clothes, etc.

    Yes, there had been problems, as many families experience over a lifetime of years, but those things are personal, things that Reba would never speak of because she’s got too much class.

    Unfortunately, someone was all-to-ready to whisper and create this little lie and that, spinning and creating ill will that never existed to the extent he designed, all in an attempt to become heir apparent. The thoughless and just plain mean remarks continue to this day, ever trying to increase the number of people who will believe the lie.

    Unfortunatley for him, much of what he says convicts him without his knowledge. 🙂

  13. Michael @ River City Church:

    Explain to me why REBA opened a lawsuit while he and the others who were injured, had no insurance and were still recovering in the hospital? it seems to me that if what you’re saying is true, that it is all Larry, that Reba would have seen to it that they were financially compensated. I don’t understand why she sued. I read that Larry and some of the others on the bus then countersued. This is confusing as to who and what is/are responsible.

  14. I feel the same as CJ. It’s obvious they were never with Dottie through her sickness. Why did Reba need to file suit? How was she injured in the bus crash? Every time I saw Dottie she said her family had left her and that she had adopted Larry and his wife.

  15. The truth will be known. It already is for those involved, even if they are in denial.

    The continued comments here are ridiculous and silly.

    The best thing for those involved to do would be try and make amends and stop the slander before turning back is not an option.

    You know who you are, but I don’t think you realize the pit you are digging for yourself when good people might still be willing to forgive.

  16. Michael–you called the comments “silly” and “slanderous”, but you still haven’t explained the reasoning behind the lawsuit BY Reba!

    The Dottie Rambo MySpace website posting, before someone pulled it down, and I’m assuming that it was Reba, stated that the people on the bus were injured and had no insurance at the time of Reba’s lawsuit.

    This is a FACT, and NOT slander, as I am acquainted with a relative of one of the parties involved in the drawing of this suit.

  17. No further comments. The truth will be known and those who’ve
    dug a hole for themselves will be faced with the consequences.

    This is certainly not the place to air any further information.

    If you choose to continue, your character is exposed for what it is.

  18. Thanks for letting us know the truth about Dottie. Thank God she was a good Christian woman. I read the other stories as well. Thank you to Dottie’s manager for being honest.

  19. Dottie Rambo did not let theological differences stop her from going places. I know this from experience. She came to New Dimensions Worship Center pastored by Carlton Pearson in 2006. I don’t think she agreed with his theology, but she told him she WANTED to come there. I heard her say that. So to say she didn’t attend her daughter’s church because of theological differences doesn’t hold water.

  20. Dann it is quite possible she could have went to one place and refused to go to another. I dont think her going to Carlton Pearson is any indication that she routinely went to apostate churches without regard to doctrine. Did she go to Pearson’s once or did she go many times? That’s where the real answer would lie.

  21. gcmwatch,

    But she didn’t refuse to go to Carlton’s church because of inclusion theology, so don’t use that as a reason for her never stepping foot in her daughter’s church. That’s the point I was trying to make.

    Sure, she could have refused to go one place and choose to go another, but don’t blame inclusion as the reason for not going.

    I know she has been to Pearson’s church many times. They held each other in high regard. Dottie was instrumental in getting Pearson started with TBN. Pearson was at Dottie’s homegoing service.

    But I don’t think Dottie agreed with his theology, I want to make that clear. Bishop Pearson used to always say this, and I think it’s true, “We don’t have to go along to get along.”

  22. Point taken, but not necessarily true and applicable.
    As for Pearson and his words, he has been rightly declared a heretic and I hold his words to be of zero value.

  23. gcmwatch,

    How is the point not necessarily true? I was there when she was at Pearson’s church and heard Dottie speak to Pearson myself in a conversation after the service. She told him that at her age, she goes where she wants and she told him she wanted to go there. If she was threatened by his theology, do you think she would have said that?

  24. Dottie did go to Pearson’s church once after he started the inclusion doctrine. I booked it through Dann and the Minister of Music there. I knew that in Pearson’s early ministry that Dottie was very supportive. However, I didn’t understand totally what “inclusion” was when we went there and I booked the date.

    I had told Dottie he had been persecuted for having a differing view. She later saw the broadcast Pearson did and she made me aware of his beliefs. However, she still loved him as a person but she asked me not to book her there again. However, she talked about Jesus Christ there. Pearson didn’t say anything controversial while we were there. And no matter where Dottie was at while in the pulpit she never compromised her beliefs. She still considered he and his wife friends though they never spoke after the Sunday she was there. If you fault anyone for her appearance there it was my fault.

    Inclusion was not the only reason she didn’t go to The River church. It was many issues and doctrine was only one of them. However, appearing at a church and presenting the message of Christ for one night is very different than “officially” attending or supporting a church as a member or supporter.

  25. Definition of heretic: a person who holds controversial opinions, especially one who publicly dissents from the officially accepted dogma

    Jesus dissented from the accepted beliefs and practices of His day. He challenged the status quo. He held unorthodox opinions. Sounds like a heretic to me!

    Oh and by the way, the religious leaders of His day did not like that He showed them the hypocracy of their ways.

    I admit, I may have been wrong about Paul… so sorry about that!

  26. I see what you’re saying when you say they weren’t “declared” heretics, but by the definition alone, Jesus would be considered one

  27. I have to agree with Misty, to a point. Any change to an accepted practice in a religion is deemed heretical, which is why there are so many churches.

    Paul stood up for himself when called a heretic, Acts Chapter 24.

    From the time Jesus Christ’s ministry started, he was constantly challenged by the Sadducees and Pharisees to “step over the line”. In my opinion, these were the biggest heresies: To say that He came to fulfill the Mosaic Law (Matthew 5:17), that there were only two great Commandments (Matthew 22:37-40), and that He was the Son of God (John 10:30-38).

    In John Chapter 11, the raising of Lazarus from the dead, sealed Christ’s fate. When the Pharisees saw they would lose control of the masses (and possibly the annihilation of their nation), they began plotting to get rid of Him (John 11:47-53). Since Christ had prepared for His mission before the world was made (1 Peter 1:20), He also knew the value of His death (by crucifixion)(John 12:32), and resurrection (John 11:25-26).

    What I’m not sure about is why Misty threw the heresy comments into this blog?

  28. Misty Jesus wasnt a heretic. He was God therefore he didnt just hold unorthodox opinions and dissent from officially accepted dogma, he was truth incarnate. That is what distinguishes him.
    The other thing is that the bible isnt “official dogma” its God’s word and when a person teaches lies and leads people into hell away from God, that’s heresy. Jesus never led anyone away from the Father. Carlton Pearson is and their blood is on his hands for trying to be a false savior.

  29. Jesus is our Lord! Heretics are leadings souls to Hell. Kudos for exposing this lie about Ms. Rambo. I will pray her family gets right with Jesus and his teachings.

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