Bishop Long facing four sexual abuse lawsuits

ATLANTA – The local Atlanta FOX affiliate broke the shocking news on its six o’clock lead story yesterday that a well known mega church pastor in Atlanta had been slammed with dual lawsuits for coercing two young men into sexual activity with him.

Shortly thereafter, CNN broadcast it to the world. Now, much of the country is ablaze with discussion and controversy over the emerging legal accusations against Bishop Eddie Long and its potential fallout for the prominent leader.

Long has had an extensive history of controversy with homosexuality, taking positions both for and against.

  • In April 2002, a lesbian member of New Birth claimed that Long had turned his back on Atlanta black gay community.  Sean Waites, a candidate for Atlanta City Council said after she pressed the issue, Long, refused to return her calls.
  • In December 2004, along with the daughter of Martin Luther King, Jr.,  Long angered the gay community by leading thousands of followers in a march against gay marriage and other social ills.
  • In July 2006, the counseling department of New Birth with Long’s approval, held a one day seminar on overcoming homosexuality. Entitled “Sexual Orientation and Reorientation: A View from the Cross”, Pastor DL Foster was the featured speaker. Long did not attend the conference.
  • In June 2008, Long became embroiled in a controversy with the homosexual pressure group Soulforce. Long granted a meeting with the group and threw a gift bag reception for them while rejecting a similar meeting with GCM Watch. We covered those stories here, here and here. A former seven year member of the church sent Long a letter telling him he was “deeply disturbed” at Long’s embrace of the Soulforce heresy. But in the end, Atlanta’s gay newspaper reported  that Long had expressed an “openness” to gay theology.

According to press reports,  a lawyer for Bishop Long has denied all the charges against him.

Addendum: Some interesting perspective from Endtime Observer.


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  1. While I don’t listen to Eddie Long I really hope and pray that this is just an attack on his public stance against homosexuality. I hope and pray that he has not done this because it would be devastating to his family, especially his children and to members of his congregation. The fall-out would be massive to weak Christians who don’t know how to stand without a man over them. Lord have mercy on us ALL

  2. Why does this surprise people? Most of these men are very troubled and hide behind the religious curtain to try to cover the darkness.

    I find it hard to believe that these accusers made up all THIS DETAIL.

    Bishop Eddie Long was supposed to be preaching at Bishop Michael Pitts Church next week. Cornerstone Church Toledo also follows some of these twisted controlling and abusive doctrines.

    Here is the thread of the latest there:

  3. Well, there have been “rumors” and now there are up front allegations in the public.

    If all the allegations and rumors are true, perhaps this is coming to the surface for the benefit of those who were warned earlier to leave Eddie Long and failed to do so?

    We all know, Eddie’s always seemed a bit “too fresh”:

    The Lord’s will be done!

  4. I hope that these accusations are untrue. While I don’t listen to Eddie Long with any degree of seriousness, and while I cringe because of some of the things that I’ve heard him teach, I’m not going to be quick to believe the accusations, only because of the seriousness of the charge and the never-ending slaps of lawsuits by people in this country due to greed & want of spotlight. Seems like an over-abundance of people are being accused and sued, guilty or not.

    There are many individuals whom make their home in the pulpit with whom I vehemently disagree, but I won’t jump on the I-told-you-so bandwagon unless there is evidence to prove otherwise.
    It’s just too serious of a charge.
    With that being said though, I sincerely hope the allegations are just that – allegations, and nothing more. The last thing this man needs is sexual predatory allegations surrounding him. It’s bad enough he soaks himself in that mud of a prosperity-gospel. This would only uncover more rotten fruit.

    Thanks for being factual, Gcmwatch.

  5. Angela, it would be best, to hope for the Lord’s will to be done. Rather than to hope that the accusations are untrue or true. To hope that the accusations are untrue, is by default to hope that 2 men are liars. It’s no more good to hope that 2 men lied than to hope Eddie Long had homosexual relations with them. Neither is a good thing to hope for.

    Hope the Lord’s will be done and leave it at that.

  6. Such a reason to always pray for each other having a pure heart and cleans hands. Every leader preaching the gospel especially, needs a congregation, supporters and believers that will be dedicated to prayer and praying.

    That is all I desired to write.

  7. Independent Conservative, I completely agree! I said that same thing. To pray or hope that it’s true or untrue is dangerous, because you may be praying for a lie. My prayer, in EITHER direction is for God to have mercy on Bishop Long. If he had done this thing, he’s going to need God’s mercy to sustain him through all that fallout that he will face from his family, his church, and people in general. If he’s innocent, he’s still going to need God’s mercy because some people will still believe it and talk about it because people love negative hurtful gossip. I am also curious if anyone remembers a clip posted by Prophet Brian Carn entitled “the Spirit of Perversion” in which he spoke of a powerful well-known preacher who went home a young man on each arm and a cigarette in his mouth. I’m not saying he was talking about Eddie Long, but I find it more than coincidental that this came out shortly after that post. One way or another, God will uncover things. Just pray for the truth to be revealed.

  8. Dee, I remember that video…it was posted on this blog several months ago, and I remember there were a zillion comments about it. I, like you, won’t attempt to connect the dots (if there are any), but it is a bit interesting.
    I think I’ll go back and watch it.

  9. I just became aware of the details of this case via CNN.
    Lord have mercy.
    I totally understand now, IC.

    Yes God, Your will be done.

  10. You cannot base your christianity on celebrity preachers. If Eddie Long did it, it is his fault.

    But people should be ready for correction, ~Independent conservative I have argued with you in the lpast and came to see that some of what you were saying had validity.

    I for one stopped, dead on my tracks with the whole charisma movement when I saw evidence that it was hinduism.

    Peopl who want bright light , camera, action will refuse to seee what was obvious. Eddie Long like acting strange especially around TD Jakes. Plus his teachings were about deception, but people were not listening, they had itchy ears. The whole movement has been discredited , we need to switch off televangelism.

    Use this opportunity to think clearly and selparate truth from fiction.

  11. This is a sad case I am praying that this is false. In my heart i feel that there is some truth to this. Bishops and Pastors on all levels are abusing there members at an all time high. I was just told of a situation where my brother quit his service to his Bishop as armor bearer after sevral years This service included drying off his naked body after showers massaging Him and dressing him under garments and all. He worshipped that man and who know what all He did not tell me. These leaders are corupt and taken over by a nasty spirit. These young men are not making all of this up. If its true He is not the only leader thats doing this.

  12. We hope that anyone who may have witnessed, suspects, or has been harmed by Pastor Long will come forward, get help, call police, protect others and start to heal.

    Judy Jones, SNAP Midwest Associate Director, 636-433-2511,
    “Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests” and all clergy

  13. Truth shall prevail, either on this side…or at the judgment!

    I’m reminded of Chpt 5 in the book of Ephesians, particularly the following verses:

    3 But fornication and all uncleanness or covetousness, let it not even be named among you, as is fitting for saints;

    4 neither filthiness, nor foolish talking, nor coarse jesting, which are not fitting, but rather giving of thanks.

    5 For this you know,that no fornicator, unclean person, nor covetous man, who is an idolater, has any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and God.

    6 Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of these things the wrath of God comes upon the sons of disobedience.

    7 Therefore do not be partakers with them.

    8 For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light;

    9 (for the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness, righteousness, and truth),

    10 finding out what is acceptable to the Lord.

    11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.

    12 For it is shameful even to speak of those things which are done by them in secret.

    13 But all things that are exposed are made manifest by the light, for whatever makes manifest is light.

    15 See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise,

    16 redeeming the time, because the days are evil.

    17 Therefore do not be unwise, but understand what the will of the Lord is.

    Yes, as brother IC said earlier, “the Lord’s will be done!”

  14. A third allegation? Yeah Brandon, it doesn’t look good.

    Ever since I heard about this story this morning, part of the verse in Matthew 7 has been playing like a tape recorder in my head: “You will know them by their fruits…you will know them by their fruits…you will know them by their fruits…”

  15. And they have nothing to “smear” this 3rd accuser with yet.

    The attorney BJ had already said several others had contacted her and were being vetted. I guess now they’ve decided to put one forward that probably can’t be attacked on character.

    Eddie’s got accusers coming out the woodwork faster than Michael Jackson!

  16. God will share His glory with no one!

    Hard to see this as fabricated, this is just the beginning as Judgment must start in Gods house first!

    Lord have mercy!

    The LORDS will be done but I would hope that these things are not true about Bishop Long either. If it is true, it must be dealt with. So yes, Let The LORDS will be done!

  17. I’m reading through all the comments and I get to Angela’s and had to LMDAO!!! Now you know you wrong for that Angie, lol!!! I cannot stop laughing! I needed that. A comedian everywhere you go. I suppose for breakfast he had…wait for it…Fruit Loops!!!

  18. @Sister Angela-lol… too….whatevers in the dark shall come out in the light…..

    Luke 12:3 ~”Therefore whatsoever ye have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light; and that which ye have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed upon the HOUSETOPs.”

    …..I know the bible says God hates a proud look and a lying tongue…..and a hypocrite as well….

  19. this is so interesting. i was just reading the post on here regarding Brian Carn’s prophecy about “the spirit of perversion and deception it the church”. It seems like the minister he talked about in the clip could very well be Bishop Long. I guess we will see what happens next.

  20. Ok, ok. I’m sorry Angie. I got to admit every time I read your post I can’t help but bust out laughing. I know it’s a serious issue and all but…I mean, oh c’mon! You really didn’t mean for that to be funny? Awright, already. Bishop Long and his fruit need to…tee, hee…need to…chuckle…omg, I can’t help it! Bwaaaaaaaaaaah Hah Hah…!

  21. Sorry to be controversial in the middle of an existing controversy, but if Brian Carn is a “Prophet” (man claiming to actually hold that office) why didn’t he name the name of the man he saw himself? Why didn’t he act as a good Watchman and say the name of the person that he saw? So everyone would know right then and there that God told the “Phophet” and the “Prophet” warned the people? Why did CNN and the AJC have to play the role?

    I’m sorry, but it’s pretty easy to say “some” pastor is perverted (without giving a name) and news break about one. It’s not a question of “if” it happens, but whether it will happen this month or next month. (And no evidence Eddie puffs anything.)

    I’ll wait for the 2 mentioned in Revelation 11.

  22. Lol youre right on that IC. Carn’s “prophecy” wasnt clean enough to say it was from God, although in a general sense he was correct. I think most spiritual folks know that if all the young men say are true, Bishop Long certainly is not the only one.

  23. Sorry, an lol moment for me from “exgaywatch”

    Long’s New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, in Atlanta, Georgia, runs an ex-gay “Out of the Wilderness” program offering counseling for gays “who desire healing and deliverance through the Word of God.” In 2006, the church hosted a “sexual orientation and reorientation” conference featuring DL Foster, a Pentecostal preacher so radically homophobic, even Ex-Gay Watch rarely bothers to comment on him these days.

    lol. I guess that last rebuke I gave them has lasted a long time.

  24. I honestly believe that the boys are telling the truth! I will probably agree that it is a retaliation move but I’m sure that there are “truths” in the case.

    The black church has had problems with homosexuality since the beginning and the pastors either condemn them to hell or sweep it under the rug and try to make these men marry a woman in hopes that it will just go away. This is one of the main reasons why there are so many DL brothas in our black churches that have wives and families. I honestly believe that Long never really dealt with his own struggle and got caught up.

    In the black church, you rarely see programs set up for men who deal with homosexuality and if they do come forward they are ridiculed by the church and its members. so what do you do? You suppress your feelings, get married and then eventually find yourself being a sexual predator. If it is true just be honest and admit your faults. Pastors are not exempt from sin or repentance… The black church has some changing to do if they want our black men (and women) who deal with homosexuality to be healed.

  25. This scandal is shocking. I may be premature but I believe the young men making the allegations. The account of the luring and seduction is so typical of sexual predators as well as adding some of the pentecostal sayings and mannerisms for this to all be made up.

    I used to listen to Eddie Long but haven’t listened to him in about five years. He was one of the few that I found tolerable so these allegations are truly shocking to me.

    What always boggles my mind is that when perversion is being carried out by men who are designated to be the good shepherds, why they feel the need to stay in the pulpit?? How do they reconcile this to themselves. I am so curious to know what they say to themselves to make this okay.

    All I can do is just pray for everybody involved and that truth prevail as someone said above.

    This is just a remainder to myself that I need to be diligent in this evil day because only God will be able to keep me and not what I hear from others or what I say to myself but only listening to and for what God says.

  26. Independent Conservative, God may have ordered Carn not to mention the name of the pastor. There are a host of other reasons as well that might have kept him from publicly stating a name.

  27. Behold said:
    You suppress your feelings, get married and then eventually find yourself being a sexual predator.

    A sexual predator is a criminal description and a conscious choice, not something you “find yourself doing”. If gays prey on vulnerable children, they are trying to expand satan’s reach. It is a way of reproducing. They could easily find men their own age (which I don’t agree with), but yet they seek out a single mother, her young son who is in the church. It is two-fold: to corrupt the young and turn them away from God. The church should not support that under any circumstance.

  28. To Lydia, regarding

    “What always boggles my mind is that when perversion is being carried out by men who are designated to be the good shepherds, why they feel the need to stay in the pulpit??”

    **P-R-I-D-E!! (“I’m too important to quit. I built this empire!”)
    **The 3 G’s (Gold$$, Glory, and Girls (or, in some cases, Guys)!
    **Delusions of grandeur! (“I’m too big to fail! God needs me.”)
    **A reprobate mind! (“What I’m doing isn’t wrong.”)
    You name it!!

    They have a million reasons in their wicked heads for hanging in there and spreading their vomit. But their end is already determined.

    2Peter 2
    “1 But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction. 2 And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of. 3 And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not…

    13b Spots they are and blemishes, sporting themselves with their own deceivings while they feast with you; 14 Having eyes full of adultery, and that cannot cease from sin; beguiling unstable souls: an heart they have exercised with covetous practices; cursed children…

    17 These are wells without water, clouds that are carried with a tempest; to whom the mist of darkness is reserved for ever. 18 For when they speak great swelling words of vanity, they allure through the lusts of the flesh, through much wantonness, those that were clean escaped from them who live in error. 19 While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption: for of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he brought in bondage. 21 For it had been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than, after they have known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them. 22 But it is happened unto them according to the true proverb, The dog is turned to his own vomit again; and the sow that was washed to her wallowing in the mire.

  29. I just want to piggy back on Ina’s response to Behold.

    I see no “program” for homosexuals in the early church. When I read scripture, the abomination of homosexuality was dealt with in firm language. So pointing a finger at any church assembly for being firmly against homosexuality does not fly, because scripture is firm in addressing the issue.

    Although I’m not opposed to a program for homosexuals, there’s plenty of various sins and nobody is calling for a special program for each. The church is not a fault for promoting righteous living and proclaiming unrighteous living leads to destruction.

    In fact, before special programs, when all churches were more vocally speaking about homosexuality being a path to damnation in firmer language. Homosexuals were never trying to promote abominable behavior to the world as much.

    To attempt to blame a church for sexual predators because the church stood firmly against homosexuality is not something that has scriptural proof. To stand firmly against it, even without any special program has plenty of scriptural proof.

  30. Are the allegations against “Bishop” Eddie Long true? Time will tell. But time has spoken for itself very loudly in the recent past. There was “Apostle” Gerald Griffith in Baltimore who had similar allegations. He and his legal team tried to discredit the teens who were accusing him, but the allegations proved true and now he’s serving a 15-year jail sentence. Then there was the good “Bishop” Earl Paulk who had been sexually abusing teens and young women for decades. No charges were ever brought but his church split and was fractured right down the middle. Both men used their powerful positions in the pulpit to control and manipulate those they deemed weaker than they. I won’t even make the attempt to “spiritualize” this. Nothing surprises me anymore with these pulpit pimps.

  31. If you had ever met The Bishop off-camera or in a private setting you could see the feminine streak in his mannerisms and in the company he keeps. No surprise here.

  32. These are awful allegations. Hopefully they are not true. However, it’s difficult to believe that young men in their early 20’s would misineterpret sexual advances and sexual behavior. Unfortunately, the giving of lavish gifts and lavish trips seems suspicious, and, exhibits the type of behavior that one would use as they were attempting to gain someone’s affections. This doesn’t past the smell taste.

  33. Response:

    It is with great sorrow and concern that we respond to this latest news. Many of you know that I am related to Bishop Eddie Long and I am very concerned about the recent developments- yet not surprised. For years we have known that this was happening. Of course, as you can imagine, because of my stance on Homosexuality, I am very distant from many of my relatives in “Main-stream” ministry. We have prayed for these guys – some of them we have spoken to directly about this secret sin in “the family” (Eddie is not the only one) but to no avail. My heart has already wept for them years ago, but now my heart weeps for you, the public…because now you know what we knew for years but could not publicly say. There are other BIG Bishops tied to this kind of activity as well. Yet God never leaves his people in the dark…some of you remember that a little over a month ago in our daily word we said this:
    July 27, 2010

    God seems to have a progression when it comes to Judgement. First there is minimal disclosure so that a person can repent. What I mean is that God protects His people from public embarrassment by only exposing these people to, usually, a few discreet people who can go to them, warn them and possibly restore them. Folks, most of the people that many of you love and adore in Gospel Music or in Preaching ministry – are foul. Some of them I know personally and others I know of who have been involved in sin so depraved that it would make some of you vomit. Yet, why hasn’t God publicly exposed or judged them yet? Because He is merciful and full of Grace. There are some very great people – that God had me personally go to and warn – some listened (Glory to God!) but most of them didn’t.
    The next stage is exposure to all spiritual Christians. Years ago I would tell my wife there was something wrong with T. D. Jakes and the turns he was making. Hardly anybody recognized it back then – I know several people that have warned him – G. Craige being one. But he didn’t listen. Now it seems almost anybody who is spiritual is picking up on what Jakes is doing. Now the last stage of judgment if a person doesn’t repent during the first two stages is public humiliation -everybody knows your sin. God strips you of everything and He judges you openly. Folks I have seen this happen over, and over.

    August 5, 2010

    …Almost always, by the time you see a pastor on the news or he loses his church you can be certain – that this was probably not his first, second, or third time – but he was a repeat offender who ignored clear warnings from God, and wouldn’t repent. The difference between the leaders that salvage their ministries and those that lose them seems to be in this: One Pastor is so remorseful that He exposes himself to his wife and close circle; but the other Pastor keeps doing it until he is caught. By the time most leaders lose their ministry they have been warned several of times – but they wouldn’t repent. I will say this prophetically there are some very Big Black TV Pastors that will be exposed for sexual sins in the near future.

    I don’t glory in the sin or the exposure. But I do glory in the accuracy of the Spirit of God. Let’s all be praying for Bishop Eddie Long his wife Lady Vanessa his children but mostly all of the true Christians that this news will damage and all of the sinners this news will keep from the church. Also pray for the many victims of this type of sick activity by leaders in the black church—yall somebody is going to pay for all of the young people that have been molested and sodomized by these so called “Men of God.”

    Until He Comes,

    Rondy Long

    Edited by GCMW. If you cant call real names and use substantiating information, certain comments wont be allowed.

  34. I’ve been following this story like many people, and noticed that already the internet is bombarded with 1 Chronicles 16:22 in reference to Long. That’s part of the greater problem right there.

  35. @Roddy-If you really knew about all of this. Why didn’t you bring it to the light? This man had influence over so many and yet you sit back and not say anything…..That doesn’t make sense to me….and seems a bit reckless and dangerous….

  36. @Sister Angela-You’re right many teachers, preachers, use that scripture and many more to create a division between the clergy and the laity. But allow me to submit this scripture to those who do not know what they are talking about:

    “Now it is God who makes both us and you stand firm in Christ. He anointed us, set his seal of ownership on us, and put his Spirit in our hearts as a deposit, guaranteeing what is to come.” 2 Corinthians 1:21-22

    In the old testament the Holy Spirit was not given to all but to those whom God had called for various works. Because of the death of Christ on the cross we now ALL have access to God. And when we believe in God’s Son Jesus we are saved from the penalty of sin and declared righteous before God.

    And as a guarantee that we belong to God, He gives us His Holy Spirit! We are God’s Anointed!! Your anointing does not enhance your gifts but lets you know that you belong to God.

    The primary mission of the Holy Spirit is to empower you to become an effective witness for Christ!!

    There are no anointed Preachers, Musicians, or Prophets. People who operate in those things are just talented and gifted. You can’t pass your anointing to someone else. Because it doesn’t belong to you. If they are saved the anointing is the Holy Spirit of God living inside of them.

    I had to even explain this to my mother last night and she is a Reverend in the AME denomination.

  37. Brandon, I’m with you there. The “anointing” is a word that’s over-used, over-hyped and frankly it’s overkill. Everyone is anointed to do everything. People even walk like they’re anointed, so I’ve heard.
    It’s a danger when people make such claims, because in situations like this where someone is accused of wrongdoing, these people are zealous in accusing others of some type of blasphemy when they supposedly speak against such an “anointed” man (or woman) of God.
    Can we interpret Scripture in its proper context, please? When we do that, we can then discern what is of God and what is not without the misapplication of verses clouding our judgment.

    I’m not accusing Eddie Long of doing anything because the fact is I don’t know, but it isn’t a crime and it sure isn’t un-Christlike to discern what’s godly and what isn’t – “anointing” or not.

    *Btw, using your real name – “Brandon”- just comes naturally, whether than your screenname, sorry! I have a relative named Brandon so I’m used to calling someone that.)

  38. brdavision said:

    @Roddy-If you really knew about all of this. Why didn’t you bring it to the light? This man had influence over so many and yet you sit back and not say anything…..That doesn’t make sense to me….and seems a bit reckless and dangerous….
    I wouldnt blame Roddy in this situation. Actually his actions (or inaction) on this makes total sense to me. It’s one thing to see something and “know” there’s something going on… and it’s another thing to have the level of substantiation where you feel you can confidently state in public what you see and know.

    So for example if you repeatedly observe Preacher X and a particular church sister acting inappropriately chummy and over-friendly with each other, from their body language your gut instinct will probably tell you there’s something going on there…. and you’d probably be right. But that doesnt rise to the level of you being able to tell folk that Preacher X is having an affair with the sister.

    There’s a lot of times people see stuff in public or private, and “put 2+2 together” when it comes to preachers’ inappropriate conduct with the opposite (or same) sex. But unless youve got something substantial as evidence/proof, sometimes you just have to sit back and wait till it all comes out one way or another.

    Eventually what’s done in the darkness will be brought into the light.

  39. I want everyone to keep in mind that these “children” were 17 and 18 when this took place, definitely old enough to know what they were doing. I don’t believe for one second they were taken advantage of! They were 17 and 18, not 7 and 8.

    What is troubling though, is the hypocrisy of Bishop Long (if this is true). How can you be out front preaching against homosexuals, in fact being known as one of the most anti-homosexual preachers, and then engage in this kind of conduct? I believe that these two guys just want some money, thats why they are bringing this to light, but thats beside the point. The point is, is that Bishop Long engaged in homosexual behavior multiple times with different men while at the same time preaching against homosexuals.

  40. @Observer-I understand and thank you for the clarification. But Roddy said he knew about this behavior for years??? Now I understand that to mean that he actually saw this behavior or was told that it was going on by bishop long. What do you say about that?

  41. I don’t want to make a statement of guilt, until more evidence is shown. I always wondered why Bishp would preach in those tight muscle shirts. It seemed as if Bishop was in love with his body. There are so many unanswered questions. Hopefully, the Bishop will make a statement concerning the allegations. If it was me and I knew I was innocent, you couldn’t beat me doing interviews proclaiming my innocence. This is going to be a very delicate situation one in which we need to pray, may the Lord’s will be done.

  42. c11, 17 and 18 around someone who is famous and who many want to get close to is a bit different. Think about it, “I am close to BISHOP LONG, THE BISHOP!!“. You know how these men are idolized.

    Also, they were most probably looking up to him from way before it started to go down.

    Sure, they are still wrong but 17 and 18 year olds only think they know it all. I am thinking this is why Paul told Timothy to flee youthful lusts.

  43. Paul N,

    At 17 and 18 they still could’ve said “NO” to sex. Unless there was violence involved to force them, I can’t accept any excuses on their part. I’m 23, so I wasn’t 17 and 18 that long ago. They could’ve refused had they wanted to. I think the money well for them has ran dry and they cant accept it.

    Now im not excusing Bishop Long in any way if this is true!!!

  44. @brdavision, lay off Rondy Long. (Assuming they are who they say that they are.)

    Or brdavision, can you tell us that you’ve had the same occur in your family and did so much before it was exposed? (Very easy to point fingers when it’s not you.) And as Observer mentioned, Rondy may not have known enough to say anything before this.

    (It’s not like Brian Carn, who claims to be a “Prohet” and getting full details about secrets direct from God above, yet he fails to warn with names, that proves he’s false.)

    I’ll say openly, Rodney is NOT the only one who has been hearing these sorts of things about some of these folks. Even I have. (We bloggers hear way more than we ever blog about, because certain things don’t have enough details to post.) But we can’t go making statements about people without a certain level of evidence. Like Rodney, I’m not surprised and like Rodney, I’ve heard of others.

    (Unlike Brian Carn, I don’t make up claims of having visions, or claim to be in the office of “Prophet”. So I need actual evidence.)

    Also given Rondy’s family connection, it takes GREAT deal of courage for him to speak up here, in a fully public forum.

    I know in my own family, we had someone who was abusing young boys in a similar manner. (Although they were not someone in any way claiming any church affiliation.) I could never do anything because I never had enough proof. But if something like THIS had come out to the public, I’d probably have written a statement similar to Rondy’s.

    There’s certain stuff you know some people in your family are up to, but you simply don’t have enough to actually move on beyond hearing about it. So yea, I knew a personal relative that was abusing boys, but even now I have nothing to actually prove it. And that person is now physically dead.

    But brdavision, maybe you are better than us, so tell us how you’ve found such in your own family and warned the world about it?

  45. People of God: These allegations will go in one of the following
    fashions: [1] complete denial by the Bishop along with calls for
    24/7 pray cells praying because we are being attacked by Satan and for the members to give their best offering for his legal defense fund (as if he needs more money to defend himself!) and attacks on those who brought this to light. [2] The Bishop having a news conference in which he expresses confidence in the judicial system to exonerate him and for us to pray for these misguided boys who are out to shake him down for money. [3] A long drawn out court trial which ends in either a sealed and private settlement or the Bishop being given some jail time for his dalliances. [4] the boys recant their stories and all is well and the Bishop cleans up his act to prevent possible future similarities. [5] God steps in and judges the Bishop and/or the
    boys and we all sit back and marvel how God did it and the methods used.
    Moral of the story: If the allegations are true, God is not mocked and he will purge his Church using whatever instrument He chooses including Satan.
    If not true, a warning was just issued from heaven to Bishops and
    others to get right with God, return to servanthood, repent of sin or the next time there will be jugdment without recourse.
    This case will be determined during the deposition stages of the case including discovery of documents including receipts and other tell-tale evidence and of course the depositions of the three accusers will be critical.
    I am not praying for God’s will to be done. That is axiomatic. Of course it will be done.
    The lesson for the church? Found at 1 John 1:5-10.
    Contend for the Faith! This news was not “news” to God…just to us. So, let’s not sweat the details. Let’s keep ourselves pure and continue in fellowship one with the other until that Day appears.

  46. @c11,

    Paul N. is right. These “boys” probably idolized the good “Bishop” long before things turned sexual. Tell me what 17 or 18 year old is going to say no to his idol? It doesn’t matter how much money or gifts he was plying them with. It doesn’t matter if the well ran dry and now they’re fighting back with allegations. I’m not a someone who studies the human psyche, but I’ve been around ministers my whole life because my dad is one. I’ve seen how their world operates from the inside. I’ve seen grown people literally worship these men. I would listen to my dad talk angrily about the lack of accountability by people who claim they are called to the ministry and think they’re above being called on the carpet for anything just because they have some title in front of their name. Bishop. Apostle.

    It’s very, very easy for anyone, male or female, to get caught up in the hype of their pastor. I don’t care how old the person is. Anytime a “Mand of Gawd” accumulates too much “power” in the pulpit unchecked, stuff is bound to happen. Such men feel like they’re not accountable to anyone and if anyone brings allegations, they’re crossing the line by touching “God’s anointed”. Time will tell if the allegations are true. All we can do is wait and see. In the meantime, the good “Bishop” better rally his legal team. They’ve got a fight ahead of them.

  47. @Independent Conservative-your “rant” was unnecessary and shows your lack of reading skills as well. I merely asked Roddy if he knew of these things (and knowing is different from not knowing for sure) then why didn’t he say anything.

    Please refrain from trying to call someone out unless you read their post in its entirety. You only end up looking foolish and angry!

    If I KNOW something is true and I KNOW it will effect others then I KNOW the right thing to do. Tell somebody!! Before somebody gets seriously hurt.

    Roddy claims to have KNOWN something and like I said before its dangerous to keep that kind of info under wraps! What if someone would have been killed?

  48. Well maybe Rondy Long can speak for himself whether or not he had concrete evidence.

    In all this young boys were allegedly being turned out, so it didnt only effect Eddie Long.

  49. brdavision, IC was the one the first on the wall to warn people that things were not right. And I respect him a great deal because he was a lone voice for a long time. In fact, he was a major inspiration for me starting GCM Watch. There are a lot of things we know and are told, but cannot write about because the hard evidence is just not there.

    I had to edit Mr. Long’s comment because he included an anecdotal story which would have only thrown gas on a fire that didnt need to be. So take it with a couple of grains of black peppah.

    Let’s argue our points sans unecessary barbs at other commenters. 🙂

  50. Trinigirl: “I’ve seen how their world operates from the inside. I’ve seen grown people literally worship these men. I would listen to my dad talk angrily about the lack of accountability by people who claim they are called to the ministry and think they’re above being called on the carpet for anything just because they have some title in front of their name. Bishop. Apostle.”

    I believe you. And one can see almost as much from the outside if they’re simply observant. It’s sickening to behold & I’ll even venture to say that it’s one “bishop’s ring” away from idolatry.

  51. It’s starting to get to that bad smelling part of the onion now!

    The 3rd accuser has released photos they say Eddie Long sent him, of himself.

    The video that has the photos in a news report can be viewed here:
    (The video starts with a short commercial before the news report.)

    OK, after that, I’ll just say my mind is tipped to one side of the dispute.

  52. Whether Long is guilty or not, he needs to humble himself and do some self reflection, repent of his arrogance and carnality, and tell his congregation to stop worshiping him and put their eyes on Jesus.

    Long is a prime example of the lack of true apostolic/prophetic oversight in the majority of leaders in the American churches. He says TD Jakes is his covering. But look at Bynum II, Paula White, Jamal Bryant, George Bloomer. I rest my case. Jakes develops christian personalities and entertainers that cater to the christian consumer for conferences and building a following for television, purchasing ministry products, for the sole purpose of the mighty dollar. However true apostolic/prophetic ministry would correct any type of behavior that is detrimental to the Body.

    Most of these so called Apostles and Prophets that grace these folks pulpits only bring blessing and prosperity to these mega preachers, and never correction or rebuke. Their part of the network and the money machine of these preachers to manipulate people with games.

  53. As far as oversight, there only needs to be actual Elders at the head of the assmebly rather than a single man who claims he’s in the mold of Moses, David and MLK Jr. (Not that MLK Jr. compares to Moses or David, but for Eddie Long, those are the names he tosses around when speaking of his place in today’s world.)

  54. I like to quote Rev. Adam Clayton Powell Sr. back in 1929:

    “Rev. Adam Clayton Powell Sr. stated that there was an increase in the number of black ministers who placed their own desires for personal gratification, prestige, and wealth over the interest of their congregation. Having a sense of entitlement was at the root of homosexuality.”

  55. @shofarsound, I just read that quote last week, can’t remember where I read it though…but PROFOUND INDEED!

  56. @Godlysoldier I place the quote last week over on Extimes on the article they did on Ted Winn. Also place the full quote today for the article Gcmwatch posted on Ted Winn. The quote is from the article I did back on March 27, 2010 called Sex in the Church: Does the Black Church Need Sex Education? Part 1. The quote fits Winn and Long.

    @IC I saw the video in your comments of Long. How could a man send pics of himself to another man? That just doesn’t make sense to me. Long better have a good explanation behind those photos being sent out.

  57. I get what both brdavision and Independent Conservative are saying.

    Most of us would really prefer to not get involved especially if it is a family member. It is just the human condition. Some preacher made a good point and I cannot remember who he was but he was explaining the story of the good Samaritan. The pharisees and everyone else did not do or say anything because they were operating in a “What will happen to me if I help this person?” while the good Samaritan was thinking “what will happen to this person if I do not do anything?”

    At the end of the day what the dominant thought is, is what is going to determine anyone’s behavior when they see or suspect something rotten going on.

    While we are waiting on God to act, he is simply waiting on us.

    There was a sexual predator being interviewed and one of the things that resonated with me is that he said that his victim’s path in life was going a certain way and his action interrupted the direction and now the victim has to deal with the repercussions of what was done to him or her by the predator.

    We have a duty to the victims or potential victims as well as to the perpetrator whether with concrete proof or suspicions to do something. If you need proof get it. But most often that not we prefer to remain silent.

  58. @shofarsound – I don’t think there is any reasonable explaination for one man to send self taken photographs of himself and send them to another man.

    And the poses look like something I’d expect from Claudia Schiffer.

  59. @IC I agree with you on the local Elders having oversight. But guys like Long run the ministry like a dictatorship, if anybody questions their authority they called them the devil and have them blackballed within the ministry(it is as the Mafia). Acts 13 we see a board of Elders(spiritual elders & not carnal elders)ruling versus one man show. Proper church government has been diminish in these days, we need to get back to the foundational principles of the Word of God on the church should and should not be govern.

  60. @IC point well taken!!! My wife would kill me for something like that, acting like some silly teenage girl texting or emailing pics to some boy. That is crazy! He better fear God first and Vanessa second that she doesn’t slap him.

  61. @Lydia – There are aspects to the matter that are not as simple to call. It’s not really as comparable to seeing a man hurt on the road of a culture you don’t like and deciding to lend him a hand.

    And even if Rondy had said something to me or even GCMW before this latest news, we may not have published it. Just the claims of someone who says they are a family member, no photos, no video, no audio, just saying something. Would not meet a high enough standard of evidence.

    And notice, even some of what Rondy posted was blocked. And I probably would have done the same.

  62. I wouldnt even take a picture like that for myself. Whats the point of doing that nonsense?

    Shofarsound, someone needs to slap some sense into him!

  63. @ IC & shofarsound,

    Spot on, guys!! The problem with the mega churches (and not just the black ones) is that most of them are independently owned and operated by the senior pastor or bishop and these folks accountable to no one. COGIC has its flaws, but their structure of “government” is that their churches are overseen by a national board of some kind and their pastors are accountable to that board. Assemblies of God, same thing. Pulpit pimps like TD Jakes, Paula White, Juanita Bynum, Eddie Long and such like call themselves bishop, apostle, prophetess, or whatever and have churches under them, or so they claim. But who’s watching the man/woman on the top of the food chain and holding them accountable? No one. Narcissism at its fullest, and that’s where the problem begins.

    Proverbs 11:14 Where there is no counsel, the people fall: but in the multitude of counselors there is safety.

  64. What’s the point? Come on Paul! That’s the wireless anointing being shared with the man of gawd and his spiritual son.

  65. COGIC has its flaws, but their structure of “government” is that their churches are overseen by a national board of some kind and their pastors are accountable to that board.

    Trini, sorry to disagree, but COGIC has one of the most polluted forms of government in existence today. Bishop Samuel Nesbitt a former member of the Judiciary did a full expose on it. Read his full thesis on COGIC’s constitution which provides for its governance.

  66. @IC it really is as simple as that. We just complicate things. The same motivating factors govern whether we choose to act or not today or over 2,000 years ago. There is nothing new under the sun Whether it is someone lying on the road getting beaten or any other circumstances and simply saying that because that happened in Samaria or some other place is simply a cop out. If the boys being molested had been his or your sons I would like to believe you would act swiftly.

    And no, taking action does not only mean contacting you or GCMW. There are many other avenues to get assistance or proof. Not enough attention is being paid to the victims or potential victims.

  67. Trini,

    I understand what you’re saying, but a 17 or 18 y/o male that is heterosexual isn’t going to have relations with another man. In this situation, all parties consented and knew what they were doing.

    At issue here, Eddie Long is a supposed “man of God” and anti-gay preacher. In that case, what the teens did was irrelevant. They aren’t claiming to be a bishop or man of God. I really could care less what they do. My issue is how they are being portrayed as innocent little lambs, which they are not. Everyone is at fault here, its just the Bishop was supposed to be living at a higher moral standard. In that sense, it is totally the bishops fault.

  68. @Lydia- you are right we have a responsibility (Roddy did) to let information that could harm others out. I don’t wanna hear that “Ohh i can’t prove it.” Roddy said he had been knowing what was going on for a while now. If he really knew then he should have said something family or not!

  69. People of God: What would be sad is that IF…IF…IF these allegations are proven true, how many of the professed 25,000 members would actually head for the door? A few. The others would stay put and say, “we all make mistakes, so let’s forgive him and keep him where he is.”
    They would keep raising guilt offerings for him and allow him to
    be in charge since there is no oversight elder board at that church. So, Long is a law unto himself.
    And if the charges were true and since this is a civil action (so far), there is no incarceration penalty for what he did. This is an action for monetary damages only.
    You can pay off the accusers for the “good of the church” and things go on as is and Long will simply stay to script and say that the Devil was trying to bring him and his ministry down.
    The fear of God in the church has seemingly disappeared and with each person doing their own thing without fear of punishment.
    The church is not under attack…it is being purged!
    Contend for the faith!
    We are living in both exciting times and troubling times but God
    is in charge and nothing escapes his perview.

  70. @Late…that’s what I’m concerned about right there…a payoff and biz as usual and sheep steady being lead into the ditch behind a false shepherd. You said a mouthful! My heart is truly grieved over this potential outcome and I’m praying that “truth” will all around!

  71. @brdavision and @Lydia.

    I’m just curious, have you ever heard of Rondy Long before today?

    Because, I think people who knew Rondy Long before today would likely be more slow to judge his actions.

    Just tell me yes or no on whether you’ve heard and known of him and what he’s been up to before today?

    I mean I really hope that you’re aware of all he’s been doing for years in addressing these issues in the church.

  72. I have never heard of Roddy Long nor do I think that it matters anyways. I made a point (its my opinion) so I’ll just leave it at that. No matter what you say I’m not gonna change the way I think about it. I didn’t judge his actions or anything like that, I just said I think it was dangerous, and I’m entitled to feel that way and express it because this is the comment section of a blog.

  73. @IC, I’ve heard of Rondy and listened to the ministry interviews he’s done with G.Craig Lewis in the past. I didn’t know that he was Eddie Long’s relative until I read his post on Ex Ministries yesterday, then the light bulb came on (same last names) and because I know that he and G.Craig are advocates on speaking out against such matters, I looked at the whole situation in a different light (while still reserving because in the blogging world, someone else could have posted that and signed Rondy’s name to it).

    Also on Monday, G.Craig posted on his blog that something was going to rock the land and that the saints should pray. Well, when I read it, and “knowing” what type of ministry G.Craig has, I immediately did not think a “natural” disaster was about to hit, but a “spiritual” disaster…and I must “honestly” say that Eddie Long and a few “other prominent” Megavangelist were the first thing to come to my mind! Then this story breaks Tuesday, so one is lead to somewhat “put the puzzle pieces together” for themselves.

    Now whether G.Craig was referring to Eddie being that him and Rondy are good friends, I don’t know and I’m saying that he was, but it’s truly things that make ya go “hmmmm”…I’m just sayin…

    May truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth prevail!

  74. “Now whether G.Craig was referring to Eddie being that him and Rondy are good friends, I don’t know and I’m saying that he was, but it’s truly things that make ya go “hmmmm”…I’m just sayin…”

    CORRECTION, I’m at work, typing too fast, I meant to say that I’m
    “NOT” saying that G.Craig was referring to this Eddie Long issue in his Monday’s blog post…Ok I’m going home now!!!

  75. @Godlysoldier, yup Rondy and Eddie have been in direct opposition in terms of their ministries for years. Rondy has been calling out this issue in the church for many years. He has not been one sitting on his hands. He’s been warning even about Eddie and others before today.

    And as Melvin has said over at Pulpit Pimps, the twisted prosperity doctrine is reason enough to leave. All this other news is really just kindling for an already existing fire.

    The “lawyers” have been talking for some time before the accusers’ went public. So Team Eddie probably knew it was coming and others may have gotten word is what I suspect.

  76. I’ve got a question for those that would want to run headlong with rumors without facts, would this be considered a false accuser?

    I’m just saying that having a zeal but not according to knowledge, with facts accompanying is not what the word calls for in my estimation!

    Even while hating the deeds of whomever.

    That is all!

  77. What does it matter whether I know him or not?? I don’t. So?? Does that change that he should and we should all act when we see that something just is not right?? From his comment it appears he was only waiting to be the one to say “I knew it” and not actually be part of making this all come to light. Unless you are going to tell me that he counseled these young men and others to come forward and tell the story. Inaction is nothing new is all I am saying. Nine out of ten people choose to not get involved.

    He did not do anything and he continues not to do anything since he mentioned that there are many more that he has known for years are engaging in this behavior with impressionable young men. Letting the regulatory authorities know that church funds are being used to fund “extracurricular activities”, contacting the parents or relatives of the boys, there really are a lot of things that can be done.

    I would have much preferred since he was not actively involved in making this come to light that he stay silent than come out and say that he knew for YEARS and prayed and wept about it.

  78. Im curious if this blog is the only place Rondy Long posted that comment. Has anyone seen it anywhere else? If this is the only blog, why did he choose to post it here?

  79. I am sorry but if you are concerned and personally involved you can obtain the facts. There are paper trails for anything first of all, private investigators are there, etc.

    I am not telling people how to act. We all choose how we act based on whether we are concerned about ourselves more than we are concerned about others or vice versa. How you act is determined by the dominant concern. That is all.

  80. @Lydia-I agree! Why come out now? And why come out on various blogs??? This is either a hoax or Roddy has some issues…..regardless of what he has “done” for the church scandals and what not…Instead of talking about the church problems he should have been exposing them….Since He “KNEW” what was going on….

  81. Dee brought up earlier Brian Carn’s confession of a revelation that he supposedly received. A couple of us thought that possibly he was referring to Bishop Eddie Long. That’s just a guess of course, for his “vision” was quite general. And for me, I have my doubts about his prophetic calling. Even still, there could possibly be a connection.

    Well, I also thought of a message that I heard a few years ago, and it took me all day to find it.
    Qualifier: I do not listen to Juanita Bynum – I think the woman’s mind is corrupted. She may have started out on the right path, but something yanked her off, maybe indefinitely. But I remember her saying this, and it sort of cemented itself in my conscious. Could she indeed have been prophesying? Not sure. Is what she said too vague? Possibly.
    Could what’s happening now with this lawsuit be tied into what she said?
    I don’t know, but here’s the clip; it starts at 4:50 and ends at 5:45:

  82. Brothers and sisters in Christ mind the way you speak to one another! Dont lose yourself in this mess! Rondy Long has been exposing foolishness in the Church for a very long time, he is not a jump on the bandwagon person at all. Questioning his reasoning without first questioning whether or not God wanted him to be the one expose Eddie is backwards. God has His own plan! Remember Gods’ ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts! So just because you feel that you would have went about it differently does not mean that the stance Rondy took on this situation is the wrong one. Keep the mess where it belongs and that’s with Eddie!

  83. GP, Im a little upset with you for nabbing the 100th comment award! I was just about to grab it and you took it. lol 🙂
    CONGRATULATIONS!!! /balloons, confetti fall right here/

  84. Yeah!!! 100 I am so happy to accept this award! Thank you GCM Watch!

    GCMW: lol Its in tha mail /wink. wink/

  85. We can be accountable for the things in which we allow, but are we to be without facts when it comes to matters that call for them? I have my own thoughts and ideas about this man, Eddie Long, i.e. him spending excessive amounts of time in the mirror, the hideous toupee as well as the false doctrine that he spews.
    But how far are we to run with rumor and innuendo?

    I’m asking for the sake of those that are serious about making it while knowing that we are living in a time where prophesy seems to be playing out on a major level, not the false prophet spewing kind, but the Matthew 24 & 2 Thessalonians 2 kind.

    I made mention of false accusers because it was descriptive of those that rebel in the end times church in 2Ti 3:3.

    Just a thought for those that have a high value of the word.

  86. @Godsproperty-I hear ya and I’m not trying to jump on Roddy or anything like that. And we all still need to understand that these are allegations and nothing has been proven at all. But I will say the pictures of Bishop Long are quite disturbing….

  87. WOW! I was looking at the comment tally myself………..apparently, it exploded over the last few hours.

    At this point, all I am doing is just reading what is being posted and doing so keeping God’s Word at the forefront surrounding this issue.

  88. Yeah N’Catina. A very hot topic indeed. I don’t remember commenting so much. Perhaps it’s time for me to put Ecclesiastes 3:7 into play.

    Gcmwatch, maybe you should close up the comment section before it takes an entire cup of coffee to scroll to the end of the page. :0

    GCMW: Uhhhhh, go ahead and get it out of ya system. Tomorrow, Im moving on. 🙂

  89. Hmmm, my post disappeared in cyberspace so I have to try and remember what I wrote 🙂

    @gcmwatch, thank you. I will definitely read Bishop Nesbitt’s expose on COGIC.

    @c11, I totally understand your point. The young men should bear some responsibility for what happened. Any person under normal circumstances would know that what they were doing was wrong. But unfortunately these circumstances aren’t normal. We’re dealing with what could be considered a cult. Yes, a cult. When a person assumes total authoritarian control in any organization, a cult is essentially what it becomes. Cult leaders are usually very charismatic and are master manipulators, used to getting what they want. Then the lines between right and wrong become totally blurred. Let’s assume the allegations are true. Then these young men had no control over what they were doing. They were “programmed” to bend to Eddie’s will. That’s how powerful cults can be. Discovery Channel did a brilliant 4-part series on cults which included some churches. The one common denominator between all the cult members is that every one of them confessed to not having the ability to control their situation and found it very difficult to go against what the cult leader wanted. To us outsiders, it may seem like a cut and dry cease and desist from doing wrong or getting out, but to those on the inside, it’s very difficult to extricate themselves from the situation. I’m not taking sides, but just some things to consider….

  90. @gcmwatch, yes Rondy Long posted on several sites and not just EX Times which GP mentioned. He’s been trying to get his statement on this matter out there the way he knows how to.

    He’s been speaking against this sort of thing and other misbehavior in the church for years. He didn’t show up to this stance this morning. He’s just been very little known by many. But he’s been putting his name on the line and taking heat way before any of this recent stuff. There’s no shortage to warn about and he’s been sounding alarms for a long time.

    He’s even been mentioned (in blog comments here by name) by some who were commenting on this blog years ago, about the work he’s been doing.

    His effort is not something to be greeted with scorn.

    I hope criticism of his efforts is measured with great caution, because some really have no clue who they are talking about.

    If Rondy Long is wrong in how he’s handled things, GCMW both you and I are also equally as bad for things we know and have not spoken openly about yet. But you, me and others who know certain things all know why we measure our words and know we’ll say what should be said when God provides the proper opportunity. I won’t debate that aspect of things any further. There’s a level of respect that is going unrecognized.

  91. IC, thank you I just wanted to know.

    I dont know Rondy personally and I wasnt familiar with who he was. But I did look at his website and since he used his real name and info, I allowed his comment. I applaud him for that. If you are going to say something, dont hide your identity.

    Im not saying he’s wrong for saying what he said. Its no secret that I have (in the context of the gcm) openly criticized Eddie Long. I also believe he teaches false doctrine which I have noted and supported those who spoke out against it. As to his alleged sexual proclivities, I had no evidence to support any of the “stories” I had been told so I dont venture into those waters. Whatever Rondy did or did not do perhaps is irrelevant if you think about big picture.

    The Sovereign God is at work and he doesnt need our help at this point. That’s no reference to the guilt or innocence of EL, just that it is clear that God is at work in HIS church. We should all pay attention to the Father’s message and take heed.

  92. Wow, powerful words by JB, wonder if she knew her ministry would be one of the ministries exposed…

    I feel bad for the young men involved and for the many others (male & female) victims of this type of abuse. I’ve seen a few comments regarding the young men’s culpability, however, I remember what is was like being that age. You feel like you know what you’re doing, but lack the understanding of what the consequences of your actions may bring. A lot of times young people get into things with an expectation or a hope of a meaningful relationship only to discover they’ve been trapped into a sexual relationship. Unfortunately, many lacked the esteem and/or life skills necessary to esacape the situation, especially when the person abusing them is someone they respect and admire.

  93. brdavision said:

    @Observer-I understand and thank you for the clarification. But Roddy said he knew about this behavior for years??? Now I understand that to mean that he actually saw this behavior or was told that it was going on by bishop long. What do you say about that?
    Sorry to take so long to respond to your post, but anyway…

    I guess I didnt get that impression that he saw this behavior first hand (probably wasnt in the man’s bedroom/office/whatever when this was allegedly going down)… and I cant imagine he was told this by Eddie Long (cant see why Eddie would tell anybody). I just took it that he was like a lot of other folks on this, in that he saw some strong indications that something was going on, and it was enough to make him convinced that it was true.

  94. Trinigirl,

    It’s interesting you would say cult because I was watching the History channel and they were talking about mind control and technology related to that. And they brought out all the points you did. I can see how these mega churches become like cults centered around “the mand of gawd”!!!

  95. And can someone please tell me this:

    Since when did Missionary Baptist Churches start having bishops??? I guess the title of “reverend” just isn’t good enough anymore. Everyone has to be the grand poobah!!!

  96. @Observer-if that’s the case Roddy should have said that he has had a “strong indication” that this was going on. He didn’t say that, he said he knew, and he has been knowing for years….that’s a big difference…

    GCMW: brdavision, his name is Rondy, not Roddy. Just thought you should know.

  97. @Angela- We are in agreement about our concerns about Prophet Carn’s prophetic anointing. My personal belief is that he does have anointing, but it’s been corrupted. He is, yet another one, who is under Bishop T.D. Jakes in one way or another. I find it funny that I keep seeing his name on this thread.. don’t be shocked if a similar scandal arises with his name on it! Someone asked why Prophet Carn didn’t say a name. If he was really obeying God, he would have gone to whoever God showed him in the vision and warned them. That’s what Nathan did concerning David. Wow, is all I can say to the Juanita Bynum clip you posted. It’s ashame to see what corruption can do to anointing. I also agree that there is an overwhelming amount of “title” abuse and “anointing” abuse. It makes it confusing and difficult to know who to believe. As far as me, I trust God and the Word.

    @gcmauthor- Thank you for addressing the COGIC corruption. I have been in COGIC, Baptist, and AME churches. All of them have their checks and balances, and all of them have their corruption issues. But I have to tell you from my personal experience, the COGIC church has taken the cake! I have seen foolishess and ridiculousness taken to another level in the COGIC realm.

    If I want to get a main point across it would be this: if you put your trust and/or faith in man, you will be let down time and again. Trust in the message (GOD), not the messenger (man).

  98. My pastor preached a sermon last year that stated that God is not pleased with what a lot of these churches that are claiming to be serving God with hidden agenda and unrighteousness, and they will start being exposed. She used the term ‘snuffed out’ like a candle whose wick is short. This is so apparent now. I can guarantee u this is not the end of these pastors being exposed. Victims of these churches are getting fuel from the courage of people to stand up and speak out. Brother I thank u for this site, and your encouragement instead of degradation without correction. I know that you’ve heard soooo many times that people shouldn’t judge b/c Jesus said judge not lest ye be judged (which a lot of ppl use out of context in order to continue in their sin without reproval). What the fail to realize is that the bible also says how can you say to your brother let me take the speck out of your eye, when you have a beam in your own. You’re a hypocrite.

    1 Corinthians 5 basically states that we are not to judge those within the church (God will judge them) that we are just not to associate with someone who calls himself a brother yet continue in their sin. Yet that we are to judge those in the world. How can you minister to someone as to where they are wrong if u don’t point out that they’re wrong in love and backed up with scripture. God is using these victims to expose unrighteousness in the church. The wool is being taken from a lot of ppl’s eyes who revere these people. I pray that this pastor has repented for what he’s done (if he did it), turn from his ways, and walk upright.

    If these ppl read their word, and study to show themselves approved as the bible states, then much of what is happening now wouldn’t be so shocking. It is so apparent that we r in the last days. People just need to wake up to what is going on, and where were headed so that they’re ready on that day! God Bless!!

  99. I understand exactly what the people who r defending Rondy are saying. Angela used Ecclesiastes 3:7, I believe, in reference to herself. But this can be applied to what Roddy was saying. God has His time for things to be revealed. We should lean not to our own understand, but acknowledge God and He will direct our paths. No one on this board knows Rondy’s relationship w/ God, and whether or not God deemed it appropriate for him to speeak out publicly to expose what was going on. I know that God speaks to me as clear as anyone else having a conversation with me. So maybe just maybe God did not want it to be revealed until now what’s been going on w/ EL.

    Don’t go so hard on Rondy. I understand exactly what he’s saying regarding God warning people to change their ways before exposing them publicly, and it makes sense. God is merciful, and the very ppl going so hard on Roddy for not bringing this info public sooner, I’m sure have less than steller pasts, that they would prefer remained private. The only difference is that some have repented before public exposure or due to the flesh probably still in sin. So Rondy not immediately exposing EL’s actions could’ve been a command by God to remain silent.

    An example similar to this is in I Peter 3 where it basically says that scoffers will come in the day basically mocking that God still hasn’t returned as promised. Verse 9 says, ‘The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.’I believe that this verse could b used in the attacks against Rondy. God hasn’t returned as of yet because he’s trying to give his children a chance to come to repentance as to b saved. Maybe EL was warned several times about his behavior but continued until God deemed that now be the time that his unrighteousness be exposed. God’s will be done on EARTH as it is in Heaven!

  100. I went back to the Brian Carn article and 1 thing stuck out………. And it speaks for itself.

    And he [the Lord God] brought me to the door of the court; and when I looked, behold a hole in the wall. Then he said to me, Son of man, dig now in the wall; and when I had digged in the wall, behold a door. And he said unto me, Go in, and behold the wicked abominations that they do here. So I went in and saw; and behold every form of creeping things, and abominable beasts and all the idols of the HOUSE OF ISRAEL (my caps), portrayed upon the wall round about. Then he said to me Hast thou seen this, O son of man? Turn thee yet again and thou shalt see great abominations than these. And he brought me into the inner court of the Lord’s house and, behold at the door of the temple of the Lord, between the porch and the altar, were about five and twenty men with their backs toward the temple of the Lord, and their faces toward the east; and they worshiped the sun toward the east. (Ezekiel 8:7-10,15,16)

    let those that have ears to ear, hear……..

  101. @c11,

    Exactly! When the “Mand of Gawd” is accountable to no one but himself and his “board” of elders and deacons is nothing more than a pack of yes men and women who are afraid to stand up to him, it’s a cult. And it’s very unfortunate that this is the structure of most mega churches. BTW, the History Channel is one of my favorites to watch too. I love the documentaries about WWII, Hitler and Nazi Germany. 🙂

  102. Just happened to stop by to view the commentary on this issue. And I agree with brother I.C., Rondy Long has been speaking out (along w/ G. Craig Lewis) for several years. I can’t this is enough EVIDENCE to close the door on this case, but I certainly don’t see it as a drive by, opportunistic post.

  103. brdavision said:
    @Observer-if that’s the case Roddy should have said that he has had a “strong indication” that this was going on. He didn’t say that, he said he knew, and he has been knowing for years….that’s a big difference…

    Well, brdavision,
    I guess we could quibble about what verbiage Rondy should have used, but the end result is the same. He had enough information to convince him it was true, but apparently not enough for him to feel like he could or should come forward with it.

    I once heard a law enforcement official say something that stuck with me: “Its one thing to know what happened. It’s another thing to be able to prove it”.

    Bottom line is, I still cant fault Rondy for how he handled the situation. Fact is, the Holy Ghost uses different means… and maybe Rondy wasnt the means the Spirit wanted to use to get this story out, if indeed this is something the Lord is doing.

    Either way, there are enough people praying about this situation, that I’m confident the Lord’s will will be done. Long will either be exonerated or exposed.
    But it will be all in the Lord’s timing of course; not ours.

  104. You know, bottom line, whether we think Rondy or anybody else for that matter let it be known, there are still folks that will turn a deaf ear. When the “Holy Spirit” first began to open my eyes to the deception of the Word of Faith “gospel” and the current wolves and deception in the church, the Lord had me to attend a church and G.Craig was preaching that night. I had never heard of him. But the things he called out, “not” mentioning any names, but the acts and the twisted scripture was further confirmation of what the “Holy Ghost” had already been revealing in my prayer time. At the time it was Jakes that the Holy Spirit had been really causing me to discern some things about “scripturally” that just wasn’t right with what he was speaking forth from the pews. And the message G.Craig spoke that night was confirmation, even though he did not call out Jakes name. That’s when I then heard about Rondy Long and on my journey to “sound doctrine”, I was led to such sites as IC’s, GCMW, Pulpit Pimps, Dunamis Word and a few others.

    Long story short…as I was coming from under “Word of Faith” mind control of my former church, I would try and tell people what the Holy Spirit was revealing to me, but most people, including family members turned a “deaf ear”, because I was speaking “against” their “sacred” and “beloved” mend “and” womend of God (I “was” a huge JB follower). And yes, I said names, but to no avail. I was getting frustrated when the Holy Ghost simply took me to 1 Jn 2:27 and told me, “I” cannot make someone turn from error, “He” the Holy Ghost has to do it. I tell you, that was a light bulb coming on for me. I was such a spoon fed from the pulpit christian, that once I “received” the revelation of 1Jn 2:27, I was free, and I was free from trying in and of my own power to “convince” people of wolves and “another gospel” they were being fed. So saints of God. All we can do is pray, speak as the Holy Spirit leads us, and leave the outcome to God! The Lord truly knows those that are His and as the Lord spoke to me when I asked Him, Lord, would you really allow all those following a false shepherd to fall in a ditch with the wolf, and He clearly replied, they have no excuse, because they have my “written word!” SELAH!

  105. After reading the comments on this post, i think many people are missing some very important points. First, if these allegations are true, then what of the damage done to these young men by a “Bishop”? I have not read one post praying for these young men if indeed they are victims. Are people only concerned about “bishop” Long and New Birth? Second, a few posters have mentioned that because the accusers were 17 or 18, past the age of consent, that there is no problem with what was alleged. I though sex ouside of marriage was a sin? Or am i reading a differend bible? Maybe i’m reading the rick james version instead of the king james. I read the lawsuit and they did not accuse Long of rape, they accused him of using his position as “an annointed mand of gawd” and “mentor” and money, gifts, and trips to coerce them into sexual relations with him. Is this less sinful? Of course not! Lastly, people seemed to be caught up with the fact that because Long preached against homosexuality that it is hyprocritical of him to have allegedly had sexual relationships with men. There is an interesting book about homosexuals in the NAZI movement in germany. it is called “the Pink Swastika” by Lively and Abramson. what Long is accused of is more specificaly pederasty. Sexual relations with young boys. In this case the boys were of consenting age but still boys none the less. Alot of pederists live as heterosexual and see no inherent contradiction with their actions. They see it as a “pure” form of love and healty for young mens development. It stems from the Greek gymnasiums, but enough for now. thanks.

  106. Guilty or Not guilty

    God knows!

    2Ti 2:19 Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal, The Lord knoweth them that are his. And, Let every one that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity.

  107. Bless you all!

    My name is Patrick and I do some work for Last Generation Ministries founded by Pastor Rondy Long. The above post of Rondy Long’s comment (with permission) was posted by me. It is a direct response from Rondy Long that is posted on our Waiting, Mating, & Dating site. You can see it here:

    I know the news being exposed by the media is very disturbing. Last Generation Ministries promotes Holiness but one thing we don’t do or encourage to do is EXPOSE SECRET SIN. As stated in the above post:

    July 27, 2010

    “God seems to have a progression when it comes to Judgement. First there is minimal disclosure so that a person can repent. What I mean is that God protects His people from public embarrassment by only exposing these people to, usually, a few discreet people who can go to them, warn them and possibly restore them. Folks, most of the people that many of you love and adore in Gospel Music or in Preaching ministry – are foul. Some of them I know personally and others I know of who have been involved in sin so depraved that it would make some of you vomit. Yet, why hasn’t God publicly exposed or judged them yet? Because He is merciful and full of Grace. There are some very great people – that God had me personally go to and warn – some listened (Glory to God!) but most of them didn’t.
    The next stage is exposure to all spiritual Christians.”

    To Glory in this exposure would be a terrible sin. We pray for all who are deeply affected by this. We hope that this brings nothing but light to what has been going on in the dark (and still going on). We ask that you all keep praying for Bishop Long, his family, and the souls being discouraged from choosing the “Narrow Way”.


  108. @blkrepublican – Your response reflects not having spent much time here. Everyone here has been praying and seeking to help victims. Sorry we didn’t post it all in terms to satisfy your desires of what you wanted to see here. Keep in mind, what really occured is still being sorted out, although the evidence is looking bad for Eddie at this point. But prayer is certainly being done. And have you not read the many statements here that ask that THE LORD’S WILL BE DONE? I’m sure that you’ll agree the Lord cares about any victim of sexual predators.

    Also you should consider:
    Matthew 6:6 (New American Standard Bible)
    “But you, when you pray, go into your inner room, close your door and pray to your Father who is in secret, and your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you.

    I have no need to pray in public in the name of putting on a show to satify the curiosity of men. As these fellows are doing. Notice THEY are saying how THEY are praying for Eddie Long, and nothing of the alleged victims.

    There’s talk about Eddie Long on this site, because he’s the accused predator.

    You speak here blkrepublican without even knowing that many of the people you are addressing are themselves victims of this sort of abuse in their own past.

    Also, age of consent is mentioned because the state legal side is viewed in case of possible criminal charges, but everyone here already affirms sexual relations of any kind outside of marriage between one man and one woman is a sin.

    You’re stepping into a group where several basic tenants are already understood and known. You probably should spend more time here and read more before trying to stir up anything.

  109. I guess Patrick’s post was being approved as I was posting my own comment about Rondy’s blog.

    Patrick, there are some who will dislike your pastor not revealing certain secrets. But I know he’s been working on these issues a lot harder than some who criticize the ministry.

    Remember Proverbs 20:19.

    And although Eddie Long has not yet admitted anything. Rondy has exposed what he knows, at a time that was more fitting for it to be mentioned. At a time when his words would not be easily overlooked.

  110. @Patrick, thank you for further clarification. As I posted earlier, it’s not easier to call out other’s walking in error without the proverbial “judge not” and itching ears that don’t want to hear truth. May God continue to speak forth truth through Rondy’s ministry as I have been blessed through it in the past on my journey to having a relationship with God, rather than religion. “Relationship” puts God on the throne, but “religion” puts “man” on the throne!

    Yes, the real saints of God are watching and “praying!”

  111. thank you Patrick for clarifying. And yes, God’s grace and mercy will eventually progress to discipline for those whom he loves. I think that if our Father is disciplining someone he loves so that their souls will not be lost, then its best we stay out of his way and let his will be done.

  112. A 4th accuser:

    Rumors are now stirring that Eddie Long will step down Sunday and that about 30 people have claimed abuse at the hands of Eddie Long:

    Will the followers of Eddie Long claim he’s having a “David” moment and try and stick with him and put him back into his “royal” seat later? Or will this finally blow the lid off the empire of false doctrines?

    And now, will others like Rondy has been telling us about finally stop trying to get away with their dirt?

    I now do believe the accusers. (There’s between 4-30 witnesses.) I thank God they were granted the courage to speak out.

  113. If these charges are indeed true, Eddie Long might look back on this all one day and see it as a blessing in disguise.

    No man can take unrepented sin with him to the grave. That only leads to damnation. At least this would give him a chance to come clean, and give himself a fresh start before God.

    Your house isnt really clean if you’ve got dirt hidden under the carpet.So, as traumatic as this must be for him and his church, if it’s the Lord doing it, it’s actually a good thing.

  114. @ psalm100 it sure isn’t seeing as how a 4th lawsuit has been added to the case, just like the lawyer said, more and more are coming forth. This is beginning to look at bit less like a shakedown and a bit more like exposure. Still not taking sides or judging, simply observing.

  115. It will be interesting to see what Long will say when he addresses the congregation on Sunday. I went onto Streaming Faith yesterday and there are links in place for live webstreams for services. It remains to be seen though whether there will be a blackout for Sunday.

    I agree, Psalm 100. It does not look good for this man, but I am reserving judgment on this particular item until, at least, he gives his public rebuttal to these accusations.

  116. Doesn’t surprise me at all. Why?? Cause Long has been saying things in public that doesn’t line up with scripture and he has been allowing things in his church for many years which is not of God. Being an undercover homosexual doesn’t surprise me. Of course many will not know this stuff cause they are not in the loop of all the compromise and carnality in the body of Christ especially in the United Stated and the black church. Some may say “oh the devil is using the media to bring the man of God down” No saints not everything the media reports about a Pastor or a church is false, Most of it is true. it’s rare that they publish the names of the ones making the claim. The legal system is based soley on evidence, not heresay.

    Pastor Rondy Long who is cousins with Eddie. He himself has just confirmed that for years stuff like this has been happening but he would never speak about it publicly but he has spoken to Eddie directly and other family members cause it is a family issue (homosexuality). Because of his stance on homosexuality Pastor Rondy is very distant from his family members who are in mainstream ministry. He also says that many other BIG NAMES are involved with mess like this. One guy even got beat up for trying to expose another well known bishop.

    If we are gonna pray ..pray that brother Long will be convicted of all the negative things he has been doing in the public eye, repent and change. Whenever a preacher gets exposed its never the first strike. GOD IS MERCIFUL AND FULL OF GRACE. First he sends people who know them personally to talk to them. Then he will start to reveal their sin to Christians who are truly lead by the spirit and not carnal. Then finally if there is no change they will be exposed. That goes for all Christians not just leaders.

  117. From the defense of Rondy which I guess is an indirect defense of Long (since I presume the waiting on God and waiting on the timing of God was so that Long would change his ways after taking advantage of hundreds of impressionable young men and continuing for years to do this even after being warned by those with suspicions).

    I guess I should hope that I never end up living next door to some of you and happen to find myself God forbid needing help from an attacker, you shall probably all be waiting on God and his timing before you offer me any help. Oh maybe writing on blogs about knowing someone attacking a woman next door.

    I guess I am just different because I would just pick up the phone and call the cops.

    Maybe there isn’t much sympathy for the victims because they are older. I guess if they were 10 or 11 people wouldn’t hide behind “I am waiting on God’s timing”. These boys’ or men’s lives have been destroyed and unless God steps in they may God forbid do the same that was done to them.

    Am I wrong in thinking going to the rescue of someone in need is the will of God? Is God going to ask me how dare I interfered? I guess if He does I will apologize but still not regret “interfering”.

    I guess I understand why people in the world think the church and Christianity is of no relevance to them. Sad.

  118. While I can understand some of your loyalty and support for the Bishop, I cannot understand you being so naive and blinded that you are unwilling to even visit the idea that this Pastor could have acted in an inappropriate manner. It seems that you and others like you have placed Bishop Long and those like him, on a pedestal, idolizing and worshiping the ground they walk on. helping them to perpetrate this false image of flawlessness. Because of this,you are too eager to turn a blind eye to any shortcomings and wrongdoings. Many of you only seem interested in his well being only, and are not showing any “Christian-like” empathy, or compassion for the accusers.

    Because of people like you, many victims of abuse are afraid to confront or report their abusers and go many years suffering because they feel they will not be believed and it is likely they wont when it comes to people that we hold in such high regard. Also, those who are held in such high esteem are very aware of their status and often use it to manipulate and intimidate their victims knowing their word will be believed over the victims.

    You say Pastor Long is a “child of god” and will “get back up” but it is my opinion that Pastor Long has done something to lose favor and the “protection” that the lord offers to those whom are his “true” children, abiding by his commandments and living a christian life. Never would god allow any weapon formed against him to prosper had he been living right. A divine intervention would have occurred before those young men could even plot. The fact that there was no intervention is indicative of “things happening as they should” I believe it is time for him to be exposed, and that god is allowing it to happen, as he has become more engulfed in materialistic things, and status rather than focusing on his own demons of perversion. Now he may be forced to acknowledge god almighty as the highest being, as he faces the wrath of god which is certain to bring him to a point of humbleness and clarity. -If he committed these acts of perversion against these young men, I hope he gets the help he needs and that he is punished severely.

  119. Greetings in the name of Jesus

    All glory be to His Holy Name!

    I am an overcomer of attempted murder and rape, shot at, beaten, held hostage and raped. The Lord allowed me to escape before being chopped up and thrown in the river, I escaped hand cuffed behind my back by the grace of God. This trauma/crisis was a Romans 8:28 situation.
    It happened 17 years ago, back then I was religious, but lost. I was on my way to hell due to fornication bondage. I was bound in the spirits of rejection, child witness of domestic violence, root of bitterness, looking for love in all the worng places, a battered woman syndrone, low self esteem and the list goes on. Yet people in the church loved me because I had a big job, lots of money, big house in a carreer as an Adminstrative Judge.

    I thank God for using the crisis (chastening) to bring me to true Godly repentence, and a pusuit and follower of Jesus and His innermost holiness. This was the beginning of me seeking the face of Jesus, learning of Jesus who said come unto me all you who are heavy laden and I will give you rest, I am meek…. To pick up my cross and be crucified with Him. The greatest servant is the greatest leader–Jesus demostrated this and this is what He taught His disciples.

    I cried out to the Lord 17 years ago after my near death crisis and He answered my cry, He said I am the Lord your God your Healer and I will heal you of all your deseases.

    The Lord retired me from the job after 20 years, the Lord gave me a vision to work in His kingdom to break the religous hush, heal and deliver and educate by Jesus power, addressing the roots of incest, down low, rape, verbal mental emotional spiritual amd physical abuse.

    The Word of God said in these end Noah like days there would be a great apostasy (turning away from God), Matthew Chapter 24 also says due to iniquity, the love of many shall wax cold.

    Iniquity is deeply ingrained sin that runs deep in the spirit and soul of mankind, when undealt with through the precious Blood of Jesus, iniquity turns into a monster within.

    Our warfare is not against flesh and blood but devils in high places, often working through false minsters of His whom creep into the pulpit.

    When mankind is prideful and refused to humble self per 2 Chronicles 7:14–in this pride God resist the iniquitious in Heart. Yet gives grace to the humbled.

    Jesus said in Matthew 7 starting in the 19 verse that many shall say Lord Lord, and He shall respond depart from me you worker of iniquity, I never knew you. Although you have prophesied in my name, casted out demons, and did marvelous works–I never knew you.
    I paraphrased the words, read this chapter for yourself–the Words of our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

    To “depart” in Hebrew means to be casted in the eternal lake of fire.

    We are not redeemed by corruptible things like silver nor cold but by the precious Blood of Jesus.

    Jeremiah prophesied against the pastors who scattered God’s flock, these apostate pastors did not seek the Lord.

    The heresies that we are little gods is damnable doctrine of demons, another gospel as Paul put it, preaching another Jesus, not the Jesus of the gospel.

    Many pastors and the entire 5 fold ministry must be humbled per 2 Chron. 7:14. We are NOT little gods. There is one God and one mediator between man and God all other gods are idols and shall die as mere men. The Lord has spoken it. All shall know He is Lord.

    I do not have a traditional church. The minitry God called me to is 24/7 as he puts me on assignment for the opressed, molested, abused, etc. A video of my outreach is on my website and my complete story.

    I share my website because (see below), God is calling His people to be purged from iniquity, faith to faith, that satan will have no place in our souls (mind, will and emotions),

    Common Forms of iniquity are incest roots, which if it is not redeemed by the precious blood of Jesus will definitely apostate one’s soul. The transference demons of incest into one’s body and soul is like venom, poison, leprosy, spiritual cancer—eradication by the precious Blood of Jesus per John 6 is a must and the wounds must be heal. God sent His Word to heal us. Jesus casted out many unclean spirits and demons and set at libery those whom are bruised.

    He mends the broken hearted and binds our wounds.

    Satan loves these secret sins, transgressions and iniquities.
    Iniquity and violence was found in Lucifer first.

    Jesus came to destroy the works of satan, to bring the ministers of satan/angels of light to repentance or else turn them over to a reprobate mind, and delusion and ultimately hell, if not repented.

    Jesus was wounded for our transgressions, bruised for our iniquities and by His stripes we are healed. Isaiah 53:5

    Unfortuantely too many false preachers, prophets, bishops….are wounded deeply and have many undealt with issues that run deep, yet feel they are gods, and they make merchandise out of God’s people. The harlot and apostate church. Preaching mammom as the central message and Jesus as a foot note. The blind leading the blind.

    For powerful education, resources, worship, deliverance, education on incest demons, abuse, iniquity, etc, please prayerfully visit my web site at:

    For the lack of knowledge God’s people perish and the children forgotten (destroyed) Hosea 4:6

    God bless you, with the Love of Jesus our Lord

    Redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb and the words of my testamony hating my own life even unto death. Revelation 12:11

  120. It turns out, Eddie Long may have broken criminal laws after all. The 4th accuser says Eddie began abusing him while on a trip in Kenya. Under Kenyan laws, Eddie Long could be convicted, since male homosexuality is still a crime there. Although the age of consent there is 16, that does not count with male homosexual relations, which is straight up illegal at any age.

    But this basically means Eddie better not take any more trips to Kenya.

    I would think there’d be some Federal law to prevent taking someone overseas and bringing them back after abusing them, that would have some age of consent. But it seems (I’m no lawyer, just based on my own searching) there may be no law in that regard. I guess since most predators are not rich enough to pull off such actions, maybe nobody ever lobbied for such a law. (Or maybe the government just likes allowing rich predators to get away with it.)

    I think depending on where Eddie carried out abuse on some of these “trips”, there may be some real charges Eddie could be prosecuted under.

  121. Its been a long, long week. No pun intended. I believe all that can be said has been said on this particular post. Therefore it is now closed to commenting. If and when Bishop Long responds to the allegations, we will cover any new turns to this saga. I encourage each of you to search your own hearts and ensure that you are not continuing in sin, that grace may abound. God is not one to be ignored when he has given you opportunity after opportunity to repent. At his own discretion, he will discipline you and only he knows whether it will be public or private. It doesnt matter if you are a church daycare worker or the bishop of thousands, none of us can afford to ignore the will of God.

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