Out of a small NC town comes a powerful message

FARMVILLE, NC – A very interesting —but comprehensive– series of videos (one sermon) on homosexuality. Its rare that we find a preacher in the African American community who deals with homosexuality, from the pulpit. When we do, its generally some passing gutter remark or a laffapalooza moment at the expense of homosexual people. But  I have to give it to Dr. Aaron McNair Sr. who pastors the New Mt Moriah United Holy Church in tiny Farmville, NC, just west of Greenville.  He handles this subject matter well and with unflinching courage.

Of note, he emphasizes God’s solution [part 6].

“But there’s always a solution. Never preach this and dont give a solution. If youre writing down scriptures, please don’t forget to write this one down, 1st Corinthians 6:9-11. God calls homosexuality unjust along with other sins, he also points out that the homosexual will not inherit the kingdom of God but note the last verse says that God can transform people.

I don’t care how long you have been dealing with this spirit, there’s still power in the blood of the Lamb.”

That being said, there’s a few problems I won’t hesitate to correct. Dr. McNair needs to make one change. Stop using the words faggot and sissy. Its not necessary, its not Godly and you can preach a powerful message without using those words. Dr. McNair, please listen and come on up to the next level sir and clean up your language. By using this type of language you send others a message that its okay to do so. Its not.

Other than that, the messages are commendable.

McNair covers a wide range of issues related to homosexuality and the church, many we have covered at GCM Watch before. Perhaps he’s been reading?

There are about 7 videos in the message which in total add up to about 50 minutes. But they are well worth the listening and viewing.

Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7


7 thoughts on “Out of a small NC town comes a powerful message

  1. It’s very interesting that I go to a huge apostolic church and I often hear messages on salvation, the Holy Ghost, miracles, “seed-faith”, healing and deliverance, but I’ve never heard a comprehensive sermon on the spirit of homosexuality or lust in general in my church or any church.

    I’ll be listening.

  2. thewatchern, some of the pastors in larger churches probably think they have too much to lose if they do something like this. Im not saying its the only reason McNair did it.
    But I think that a lot of people think that bigger churches mean better. Not automatically. Some think that talking about homosexuality is too controversial and divisive so they never say anything. I love the way the preacher talked about it from different angles but (except for the off kilter name calling) kept it biblical and enlightening.

  3. He spoke the truth!

    I have said this before, I have gone into quite a few predominantly black churches. I have seen effeminate men and women dressed like men and nothing is said, NOTHING! Its just what it is.

    On a whole I commend him. He is correct, this spirit has become very bold and is intrusive while most in the Church stay silent.

    When was the last time one of the mega church pastors addressed this apart from skipping over the question and/or twisting scriptures in order to remain politically correct?

    I say good for him, just clean up the wording.

  4. I listened to all 7 parts. Anyone in any congregation would understand this message as it wasn’t too psychological. It was just the WORD! Him taking the time to study to show himself approved even from a historical context was very pastoral. Reminded me of my dad.

    In the final video, the most gripping part is when he said the enemy leads us to make any and every excuse for “Little Johnny.” It’s how so much compromise sets in our communities, churches and homes. I wonder has he created a culture in his church for men, young men and boys to find strength and the love of Jesus.


  6. I am an ordained elder and son of the United Holy Church in New England. Dr. McNair is well respected. The use of the word faggot deeply disappoints me. Particularly when this comes from those in the pulpit; it deeply mars his sermon. To whom is he speaking? Who is his audience. The “faggots” snd “sissies” he is trying to reach; or their famillies? In a one on one interaction would Dr. McNair do this? Too many preachers use the pulpits as a place to throw rocks. He may be using the terms to ensure his church that he is willing to address the issue but a “no homo” was issued by using the words he did.
    There will only be limited oil in our church or anywhere else as long as that self rightoeous , hateful language is used agains people in Christ’s name.

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