Prop 8: Spiritual Warfare in California Part 1


SAN FRANCISCO – Well, the state of California is back in the news with its same-sex marriage debate. San Francisco Gay Conservative Republican Federal Judge Vaughn Walker ruled that Proposition 8 is unconstitutional.  The proposition did not allow same-sex couples to marry. This is the second time that Californians  voted on a proposition to amend marriage as between man and woman only, and to later have the judicial system overturn the majority votes to amend traditional marriage. The battle of state of California was not to learn whether or not homosexuals should have the right to marry.  The battle actually began within the court system after a three judge panel of the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals issued a ruling that imposed a stay on Walker’s ruling to overturn Prop 8.

So who and what are we battling? Are we at battle with Judge Vaughn Walker? Are we battling the gay and lesbian activists that push for same-sex marriage? Is our fight against same–sex couples that wish to marry? The answer would be a resounding no!  Why, you ask?  Because our battle is not against flesh and blood.  It is against evil spirits in the spirit world. It is a battle in the unseen world that manifests itself in the natural world. California has been in a spiritual battle for a long time and most churches have taken the route of the flesh to deal with situation.  They simply encourage their congregations to vote on these propositions.  I’m not saying that voting is not a good and honorable thing to do. However our churches on a large part fail to deal with the spiritual dynamics state of California.  The state possesses some serious demonic strongholds!   On December 9, 2009 GMCW posted an online article entitled, In Vallejo, CA Spiritual Warfare Comes to the Forefront.  This article shed light upon the spiritual battle in Vallejo, California.  The gay community was upset over comments Mayor Osby Davis made during an interview with the New York Times.  I believe its a spiritual conspiracy to push California to the forefront for same-sex marriage because the state is a major trendsetter. California is the only state in the United States to have measures on traditional marriage challenged and overturn twice within the last ten years. I believe the goal is to push Prop 8 all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court in hopes that the decision will be overturned and make it illegal for other states to ban same-sex marriage.  As a result the floodgates for same-sex marriage will be legalized throughout the United States.

The Prince of San Francisco  and Powers

The Apostle Paul said that we wrestle not against flesh blood, but a hierarchy of evil spirits with a governmental structure to carry out evil within the world system (Ephesians 6:12).

Within the kingdom of darkness the governmental structure goes as follows:

  • Principalities which are devils that have oversight over nations and geographic areas.
  • Rulers of darkness of this world – demonic forces that control kingdoms and Satan’s worldly business.
  • Powers- evil spirits who control people and areas. They want to possess humans.
  • Spiritual wickedness in high places – evil spirits in the heavenlies who have charge over religion and spiritual atmosphere.

In California the city of San Francisco has strong political ties within the state with a  strong core of homosexual activist that push their own agenda. San Francisco is also known as the Gay Capital or Gay Mecca of the world. Why? This is because the because of the spiritual principality of the Ohlone Native Americans that  once populated the area.  The prince of this area ruled for thousands of years.  Their principle religion was Shamanism. They believed that the tribe’s shamans possessed both male and female spirits (called “berdache/ joya”).  They also believed in a third gender(joya) and promoted witchcraft and same-sex love within the tribe. The ancient principality of the areas controlled sexual perversion and witchcraft. When Spain colonized Mexico they begin to establish Catholic missions within the Mexican territories. Several missions were established in the California territory. Missionaries began to realize that some of the tribe’s people that appeared to be female were actually men that dressed and conducted themselves as females. Eventually the missionaries abolished the practice of berdache/joya. However, they did not abolish the spirit that was behind it.

When the gold rush began in California around 1848, gold was not the only thing that awaited young men seeking to get rich. That same perverse spirit that ruled and controlled the Ohlone tribe was lying in wait for new flesh and blood to control. By water, the voyage between New York and California was between 4 to 12 months.  During this time it was not uncommon for there to be intercourse between seafarers.   The city of San Francisco was populated with approximately 90% men.  Female companionship was available but cost between $4,000 – $8,000 per night in today’s dollars. There just weren’t enough eligible women in early San Francisco to go around.  In response to this reality, some of the men agreed to take on the roles of women by becoming dance partners of other men at clubs and bars.

The gay population began to pick up even more in San Francisco during World War II when the armed forces sought out and dishonorably discharge homosexuals from the armed services. The homosexual men who were discharged were processed on base in San Francisco. Many of these men fell in love with the beauty of San Francisco and stayed. Ever since World War II the gay and lesbian population has rapidly increased.

In the 1970s arose Castro Street in the Castro District, many gays moved into the area and started their own businesses. They begin to develop a political base and power within the community.  In 1977 Harvey Milk became the Mayor of Castro and was elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.  He was the city’s first openly gay elected official. Today, times Castro has the highest per capita gay population in the world and is the center of local gay politics.

The prince of San Francisco is effective in his oversight and influence.  The evil spirits that control people first transferred themselves from the Ohlone Indians to the male settlers of the gold rush.  From there, the spirits transferred themselves to the settlers from the World War II men who were dishonorably discharged.  And now they control the people who live in San Francisco. Jesus, in Mark 5:9-13, cast out the unclean spirits called “…Legions…for they were many.”   Those that were cast out begged Jesus not to send them out of the area.  Instead they went into the pigs that were nearby. More than likely these unclean spirits were Powers that controlled things.  In the kingdom of darkness evil spirits/Powers control areas and want to possess people. Those legions of spirits that possessed the man in Mark 5, not only controlled the man, but also controlled the area.  It was for that reason that they did not want surrender that area. Just as in the San Francisco era the Powers from the Ohlone Indians continue to control the area and possess some of the people.

In Part 2 of Prop 8: Spiritual Warfare in California, we will cover how Spiritual wickedness, and Rulers of darkness of this world and the branches of the kingdom of darkness are governing the state spirituality.

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30 thoughts on “Prop 8: Spiritual Warfare in California Part 1

  1. So glad to see you back writing shofarsound. Missed your voice brother.

    You said “The prince of San Francisco is effective in his oversight and influence.”

    Wow what a powerful statement. Many people do not realize that cities are ruled by the prince of the power of the air and his demonic court. San Francisco’s principality has developed a stronghold as we can see through the insertion of many destructive factors. While we do not war with people (flesh and blood) there is no mistaking that we must also deal with people whom are possessed and influenced and used (perhaps even unwittingly) by the rule of the demonic.

    Thanks for this excellent and eye opening writ on spiritual warfare!


    I’m from Cali and NEVER new this about San Francisco! I know that there was a ruling spirit of perversion over that city, but this post broke it down plainly!

    Thank you Shofarsound for this very “timely” and informative post. This will enable us Saints to pray more effectively for this city and against satan’s perverted agenda of homosexuality that wants to assert it’s throne up to God’s and take over society as “normal behavior.” The devil is a liar!! I’m so glad that we “have” the victory in Christ Jesus!

  3. I commented on this post and hit enter, but my comment is not showing…I will give it a few hours to see if it comes up.


  4. Excellent Post!!!! I am going to share this article it is definitely a must read… Cant wait for part 2!

  5. Thank you on your comments GCMW, Godlysolider, and Minister Brandon. Looking forward to putting part 2 out. The Holy Spirit had been dealing with me over a year with this, and the Spirit begin to show me insights on the overall spiritual condition of California.

    I appreciate the opportunity GCMW has given me to minister through writing, it has been a blessing. We must continue to uphold the state of California in much prayer and intercession. It is good to be back posting articles.

  6. San Francisco is one city I have NEVER wanted to visit. It doesnt interest me in the least bit. It would probably be a Jonah situation if the Lord told me to go there. Just being honest.

  7. Awww, come on GCMW, Let the Lord use ya in the Bay Area!
    Just like in Ninevah, MUCH repentance is needed in that city! 😉

    GCMW: Maybe Oakland 🙂

  8. This article really connected the dots for me. Interesting too how the Roman Catholic religion pretty much took over the State of California with missions, but did not (or could not) cast out the homosexual demon.
    So many are deceived and uninformed. Thanks for the clarity Shofarsound.

  9. thanks for the info… I’m a guy from the Philippines… I have to admit I struggle with same-sex attractions. Just had them about two months ago and I don’t know how they developed but I know they are wrong. I am actually looking for a counselor since they do not have ministries like this in my city. Although we do not have these types of political battles I see that being a gay person is alright even in my own church. We always use that ‘do not judge unless you be judged also’ phrase but something is wrong. I do not know how to act because I am quite young and like I said I am struggling with SSA. I read about your articles on the UCC and their stand on this issue so I was afraid since my church is somewhat of an affiliate of UCC. A Filipino reverend from the UCC even came to my church to preach one Sunday. I thought he would not say anything on these issues but he did and I left the building even though my parents were still inside. Anyway I talked to one of the pastors after and he said let’s just leave the reverend alone and not cause trouble. So just want to let you know that while you have many support groups in the US I sometimes feel alone. Thanks though for your informing articles which show the truth pastor foster… May the Lord Jesus Christ be with you always…

  10. anyway our denominational stand is it’s a sin.. no doubt about that… what I meant about the above comment is that there is not much rebuking I guess… It’s wrong I know but I just ask God for his mercy and grace because that’s what keeps me going

  11. Gary,

    Maybe you can connect with Pastor Foster to see if he can assist you with discipleship/support group via phone/internet/e-mail. Thanks for your comments, we will be praying for you here in the USA.

    God bless,


  12. Writing this made me think of Ezekiel 27 & 28, it deals with first the human ruler the King of Tyre and the nation of Tyre, but when you get Ezekiel 28:13 the spiritual aspect the king and the nation was directly being influence by Satan himself.

    What also came to my mind the article written by The Dunamis Word called Callin’Out Da Pastors & Churches(May 21, 2010), about the unspeakable violence in Chicago. Again we wrestle not against flesh and blood. The same Prince of that area that control Al Capone and the Mafia with violence, has now found a whole new host of people to control, deceive, kill and destroy.

  13. Exactly sir!

    Ezekiel 27 and 28 give us an astonishing snapshot of satan stripped of all pretenses about who he was in his celestial state.

    Its interesting that his powers of persuasion, illusion, projection and the likes were not taken from him. See our previous story on satan. But we were warned he was coming to us.

    The principalities over many cities and nations are endowed with these potent weapons, but many do not understand and war against them ineffectively if at all.

    We cannot obliterate them (send them back to the pit of hell where they came from type of thing) but we can restrict their movement in certain arenas, diminish their influence and control their avenues of approach. Saints are empowered with the Holy Ghost to withstand these principalities. Sadly our corporate warfare resembles the three stooges most of the time.

  14. Gcmwatch,

    You hit it on the nose about corporate warfare. Most people who go out and start a church just think it is about preaching a good sermon, getting people in the pew, and collecting offering. They never pray and fast to understanding(through the Holy Spirit) the type of warfare that must be raged in their respective geographical area.

    Also most of these churches are defeated by these principalities, because of corporate unrepentant sin(from the pastor, ministers, leaders, down to the pew).

    Look at Deuteronomy 23:9-14 says,

    9.When the host goeth forth against the enemies, then keep thee from every wicked thing.
    10. If there be among you any man, that is not clean by reason of uncleanness that chanceth him by night, then shall he go abroad out of the camp, he shall not come within the camp:
    11.But it shall be, when evening cometh on, he shall wash himself with water: and when the sun is down, he shall come into the camp again.
    12.Thou shalt have a place also without the camp, whither thou shalt go abroad:
    13.And thou shalt have a paddle upon thy weapon; and it shall be, when thou wilt ease thyself abroad, thou dig therewith, and shalt turn back and cover that which cometh from thee:
    14.For the Lord thy God walketh in the midst of thy camp, to deliver thee, and to give thine enemies before thee; therefore shall thy camp be holy: that he see no unclean thing in thee, and turn away from thee.

    That says alot about the importance of corporate holiness works in the believer favor when it comes to spiritual warfare.

  15. Hope to post part 2 next week? We will get into the heavy pressence of the occult and the Hollywood propaganda machine that helps fuel immorality in the state of California.

  16. Several points that were made at the beginning of the article, the very ones that underpin the rest of the arguments to follow are completely undocumented speculation or misleading in their incompleteness. There is no link between the Native Americans in the area that is now SF and gay culture and there is no real documentation to back up the author’s arguments. Likewise, while it may be true that seafarers had sex with each other on the way to SF, there is no proof that such ships were more likely than any others around the world to also have men having sex with each other. And to claim that the Native American “spirit” transferred from them to the men there during the gold rush and to subsequent populations is simply invented. There is no validity to the author’s arguments. If he wants to be taken seriously, he should document what he claims to be true — otherwise it is mere speculation. Unfounded speculation supporting an agenda such as his is immoral because it is dishonest. If this site seeks credibility, which I assume it does, it should proofread articles like this before posting them and establish editorial guidelines that would prevent this from happening in the future.

  17. @ Scott Russell,

    Question #1 When you read the article did you click on the links that were supplied?

    Question #2 Are you gay?

    If you took out the time to click on the links that support the documentation of this article you would have found most of the documentation came from gay sites. Do you want a list? Here it is for you so click away:

    Ok Scott let us count the sources 1,2,3,4,5,6. A grand total of 6 sources, and none of my sources come from a bias Christian source attempting to twist the info to fit the article. 3 out the 6 come from gay sites. 2 out of 6 come from scholastic writings. And one comes from Suite 101. So their is your documentation! If you want to attempt to pick apart the documentation, place the blame on the homosexual authors that posted these writings on these sites, which backup the article.

    If you researched this blog, all the writers are diligent about writing sound articles with sound documentation to backup our articles.

  18. Wow Id have to ask Scott the same questions.
    You wouldnt even have to ask them if you had simply clicked on the links (the words in blue) in the article. Maybe you just didnt realize that’s what the documentation is.
    If you didnt, then check them out and feel free to comment again.
    I would like to take your complaint seriously, but its rather baffling considering all the sources the author embedded with his writing.

  19. Dear Scott,

    I hope you read my posting and respond. I think that you were completely misguided when you posted your response to Shofarsound’s article. It is also apparent that you have not read his previous postings. They are filled with fact-based information.

    I believe that you were so offended by his article because you are either gay or struggle with homosexuality. You don’t have to proclaim it here, but I would strongly suggest you seek the Lord regarding this…even if you are denying it.

  20. That “two spirit” should be in quotes like all the other ridiculous identities they keep inventing for themselves.

  21. I truly grieve over what’s going on in my former state of Cali.

    This is indeed another EXCELLENT article exposing spiritual wickedness in high places! Instead of mega/church leaders apologizing to this homosexual community,or inviting such into their pulpits to speak (Warren, Blake) they should be girding up their loins, putting on their spiritual armor and engaging in some serious spiritual warfare!

    I pray for my neices and nephews that have to attend public schools in Cali because this agenda has totally infiltrated starting with kindergarten!

    Side note: Sorry I cannot provide links to backup my statements as I’m at work, but I know Pastor Foster and other’s that are faithful readers of this site will know what I’m talking about.

  22. GS, you dont have to provide any links cause everything you said is verifiable. We have definitely brought it out on this blog.

    The cares of fame, business, and CEO-dom has sidelined far too many of the “leaders” mentioned. I would not depend on them to stand up and lead us into warfare against the invading forces. In fact they are the very ones compromising and opening the door for these spirits and the human hosts. If not, they are silent and complicit.

  23. @GS most of these mega-church leaders are part of the world system. They made themselves friends to the world, therefore making them enemies of God. As Gcmwatch has said they have open the door to these spirits and the human host.

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