In brief: Augusta media, Greensboro forum

The Augusta (GA) Chronicle posted a story today on the  African American church in America and its continuing struggle with homosexuality. Its a great write up which I’m sure is part of renewed media interest in current religious affairs particularly in the wake of the Bishop Eddie Long lawsuits.

Darryl L. Foster was near suicide after leaving the church. He was gay, black and Christian.

“I was left thinking I was going to hell with no other options,” he said. “The gay community is attractive when the church turns its back on you.”

Years later, he went on to found Witness Freedom Ministries in Atlanta, which attempts to lead men and women out of homosexuality.

Foster says the loneliness he suffered in those years was a product of the pervasive denial of homosexuality in black churches.

You can read the complete article here.

greensboro-panelOn Saturday, October 9th —Sex and Sexuality II — a special interest public discussion on homosexuality and the church is being sponsored by Greensboro, NC based Securing Hope Ministries.   The forum will feature remarks and apologetics from both sides of the homosexuality argument including Bishop Donagrant McCluney and Pastor DL Foster.

Go here for more information on all the participating speakers and panelists, location and times.


5 thoughts on “In brief: Augusta media, Greensboro forum

  1. Brother Gary,

    I praise God you have reache dout to a place where you can find help to fight off the “fiery darts of the wicked one.” I know Pastor D.L. will be fowarding some information to you as soon as he is able to do so. In the meantime, I’ll refer you to his website:

    Click on the Articles of Faith tab for starters…by that time Pastor DL will hopefully have fowarded more information to you.
    There is hope for total freedom through Jesus Christ, our Redeemer!

    Grace & Peace!

  2. I just found out tonight that a young man that I had not seen since 1997 had committed suicide 2 years ago because he could not get over his Uncles’ molestation of him when he was younger. He doused himself with gasoline in a car and set himself on fire. I am in shock; this is a horrible thing. My heart bleeds for this young man and his struggle to overcome something that unfortunately he could not. So I say to anyone reading this who has been molested in the past and cannot get over it, it’s time to tell it and don’t keep it locked up inside so you can get some help. I would hate to hear of this happening to someone else. So sad, so very very sad. It’s time to let the secrets out

  3. The Greensboro forum was very interesting. A DVD is being produced and GCM Watch will post excepts from it as soon as it is available.

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