Handwriting on the wall for churches who "discriminate"

CHRISTCHURCH, NZ – The noose around the neck of churches and religious parachurch organizations that do not play along with the demands of the social gods has just tightened again. As reported by the Christchurch, NZ Press,New Zealand has pulled the plug on a Toronto based international ministry that pioneers harvest work to people who struggle to overcome unwanted homosexuality. The reason is not because of financial mismanagement or falsifying documents or any sort of legal impropriety. Their crime: the message that homosexuals can change.

A Christian trust that claims to be able to “cure” homosexuality has been declined charitable status.

The Exodus Ministries Trust Board is affiliated with the United States-based Exodus Global Alliance, which claims “change in homosexuality is possible through the power of Jesus Christ”.

The New Zealand trust appears to keep a low profile, but also claims its members work with churches to counsel and “cure” homosexuals.

Exodus Ministries has had charitable status, exempting it from income tax, for more than a decade but the status was removed by the Charities Commission this month under a regime introduced in 2007.

The commission said the trust was not performing any public benefit because homosexuality was not a mental disorder and did not need curing.

The commission noted that the American Psychological Association said there was little scientific evidence to show that homosexuality could be “cured” and attempts to do so could cause harm.

The trust argued it had a legitimate point of view and provided support to homosexuals during “very difficult times”. It said gay support organisations, such as Rainbow Youth, had been granted charitable status.

The article also mentions (perhaps to suggest there was no discrimination against Exodus Global), that the Charities Commission had rejected some “1406 organisations while another 1224 have been deregistered for being too political, too commercial or not having the required paperwork.”

I served with Exodus Global Alliance for a year as a board advisor and adjunct missionary to help raise up ministry in the Caribbean and some African nations. In them, I found a deeply passionate desire to plant and raise up ministries to affected people who were crying out for help. Like this brother in the Philippines. In many places in the world, the only “help” available to people who struggle with homosexuality are progay organizations whose message suffocates them under a damning message that they cannot change what is “natural”.

The implications of the New Zealand action is already being quietly shopped in America by homosexual political groups and their advocates.  They plan to link discrimination policies to government benefits. What that means is that if you as a church religious organization want  to get or continue receiving the “benefits” of something like 501 C-3 status, you will have to allow homosexuals full access and power sharing in your organization. The gay political movement is driving the perversion of just about every law that has made this country great. In the same way, the gay christian movement is working just as feverishly to pervert every law of God which has made the church a great beacon of hope for the hopeless.

How is it that the government can redesignate and diminish the church of the Living God to a mere “charitable organization” just like a witches coven which gives out free clothes or a atheist group which picks up stray animals?  They can do it because they have convinced churches that mammon is the answer to their “ministry” problems. And the greed of hirelings on their knees for the government goody bag ensures that the true mission of the kingdom of God will be obscured if not outright rejected. Look closely and you will see that 501c-3 “benefits”  system exclude and restrict the preaching the gospel —our PRIME MANDATE— as a viable function of the church!

Mark my words, churches are already being groomed to accept this mark of so called distinction. Many now tout their 501-c3 status as if it is some badge of honor and integrity, when it actuality it is a noose that is gradually tightening around their necks. To get out of it, they will be forced to compromise or repudiate the bible’s core tenet on sexual expression.

The legalization of homosexual marriage will be the catalyst to forcing the issue into the courts and into the arms of prohomosexual “judges”. You already know the outcome of that.

If you are a wise pastor and do not want find your voice, witness and passion to preach the full gospel to this dying world neutered because you want tax breaks, then you will begin weaning yourself off 501 C3 as soon as you read this. You are not a preacher of the state, you are a preacher of the gospel. Any world authority which imposes restrictions on what you can and cannot preach truth, when and when you cannot preach it, where and where you cannot preach, it is a control tool of our enemy satan and the coming antichrist.

Free yourself and get off the government’s plantation. The handwriting is on the wall.


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  1. Wow! I was just discussing this with a sister in Christ last night! I for one look forward to the day when the noose tightens and churches are forced to either chose to be on the Lord’s side or continue to bow down to Caesar! May the true living church of Christ prevail and all hypocrites exposed for their real heart’s intentions of starting a ministry! God will keep His true church alive “without” having to depend on Caesar for survival!

  2. @Godlysoldier-that will be the day when there is no more confusion between the “church” and the “body of Christ”…..

  3. @Godlysoldier – Bless you. Was it not our Saviour who said:

    American King James Version
    “And Jesus answering said to them, Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s. And they marveled at him.”

    Your statement appears enamoured in a conflict that Jesus does not endorse. If tax is Caesar’s, then how are we Scriptually to demand that “Caesar” (the NZ government) bestow a tax exempt status on a religious/political entity?

    Does Exodus Int. lose any of the truth it professes, or any of the “rendering unto God”, simply by paying tax?

  4. ok here we go,time is running out. I told my husband that this homosexual issue was going to be it not the main tool for satan to use against the church

  5. @IRqueer-The true body of Christ is not going to “sell out”. They will not be forced to compromise or repudiate the bible’s core tenet on sexual expression.

  6. Ive already decided that I will be the first Daniel. Windows opening wide right about now…

    The only sellouts will be hirelings.

  7. Thanks for the advice Sir, but I do not consider myself gay nor a homosexual. Never practiced the act itself and hope by the grace of God I will never have to practice it. Thanks anyway for your ministries who educate Christians like me about the dangers of the religious and secular agenda. I do still struggle with unwanted same-sex attractions though and sometimes. I thank God for His mercies and the internet for people like you. May Christ continue to help you always.

  8. If your church is a 501c-3 get rid of it…..now. There is a tax status under the IRS code you can apply for that will allow you full access to your freedom of speech rights behind the pulpit according to man’s law.

  9. People of God: When this “law” hits the USA and makes it way through various legislatures and the Congress, the true Church of the Living God will simply do what it was supposed to do as based on the Book of Acts….live by faith in God and not rely upon the government for their sustenance.
    You do not need a 501c3 to do the work of ministry. You do not need a 501c3 to help orphans and widows and pass out food and to congregate as worshippers.
    God is building and maintaining HIS church…He is not relying upon Uncle Sam to protect the gospel.
    This could be a good thing for the bloated churches in America to wise up and trim their lamps to be ready for the Bridegroom.
    When we get the world out of the church, just maybe, the church can be the church.
    You can be a voluntary unincorporate association and do the works of ministry and preach the gospel without hindrance or any IRS involvement.
    Stripping 501c3 status away from the churches is a blessing, if it takes place in the USA.
    As a lawyer, my advice to anyone attempting to “form” a church: by pass the 501c3 nonsense and pay your taxes on pastor’s salaries and church properties as anyone else and you are not bound by any IRS regulations or the fear of some entity threatening to take away your 501c3 status if you step on someone’s toes.
    Contend for the faith!

  10. “This could be a good thing for the bloated churches in America to wise up and trim their lamps to be ready for the Bridegroom.”

    Now thats a message right there Lafe!

  11. @Lafe, AMEN! Guarantee you’d see less “mega” structures IF property taxes had to be paid on these structures…just sayin…

  12. Let me caution lest we think this only affects mega churches. In fact, I think it probably affects them little since most that Im aware of have low performance marks on teaching sound doctrine.
    I fully expect them to simply compromise and follow the money since in essence thats what they are doing already.

    This really is to make ministries who hold fast to sound doctrine to be aware of what is coming and why they need to not get entangled with the system. It says benefits but it is a curse.

    If a ministry is involved in 501c3 and similar government programs which offer money in return for silence, it will not save you if you compromise the Word of the Lord.

  13. @Pastor Foster, point taken…I just strayed a bit from the topic on what Lafe had written in that churches should pay taxes on their buildings and Pastor’s on their salaries. You’d see a lot less buildings and probably more folks gathering in saint’s homes…
    Otherwise, I’m like you in that most of the current “megas” (as well as some minute ministries)have already compromised for caesars goodies. ;o~

  14. I am encouraged to read this. In June I did a a post on this very subject. (please forgive me, I pretty much never link to my blog in comments. But I have to say that I held the article to which I have linked back for a year after I wrote it, uncertain of the wisdom of my points. This post affirms what I too have been seeing) I too have asserted that homosexual marriage is not about homosexual marriage but rather about a judicial decree that declares homosexuality a normal and natural behavior. Decree in hand, the real target, the Church, will find itself, as you have well said, within the grasp of the government. At this point the Church will have effectively been removed from under the protected umbrella of the first amendment, and the trophy of turning the establishment clause completely on its head will have been obtained. Sad is the extent to which the Church has assisted in this through the tax “benefit.

    Telling also, I think, is the fact that Islam, and its mosques and “cultural” centers, though their rejection of homosexuality is exceedingly vitriolic, and even violent, will be given a pass.

  15. Dan thanks so much for this. I couldnt agree with you more. Homosexual marriage is but a tool to disenfranchise the church’s voice and witness. You also noted something quite glaring on the socio-political scene today. Islams kills and murders homosexuals, yet they are strangely given a pass by the liberals pols and religionistas. Yet their condemnation of the biblical perspective knows no bounds. Satan is seeking to replace the voice of the church with islam which he will then rain violence on the very ones who gave them a pass.

  16. Very timely article Pastor Foster. And while my church is outside of the USA, I had to express concerns to my Pastor regarding a proposal for an outreach programme that would be funded by the government. I will be emailing your post to her.

    As for Islam, it will be treated differently, after all,how do you really hurt someone who is prepared to literally die for his beliefs? Take away his tax breaks?

    Plus, Islam has friends in high places at Vatican City, something the true church of Jesus Christ will never have – and thanks be to God – will never need.



  18. I could never say that one religion is wrong. I could never say that this person’s God is wrong, I could never say that someone is wrong because they don’t believe in God.

  19. Schwuler, not sure this website is for you. We are committed, Bible believing Christians. We welcome a good exchange of ideas, when based on The Scripture, not opinion. There is One God. One faith. One baptism. One who died for all. By default, for true Christians (like most ppl on this page) Christ is the Only Way. To believe otherwise is to embrace death. If you disagree, I fear you’ll find this webpage not to your liking.

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