Via video, a litany of lies from Bishop Jim Swilley

CONYERS, GA  – Bishop Jim Swilley, the nephew of  deceased sexual predator Earl Paulk,  has made his big announcement. There’s so much lying, inconsistencies, propaganda, half truths, false teaching and the likes in the video he released, its stunning.  One thing is sure: satan has planted ministers in the church and they are yoked with an irrevocable agenda to dismantle truth and preach another gospel in its place. The gospel of sensuality. The Apostle Jude warned of us people like Swilley:

For certain men whose condemnation was written about long ago have secretly slipped in among you. They are godless men, who change the grace of our God into a license for immorality and deny Jesus Christ our only Sovereign and Lord. Jude 4

So did the Spirit of God through the Apostle Paul:

The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons. Such teachings come through hypocritical liars, whose consciences have been seared as with a hot iron. 1Tim 4:1

Jude also charged us to fight against them. To confront them and remove them from their places of influence. He urged us strongly not to sit idly by “having church” but contend with passion to uphold the moral standards of our faith which are unchangeable and blessed.

It doesn’t take a prophetic anointing to know there are hordes of these false leaders like Swilley  just waiting for the right time. They are on satan’s time release program. They are watching and looking to see whether we will fight back or whether we will wax passive and play their deceitful game with them. And literally, lives and souls are in the balance if we stay quiet.

And have you noticed that every time one of these false teachers make their move and publicly vomit out their blasphemy, their supporters immediately began the “love them and don’t judge them” campaign?

If you have read this blog for any length of time, you will instantly recognize the canned lies of the gay christian movement coming out of Swilley’s mouth. We’ve debunked most if not all of them before, but when a “bishop” regurgitates them, folks are most certainly to be led astray.

In a separate post, we will list Swilley’s lies one by one and show what the bible says in response.


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  1. I’m sick of all of this.
    It’s like finding a bug and smashing it, only to find a whole family of them lurking in some hidden part of the house. You smash them too, only to find more waiting to come inside.
    It’s just getting tiresome. I’m sick of it.

  2. “If you have raced with men on foot and they have worn you out, how can you compete with horses? If you stumble in safe country, how will you manage in the thickets by the Jordan? Jeremiah 12:5

    Angela, go get your bug squashing boots on, the worst is yet to come. I like your analogy cause thats exactly what we are facing. But you know what happens if you ignore termites.

  3. I like the bug analogy, too. It’s all vermin whose destination is death.

    Thanks, too, for that scripture reference, GCM.

  4. I have quietly and patiently taken time to listen to this pastor. It is very sad that he has allowed his lust and the influence of unclean spirits to blind him to the truth of God. The Word of God says that the Spirit of God speaks directly concerning the last days that some would be seduced by unclean spirits and begin to teach doctrines of devils. He seems to place his emotional issues and personal history to trump the Word. He proclaims that the Word is inspired but not without fault. How can he preach anything if he is not sure if any of the Word of God is accurate. In addition, he is so erroneous in his biblical examination of scripture. Paul has it right on Jesus but wrong on relationships. What is going on? He seems more disappointed that people have walked out on his public confession of his sinful desires than he himself walking away from sound doctrine. It is troubling that he equates teaching the Word of God or “hell, fire, and brimstone” to pushing kids to committ suicide. But what’s most important is, ” he is happy, he still hears from God, and his ex-wife is cool with him being openly gay.” The Body of Christ must continue to speak the truth in love

  5. I cannot begin to comprehend how someone can so attempt to distort a passage of scripure in the way that this individual has. To suggest that Paul was not in a position to pass comment on issues pertaining to sexual relations is just mind-boggling. Furthermore, to equally suggest that both his authority and his revelation is somehow questionable, in light of clear factual scripture, is just willful ignorance.

  6. Ahem. They wax bolder by the minute. It’s just appalling the theatrics that are brought into play to convince those that are weaker. I have noticed a trend in those that try to justify their sin. They pretty much put their works on display and then say because I have been successful in building this ministry there is no way I can possibly go astray. The choreography is just amazing. Enter ex-wife with glowing praise for a man of “great integrity”. I chuckled. Not because I was entertained. I knew some were just lapping this stuff up with absolutely no discernment. The ex-spouse even has the audacity to let a curse word fly and the crowd applauds! One other thing that stood out for me was this man is using the greed of prosperity preachers as a taunt to those that are taken by that message that would dare accuse him of being in a fallen state.

  7. Romans 1:19-32 2 Timothy 3 We are living in the last days and THE CHURCH need to wake up and began to do what the word has commissioned us to do WE have fallen asleep. Revelation let us know he rather have us hot or cold if we are lukewarm he will spure us up! Wake up Christian America Broad is the way wide is the gate many walk there in….narrow is the road strait is the gate few are found there. Don’t forget when the world was destroyed before there was only 8 people saved! God is a love, peace, joy, and longsuffering. But he is also a God of WRATH!

  8. I almost lost him at “universe” in the beginning.

    While I don’t believe anyone is born gay, I do believe everyone develops issues with things very early on, even birth. In my family that “thing” is a tendency for addictions (father smokes, drinks, ect…for example). This isn’t biological though, it’s every bit a part of the spiritual war going on. As soon as we’re born there a battle for our hearts. That’s why I believe folks when they say they’ve been attracted to the same sex since they were in preschool. What better way to solidify a lie?

    It is for this reason I also feel so much compassion for homosexuals, or anyone for that matter. We “feel” a certain way because satan and his minions have been coaching us before we were ever aware of the spiritual battle. This is why I love working in children’s and teen ministry. We as Christians need to be equipped so we can fight evil and teach the Gospel before lies like these have time to settle in kids’ hearts.

  9. Thats right Alexia. Whoever said children are off limits to the devil and his wicked insinuations? We need to step up, be sober and aware of the devices of the enemy against children and in the power of the Spirit counteract it. If we dont, the lie will grow inside them and make them beleive it is natural.

  10. Get Ready Church …..the enemy’s hidden agenda is being exposed.

    Believer’s in Jesus Christ who love homosexuals and share the gospel which is “good news” – that Jesus came to set us free from all sin (including same-sex attraction) will be defined as intolerant, judgmental and unloving.

    To stand for Truth will bring much persecution for not only our brother who has courageously and compassionately created this website, but for any of us who will stand for Truth.

  11. Now I watched and listened to this and there was so much said by this bishop that ran the gamut in trying to poke holes in scripture to justify this chosen lifestyle. I was not going to comment but there was something stated by the ex-wife when she got up and blasphemed God when she denoted perfection as anti-christ. This statement is a revelation to what Romans 1:25 says “Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshiped and served the creature more than the Creator . . . ” The Lord says walk before me and be ye perfect as I am perfect. The perfect walk before the Father must be understood to be obedience and to keep His commandments. If, and I mean if, we sin we repent and in so doing we have an advocate. She gave praise to the man and denounced the Word of God in one fell swoop.

    I hope for her sake her statement was in complete ignorance and quite possibly she has not known the Lord due to being unsaved.

    Watch and pray folks.

  12. WOW….I am sick. Nothing more to say. He feels justified like all the other pseudo-pastors and bishops and comfortable. Too comfortable for me. How does he know that he is gay if he isn’t going to be with a man?? Just a question. Not that I want him to. Jesus is coming sssssoooooooooonnnnn…..This is nuts.

    “Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.” 2 Timothy 3:5

  13. Good work, gcmwatch. First, we shouldn’t be surprised that anyone connected to Earl Paulk has…um…issues. If you remember, Bishop Jim Earl (BTW – what is the infatuation with the Paulk brothers given their kids hillbilly names?) gave his pulpit to his cousin Donnie Earl last year when he drove his congregation away by embracing homosexuality – and he couldn’t even afford to keep Unc-Dad Earl’s house of iniquity.

    These bishops and pastors are getting really nervous since their closet doors are being forced open – with Jim Earl it was “rumors and innuendo”, with Eddie Long it’s (allegedly) young boys, cars, and money – and this creates the “perfect storm” of acceptance of gay inclusion:

    trusted/respected religious/cult leader admits to perversion + gullible/adoring sheeple who follow them + political correctness and bastardization of the bible + weakkneed hirelings who are more interested in belonging than in expositing THE TRUE GOSPEL = the great falling away

    This is just the tip of the preverbial iceberg…

  14. Thanks ST, and we’ve have only just begun.
    You are so right sir. This is a grand set up (homosexuality is just the tool du jour) for the antichrist to make his entrance. The great deception-seduction of the Body is in full effect.
    And those who populate the false church with its false christ are emerging to declare “who their are”.

    sadly for much of the contemporary church its church as usual or better said, business as usual.

  15. Just googled Swilley (never heard of him before) and I found his blog: Yesterday’s (Oct.19) post goes hand in hand with the above video.

    I must say while I agree with his post conceptually, knowing his beliefs it’s obvious his “be YOU” attitude means much more than our God-given individuality. I mean, he quotes Oscar Wilde of all people (Wilde was known for his homosexual rendezvous with men and boys alike).

  16. I’m sorry, but I could only take about 30 minutes of this garbage.
    I was literally starting to get sick to my stomach from what was coming out of his mouth AND the “sheep” in the audience that just simply laughed and applauded this filth!

    I’ve never heard of him either, but regardless of me knowing who he is, God knows him and the devil knows AND “controls” him. So much pride, and NO, “bishop” Swilley, your “call” is NOT real…not real from God, but really from satan! REPROBATE IN DEED!

    What’s really sad AND BOLD is that he would come out “officially” in “a church.” Then again, it’s really just a building where people congregate and as Revelation states, satan surely has a seat there!

    The true remnant of God will continue to contend for the faith!

    @Angela, your bug analogy was excellent!
    Pastor Foster, can’t wait to read your point by point breakdown.

    May he repent before he takes his last breath on this earth!

  17. He is so confused he really doesn’t understand the capacity of what he is saying and what he believes. And…why is that man in the audience snapping INSTEAD OF CLAPPING in the video? Blasphemy–that spirit loves to show off. And why would a woman waste her time on such a situation and have children…he obviously wasn’t that celibate. and another question..if it was God’s intention for everyone to be this way..or most people or alot of us….how do we suspect we make babies…ACT like we love eachother and make a baby and then live with them–marry them and be later become celibate–that defeats the purpose of that spirit..theres no way celibacy is a factor. So what do we suppose…will all future children be tube babies and implanted inside of a woman…what life can be born of this lifestyle? i mean what is the world coming to? What would make a man want to be with a man and act like a woman? What would make a woman want to be a woman and later become a man? He/she must feel that a man and woman being together is right in way some way shape or form or they wouldn’t have to mimic a man/woman household, now would they? The enemy is mocking God and has succeeded in diluting the minds of the people.The church needs to wake up and stand up and stand out…Would we die, would we stand, would we confess openly our faith? This man is changing the bible, rewriting the story. And…his ex wife believes he’s created her? This feels like a joke am i dreaming….What good will come of this? Only those who stand up for Christ will last…God’s word will be prevail and His remnant will soon be called. Lord, help us, save us….

  18. Pastor Swilley said: “There are two things in my life that are an absolute. I did not ask for either one of them. Both of them were imposed on me. I had no control over them,” Swilley said. “One was the call of God on my life … the other thing was my sexual orientation.”

    How can you not have control over something that God has given you the POWER over? As human beings created by the Lord, we have been given the power of CHOICE. You can trace the power of CHOICE all the way back to Genesis 3:6 “And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat.” (KJV)

    Eve listened to the serpent, disregarded the command of the Lord as it relates to the tree of Life, and ate. Adam ate of the tree also. Both CHOSE to eat, it wasn’t something that they didn’t have control over or something that the serpent made them do. Eve had the choice to not listen to the serpent but rather to obey the command of the Lord, and not eat. As believers having the knowledge of salvation, we choose to obey the Lord and desire to have a relationship with Him.

    It’s amazing that the very power that you have (Choice) will be the determining factor as to where you will spend eternity (Heaven or Hell).

  19. dwdrums, with sound observations like that I am feeling much better after seeing how the sheeple clapped and cheered this man on in his insanity.

    Swilley told one lie after another and each of them revealed just how much he despises the word of the Lord.That statement in particular was particularly rank with hypocrisy.

    This is a sleight of hand (or of mouth) trick gay christians swear by. And for those unfamiliar with the application of so called sexual orientation as some sort of immutable characteristic Id suggest they read here.

    God has given us power over —eradication from— all sin (Lk 10:19). The problem with Swilley’s statement is clear: he’s changed the definition of sin and then excluded his own behavior.

  20. This man doesn’t need to be pastoring or preaching to anyone, period! Around the 22:20 mark where he talks about going against his nature (in reference to trying to live a ‘straight’ life while gay), his ‘nature’ he speaks of is his SIN NATURE! He also goes on to leave an open door for future same-sex relationships when he speaks about not knowing if he’ll ever fall in love, YUK!!! I question whether this guy was ever saved to begin with. Being born gay?! Are you kidding me?!?! Man, you are possessed by an evil spirit! What an abomination, and no, I’m not spewing hate! I do not hate this guy, but wrong is wrong and the Word of God clearly tells us that this homosexual spirit is an abomination (to God). It goes against EVERYTHING that glorifies God!

  21. Not saying homosexuality is OK, but, why is it inconceivable that someone could be born gay?

    1. Heterosexuals are born that way (it is natural, not learned behavior).
    2. There are birth defects in the world.
    3. sexuality + birth defect = gay

  22. I will say that I appreciate his honesty with what he is dealing with.

    With that being said I cannot get past the fact that by proclaiming that he IS a gay man he obviously has chosen not to believe God and there is no way that he can lead anyone to the Truth if he doesn’t believe in it.

  23. Oh great. I’ve been away for a couple of weeks and there seems to be another Lydia that I noticed posting in the COGIC sex crimes post. I guess I shall have to change my name…Bummer!

  24. I watched with utter amazement wanting to stop watching every 5 minutes, but I continued watching the people’s expression weeping for them because they are so blinded by ignorance. How can they buy the fact that their pastors have gotten a divorce based on words that he said in the beginning of their ministry and not on any biblical basis whatsoever. And to buy that they are still in love “on a different level”???? No one is trying to condemn them, but they are condemning themselves. The ex-wife says she would put that ministry up to any other ministry…are you kidding??? This is not about ministry against ministry…we are the body of Christ. Jim Swilley tried in every way to justify his actions and to me that is not bold, that’s a cover up. If you feel your’e gay then your’e gay, let’s leave it at that. Don’t justify and compare blacks, pregnant women and the likes to be being a minority. But again, i weep for the many persons who blindly listened to erroneous and gross misrepresentations of God’s holy word. If anything that’s when they should have walked out, not when he announced his sexual orientation. it just leads me to think what in the world has he been teaching. And did he cuss??? In the church???

  25. If we can agree that homosexuality is a sin that must be repented of in order to enter the kingdom of God, then we can agree that people an be born gay.

  26. How can we know whether or not someone is born a certain way? I believe that question is moot and is only introduced to get around the fact that homosexuality is a sin. We can’t prove the birth factor but we do know this:

    John 3:3 (King James Version)

    3Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be BORN AGAIN, HE CANNOT see the kingdom of God.

    Like Pastor Foster said homosexuality is a sin which must be repented of. Just like all other sins. Homosexuals don’t get a free pass card because they feel a certain way.

  27. @Donald

    That’s an excellent question.

    Luckily I’m a science head and I apologize ahead of time for boring anyone.

    First, no study, experiment or otherwise has proven you can be born gay. This was inferred by a study showing that it is HERITABLE, not INHERITABLE, meaning it isn’t genetic but can be developed to the point of changing your brain, your being. Yes, the brains of homosexuals looks different than others, but this isn’t due to genetics. Our brains adapt to behaviors and other forces that we do frequently. For example, Lance Armstrong’s brain looks completely different than those who don’t cycle.

    With that said, it is impossible to be born gay in a biological sense because humans procreate sexually. We just do, egg and sperm. There are other forms of sexuality (asexual, ect) but for us we need another man or woman to create another man or woman. There are people born who are unable to procreate for biological reasons, but that doesn’t change the mode of procreation for their species (human). This doesn’t mean, of course, that you can’t engage in other ways of having sex (gay, lesbian), just that biologically we aren’t built that way.

    For it to be biologically possible to be born gay, a mutation(s) would have to make it completely possible as a viable way of procreation for both those who are gay and not gay. The reason being is we are collectively the human species. Now, many argue being homosexual isn’t all about the sex and I don’t want to get into all of that, but they must realize this doesn’t change your biology. It’s more than just your parts, you also have pheromones and hormones, ect…in the mix too. Also, a birth defect of that magnitude would show itself up much more differently than it is now.

    Hopefully that made sense. It’s a condensed version so it may be a bit convoluted. This info wasn’t just pulled from the sky, biologists who work in this realm are fully cognizant of this yet push the mental aspect of homosexuality. Most laymen don’t know the other side of it, making it easier to fool people.

  28. Pushed submit too quickly, lol.

    If you look at my above post (not dealing with biology). You’ll see why even though biologically we’re not gay, spiritually speaking it’s possible. Even in the video one of the gay men claimed 10 kids, but his heart wasn’t in the right place. Satan is deceiving people and making them think sinful nature is all we have to work with.

  29. He uses the first part of the sermon building up sympathy….he uses every trick in the book:

    1. He didn’t ask for it
    2. Since he gave his whole life away preaching he “DESERVES” to be gay.
    3. He sheds a tear when he talks about gay teen suicides
    4. the race card
    5. hogs in the Phillipines
    6. eye color
    7. his marriage
    8. depression
    9. he says he refuses to comment on the eddie long situation, but then “outs” all the worship leaders in the Black Church.
    10. the fact that he NEVER told the people what to do in their personal lives or their marriages (his own form of grace) so “please give me grace on this…”
    11. 2 men in prison
    12. he calls sodom and gomorrah a meteor shower and talks about how warm air and cold air and cause natural disaster.
    13. THEN he goes on to dismantle the Word of God. abomination he calls the “a” word. and Paul didn’t know WHAT he was talking about. “yeah yeah yeah… i’ve read leviticus… don’t bring that into it.”
    14. he even uses that story about the pastors being graceless the gay waiter to justify his position.
    15. and the fact that his kids and parents accept it so you should too.
    16. a story about the gay military couple who didnt have rights when one of them died.

    AND GUESS WHAT? those people in that church aren’t going anywhere because he never equipped them to yearn for truth. a LOT of universe talk in there. and then his cussing and her cussing.

    I would have loved to see him deal with scripture AS LONG as he told propaganda stories to stir fear in those people.

    he reaches for EVERY bleepin’ straw he can find. and the people applaud. total sham job.

    Pastor Foster, I would love for he and his gay pastor brethren to sit down point by point with a real council and try to justify this mess.

  30. I left out a few… (I guess you can tell I’m watching this mess now).

    17. he all begs his staff to not go anywhere by praising them and offering them recommendations
    18. he “reveals” that the church is not in a great place financially
    19. “can you put my personal life out of your mind long enough to hear my gift? *standing ovation*…. “i don’t know what’s gonna happen in the future, but you have my word, I will never be indiscreet.” AS OPPOSED TO HOLY?
    19. “i wish after 38 years, i would be known for the fruit of my ministry” ????
    20. “don’t come to me when your children commit suicide.”
    21. then he talks about that flaming ex-pastor Robert’s sexual abuse and suddenly the scripture has power NOW because he uses proverbs.

    How do we chose what to accept and what to reject in the Scripture.

    22. And then he has his cussin’ ex-wife get up to cry (beg the people to stay). And she says “I’m your word made flesh” after she laid in bed with him for 21 years as a roommate.


  31. thewatchern you are making my job —and next post— on this madness much easier! Thanks very much sir.

  32. Wow Earl Paulk has quite a “pervese spiritual legacy!” A history of perversion being replicated by men who were under Earl Paulk’s influence.

    Bishop Jim Swilley(Paulk Nephew) Out of the closet homosexual/false teacher.

    D.E. Paulk (Earl’s Son/Nephew) inclusionist/gay affirming/new age advocate

    Carlton Pearson was one of Earl Paulk close friends and Paulk endorsed his false teaching of inclusion. Pearson is also DE Paulk mentor.

    Bishop Clarence McClendon was involved in Earl Paulk case/mess with Mona Brewer. And Earl provided McClendon with spiritual counseling and married McClendon to his second wife.

    Bishop Eddie Long(B.E.L.L) accused predator/molester of boys/ Earl Paulk was Long’s mentor.

    Talk about the apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree! Or Amos 3:3 says, Can two walk together, except they be agreed? These men had been in agreement with Earl Paulk, and look at the spiritual contamination of filth Earl transmitted to these guys.

    Earl Paulk had long history of perversion. I was tempted to put him in my article False teaching and the sexual immorality connection, but it would have run way to long.

    As ministers we need checkout who we covenant with in ministry, and make sure they’re down for holiness and righteousness.

    Great article GCMW, exposing more false teachers and false teaching in the midst of this nation.

  33. excellent post shofarsound!! These guys get a pass from everyone because of their postions…why are they not held accoutable for their actions like any regular member would be?

    Ohhh because they have a calling and their calling is separate from their life.

    My bible tells me my calling is my life.

    John 12:24-25 (King James Version)

    24Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.

    25He that loveth his life shall lose it; and he that hateth his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal.

  34. This behaviour will cause the judgement of God to fall on this nation sooner than any of us realize. I wept when I viewed this video. Romans 1, which he tries to throw out of the bible and only take what he wants out of the bible, (taking away and adding to which brings a curse)speaks of the reprobate mind. The thing about a reprobate mind is that they can no longer can tell the difference between right and wrong anymore. The lines are blurred, as both he and his ex-wife demonstrate when they curse in church. She says, “You’re good sh*t.” in reference to the chruch body. Sadly, Swilley and the people of this church are the living definition of the term reprobate mind.

  35. thank you shofarsound. It was in my mind to show the “family tree”, but you did an excellent job. There are others if you do a full tree. People dont realize that when you are in covenant with (or “submitted to”) with people who are sexually immoral false teachers, their familiar spirits become attached to you.

  36. People of God: This man is so deceived and conned by the Devil that it is almost comical. When you want to what being deceived looks like…it looks like “bishop Swilley and you will understand the depth by which they convince themselves that right is wrong and wrong is right.
    God will allow such people to believe the lie and continue in it because they choose to follow their deception because they refuse to come to the light and be saved.
    As stated earlier, in Northwest Ohio in the Methodist Church, the presiding bishop named Bruce Ough fervently fought to have a
    known and committed homosexual become the chief financial officer.
    His perverted rationale? This person is in a “committed” relationship.
    Now, you have the stamp of authority of a Methodist bishop condoming same sex relationships and also on the grounds that this person is not a clergy and therefore, according the Methodist Book of Disciplines, that is OK.
    Bishop Ough now condones homosexual/gay lifestyles with his affirmation of this gay man being the CFO of that Methodist district.
    Bishop Ough was not ready and able to hear from God as to finding a born again believer for that post. No, he was firmly committed to this sinner man to get this gay person into this position with a letter campaign (before the vote) and again, stressing that this person was in a “committed” homosexual relationship. So, now the buzz word for this bishop is that if you are “committed” to your sins, it is OK with him. Question: Does the same hold true for “committed” liars and gluttons and fornicators and thieves? Yes, according to Bishop Ough’s rationale that he used for this gay person to be the next CFO.
    Ough and Swilley have a lot in common. Both have left clear scripture dictates to follow their own seared consciences.
    Saints, contend for the faith!
    Note: Yes, I did file formal charges against Bishop Ough and am awaiting to see what decision will be made by the “overseeing” group for the jurisdiction that Bishop Ough is in.
    Only the Holy Spirit can extend mercy to both Swilley and Ough for them to see the error of their ways and repent and believe the gospel.
    WE are in both terrible times and exciting times!

  37. Pastor,

    I watched this whole apostate fiasco. I was completely blown away and these are my initial thoughts:

    This “bishop” says that he and his second wife have been separated for a year because of his “orientation” that he hemhaws around for minutes???

    “I was given two things completely incompatible”…”An anointing and an orientation” At least he thought that they were incompatible…I guess his thoughts have changed (evidenced by the rest of his mutter)

    The “bishop” says that anyone that thinks his 21 year marriage to his second wife was a sham…”that’s a damn lie”…she was not defrauded, but he had gay tendencies, and the TV show “Will and Grace” was a parallel to their marriage???

    He says that what’s going to happen in his personal life is none of the people’s business and they applaud??? This is a hot mess!!!

    He says forget Leviticus and OT calls to sexual purity because of other OT laws and says that so far as the NT is concerned Apostle Paul was messed up when it comes to instructions on sexual purity and marriage too, therefore he was unqualified to address the issue of sexual orientation and relationships etc. WOW!

    now, we won’t deal with the call to salvation that allows us to understand that even IF you are born with a gay sexual orientation, “ye MUST be born again”…Isn’t that the bible??? but according to this apostate, the bible IS inspired but not infallible. Says that “straight men” wrote it (isn’t that a stunning admission)that didn’t know what they were talking about even though they were inspired by the Holy Spirit. he also slipped in that Jonathon in the OT was gay…He states that the scriptures are inspired but not infallible…My question is then WHO inspired it and how??? If it is not infallible, then it certainly can’t be from and of God.

    He states that he is simply trying to “survive” (as opposed to the biblical command of living abundantly- )and tells the congregation that he wishes that they could “put his sexual orientation out of their minds long enough to hear his ministry gift.” OK, while we’re at it apostate bishop, let’s do that with the rapist…Let’s allow a rapist (practicing) to preach and not worry about his sexuality…just let him minister sistahs…What about the pedophile that claims he was also born that way? Just let these preach, enjoy their gifting, lead the people of God, don’t worry about them being accountable for their actions or anything that the bible says because it (the bible) may be inspired, but it certainly isn’t infallible is it???

    He uses a minimal argument to call himself a “dog” because of homosexuality, then uses Revelation to affirm and say that the Spirit and the bride has told him (speaking as a dog)to come…OK.

    Bishop, you are NOT hearing from God of the bible as you repeatedly say and try to convince people to believe during this sad discourse. The God of the bible delivers from SIN. Homosexuality is not a mere diversity, whether chosen or not, it is a sin and no matter what you want to eliminate from the bible to condone your acts and actions it is a sin along with all the rest of sexual immorality that JESUS himself condemns…I guess he believes that none of Mark 7:21-23 apply to homosexuality because he can’t see the word…I wonder why???

    Then she (his wife) made in her “husbands image” caps it off by saying that a foundational prophecy for her was one of Kim Clement….

    She said the “good s@#*” that they are made out of will change the world???? That’s what she said…

    He says in conclusion that people need to be delivered from “shame”…Isn’t sin shame itself? What happens when sin isn’t even recognized as being shameful? These are apostates and those who support this claiming that the bible condones it in any manner are also apostate.

    I’m sorry Elder, I really have a love for the homosexual, but I disdain deceit, lies and bible twisting. If a person is overcome with homosexuality the first thing they should know is that God loves them and has provided a way of escape from that immorality. Then, they should know that even feelings and emotions are deceitful, but God is the God of all flesh. All sexual immorality can be overcome through Jesus. The problem is that this preacher and many others don’t want to submit that homosexuality is immoral. It’s that simple.

  38. This is so sad. People are blinded and following man. Please keep your eyes on God. Homosexuality is a SIN, and you cannot justify it.

  39. I’m tired of all this “pimpology”!!! Everytime I hear men like this false prophet, I think of Genesis 3:1, “Now theserpent was more subtil than any beast of the field…”. Subtil = beguiling, crafty, cunning, cute, designing, devious, dodgy, foxy, guileful, scheming, shrewd, slick, sly, artful, tricky, wily. And, this is what I see with this guy (and pretty much every preacher that GCMWatch has exposed)

    Did this fool just say that the Bible was not infalliable??? For real???

    I can go on (and on, and on), but the saints have already said everything else that I could say. Jesus is soon to come!

  40. Man oh man…I looked at one of those links at apprising ministries and I see Cynthia Clawson is with these devils???

    Oh no….she has sung with the Gaithers in the past…I thought she was a Sister in the Lord but she is another evil sell out…

    Disgusting…absolutely gutless disgusting people that love more what the world thinks of them then the plain simple Truths of Scripture!!

    GCMW: Davon just wanted to bring you up to speed on Ms Clawson.

  41. Brother,

    I haven’t commented on your blog in a while but I’ve appreciated your support.

    I don’t know if you are aware of it or not, but on “Coming Out Day” I posted a video of myself, telling my story and I’m getting very close to completing the rough draft of my book – a Presuppositional Christian Worldview Response To Gay Theology.

    Is it just me, or does it seem to you like the spiritual troops are aligning themselves for a HUGE confrontation on this issue?

    Sadly, so much of the church is using worldly psychology and political manipulation as their weapons of warfare to confront this issue which are like taking a knife to a gun fight.

    I’ve been wrestling with whether or not to seek to make alliances with more broad-based organizations because they are so well established, but it clear to me that I need to start a unique and separate organization or ministry that does not seek to seek those who compromise the very foundation of the faith.

    But I feel like I’m Athanasius while the majority around me are Arians.

    I would appreciate your prayers as I soon take my next big step of faith.

    Erik Wait

  42. My brother,my friend. If there is anyone I am excited to see God bring forward its you. I know its been a long time coming but so glad you have “come out”.

    I agree with you 100 percent. The infusion of worldly psychology as well as the superimposition of carnality over the truth has deeply complicated our work of redemption. And I still have reservations about a lot of the “broad based organizations” to the point of I dont see myself aligned with them.

    I hope you do have a vision for a more unique alliance where we compromise is not an option. We need to do this because the battle is nigh. I think that God is going to push a few more of the closet false prophets out in the open so we can know what we are up against. Too many of them are still hiding and using behind the scenes influence without risk to their “careers”.

    Nevertheless we are strong because greater is he… One can put a thousand Arians to flight, so be encouraged.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  43. I watched this for the first time a few days ago and I too must say I was in tears and disbelief as I could almost see a cloud of demonic spirits oozing from his lips with word he spoke. Thank God some people did have the sense and courage to get up and walk out as he indicated at one point

    I thought it was interesting that he said “God is big enough to handle this”. As he so arrogantly said. That one thing he said was true. Yes God is big enough to handle it. But the question is , is HE be enough to handle how God will handle him if he remains in Sin and rebellion. He will find out sooner than he thinks

    My question is where are all the Preachers of the gospel that GOD has delivered. They’d better stop trying to hide like Esther, I know my husband’s not the only one …. They were brought to the Kingdom for such a time as this

    Its time to take a stand

  44. @Dee-I agree where are they at? Because we know they are out there. Them coming out and telling the world what God has done for them would be such a charge to the saints.

    Also, where are the strong men of God who have not been homosexual, but are willing to take a stand against this evil?

    I’m one….where are you my brothers????

  45. People of God: You have just seen a video produced by Baal Productions with headquarters in Babylon. Bishop Swilley is so
    mad, confused, angry, lost and deceived that it is chilling to see what is the end result when we twist God’s word to suit our
    God has given him over to a reprobate mind because he has mocked God and continues to mock God with his statement that the Word of God is not infalliable and that Paul the Apostle simply missed it with his declarations in the N.T.
    Bishop Swilley’s “wife” compounds the errors by her complicity with him. Anyone remember Annanias and Sapphira?
    For the blinded sheep that applauded this gibberish, may they come to a knowledge of the truth because if they stay there with
    that apostate, they will go from deception to more deceptions.
    That video should be studied by anyone who wants to engage in the process of “dis-entangling” error.
    Volumes could be written about Swilley’s utterances.
    He has renounced God and has trashed the Word of God for the love of his flesh being satisfied.
    When the name of Kim Clement was mentioned, I knew then that Swilley was in terrible company with such a false prophet.
    If you were to study “frame by frame” his body language, and eyes and tone and diction, you are seeing what happens when people
    have itching ears to hear what they want to ear.
    Swilley would rather face the flames of hell for all of eternity than to confess his sins and repent.
    That is how deep he is in with this deception from Satan.
    It is an extremely difficult video to watch since what he says literally curdles milk and you want to advert your eyes since it is so painful to watch this man determined to try to justify sin and yet “serve” God. You can imagine his mental torment in trying to do that juggling act…and all for naught.
    Will he and others like Pearson and a host of others receive mercy from God and come to their senses and return home?
    Only God knows but from what has been revealed, take this video as a warning that Satan lurks around seeking someone to devour.
    Being devoured includes listening to false doctrine and agreeing to it because it fits your worldview and not of the Word of God.
    Saints of God, contend for the faith!

  46. This man and this woman sat up in church and pastored people all those years and deceived them. They BOTH lived a lie. She thought she was going to change him years ago, but that hasn’t happened. They have no integrity, now they are BOTH manipulating these people. I knew this was coming in the church and to try to compare it with how people eat is ridiculous. When he got to Sodom and Gom. I couldn’t listen to any more. These people are going to hell. I’m literally shaking my head right now. THE GREAT FALLING AWAY IS AT HAND. This man does not believe in God so therefore he is reprobate. I wouldn’t waste my time with him. I say let these people go their own way because it is what THEY have chosen and let us not waste our time giving pearls to swine. He is filthy just like his Uncle was. It looks like the whole family is filthy including the ex-wife. It’s time for us to start using our spiritual discernment to find the real remnants of God and bring them to him because most churches are going to go this way.

  47. We have to stand against this evil and it’s going to be one messy, messy fight. We are going to be persecuted like never before because Satan is cunning and he is a master manipulator, but God is Greater than anything so we will win

  48. Lafe @Nan: Nan you said it right. They have chosen this path of
    following this “fooler” of people and apparently the majority of them are quite comfortable with it. When they clap and applause
    for error, they are at a serious state of being cut off from grace.
    For them to approve of his behavior and that of his “wife” is to
    throw your lot in with deception and evil.
    SWilley has chosen to cherry pick those verses that suit his
    seared conscience and also to debunk the Apostle Paul!
    What an effrontery! Swilley might as well as claimed that the Holy Spirit was in error in providing the N.T. texts.
    To do so, I would be in deadly fear of being hit by lightning or
    being bitten by a snake where there are no snakes!
    That is how serious this is. Swilley is on dangerous grounds.If someone can not reach him with truth or if any of his fellow
    pastors are not willing to confront him, Swilley will be in the hands of an angry God.
    Not a good place to be when you trample upon the shed blood of His Son, Jesus the Christ.

  49. I have just seen the video clip of his speech and can’t beleive that anyone could fall for his obvious lie. All I can say is when all someone does is go on about them selves, saying how well they done, how they deserve medals or whatever, that is a sign of how they really think, me, God would be the focus and not himself.

  50. Brother Foster…that is appalling about Cynthia Clawson…I had missed that thread…I hadn’t known that she has so apostazised…

    I am so disgusted with these gutless ‘christians’ that are swept up by anything in our evil times instead of standing on the Rock of Jesus…

    Unbelievable….what next I wonder???

  51. I watched this video in its entirety last night, and to say that I am shocked by what I heard is a gross understatement. This was heresy at its finest. However, in reading the New Testament, there are key verses that predict much of this heretical behavior. Certain verses come to mind: I Timothy 4: 1 – 3, 2 Timothy 4: 2 – 4 and 2 Peter 2: 1 – 3. The Bible has warned us time and time again about the last days deception and heresy. “Be Not Deceived” is a common theme throughout parts of the New Testament. “Watch and Pray” has taken on a much stronger meaning for me personally.

    I used to attend a traditional Church of God (Pentecostal) church. I am now married to a Southern Baptist minister. My former COG church gradually became very Charismatic in worship and style. Eventually, a huge church was built with a black ceiling, and the whole feel evoked the feeling of being in a theater and not a church.

    Even before this new building was built, homosexuals began to creep into the church. One in particular (even with all of the rumors swirling about his drinking and his homosexuality) was given a prime spot on the praise team. Our choir director who was married with children was rumored (from people outside the church) to be gay. Charismatic choruses replaced the traditional hymns, and “the move of the Spirit” to them meant singing a chorus over and over and over, to the point of exhaustion. At times, it sounded more like chants. Strange spirits literally began to take over the church, and people who had been in the church for years were dispatched from their positions. They obviously wanted the “old-timers” with the wisdom out of the way.

    In this church and during the building program, if anyone voiced an honest opposition to the spending of millions of dollars, we had the opportunity to listen to Sunday sermons about “murmuring, gossiping, negativity and troublemakers”. I believe that this was a chosen tactic to silence those who “raise a question” about anything that doesn’t look right. Long, long story short – the church finally split down the middle. Thank God, I came to my senses and had left several years before.

    My point in all of this: Evil and heresy has been gradually infiltrating the church for the last 20 – 30 years. Sermons have been watered down to sermonettes. The prosperity gospel has replaced the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Church buildings no longer look like church buildings. They look like nightclubs on a cruise ship – dark ceilings, theater lights, loud sound systems, massive screens, and an overall dark feel. People sing on praise teams in mini-skirts and tight-fitting jeans. Obvious homosexuals are involved in the music programs. Most importantly, you no longer feel the presence of God, but feel a seducing spirit that has taken over the entire worship experience. It breaks my heart.

    We must stay in constant prayer, asking God for wisdom and discernment, in order to not be deceived in the last days. Before it’s over, I think we’re going to see a mass exodus from the God-given truth of the scripture. What we have witnessed in this video is only the beginning. Fasten your seatbelts!

  52. Magnolia thank you so much for posting your story. Everyone needs to read this and beware. The seduction is slow and methodical but make no mistake satan is using the portals of music and “ministry” as his main inroad into the church. And his goal is to takeover, not co-exist.

    I strongly encourage every person when the Holy Spirit opens your eyes to whats going on, speak up and fight back. If you have to leave dont leave without them knowing that you know and wont participate in this madness.

  53. Moderator,
    I see that my previous response was not posted. Is this because I changed my name from LB to Stand for Truth? I used LB the very first time I posted. I would like to post under Stand for Truth, but if a anme cannot be changed, I understand; I would just like to know. If you want to verify that I am the same peron, you may send me an email and I will reply. Please advise.

    GCMW: As a rule I dont allow postings under different “names”. But if you want to change it then thats acceptable. Thanks.

  54. This is my first visit to your site, and the first I have heard of “Bishop” Jim Swilley. While I will reserve comments on the accusations until I research the issue, I found the video quite disturbing–in and of itself.

    In Luke 6:25-26, Jesus warned: “Woe to you who are well-fed now, for you shall be hungry. Woe to you who laugh now, for you shall mourn and weep. Woe to you when all men speak well of you, for their fathers used to treat the false prophets in the same way.”

    The speaking well of a mere man, the laughter and nonchalant attitude, and the condoning of filthy profanity is enough to send up red flags of discernment.

    Bud Press

  55. I have been to this church (Church in the Now) several times since 1998 when my brother’s family started going to it. We lived out of the country, so our visits were sporadic. The deception got thicker and thicker as time went on. During one message at Christmas time the sermon theme was about the shepherds at night who were terrified by the revelation from heaven about the birth of Christ. His twist to this story was that he and his church had the revelations about truth, and other shepherds who can’t handle “the light” are cringing in the dark. After this latest “night of revelation” I commented on his Facebook about his concern for teenage gays committing suicide. I commented that we, of course, should not bully or make fun of homosexuals, but rather lovingly show them their lifestyle is wrong, they must repent and receive forgiveness and then submit to the lordship of Jesus. They should not live in the ethereal realm of trying to find “acceptance” while living a sinful lifestyle. As a result of this, Mr. Swilley blocked my access to his Facebook page. Please pray for my brother and sister-in-law – they are sticking with this man. My heart is broken about it.

  56. Heres the real trick behind this. They will see a rush of gay and lesbian people come to this church. The best music and charisma and a seemingly “free” spirit of “liberty” will be in that place. There will be so much emotion and tears and acceptance. This man is saying the Word I teach is all God but my life is “my life”.

    Dont be fooled. God will tell this man I never knew you. Because His heart is deceived. This man just like all of us is a spirit He posesses a soul (mind will and emotions) and He lives in a Body. His Body is related to His purpose. Homosexuality is not about the spirit it is about the flesh. Thats it!

  57. Jim–so sorry about your family. What deception. Does anyone here think it’s strange/peculiar why NONE of the local news organizations have yet reported it?

  58. How do know for sure Bishop Clarence Mcclendon was involved in the Earl Paulk case/mess? If this is true it explains how he could divorce his first wife and mary his second wife seven days later. And rumour has it Mcclendon has children out-of-wedlock also. Somebody with the facts weigh in!!

  59. what is the gospel? What gospel is he called to preach? I have always, always, always. Orientation….tied to people of color….

  60. Here is a letter I addressed to Jim Swilley:
    Dear Jim,
    You haven’t heard from me for a while, and I ask your forgiveness. I had actually meant to address some questionable topics I had noticed in your messages during our rare visits to the USA and your church, and then I noticed that CITN is listed as link on the website “Complete Restoration in Christ”. There is so much on that website that does not line up with the word of God that I wrote a paper dealing with the issues presented there.
    Due to recent developments at CITN, and because my brother and his family, who I care deeply about, have submitted themselves to you and your leadership for a number of years, I feel compelled to address some serious issues now. Yesterday on your Facebook page I presented the biblical way of dealing with those in the gay lifestyle – and with those in any other kind of sin for that matter. You have been very concerned about the rash of teen suicides among gays, and so am I, but our ways of seeing the solution are worlds apart. I had hoped to provoke some discussion about God’s way of delivering those caught in such lifestyles rather than just creating an atmosphere where they could remain in a pseudo sense of well-being and acceptance without repenting and turning to God. God’s way out is complete, and fulfillment can be found by walking with God. Our minds can be completely renewed by the word of God. A man’s renewed soul can purpose to live as God created him to be, both physically and emotionally – as well as being a loving and nurturing father and husband. The enemy knew your potential to become a man of God, and worked on you and with you to nurture and strengthen the homosexual thoughts and tendencies you had from a young age. The prince of the power of the air is constantly at work to make us enemies of God in our minds first – then in our minds and in our deeds (Ephesians 2:2)
    I watched a good portion of your message on October 13th, and I am deeply concerned – both for you and the members of CITN who will remain under your teaching. Paul said that the unrighteous will not inherit the Kingdom of God, and warned us not to be deceived: neither will ….passive or active homosexual partners (two technical Greek terms, literally “soft males” and “men who lie with men”)…..and such were some of you – but you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God (1 Corinthians 6:9-11). What does it mean not to inherit the Kingdom of God? Jesus said many will come to him and say “Lord, Lord…” but he will answer “I never knew you. Depart from me, you workers of iniquity”. We can end up preaching “another Jesus” than the one presented in the Bible.
    Since you made the public statement that you are gay, as opposed to Paul’s statement: “and such were some of you” -then what remains is for you to turn away from it as all people are to turn away from anything that God says is unrighteous and allow him to wash you, sanctify you and justify you. Instead of justifying this sin, renounce it wholeheartedly and teach the congregation how to live as Jesus taught us.
    I also strongly urge you to seriously evaluate your belief that Paul didn’t get it right when talking about sexual relationships. Stepping out on a branch like that – your word against his – will mean that you will not inherit the Kingdom of God if you are wrong. Neither would I lightly set aside what God said about homosexuality in the OT. If he said it was wrong then, he is not going to change his mind about it just because it is popular and politically correct in our “enlightened” society.
    I urge you to take these words to heart – your eternal destiny is at stake, and those that you are teaching such things to.


    Jim Courter

  61. I am glad that I am at the age where I can be considered Generation X. I am glad that it is scientifically supported that people like me still have a way of forming new rational mindsets. I am sad that it also supported that those who considered to be ‘middle aged’ do not have this capability. It is these reasons that racism and segregation lasted so long.

    But I have a sense of hope. No matter what is being said here, a new time is coming. A new generation is coming and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. People are breaking away from old stereotypes and assumptions and old mindsets to understand the world we truly are dealing with.

    I am an upcoming neurologist and I find it interesting that so many people can be so ignorant as to believe they fully understand the biological complexity of the human body. Have most of you done some sort of medical research to be such experts?

    A child can be born with cross-genitalia suggesting physically there are two different sexes at work. If you do not understand that hormones and neurological pathways can form in much the same way, than I am not so sure you are in the position to make the kind of cases you do.

    I am not a biblical scholar but there are many aspects in the Bible that we have progressed from that, in that time, would have gotten you stoned, killed, etc. Maybe this topic is not something we fully understand from a Biblical standpoint, as much as we like to play God and pretend we do.

    But one day we will. I look forward to that day. I have so much hope in this world. I have hope in my generation. I have hope in love and an understanding of mankind. Please do patronize me and assume I am naive and ill informed. I am very informed. But I am not going to watch religion tear down the people I love.

    God Bless you all. God Bless all those who are in the position of struggling with homosexuality and acceptance. I have hope it one day will be. God Bless Pastor Swilley. He is going to have it very tough journey but I do believe God placed him here for a reason. A very important reason.

  62. Sorry Pastor Foster, I could not listen to this any longer. This is really scary, the emotional manipulation was too much. And when that didn’t work, he tried reasoning and guilt-if you have a family member that’s gay, please stand up; that’s when I turned it off. And man is a liar thinking that everything is okay with his wife and children; only time will expose the damage.
    Keep pressing the battle to the gate~

  63. Lady D, I dont blame you at all. That video is worse that the worse horror movie Ive ever watched cause its real life. I really wish I could see the faces of the people so that I can feel some sort of empathy for them. I know one thing had it been me, knowing what I know now…it would have been titanic up in there. But so many are blindsided by this and these wicked men like Swilley and his silly wife take full advantage of it.

  64. @Alesha-get real lol your earthly wisdom has fooled you and you’re really spiritually bankrupt and ignorant. Actually read the bible to find out the truth, and you don’t have to be a bible scholar to understand it.

  65. @gcmwatch, it just grieved me so deeply. I was raised in a cult and very familiar with these tactics. These blindsided people are usually shipwrecked and lost. Spirits of perversion and wickness will have a field day amongst those that stay in that faux church.
    This situation is very grievous indeed~

  66. Lae @Alesha: Alesha, by your obtuse comments you are showing that
    you are not born again because you have thrown in your lot with
    a people and a person who are/is apostate from the orthodox faith as revealed in the Word of God.
    Alesha, science can last a million years and it will never trump
    any truth as revealed in the holy scriptures. The scriptures do not look to worldly wisdom for its vindication or validation.
    For you to practically condone Bishop Swilley indicates that you are yet far from the Kingdom of God.
    No, God is not going to bless Bishop Swilley and his lies and
    distortions and for you to say such nonsense is indicative that you need Biblical counsel as to where exactly are you with Jesus
    being your Savior and Lord.
    Am I judging you? Yes, with righteous judgment from the Word of God for we can judge one’s fruit and one’s testimony and one’s deeds.
    If you can view that video and come away trying to rationalize
    sin and the craftiness of Satan as he is sifting that church as
    wheat and chaff, you are blinded to the power of sin and deception.
    I do not care if you have eight post doctorate degrees from the
    most distinguished universities in the world, when it comes to
    matters of the spirit, you need spiritual discernment and of which you have zero, nada, zilch…nothing.
    Bishop Swilley is in deep sin and appears to have seared his conscience by his attempts to justify his sin and lifestyle and his wife is “co-signing” his foolishness and those gullible church members are being deceived to their own eternal harm if they swallow those lies.
    Alesha…you need to repent and believe the gospel.

  67. Jim–you forgot the comment he made about eye color being the same as “gayness”…inborn, and how JESUS said, “And if your eye causes you to sin, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to enter life with one eye than to have two eyes and be thrown into the fire of hell.”–Matthewe 18:9….

  68. I honestly have never heard anything as terrible as this. He is a sick. This man is ridiculous

    How could the people just sit there? anyway, this is no Church!

  69. Amen Lady D, I can feel it your comments. This is deeply grevious what this man has done to these people.

  70. I mean the people are sitting there laughing it up as it is a joking matter, as if him saying the Word of God doesnt really means what is says is a joke.

    I cannot watch the whole thing in one sitting, this is painful!

    Proverbs 1:25-27
    25 Because you disdained all my counsel,
    And would have none of my rebuke,
    26 I also will laugh at your calamity;
    I will mock when your terror comes,
    27 When your terror comes like a storm,
    And your destruction comes like a whirlwind,
    When distress and anguish come upon you.

  71. I’m with BrDAvision and the others. Where are the men of God, black, white, Baptist, A/G, independent, etc., etc.?? As a BODY of leaders, this needs to be confronted head on and dealt with by the saints in ATLANTA before persecution wipes all of us out. He needs to be coaxed into either: 1.getting Godly psychological help AND stepping down(an intervention), or 2. just step down, close that church and be done with it. He is BRINGING shame on the ENTIRE body of Christ, leading the vulnerable to HELL with him, and destroying his kids and parents. His ex-wife doesn’t give a rip either way. I hope this comes about very soon.

    I STILL can’t believe how silent the media and Atlanta pastors are about it.

  72. CJ, I am thinking so many of these “Pastors” have a lot of stuff in their closets and they know if they say something they will get blasted.

    There is no way that true men of God could sit down and just allow this filth to be spread.

  73. CJ, we have approached his organization ICCC (where he was the assistant presiding bishop) about their silence. I have sent a list of questions to Bishop David Huskins about the situation and asked him for his response. We are waiting to see if they will respond. Personally I think something else is going on behind the scenes. Swilley was in good with a lot of these leaders and their silence is really disturbing if you ask me. PS: read their history.

  74. shofarsound…well done. Reba Rambo and Dony Mcguire were also mentored by that false prophet Earl Paulk, thus their connection to this as well.

  75. GCMWATCH–a friend of mine who knew a mega-church pastor (he went to school with Creflo Dollar) told me that the Paulks once had/have a connection to the dark element of the Dekalb County Sheriff’s Office, the Dekalb County government and gosh knows what or who else. I sort of thought he was exaggerating until this happened. It may explain some of the silence. Paul’s explanation may as well. There seems to be plenty of skeletons in closets either way.

  76. What’s pretty clear is he is NOT repenting. He’s announcing that he is gay and going on to lamely attempt to justify his homosexuality, an abomination before the Lord. He is showing no remorse, but rather relief to finally get this off his chest in public.

  77. I just found out that Charisma will break the story this week or next…they are working on it as we speak.

  78. I went to his blog. He only posts comments that agree with his nastiness.

    what a bunch of blind people.

  79. People of God: I must agree…where is the hue and cry from the godly pastors in Atlanta and where are the Nathans and Samuels
    that can call out a prophetic word on this madness?
    For this man to state what he is stating and for that foolish congregation to affirm him and condone him, it is mind boggling
    because we are seeing DIRECT evidence of how in the last days people will fall away and how they are accumulating teachers to
    themselves who speak what they want to hear.
    There is a spirit of Ichabod over that “church.” Those that have any spiritual discernment need to leave…flee and run from that apostate group.
    Can you imagine if the Apostles Paul, James and Peter were to visit that church and hear that madness, what they would do in that building? They would probably be arrested for causing a public disturbance before they called down lightning on that
    Swilley has mocked God and impugned the veracity of the Holy Spirit and has called Jesus a liar…He has hit a triple!
    Swilley and his “congregants” are in a dangerous place. Remember Korah’s Rebellion!
    Again, that video should be required viewing for anyone who seeks to see how apostasy ripens and spreads and how Satan crafts his lies to deceive both those who “profess” to know Christ and the gullible ones that have not taken the time to study the Word so
    as to be able to spot error.

  80. Paul N. is correct,

    Swilley is also very aware of this blog. I purposely posted an obscure response with a link to this site, then said I would pray for him. He takes care to know what content goes up which is why I’m sure he’s read this.

    I don’t know how you go about doing this sort of thing, but GCMWatch I think Swilley would be a great person to hold a debate/forum with. I’m pretty sure whatever demons are behind his lies are very aware that this is a very doctrinally and biblically sound site. He’s ignoring people for a reason.

  81. Alexia before we even start talking about debating, this man needs to recant all the religious garbage he heaped upon those people. I cant believe someone who truly cares for the sheep would scatter them in that manner because of his own sexual desires.

    Truly disturbing and he is exhibiting all the traits of a hireling, not a shepherd.

    If he is a shepherd and has neglected his duty for personal pleasure, then “Woe to the shepherds who are destroying and scattering the sheep of my pasture!” declares the LORD. Therefore this is what the Lord, the God of Israel, says to the shepherds who tend my people: “Because you have scattered my flock and driven them away and have not bestowed care on them, I will bestow punishment on you for the evil you have done,” declares the Lord.
    Jer 23:1-3

    If he is a hireling his fate is even worse. Hirelings in scriptures are equated to wolves and false prophets.


  83. Swilley is definitely a hireling….his decision to turn from the faith in such a way proves that he never belonged to God in the first place. Here is scripture to back that up:

    1 John 2:19 (King James Version)

    19They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us: but they went out, that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us.

    John is talking about heretics and false teachers….

  84. Amen denise rucker. I so agree with you and this is the word of the Lord. We should prepare, take up our positions and hold steady until he gives us the word to stand down. Do not be alarmed. Dont fret yourself because of evildoers or be envious of the workers of iniquity, for they shall soon be cut down and wither away even as the grass withers.

    Bishop Swilley that word is for you. Unless you repent, God is going to cut you down and your legacy with wither and perish in his proving fire. Its in your hands to turn back to God and turn around and repent of this wickedness you have done.

  85. false profit swilley, I will not call this man bishop. After listening to this man in this video clip, it is clear that he has no anointing in him. this man and his ministry is of Satan.

  86. Lots of good comments here by my fellow posters. I don’t need or want to duplicate a lot of the good comments that have been made here. But among the multiple things that irritated me during this video, these are 2 of the things that stood out to me the most:

    (1) At 41:04-16 of the video he says Bishop Huskins (head of the ICCC – International Communion of Charismatic Churches) tells him he has to resign from the College of Bishops , but supposedly Huskins told him that “he has no problem with it”. If that’s true, then we have to wonder why the head of this organization has no problem with homosexuality…. Is he a compromiser too? You wonder how many other Pentecostal/Charismatic bishops and pastors out there also privately “have no problem” with homosexuality, but perhaps aren’t stating their position publicly because they know how unpopular that position would be.

    (2) At 34:40 to 35:05 we see an instance of scripture-twisting so egregious I had to keep replaying it over and over to make sure I was hearing him right.
    It clearly sounds like he’s advocating a “Doctrine of Inclusion”/Universal Reconciliation position here. (the heresy Carlton Pearson got caught up in)

    (Notice his false breakdown of the passage in Rev. 22: they [the dogs/sinners] had gone through the lake of fire… they were outside the city, the New Jerusalem… the Spirit come to them and say “come”)
    This lines up with how I’ve heard some doctrine of Inclusion folks explain hell — that hell is just a temporary place where people are punished for a season, then eventually everyone is restored to be with God in heaven. I think we all recognize this is a grave doctrinal error at best, and a downright doctrine of demons at worst. The fact that his congregation would actually stand up and clap after he gives his ridiculous interpretation of that scripture just made me sad, and it showed how doctrinally shallow these poor people are. Again this also makes we wonder how many Pentecostal/Charismatic/Spirit filled churches are falling prey to this particular heresy. The number is probably more than we might think .

    Later, at 1:09: 22 -32 DE Paulk seems to confirm my suspicions that that Swilly does preach the same “Gospel of Inclusion” that Carlton Pearson and Paulk preach.

    This video just further confirms to me what I’ve suspected for years…. that most of America’s churches are filled with Biblically-illiterate people who don’t have the discernment to know when they’re being deceived.

  87. Observer, now that you cracked the door, Im going to say this out in the open. I believe Huskins is another Swilley. Im patiently waiting for him to answer my email to him. I suspect he wont, because the questions may reveal something about himself that he doesnt want to….yet. Swilley basically told on him on the sly so really its a foregone conclusion that this ICCC is headed by another false teacher. Anyone who would uphold a leader who identifies himself as a homosexual has serious problems. The only reason I can see that happening is because Huskins has his hand in the inclusion cookie jar too.

  88. DL,
    That would be quite disturbing, but not shocking.
    Of course, you probably already recognize that the Inclusion gospel is in many ways a close cousin to the New Age philosophies & ecumenical doctrines that are now setting the stage for the coming One World Religion.

    I remember how years ago it seemed almost unthinkable to me that people in Spirit-filled Pentecostal/Charismatic churches would ever buy into that lie…and if so, certainly not on a large scale. But now it’s not so unthinkable at all. Indeed, I’m convinced that ANYONE who becomes spiritually lax or allows their sense of discernment to become dulled can get caught up in this emerging wave of apostasy.

    I still cringe every time I look at that video and see hundreds of sheeple in Swilley’s church standing and applauding his foolishness… not to mention cheering when the ex-wife uses the “s” word in front of all of them. Amazing. And sad.

    Indeed, perilous times are ahead.
    May the Lord strenghthen His people.

  89. Lafe @DL: DL, when you see such a confirmation of Swilley by these misled sheep and they approving of the antics of his profane wife and all the while, these people are “professing” to know the Jesus of the Bible…you are right…perilous times are ahead.
    The church is quickly being lulled to sleep (some would state that it is ALREADY asleep) and error is coming in both the front
    door and the back door.
    You would want to think that at LEAST one of those cheering people would be able to wade through the nonsense that Swilley was passing out with a steam shovel, but no…they sat there and cheered and clapped as if he was concluding a circus event!
    Sad…sad…sad. That church is emblematic of the lack of Biblical knowledge that is in too many churches.
    I recently left a church because the pastor was getting caught up in the NAR and dominionism and when brought to his attention, their many errors, he balked and kept on pushing it forward.
    God is placing a spirit of Ichabod on many churches that refuse to follow the truth as found in the Word of God and they will be
    defenseless when the demonic doctrines that Swilley is propagating hits them with hurricane force because they have believed a lie and are comfortable with believing it.
    Their hearts will be harden and they will go from error to error.
    Saints of God…examine all things and prove all things.

  90. I agree: perilous (fearful) times are ahead…picture homosexuals being able to marry, and if your pastor refuses to marry someone, the ACLU is unleashed on him in fury. Eventually, laws will be passed imprisoning pastors who speak out against homosexuality…VERY near future if false prophets like him continue to increase,as well as the government and culture continue to go downhill.

  91. I am convinced that false doctrine breeds sexual sin. CITN is a millinium now church. They preach we are living in the Millinium Reign now. They also teach other such false doctrines such as prosperity, name and claim it, and Word of Faith. I have been involved with some of the very players on this video and some mentioned by name that are not on the actual video and this is a strange group spiritually.
    Romans 1 tells us that these men make a concious decision to turn from God and the results are believing they are wise when they are not…heart turning cold… and then God turns them over to …what also seems to be sexual sin. In the OT it seemed to be leprosy but in the NT and today it seems to be sexual sin and usually homosexuality. Roman 1 tells us do not think that these men are happenstance with their situation. That they were born a certain way or society somehow cause their situation. Roman 1 says that these men made a decision to follow a path that turned them away from God and they conciously made this decision and the result of this is what we see now. Homosexuality.

  92. Who is publicly persecuted more, Christians or Gays? If someone approached any of you and asked you to please stop being a Christian, would you, could you? Do you honestly think that a gay person would choose to be ridiculed, judged, condemned, a social outcast, cut-off from family members, discriminated against in housing, employment, etc. etc.?

    The issue is that we no longer value honesty and transparency. We rather people put on a halo every Sunday, quote a few scriptures, and proceed to be something that they are not. It takes more faith and courage to be open and honest about who you are and your true sexual orientation than to hide behind a bible and a steeple, and claim to be the “obedient and chosen.” When I read the New Testament, all I find is open rebukes from Jesus to self-righteous religious people. Why do the majority of these posts convey the idea that homosexuality is some end-time sign? Homosexuality has been around ever since the beginning of time. It’s been a subculture for centuries. It’s not deception on the rise, it’s honesty on the rise.

    I feel like God is mourning the fact that His people have an opportunity to extend love (pass the test), but they keep shutting the door on the souls that He truly loves. And this test will keep coming around and getting harder because His people have failed the greatest law, “Love Your Neighbor as You Love Yourself.” No where in that commandment is a distinction between gay and straight.

    If you have a cure homosexuality, then I know a community of thousands of people who would love the cure. Our reality, like this awesome man of God, Jim Swiley, had said, we just don’t wake up one day and decide that will oppose God and be on Satan’s side. Who in their right mind would? I mean, really!

    Swiley’s confession is something the Body of Christ needs. It shows you that He has no agenda for falsely leading his flock into believing he is a heterosexual. He has everything to lose and nothing to gain from this confession. A deceiver keeps on deceiver and never tells the truth.

  93. GCM,

    Will you really only post responses that agree with you? Wow. And this is the nature of the beast and the battle. The Church can’t have diplomatic dialogue with people with opposing views.

    GCMW: Per our comment policy which has been in place for the last 3 years all FIRST TIME COMMENTS are automatically held for moderation. Had you taken time to read, you would have known that. No apology needed. Secondly, had you taken the time to read, you would notice that out of the over 13,000 comments posted there are hundreds if not more of dissenting remarks (some of them extremely acidic) and “diplomatic dialogue”. The fact that your comment is here is more than proof of that. Again, no apology needed.

  94. GCM,

    Do you have a ministry of attack the bride of Christ? Or are you moved with compassion to fast and pray on the behalf of the entire body of Christ? I’m vexed to know that I’ve been at this site on several occassion, and just like many churches, I would never feel invite one lost soul because God’s love is not present here. It’s all hate, judgment, attack, mean-spirited mockery.

  95. DL,
    Reba Rambo and Donnie McGuire pastor in Nashville (The River). They are under Huskin’s covering. Go to their church website and look under “Ministries”.

    Here’s the website:

    This church is an openly gay affirming church.
    This is no secret.Put the dots together.

    They are also associated with Bishop Swilley and his church.
    Look under “partner minsitries”

    One their church website, they use to state that they did not discriminate regardless of sexual orientation. I notice that was removed.

    GCMW: Thanks so much for this CelebrateJ. I knew there were some untoward linkups with these folks. The trail always leads back to homosexual inclusion. I will use this in my forthcoming follow up article on Jim Swilley.

  96. June, there is no truth to your statement. You say that becuase you hold to a belief that homosexuality is right in Gods sight.

    Proverbs 27:5
    5 Open rebuke is better
    Than love carefully concealed.

    Jim Swilley is no great man.

    Matthew 7:26
    And every one that heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand

    The Church in no way needs confessions such as Swilley. Demeaning the word of God and causing confusion and telling outright LIES!

    What the Church needs is confessions and repentance, not someone bashing the scriptures and defending their sin.

    1 John 1:9
    9 If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

  97. June said: “I feel like God is mourning the fact that His people have an opportunity to extend love (pass the test), but they keep shutting the door on the souls that He truly loves. And this test will keep coming around and getting harder because His people have failed the greatest law, “Love Your Neighbor as You Love Yourself.” No where in that commandment is a distinction between gay and straight.”

    @June-That’s your error right there….your feelings have nothing to do with what God is or is not doing. Learn to discern the will of God based on the scriptures and not your feelings.

  98. This is for June:
    I wrote this above, and I had written it as part of my letter to Jim Swilley mentioning this passage, but here it is again.
    Paul said that the unrighteous will not inherit the Kingdom of God, and warned us not to be deceived: neither will ….passive or active homosexual partners (two technical Greek terms, literally “soft males” and “men who lie with men”)…..and such were some of you – but you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God (1 Corinthians 6:9-11). What does it mean not to inherit the Kingdom of God? Jesus said many will come to him and say “Lord, Lord…” but he will answer “I never knew you. Depart from me, you workers of iniquity”. We can end up preaching “another Jesus” than the one presented in the Bible.
    It is not mean-spirited or an attack on the bride of Christ to warn someone who is deceived and living in sin that they need to change their ways. The bride of Christ has been washed, sanctified and justified, and some of the body of Christ WERE homosexuals. Mr. Swilley IS homosexual, justifying it and celebrating it. There is no virtue in itself of being honest. If people on this site hated Jim Swilley they would leave him to his devices, but he is on the path to destruction, as well as those he is deceiving. He said at the CITN service that we can’t trust the words of the “straight” authors of the Bible. How can you justify this “theology?”

  99. I’m not here to argue. It really is a waste of time and energy. I’m not personally attacking anyone. I’m just watching how God is bringing gay Christians to the forefront while His ‘self-righteous’ saints become more inflamed with hatred and anger.
    I’m not a promoter of ‘gay activity,’ I’m a promoter of people being fully transparent without the fear of ‘church cultic bible thumpers’ running them out the city. The gay Christian movement is growing. Keep watching. Keep judging. Keep condemning. It really only perpertuates the resistance and drives more and more gay people to those who embrace them. So websites like this will continue to keep ‘preaching the choir,’ because gay people, in general, are moving on with life.

    God loves homosexuals! I know it pains you to know that, but He does. He’s not threatened nor intimidated by them. After all, He is the creator of all life.

    I’m out. No more poison for me. I rather go out and love the one than to bicker and polish the halos of the 99.

  100. June, youve already argued so get real and stop all the possumizing. Take your religious garbage and go dump it somewhere else. Youre speaking with the tongue of a serpent. eception, lies and rebellion DOES NOT pay off with God I dont care how you dress it up. Frankly Im glad youre moving on so quickly because I have low tolerance for people who surreptiously spread lies.

  101. @gcmwatch – “And let the “TRUE CHURCH OF GOD” say AMEN” on your last comment to June!

    It just blows me away how my awesome Saviour, the Chief Cornerstone Himself, Jesus, can be a “stepping stone” to some, yet at the same time a “stumbling block” to other’s. Oh the wonders of the gospel of Christ!

  102. @Godlysoldier-wow you said it right there, the message is but a stumbling block to June. But to me and you and others who stand behind the truth, it has the power to save our souls…..that is a wonder right there….Lord help them….

  103. A love and sin and darkness always causes people to stumble.

    As far as going out and loving the one…

    Matthew 15:14 14 Let them alone. They are blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind leads the blind, both will fall into a ditch.”

  104. June throws out statements and condemns others and when they retort and offer scriptures…. she throws her nose up in the air and says, ” I won’t argue it is such a waste of time.”
    Jim Earl Swilly is a con man. If he was telling truth about being gay since 4 (he is lying when his mouth is moving) then your Holy Man of God is a liar. By his own words. Did he apologize on his video for being a liar? Or, did he try and play on the emotions of his congregation by sighting suicides and deaths and beatings of poor gays.Did Jim apologize for a marriage that was a lie, a ministry that was a lie, and church that was a lie? Did he seek the forgiveness of the very people he lied to…or did he turn it around and throw it all back in your faces and make you feel bad because he is gay? Typical con man…The prison systems are full of them. They should have chosen the church to do their conning.

    Memo to congregants of this false reality circus called Church In The Now…When some says the Word of God is NOT infallible…RUN!!!!
    When someone blames the apostle Paul for “getting it wrong”….RUN!!!!!
    When someone tells you that a chapter of the Bible (leviticus) is useless….RUN!!!!!

    These fake and phoney con men that run so deep in his family bloodline make a mockery of the church and the Word of God. They are con men first…and chose what it is their family knows…church business…as their vehicle for conning YOU out of money and creating enormous wealth for themselves. They are sugary sweet talkers who could talk the paint off the walls…if it wasn’t the church… they would be conning people in a different way. But here in the south with so many gullible sheep and all that money…this is the best and legal way to get rich! But I can hardly blame these pathetic old southern con men…I blame the moronic followers who are so absent from the Truth, and retarded spiritually that they follow a heretic into the gates of hell.
    Welcome to the End Times hope you are enjoying the show!

  105. This video is a must see for anyone concerned about the state of the church, or anyone who is a discernor of the Word…because Jimmy is slick. Example: He is talking about whether homosexuality is an abomination (34:27) he says “many things are an abomination”…he then looks to his congregation and says “Most of you have done 2 or 3 things today.”
    This is a ploy to trick the sheep into believing they are just like him. It is used to show how he is just like you are me. we’re all alike.
    Then he says, “even in the last chapter of the bible..(Rev.22:15 and 22:17) it says that the “dogs” (implying dogs mean gay)are left outside the city….but the spirit and the bride COME TO THEM and say come.” He first fakes cry at this point and the sheep rise to their feet in applause.
    The problems is the bible KJV- DOES NOT SAY THIS. It says: For without are dogs, and sorcerors (which is what a spiritual manipulator is) and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters and whoever LOVETH and MAKETH A LIE…(which Jimmy makes a lot of). Okay that is 22:15
    Then Jimmy jumps over to 22:17 after Christ talks of having His angel testify in the churches….22:17 says: And the Spirit and the bride say come. (not ‘came to the sinners,’ and said come)
    22:17 is a completly new subject which speaks to the reader about coming to Christ.
    The Spirit and the bride do NOT turn to the sinners and say come!! Jimmy is adding to the Word to make a point and most will not compare his little tirade to the scriptures as admonished in Acts 17:11. Just adding three words “came to them” he completely changed the meaning of the scriptures to meet his lifestyle.
    He must also be a Universal Reconciliationist. Believing ALL people go to heaven…from the way he distorted the scriptures in this verse.

  106. This video is just a good example of the “church” that God calls “lukewarm” and I can’t imagine any born again Christian believing Swilley’s manipulation and interpretation of God’s Word.
    He definitely sounds like a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” and in the last days the Bible warns us to beware of such people.
    As far as gay people are concerned, yes, God loves them the same as He loves all of humanity. But God hates SIN, period. And its our sins that separates us from the love of God.

  107. Man I Have always Liked this man Or Whatever the heck he is now !!!!!!!!All i can say is he’s just following a New thing ( He is Deceived )Like so many of these so-called Gays…This is ridiculous…He makes so many excuses in this video…It is so sad !!!!!!What He may never be with a Man…what is his purpose to bring this up now ????????? I am so disappointed in the way he is going about this…It just isn’t right !!!!

  108. Wow. Where to begin? It is apparent that the apostates in the church today are certainly being brought into the light. They certainly are slick at how they twist the truth of God’s Word for their benefit whether it be for financial or immoral gain.

    The scary thing was when Mr. Swilley stated that the Bible was inspired but not infallible. That should have sent people running for the door. But as a previous poster said, these ingnorant sheeple have had previous teachings that set them up to accept this untruth. The sheeple who sit under these leaders have lost their ability to rightly discern the Word of God because they have set under a perverse spirit for so long.

    I know of what I speak as I had to leave my church of almsot 20 years because of the immoral lifestyles of the Bishop in that church and other leaders there, as well as the false doctrine that goes forth. That combined with a very authoritative style of leadership where as a previous poster mentioned, you are not allowed to question anything and if you do, you are told to be quiet or there’s the door.

    Not only that, but when people do leave, the good Bishop Michael Pitts comes out with a message to the sheeple that the people who left have an “off” spirit or are disgruntled. And then he brings out his power of agreement message to get the ignorant sheeple all excited about how powerful their agreement is to take dominion and heal the nations.

    The funny thing is that Bishop Michael Pitts was ordained through the ICCC and Daivid Huskins was there for his ceremony. He is also scheduled to preach this Thursday for a miracle service. Furthermore, early on Michael was closely associated with Earl Paulk and Carlton Pearson. CP used to be Michael’s pastor. Eddie Long was also set to preach at Michael’s Heaven on Earth conference the first week of Oct., but Eddie’s people cancelled so as not to leave a bad image at Michael’s conference.

    It is true as previously said, that who these leaders covenant with greatly influences them spiritually and the spirit that is on them gets passed on. As Michael likes to preach, what is on the head flows down, good or bad, truth or perversion of truth. It can’t be any other way and the sheeple under them need to crack open their Bibles and discern things for themselves.

    Michael Pitts’s brother who is the business pastor and the head music minister are both being divorced by their wives for their illicit affairs and immoral lifestyles, and yet these men still grace the platform. Oh yea, Michael gave them a 2 week time out prior to the Heaven on Earth conference & then they were back in good standing for the conference – all about appearances. There are also 2 supposedly “cured” gay members in the dance and music ministry who were and still are good friends. One of them did get married, so I guess that was the proof that he was “cured”.

    In any event as the GCMW author said, the shepherds will be held accountable for having scattered the sheep and driven them away and have not bestowed care for them.

    God help the leaders in churches today who are out for things other than godly gain. And may the sheep under these divisive leaders open their eyes and have the courage to stand up and leave when immorality and false doctrine is openly lived and preached.

  109. This is so awesome. This man is a Saint, every time I think the world is taking a turn for the worse someone steps forward to remind me that there really is good in this world, that hypocrisy and ignorance don’t have to win, and that there are still Christians who believe above all else in the doctrine of Jesus Christ to love all, and to treat all as one would want to be treated.

    God is love. All love. I hope Angels cheer when he arrives in Heaven.

  110. @Nick-you can’t be serious? The bible says: “I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just person, which need no repentance.” Luke 15:7 But when someone who knows the truth rejects it….there is no place to cheer…only to mourn buddy.

  111. @brdavision

    The bible also says that a father has rights to be paid for his daughter, and if you marry a woman in secret or sleep with her without marriage that you owe her father a dowry.
    GCMW: Please cite the texts you are referencing so that we can see if you are using them properly.

    The bible is not an instruction manual. Think about our Lord Christ. Did he ever just tell the people with him how to behave? Did he give a list of instructions and just say “follow them!”?
    GCMW: The bible is an instructional manual able to make a person aware of God’s salvation. 2 Tim 3:15

    No, he did not. God tried that with the ten commandments. Our imperfections had that not working out all that well. So he sends his son, but significantly he sends his son with allegory, metaphor, and example. Every Christian child I’ve ever met who could speak in complete sentences knows what a “parable” is.

    The Bible is a collection of allegorical stories. It is something meant to be considered, and it must be looked at within the historical context to when it was written. God handed us one book over a thousand years ago and we’re still pretending like it’s got modern day instructions. Instead of taking the book, learning from it, and incorporating that education into our daily lives we have people who parrot from it. Who pick and choose as you just did individual passages which seem to justify whatever they particularly want to support or believe.

    Jesus taught love. He taught that the sinners need more love than the rest, because they are the ones who must be saved. He taught understanding, compassion, and many other concepts which are entirely absent from the anti-homosexual sentiments expressed by most Christians who show up on public media.
    GCMW: Hypocrite. If you dont think the bible is appropriate for modern day instructions, why are you cherry picking passages on love which are more than 1000 years old?

    I call anyone who reads this to examine their own behavior. Are you carrying God’s love into the world? Are you being an example of Jesus’s sacrifice for all members of humanity, or are you using your faith to denigrate others because you do not understand or agree with them?
    GCMW: No we are saying homosexuality is a sin just like God did. And we are saying that anyone who engages or approves of it is not of God, just like the bible says. There’s no need to examine one’s own behavior to simply state an irrevocable truth.

    Someone above me said it. You may not like it, but God loves homosexuals too. I remember hearing the joking phrase “God looks out for drunks and beggars, I guess he’ll look out for you too” when I was younger.
    GCMW: No one here said God didnt love homosexuals why make that an issue when it is a moot point?

    I don’t care what you think or what you agree with. A man finds himself to be homosexual. We have scientific evidence that homosexuality has physical causes, that brain chemistry is different between a straight man and a gay man.
    GCMW: What you have a educated lies spread by people with an personal agenda. Unfortunately you have drank the gay koolaid too.

    We see that between the 10 commandments and the coming of Christ that God changed his standards. He made unclean animals clean. He moved from an eye for an eye to turn the other cheek. Through his son he told us that we must cooperate, love, and form communities which allow us to spread that love further.
    GCMW: God has never changed his standards. He and his word remain unchangeable. Mal 3:6, Ps 119:89

    How can we not think, that with so many people coming forward at homosexuals that God has changed his stance again? How can we assume that religious leaders who serve themselves, that the catholic church who hides pedophiles and the evangelicals who chuckle about how they wish all “fags would die” like the arkansas school board rep who recently lost his job are really the ambasaddors for God anymore.
    GCMW: What does any of that have to do with the price of tea in China? None of your examples have anything to do with God’s standards of sexual expression.

    I believe that organized Christianity has turned away from God. I believe that the intention behind Jesus’s sacrifice was to send the message that God wants a relationship with each and every person, he doesn’t want to be the man hiding in the tabernacle for the Jewish Minister once a year. I believe that religion wants control, money, and power, and that they infringe upon individual spirituatlity. The Catholic Church is the worst offender, trying to make themselves the sole conduit between God and the people, and the sole conduit for remorse, repentance, and forgiveness.
    GCMW: Youre right about religion, youre wrong about God and his word.

    But many other sects are equally or almost as self serving.

    The answers lie not in church or the bible, but in the heart God gave you. Is hate ever right?

    Jesus said no.
    GCMW: Yes, hate is right when you hate the things that God hates. Amos 5:21, Proverbs 6:16. Its pretty clear you are talking about a god of your own imagination.

  112. I am ashamed to say that my family and I used to attend that place, I cannot even attempt to call it a house of prayer. When a good friend of mine told me about what Bishop Swilley said, I literally cried. I was so angry. I felt betrayed (tricked even). I was outraged!

    I saw the subtle yet obvious shift in the “Vision” after a few years there. I would come to church to find Art Galleries in the foyer (on Sunday no doubt), there was a “Cafe”, a bookstore, and even talk of making a movie theater. I couldn’t help but be reminded of an angry Jesus, whipping the merchants out of the temple. I heard, and saw many things that provoked me, after awhile I did not trust myself in the sanctuary, so I began to work in the Children’s ministry. I didn’t trust myself because many times I felt the urge to openly rebuke the things that he was preaching. There was a lottery that was campaigned as “Covenant Connection” on Sunday where people would buy a ticket with numbers on it, and pay one dollar. At the end of service they would draw the number and “whoever” had the drawn ticket won the money. Does this sound familiar? Of course when people fall in love with the “messenger” they do not pay attention to the deception. Many of those people on the video I know personally. I even attended Bishop Swilley’s uncle’s church, “Cathedral of the Holy Spirit”. Bishop Swilley, Bishop Paulk, Bishop Eddie Long, and many of the very affluent, charismatic clergy all know each other and are well acquainted. Birds of a feather really do flock together. I was so angry at the deception that this man played against the people of God, I really wanted God to strip him of everything, and I believe He will.

    God is not mocked, whatsoever a man sows that which he will also reap. This man is sowing to his flesh, and that is what he will reap. Pray for him, because God is about to send out some ridiculously crazy judgement on those who would play with God and His children.

    Question: Has there ever been a time when a congregation who was deceived by a minister, exacted a class action suit against a minister for fraud? It’s clear that Swilley knew who he was from the time that he was aged 4, he knew he was unfit to lead God’s people. It’s time we take back the things that belong to God and His people.

  113. There is ‘another element’ to all of this that many will not touch. Matt 13:25 says that “while we were sleeping the enemy came and sowed weeds amongst the tares.” When asked by the servants what to do about the tares the master said to let them be, once they are grown pull them all up and seperate the tares throwing them into the fire.
    The ‘other element’ is these guys are tares that were Satanic to begin with. Planted by Satan. Explain how one family bloodline produces so many heretics. Satans servants may appear as ministers of righteousness. If you read Nicks posts you see the results of a Satanic figure who blinds the minds of the unbelievers. If you read GodIsNotMocked’s post you see the pain and anger that is caused by Satan’s servants appearing as righteous so as to fool and mislead seeking sheep.
    The ‘other element’ is that these guys are truly Satanic. If you study the occult at all, and I do as a Christian lead to understand the occult…From Babylon, to Sodom, to Alleister Crowley, to L.Ron Hubbard to most Satanist groups and witchcraft practitioners…acts of homosexuality are required and rewarded in the Satanic realm. It gives power to the practitioner. Bohemian Grove reeks of this…as does many secret societies that believe that sodomy which God hates…when practiced, is rewarded by Satan. Satan embraces that which God hates.
    The Bible is rife with verses that speak of Satan’s servants, Evil spirits in High places, Masters of the dark craft, causing deception to flourish, For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ.
    Adult/grown/mature tares amongst the wheat?…lets face it. A tare as described in Matt 13:25 is NOT a man that strayed a little or confused his theology…because the consequencies are death. Tares are those who have conciously turned from God, or those that are ‘weed-seeds’ from Satan and have been Satanic all along. Whatch what happens and see what further “fruits” manisfest fromn this group. Divorce, Addiction, sexual sin, homosexuality, suicide…thse are fruits of Satan.

  114. Jimmy, Im gonna give it to you on that one. You brought that out crystal clear. Those who are deceived keep referring to the tare as “brothers and sisters in Christ”. Nothing could be futher from the truth. The tare was sown by satan so how could they be brothers and sisters in Christ???
    And yes the distinction must be made. These are not people who have stumbled in their beliefs and are struggling to live right, these are they whose intent it is to lead others into hell and destruction with lies and immorality. Under the guise of love of course.

    People need to get their emotions out of the way and see satan, his kingdom and his servants for who they really are and what their agenda is. Kill, steal and destroy. If thats not what Swilley has unleashed, I dont know what is.

    See our previous article on the tare.

  115. I doubt few here took the courage to listen to Pastor Swilley tell his story and struggle.It’s so easy to demonize others and that is sadly what the church of Jesus Christ is known for here in the west. We have the truth and you don’t therefore your going to hell, but we love you anyway. Confusing sentiments and statements that dishonor the heart and soul of Christianity.

  116. JC it looks like you havent read the comments. Most people if not all DID listen to the video. Thats exactly why we are so disgusted at all the religious vomit coming out of Swilley’s mouth. Its not courage to declare to the world that you embrace sexual perversion, that’s insanity…and sin. Nobody’s “demonizing” Swilley, he released the video and then went on TV to defend it. Plus, the bible calls that stuff coming out of his mouth “doctrines of devils”. But I guess from your viewpoint the bible is “demonizing” poor Rev Jim Earl too.

  117. @JC-you got it wrong, God has given us the truth and we believe it. If you or swilley, or anybody for that matter doesn’t believe the truth then the bible says (not us) that you will experience eternal separation from God, in the lake of fire. (HELL)

  118. Hello…

    I do not see a general location for comments. I am new to this site and have been reviewing the site. I thank God there are more and more people taking a stand for God’s truth as clearly stated in His Word.

    I stumbled onto this site in a search for some graphics to use on my own site,

    I am so very happy to find people bringing about awareness issues. After living very openly in the gay lifestyle for nearly forty years, God reached me one morning in front of my computer as I contemplated reoccurring questions about His ability to save and rescue me.

    I was raised in a wonderful Christian home. But contrary to how some think and believe, I was born gay. Although I think it is a rather precise label for such early beginnings. Science cannot prove everything. Some things are simply a result of life itself and the existence of sin.

    We are all born with a sinful nature and have the propensity to a number of unholy acts. But both my prenatal and postnatal care primed me for none other than to be drawn to the warmth, security and attraction to men. That did not make it right. Remember Satan is allowed to inflict a great deal upon us. What Christ offers each of us is choice.

    He will never force Himself on us. But when we ask for and seek truth, He will not hold it back. Many gays say… God made me gay. God created Adam and Eve in a perfect state. We are all products of them after the introduction of sin. So of course you can be born gay. But God did not make you gay.

    The great controversy is the evidence of God indicating that there are those who will choose Him and His truth, rather than the lies and deceptions of Satan.

    …and boy can we see how he lies out deceit. He distorts and confuses any who will allow. Often convinced with the promise of self promotion and lifting oneself up, rather than lifting up Christ.

    I am so blessed to see more and more choosing Christ rather than homosexuality. It is a tough but rewarding choice. A choice based on the blessed truth of Jesus Christ.

    I have a ministry and it often makes me smile when pastors and leaders assume that my ministry is aimed at gays. While it is just as important for the homosexual to consider, my ministry is aimed at our pastors, church leaders and congregational members.

    You see for years the church thought they were witnessing for Christ by standing on street corners holding up “God Hates Fags” signs. Who do you know that ran to such individuals and said; “What must I do to be saved?” I don’t know anyone.

    So before we can swing open our church doors, it is elementary that our pastors and leaders who know so little about homosexuality and therefore have avoided the topic for so many years, get a little education and clarification.

    Seminaries provided little or nothing on homosexuality, for the representatives of Christ sent to minister to the needs of the world.

    While homosexuals are using other sins of church goers to justify their own, church goers are still elevating the sin of homosexuality to a crowning sin.

    Satan must certainly be angered as he witnesses the truth of Jesus level the sins of ALL sinners at the foot of the cross. God’s message of love and forgiveness is making its way to all who are suffering and helping us all come together and stand firmly on His Word, denying self and being drawn to holiness.

    We are not here to satisfy self. We are not here to become our own leader, master or God with all of our sensual desires. We are here to study God’s truth and listen to His call and to go forth and share that truth and Hope with others.

    We are here to prepare for the kingdom.

    I am going to like this web site from my own. I am so blessed by the inspiration I have found here. I can tell you from one who has lived a life of lust and craving for the comfort of man, Jesus has laid clear the pathway to Him. Only He can provide what is absent from our lives.

    Many blessing to all of you,
    Wayne Blakely

  119. JC I watched the Swilly video in its entirety and took 12 pages of notes.
    Such as when Swilly condemned Laviticus at 30:00 into the video.
    Called Jonathon gay at 31:18.
    Called anyone who quotes scriptures biblically dumb at 31:34. Said the Apostle Paul “Got it wrong” at 31:45,
    accused all who disagree with him of homophobia at 32:51,
    Called ‘out of the closet’ MOST worship leaders in the world at 33:08.
    Made a racist remark referring to black worship leaders at 33:08,
    Said Jesus called the Syro-Phenecian woman a dog..not true 34:08
    Tried to convinced his sheep they are all abominable (just like him…we are all alike) at 34:32
    Misquoted Revelation 22:15-17 and changed the entire Word by adding to the..text to meet his “needs” of brainwashing you 34:22
    Gave the impression that gays are mostly monogamous which is provably false at 38:16
    Said Nothing is going to change here…when it just did. 42:09
    Mocks a young pastor that felt it is best if he leaves CITN 42:09
    Manipulates sheep into beliving that if they take their kids to another church they will commit suicide…witchcraft 45:03
    States I’ve been married to 2 beautiful women and now I’m gay…bishops are supposed to be of one wife 45:29
    Threats that without him kids will commit suicide…again 45:50
    Uses kid suicide again to threaten and intemidate his sheep 45:59
    Manipulates that all who disagree w/his gayness approve of kids dying….again this is witchcraft 45:00- 46:00
    Misquotes proverbs 47:46
    His beard wife declares that gay Jim Earl..created her 51:55
    Debye quotes False Prophet Kim Clemente at 52:27
    Says through Jim’s gayness will be the fullness of this beautiful creation. ?????? 54:39
    I will say that the wife Debye seems to speak in non-sequeters that make no sence whatsoever. WOOP!
    Says that CITN will do what no church in the world can do 55:19
    Mind-controls the sheep to ‘look around but YOU MUST COME BACK HERE.’ Manipulation that these folks have been doing for generations.
    She says, “I call you back!!!!!” 56:08
    Says ‘CITN people are the “good sh@t”‘ …woman of God? 56:59

    I could go on and have left out sevral pages of notes but to answer your question…yes I have looked at the video.

  120. This guy actually had a very good looking wife and he goes and leaves her to chase after a man’s butt. This is crazy!

    Here is another Wolf in sheeps clothing. I sent him the following email:

    Hi Pastor

    I just saw you on CNN and I just want to express myself to you. I do not want to be mean ,but you are a false teacher. All this time while building your ministry you were getting rich
    and so was your ex-wife (By the way she is very beautiful. How could you want to exchange her for a man?). The good thing is that you have lead some people to Christ but now you must deal with yourself and GOD. Tithing is for GOD but we all know the pastor has to live to. You fooled many people. This gay agenda is driving a wedge in Church, government and millitary. Now it is convenient so you come out admitting you are gay. I like how you said you never said a harsh thing about homosexuals. As far
    as I am concerned both you and Eddie Long need help. I know your comment was directed at him. It is truly shameful what you have done by robbing the people of GOD. You also divorced your
    wife because of your hard heart, selfishness, narcissism and all the other sins of Sodom and Gommorah. This is just not right and the sad part is that you know it. You are trained in the Bible.

    People all over the US are out of work and/or under educated. You situp
    high and mighty after misleading people about who you are. As as man of GOD do you believe the disciples/apostles were
    liars? Repent Mr. Swilley and donate some money to help people since you have
    made it.

  121. I wonder why my comments will not post. I think because I speak the truth contrary to this website!!!!

    GCMW: Dont be silly. All first time comments are sent to moderation. Read the comment policy and stop being a manufactured revolutionary. In fact make sure you read and understand the comment policy. Dont put a bunch of hard work into foolishness that will be deleted in a milisecond.

  122. My first question to the founders of this website is do you bring people to Christ or turn them away. I’ve only viewed the website twice and in my humble opinion, I believe more are turned away. Look how you started the article about Bishop Swilley. What does his uncle’s crimes have to do with him? The only purpose of raising such issue is to raise an inference that sexual predators are related to homosexuality. Shame on you.
    Also, it is not Bishop Swilley that is distorting the gospel. It is the so-called Christians who distort the Bible without any factual basis.

  123. @sister in christ, you said:

    “Also, it is not Bishop Swilley that is distorting the gospel. It is the so-called Christians who distort the Bible without any factual basis.”

    REALLY? I mean, REALLY?! SMH! A “sister” IN “Christ”…REALLY?!

  124. Godly Soldier you should have seen some of the 10 posts from SIC that I deleted. One of them said the bible doesnt condemn woman on woman sex relationships. She also made it a point to emphasize she is a “heterosexual woman”. I guess that’s supposed to make her opinion 300 percent right. Just wanted to give others a taste of what SIC’s pov is. She’s already received her first and last warning not to jumpstart the foolishness. It will be target practice for my delete finger.

  125. Sister in Christ- did you read the breakdown of Swilly’s message in my last post? If you follow the timeline and take a listen you will perhaps see the classic methods of manipulation that Swilly and other millionaire mega preachers use. It controls the mass through mind control techniques. Pointed out in some degree by my earlier post. You can also check out here to see how these manipulative “leaders” use mind-control techniques that they are trained in… to duplicitously trick and manipulate unknowing sheep. here: I can not speak of this persons theological beliefs…but he does point out tricks that controlling pastors use on their flock.
    I mentioned Swilly’s uncle because there seems to be a heretical bloodline. Pastor Donnie Paulk also preaches heresey. Maybe all these pastors were molested as children….
    The Spirit doesn’t call people to these churches, that is why the pastors MUST use subversive techniques to control the minds of the flock. I’m sure gay-friendly and seeker sensitive churches outdraw true bible believing churches 2 to 1. So what? Its about knowing God through the scriptures. Which irregardless of Swilly’s lie about them, they ARE Unfallible. Inspired. 100% (Paul included) truth. You can tear out all the books like Leviticus, and Paul’s writings and twist it and turn it and massage it and work it until it fits your beliefs….but you end up with a “form of godliness” but you deny the POWER there in.

  126. @GCM… LOL! As I said before, we are literally seeing Jesus as the stepping stone while at the same time being a stumbling block! The deception rages on!

  127. GCMW: Comment deleted. Sorry, we dont allow long soapbox speeches unrelated to the post. See comment policy.

  128. @Sister in Christ: For your information pedophilia and homosexuality are sexual perversions. The truth is sometimes the person does commit both of these offenses against GOD. Leviticus 18 must be read in its entirety so that you get the true lesson from GOD. For example just like it is wrong for a man to lay with his own sister it is also wrong for a man to lay with a man. Leviticus 18 is a complete list of relations that GOD finds sinful. You cannot choose one thing out of the list and make it right. You or I do not have such authority. Ask GOD to heal your reprobate mind!

  129. God is using Bishop Jim Swilley to remind and bring out in very many groups what God has said throughout The Bible – That we are all loved just the way we are. God uses Bishop Jim Swilley who is well versed in The Bible and from a heritage of people who were and Bishop Jim Swilley is still open to what God says each moment. It is a nexus of what has been said and what is being said.

    Bishop Jim Swilley is a focal point of so many groups, those that have been devalued by the religious establishment and the religious establishment itself. Bishop Jim Swilley is being used by God to speak to both. This blog itself has spent so much time and energy focusing on Bishop Jim Swilley, it is evident God is using Bishop Jim Swilley to speak to the moderators and contributors to this blog. Reminding you of how large and loving God is, beyond any one of our imaginings. All has been completed in The Christ. There is now no condemnation from God to any person.

    Our responsibility to God is to end condemnation between each of us. God is using Bishop Jim Swilley to deliver that reminder to the religious and non religious. The religious have a much harder time hearing that than the non religious.

  130. God is using Bishop Jim Swilley just like he used David Koresh and Jim Jones to remind people that following false prophets lead to death. The ignorant, rebellious foolish and itching ears are the only ones who reject God’s word and his warnings. End of story.

  131. Bishop “Silly” is a liar…..but you wouldn’t know unless you read your bible…..

    Bishop “Silly” is a false teacher…..but you wouldn’t know unless you read your bible…..

  132. Basically, it is partly the churches’ fault that pastors such as Paulk, Long or Swilley even exist. Long ago the church bowed to the great god SCIENCE, and stopped the practice of laying on of hands to exorcise demonic spirits. No, this was too primitive .. to unbelievable . – even too hard to do as it requires clean vessels, and much fasting and prayer. It is not surprising that a familiar spirit such as homosexuality would be prevalent in a family who has a practicing member in it. How can anyone preach about the supernatural and then does not put into practice what he preache?!. Remember the man who sees his reflection and then departs from the truth?! How the demonic world must laugh. The church has all the power through Jesus, yet is impotent against demonic forces. If Swilley even wanted to repent, the deacons, co-pastors etc. could lay hands and exorcise effiminate spirits. Sadly, it sounds as if he doesn’t. Joanne

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