CNN interview about Bishop Long yeilds painful surprise

ATLANTA – Earlier today, Bishop Eddie Long finally emerged from four days of near seclusion, declaring that he would “fight” allegations against him [AP source]. Long emphasized twice that he wasn’t “perfect”.  Reactions have been varied, but many have said it was an “expected” speech, But on yesterday,  developments took a stunning turn.  Don Lemon, a CNN news anchor interviewing three young adult members of New Birth admitted that he was the victim of a homosexual pedophile. More after you watch this video.

A personal surprise for me. One of the young people interviewed, John Campbell III is my cousin. Campbell’s grandfather, Texas Bishop A. LaDell Thomas is the former vice president of the Church of God in Christ’s powerful Board of Bishops.

Bishop Thomas was himself involved in COGIC’s most infamous case of homosexual molestation as a member of the investigating board in the case of Bishop John D. Husband. He was the person Gwen Fox said told her to sue the church because he was convinced of Husband’s guilt.

Don Lemon’s admission was personally painful for me to watch and I understand intuitively how he felt having been a victim in my youth of a predator who “groomed” me to like him, then threatened me with exposure if I told about our “relationship”.

Its also another signal marker in this developing story, as Lemon noted, that the stories of these young men cannot be summarily dismissed without serious comprehensive consideration as to their veracity. Any person who has been in the grip of a predator with authority instantly recognizes the signs, the words, the traps and the deception you are led into. And the long and brutal road to recovery in the face of many who immediately revictimize you because they cannot picture the predator as someone like this. Long did say that he was “not the man portrayed on television”.

For some victims, a consistent and knowledgeable support system can mean the difference between a healthy, productive life and perpetual dysfunction going forward.

The panel of young people reflect the type of deep denial among African American Christians about certain leaders and their propensity to commit such detestable acts. Confronted with the attorney’s description of Long’s alleged pattern of predatory activities, they all struggled to explain it rationally.

The evolving situations with Bishop Long hopefully will help to open up much needed dialogue and solution finding as well as educate the black community on the mountains of broken youth and adults in our midst who have been silent victims of predators in authority.



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  1. The media is already hard at work spinning this story into one about how the black church refuses to be tolerant and accepting of homosexuality.

  2. Job, yes the gay affirming media will do all to snag its share of the spoils. But as evidenced by what I wrote above, there is something in it that will affect everyone on some level.

  3. Interesting…

    none of the “support” reasons had anything to do with truth or the Word…forget about support a person – let’s support truth.

    it’s just sad…

  4. Those three kids made me weep inside and out. And it didn’t even dawn on me until I read it here just now the this situation might be leveraged into promoting more homosexual inclusion. Although I must ask: is this really the face the gay community would want to put on their ‘pass’?

    Glad to see you’re on the case Pastor Foster. Personally, I pray for the safety of all involved; DeKalb can be a dangerous place, even for the sheriffs.

  5. Ok, so these young people were nervous, which was obvious. Their blind devotion is scary to say the least. At least K. Bond had a more balanced and sensible view of the case.

    You know, what I found interesting were the words that he used this morning. For me, when I found out that he was going to speak on Sunday, I figured it would be that he would explain his actions or flat our deny the allegations. He did neither. He took a safe middle of the road stance, and frankly didn’t answer any questions.

    Now, here’s my opinion. Since he didn’t directly refute the allegations, I think he should step down and until this is cleared, remove himself from his position. It would serve the church much better than an appearance of arrogance in the face of such severe allegations.

  6. And Pastor Foster, you were right….. He didn’t use this opportunity to deny the charges against him. 4 people, 2 of them know each other, 1 sort of knows the others, 1 doesn’t know the other 3, but the stories flow the same.

  7. From the original post:

    The panel of young people reflect the type of deep denial among African American Christians about certain leaders and their propensity to commit such detestable acts. Confronted with the attorney’s description of Long’s alleged pattern of predatory activities, they all struggled to explain it rationally.

    Having been a former member of Club New Birth for over 7 years myself. I can only thank God through our Lord Jesus Christ, that I was shown that house is in doctrinal error and able to leave.

    My heart weeps today seeing what has been going on. In videos with Eddie in my opinion lying through his teeth, I see some of the same faces I saw when I was there cheering him on. Still walking in deception even if this matter with abuse never occurred. And seeing the 3 on CNN, it’s correct they were trying to explain away something their own conscience was clearly trying to convince them is wrong. None of them could quickly speak up after seeing BJ Bernstein speak, they had to be repeatedly asked by Don Lemon to say something. That shows the wheels are turning in their heads, but they’re still deluded and work to put a clean face on a very dirty situation. Never do they consider 1 Timothy 3, but rather they seek to “hold up the arms” of their “prophet”. They are lost in a web of twisted old covenant training, something Eddie Long is a master at. In all of them, I see a vision of myself in the past, before the Lord called me out of that house of ill repute. A house full of the idolatry of money, and now the world sees that even other ill things are there.

    4 accusers and likely more coming, relative Rondy Long’s affirmation of Eddie being involved in homosexual actives and past claims of Eddie being involved in homosexual behavior, even years ago well before these accusers said something. This current situation only further confirms things that were said of Eddie Long years ago.

    The Lord’s will be done.

  8. IC, I wonder who approved or suggested that these three be on a national news program talking about such a deeply serious issue. This was most likely their first time on television. They were clearly way out of their maturity leagues with this and it showed. Did NB send them to do this? Why and how were selected is the question in my mind.

  9. I personally doubt they were “sent” by CNB (Club New Birth). Keep in mind, finding a CNB member in Atlanta is like opening a window on a sunny day for sunshine, they’re everywhere. I’m sure several CNB members are CNN employees, not the 3 on that panel of course. But some CNB members are certainly associates of some CNN employees. You could literally stand on a street corner in Atlanta and ask is anyone a CNB member and likely in an hour if not a couple minutes or less you’ll be approached by several of them. I’m not sure where they found those 3, but I’m sure finding CNB members that would do most anything in defense of their “prophet” is easy to do, given CNN is based in Atlanta.

    Looks like some of Eddie’s associates are starting to distance themselves away from him:
    (One can only wonder what connections that associate has to this matter, given the mention of some things occuring in Connecticut. Not saying there is a connection, but God knows.)

  10. To echo my brother IC, I too carried water for Long for more than 6 years – and I praise God through His Son that He allowed the veil of blindness to be lifted long enough for me to flee that false doctrine. There is more of this mess to come (estimates have the number of accusers being vetted at 30 as of yesterday) – and Eddie alluded to “not being perfect…not the man you see portrayed on TV” – meaning he’ll cop to some embarassing revelations during the settlement of this case (you do know that he’ll pay to make this thing go away, right?), so he wants to blunt any potential future blow.

    I remember thinking that the Soulforce meeting (and subsequent agreement to let them teach human sexuality classes at the club) were some sort of blackmail attempt…I may have been on to something back then. Regarding these kids, I grieve that they actually tried to defend the wolf on CNN, but they’re in the perfect position to see that trusting in man – particularly one who dressess like a pimp and parades young men and boys around – is futile.

    The Lord’s will be done indeed…

  11. Pastor Foster

    My prayers are with you, you are truly a thriving survivor…

    I too am a survivor of many years of sexual and emotional abuse at the
    hands and mercy of predators in the ‘church’. The love of Christ is
    the only solution coupled with compassionate biblically based counseling.

    One thing for sure I now avoid ALL churches like the plague.

    Be blessed.


  12. How much longer will black folk worship men as idols? It was actually fearful to see how they responded to Eddie Long when he walked into the sanctuary. These people seem to have put this man on a pedestal to worship him instead of God. It doesn’t take too much reading of the Bible to know what happens to an idol placed next to God.

  13. The lady representing Eddie Long on the CNN show she is his right hand executive making big money what else would she say
    even if she knew the truth it is her big salary and her high life style she lives, her name is Gaberial… the other two men have positions also well paid…. one looks very gay himself
    and all of them had no conviction in there presentation , seem to be uncomfortable and lack of confidence….. in other words they seem to be…… well i am just saying……

  14. Don Lemon is courageous and professional. His approach to this story is dead on. I am sorry the children were there though, this was not an appropriate forum and they should not have been put in a position to defend an adult.

    Perhaps Eddie Long is being used by God to make people aware of the homosexual spirit over the church. This is no laughing matter. Why are these men so susceptible to gay encounters? What is it about the down low and why would a man risk an entire kingdom for it?

    There are so many gays laughing now I bet, but God will have the last word. I will never accept the “gospel of inclusion of homosexuality”.
    This is very serious. I remember recently reading that in the days prior to the fall of Rome, men would roam the streets in gangs looking for men to rape. It is similar to what is happening in the church.

  15. Side note, which might need to end up being a new topic: Why do people on youtube think Brian Carn prophesied this specific situation in his “spirit of perversion” message? Really
    This clip makes me wonder what their teen/youth ministry classes are going to look like over the coming months as more details are disclosed, at least before he can settle and seal records. @INA, these look like young adults to me, college age perhaps, made their own decision to try and catch a couple minutes of fame or the acknowledgment of a pastor they’ve probably only seen in passing over the years, yanno. Plus this video was before his public statement, what if he had gotten up in the pulpit and said “yeah I did it and liked it!’

  16. Yes IC and Speaking Truth, “the Lord’s will be done”!!
    Just as a ‘sidebar’ observation…..on the first allegation (i think involving the young man who broke into Long’s office) WHY IN THE WORLD would a pastor (or anyone for that matter) even have HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars of jewelry????? I mean, my Lord!!! HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS????? That speaks volumes as to where Long’s affections lie……regardless of the rhetoric to the contrary, there is indeed an obvious “love of money” in that house. Period.
    Ok, back to the subject at hand…

  17. “I personally stand behind the bishop because he’s my leader, and as members of the Body of Christ it is our duty to stand behind and lift the arms of our prophet, and that’s what I will continue to do until he gives me reason not to.” (John)

    “I’ve been a member for almost eight years now, and ever since I been there the ministry has done so much for my family and I, my friends and I and for my schoolmates. I stand behind the ministry.” (Gabrielle)

    “I stand behind the bishop because of the leader that he is.” (Gary)

    When I heard these words, I was immediately tempted to comment on how blindly loyal these young people may possibly be, even to their own detriment. But there’s no need for that, for I’m guessing that they’ve already been unfairly judged by some for their stance.

    As time passes, I continue to hear how some people are praying for Eddie Long and how others are praying for the young men who made these allegations. And that’s well & good. However, my prayer has been lifted up primarily for those whose faith has been shaken and who’ve became disillusioned by this chaos. I can only imagine what this ordeal has done to the fragile faith of new believers and those who are weak. Things like this can side sweep a Christian who isn’t firmly rooted in the faith. My desire for them is that God will reassure them of both His power and wisdom in matters such as these, and that He comfort them with Both His Spirit and His Word.
    And this is my desire for the young people in this video.
    While we can pray for the Lord’s will to be done – which it wll be – we can also pray for the encouragement & comfort of God’s people.

    I can’t wait until this is over.

    But there will be more exposure of yet another pastor/bishop/prophet/apostle/leader/”spiritual father”, as I’m becoming convinced that the Lord is both chastening and purifying His Church. To which I say Amen.

  18. Job, that was my first thought also when I was listening to CNN today….this is a mess all around…for the victims and for Mr. Long if he is innocent….but you can already see what the liberal media is doing….they are going to use this to bludgeon the Church and Christians as the bad guy for opposing the gay agenda!


  19. Sigh.

    That’s all I can do. And while reading the wonderful musings of IST, IC and GCM (all founding bricks in the Wall), I can’t help but to be saddened.

    There’s so much truth being said without the serious spin from national networks that are being read by a fraction of the public who needs it. The e-mails I have received alone (both hate and love) are overwhelming on this issue.

    People are freaking out about this news, and why? They’re hurting. Although many have not experienced the tragedy Don Lemon has (and albeit, that took courage to announce), they feel victimized in their own right.

    Some have supported this guy. Others have inadvertently bought his pimp daddy “jew-ree and soots.” It’s time we demand more of our leaders. And if they are not leading, we need to demand others that will.

    Although if there aren’t anyone leading the charge for Christ around you, guess who God is calling? That’s why people like us are blogging to everyone.

    God’s will… it’s being done. Praise the Lord!

  20. @wannabereal – You seem surprised that Eddie Long has such material things. And YOU SHOULD, but the issue is that those who follow Long are not shocked at all. In fact, if you took all his jewelry, cars and such away, they’d buy him new ones of every item lost. This is how the deception of the prosperity doctrine works. A so-called pastor claims he is on par with King David or another old covenant figure, and that he is entitled to all the “kingdom wealth” that those past figures enjoyed. The people cheer, give him more, and “hold up the arms” of the one they see as their “prophet” and even their modern day king.

    You see, the way they treat him, is not at all like an Elder or even a Prophet was treated. They actually revere and spoil him as was done with old covenant kings. Including, the king doing all manner of sin and never being held to account for it. This is how Eddie Long has trained them to be.

    He is EDDIE LONG, and in their eyes God keeps Eddie on His speed dial. So there’s no way Eddie could do wrong. And it’s so ingrained, that even if Eddie does not say another word, they’d continue to teach the lies to themselves.

    Eddie Long, trying to compare himself to King David, and saying he’s got 5 rocks. If he wants to compare himself to David, although he in no way should ever even float such a notion, should have instead used the analogy of David having his sin exposed to him by Nathan. Oh, but that would require Eddie to actually feel remorse for his actions.

  21. People of God: With the small “breech” done by Long regarding that “he is not a perfect person”, that is his seque into a future out of court monetary settlement.
    If you do not come out with fire and knives and deny all charges, you are leaving some room for a “severance” package from your board of elders (if there is one at New Birth).
    If up to 30 more alleged victims come forward, it is “game over” “shut down the choir” for Long.
    My fear of mega-churches is the response he got when he entered into the sanctuary. What foolishness for people to behave in that manner.
    Jim Jones would have been pleased with such a response! Why are so many people gullible for such deception? Simple. They do not study the Word of God for themselves and they do not apply it to their own lives and do not challenge abuse when it appears in the Church. In the Catholic Church, hundreds of priests have been “eyeballed”
    for their deviant acts towards an untold number of children and especially those in orphans and group homes where their word is the law of the land. No appeal.
    Imagine the crimes committed in churches back in the earlier centuries where priests and bishops and Popes had unchecked power.
    Well, today, mega-churches are mini “Vaticans” and the heads are
    “mini-popes” who rule and reign with no balance or checks….especially if you are an “independent” denomination.
    No, Satan is not attacking the Church but God is purging the Bride to be without spot or wrinkle.
    People who have maturity and discernment should NOT leave the church but engage it because your giftings are needed to contend for the faith!
    Don’t leave. That is not what Jesus would have you to do but to fight the good fight of faith and stand in the gap for those who are not able to articulate the articles of faith as you may be able to do so and thus you can lift up a standard for them.
    If you leave, they are more vulnerable to these charlatans and miscreants who are apostates and who spew forth a “different” gospel.
    In the Methodist Church in Northwest Ohio, Bishop Bruce Ough fight like the dickens to have a Bill Brownson brought in as the Chief Financial Officer due to his qualifications and the “need” for this person’s expertise in spite of the fact that this Bill Brownson IS in a “committed” relationship with another man for over twenty years!
    For Bishop Ough, being in a sinful relationship was/is OK as long as you were/are “committed” to it. The Bishop said nothing about if you were simply just “half-committed” to a homosexual relationship.
    Also, since this CFO was not a clergy member but simply a non clergy person, the prohibitions of the Methodist Church regarding illcit sexual relationships did not apply!
    Go figure that mind twisting logic!
    Would he state the same if a person was a “committed” glutton
    or a liar or a fornicator or a thief? Makes you wonder how a word like “committed” became a cover for sin in Methodism in N.W. Ohio.
    It was as if the Holy Spirit could not find another CFO would would be born again to fill that postion.
    It makes you wonder, what Bible does Bishop Ough read? A Bishop in the Methodist Church making written excuses for sin to be acceptable for a highly visible position in the Methodist Church in Northwest Ohio.
    This is how things “slither” into the church…be it in Atlanta
    or N.W. Ohio.

  22. Eddie does have a biblical obligation to try and settle this matter out of court, Luke 12:58-59. Although Jesus was speaking of us settling our issue of SIN with HIM before JUDGEMENT. It’s still applicable even in civil affairs, that someone seek to find agreement before reaching the judge, if possible.

    He’s also supposed to not spread false doctrines though, so it’s not like Eddie ever tried to consider following scripture. Eddie will do what best serves Eddie and OTHERS who may somehow be involved in this mess and could further expose more of it.

    Eddie was at yesterday’s short press confernce bragging about how he’s been invovled in doing various charitable works. Trying to use his works for cover, as he’s always done. Never following Matthew 6.

  23. The greater, or should I say underlined issue here, is the media’s attempt to lump all black ministries together, much like the political machine in America lumps all African Americans together as democrat. Now pastors will have to prove they are “straight”. The real issue is the homosexual agenda to marginalize every preacher (person) who disagrees with them. I believe this will be the defining line or moment that will force the true “church” to stand and fight. Pastor’s will be forced to choose “Inclusion” or be labeled a “gay basher” or “homophobe”. I believe the media will have lynched Bishop Long “long” before the civil suit is settled or even brought to light. The “David and Goliath” reference Bishop Long used may have been his personal feelings of his “troubles”, but I think it really speaks to the Satanic- influenced media that crucifies ministers in the court of public opinion which is the main weapon of “The Accuser” (slander). Now as for the “victims”, I don’t know what to say and neither should anyone else because….WE DON’T KNOW OR HAVE A PUBLIC RECORD OF THEM! I am not discrediting the allegations, but this is exactly what makes the media machine so powerful…by the time the “truth” comes out the person in question is destroyed. It seems we forget that this was the very tactic Satan employed against Christ: accusers with questionable backgrounds. Also, Jezebel used false accusers against Naboth. What I am stating is bigger than Bishop Long. This situation will be the catalyst Satan will use to silence true ministries. Lastly, we as men and women of God must come to the conclusion that we cannot “love our lives (ministries, material wealth, prestige or power) more than the WORD of God, because this “FIGHT” will cost us those very things! Thank you Pastor Foster for your awesome stand and insight. This is the first time I have commented but I have been following this site for years…I must say you have been astoundingly accurate. Thanks!

  24. @ Independent Conservative. Well Said.

    I watched the video this morning and I must say that the young people they had speak up for Long were clueless at best.

    I could tell from their body language that Lemon’s revelation really affected them and they really did not know how to respond.

    I also congratulate Lemon for having the courage to come forward with his story that was obviously painful. However, he did it for good reason and people NEED to hear that YES this IS the MO of a predator seeking to prey on unsuspecting young men.

    YES he may have done some good things. But what was and is his MOTIVES. Good deeds did out of WRONG MOTIVES is just as evil as the crime itself.

  25. These young people shouldnt have been put on this show, they didnt know what to say and its obvious that they are not confident that “Bishop” is innocent.

    As a man of God the “Bishop” should come clean. He should and needs to categorically deny each claim. If not how can he lead when a leader should be above reproach?

    Legal team my foot! The BODY of Christ is superior to the legal system of this world. Deny the allegations up front and let God use your legal team.

    Even if there were no sexual encounters, the pictures are enough for me. I dont want anyone over me who takes pictures like that of themselves. Full of pride.

  26. djenk, the snakes have come slithering out to grab their share of the spoils. As should be expected this coiffed demon lied several times.
    Using Gal 6:1 to posit Eddie Long being restored, is an admission that homosexuality is at a minimum a fault/sin to be repented of (repaired in his words).
    But he had earlier extolled homosexuality as natural and God approved.
    Wish I were on the couch nearby to call him on it.

  27. The interview with heretic Carlton Person exposes a lot though.

    It mentions how Eddie wanted a closer bond with Person. Just more evidence of how Eddie actually turned from standing against sins such as homosexuality.

    Person also mentioned this was only the tip of the iceberg. You know he knows who the others are for sure. He was just one of the first to say he embrasses the evil.

    @Paul N, right if he’s a real follower of God, the lawyers would not control his mouth.

  28. @Paul and Independent Conservative-you guys are right! If I’m truly innocent It wouldn’t matter to me what the lawyers say. I would be speaking my innocence and letting everybody know from the jump that I’M INNOCENT!!! I wouldn’t let anybody mussel me, and I wouldn’t make threats to people in the pulpit….We already know that nobody is with out sin. But we do know from the Word of God what it tells concerning leaders and how their lives should be.

    1 Timothy 3:1-12 (New Living Translation)

    1 Timothy 3

    Leaders in the Church
    1 This is a trustworthy saying: “If someone aspires to be an elder,[a] he desires an honorable position.” 2 So an elder must be a man whose life is above reproach. He must be faithful to his wife.[b] He must exercise self-control, live wisely, and have a good reputation. He must enjoy having guests in his home, and he must be able to teach. 3 He must not be a heavy drinker[c] or be violent. He must be gentle, not quarrelsome, and not love money. 4 He must manage his own family well, having children who respect and obey him. 5 For if a man cannot manage his own household, how can he take care of God’s church?

    6 An elder must not be a new believer, because he might become proud, and the devil would cause him to fall.[d] 7 Also, people outside the church must speak well of him so that he will not be disgraced and fall into the devil’s trap.

    8 In the same way, deacons must be well respected and have integrity. They must not be heavy drinkers or dishonest with money. 9 They must be committed to the mystery of the faith now revealed and must live with a clear conscience. 10 Before they are appointed as deacons, let them be closely examined. If they pass the test, then let them serve as deacons.

    11 In the same way, their wives[e] must be respected and must not slander others. They must exercise self-control and be faithful in everything they do.

    12 A deacon must be faithful to his wife, and he must manage his children and household well.

    How many of these “leadership” attributes even before the allegations have we seen in Bishop Long??

  29. There’s so much in that Carleton Pearson video to discuss that you would literally have to write a book! Being that I’m at work and pressed for time, all I can say is, bottom line Carleton, what does THE BIBLE and GOD say about homosexuality. PERIOD!
    At the end of the day and after all of this Eddie Long fiasco comes to a head and the exposing of others, no matter what the world thinks or how much homosexuality is embraced and infiltrated in the gospel music industry and “churches”, God will have the final say and satan will “not” silence the “true servants” of God!

    His Remnant will stand and not give into ANY sinful agenda, even if we have to face loss of family, friends, employment or martydom, the true Church of God will stand!

  30. TD Jakes responds to Long controversy:

    I so wish these preachers would STOP acting as if the blood of Jesus is some kind of “magic potion” or snake oil to be applied to whatever we deem necessary—slung about at will……(but i guess that is another topic for another day…

  31. After the video was watched, those kids couldn’t even SPEAK! Gabrielle never even answered the question. She said he doesn’t SEEM like a pedophile! SWEETIE.. THEY NEVER DO! The public profile of a typical pedophile is a “pillar of the community” a very involved, very respectable, very seemingly trustworthy person. If they didn’t appear to have those qualities, nobody worth anything would trust them with their children. What I see coming from this is a snowball that starts an avalanche. Because when Eddie Long goes down, trust and believe he’s gonna start pointing fingers. I find it VERY interesting that TD Jakes had “nothing to say” when he addressed the issue. I woudn’t either if I was you sir! You’re a the short list too!

  32. Those that are familiar with the inner workings of New Birth. I have a few questions, how did Long get to become so powerful at a “Baptist” Church. I grew up Baptist and very rarely does a Baptist pastor have this much control and power. Did Long start New Birth on his own?

    I agree with Independent Conservative’s position that without a true elders’ board, you end up with a one-man show or a “kingdom” or worse a dictatorship. Long and other preachers have went for years unchecked or no one could vote them out of power or fire them. This man is obviously even before this situation unfolded has been unfit to be in the position of bishop. Who ordained him as a bishop? Who watches who?

    As it has been mentioned in this blog and others too many times to number, we have some serious accountability issues in the black American church and really in all of the churches in America. A prophet friend of mine said that because the churches in America would not judge or discipline themselves, GOD was going to use the world to judge the church. The only times these guys are checked or rebuked openly is by an scandal that is exposed by the world and not by the Body of CHRIST! GOD help us!

  33. @Enouch… Did you know that the Deacons relinquished control to him in 1994(i believe). That meant… he did not have to answer to the Deacons any more and had sole power to do what he wanted.

    I think that was put out in the media when it happened years ago.

  34. @ Pastor Stephen Darby,

    <<The greater, or should I say underlined issue here, is the media’s attempt to lump all black ministries together, much like the political machine in America lumps all African Americans together as democrat.??

    I agree with everything you said except the above line. You can't play the race card simply because a racial bias by the media isn't in effect here. The last major pastor to fall because of sexual impropriety was Ted Haggard who is white. He was caught having sexual alliances with male prostitutes. That hit the airwaves like a ton of bricks because Haggard was a well known, powerful mega-church pastor with a mixed congregation of thousands. He was also a strong force in the Republican party in his home state and groomed his church members to support that party. Prior to Haggard, there was the late Bishop Earl Paulk in Atlanta, Eddie's good friend and mentor (surprise, surprise), who was also white. Paulk sexually abused teens and young women for decades right into adulthood. And don't forget Mr. Swaggart who loved prostitutes. Simply put, God is purging HIS Church, be it black, white or every color in-between because Jesus is coming back for a church without spot or wrinkle.

  35. Thanks Dee@Prayer Shawl. I am not familiar with Eddie Long’s history. I do know that he once pastored in Washington, DC. So that explains a lot. I mean a lot…Wow. Thanks for the history lesson.

  36. I literally cried when I saw how blind the youth were. They seemed intellectually stunted. I wonder if CNN personally chose these people to make a point about Long’s followers? They did seemed stunned after they showed the video to them; they couldn’t speak.

    What is tragic about the people at New Birth is that they are told/taught that their individual prosperity and blessing is tied to obeying what comes out of the mouth of the prophet. VERY Dangerous. This is scrolled along the wall in electronic messages; I think saturates their mind. This is not at all a part of the new testament doctrine. People must obey those who have authority over you for they must give an accoun for HOW they teach and lead and shepherd you. In no way are people obligated to live by what comews out of Long’s or any other mouth without having the studious nature of the Breeans.
    Can you imagine what must be happening in many of new Birth’s minds if they for a minute entertain the idea that their prophets’ mouth has been places they hadn’t imagined? (Sorry)
    Also; They must reconcile their beliefs about what they’ve been toldd about gay life, behavior, etc., if their own Bishop whom they deem as incapable of doing “that” particular evil.
    Additionally, they must consider the grand hypocrisy of their leader who with his covenant ceremonies, ring exchanges and vows of fidelity may agter all believe in a form of gay marriage.
    Lastly, if you want to see the real Sirit of Jezebel at work look inside the walls of New Birth. It is at work right there!

  37. I said I was not going to make any comments on this matter because enough was being said. But I was watching a news report on HLN this evening. They had two analyst analyzing the body language of Long and his wife.

    Just to paraphrase what they said.
    They said that Long Grabbed his wife with hand cupped from outside and led her (rather than walk with her) to the podium. According to the analyst. There body language together (them not touching once they got to the podium, her strained smile and straight line lip in spite of the checked smile) indicated she was not a willing supported but she was led or brought into the situation.

    The also pointed out that Long’s long pauses when he talked about the allegations were tale tale signs of not being completely truthful.

    I have always wondered why leaders (both in the church and out) want to grab their wives hands and drag them with them in front of the crowd when they get in these scandals. why not face the music alone when they apparently didn’t want the wives when they got caught up in the mess.

    This woman had the same expression on her as other women (in the church) whose husbands were involved in extramarital affairs.

  38. @DEE@P/S…I said the SAME THING about the body language between Mr. & Mrs. Long! You could see that she wasn’t a “willing participant” from 1200 miles away! Reminded me of the “policitician-that-gets-caught-in-an-illicit-affair-then-drags-strained-wifey-on-stage-during-news-media-apology-to-somewhat-make-the-apology-seem-more-sincere-and-save-his-already-media-tainted-image! Me thinks I would have been too sick to get out of bed that morning to attend the circus show and stand along side the “ringmaster…I’m just sayin!!!

  39. Regarding that video of false “bishop” TD Jakes that wannabereal posted. I first want to say, that Jakes KNOWS he better be careful. Before he’s FURTHER exposed!

    It’s interesting how these friends of Eddie Long first claim Eddie is “under attack”, but then claim they are not taking sides and just want the truth or whatever. If they give the VICTIMS (those people Jakes did NOT pray for) even the smallest grain of possibly being right, they would not feel Eddie was “under attack”. How can Jakes KNOW it’s an attack from Satan or any evil force? Perhaps God is cleaning house?

    The Lord’s will be done.

  40. Context for your consideration from a Aug 2008 article on TD Jakes.

    There will be no judgment you say? Examples in the Old Testament portray a sharp rise in widespread sexual sin and idolatry before a harsh and swift judgment from God.

    * Genesis 19 – God destroys Sodom and the cities of the plains for its wickedness namely unrepentant pride in its sexual sins and human injustices.
    * Numbers 25 – God send a plague of deadly sexual disease among Isreal after the men of Isreal give themselves over to sexual pleasure with Moabite women. The plague destroys 24,000 men and would have killed many more were it not for the zealous action of Phineas.
    * Judges 19,20 – After homosexuals in the tribe of Benjamin commit rape and murder, then reject the other 11 tribes’ appeal to repent, civil war erupts plunging Isreal into a bloodbath. Only 1000 of the 25,000 men in Benjamin are left alive. This, the writer of Judges somberly observes, is because “every man did what was right in his own eyes”.
    * 1 Kings 14, 24, 15:12 – Jeroboam, known as one of Isreal;s most wicked kings set in motion events that led to the destruction of the Northern Kingdom. A benchmark of his reign was the tolerance of idolatry and homosexuality.

    Lest we dismiss such things as OT law, the Apostle Paul wrote ”Now these things happened as examples for us, so that we would not crave evil things as they also craved. Do not be idolaters, as some of them were; as it is written, “THE PEOPLE SAT DOWN TO EAT AND DRINK, AND STOOD UP TO PLAY.” Nor let us act immorally, as some of them did, and twenty-three thousand fell in one day. Nor let us try the Lord, as some of them did, and were destroyed by the serpents. Nor grumble, as some of them did, and were destroyed by the destroyer. Now these things happened to them as an example, and they were written for our instruction, upon whom the ends of the ages have come” (1 Cor 10:6-11).

  41. @EnochWalked, Dee said it. Eddie convinced the weak kneed to give him full control. Not that deacons running a local church is biblical, but Elders, not Eddie alone are to be heading the local church.

    Eddie got so big, because he helped make his own heretical denomonation. Eddie helped get this bunch going. Eddie rolled with them till he got big enough to branch out on his own. Basically, Eddie became a big enough pimp, that he was able to break away from the pimp organization he helped start. They all broke away from other (mostly Baptist) denominations that didn’t let them get away with the dirt they could do in FGBCF.

  42. What a painful story all around. I voted “guilty” in the survey because when four different people who do not know each other claim the same allegations, it is rare that they would all lying – isn’t it? For what purpose?

    How sad that Don Lemon was abused by a homosexual pedophile. It was brave of him to admit it on national T.V. during the interview.

    I could tell that the three members of the congregation who were sticking up for the Bishop were probably not ever abused and thus couldn’t even identify the signs given by the four victims of their own pastor being a predator. But Lemon recognized the pattern of “grooming” them into sexual victimization.

    Most pastors/priests/clergymen who are also pedophiles/pederasts appear to be nice people and do nice things for the community. But that is no excuse for their sinful and immoral sexual predator behavior.

    This pastor needs to heed the true gospel of Christ – and that starts with the TRUTH, confession, repentance, and ultimately forgiveness, mercy and grace. But it needs to be done in that order.

  43. Just a note on the legal side of things. This is a civil case so it’s not a matter of guilt and innocence. In a civil case, all you have to do in court is show that your claims are true by a preponderance of the evidence. This means that your claims are probably true based on the evidence you present.

    All of the attorneys might be taking note of public opinion because it will help them gauge what a jury would do based on certain evidence. But it’s even more likely that the attorneys will work together to come to a settlement. That could be much less expensive for Long.

    After seeing the outcome of the Hornbuckle trial here in DFW, I can tell you that a mega preacher (or mini-mega in Hornbuckle’s case) does not come off well in a courtroom. Hornbuckle’s case was criminal so prosecutors had the highest burden of proof–beyond a reasonable doubt. It didn’t take the jury long to find him guilty.

    So, my point? If the young men have plenty of evidence, it probably will not be hard to convince a jury that their claims are PROBABLY true.

    (I’m a lawyer in real life and I would play one on TV if I could be on L&O.)

  44. Everbody saying pray for eddie long,oh! but we did when we ask the LORD to exspose these wolves in sheep clothing. THANK YOU JESUS! THE LORD even made MR.lemon TESTAFY.AINT the LORD good!

  45. Lafe: “People who have maturity and discernment should NOT leave the church but engage it because your giftings are needed to contend for the faith!
    Don’t leave. That is not what Jesus would have you to do but to fight the good fight of faith and stand in the gap for those who are not able to articulate the articles of faith as you may be able to do so and thus you can lift up a standard for them.
    If you leave, they are more vulnerable to these charlatans and miscreants who are apostates and who spew forth a “different” gospel.”

    Lafe, I’m not sure if you’re specifically referencing Long’s congregation when you wrote “church”, or if you’re talking about the Church within the biblical definition, but if you mean the former, I agree with you.
    For those who belong there that have both discernment and maturity (which actually makes you wonder why they’re still there), they need to practice some biblical application & objectivity and proceed to convince Long to step down while this investigation is carried out. And if he’s indeed guilty, get him out of there and conduct a vast overhaul in that place as far as what’s being taught from the pulpit. Now’s the time for reconstruction.
    Every now and then it’s beneficial in the long-run to rehabilitate a house rather than leave it devastated and desolate. For the thousand + members that attend there and belong to the Lord, let’s ask the Lord that they don’t become “exiled”, but rather that they remain and become shepherded by a man that God in His grace sends, who both walks in humility and teaches the Word of God rightly.

    It’s time for a change to occur in that place – a *real change.

  46. I FELT SO BAD FOR THE THREE YOUNG PEOPLE ON THE PANEL, i hope God bless them and others through the upcoming days of this trial. We as parents,leaders or authority figure must think about our actions, decisions, and how it can affect the lives of others and future generations.

    I am praying for this situation and hope God intervene and correct another man made mess.

    Sexual sin is one of Satan ace cards and christians and especially our leaders have to live holy.

    I am not a fan of megachurches, too many members, they don’t know their pastor or he don’t really know too many of his members, and most times its a sunday morning entertainment show that reaps big offerings.

  47. Bishop Eddie Long, he really dropped the ball, a man in position to help many people, especially our young black men who are suffering in education, employment and church attendance. A man of God, well over the age of 50, he should have a sound mind and spirit to not be near a thing like this.

    CNN supporters and lgbters are attacking the church with their phobia rhetoric. They never will understand that the church cannot override God’s word, we cannot vote out sin, unless you belong to Pearson or Flunder’s churches.

    At the end of the day, God is in control and the truth will come forth.

  48. Lets see what yvette Flunder has to say about all this ” Same Gender Loving” as She calls it. Well at least Its not Cogic this time

    GCMW: There is a COGIC case in litigation in Chicago as we speak.

  49. @CCL, a brother just sent me that article…I too thought that was a very “interesting” quote…falling on the sword or word of God and repent! Great, great quote!

  50. @Angela-Bishop Eddie Long has long been know to teach the prosperity doctrine and has made other questionable statements in regards to his theological beliefs. My question is, with the vomit Long spews everyday week at New Birth, are there any true believers there with enough discernment to know he is in error.

    And if so why are they still there?

    The bible gives us clear advice on what to do when it comes to handling those who are false teachers:

    Titus 3:9-11 (The Message Bible)

    8-11 I want you to put your foot down. Take a firm stand on these matters so that those who have put their trust in God will concentrate on the essentials that are good for everyone. Stay away from mindless, pointless quarreling over genealogies and fine print in the law code. That gets you nowhere. Warn a quarrelsome person once or twice, but then be done with him. It’s obvious that such a person is out of line, rebellious against God. By persisting in divisiveness he cuts himself off.

    The bible tells us to reject the heretic after two warnings and if they persist then to reject the person.

    Why would any believers still remain in a church were the truths of the word of God is preached as often as the nutritional value information on the wrapper of a candy bar is read?

  51. the second cat said, Eddie was their Leader.

    But we do not see the word used in the New Testament except when it refers to politicians.

    He also says Ediie was a prophet, now we need to test his prophecies and judge whether they are divinations or real prophecies.

    We all need to be careful because this is a real deptive.

    I think this will be covered up, the Franklin scandal was covered up very successfully. Just because it involved politicians, linked
    to the Catholic orphanage. Plus the victims of boys town were also black.

    CNN has its own agenda remember when ted turner went to the United Nations and called for the religions to all come together.
    It is in the Megiddo II video.

    Look, People knew about this situation and I think that Eddie Long was being set up for the ecumenical and inclusive agenda.

    There is a programme by American intelligence called the Black Widow, were ministers are profiled and blackmailed. My Man Fritz Springmeier talks about this. Some people will say I am a conspiracy theorist, but there has been a conspiracy of silence.

    But what is going to happen to the people at New Birth? Some will stay but slowly sum will have to realise that too many questions are not answered.

    I am glad to be living in England rather than America, it sound like these churches have just let themselves become pick up joints. I would not let any of my children go to those churches and be away from my site for one minute. we knew about the situation in gospel music, but now this is in the pulpit.

    I think secular people will gain respect for Christianity when they see strong action rather than a cover up.

    But there is too much money involved, this stuff will get settled out of court. There are people who are hoping against hope, and protecting the black church.

    This is what it is, let us try to see what can be learned from this.

  52. Brdavison: “Why would any believers still remain in a church were the truths of the word of God is preached as often as the nutritional value information on the wrapper of a candy bar is read?”

    I mention those who are young and immature in the faith quite often, for these are the ones who are most susceptible to heresy. These are the ones I’m most concerned about. And I’m sure they’re there at NB, being swept along in the tide of near-idol worship.

    There may be believers there who are discerning, yet they remain because they claim that they don’t “feel led” to leave. Pastor Foster mentioned this common jargon earlier. These are the ones that need to take a firm stand on Scripture and yield to the Holy Spirit’s promptings to purge the evil from among them.

  53. Another heretical inclusionist speaks out on Eddie Long (excuse me while i go vomit….)—Dennis Meredith responds:

    GCMW: Wannabereal, I hope you understand but, Dennis Meredith can go and vomit his trash elsewhere. I dont want his gay PR videos on here. Anyone who wants to see it, google.

  54. @wannabereal…the media simply “refuses” to interview a STRONG, rooted and grounded in the word of God Pastor/Teacher/Bishop…this homosexual agenda driven media is something else!!!! Not to worry, the “triumphant church” is standing, without spot or wrinkle!

  55. @ Pastor, understood! (just more of the same delusional rhetoric anyway lol)….

    @Godlysoldier: Oh i wish the media would interview the likes of John MacArthur or Paul Washer lol… THAT would be worth watching.

  56. @Godlysoldier-You’re right the media loves to interview creflo, and price, and olsteen…because I believe the media is controlled by the enemy and He only wants to further confuse the world.

    We will probably never see any big name, sound doctrine preaching men of God on main stream tv (CNN,MSNBC etc..), unless of course they mess up……shaking my head

  57. Ang,

    I was reading your post, and many times folks say there not lead to leave because there comfortable, and not challenged. For the only times there challenged is when the funds appear to be getting low or the pastor’s not getting deifyed appropriately.

  58. Brdavison: “If they claim to be believers and don’t “feel” led to leave to then who is leading them?”
    My reply to Tony answers that question.

    @ Tony, I agree with you. Many times people are simply comfortable, they’ve been there for years, they have “seniority”, people know them; there’s no reason to leave, though they’re distinctly aware of God’s Spirit nudging them to either pick up or go, or confront the hypocrisy and sin that’s before them.

  59. I just watched the video as well. There are more clips available. If I had any doubts before. I have no doubts now.

    Anyone who has been a victim of sexual abuse or has worked with others who have–you can see that Mr. Parris is credible.

  60. CCL, that erased all doubts for me too.

    …Taking showers trying to erase the smell of his colonge off my body…

    Father in heaven.

  61. I just watched the video, too.

    CCL, ditto. I try to be a stickler for concrete evidence. Yet after istening to him and seeing the clouded emotion in his eyes,that’s evidence enough for me.
    I saw no malice nor falsehood, only brokeness.

    Lord heal Your people.

  62. On my way to bible study with an even heavier heart now! May the Lord fully and completely heal these young men…I can’t even imagine…

  63. @Angela, I must say I’m “angrier”…why couldn’t Eddie look directly in the camera like this young man just did and flatly deny these allegations? I believed them from the beginning, even before this 4th victim came forth. May God have mercy on Eddie’s soul for the harm he’s caused to one of God’s little children! Ok, I’m off to bible study now. My Lord!!!

  64. I posted the video in the sidebar.
    My heart is really heavy to hear this. But this is what people needed to hear. I know some will still excoriate him no matter what but his words and the spirit in them is undeniable truth.

  65. I had the same reaction as you all when I first saw the video. There is also another video where they spoke with his best friend. I will post it once i find it..

  66. Pastor, this is just disheartening. I’ve heard a lot of unbiblical teachings, ill doctrine and seen a lot of flesh-boating in the pulpits, but I’ve never come across anyone personally nor learned of anyone who’s as mainstream as Eddie Long (at least in the black Church) who’s been accused of something like this, and for which the evidence is mounting against him.
    It’s one thing to spit out unsound doctrine, as dangerous as that is, but to carry out this kind perversion while bearing the name of Christ in front of the masses? And to manipulate those who are lacking in order to fill them with your foul spirit?
    How can you do this and not fear the LORD? I don’t understand this boldness.

    Forgive me for going on about it.
    It’s one thing to read about the story online and to read other people’s comments and to listen to the attorneys speak their legal jargon, but when you see the pain that this man has caused first-hand, it does something to your spirit, you know.

  67. @TOG, hey brother, some sad circumstances that have us meeting in the virtual world again.

    You know why Eddie hired that investigator. For character assassination of the accusers and to put a fake front of innocence up.

  68. @TOG…to attack these young men character’s as “credible” witnesses.
    I guess ole Eddie just threw “1” of his “5” stones!!! Guess the “offering requests” at Club New Birth will increase dramatically at each service now! Get your checkbooks out New Birth members that will insist on remaining to foot the bill.

  69. The video of the boys just broke my heart and I just feel his pain. I pray for healing for him and the other boys that have been hurt and victimized by this predator. I just don’t understand why it took so long for this predator to be revealed.

  70. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I believed the accusations from day one. Still, this is all quite sad to me; I have no desire to see the man destroyed. I’m actually concerned about Eddie Long’s soul at this point. If he thinks he can just continue to lie and stonewall, then he’s kidding himself. If he takes this lie to the grave, he’ll open his eyes on the other side and find himself facing the wrath of an angry God.

    I applaud Pastor Ted Haggard who, facing a similar situation a few years ago, decided to come clean, step aside, let the chips fall where they may, and just start all over again, trusting God every step of the way.

    I believe Eddie Long should follow the same path. May God grant him the wisdom, the humility, and the courage to do so. As things stand right now, it’s not too late for him do the right thing. May this continue to be in our prayers in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

  71. @Observer-great observation :-)….seeing Long parade around his pulpit basking in the applause of his congregation, and his lack of emotion or clear words of innocence uttered. I’m leaning toward him being guilty as well. He continues to smile and make jokes as if he is oblivious to the fact that he might just lose everything. His reference to not being a perfect man was not needed for we all know that nobody is perfect. But him being perfect is not what’s being questioned. He is playing to many games…..

  72. gcm watch,why tbn scandel was not all over the news like this one? is it because he is white or richer? he is the one spreading this virus in the church through those satalights .He looks so so so gay.

    GCMW: Rainy, lets keep things above the board. Nobody is guilty of anything simply because they look a certain way. Also, take some time and read.

  73. @Observer – My issue with Ted Haggard, is that he is “starting over”. Ted needs to STAY DOWN. He is now a man of bad reputation. An Elder must be a man of good reputation with people both in and outside of the church. That means even the heathens must respect the Elder’s moral fiber and that can’t be said for people like Haggard, Swaggert, Bakker and the like.

    1 Timothy 3:2-7 is a very stiff and rigorous mandate. It’s one thing for someone to be a known sinner before salvation. Of course Paul made no secret of his past persecution of the church. But post conversion and post being in a leadership post, to re-assume leadership makes even the heathen laugh. Fallen Elders should remain in sub-leadership positions at best or the general laity. But not be deacons or Elders again. There’s enough people in the church, that others should be groomed to assume the role instead of trying to put someone with a known bad reputation back in a position of leadership.

    Politicians caught doing similar are given the boot from political leadership better than the church does with its view of fallen church leaders. And that’s a shame.

  74. @RAINY – The TBN scandal didn’t involve grooming boys from their early teens did it? That’s the real clincher, that makes one way more “newsworthy”.

    And Ted Haggard has already been mentioned. He’s white and got plenty of press time.

    No racial bias, it’s just Eddie’s dirt is so filthy that even the heathens cringe.

  75. And so the “smear campaign” begins with Long’s hiring of the high powered private investigator to dig up stuff on these boys….ugh….

  76. Wow! I’m hearing a lot of “It’s gonna be hard to prove it remarks…..” Sounds like we will never know for sure…the boy’s video tells it all….yet Long claims He “is not that man”…..

  77. TOG, I finished watching the video that you just posted. Thanks for posting that; more details always helps. And I must say, in light of listening to all of them, recalling that video in hindsight which showed Long addressing his congregation reveals some serious self-indulgence.

    I’ve read that he’s still going to retain his position while this is going on. I take a lot of what I read online with a grain of salt, but this supposedly came from a spokesperson from New Birth.

  78. @Independent Conservation,yes i understand these where young men and my heart goes out for them,when GOD said WOE be unto the one that cause one of my little ones to stumble.THE LORD is talking about he babes in CHRIST, not little children ! SO paul crouch and the rest of these wolves are rapeing us in the spirit round seduceing the babes in the church.So paul is just as bad as MR.Long if not worst. To much is given, much is required! ALL THOSE SATALIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Why is everyone looking for “proof” sole in the eyes of a state legal system? (Aside from the fact it’s a civil case anyway.)

    Why are Christians not saying much about the biblical standard of 2-3 witnesses? Or did I miss some other biblical standard that should be considered when an Elder of a local church is accused?

    The accuser that spoke with Dale Russell says he tried to first handle this with Long in private. Then the lawyers got involved. There was effort made to address this apart from publicity. And it’s biblical to do things in private first and then make it known that you’ve been wronged. Even when there were just 2 accusers, their attorney said she went to Long’s attornies in private before going public.

    Never mind whatever GA state legal statute exists for whatever.

    From strictly a biblical perspective, what more do the 4 accusers need to do? I find nothing else they need to do at all…

  80. IC, I can not speak for anyone else, but this is how I view it. The number of accusations against people – whether in the Church or outside of it – is too many to count, and in many cases, what came out in the end was the acknowledgment of falsehood. The motives were varied, but the accusations – all of them – were false. And given the narcissism and greed that seems to be permeating both the Church and society as a whole, I initially either question, or remain neutral when it comes to accusations being made against a person – especially sexual accusations because of the seriousness of them. And not only that, but because of the seriousness and rebuke of false witnesses. ( see Proverbs 6:16). Given all that, I’m not so quick to label someone guilty.
    I also understand that many people have either personally known Eddie Long, or are very familiar with his “ministry”. I, for one, am not all that familiar with him, though I’ve seen him on TV a few times and hear his name a lot. So I know very little about his character and his questionable behavior and antics.
    So to want evidence of a charge isn’t a bad thing; in fact, it’s a rational reaction, for both Christians and non-Christians. In addition to that, it helps keep a check & balance of accusations and admonishing.

    Even in saying that though, I do understand where you’re coming from. I do believe that when Long was first confronted with more than one witness in regards to these allegations, it was the responsibility of the elders (and his congregation, if they knew) to apply that biblical standard. Don’t disagree there. Even still, for the sake of public reputation (since these cases are made public), it’s beneficial to have one’s name cleared by means of legal contest.

  81. If I had to guess, I’d expect that this will get settled out of court. Even though most of us might believe the accusations are true, court trials are unpredictable. A jury, for one reason or another, may feel he deserves the guilty verdict a lot folks might expect.

    (Theres a good article on this aspect of it here:

    If, as we keep hearing, there are multiple layers of evidence such as emails, photos, text messages, and multiple eyewitness accounts that can be presented in court, the potential embarrassment may be so huge that Bishop Long may well just settle out of court to cut his losses and put this all behind him. I have a strong feeling his attorneys will suggest that he do just that.

    Long would then say he just settled the case so that the Lord’s work can go forward unhindered. A lot of his hardcore supporters will probably say that “that’s all those boys wanted anyway –some money”; and Bishop can then rebuild his image without having admitted to any wrongdoing.

    I don’t consider this the ideal outcome, but it’s starting to more and more like a strong possibility right now. Of course this wouldn’t be doing Bishop Long much good in the Lord term. It would only encourage him to keep lying about this to his dying day — not good, since he still has to give account to God one day.
    …Not to mention that the 25,000 members of New Birth deserve a pastor who’s clean; and the word “clean” isn’t what comes to mind right now when I think of Eddie Long.

  82. @Angela – Can you cite a case for me that you feel was similar and found to be full of false accusations by as many accusers, even with one that lived in a totally different state?

    With abuse, it’s a matter that is only ever known because Vitim’s speak. There’s usually no video, no audio of the act.

    If this were a politician, I doubt there’d be such a hesitation. With several of them, 1 maybe 2 accusers and their entire career was done. But we have 4 accusers, testimony from Rondy Long via his own blog and he’s Eddie’s own relative, evidence of the most queer looking pictures sent via cell phone and there’s still hesitation. Not from me.

  83. IC, no, I actually can’t cite a case from the top of my head that’s similar to this case, and which in the end, all the accusations were false. What I do know, and this is known by researching archives and all that, is that false witnesses have been exposed in many cases and I always keep that in mind whenever accusations go forth, from whatever source.
    Please understand – when this story first broke, there were two men who made the accusations, not three, and not four. I wasn’t aware that one of them lived out of state (does that make the accusation more legit?) and I certainty wasn’t cognizant of all the details. The details have come out gradually; they didn’t come out all at once. So given what I heard – initially – I remained neutral, and I waited for details. And now that I’ve heard things with my own ears and seen things with my own eyes, I can now say without a doubt that I believe the accusations.
    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that process. And let me say too that I didn’t come out the gate and call these young men liars, nor did I believe that they were (although I hoped they were lies so that yet another scandal wouldn’t tarnish the Church. I recognize now that to even have hoped for that wasn’t a good thing).
    I simply remained neutral.

    But again, I agree with you as far as applying the biblical standard. That’s without question.

    And I definitely, whole-heartedly agree about that ridiculous picture.

  84. People of God: Eddie Long has boxed himself into a moral dilemma.
    First, if he was “that man” that did these acts, he needs to repent and come clean and quit trying to save face with his
    pew members and the media. They are here today and gone tomorrow.
    Second, Eddie Long knows that God knows what happened and God is not to be mocked.
    As long as Eddie Long continues to hedge and hem and haw hoping to buy time, he is “searing” his conscience thinking that by buying time, he is buy redemption and winning in the court of public opinion and which opinion does not count in the courts of God.
    His swagger on Sunday was despicable and was bordering on idolatry by allowing the people to swoon over him. You notice that he did not blunt their “enthusiasm” for himself nor did he categorically repudiate the charges. Very strange from a man who claims he is totally innocent. However, he gave us a preview when he said, that he was not perfect and that means, the investigation will show how he lavished gifts and perks on these boys (and others) and which would lead you to think…for what purpose or endgame?
    The “shower” photos show a “different” Eddie Long than his parishioners realized.
    If his cousin’s testimony is true that EL has been engaged in such nefarious behavior for years amd no one took him seriously (the cousin), then we have issues of a known coverup to protect EL and his image and to keep the money rolling in.
    EL is in a very bad place and especially so if he does not speak truth about these allegations but plays them off and if he is trying to get investigators involved so as to soil the accusers, then EL is going the way of the flesh and fighting this with carnal weapons as opposed to EL relying on God to fight his enemies. Maybe he does not want to rely on God for this fight because EL knows that God does not have his back!
    I would not want to mock God by pretending and preening in the pulpit and yet knowing that my hands are dripping with evil.
    Yikes! That is a scary place to be.

  85. IC, i definately agree. Had it been an average “Joe” from off the street, he would have already been judged in the court of public opinion. Alot of us are really a ‘Respector of Persons’.

  86. Ok, i just viewed the video of him preaching (Cooning). Besides that though, how come nearly other male that they interview, who attends his church, seems to be effeminate? Like the guy that they interviewed at the end. Is ATL that bad? Wow!

  87. @Angela, you’re right that we can’t jump and accept any accusation immediately. I sometimes mistakenly assume the rest of the world is following this as closely as me. I guess I have particular interest because I was a member of that house of horrors for over 7 years.

    You asked:

    I wasn’t aware that one of them lived out of state (does that make the accusation more legit?)

    What’s interesting about accuser #4, is that he never had a close friendship with the other 3 accusers. Eddie brought him into the mix from out of state. While the first 3 all lived in Atlanta, the 4th lived in NC and moved to Atlanta at Eddie’s request and Eddie “put him up” in a house and all. So we have no evidence that accuser #4 had a friendship with the other 3 that would cause him to be involved in a big lie with them. Really, only the first 2 accusers are close friends. So what accuser #4 brings is accusations from a person disconnected from the other 3 accusers. It only bolsters the claims of the accusers, because people who can’t be connected have the exact same story about the same man. Even in cases with multiple accusers, I can’t think of one where another accuser came into it from another state and just happened to have the same testimony.

    @truthofgod, you said:

    Besides that though, how come nearly other male that they interview, who attends his church, seems to be effeminate? Like the guy that they interviewed at the end. Is ATL that bad? Wow!

    Now you know why I NEVER attended any of the “men’s” events that involved travel and staying in hotels with other male members I did not know. I was always afraid I’d be paired up with an effeminate or worse. And I tell you the TRUTH, one year when I didn’t attend a conference out of state (my annual refusal). A friend of mine who was trying to get me to go, afterwards let me meet the dude I would have shared a room with that year because he didn’t have a roommate. And THANK GOD I didn’t go. I’ll leave it at that.

    Yes, Atlanta is like the highest Black homosexual population probably of any city in America. The White ones have San Fran and the Black ones have Atlanta, you didn’t know?

  88. People of God: When EL now states that people are…”messing with
    God’s holy order” and that this is “spritual warfare”, in my humble estimation, EL is digging in for the long fight and he will lose.
    Once you start characterizing your fleshly battles as holy order
    or spiritual warfare as opposed to you submitting to that holy order, you are daring God to move on you.
    EL, if you read this blog, don’t go there! You are aligning yourself with wickedness that wants the flesh to preserve its
    perks and goodies and will fight to preserve the status quo.
    There is no holy order as to that which pertains to these accusations if in fact you were approached and you refused to
    discuss the issues.
    I hope EL does not,due to his pride and not being checked in his excesses for years, besmirch the entire congregation with his foolishness and pompous pride.
    Is there not a prophet in the land that can speak to this madness?
    Where is the Nathan or the Samuel that EL would recognize and respect?
    Yikes! This is becoming a soap opera ad seriam!

  89. That admission from Don Lemon of his sad molestation was stunning. I do agree with the fact that uncorroborated stories make a difference. I agree with the fact that these young people being interviewed were nervous but their devotion is misapplied and mis-prioritized. The Lord and His Word must be honored above all else. The standard of the Word must be honored above all else. It appears that they really thought in their minds about what they were to say in support of their leader. I say again, what about what the Lord feels? Will He ever be honored? Will His Word ever be honored?

  90. Lafe,

    I saw the video of his message last night as well:

    Somebody should tell him that ‘pride’ is not a fruit of the spirit–take them glasses off your forehead, get rid of the rug, get a full sleeve shirt, and cut all that clowning out.

    Whether the allegations are true or not–there should be a certain level of soberness, when you life is on the line.

    Only one thing I found in the video to be interesting…Here, I agree with Eddie–he may have just prophesied the outcome of this case, “Whatever God says about Eddie, that’s what’s going to stand!!” I just hope that he recognizes that there is more truth in this than he knows it, especially if God is saying that it’s time for reaping and judgment.

  91. IC, I’m curious – why did you leave NB? What happened there, if you don’t mind sharing? As I mentioned earlier I don’t know much about Eddie Long except that when I was first saved, I saw him on tv a few times and listened to him. But but that was some years back & I didn’t watch him for long. I never followed his teachings afterwards though I am aware that he endorses that prosperity junk.

  92. @ROGERS…I said the same thing regarding that comment EL stated that “God would have the final say so about Eddie Long”…I only pray that that final statement is not “depart from me, you worker of iniquity…for I NEVER KNEW YOU!”

    Repent Eddied, pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall!

  93. @IC, yeah, i knew that ATL was the eastcoast version of San Fran. But, provided that i’ve never been to ATL, I didn’t realize how bad it really is. Amazing!

  94. tog, trust that sin is everywhere. Every city has its particular vices and principalities. Just because a city has a pronounced homosexual population makes it no worse than another city. i.e. Chicago with high murder rate of black teens. So hopefully we can end this line of commenting cause its distracting and unnecessary. Thanks.

  95. I am blown! What that young man described in that video is too descriptive and his emotions are FAR too raw for that to be made up. You can SEE that he’s hurting. I’m also not one to lean in the court of public opinion, but I think it’s safe to say this had gone beyong people’s opinions and into a realm of the little pieces are adding up. What I can’t comprehend is how anybody can stand behind Eddie Long after his failure to flat out deny the allegations against him. I find the statement “I am not that person” interesting. I almost think he’s WORSE than what they’ve already told. Lord touch those young men and the other ones who are too afraid and or ashamed to come forward about what’s happened to them.

  96. Something some of you may not have already seen.

    A friend of Jamal Parris says in a video interivew, that Jamal told him about the abuse 2 years ago.

    That interview was taken even before Jamal was tracked down by the I-Team in Colorado.

    I also wanted to mention, the whole “spiritual father” and “spiritual son” talk is very sickening.
    Matthew 23:9 (New American Standard Bible)

    9 “Do not call anyone on earth your father; for One is your Father, He who is in heaven.

  97. MR. Parris description of his dealings with Bishop Eddie Long are very disturbing and seem to tell a lot. He describes how he loves his father and feels like he’s a slave to the man he loves. It seems that Mr. Parris was like he was living in “Jamal in Wonderland.” His father showering with gifts, trips, cars, and, every thing he thought he wanted from a father. On top of that he allegedly had sex with him on a regular basis. Now that Bishop Long has cut everything off, reality has set in. He was in wonderland, not real land. Unfortunately, he was sold some wooden nickels. People don’t take interest in you like that without some type of motive. I truly hope that Bishop Long and anyone else who prays on naive people will have their day of reckoning and hopefully repent. I pray that Jamal and other will able to move on with their lives and the healing they need.

  98. Did anyone watch this clip of this News shos interviewing this pastor critical of Long ?

    I remember this pastor guy, Meredith, being featured on GCMWatch last year for his son turning gay changing his theology. Because of his son, he started to preach gay theology and blessing same-sex unions.

    On this news clip, he says that he is a bisexual gay man…how do you go from the pastor with the gay son to being the pastor who is a gay man…”A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump”

    maybe the news show got it wrong, but everybody and they mommma trying to get their five minutes of fame on this Long issue

  99. yep, Meredith was using his son’s homosexuality as a coverup and a slick way to open up the doors of his closet of perversion. And now he talks about it as if it is some badge of honor. That’s just messy and sinful.

  100. I just saw the clip, this is the same maneuver that Bishop Pearson used in light of the scandals surrounding Long, it draws more attention to their heresy, thus bringing out more so called “Christian” homosexuals.

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