Political GLBT, Religious GLBT: one agenda in two locations

Dr. Michael Brown a messianic Jewish believer with the  Charlotte based Coalition of Conscience laid out the stark reality of why homosexual activists in the political realm and homosexual activists in the religious realm are having so many stunning “successes”. Little to no opposition of substance from the church. Brown admitted to attendees at the National Conference on Apologetics that six years ago, he paid little attention to homosexual activism and saw no need to personally confront it.

Story via the Christian Post:

Dr. Michael Brown believes Christians have already lost the battle when it comes to public opinion on homosexuality and gender identity issues.

Pro-gay books are being read in elementary school classrooms, teachers are being mandated to use gender neutral language, gay activists have been welcomed in the White House, and young evangelicals see no problem with same-sex marriage.

Yet the prevailing thought in churches is that “this stuff is happening elsewhere” or that Jesus is coming back soon and “we’re out of here any minute,” Brown, a Jewish believer in Jesus, lamented.

IMG_0490.JPG SNNEWS gayparadeIn response to the unceasing antics of the gay christian movement, we hear “Jesus is coming”  a lot on this blog and perhaps people who say it mean well. Yes, Jesus is coming soon, but he told us to “occupy until he comes” (Luke 19:13). That simply means that as representatives of the kingdom of God, we are to actively resist the forces of darkness until he arrives, removes us and then once and for all vanquishes all foes of the Kingdom of God. In short, its our own disobedience and disconnect  allowing the progression of what we wake out of our slumber to complain about. With all the brazen blasphemies Jim Swilley unleashed at his homosexual debutante coming out  party, one would think there would be an outcry from churches in Atlanta alone, but sadly few if any will stand up and publicly rebuke him.

I said this before but it bears repeating. Our mandate is not to eradicate sin, but to restrict, restrain and use our influence to subdue its influence. Its intentional, strategic warfare until our King returns to “handle thangs”. But as we can plainly see with homosexual aggression we are not doing that.  We’re giving it a pass. Some of that is attributed to the massive PR campaign by said activists to deceive people into thinking the GLBT agenda and words are those of oppressed victims.

Brown highlighted just a few examples of how homosexual political and social activism have already drastically changed things around us, and how Christians act as if it will have no effect on them. This is an external threat to the church.

“The definitions of male and female are being eroded but don’t sweat it because praise the Lord you had a lovely service last Sunday,” he said sarcastically. “Don’t let me disturb you with these trivialities.”

Brown wants to awaken the conscious of Christians and bring them to a “divine reality” about what’s happening in America.

There is a need to reach out to homosexual men and women with compassion, he said, but at the same time there is “a gay activist agenda that we must resist.”

The speaker and author listed a host of examples, particularly in the public school system, to demonstrate how much GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender) activism has advanced.

Currently, the Los Angeles Unified School District has a policy on “ensuring equity and nondiscrimination” for “transgender and gender nonconforming students.” The policy defines gender identity as “one’s understanding, interests, outlook, and feelings about whether one is female or male, or both, or neither, regardless of one’s biological sex.”

Likewise, through this blog,  we’ve dedicated ourselves to educating the church on an internal threat at the hands of the gay christian movement. Literally, every area of church life and administration has undergone drastic changes forced through by religious homosexuals. They are but a religious version of the political activists. They have one goal and one agenda. Dismantle and silence all opposition to homosexuality.

With this threat both external and internal already producing massive changes and deadly consequences, literally none of the major church conferences that go on from year to year even so much as acknowledge it. This gives a false reading that all is well. And what that produces is a lazy complacency in the church which never evokes the passion to fight and resist.

What becomes of a people who neglect their duty to fight and resist?

Matt 5:13″You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled by men.

Our (thats you, me and we) failure to stand up and fight will render us useless and God will allow these same people to run roughshod over us.

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18 thoughts on “Political GLBT, Religious GLBT: one agenda in two locations

  1. What can we do. This blog hits home in that the church is being silent. What can we do to fight? Please give ideas because I intend to carry them out. I can’t sit by anymore. I am wondering why no other pastors in the community are coming out to protest?

  2. because when you protest against the homosexual community you lose out on lots of money that could go towards your bug ol church buildings. And you also lose most of your music staff as well. And who wants to come to a church with no organ player, or church choir?

    (I’m being facetious)

  3. Taajanique,

    Thank you I was praying that someone would ask what can I do.

    Here’s some suggestions:

    1. If you are a member of a local church, ask your pastor to show the video and then teach the people where Swilley was wrong.

    2. Write a letter to Bishop Swilley and tell him that God is not pleased with his lies.

    3. Call local gospel TV stations like TV 57 and ask them when and if they are having guests on to address this issue.

    4. Tell others about ministries that help people overcome homosexuality and support them.
    example: http://www.witnessfortheworld.org

    5. Give a freewill offering to support such ministries

    6. Don’t vote for any politician who supports homosexual marriage.

    7. Study your bible and know how to refute these lies for yourself.

    8. Drop links to this site on your facebook page from time to time.

    9. Write to your denominational leaders and ask why your church does not have an outreach to struggling homosexuals.

    10. Dont buy the music of homosexual gospel artists and/or their record labels. We’ve listed some of them here.

    11. Challenge any church leader who teaches inclusion doctrine.

    12. If you are in a professional organization (like teachers, counselors, etc) find out if they are using your dues to help support homosexual initiatives. If so, raise the issue.

    13. Call your child’s school and ask them what their policies are on things like transgender rest rooms, etc. See if they are written.

    14. Start an information support group among your peers.

    These are more along practical lines. Its to be understood that we should pray, love and live holy ourselves so that we cannot be held in reproach.

    Also prepare yourself for serious backlash if you step out.

  4. I like Dr. Brown, he is very radical and preaches and teaches holiness. Read some of his books, he offers outstanding insights to the Word of God. He has been speaking out against the homosexual agenda for years, and warning the Church for years the impact of this type an agenda.

  5. Powerful indeed! I for one speak out against it whenever the subject crosses my conversation or path. The sad reality however that “I’ve” experienced far too often (from most church folks) is that same ole tired cliche…”God hates all sin.” Sometimes it can be so discouraging that I understand when the prophet hid in a cave and thought he was the only one that wanted to stand for God’s holiness and truth. But like God told him, I have 7000 that have not bowed down to baal! I know this still holds true for today because I see other folks on blogs such as this that feel the same way I do. I believe whatever sphere of influence God has placed you in, let your light so shine that men may see and glorify our Father in heaven. I can’t do anything about the gay,DL situation in Atlanta, being that I live in Texas, but I most certainly can do something about it in my present work environment (which is TOTALLY GAY FRIENDLY). Of course God would place His light in such a progay enviroment…He expects for me to allow it to shine and open my mouth as the Holy Spirit leads to speak truth and shine light in my dark work environment.

    Praying is another effective tool that we are to use to come against the forces of darkness. The ferverent effectual prayer of the righteous availeth much! I know this to be true as I’ve been praying for a family member to be delivered from being a muslim for over 10 years and they finally confessed and accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior this past month! There is much power in relentless prayer…to God be ALL THE GLORY!

    Unfortunately, “the church” is in bed with the world, sleeping with the enemy…and how can you cast out the enemy when you’re in bed with him and he’s an “invited” house guest, given a key and an “extended stay!”

    Dr. Brown hits the nail on the head as you’ve written in this post. And until “the church” uses their heel to bruise satan’s head, he will continue to drag it down by their heels!

    “The church” DID NOT deal with the spirit of homosexuality when it was a snake in the garden, so know it has to deal with it as a dragon in Revelations! Oh but the gates of hell WILL NOT prevail against the true Church of God! May we continue to contend for the faith!

  6. @GCMWATCH your comment posted while I was typing mine…EXCELLENT ideas, some I’m already doing, some I didn’t even think about, but will begin to! I love this blog it is a very effective tool that points people towards the Kingdom of God…not a man! Thank you so for stirring up the gift inside of you and equipping educating the saints (and sinners) regarding this whole perverted agenda. Praying for you and the ministry God has given you!

  7. yes I saw that you were in the same flow! praise God! And I agree, we have to create a rally point and be bold so that we encourage others to stop being shackled by false teachers who have an incentive to keep you quiet so they can keep getting the benefits of association from people like Jim Swilley.

    Also for those in Christian academia, there needs to be much more education and preparation of students for ministry in the areas of sexuality and the gay agenda. If you are a student or faculty, this issue needs to be raised consistently and frequently because currently as far as I know, not one single Christian college has any courses to equip students in this area.
    Secular schools have all types of degree programs on human sexuality and lesbian and gay studies. Of course they are from a liberal progay perspective.
    You can also raise the issue if you are a student for the schools to include speakers to help educate the student body on the challenges of homosexual activism.

  8. I have done some of the things listed above such as debating gay theology with those who hold it either by email or social networks providing them with scriptures as well as documentation that there’s no scientifically verifiable prove that anyone is “born gay”. I will add some of those other suggestions to my “to do list”.

    But what do we do with members of the Synder “church” that goes about conducting the “God Hates Fags” protests at soliders’ funerals as well as the climate in Uganda against homosexuals. Certainly, we recognize that in neither instance are the Phelps’ or the efforts in Uganda speaking “the truth in love” and actually doing harm to the real truth that people are not “born gay” and can change throught Christ.

  9. @Taajanique You can also spread the word about Pastor Fosters Book. It is a powerful testimony of deliverance from homosexuality that people have still yet to know about. I believe every Pastor, every ministry leader, every one and anyone that wants to know if change is really possible, needs to read this book. It is available as an ebook at http://www.touchingadeadman.com

  10. I’m staying in prayer about this but when I get the go ahead would Pastor Foster like to accompany me. He has the experience of actually being delivered and I want to be covered on all sides. Its like having an expert. Maybe someone will come out of the darkness and into Gods wonderful light. I’m praying that they will.

  11. I tried to pull up this site today and an internet filter blocked it. It didn’t block it for sexual content, but “hate speech” WOW how sad:(

    GCMW: Im not aware of any blocking of the site, but it wouldnt surprise me in the least. Send me a screenshot jpg if you can. Thanks.

  12. LB, you may have encountered that if you were attempting to access this site from a work PC. Were you? With all of corporate and some other institutions having fully embraced sodomy, I would not be surprised if such a thing happened.

  13. LB, it may have been blocked because it contained [Fred] Phelps, which is certainly hate speech or the word “fag”. Many corporate sites block gay and lesbian sites.

    Notice that the article on Rev. Brown also stated

    The book, he stressed, does not have a single hateful syllable in it. He calls for compassion and understanding of gay and lesbian persons while taking issue with gay activism.

    “We fail to understand the struggles,” he said. “Can you imagine what someone goes through, raised in the Lord and believing they must be condemned, crying themselves to sleep every night, hoping that they’ll change the next day and their desires don’t change. And then they meet someone and they love this person and they feel like it’s God but it can’t be God and they have to be celibate for the rest of their life and as the best answer you tell them to just suck it up.”

    Brown is calling on Christians to repent of their sins against the GLBT community, particularly for making homosexuality out to be the worst of sins. He himself has made public apologies.

    He is also challenging the church community to repent of sins within its own household (i.e. high divorce rate).

  14. Sadly, even the fact that we use terminology such as ‘glbt’ and ‘hate speech’ shows how much our minds have been conditioned, conquered even by the many devices of the gay supremacy movement.

    How many segment of the bible will be officially labelled as ‘hate speech’ in the future, and removed in the electronic versions in the near future? Will you surrender your ‘hate-speech’hard-copy Bible for replacmement with a ‘sanitised’ version?

    Where in the gospel are we commanded to apologise to homosexuals for sins committed against them where we did not perpetuate any such deed? Should we also apologise the liars, thieves, child-molesters, etc?

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