Former Rambo manager responds to gay church appearance

The GCM Watch story on the progay pastors who are slated to be part of the National Quartet Convention has stirred up quite a discussion about the person who intitially spoke out to clear up the air on the late Dottie Rambo.
Now, Larry Ferguson, Rambo’s longtime manager who was with her when she lost her life in a bus accident, is fighting accusations against him by some readers of this blog.
Pictures of Ferguson at the Open Door Community Church,  a gay church,  in Arkansas were emailed to this blog, so we decided to ask Ferguson to explain why he was at this church and if his previous claims were invalidated because of his own appearance at a gay church— sometime he said he does not support. The pictures show Ferguson participating is a forum discussion and posing with attendees of the conference including the church’s pastor.
His response follows unedited:
The Open Door Church held a Dottie Rambo tribute concert (aprox 2 years ago) and I was asked by Lulu’s former manager Terry Dorsey to come speak about Dottie Rambo specifically. I believe this was summer or fall after the accident. I have never turned down a chance to talk about Dottie Rambo, her music, and her life. I didn’t attend a conference unless the Dottie Rambo night was part of a conference. If so it was an all musical night. There was no preaching the night I spoke. Dottie Rambo songs were sung and I spoke about my relationship with her and the accident I had recently been involved in that took her life. Many organizations and churches were doing special events like this as they knew my wife and two children had no income or health insurance at that time. I was in the midst of past and future surgeries and continued medical care. I was accompanied by a retired nurse by the name of Joyce who traveled with me on these dates as I was on heavy narcotics and I was non weight bearing. The people were very kind to me and loved Dottie’s music very much. Please know I am in no way making an excuse for being there. If anyone knows me they know I have never missed a chance to speak positively of Dottie Rambo.

The particular night I spoke I only discussed Dottie Rambo and her music. I think I spoke for 15 minutes at the most. I didn’t minister, preach, or teach only shared of what Dottie Rambo meant to me. If a slide show occurred I had nothing to do with that nor do I recall that (possibly photos of Dottie were shown behind me). I make no denials of being at Open Door. Also, any judgements that I have made in my life don’t reflect those of Dottie Rambo. I have never preached in any church and I am a born again Christian who has worked in the music business. I have never represented myself as a minister or preacher nor would I ever misrepresent myself. If one appearance I have made or anything that I have ever done could turn others against Christ or against Dottie Rambo’s ministry then I publicly ask for forgiveness and publicly repent of these actions.
My original statements were in regard to Pastor Gallagher’s comments in which he falsely stated that Dottie Rambo had embraced the inclusion doctrine and any connection she had with Pastor Dony and Reba’s teaching. I also stated to the high regard and high standard in which Dottie Rambo carried herself. I could never hold a candle to her light. Her ministry speaks for it’s self and never did she compromise the word of God.

I make no excuses or compromises for speaking about Dottie at the Open Door Church. I also have never misrepresented myself and/or faith. I believe that Jesus Christ died for our sins and the only way to Heaven is through Christ because of his death, burial, and resurrection. I am also an open book and willing to accept any responsibility of my actions. Though, I’m not a Minister, I do know that our witness and walk is watched by both fellow Christians and the lost. I would never intentionally bring reproach to his name nor Dottie’s.

These pictures were brought up for two reasons one to distract from the issue (reporter on this website) concerning inclusion doctrine (which I don’t subscribe to) and second being Dony and Reba Rambo performing as The Rambos at the National Quartet Convention. I don’t make my living through the financial support of the public, nor do I pastor, or think of myself as a public figure. I do appreciate being held accountable for my actions. I believe in giving the public the right to choose weather or not they want to financially contribute or support a cause, event, or person that someone has views contrary to scripture like you have done with these reports. I also welcome any person to do as I have done and express the reasoning for their actions and repent of any actions that have been committed that could hurt or confuse their walk with Christ.
Pictures of Ferguson at the church can be viewed here.

15 thoughts on “Former Rambo manager responds to gay church appearance

  1. Why would you go to a pro gay church and not want to tell them the truth in love? All those folks are deceived and are ready to bust open the gates of hell should they die.

  2. Larry,

    I saw your comments on the other post, but since there was no place to reply, I will here.

    You have spent an extraordinary amount of time saying terrible and untrue things about Reba for the past two years. Don’t act like you haven’t, they can’t be erased from everyone’s computer.

    You’ve talked about her appearance, her church, her singing and her family. A lot of us are tired of it. Period. She is one of the finest people I know- she won’t even speak badly of you.
    She is a saint.

    Stop pretending that you are innocent.

    Secondly, no one asked you to write an article to “set the story straight” on an article written two years ago by another person. Perhaps if you had responded then, it would have been more plausible. But that is not the case. You conveniently decided to do so right before the NQC.

    You have done nothing but stir up contention regarding the NQC- there was no need for your continued and slanderous comments. You must understand that people are very aware of what you are trying to do, and that it is of no consequence.

    I really am not concerned with your lengthy diatribe regarding me or my opinions. I don’t care what you may or may not think about me. I do, however care about my friend, and she has been nothing but good to you.

    And you really have no idea of whether I ever spoke to Dottie or not- frankly, it’s not your concern.

    Regarding the appearance at the Open Door Church- I could care less where you go or what you do. However, you have a lot of nerve to make posts on this blog if you are making any appearance (whether to honor Dottie Rambo or not) at a gay church. This blog is a GAY WATCH BLOG. You were clearly at a gay church, representing the former ministry of D.R.. Whether you realize it or not, your actions by attending put your stamp of approval on the church’s doctrines. In addition, I doubt very seriously that she (DR) would have made such an appearance, and to do so in representation of her is presumptuous. To speak for DR on a gay blog while openly attending a conference at a gay church is fraudulent. It is also an insult to the readers.

    Larry, the entire problem here has been created by you. Perhaps had you not been so vocal and so visible regarding your comments and opinions, none of this would be an issue. It is entirely in response to your comments, articles and appearances.

    You should be grateful that more has not been revealed- much could but has been graciously restrained.

    If you want to gain respect and have an honest career, you must stop the unprofessional behavior. If you truly care about Reba, you will make amends and stop the silliness.

  3. Carla,

    Your email was rather lengthy and I assume that by now people know how you feel. Again if you have any further allegations to make against me I’m happy to discuss them with you privately or in person as none of them have anything to do with any of the blogs.

    I didn’t put my “stamp of approval” on any church I have ever made a one night visit to unless it was clearly stated. If your logic were true then I assume all the original posts you have made in defense to your pastor’s attendance at the before mentioned conference are null in void because they put their “stamp of approval” on the event. For the record you keep referring to a conference I attended. I attended a night of Dottie Rambo music. I didn’t hide my attendance and when I was asked I made the above statement.

    As for your comments about how “much could be revealed”. I think this also throws your comment out the window in which you state that your friend has never spoken badly of me. And again, it’s second hand information that you are basing your opinion. I’m sure they are very grateful that I and others haven’t made many things public and accusations that can actually be substantiated.

    Since you feel it is “frankly none of my business” if you and Dottie knew each other then neither is anything you have brought up about me your business.

    You stated that I said untruths about Reba. I have NOT done so. You have stated many unsubstantiated things about me and frankly if they were all true it still has nothing to do with any of these blog articles.

    Again, I apologize if anything that I have said offended you.


  4. Carla,

    Your post was rather lengthy and I debated responded.

    #1: Your comments about much could be revealed. This throws your original comment that Reba hasn’t spoken badly about me out the window unless you are indicating that someone else made those comments. Either way it is 2nd hand information. I’m sure you understand that the same comment can easily be reversed and I can actually substantiate claims. Either way it has no place here.

    #2: If attending a place one time puts my “stamp of approval” on it then the comments you made in defense of your pastor attending the Long Beach Conference also are null in void. I addressed my attendance of a Dottie Rambo singing night above. No need to be redundant.

    #3: You stated that it was none of my business that you didn’t know Dottie. It is no more my business that you didn’t know Dottie Rambo as it is yours about my personal life and/or all the information you claim to be privy of.

    #4: You said that I have said untruths about Reba. That is not true.

    Lastly, If I offended you or hurt you I apologize. I don’t apologize for truth. I think people clearly know where you stand and how you feel and any further posts that you make about me personally are doing exactly what you are accusing me of doing. I have welcomed the chance for you to speak about this privately.


  5. I agree. Carla, why dont you exchange emails? I mean what else is it that you want him to do? If you say that you “care less” where he goes and what he does, then why all the long comments about it? Which is it? He’s acknowledged that going to the gay church was wrong and that he doesnt support that now. Id like to see the Rambo=McGuires do the same thing.

    I dont think Mr. Ferguson created any “problem” by responding to a comment that was in error. That’s what this stemmed from.

    So as the chief critic now (a position you seemed to have taken over from Michael) what do you want to happen?

  6. The obvious has been stated repeatedly. Nothing more needs to be said. We are going in circles, and much of it doesnt’ make sense.

    Again, this is a gay watch blog. Mr. Ferguson obviously saw no problem in attending a conference at a gay church, speaking for/giving tribute to a woman who could not make that choice for herself. He has stated that he makes no apologies for it.

    “I make no excuses or compromises for speaking about Dottie at the Open Door Church”

    Either you think its okay, or you don’t.

    I am surprised that as the blog author, you haven’t made your thoughts clear on it. I mean, what is the point of this blog if that is okay, when other gay-related things are not? If you are taking a stand against homosexuality, then it is an insult to have someone like Larry “setting the record straight” (two years late) on inclusion, while ignoring attending the gay church.

    Finally, I can’t state it enough: the only reason this is even being discussed is because Larry has created a stir, not just here but other sites as well- facebook, etc. I’m not the only one talking about it. You can’t continue to go on and on about something and expect everyone to agree with you. I am responding to this blog (GCM Watch) because it was posted on his (at that time non-private) facebook page. Someone sent me the post because they were disgusted.

    My comments at GCM are legitimate and based on a link I saw here. Had no clue about the pix at the gay conference until I came to this blog.

    My point is, if Larry hadn’t been talking, I wouldn’t have seen this blog, the link and the pix. And I wouldn’t have had the reason to ask the questions. I do not know the person who posted the link with the photos. I only know of Larry’s fb post because someone sent me the post (along with some others which were caustic at best.)

    If Larry wants to mend fences, he’s very capable of doing so. It would be good for everyone involved. And those who are truly walking the christian walk will be more than willing to forgive. But if he continues to stir the pot, these responses will surface, because a growing number of people are tired of it.
    A lot of those people knew DR way before Larry came onto the scene, and they are just plain tired of of the lack of professionalism, if nothing else. They expressed this to him on his own FB posts, and in personal messages. I know, because they’ve told me so.

    You asked what I would like to see happen?
    I’d like to see him make things right, and he knows how to do that. Everyone would forgive and welcome him with open arms.

    Reba; she has not seen any of this to my knowledge. I do know that she doesn’t speak badly of Larry or his family, even when she has been told of hurtful statements made by him. Her heart is forgiveness, regardless. I am certain of this.

    Things do not have to be the way they are. He has the power to make a change, and I’d like to see him do it. He doesn’t need my email, he has all the contact info needed for the appropriate people.

  7. Okay since you seem to know a lot more than 99% of the readers of the blog, then why dont you go ahead and facilitate all that without any further commenting?
    I mean your posting long comments here isnt going to resolve what it is you say needs to be resolved.

  8. I actually just did that…

    But why didn’t you answer the question about your thoughts on the Open Door attendance?

  9. I am hearing about the white gospel music and white churches have the same situations we are having in the black church with homosexuality. I love Ms. Rambo’s music. Also I’m pleased to know this gentleman has done the right thing. I hate to see someone attacked after they admit they made a wrong turn. Sounds like the person that emailed the pictures to the site did this in malice. Jesus is coming soon. This is a good example of the end times.

  10. Natasha–I posted them, not emailed them. I did so honestly wondering, not trying to start a war between sides here.

    I had Larry perfectly clarify why he was there to me on this blog.

    Dottie was one of my heroes in the Faith, and still is to me. I’m just glad that Larry has cleared her name.

    Reba, on the other hand, has not made anything clear to me, and I still wonder what the truth is about her ministry and why there were these “issues” with her mother not wanting to go to her church.

  11. CJ i tend to agree. ive been hurt by the mcguires personally so i am not going to speak against them for fear that my remarks may be bias. i was watching the new bill gaither project sold at crackerbarrell and reba dony and a girl i assume is their daughter sang together on it. i guess all of gospel music has made bad turns for the price of a dollar. thank god dottie didn’t compromise her name or the gospel.

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