Presbyterians lose gay christian Spahrring match

NAPA, Ca – This is what happens when you are lukewarm. You end up smelling like vomit and looking like fools. Enter the Presbyterian Church at right stage. Last week the church put Jane Spahr, a longtime —longtime— lesbian church activist on trial for marrying homosexual couples during the Prop 8 wars in California. Even though they found the woman guilty, they still commended her for “faithfulness and compassion”.

The Bay Citizen reported:

The Rev. Jane Spahr, 68, was on trial, accused of failing to “further the peace, unity and purity of the church” by marrying 16 gay and lesbian couples in 2008 when same-sex marriage was legal in California.

Her judges were six mostly white-haired Presbyterian elders, who sat at a table beneath a cross, listening intently to the proceedings.

Friday began once again with a prayer. Then James Jones, the moderator of the judicial commission, stood and declared Spahr guilty of most of the charges. “We determine that you are hereby censured by rebuke,” Jones said. “You are enjoined to avoid such offenses in the future.”

As for her part Spahr made no apologies for her ungodly behavior or for violating the law of God.

Spahr, who has been a Presbyterian minister since the 1970s and now lives in San Francisco, has long worked to bring gay men and lesbians into the church. It was an anonymous complaint about the weddings that prompted the trial.

“This church asks me to be in the closet about my sexual orientation and about my faith,” Spahr said on the witness stand. “I am a Christian lesbian pastor who marries heterosexual couples and lesbian and gay couples; I cannot lie about either part of me nor would I ask any pastor to do this.”

After Spahr was “censured” by the church’s judicial commission, they turned around made a mockery of themselves.

“In the reality in which we live today, marriage can be between same gender as well as opposite gender persons, and we, as a church, need to be able to respond to this reality as Dr. Jane Spahr has done with faithfulness and compassion.”

The censure itself was a bowl of jello. The commission “rebuked” Spahr and told her not to do this again. Do you think that someone who has been actively being disobedient, encouraging others to be disobedient and unapologetic at her “trial” is going to heed this rebuke? Hardly.

The church should a long time ago —a long time ago— banished this woman from the church and rescinded her clergy credentials until she repented. That’s what the bible tells us to do to those who reject sound teaching and continue in sexual immorality. Their influence is spiritual poison to the Body of Christ and should be excised with due diligence.


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  1. So it actuality they wasted a whole bunch of time and money and gave a fake rebuke to Jane Spahr. Shaking my Head!!!

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