Vickie Gene Robinson's lies like assisted suicide

gene_robinson1Its a struggle to continue to refer to homosexual bishop Vickie Gene Robinson as anything other than demonic, but his own words tell the story of just how his mind —and tongue— have been hijacked by demons. Its rather tragic and sad that they will reward him for his services with death, then join him in hell’s fires. This man’s hands are dripping in blood from his false teachings and opposition to the gospel of truth.

In his Huffington Post column, Robinson wastes no time blaming gay teen suicides on people who say that homosexuality is sin. But then he contradicts himself by pointing out that the recent rash of suicides have occurred in places where those messages are muted if not silent altogether.

“Instead, they are occurring in states perceived to be more liberal on LGBT issues: California, Minnesota, New Jersey, and Rhode Island.”

Yes,it so easy to blame “conservatives and antigay pastors” for such tragic events. So what’s to blame when mislabeled “gay kids” kill themselves over homosexuality issues and there are no boogeymen around? Rutgers is a liberal education and social bastion which has boasted a strong gay student community for the last 30 years. So why did a homosexual student there kill himself with so much affirmation, openly gay cheerleading and “out” role models surrounding him? If we were to use conventional gay logic, homosexuals are to blame for the Rutgers student’s suicide.

With so much madness being foisted upon the contemporary church at the hands of the wicked but active gay christian movement, our thanks go to Apprising Ministries for covering Robinson’s latest slither of the tongue.

The link takes us to the HuffPost piece by Gene Robinson called How Religion Is Killing Our Most Vulnerable Youth. Previously in Actively-Gay “Bishop” Gene Robinson Same-Sex Acts Only Unnatural For Non-Gays I gave you a little biblical perspective, Gene Robinson is the overseer of Episopal churches in New Hamphire, where I was raised and currently reside. I also covered an article called Gene Robinson: Same-sex acts unnatural for heterosexuals, which Christian Today (CT) carried in their World News section; its author Eric Young tells us a bit about this so-called“Bishop” Gene Robinson:

who was married and has two daughters, divorced his wife and is now involved in a homosexual relationship. He currently serves as the ninth bishop of the Diocese of New Hampshire in The Episcopal Church.  (Online source)

As I said before, in the real world of the historic orthodox Christian faith, someone who’s unrepentantly “involved in a homosexual relationship” would be disqualified from being in Christian ministry. However, in our our postmodern Wonderland of Humpty Dumpty language today what Gene Robinson dreams actually makes “world news.”

Robinson and many of the advocates of homosexuality are plying young kids with false “it gets better” messages which is no different than pedophiles giving children liquor to prep them for rape. Bishop Jim Swilley used the same excuse to announce his homosexuality to his “church” earlier this week. Homosexuality is but one of the many mines along the road to death, hell and the grave.

Footnote: Jay Bakker is serving as water boy for Robinson now.


4 thoughts on “Vickie Gene Robinson's lies like assisted suicide

  1. I think I saw a tweet yesterday, people are suppose to wear purple today in support/memory of all the teens/young adults who were gay and committed suicide. I didn’t pay close enough attention to see where/when this is suppose to go down, but I guess I’ll know soon enough if I see a lot of Barneys switching around town…

  2. In pure homosexual communities like san francisco and atlanta gays still are committing suicide, smoking crystal meth and spreading HIV at much higher levels than the national average. Its the plain truth folks there is no denying it.

    Vicki has hit a new low, first homosexuality, then beastiality and now this…..

  3. Thanks for the Dishonorable mention of jay bakker, was wondering where he slithered off to. Has vicki picked up ted winn to be his choir director yet?

  4. So why did a homosexual student there kill himself with so much affirmation, openly gay cheerleading and “out” role models surrounding him?
    Because it might not have been a suicide, but something much murkier. Total news blackout on this one except in the local New Jersey papers. It wasn’t suicide supposedly, but a young kid who got in way over his head in the undercover gay lifestyle.

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