Witness Ministries releases New Birth video excerpts

ATLANTA – Today, Witness Freedom Ministries released  exclusive video excerpts from a one day seminar on homosexuality held at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, pastored by Bishop Eddie Long.

The July 2006 seminar was entitled “Sexual Orientation and Reorientation: A View from the Cross” and also featured talks by other African American men and women who had experienced freedom from homosexuality.

Pastor DL Foster, ministry founder said, “Despite the recent revelations of what Bishop Long has or has not done, he opened the doors and allowed us to have this seminar at New Birth and for that we give thanks to God. It is my sincere hope that the message of truth, deliverance and freedom enshrined in God’s word will outshine any lie and undo any attempt by any person to restrict men and women from being free in Jesus Christ.”


The vision and mission of Witness Freedom Ministries is to lead men and women out of homosexuality and into holiness as a worldwide witness of the radical, saving power of Jesus Christ.

If you are interested in an interview with Rev. DL Foster, please contact us (email). If you are a journalist within 24 hours of a deadline, please indicate that and your email will be returned promptly. Media inquiries only: Pastor DL Foster at (404) 326-1414.


18 thoughts on “Witness Ministries releases New Birth video excerpts

  1. Thanks Pastor Foster, I really need to hear this. Although only my immediate family and some close friends know that I am struggling with SSA, I am afraid people may find out. What’s worse is the world keeps telling me to come out but I do not want to. It is appealing to tell you the truth especially since its the fad nowadays. The media keeps putting it in my head. I am so tired actually.

  2. First i would like to say thank you for this site. I have a question . Didn’t i read on here somewhere that TD Jakes is Eddie Longs spiritual father? If so why isn’t it mentioned on the news?

    GCMW: He has stated that in the past. The secular news may not see that as significant.

  3. What a beautiful Message…It is a needed message for us all…Please keep in your archives…Great Sermon!!..God Bless you Pastor!!!!…A Must hear for my children..

  4. Great presentation. The Body of Christ and the African American Congregations need to take heed of this and be a place of refuge and not condemnation.

  5. @ jysuper, good point. The Body of Christ and the African American Congregations can’t pick and choose the harvest that comes into the four walls of the church building. We must be equipped to minister to all people that come to Christ. Most churches have a deficiency when comes to ministering to people with an alternative lifestyle. Pastor Foster is being used by the Lord equipping the saints to minister.

  6. Greetings to all.

    Since “the Bishop Long scandal” began to unfold, I do believe I read / saw in the secular media mention of the reorientation event held at New Birth in 2006; of course, said secular media source(s) characterized the event dismissively.

    However, this is the first time I’ve seen video from that 2006 event here on this site. Maybe I missed it before now.

    Is Pastor Foster’s powerful witness and testimony at the 2006 reorientation event now tainted by the fact that was held at New Birth?

  7. Akilah, this video is indeed the one many secular media sources dismissively refer to as one to “cure homosexuals”.
    Nothing could be further from the truth. Of course, they had never seen it until I released it a few days ago.

    They (media and gay blogs) do not want to give GCM Watch credit, but the fact that the seminar was even held at NB was previously unknown until we mentioned it in this post. It demonstrates their attempts to diminish and disdain the work we do to help people who do not want to live as homosexuals.

    So this isnt tainted at all. In fact, if you watch the videos you will see that truth is articulated no matter what the venue and we did not with hold it, neither did New Birth or Bishop Long attempt to restrict what we said.

    Thanks for your question.

  8. Elder,

    This was fantastic. Remember what I said about the witness. You were one, there had to at least be one more sent directly to this ministry before we see what’s currently happening.

    I told you, that’s the power of the witness and everything is established with and by one…everything.

  9. Tough question for you GCMWatch: Do you not feel in light of some of the once masked but now revealed allegations against EL. That your call to helps in the this venue may have helped lead struggling men to this ministry where a alleged predator may have lurked? Do you feel concern over this? Just asking questions.

  10. Michael, thanks but its not a tough question.

    The answer to your question is no. My speaking at New Birth wasnt to lead anyone to EL or a church, it was to lead them to Christ. At the time I couldnt personally vouch for EL or NB with any degree of accuracy, but I had and still do have 100 percent assurance that Christ will never molest, lie to, manipulate or take advantage of anyone who comes to him.

    Venue aside, the message remained true to the gospel. I would preach the same message in any venue, whether I knew or did not know the activities of the leader.

    And from what has been revealed there is no connection between myself, my appearance there and the young men who filed the lawsuits.

    I hope that answers what you are asking.

  11. Got home and my husband FINALLY had the computer fixed. I was just now able to view this video (and other’s) as I’m not able to view them from work.

    This was excellent Pastor Foster. Like Pastor Burnett said, I truly believe that it was by God’s grace, love and will that you brought this word to this “house” to deal with that spirit that I believe was/is running amok in that ministry. You were indeed a mouthpiece used by God to show folks the way to be delivered from that lifestyle…should they take heed.

    I hope you don’t mind, I posted this on my FB page.
    Bless you Pastor Foster, and may God continue to strengthen you, and all us saints for the battle of good vs. evil that we are “currently” enlisted in (whether voluntarily or involuntarily).

    I pray by the grace of God to remain a Soldier in The Lord’s army, for victory is guaranteed! GN!

  12. Great Word Pastor Foster! I found it a bit funny when you mentioned the pastors who are not able to help their members because of the sexual sins in their lives……

  13. Thank you brdavision. With all that has been revealed about EL thus far, was it just one warning from the Lord to get it right?

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