Bishop Blake gives progay extremist a platform at Holy Convocation

ST LOUIS – Here we are. Again. One has to question the wisdom of the Church of God in Christ’s leadership decisions. Each year it seems they include more and more anti-holiness speakers to “educate” the saints. This year, its the Rev. Al Sharpton, one of black America’s most outspoken prohomosexual activists on the scene today.
Sharpton has been more of an advocate for homosexual rights than some homosexuals.  Here’s his record:
Employment Non-Discrimination: Sharpton supports the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.
Gender Identity Employment: Sharpton supports a federal bill that would outlaw workplace discrimination based on gender identity and expression [that’s men who pretend to be women and vice versa].
Hate Crimes: Sharpton supports the inclusion of sexual orientation and gender identity in the Federal Hate Crimes Law. Current law includes race, religion and national orientation.
Same-Sex Marriage: Sharpton supports recognition for same-sex marriage.
Family Medical Leave: Sharpton supports extending the Family Medical Leave Act to same-sex couples. Sharpton supports the Permanent Partners Immigration Act (H.R. 832) which would allow American citizens to sponsor their same-sex partners for immigration into the country.
Gay and Lesbian Adoption: Sharpton believes in giving gays and lesbians the same rights to adopt children as heterosexuals.
Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: Sharpton supports a repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, which would allow gay and lesbian soldiers to serve openly in the military.
Sharpton Comments:
On Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: “The military code of conduct should allow military people to live openly in the ‘truth’ rather than live silently or covertly a ‘lie’. On Same-Sex Marriage: “I believe in equal human rights, before the law, for all human beings, and race, gender, disability, class or sexual orientation should not be a factor under the law. Even though we live under the law in a secular democratic society, religious groups must still be able to maintain their spiritual and moral option to either give or withhold a religious or sacred blessing to such unions. However, the government should not have that option. It must affirm the human and legal rights of everyone.” On Gender Identity and Employment: “No American should be discriminated against on the job because of their gender identity or expression.”

You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours?
This is strangely reminiscent of Bishop Blake’s 2003 homosexual debacle where he invited Rev. Peter Gomes, a Harvard homosexual activist to West Angeles to “preach”. A former leader at West Angeles sent us the letter after Bishop Blake attempted to silence all those who opposed Gomes appearance. Read it here. Blake invited Gomes to West Angeles as payback for Gomes’ hand in getting him a prestigious award. When members of the church found out, an uproar ensued and Blake issued a letter saying he had no idea of Gomes identity even though he spent considerable time with him at his home. Strangely, he defended Gomes by saying that “75” people got “saved” after he “preached”.

April 15th 2009, arch-hypocrite Al Sharpton decided to give  Bishop Blake another humanitarian award. It was the National Action Network’s  Keepers Of The Dream Award.  One COGIC leader issued a challenge to Sharpton to address victims rights on COGIC clergy sexual abuse cases, but to no avail. Sharpton was in praise mode and needed to get onto the stage at the Holy Convocation. As expected, in return for the effusive praise and awards he showered on Bishop Blake, it appears Rev. Sharpton  got just what he wanted.  As adamant as he is about not supporting homosexuality, he continues not only to support it, but to expose the people of COGIC to homosexual activists who make no secret of their agenda.

Its sad that we have to go into this again. After GCM Watch’s expose of Bishop Blake’s shameful involvement in the UDIHR, the Presiding Bishop used his bully pulpit at the denomination’s 2009 spring Call Meeting in Memphis to defend his actions to the COGIC faithful. In it, he compares the UDIUHR to the Bible. Watch the video of his remarks.

“I am a bible believing holiness preacher. I have always been and will always be a loyal supporter of the doctrines of the COGIC. Of course, I  oppose gay marriage. Of course, I oppose the adoption of children by gay couples. Of course, I oppose abortion. Of course, I oppose embryonic stem cell research and treatment. Of course, I do not approve of the practice of homosexuality. The bible teaches holiness and righteousness and I believe it with all my heart. But I also believe the bible teaches justice and peace. I believe the bible teaches compassion for the weak, the poor and the defenseless.”

Would that include the weak and defenseless victims of COGIC clergy sexual abuse? To deflect from his own leadership failures, he attacks GCM Watch and Pastor Foster (although he wouldnt call the names):

“Some individuals are so insecure, they feel that they cannot reach their goals by the power of their skills, their effectiveness and their relationship with God. Some individuals feel that they must assassinate the character and blemish the relationship of others if they themselves are ever to succeed. Some individuals, rather than projecting what they have accomplished and what they have to offer, focus on defaming and criticising even the good that others strive to do.”

Its interesting that he doesn’t accuse GCM Watch of lying. Bishop Blake seems to be upset by our telling the truth about his actions which dishonor the work and life of the Founder and dishonor the Word of the Lord. To be clear about “defaming, assassinating and criticizing” let’s just review:

I wont list them all, but look here, here and here to see what Bishop Blake was so upset about. Bishop Blake says “of course I oppose gay marriage.”  But then, he endorsed Karen Bass whose #1 political goal is gay marriage. Evidence right here.

Along with Bishop Blake’s endorsement, the nation’s largest homosexual political group said Bass was with homosexual rights 100%.

“As a member of the California Assembly, Bass had an impeccable record on equality issues, including her votes for [gay]marriage equality and for a resolution opposing the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy; Bass also worked to defeat Proposition 8.  The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community has a staunch ally in Karen Bass.”

Bishop Blake tells COGIC that he is against gay marriage, gay adoptions, homosexuality but then invites a man who is for gay marriage, for gay adoptions and for homosexuality into a place of honor among the saints.  It defies logic as well as biblical leadership ethics.

Contrary to what Bishop Blake’s pulpit speeches suggest, GCM Watch has not defamed him nor “assassinated his character”. We have only documented his public actions and words. Such things continue to mislead the saints  despite the preponderance of clear evidence we’ve presented.

And now, here we are again.  It would be good if the bishop was like the king.  The spiritual well being of the sheep are at stake. The question remains, does he really care?


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  1. This has got a lot of supporting links (documentation) and I encourage readers to check them out prior to making comments that question the information.

  2. My question is–why is Al Sharpton given a platform by anyone? It sickens me to see when even Fox News will have him on seeking his “insights.”
    I say this in light of Sharpton’s history which you can read if you look on Wikipedia. I quickly add that this is one time Wikipedia provides an accurate history. In the early ’80’s 60 Minutes played FBI surveillance of him trying to score cocaine. He got off by ratting on some lower tier mafia guys. Remember Tawana Brawley whom he made a civil rights cause out of even though he was aware that her story was false? Have we forgotten how he instigated the music store riot in Harlem that led to several people being killed?
    Are the American people really that ignorant that they will listen to this fraud?

  3. Dave, I might could understand when a secular news org has him on. I mean he bullies his way into the news and some are scared NOT to have him on. This man built his media career on being a fraud. But after all that you just mentioned, plus all that I cited, plus all that wasnt said but is known why would COGIC leadership approve his primetime appearance? I wonder who they will have next, Lady Gaga?

  4. If he’s a true Christian, he’ll have to answer to God for his misleadings. Those who believe in One God and One Savior, Jesus Christ must be consistent in our speaking on controversal issues. Sin is an abomination to God, period. We who are born-again can’t dilute the sacred word of God to please mankind. As Paul wrote to the Phillipian Church that he’s fully persuaded in whom he believes. We must also be fully persuaded and refuse to compromise the Truth. I was deliever from sin and homosexuality was taken from me which makes the word of God true, “if we confess our sins, He [Jesus Christ] will cleanse us of all unrighteousness.” Praise God. “If I give you an opinion, I rob you of the Truth.”

  5. People of God: What level of discernment does Bishop Blake have that he would give Rev. Sharpton any exposure in a church? It is bad enough that Blake is not firm against what Sharpton has done or stood for and much less allowing him to speak!
    If a man is judged by the company he keeps, Blake is not doing himself any favors by being seen with Sharpton and much less
    endorsing his nonsense.
    Sharpton is a media groupie…he loves being where the cameras are and has anyone, correct me if I am wrong, seen or heard Sharpton at any of his public appearances, lift up the name of Jesus for the repentance of sin and a faith in God?
    He wears the title of Reverend (no such title in the Bible) as if it is some magic talisman to gain entry into political and economic and religious circles.
    He has still yet to apologize to the maligned police officers in the Tawana Brawley fiasco of which he made a complete fool of himself with his presumptions and baseless accusations.
    For a “man of the cloth” you would think he would be the first to offer apologies.
    Now, with Bishop Blake, Sharpton has another entree in which he can feather himself and promote himself as being someone important and powerful…and he is neither.
    The media runs to him because they knew he is good for a sharp barb or two and yet when asked for quotes or comments, Sharpton never brings up anything about Jesus or salvation or sin…it all all about Sharpton.
    Why would Blake align himself with such a self-indulged person?
    This friendship with the world has really gotten out of hand.
    Why can not the Bishop simply dis-engage himself from such media sharks as Sharpton?
    Sharpton benefits no one but himself and his speaking fees account. If he were to start speaking about Jesus and sin and redemption, the secular media, who butters his bread, would drop him like a hot iron.

  6. @gcmwatch-If Lady Gaga is next I’m so gone lol

    But that is a good question…If you are going to have Mormon loving gay rights activist Sharpton whose only desire is to be loved by the masses, why not have Lady Gaga or Carlton Pearson for that matter. Both are the embodiment of everything COGIC use to stand against!!

    @Lafe-You are exactly correct what kind of “Real Jesus Believing Christian” would dare allow this man a place to speak? I mean the man is nothing more than a self absorbed malcontent who, just like you said, is always where the camera’s are.

    No other denomination has given an ear to this man yet we let him into our HOLY CONVOCATION!!! You might as well take “holy” off and insert the word “worldly”…..

  7. Well I guess he just didnt know all this about Rev. Sharpton. Just like he didnt know about Peter Gomes. Just like he wasnt aware of the UDIHR document. Wow, who is advising this man??
    And then again back scratching has to work both ways to be effective. Just curious as to why Blake would trade awards for the well being of the saints?

  8. gcmwatch (author) said:
    Well I guess he just didnt know all this about Rev. Sharpton. Just like he didnt know about Peter Gomes. Just like he wasnt aware of the UDIHR document. Wow, who is advising this man??
    And then again back scratching has to work both ways to be effective. Just curious as to WHY BLAKE WOULD TRADE AWARDS FOR THE WELL BEING OF THE SAINTS?

    # 14 October 2010 at 3:50 pm

    ANSWER: Let me take an educated guess – Could it possibly be because he cares nothing about the “well being of the saints?” The handwriting is on the wall, folks.

  9. @GcmwAtch-that I didn’t know bit only works once….I tried it with my dad back in the day, it kept me from a whopping one time….but the next time I tried it, I got that whooping I should have received the first time. lol

  10. Al sharpton is not only a strong supporter of gay rights he is also a freemason along with jesse jackson. Is bishop blake part of a lodge?

  11. While I do not agree with our Presiding Bishop in his selection of Reverend Sharpton as a speaker at our International Holy Convocation, it would seem that he is only following in the footsteps of all of his predecessor Chief Apostles – Bishops C. H. Mason, O. T. Jones, Sr., J. O. Patterson, Louis H. Ford, Chandler Owens and G. E. Patterson. All of whom invited local, state and national political figures and civic leaders (mayors, governors, US congressmen, US presidents, presidential candidates, civil rights leaders and activists, heads of national Black organizations, college presidents and educators, etc.) to address the Saints in assembly during the International Holy Convocation over the which they each presided. None of those political personalities whom they each invited, and who stood behind the pulpit to address the Saints, held, affirmed nor espoused moral or biblical perspectives that in any way mirrored what our denomination, the Church of God in Christ, officially preaches and practices. Nor were they expected to.

    Whether it was Congressman Adam Clayton Powell, Dr. Mary McCleod Bethune, Dr. Dorothy Height, Dr. Benjamin Hooks, Congressman Kweisi Mfume, President Bill Clinton or Senator Barrack Obama – none of them professed holiness or even gave credence to the biblical standard of salvation from sin and sanctification from the world which we maintain. Quite the contrary, they all espoused beliefs or lifestyles, which in some way was, and remains, in direct contradiction to the Word of God and the teachings of our church.

    The overwhelming majority of those in attendance at the convocation are clear that those who come into our midst in a civic capacity to address us as political or community leaders are there to do just that – talk about our civic responsibilities as one of the largest reformations of Christ’s Church in this nation, and to address us regarding issues affecting our civil rights or our political empowerment. We who are truly saved and redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb, and called unto holiness are not without discernment, and we know that there is nothing of a spiritual nature that the unregenerated, unwashed, purveyors of this world’s system, such as a Bill Clinton, a Barrack Obama or an Al Sharpton can impart unto us.

    They are invited simply as political icons, seen as leaders sympathetic to the plight of African Americans and our struggle, out of courtesy to their office or personal influence even though they do not believe what we teach, nor live their own lives according to the tenets of our faith. We have always had the unsaved political leaders of the day coming to address us and to pay homage to the Bishop who serves as the Chief Apostle of our world body at any given time. When I was a small boy it would occur during a designated period of the convocation called “Civic Day” or at some point during the convocation called “Civic Hour”. This is nothing new and has been a standing tradition of our national gatherings since the very inception of our church.

    The attendance and participation of an Al Sharpton as a political figure at our Holy Convocation in no way diminishes the potency of the anointing and power of God that will be present to meet the needs of those who come looking in faith to the King of Kings, who’s will rules over all in the midst of His people. Jesus healed the sick and cast out devils in synagogues FILLED with Pharisees and unbelievers. Those who reached out to Him in faith expecting to receive were in no wise obstructed by the presence of the perverted or profane. Satan has always shown himself among the gathering of the sons of God, and he always will, but the Blood of Christ rebukes him and breaks his stronghold over any assembly of God’s true Saints. I’m not worried about the politician Al Sharpton attending the convocation, because JESUS will be there.

  12. Supt Duncan thanks for your views and your denominational apologetics are to be expected. Its sad that you seem to carry on the tradition to diminish, deflect and minimize any legitimate criticism of COGIC leadership.

    Nonetheless, lets review several points you raised in the context of Sharpton’s invite being business as usual for COGIC. And I might add that was the same delayed defense given for the UDIHR fiasco. Business as usual. That’s just how we do it. Yawn. No disrespect, but it sounds like frog in the water type of ideology.

    1. The current presiding bishop is just following tradition of his predecessors. Is it possible his predecessors could have been equally wrong for inviting such people in despite the public views they held? I will say Im not aware of anything so devious that stands out. I think that by attempting to leverage the issue with an “we’ve always done this” type of argument you also reveals a streak of hypocrisy. When will “civic leaders” other than liberal Democrats be invited to address the “civic concerns” of the saints? Democrats the only ones qualified? If one’s beliefs do not factor in criteria to gain access to the HC platform, then I submit it is an issue of irresponsible nondiscernment. Are you NOT aware of the gay agenda? And honestly its terribly immature to say that the “majority” of people at the HC are aware of Sharpton’s putrid advocacy of homosexual rights. If you’d like to test that, announce to the people his above stated positions before he speaks and note the reaction.

    2. Al Sharpton is no political figure. He’s never held a political office. He is a political/social con man with a penchant for exploitation. Is that what he will be addressing? Its disengenuous to pontificate a belief and then espouse and elevate those who actively oppose that belief. Perhaps you see no wrong with that because you are part of a system which doesn’t value the people’s voice even if they could object.

    3. None of the individuals cited by you in the capacity they operate espoused with any vigor a belief as spiritually, morally, socially and physically devastating as homosexuality. If so, please make us aware. In that regard Al Sharpton is in a class by himself. And strangely, you refer to Sharpton as if you’ve got him trained like a good puppy. Let’s hope youre right, that he wont get up and spout off all kinds of illicit statements like he does elsewhere on a regular basis. Curious though, if he does would Bishop Blake stop him or censure him?

    As to your Christ analogies, Satan wasnt an invited guest —with pay— so your theology is misguided. If this is what you are referring to, COGIC may be a doomed organization. Its leaders dismiss everything with misapplied bible verses and then continue on with business as usual. It only takes a little leaven to leaven the entire lump, Supt. And according to you the leaven has been present for decades at the least. Are you sure you know how long will it be before the the leaven has overtaken all? Perhaps its time to stop the business as usual, check the spiritual pulse of the church’s leadership and see whether or not Jesus has exited long ago leaving only a form of godliness.

    Here’s something you need to review.

  13. There are so many things wrong with this.
    “Bishop”Td *no comment* jakes is invited to this cirus.
    “Pastor” Donny getting back on stage with the homosexuals *again* to praise and worship. Wasn’t he delivered??
    Now the only thing missing is a cussing madea perry performance.

  14. @Supt. Larry Duncan-Do you not understand that WE are to be separate from this world and be Holy as our God is Holy? “For I am the LORD your God: ye shall therefore sanctify yourselves, and ye shall be holy; for I am holy:” Leviticus 11:44 You know what the word sanctify means? Here you go:”to separate from things profane and dedicate to God, to consecrate and so render safe from being corrupted.” I think giving a gay rights activist any platform on which to speak is definitely not separating ourselves.

    Do you not understand that even the Mormons (who don’t even believe in the Jesus of the Bible) have enough discernment to take a stand against homosexuality? Which our leader has not done.

    The reason the synagogues were filled with Pharisees and unbelievers? The pharisees ran the synagogues, they were in charge of the temple and they were the religious leaders of their day. Of course they would be in the synagogue.

    Technically speaking your term of unbelievers is un-biblical and incorrect. Do you mean unbelievers in God or Jesus? Jesus had not been crucified, buried, or resurrected from the dead. So there was nothing else to believe in. Every one of the Jews believed in God. Before Jesus died he preached Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

    Now yes they did reject Jesus as God. Which of course the bible prophesied they would. But technically there wasn’t yet a salvation to be given. These people were still under the law, so again of course these people would have been in the synagogue. What does that have to do with Al Sharpton being in the convocation?

    You say you don’t agree, yet your post is full of little emotional stories of the old COGIC leaders giving time for Political Leaders to speak. Civic day would mean they would be discussing issues of the political matter right? But this advertisement did not say that. It said Al Sharpton was a guest speaker among others like Bishop Noel Jones and the False Prophet and liar T. D. Jakes.

    What do you have to say about Jakes being there? Probably nothing as well. What is this anointing you speak about? You speak as if it will only be at the COGIC Convocation. For the bible declares that we are God’s anointed. We being those who have received Jesus as Lord and Savior. “Now it is God who makes both us and you stand firm in Christ. He anointed us, set his seal of ownership on us, and put his Spirit in our hearts as a deposit, guaranteeing what is to come.” 2 Corinthians 1:21-22

    The Spirit of God lives inside all the believers so why must they come there to have the power of God meet there needs?

  15. I sometime wonder some of the decisions made out of carnality by some of these big black organizations. Works of the flesh to choose a farce of a reverend at a holy convocation. The urge to press for someone in the limelight. The feel to have to top who spoke on last year and the year before. The press to not disappoint the crowd. The comradery of the board to at times show clout by even being political. No wonder the lack of care for a man who condones homosexuality.

    This article fits well when bringing awareness to the gay Christian movement. Though one may think this is a reach with Rev, Al, I think this is deep exposure of the Church of God in Christ. The decision to allow Rev. Al to speak at the “holy” convocation is a by-product of the dysfunction embedded in that body. No surprise. Inclusion is subtle.

  16. Rob, good observation. The speakers are all scandal ridden. Cant COGIC leaders find anybody within their ranks who can preach truth without all the messy mess trailing behind them. I cant imagine paying the money it takes to attend that meeting only to hear people like Sharpton, Jakes and Jones prance and preen as if they have just arrived back from heaven’s gates. I know there are plenty of God fearing, truth preaching preachers in COGIC. But maybe preaching truth isnt the goal. As you said maybe its about fame, limelight, profile of the itching ear and famous celebrity preacher crowd. What an insult and personally I am sick of their compromised garbage inclusion messages.

    And thanks….faux reverend Sharpton.

  17. brdavision, thanks for those points. Its problematic to start slinging around scripture to justify any of this. As you pointed out, Supt Duncan may not have thought through his use of the Jesus-pharisee analogy. The best thing to do is just deal with the facts in earnest.
    I suppose Supt Duncan however was staying focused. But there is much more in the article than Al Sharpton. But I see he simply skipped comment on all that.

  18. Holy Convocation? Really? Something is definitely wrong in COGIC but many can’t see it, it’s just business as usual.I am a member of COGIC because this is where the Lord placed me for the time being but I refuse to compromise God’s standard of truth, righteousness, and holiness so I guess I’ll be run off if I don’t line up.GOD help us in the name of JESUS CHRIST.

  19. @gcmwatch-they all do that, they defend the leaders no matter what is going on. Just like in all the sex scandal cases the so called “anointed” leaders come first before anybody, even before those victims they have hurt.

    They seem to live in this different world where everything is “all good”. Really if you think about it they are just acting like real sheep, oblivious to anything else in the world. I believe the word is ignorant….

    Now Supt. Larry Duncan says he doesn’t support his leaders decision to bring in Al Sharpton but then follows leadership nonetheless. Does he not support the move because of the foolishness that comes out of the mouth of Sharpton, or just because he isn’t COGIC?

    @Supt. Duncan do you even care about the people of God? Or has your pursuit of favor and credibility with the higher ups of COGIC completely blinded you so, that you can’t see things for what they really are?

    These are questions inquiring minds would like to know…..

  20. Wasn’t Al Sharpton raised COGIC? Didn’t he become a Baptist when he was in the public eye? How in a biblical sense is Al Sharpton a minister any longer? He claims James Brown was his godfather and mentor. In the WORD? As far as I am concerned and many others also; he is an unauthorized and viable minister. He is now in the league of a jack leg preacher. (Self called and appointed) I can remember the day when if you were not a professing believer (in good standing) you could only speak from the floor by way of a prayer request or testimony. Today our pulpits are open to all who claim a relevant message for the church; no matter how they live, their politics, etc.

    The day will come when saved folk will recognize that just because you have a large church with multiple ministires and some celebrity it doesn’t mean you speak as a representative of Jesus Christ. I was sad the day Bishop Blake was elected. IMO he lacks real discernment. So Bishop Blake opens the people to this variant voice of the Black populace, huh? Blind Guide that he is.
    “And ye shall have an Holy Convocation”.

  21. I for one support all the things Reverend Sharpton fights for. He is also a strong supporter of Blacks voting, quality education, safe and affordable housing, and government transparency, not to mention civil rights. Next thing you know you’re gonna be criticizing Coretta Scott King. These are people who fight hard so that someone else doesn’t have to later down the road. Does it bother anyone on this site that some of your positions against civil rights are supported by the Ku Klux Klan? Wake up people! Thank you Reverend Sharpton as I hope to one day marry my boyfriend and it’s because of people like the good Rev. Sharpton that I can!!! God bless him.

  22. @Will-Yeah Sharpton supports those things, but without a political office, which he has never held, he is about as effective as my 16 month old daugther is against me in basketball.

    Civil rights are those rights which are expressly enumerated by the U.S. Constitution and are considered to be unquestionable; deserved by all people under all circumstances, especially without regard to race, creed, color, gender and disabilities. “I don’t see sexual preference in there anywhere…..”

    I know sexual orientation was added in later…..and that’s a testament to the rapidly declining morality level of America…which was founded on godly principles.

    Pastor Foster said:. “Al Sharpton is no political figure. He’s never held a political office. He is a political/social con man with a penchant for exploitation.”

    So there goes all your hope in this man….

    Will, Homosexuality is a sin and if you don’t receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and turn from that sin you will experience eternal damnation…Pastor Foster has many wonderful articles on this site that would really be a great help to you and He will go above and beyond to help you as well….I’m speaking truth in love bro….

  23. Rev. Al is far from being holy. And he is speaking at a COGOC Holy Convocation. This guy is not only a strong supporter of gay rights.

    He is also a freemason(Prince Hall Freemason):

    Sharpton is CINO(Christian In Name Only). Here is John Ankerberg teaching on freemasonary:

    @Will. Question for you. If Sharpton is so much for Black people why isn’t up in arms of the number of black babies being aborted? Is Sharpton a Christian in the Biblical sense of the word? What has Sharpton done to further the Kingdom of Heaven? Can he be a true Christian and a Freemason at the same time?

    If had a chance to ask Bishop Blake a question why he would have Rev. Sharpton at COGIC Holy Convocation it would be from 2 Chronicles 19:2, Bishop Blake shouldest thou help the ungodly, and love them that hate the Lord? Might as well invited Carlton Pearson, least you know what your getting. Are the waters being tested for ecumencial/inclusion doctrine to be slipped into the people? Sharpton is very much of a ecumencial/inclusionist or in simple terms pantheism/Babylonian Mystery Religion.

  24. One of the criticism that was hurled at Bishop Chandler Owens when he was the presiding bishop was his invitation of Don King to the address the holy convocation. Bishop Blake along with others spoke out against it and thought it was belittling the COGIC to invite someone of Don King reputation to address the saints of the most high. I find his invitation of Al Sharpton so hypocritical. It is amazing how some ministers before they become pastors will preach against tithing until they become a pastor and need money to survive… In this case of the criticism being hurled at Bishop Blake he deserves it, what he sowed when Bishop Owens was bishop he is reaping the same….

  25. Will said:

    I for one support all the things Reverend Sharpton fights for. He is also a strong supporter of Blacks voting, quality education, safe and affordable housing, and government transparency, not to mention civil rights. Next thing you know you’re gonna be criticizing Coretta Scott King. These are people who fight hard so that someone else doesn’t have to later down the road. Does it bother anyone on this site that some of your positions against civil rights are supported by the Ku Klux Klan? Wake up people! Thank you Reverend Sharpton as I hope to one day marry my boyfriend and it’s because of people like the good Rev. Sharpton that I can!!! God bless him.

    Here we go again with that race card baiting. As shofarsound pointed why is “Rev” Al silent about the destruction of black youth in Abortion Clinic Concentration Camps?
    Why did the “rev” Al cry out against the confederate flag in Georgia but says nothing about the statue in DC of his freemason brother confederate general Albert Pike?
    Nobody here is or has ever implied that black people should sit at the back of the bus or drink from a different water fountain, so what is with your civil rights comment?
    In fact we all drink from the Living Water which is Christ Yehshua who formed us in the womb according to His Words….
    My Bible has Always said Everyone who accepts and follows Christ is a spiritual son and daughter of Abraham, no matter their circumstance or situation, contrary to how man misinterprets the Word of God.

    *Patiently waiting for a reply*

  26. Thanks Bob, I had forgotten about that! Thats exactly what I meant about the “predecessor” argument Supt Duncan used to justify this. Owens shouldnt have invited Don King and Blake shouldnt have invited Al Sharpton.

    What a hypocrite.

  27. Imagine this! A Holy Convocation convened by the 1st Century Church. Those invited to speak are the following:

    Headline Speaker: Caiaphas High Priest of Israel (His sermon is entitled “The Essential of Religious Traditions).”

    Special Guest Speakers: The Illustrious Emperor an Civic Leader Nero Emperor (President) of the Roman Empire (His speech will be on “The Sword, The Head, and Civic Responsibility.”

    Minister of Ceremony: Pastor Diotrephes who received religious acclaim from the Apostle John himself and is mentioned “By Name” in the Bible in 1 John 1:9 (…Diotrephes, who loves to be first, will have nothing to do with us) will be speaking on the subject of “Spiritual Authority.”

    Praise and Worship Leaders: Hymenaeus and Alexander of 1 Timothy 1:20 fame (Among them are Hymenaeus and Alexander, whom I have handed over to Satan to be taught not to blaspheme).

    If this would see crazy in the 1st Century, why would it make sense today?

  28. And lets not forget Al’s infamous remark during his 2004 presidential pseudo-campaign:
    “The issue is not who you go to bed with. The issue is whether you have a job when you get up in the morning”.

    Wow. Nice job, COGIC. Maybe you can have Tiger Woods speak at your next convocation.

  29. No suprise here. We all know these people are bout the money. I even ask the question where’s the baptismal pool at these things? Hmmmmmmm

  30. Bishop Blakke and cogic’s board of bishops should be ashamed of themselve and give an explanation for inviting Sharpton.

  31. In case you do not know Al Sharpton was born and bred COGIC in Brooklyn NY under the late F.D. Washington. He was a member of the Famed Washington Temple COGIC, a boy preacher. So it is nothing wrong with inviting a son of the church. You only point out negatives of Sharpton because you hate COGIC and constantly nit pick at any little thing you can. You need to get a life.

  32. Roe, youre not the only one who knows Sharpton’s history. We’re well aware that Sharpton was a “boy preacher” at Washington Temple. So. what.
    So lets get this straight. As long as a person is a “son of the church”— no matter how disgusting, perverted and unbiblical their beliefs are— they should automatically have access and a prominent platform in the church?
    Really? Are you serious? So when is Carlton Pearson and Yvette Flunder going to get their chance? According to you as long as you are a son of the church, its nothing wrong with inviting them.
    You call this “negatives” as if its a choice between eating at Wendy’s and McDonalds. What a foolish and silly person you are. I hope that you dont represent anyone in COGIC who truly loves the church.

    And for the record, I hate sin and derelict leadership.

  33. @Roe-your comments show that you are oblivious to anything going on right now….and your suggestion for Pastor Foster should in actuality be a goal for you….get life

    (Hint) Life is Jesus Christ….

  34. According to the website, Rev. Sharpton is the keynote speaker at the COGIC Charities banquet Saturday afternoon of the Convocation, so unless you donate $200 for a seat, you will be spared whatever rhetoric he has prepared for the event.

  35. Wow, why would anyone pay 200 bucks to hear Sharpton speak? And COGIC Charities?? Something sounds very weird about that. Its sounds like a blank check speaking engagement. No leash.

    Link to the event

  36. i believe if the cogic needs speakers use there local pastor that contribute there monies those that support there jurisdictions

  37. * Sound of whistles and applause* @GCMW: EXCELLENT rebuttal to Blind Guide Duncan.
    He should just admit that the speakers at the Convocation are chosen for the star impact they will have on the meeting. They are the celebrities that draw maximum interest and numbers.

  38. Pastor e, now that’s sensible. COGIC pastors give,give, give to the national church. And they bring in this yahoo to speak?? AND charge people thousands of dollars??

    I understand the need to get someone with a fairly high profile for meetings at that level, but why compromise integrity, honesty and holiness for somebody like Sharpton.

    Not only is he rabidly prohomosexual, he wont even take a stand against clergy sexual abuse although he was quick to speak out against Eddie Long.

  39. $20k for a table…WOW, well aside from THAT FOOLISHNESS…I couldn’t get past the error in scripture posting, they quote James 22:15-16…I thougt there were only 5 Chpts in the book of James! You would think one would set high priority in making sure SCRIPTURE is quoted accurately on a so-called Christian website, especially when you are using scripture for the purpose of wanting folks to give to a “charitable cause” or should I say, keeping the wheels of the “corporation” greased! Oh the “love” of money, fame and fortune…at the sheep’s expense…SMH!

  40. GS, James 22??? That’s sad. That website is embarrassing for a church of that caliber. After the reported 250,000 Bishop Blake said they spent on it you would think it would be second to none. But it doesn even say who is responsible for its upkeep or design. More wasted money from bloated church beaurocrats.

    Anyway back to the subject at hand.

  41. California is a modern Sodom and Gommerah, sexual sins and lifestyles, marijuana pot usage, and violent gangs, I wonder why Bishop Blakke is quiet as a church mouse when he has access to all major media and t.v. networks to speak out against these social ills. As reported in this website there are sex scandals and yet cogic head bishop is quiet. Now Al”i got to get paid” Sharpton is a cogic headline speaker. I wonder if Al is bold enough to tell this cogic audience to support his views on legalizing same sex marriage, that would make the headlines, but I know Sharpton will tailor his message to fit his audience.

    With all due respect to the position of pastor and bishop, we black folks can respectfully question our leaders, why are most saints so fearful. Bishop Blakke should be questioned about his decisions, personally I feel that he is too weak to lead cogic in this evil day.

  42. melvin I wonder how much cash Cogic has to pay Sharpton for his social vomit? What a waste of good hard earned money given by honest people.

  43. If Christ said He was commissioned to preach to the poor, this is a direct contradiction to the Word….having to shell out 200 bucks to attend or 20K for a table….wow.

  44. @ Roe I hardly think that addressing the issues of sexual abuse and exploitation, opening the pulpit to homosexuals and false profits, and Bishop Blake’s and COGIC’s lack of swift and appropriate response falls into the category of “nit picking”.
    Like I said before: and the choir sings, the saints dance and shout, the preachers [tickle the ears] and the money is raised. Praise the LORD Amen! Make sure you keep your shouting shoes shined, honey. Sheesh!

    @ Eric; Hilarious satire; good observation.

  45. GCM,

    Where does love fit into your mission? Does divisiveness yield unity? I read the posts and response, and am eternally grateful that neither God nor Christ speak like this toward His children. I almost wish I could hear the mercy and grace in the voice of these posts, but all I hear is contention in strife against other Christians. It’s a wonder why people are leaving the churches and sinners don’t want a thing to do with it. We can’t and don’t get along among ourselves. Everybody believes they have cornered the market on true holiness, but in essence, “there is none righteous, no not one.” “We have all sinned and come short of the glory of God.” “Where sin abound, grace does much more abound.”

  46. June you are making many erroneous assumptions. Your argument is a common, albeit deceptive one coming from those who want to overlook the mountains of false teaching, heresy, wolf petting, sexual immorality, theft, lying, and much more making mockery of our God and bringing shame on Christ’s name. Instead of dealing with hard issues like the the way the bible told us to, you want to play patty cake and talk about love, grace and unity. One big problem with the scripture snippets you cited is they are grossly out of context. The same people who are wantonly tearing asunder the foundations of the church spit at true love, grace and biblically defined unity. The reason people are leaving is because hirelings, wolves and false teachers have wreaked havoc on innocent people and we are helping them to escape before their souls are caught in the vice grip of these people. Per your comments, You appear to have an extremely immature mindset as well as a problem reading and looking at facts and evidence.

  47. Jesus advocated for the poor and downtrodden. That is what Al Sharpton does. You might not like him or his politics but he has helped many people and if you got in serious trouble and needed a public advocate, your chances of getting him to help you are a lot greater than other officials.

    Some of us are so heaven bound we are of no earthly good.

  48. @Nellis you said: Jesus advocated for the poor and downtrodden. That is what Al Sharpton does. You might not like him or his politics but he has helped many people and if you got in serious trouble and needed a public advocate, your chances of getting him to help you are a lot greater than other officials.
    Some of us are so heaven bound we are of no earthly good.

    Ok Sharpton you said he helps the poor and downtrodden as Jesus did. But does Sharpton follow the whole Bible? Yes or No? Does Sharpton preach the gospel of Jesus Christ? How can Sharpton be a Christian and a Freemason at the same time? How many people has Sharpton led to Christ? Matthew 7:21 states not everyone that says Lord Lord shall enter into the kingdom of Heaven. Sharpton is a worker of iniquity, he promotes things that are anti-Christ. Judging Sharpton by his fruit, his fruit is evil. Didn’t Jesus say you will know them by the fruit they will bear? That is scripture. I know the concept and Christian cliche heavenly bound and no earthly good. But where can you find that in the Bible? Please tell me. And tell me based on the pure Word of God does Al Sharpton line up with the Word?

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