GCM Watch founder featured in Greensboro sexuality forum


The Greensboro, NC based Securing Hope Ministries has released a video excerpt of its second public forum entitled “Sex and Sexuality II”. The forum was billed as “a special interest public discussion on homosexuality and the church.” The forum featured seven panelists —including GCM Watch founder DL Foster— responding to a series of predetermined questions on the subject matter.

The full DVD set (including the first forum) is available for a donation of $18.50, all donations are tax deductible via the website or by calling 336-459-3034. Elder Raymond King said he hopes to set up similar forums in other cities in an effort to bring the discussion on homosexuality and church further into the public eye.


21 thoughts on “GCM Watch founder featured in Greensboro sexuality forum

  1. Wow. I must applaude you Pastor Foster for truly contending for the faith on this panel discussion. Even in this brief clip, one with “discernment” could tell when “truth” was going forth and when “error” was being spewed out. You could truly see when a “reprobate” mind was speaking vs. those that had “biblical sound” minds.

    As far as the “woman” Rabbi (oxymoron right there), SMH! I’m not that all familiar with amorphodites (sp?) or dual genetalia, but I believe that being born under the curse, that could very well be a direct result, however, one has to chose which gender or orientation they lien towards and as you said, “make a decision” as to how you are going to live, otherwise, you will walk around “confused” as she surely is. My heart went out particularly to this woman because she is truly in a lost state and under such deception in denying our very Lord and Savior.

    This video was an excellent reminder that while we need to have compassion and walk in a spirit of love towards those that oppose the truth, nevertheless, we cannot compromise nor deny truth. The bible has to be the final authority as opposed to man’s opinion of biblical authority. Great job Pastor Foster! Thanks for sharing! Also, I wonder why at work I can view some videos you post, but not others…maybe it’s the way they are imbedded. I cannot view anything from youtube at work.

  2. Thank you Godly Soldier, the Rabbi Tonya was a ball of confusion. Trust me it got very heated up in there when I called her on her inconsistencies. I think we all had just had enough of the madness. She said she is a Hebrew, thus she did not believe in Christ as saviour or the NT as authoritive. But you should hear the whole matter post rebuke.

    You know we had dealt with Bishop Donagrant already on this blog, it didnt go well. The other two guys were just rubber stamped gay clergy to a fault. Sad but this is a stark example of spiritual blindness. I invite all to see it for yourself.

    Your company probably has a youtube block. A lot of them do that so they can get maximum productivity out of their employees 🙂

  3. @GCMWATCH – “Your company probably has a youtube block. A lot of them do that so they can get maximum productivity out of their employees” ROLLING ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING OUT LOUD! Guess they are not getting much out of me “right now!”

  4. Truth be told, I don’t know that I could have sat there “calmly” and dealt with those confused folks, thus my hats off you you Pastor Foster. I’m sure it got “very heated” up in there! Darkness doesn’t like the Light to expose it’s dastardly, perverted deeds! Unfortunately, should those in error “not” repent, that forum will come back as a testimony to them as rejecting Jesus and loving the creature rather than the Creator…Who is blessed forever! Amen!

  5. Quite interesting. Some very foolish arguements from the other side, very foolish indeed.

    Even with the guy talking about marriage and David having many wives. That actually strengthens the arguement against homosexuality as he still had many “wives” and not a host of men up in his palace!

    The Rabbi just came to start trouble, she was angry and couldnt care less what was being said. She claims to have both sexual organs but look at her, she sure looks like a woman. From my understanding, even when one is born with both sexual organs they for the most part either have xx or xy chromosomes(someone please correct me if I am wrong). I would say its a birth defect that is being used as some kind of a arguement for homosexuality.

    One man talked about people having their own ideas and being open. His claim is that you should open yourself up to a lie when you know the truth. You would be a fool to do such madness!

  6. This was an interesting video to hear all of the different things that people are saying and teaching in the day we live in. One thing I noticed is that all of the false teachers always try to use the old trick of making you question what you know to be true about the bible. I applaud you Pastor Foster for your stand for the Word of God, and the others who stood for the Word also. Amen. If I lived in ATL, I would want to be at your church.

  7. Thank you JP, I love God’s word and it is our only hope to stand in these evil days (as the old folks used to say).

  8. lol @GMCWATCH-but this forum was too much…..That dude sitting next to you was off the chain and a liar at that….I’m not sure I would have been able to be as calm as you were lol….I’m working on that

    GCMW: Thank you Jesus for helping me to be calm! At least for most of the forum.

  9. Paul you are so right! Much of their comments are questions about what God said. That’s called seeding doubt. Satan did the same thing in the garden to Eve.

  10. Pastor Foster continue to fight the good fight………Amen.

    In the many discussions/debates I have had about the scriptures it always amazes me how people want to distance themselves from the scriptures, but if you do that where is the authority? Further, what form or method of studying scriptures do they use because if there was a method:

    A. It would be faulty.
    B. It could/would be used to debunk foundational beliefs (as others already do).

    Lastly, it is good that you held your composure and shew forth the truth of the scriptures Pro 16:32, however it must be noted that the disputings similiar to the Council at Jerusalem is also biblical.

    Lastly, it is truly the last days because every man is attempting to do what his heart desires.

    My prayer is that the Lord will continue to keep us in this time of evil and great confusion. Let us all continue to watch and pray. Selah

  11. Pastor Foster,

    I don’t know how you could hold yourself from spraying that so called Rabbi with anointing oil! LOL oh my goodness she was something else, you were definitely not dealing with flesh and blood!

  12. Pastor DL –

    Let me first say, I saw the LORD’s presence in you, not because I have a third and spiritual eye, but for the grace of God alone, none of us would know revelation when we read it or hear it spoken by others. I applaud you for a job well done, and I know that you would give all the credit to God.

    I am still trying to get over the arrogance and the pride displayed by the gay minister (boy… it is really hard for me to use “minister” here) when he dishonored and disrespected GOD and the power HE possess saying “God can change him into a white woman”. Then went on to ask, “why would God need to change him?” This is about the lowest. To use this as an argument…talking about straw man…How idiotic!!! This thing has gone beyond flesh and carnality. This thing is inspired by Satan and his demons. Wow… the passage in Romans 1 is so clear and made evident when you listen to statements like the one this guy made.
    These people does not display to have a tender heart at all. That is why God labeled them as “reprobate”. I mean… I know with God all things are possoble, but I fear these type will never know the truth. I’m serious!

  13. Its OK to have a little righteous indignation Pastor Foster like you did with them. Our Father in Heaven wasn’t mad at Christ when He was chasing the money changers out the temple with a whip, too bad you didn’t take off your belt and handle business….
    A little zeal for Righteousness is never a bad thing.

  14. The “woman” in the ‘burka-ish’ head dress….I mean I could see demons crawling all over that woman. She sounds like the TV’s and gay men we would feed downtown on Friday nights in Atl. Just one non-sequitor after the next. Lost as a goose in a wind storm…yet prideful like demonic manifestations often are.

  15. Elder Foster,

    You have run into the barnyard of the reprobate…It is amazing the amount of spiritual apostasy that dresses up, wears a collar, takes a title and begins to spew the most silly sounding theology that ever was constructed.

    What the heck is “intersex”??? That is a hermaphrodite and one of those sexual organs do not function. That condition is not as popular as it was made to believe on stage…As Elder Foster said, “strawman” and “red herring” arguments all over the place. This is a blindness talking.

    The word of God cannot be compromised or negotiated. This bishop that was next to you ignorantly believes that GOd’s repentance is similar to man’s repentance??? Obviously has never studied the scripture. That thought does not even come close to what God did. God did no wrong. His repentance wasn’t a repentance from doing wrong and or evil. It was a change in course of direction or dealing, not because something came up that he didn’t account for or got too mad at. His statements (as the other next to him)were sheer stupidity.

    Elder, Thank you for doing the work and continue to make that stand my friend. These hijackers will be thwarted with the power of God and their reasonings fall to the floor. There wasn’t one partially successful argument for homosexuality presented in the whole piece and these were the “highlights”…what a mess!

  16. Pastor Burnett, the 21 minute video is but a small sample of the insanity coming out of the mouths of these people. As you said they did not have one, single cogent argument in defense of homosexuality and in some places conceded they were wrong. The silliness was insulting to the high grade of the Word. But Im glad that people can see and hear for themselves why we fight so hard against this stuff. And they want control and equality in the church. No mystery as to what they plan to do if we give it to them.

  17. I agree with Pastor Burnett. Today we are seeing a modern day version of Matthew chapter 15 and verse 6b. “Thus you have made the commandment of God of no effect by your tradition.” The tradition of our day is our own opinion. God’s Word is never an opinion. It’s a command. BIBLE. Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth.

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