Flunder, Pearson run hyena train on black bishops

This video is about two hours long, but it is a pearl of a find. You will be absolutely fascinated at the conversation —and the posturing dynamics– in this forum on “Reimagining Pentecostalism” which was hosted by Harvard Divinity School.  The forum is supposed to be some sort of intellectually driven discussion on the various hybrid faces of pentecostalism, but two of the participants quicklycommandeer the show and flatline the others with their bogus doctrines. Its a classic real time case of how false teachers intimidate other “leaders” who don’t know how to handle them.

In March 2005, The Rev. Dr. Frank Reid (Bethel AME, Baltimore), Bishop Carlton Pearson (Higher Dimensions Family Church, Tulsa), Bishop Yvette Flunder (City of Refuge United Church of Christ, San Francisco), Bishop Andy Lewter (Oakley Baptist Church, Columbus, Ohio) and the Rev. Eugene Rivers (Azusa Christian Community, Boston) participated in the third panel of a day-long conference on Black Pentecostalism held March 18, 2005 in the Sperry Room, moderated by the Rev. Cheryl Sanders (Howard University).

Flunder and Pearson work the panel like two hungry hyenas on the African serengeti after stray wildebeests. At one point the voice of one of their inclusionist sympathizers Marlon Millner arrogantly chastise the three preachers. That angers Reid, but to no avail.

In trying to agree with the false teachers, Rivers, Lewter and Reid are at their mercy,  but Pearson and Flunder only press in for thharvardforum2e kill. That is until Rivers finally calls out the white elephant in the room. To which Flunder promptly challenges him to “put it on the table”. To his credit, Rivers is the only one  of the three pastors on the panel who attempts to challenge Flunder and Pearson, until he is pounced on by the sympathetic moderator and silenced. Lewter seems almost in a defeated fetal position the entire time.

Its a sad and difficult trainwreck to watch, but if you want real time experience in how false teachers operate, watch this video and take notes.

*Pearson is no longer “reimagining pentecostalism” opting instead to take a money making gig at Chicago’s premier metaphysical church.


23 thoughts on “Flunder, Pearson run hyena train on black bishops

  1. GCMwatch, you find gems indeed. I just started this and it’s already engrossing.
    I’m looking forward to the discussion here.

  2. People of God: It is tragic that so many people professing to know Christ will sell their doctrine for a mess of popularity.
    If the saints of God knew basic doctrine 101, they would spew out anything coming from the mouths of either Flunder or Pearson…no questions or debates needed.
    As to this particular “conference”, it was sad to see anyone who professes Christ to be bowled over by the doctrine of demons expressed by those apostates.
    Why go on such a program without being equipped to present the Word of God in knowledge and power?
    Pearson and Flunder had a field day maligning the Word of God to the audience who probably did not know A from B but it tickled their ears and that was sufficient for their day.
    I hope this video is a teaching video to anyone who wants to
    contend for the faith….know your faith first and then contend.
    Do not sit there like a dummy and be speechless or let the enemy run circles around you with gibberish. Quote the Word and the Word will defend itself.
    Flunder and Pearson had those persons “cowed” and that is why
    Flunder and Pearson attacked so aggressively…they smelled blood in the water and wanted to do damage.
    Flunder and Pearson, unless they repent, will pay for their
    attack on the Word of God.
    I think the video should be required viewing for anyone witnessing to the world since the doctrines of Flunder and Pearson are cropping up everywhere.
    If you are on a milk diet, do not pretend that you are a meat eater and go and debate the enemy because you will be eaten up by these apostates. Present the Word of God and when challenged, present it again and when laughed at, present it again and when cursed at, present it again.
    Those opposing Flunder and Pearson hopefully have been “shamed”
    and will study the Word so the next time, they will not appear
    helpless and wilt.

  3. Well said Lafe, you cannot deal with false teachers on an intellectual basis. They are masterful at making perverted doctrine look like a bowl of cherries.
    These clergy didnt have a chance because they keep trying to make these wolves out to be “brothers and sisters in Christ” and that allows them an avenue of attack.

    I can say that although many of the clergy have been told lies about GCM Watch there is not one other ministry that is educating the church on this pernicious attack like we are. Hate us or not, this video is proof that if you get in the ring with these false prophets unequipped you will get torn asunder.

  4. As soon as i read the title, i grabbed my phone to text you about your use of the word “hyenas”… HILARIOUS… and SAD at the same time.

  5. To GCM Watch:

    My problem with this is it seems like these panels and folks like Lexie and the like, only request those people who will not challenge these false prophets. People like Pearson and Flunder demand you have their same beliefs and if you don’t they become very upset and try and pounce on you with no mercy. I really believe they understand what they are doing. But the sad part about this is they grew up under sound, solid doctrine. I get very sad when i think about God coming back and they get before God’s throne and he says depart from me i never knew you… Please explain to me why pearson especially has gotten off…this was not motivated by money, because he had “everything” I wish someone would challenge them for all the world to see and blow them out of the water with this crazy junk. Keep doing what you doing Pastor DL…sometimes i have to pray about the approach at times, but you are doing a good job!!!

  6. Also. I watched the video. Did yvette flunder just say the past gen secretary of the COGIC die of AIDS??? or did i miss something…

  7. Pastor,

    I must admit some of the verbage you used when illustrating the plain and open inadequacies of the believing pastors on the panel, had me falling out of my chair, especially the part about one of the pastors folding in the fetal position, I know I should’ve laughed, but God forgive me I did (smile). But however this of course is no laughing matter, one must be able to confront these false prophets w/grace and boldness, the same way the Savior confronted the pharisees. For what is grace without boldness, the prophet Amos didn’t have a lick of schooling, but God called him out of the fields to challenge the priesthood of his day. I only mention Amos to say, that these pastors, are supposed to be schooled trained and where totally dominated. Thats what happens when we get passive, that is why Paul constantly tutored his young pastor Timothy, to not be timid but bold and full of grace. When those who are false discern our timidity they pounce quickly and aggressively and will not let up, as we just saw and heard. Thats why I believe that some of us are not equipped to confront these false prophets, it doesn’t mean that there not saved, but lack the boldness. For you can have the knowledge and wisdom, but when you lack the boldness, to go along w/the above, you can get eaten alive, and thats what happened.

    Sometimes I believe and I could be wrong, that we should’nt invite these false prophets to so-called friendly panels of debate, it doesn’t mean were afraid nor intimidated by them, but as the Apostle John would say, “don’t even let them in your house”, because you can end up partaking in there foolishness and give them a much desired platform, which was just witnessed. Notice I said “sometimes” not all the time, because they must be confronted, but discernment and wisdom must be applied when doing so, because if not were the ones who end up looking foolish and inadequate as for which has been displayed.

  8. Tony I love the English language. Ive been known to use it in picturesque ways. I wasnt intending to be funny, but thats just what I saw looking at the video.

    You are right the three pastors have multiple religious and secular degrees, but they certainly didnt display any of that in this setting. And may be something else was required and they dont have that either. Just saying.

    Thanks for your comments 🙂

  9. Where do we begin here? There was so much said in this video from almost everyone on that panel that to touch on all their weighty comments (and refute some of them) would result in multiple, lengthy posts – at least by me. I was literally taking notes as I was watching it as though I was in a classroom. I’m itching to dissect what I heard – itching to – but I suppose space doesn’t warrant that kind of response.

    I’ll just say that the catchphrase of “Re-imagining Pentecostalism” is by itself bothersome, and everything that can possibly fall under that umbrella is what’s wrong with this entire dialogue and Pentecostalism in general, as far as I’m concerned.

    Thanks for sharing that.

  10. @Kevin, I could be wrong but I can sum it up in one word….. M-O-N-E-Y.

    some many in ministry that started out on the straight and narrow have become drunken by the money and status that they have gained through preaching the gospel.

    They know that if they REALLY start standing up for what is right the money would dry up.

    But what they don’t realize that they are already cursed because they have stopped trusting in and relying on God to sustain them. Their trust is now in the false security that money and popularity has gained them.

    And there are also those that are truely blind and God has allowed them to be so because they refuse to accept the truth of his word

  11. The enemy does this on purpose to make his ministers look strong. satan will do anything in his power to keep these debates as rigged as possible. Look at the debate with Pearson and Deepack vs. Driscoll and Hookers for Jesus lady.

    You Tube this if you haven’t watched it.
    Nightline Face Off: Does Satan Exist?

    Really you couldn’t find one Biblical Scholar to deal with this issue?

    Sorry didn’t mean to take this too far off topic but I think there is some relevance here.

  12. Robert, Im not sure satan was making his ministers look good. Neither Lewter or Reid seemed concerned the high levels of heresy being sloushed in their faces.

    Credit should be given to Eugene Rivers who put up the strongest defense. He was the only one to stab at the sexuality issue Flunder raised. He should have openly refuted her ideology without alluding to anything she said specifically. You could tell the audience was most progay/inclusionist as Lewter said it was “organized” by Millner. That says a whole lot right there.

  13. With Pearson and Flunder, I like to quote Tertullian’s Prescription against Heretics, it says ” No one ought to doubt ‘spiritual wickednesses,’ from which also heresies come, have been introduced by the devil, or that there is any real difference between heresies and idolatry, seeing that they appertain both to same author and to the same work that idolatry does”(Prescription against Heretics 40).

    No doubt Pearson and Flunder are in league with Spiritual wickedness in high places, agents of satan, being deceived and deceiving others with inclusion. It is sad the three other panel members could not stood properly for the Truth, however if they went in about it as a flesh and blood debate against Pearson and Flunder, and not spiritually than it is no wonder they had to run out like hyena.

  14. Jesus Christ wouldve called them foolish, a Brood of Vipers, Ravenous wolves, False Prophets but we are too nice to use those words.

    Reminds me of Goliath who was punking ALL of the Army of God, but dont worry God always has His David(GCMWACTH)who will call them out and take action.

    “for who is this uncircumcised Philistine, that he should defy the armies of the living God?”

    If they choose not to repent, they will suffer the same fate as Goliath!

  15. “Credit should be given to Eugene Rivers who put up the strongest defense. He was the only one to stab at the sexuality issue Flunder raised.”

    I noticed that.

  16. Reimagining pentecostalism, wow, recycled and repackaged ideas are always wrapped in a new tittle,like radical liberalism is now called progressive liberalism. I just watched the you tube clip of Pastor Rivers, i liked some of his points especially his comment about reclaiming and rediscovering biblical principles instead of conforming to the world, and he made a good point about supporting comments with the word of God. When I watch clips of Pearson and Flunder, they and other like minded false prophets use a philosophical approach to their beliefs because they have no biblical support. But the true believers must read our bibles and turn to prayer because this present day philosophy of inclusion is straight out of the mouths of devils. These present day lies are very strong, and its sad that two of our former cogic members are preaching these lies.

  17. I haven’t been able to watch this video yet, but I have seen the Lexi show interview that Carlton Pearson did with Jamal “Show me the Money” Bryant and Bishop “I love you Carlton Pearson” Bloomer and some other guy. I must say I’m amazed that not one time did any of these guys (who supposedly “oppose” Pearson’s false doctrine) say that Jesus Christ was the only way to Salvation. Had I been in the interview I would have just quoted John 14:6 every time Carlton started to speak that mess…..”I AM the way, the truth, and the life: NO MAN cometh unto the Father BUT BY ME.” Discussion over……

  18. I thought it was strange for Flunder to say that homosexual gospel industry workers write all the songs and there are only two songs that nobody wants to sing.

    I guess she was including Pearson in that number. She’s doing a good job marking these homosexual down low apostates.

  19. “Intellectualism” is a demonic attack on the profound simplicity of God’s word. The benefit of losing our minds to God is referenced in Proverbs 3:5-6. The literal and figurative context of Revelation 22:18-19 ought to be acknowledged specific to the entire Bible.

    Within I Samuel 15:22, we learn that “…obedience is better than sacrifice…” Support for this is found in Isaiah 1:1-11. Now, if a “tree” bears the fruit of DISOBEDIENCE to the Word of God and refutes the Word while lambasting God’s people, then we–as men and women of God–must obey Matthew 10:14, which states: “And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet.” By doing so, we are able to maintain our focus to REALIZE Mark 16:15-19, which tells us what we ARE TO DO; what happens to those who do not embrace the Word; and what we are EMPOWERED to handle and produce.

    I pray in Jesus’ (Yeshua) name that this makes sense. May the Holy God bless each of you who honestly, sincerely work for Him, in Yeshua’s name. Amen!

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