New addition to GCM Watch writing team

We’re excited to announce the coming addition of a new writer to GCM Watch. He should be posting early next week.

Joining “gcmwatch” and “shofarsound” will be Brandon Davison, a minister, husband and father from San Antonio. He said he was excited about joining the fight against false teachings and biblical illiteracy.

Brandon will be posting under the name brdavision, so look for his articles and encourage him with comments if you will. Thanks to all the public and private readers of this blog as well as those who are praying for each of us as we prove all things and hold fast to that which is true (1 Thess 5:21).


22 thoughts on “New addition to GCM Watch writing team

  1. Another warrior. Defend the faith, brother.

    Gcmwatch, you’re building up a steadfast team and it’s encouraging.

    Welcome Brandon.

  2. Thank you Sister Angela!!! And Thank you Pastor Foster!!!

    Wow I’m totally honored to be a part of the GCM watch team!!!!

  3. Welcome Brother Brandon.

    Looking forward to reading posts from another soldier in the Lord’s army on this site!

    Blessings! Sister Pat

  4. Welcome Brother Brandon. Happy to have you aboard. I believe what Pastor Foster is doing is propheticon this blog, in sense here at gcmwatch were sounding the alarm against sin, false doctrine, and the kingdom of darkness. Were also educating the Body of Christ with sound doctrine.

    G-d bless you and your family,

    Shofarsound/Bro. Jerald

  5. Preaching the Word of God and Sound doctrine is what I’m all about. The time is out for christians who claim to have experienced salvation, but don’t know the Word of God.

  6. Thank you Brother Paul……A honey glazed ham with a side of fried chicken and a extra helping of turkey is on the way lol 🙂

  7. Thanks Brother Robert!! He indeed gives me everything….I’m always amazed at what I’m able to write, while also aware of the fact that I have so much to learn! I definately give God all the Glory!…He is Awesome!!!

  8. Thanks Godly soldier and Shofarsound it’s good to finally have some people encouraging me to get the truth of God’s word out…..I’m rebuked every day by so called “christians” who think that we only show love by praying for those who lead people astray. While I do believe in prayer, I also believe in exposing false christians so that others can be aware. Jesus said: “Watch out for false prophets for they come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.” Mt 7:15 But how can you watch out if you don’t know who they are?

  9. It would be great if your website went through EACH of the passages that refer to homosexuality. It seems like this is lacking. Or, am I missing something?

    The pro-gay/Christian websites seem to have numerous Bible studies that reveal THEIR interpretations of these Bible passages. They have specific interpretations that lead them to believe a certain way. Granted, their interpretations may be drastically different than yours. But, for someone like me who wants to study this issue THOROUGHLY, I’m not finding anything on your site that addresses the very specific interpretations and views they have presented in their Bible studies. It seems that your criticisms of them lack this type of critical approach (addressing their specific interpretations on each passage). Your attacks and criticisms seem to lack depth in my opinion.

    For example, what are your specific thoughts on the contents within THIS study?

    The Bible, Christianity, & Homosexuality
    By Justin R. Cannon

    Is there anyone on your website that has looked at these studies? I’d like to see someone address what their studies are saying concerning these passages.

    There are other studies out there, of course. Not that I’m trying to promote them. But, it seems like they ARE willing to defend their positions with Scripture. And, I’d be great to see someone present specific reasons why each of their interpretations are faulty – and yours is correct.

  10. Dennis, we have done that, perhaps not in a concise way on this site, but we have answered just about all the fallacious claims of the gay christian movement. I have seen the one you cited, but to be honest, it would be an issue of beating a dead horse. Have they come up with anything new yet? The inclusive orthodoxy is the same error ridden theology with an extra layer of makeup on it. Again, I encourage you to peruse over 3 years of writing here and if there is something in particular you think we have failed to cover, please bring it to my attention.

  11. I have spent a lot of time going through this website. And, I’m not finding much depth to your arguments as it relates to the Scriptural passages that they spend a considerable time addressing. You proclaim that their theology is error ridden. But, to say this (and to run a website that is critical of their entire viewpoint) must mean that you’ve spent the time to evaluate each of their arguments. I just don’t see this happening on this site with much depth. At least the pro-gay Christian websites are willing to give very specific biblical reasons why they believe what they do. These pro-gay Christian websites are rarely avoiding Scripture and rarely trying to argue from a “touchy-feely” standpoint. Almost all of these pro-gay Christian websites have extensive Bible studies that show their reasonings.

    1. Sodom account. If you ask any Christian today what this passage entails, 99% of them say that it’s about homosexuality. But, there isn’t one OT or NT passage that clearly identifies homosexuality as one of Sodom’s sins. Yet, several passages DO list Sodom’s many sins in detail, including in Ezekiel 16. As well, the judgement on Sodom occurred prior to the arrival of the angels. Most conservative Christians are surprised when I tell them this. They are also surprised when I mention that the men in the city of Sodom speak of their sexual actions negatively (“we’ll treat you worse than them.”) True homosexuals would not speak of their sexual actions negatively, would they? The townsmen seem to be focussed on homosexual RAPE vs. some sort of pleasurable orgy. NOT that this justifies homosexuality. But, it seems like so many Christians haven’t spent much time studying this passage. “It’s all about homosexuality.” Whenever I mention the other NT and OT passages that detail Sodom’s sins, they are ALL surprised that Sodom had numerous sins that are mentioned – but that homosexuality isn’t identified. If we say that it IS, we’re reading our own conclusions into these other OT and NT passages. Where are your website to you address the Sodom account in detail?

    2. Some Bible translations are using the word, “homosexual” in their NT translations. But, this word wasn’t invented until almost 1900. Other Bible translations use the word, “Sodomite” – a word that simply means a resident of Sodom. These are ENGLISH words that are used in an attempt to interpret and translate Paul’s UNIQUE use of words in 1 Timothy 1:9-10 and 1 Corinthians 6:9-10. The pro-gay Christians argue that our English translations are incorrect. ((Of course, many scholars make similar claims about numerous other passages in the NIV especially.)) These pro-gay Christians list several reasons why Paul’s words are talking about something else (other than homosexuality in general). Where on your website are you refuting the specific points they are raising concerning Paul’s unique vocabulary, how our English Bibles vary drastically from one translation to the next, etc?

    3. The Holiness Code in Leviticus details numerous abominations, “detestables” and laws. A couple of passages prior to the Leviticus 18:22 passage we are told to not have sexual relations with a menstruating woman. But, why are we ignoring THIS law? And, why are so many other Levitical passages being ignored YET we quickly grasp one that talks about a man laying with another man? As well, the pro-gay Christians argue that we are ignoring the “as with a woman” part of that passage. It just doesn’t say to not “lay with a man” – it possibly implies something more. The pro-gay Christians have several specifics in regards to these Levitical passages. But, I don’t see where your website goes through these arguments, refuting them. But, you continue to argue that their theology is error ridden. If you’re going to submit such a claim, it would be valid to show HOW you came to that conclusion.

    4. The Romans passage. Again, the pro-gay Christians have spent considerable time detailing the cultural that Paul was writing to, the common sins of that day, the usage of his Words, etc, etc, etc. (I’m generalizing their argument to save space). Yet, I don’t see your website getting into the same level of specifics. Again, you seem willing to say that their theology is wrong. But, what is bringing you to that conclusion OTHER THAN your overall disagreement with their conclusion? They seem willing to go in depth on EACH of these Bible passages. But, I only see general statements on this website. The most important thing that this website can do is to present BIBLICAL EVIDENCE as to why these pro-gay Christians are wrong. Isn’t this the whole point of this website? Isn’t it to criticize the pro-gay Christian view? But, it seems like your attacks of their viewpoints are definitely lacking in Biblical specifics.

    In summary, if you’re going to proclaim that someone’s theology is error ridden, it means that you’ve actually examined MORE than just their conclusions. It means that you’re looking at the basis for their conclusions. I just don’t see this on your website. But, on almost all of the pro-gay Christian websites they give THEIR Scriptural support for their views. And, these Scriptural supports seem to be extensive.

    Please, don’t automatically assume that I agree with their pro-gay conclusions or methods. But, I AM finding a big difference between websites like this one — and websites like theirs. I’d really like to see an honest discussion or analysis on WHY their interpretations are in error. But, I’m not seeing any “anti-gay” website that is willing to critique the specifics. Of all websites, I would have expected this one (yours) to do the best job in giving specifics. And, I’m just not finding them. I’ve spent a lot of time sorting through your articles. But, I mostly just see general criticisms of anything pro-gay. In my opinion, you really need ONE area of your website where you refute or dissect their extensive biblical support for their views. Otherwise your criticism of them seems somewhat weak. My opinion anyway. I don’t mean any disrespect. It’s just that I’m eager to hear someone do more than just criticize everything pro-gay. It’d be nice if someone took the time to actually critique what they other websites are saying via their in-depth Bible studies. Of course, there are probably 3 or 4 websites (that are pro-gay Christian) that have extensive Bible studies on them.

    Sorry for rambling. It’s a bad habit I have at times.

  12. Dennis your transgressions are forgiven. Please dont make it a habit here.

    Since you asked that I not assume you were a progay apologist, let me ask you directly. Are you a progay apologist?

    After you answer that, consider this.

    You are assuming a couple of things. One, is that we are required to match word for word and volume of word with those who teach false doctrine. Not true and not here.
    We answer according to the hope that lies within us. Somethings are so utterly foolish in their approach they are not to answered. A fool sometimes should be allowed to wallow in his folly until God clears his blind eyes.
    Other things we should address because of the potential impact the lie might have upon the weak and spiritually immature.

  13. Dennis,

    its not really that deep…if you can find the answers to these 3 questions, you’ll have all the answers you need about homosexual conduct…

    1. What is the biblical definition of fornication?

    2. Is fornication looked upon favorably in the Bible?

    3. What did Jesus say about marriage?

  14. Well, I think that I have nothing more to say beyond this post. I came to this website hoping to find information to assist me with some studies I’m working on. Many in the pro-gay Christian community are using Scripture to support their views. At least this is what I’m finding in my research of several pro-gay Christian websites. So, I’m just looking for information online that critiques their views on these passages. That’s all.

    God’s best to you, brothers.

  15. Dennis, all the information is here and you didnt have to ask one single question to get it. If you are researching for studies, why didnt you just note what was said and move on? Instead you almost seemed accusatory and then you didnt answer questions about yourself which would have given your comments context.

    So, all the best to you too sir.

  16. @Dennis-Just because scripture in being used in the Pro-Gay “christian” website to support their sinful lifestyle, does not mean it is being used correctly. If you want to know about the word of God the bible tells us this:

    2 Timothy 2:15 (King James Version)

    15Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

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