Ted Winn makes his move out of the gay gospel closet

ATLANTA – Add black gospel music industry worker Ted Winn to the list of those making their way of out of the homosexual closet. Don’t be surprised, we have told you many times —-foretelling and forthtelling—, how the black gospel music industry is perverted to its core. Its only a matter of time before all your “favorite gospel artists” will make their move because you keep buying their music and saying how “anointed” they are. They take your money and laugh at your continued ignorance of their lifestyles. Let’s be honest. Pastors (who are charged to protect the sheep) keep allowing these nasty, rebellious spirits to spread spiritual diseases to the sheep when you invite them into your churches.

Winn basically trashes the bible as some sort of book of selective reference. Like a book in the library you can just take or leave.  He says that since he doesn’t know right from wrong, we should just let people do what they want to. But the Bible has plenty to say about homosexuality, Winn just doesn’t believe its true. That’s how these nasty spirits work. They sing, dance and prostitute  Jesus’ name, but reject his truth.

Don’t be fooled people of God, we are in the last days. The signs are all around us and speaking loudly:

Ted-Winn-1But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good,treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with them.

They are the kind who worm their way into homes and gain control over weak-willed women, who are loaded down with sins and are swayed by all kinds of evil desires, always learning but never able to acknowledge the truth. Just as Jannes and Jambres opposed Moses, so also these men oppose the truth—men of depraved minds, who, as far as the faith is concerned, are rejected. But they will not get very far because, as in the case of those men, their folly will be clear to everyone. (2 Tim 3:1-9) our bold

Winn is one of them and his speech betrays him like a hooker on a dark corner at midnight. Using political rhetoric which he says is reflects Obama’s perverted ideology, Winn sent a clear message. Did you hear it? In the subject line is “out of balance”.

Permit me to do you a favor and simplify Winn’s cacophony of lies.

I am homosexual but Im not ready to specifically announce it because it would affect my record sales and churches would cancel my appearances.

The “man of God” has spoken. The video has been posted by Winn on his youtube channel, so he intended for it to be seen and heard.

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36 thoughts on “Ted Winn makes his move out of the gay gospel closet

  1. While this is serious we must also realize that pastors hire music ministers that are bisexual or they are heavy into porn, self gratification, commonly called masturbation, fornication, adultery with members of their praise and worship teams (male and female), and choir members and directors. What has to happen is that they need to come clean. Pastors need to come clean. Until we do, the world will embrace us because we’ve embraced their perversions.

    Secret Sexual Sins on BlogTalkRadio.com/prevailingword1

  2. We need to understand that in our churches, we’ve allowed music ministers, praise and worship singers, choirs and choir directors to play and sing for our churches while committing acts of fornication, porn, masturbation, and other forms of sexual immorality. When pastors get serious about dealing with these issues head on and fearlessly, we will see God among His people. Until then, we are no different than perverted entertainers.

  3. I’m in agreement with you on this one Pastor. I could clearly see right through his facade, his smokescreen. It really is a shame that the essence of gospel music, praise and worship and music ministry has to bear the burden inflicted on it by a few bad apples.

    I must admit that I do believe it’s all a part of God’s master plan. It will be His way of weeding out those who want to make a mockery and bring dishonor onto His praise and worship. Soon the gospel music industry will receive its wake up call and the goats will be separated from the sheep.

  4. Wow. i think that its time that we start to share the gospel truth and stand on it. we let so much go unchecked within the body until its outa control then no one knows what to do with it. we hav to love on one another, and like i tell my children, a key ingredient to true love is rebuke and correction. weve gotten away from that so much.

    its our job to love on and stand on the truth. not to convert, not to condemn, not to save but to be a light. if the world wants to make the trip to damnation 2gether then as long as it can be said of me that they didnt pass me by w/o me tellin them the truth, then my hands are clean. as far as those who claim Christ but willfully go against His design, the word is clear on that we are to rebuke them and if they continue in those things that are contrary, we are to turn them over to satan and to have no fellowship with them.

    we spend so much time on prosperity and what Gods gonna do for us that we 4get to preach that we r HIS property and whats more important than what He can do for us is what we can do for Him. We dont preach anymore about the power of the ressurection and deliverance from sin so people stay bound. then rather than staying on their face til they are free, they make excuses for their bondage.

    the word of God says these things MUST happen b4 the end so im not shocked or moved by it. but we gotta understand that aside from grace & faith in the Christ we are no different from a non believer or even one who believes as long as it fits their schedule. the goal is to share Christ with them and continue to love on them and as we lift Him up in this aspect, then he will draw them unto himself. if they reject Him (which seems to be the case with the brother) then thats on them, but our job is to be the standard and not force the standard. God doesnt do it, niether should we.

  5. Quoting Michael Jackson and twisting scripture…shameful. The host is much too quick to call everyone who appears a man or woman of GOD. At least he pushed the issue with Mr. Wynn.

  6. “I am homosexual but I’m not ready to specifically announce it because it would affect my record sales and churches would cancel my appearances.”

    I disagree with Winn. I doubt that record sales would suffer and only a few churches would cancel. Unfortunately other churches would fill the gap. When 95% (my estimate) of the industry is gay why would she suffer.

    Pastor Fred Rochester said:

    While this is serious we must also realize that pastors hire music ministers that are bisexual.

    No Pastor. They hire open flamers based strictly on talent. Then wonder why the music department has lost it’s ability to minister effectively without gimmicks.

    GCMW: Andre, just a note of clarification, those words were my succinct interpretation of Winn’s comments

  7. So this man (man – not man of God)…. equates a man having sex with a man to someone struggling with “taking your hat off” in a building???? HUH???????

    That is so strange in so many ways. May the Lord deliver this man from a reprobate mind, before it is too late.

    Would like to hear the rest of what the interviewer said.

  8. So Winn is not going to speak for the Christian community and yet he does speak for the Christian community in terms of their being a dual perspective on homosexuality? This is news to me: there’s a dual perspective–I guess he’s including the Unitarians or something?

    Or maybe, he’s really talking about the black church–I didn’t think the black church was that accepting of some of this foolishness he’s talking about. There’s a lot of backtracking and him justifying stuff too much in this clip.

    Other annoying things
    1. He is a producer of writers for artists like T-Pain?
    2. He uses these same weird justifications that atheists and homosexuals use to dismiss the clear directives in the word discouraging homosexual practices
    3. He never clearly answers the question
    4. He is wearing earrings?

    I don’t know if he is homosexual–but something doesn’t add up–he is incredibly worldly and almost not even christian…or perhaps, he has lots of gay employees or clients he’s trying protect….either way, it’s an ugly situation

  9. I could go on and on in commenting on this story, but I was simply waiting for this to become public knowledge. I mean, really?!! His answers were so politically charged they totally dismissed the truth he didn’t want to confront. Based upon what he said my conclusion is that he’s a Humanist or New Age follower and not a true follower of Christ. His responses were covered in relativism. He did not want to regard the truth.

    I have to give it to Coco Brotha for standing firm in understanding what was going on. Mr. Winn tried to play him, but he didn’t let it.

  10. James I will agree on that. He put the question to him straight. But when he knew he was being played, why did he call him a “man of God”? That’s like calling an apple a monkey.

    Some people may not know it, but Winn has been in involved with Yvette Flunder for quite sometime. Her doctrinal vomit was oozing out of his mouth all the while he was talking, but he attributed it to Obama.

    In short Winn gave a promo shout out for his father. John 8:44

  11. people continue to buy and support these non-christian lifestyle artist because they support the worldly artist as well. they will buy an alicia keys album (and alicia keys is a home wrecker) the same reason they buy a tonex cd. because it sounds good…..they could care less about the person spiritual state…..and then some people just dont know…..

  12. wow, this is my first viewing of this interview. let me not judge but give my opinion. ted winn and other like minded people make the mistake of saying i or my point of view, or my beliefs, etc., our beliefs should be grounded and supported by the word of God, because a born again christian have deny him or herself and taken up their cross, deny yourself, deny your beliefs and desires and be Christ-minded.

    as far as gospel music and christian music, i buy very little of it, i try to be careful of what i buy in recent years,because of all these scandals and unholy lifestlyes of today’s artist.

    thanks again gcmwatch for your website, because you are taking a stand for holiness and protecting the sheep of God.

  13. Obama’s idealogy is perverted, seductive, and very dangerous. at times Obama, in his public speeches, have praised atheists, gay dads,various non christian religions, etc.. sadly to say i have voted for him and i fell victim to the vote a black man for president movement, but i have seen the light. black americans are suffering under Obama and he could care less. many of his policies have help the gay community, while even his own backyard, the city of chicago, is the murder capital of the u.s.a..

    on your website, pastor rivers have made a good point by saying blacks do not understand policy and power in politics. Obama have invited blacks to the whitehouse for partying and he gave speeches to black groups but Obama have ignored us and have not gave us any major policies or laws to help us. I will not vote for Obama.

  14. This man is confused and has basically denied the bible as the inspired word of God. And he still never answered the question……oh wait yes he did…he said its ok for a man to be with a man…..if thats what they “feel” is ok…….folks beware of following the way you “feel”……”our thoughts are not like His thoughts and neither are our ways like His ways….”

  15. People of God: If at the time of Sodom and Gomorrah there could have been live camera crews recording the citizens of S&G (Sodom
    & Gomorrah) and their desire to “know” the two angelic figures that took refuge in Lot’s home, it would be akin to what this Mr. Winn is saying.
    Understand that the sodomite community is stating that the sin of
    S&G was their lack of hospitality to the angelic visitors…and not the sin of homosexuality.
    That is how man’s depraved nature will respond to truth…they twist it or deny it.
    Winn is doing what he should be doing. He is sinning. Sinners sin.
    That is their nature. Once God has turned someover to a reprobate
    mind, you can pray for them until the “cows come in” and it will make no difference because God is not going to always strive with
    That is why it is so important for sinners to respond to the wooings of the Holy Spirit at that time and not deny those promptings.
    I believe that once we continually trample underfoot the grace of God by denying the atonement of His Son, Jesus the Christ, we are
    in a fearful place.
    Winn and others are in that fearful place. God may very well allow
    Winn and others to have their choice and way but there is a
    consequence for disobedience.
    Correction in the church is not in favor since everyone wants to be liked so we back off of Godly rebuke and correction.
    Remember, popularity is not a fruit of the Spirit!
    Contend for the faith (Jude)!

  16. @Lafe-Winn is parading around as if he is a “man of God.” Therefore we rebuke him openly so that other christians see that his lifestyle is not in agreement with scripture…..and to be honest we really don’t know if he is reprobate because we are not God. So Paul tells us:

    2Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all long suffering and doctrine.

    3For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;

    4And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

    5But watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry. 2 Timothy 4:2-5 (King James Version)

    I believe we should continue to pray for Mr. Winn as well….God said He is married to the back slider. He still can come back to the truth…..is it likely? idk…..

  17. I saw this foolishness when it first aired.

    His comments are perverse.

    What does someone using the bible to abuse another have to do with standing up for what is right. Should we not vote biblically because one says it is wrong to marry outside of your race etc.

    He needs to go and sit down with his foolishness.

    I will say though that Coco Brother (I hate that name) is one of the biggest pushers of inclusion to me. What else do you call someone asking Rick Ross, Russell Simmons and Queen Latifah about their relationships with God!?!?

    After this showed aired he also had Tedd Winn of his radio show. Yep, Coco Brother did a concert and guess who was on it?


    They aint standing up for nothin, they just want Jesus to seem kool and down!

    “I am homosexual but Im not ready to specifically announce it because it would affect my record sales and churches would cancel my appearances.

    Thats would seem to be it right there.

  18. Don’t even start with cocoa brother–

    I find it troubling that he has the platform he has where he can influence millions on a daily/weekly basis from radio and TV—but it’s all influencing people with wrong information; a perverted gospel…I don’t want to know where he goes to church

    I saw that clip, and you’re right; despite all the protesting coco brother did at the end of Winn’s spiel about homosexuality and voting, Winn is still booked for that tour…both are hypocrites

    If wherever the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty; wherever the spirit of the world is there is enslavement

    one thing for sure, coco brother is a slave to idiocy, and a slave to wordly acceptance–please get somewhere and sit down–he could do way more for the kingdom, by just keeping his mouth shut

  19. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: True Believers could put these frauds out of business overnight if we set our minds to it. Simply stop patronizing them!! Do not buy their music, nor attend their revivals, nor give them money in any amount, nor watch them on tv, or cheer them along their way. This man, along with other false teachers and fake Christians like him, should not be living large on our dollars and adoration, and taking up our time. Have we, the Church, lost our minds?! What will it take for us to wake up and see that these people think they are giving us what we want because we continue to support them?!

    I would be totally surprised if anyone close to this guy (including a pastor or church leader)has even attempted to correct him. We have become so timid and flaky in our thinking about love and acceptance that we’re afraid to confront error of this kind for fear of being called un-loving or judgemental. We have become a people that do not have firm “convictions” about the Word of God. We used to know that certain things were sin. What happened?? So, in the meantime, these people, with their reprobate minds, are going to hell and taking our children and other weak ones with them. Stop supporting these people and their efforts, and call them to repentance. When their money dries up, maybe they will then call upon the Lord. That’s a real big MAYBE, because if they’re like most, they’ll just blame the Church for all their problems, then make a clean cut to the “other side”.

  20. @Concerned Saint said:I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: True Believers could put these frauds out of business overnight if we set our minds to it. Simply stop patronizing them!!

    True believers are not purchasing this man’s music. The majority who are flesh driven “christians” are the ones making this man rich and are allowing him to promote his father’s adgenda by singing “sweet” melodies in their ears.

    The TRUE church is not asleep, we are very much awake and know the times we are in… Men of God like Pastor Foster are shouting out to those who have ears saying thus saith the Lord “Come out from among them” That’s why we are able to visit this site and others like it. It is our responsibility as those who are awake to show thyself approved, walk upright before the Lord in obedience and minister to those who yearn for the Truth…

  21. After listening to this man it is evident that he believes
    you should live according to what you think is right for you,and
    disregard the WORD OF GOD,this is unbelieveable,but he is referred to as a man of God. Come quickly LORD JESUS.

  22. Gospel/christian music is based of God’s word. You can rap/sing about cheating like naughty by nature did with OPP because they practise it. You can sing like r Kelly I’m a flirt because you practise it. You can sing like marvin gay sexual healing because you practise it. You can sing about Available to you like the late Milton Brunson question is do you practise what you sing about. When you sing about Gods love and his redeming grace are you truly sorry about the sins you have commited and tryly want to follow him. BTW sin is sin no matter what form. Or Do we sing just for the show and now fully well that later that night we have a booty call planned with another guy or girl.

  23. @Walt-Mr. Winn is definitely not a man of God, he is however a man of the world. His speech, ways, and ridiculous beliefs show us this. The bible says:

    “Whosoever transgresseth, and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ hath not God. He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son.” 1 John 1:9

    Mr. Winn, with his own mouth, has clearly declared himself a false teacher, because he claims superior knowledge that contradicts apostolic doctrine. He has severed his relationship with God. Therefore he most definitely IS NOT a man of God.

  24. Quote from article Sex in the Church: Does the Black Church Need Sex Education? Part 1:

    In November 1929 Rev. Adam Clayton Powell Sr. published a series of sermons on sexual perversion. Powell claimed sexual perversion was steadily increasing in large American cities, particularly among women and ministers. During this time many Black men and women left their spouses for members of the same sex. Powell stated that homosexuality was one of the powers that debased a race of people. It also caused a rejection of familial responsibility that held the black community together and therefore, made it a viable political entity. He further went on to state that there was an increase in the number of black ministers who placed their own desires for personal gratification, prestige, and wealth over the interest of their congregation. Having a sense of entitlement was at the root of homosexuality.


  25. @Shofarsound-a pastor told a friend of mine that the black church no matter what: “was going to have them some sex…..” when He told me what the pastor said…sad to say I was not shocked

  26. My friend Pastor D.L. is still making the WORD plain on this site – Praise The Lord- this is a real, hot, mess. My stomach just turned when I think about the music of of Ted & Sherry – no wonder they had a parting, good riddance.

    God’s word is infallible and profitable for correction, instruction, and reproof in righteousness that the man of God may be perfect thoroughly furnished unto all good works. The new line for those who are planning sin is “interpretation.” Well have you not read, the Bible is of no private interpretation, but if you ask the Holy Spirit he will lead you into all truth. I notice most homosexuals, gays, lesbians, transgenders and bisexuals, rarely verbally test their beliefs against the Holy Spirit – because they know what happened to Ananias and Sapphira. It’s time for Holy War!

  27. Wow.
    Now what would be so hard about simply answering the question by saying “Yes, I believe homosexuality is wrong and un-bibilical”?? Apparently this man would have a difficult time uttering those words, because that’s not what he believes in his heart.

    And this man is supposed to be a “minister” of music? Hah! What a joke.

  28. After watching this interview 3 times this is a spirit of relativism. Those that are adovcates for the Homosexual style makes the same arguement as Ted Winn does in this interview and that is you can live like you want and nobody has the right to say what are doing is right or wrong. The bible plainly teaches that we are to rebuke those that are living contary to the word of God. Ted and those with this type of thinking are saying that a person has the right to do whatever… Jesus clearly said,”if any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it. For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?” If people want to follow Christ then they have to give up who they are in the world and humble themselves at the foot of Christ so that the Lord can use as He see’s fits. But Ted hasn’t read the enitre word of God. The bible requires us those of us who are saved to live like it. I am so tired of these people making the bible to be so hard to understand. The word of God is clear cut on what it means to be holy or unholy. God was also clear on what he meant what the word sin meant. This brother also has a seducing/lying spirit to cause doubt on those that are not discerning about what God has said about sin to that is okay to do whatever because there is consequence to your actions.

    This is the same lie that the serpent used on Eve to cause her to disobey the word of God. He is also a blamsphemer by making God seem so indefferent to His people and left us on our on to figure out on how to live. If we want to know what God meant on things that are in the bible we can ask the Holy Ghost. Jesus said, Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come. He shall glorify me: for he shall receive of mine, and shall shew it unto you. If we are going to be on the platform we have to make sure that we speak thou the things which become sound doctrine. This is brother needs to go back and study the entire word of God Study to shew himself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. And quit speaking profane and vain babblings because he is doing the body of Christ harm.

  29. I’m in and from the UK, and only just saw this interview. I came on here to confirm that I heard what I thought that I’d heard because I felt so grieved. I am a born-again child of the King who knows the Bible, like Christ, is the word of God. I think that the UK – outside of the anointed church – is generally more accepting of homosexuality than the US, so Christians here are used to hearing cleverly twisted words used to justify moral relativism. I found this page because I had male friends (whom met at Bible college) pouring out of the closet, and had suspicions about various Christian artists – black and white.

    So – basically, I agree with most of the people on this page as far as the word of God goes. This behaviour is contrary to scripture, end of. I’m getting tired of being a minority on this, having to justify my beliefs that God in Jesus laid down clear standards of behaviour, and we damage ourselves and others when we act outside those and seek to justify our sin.

    But I was surprised at what reads to me like borderline racism: “the black gospel music industry is perverted to its core”? I know that homosexuality has become an issue there, highlighted all the more because black people the world over are VERY against homosexuality. But that kind of blanket statement – along with some of the statements made in the following discussion would fudge the issue for many black people outside the US, as would the hatred expressed towards your elected leader. He’s not perfect, but my goodness – the hatred on here is palpable! Hating the sinner *and* the sin doesn’t make for very pleasant reading. As a black person I felt that many of the comments read as though only black Christians twist the gospel and indulge in fornication and other sexual perversion. I feel a bit disappointed – I certainly am, in Ted Winn, but also with the words used to express the disapproval of others.

  30. @Dona-Obama is a liar, and He is not a Christian at all. We have the right to call out the things he is doing. I didn’t vote for him, and I never will. Obama has open the floodgate of homosexuality and abortion. He also supports the Muslim community and even those nations that are persecuting Christians. I look at all the comments and nobody is hating or being racially bias towards him or black people at all. He (obama) is the one declaring himself to be a “christian” yet living in direct opposition to the word of God. He has opened himself up to criticism:

    check out this article to see for yourself: http://touchyaneighbor.com/2010/11/09/obama-who/

    lets defend whats important, like the fact that Ted Winn spreads this false doctrine of devils, as well as Obama………they just happen to be black. (So am I just to put it out there.)

  31. I am ashamed of GMC and anyone on here for assuming a person, Ten Winn in this context, is gay because of what they may say. Quoting GMC :::::
    “I am homosexual but Im not ready to specifically announce it because it would affect my record sales and churches would cancel my appearances.”
    Also, your title is misleading, for Ted Winn never said he was coming out of the closet.
    Just because a person may feel that it’s not up to them to criticize the practice of homosexuality does not mean that they are gay. Some Christians love to criticize and tell people what they are. Well, you can assume what you may about Ted Winn, but all he did was say his opinion on the matter. He never once said he was gay.
    I myself will not bash a person because they are a homosexual. I feel that it is up to the person to find out their own sexuality. Yes, the Bible does say it is wrong. That does not mean I will crucify a person because they are a homosexual.

  32. EQ, you are naive to say the least. What people dont say is just as important as what they do say.

    And I noticed you didnt say he was not a homosexual. All you said is that he didnt say he was a homosexual.

    Youre playing the same silly game he was.

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