Atlanta gospel artist reveals how he left homosexuality

You have to read this. And rejoice knowing our God is an awesome God.

With all the unseemly and sordid stories we have to report on about those who have blackened  gospel music, thank God for this courageous young man who gives God the glory for leading him out of homosexuality. Atlanta based singer/songwriter B. David shared his story with Christianity Today International and it is indeed riveting.

“When Christian music veteran Ray Boltz released a statement saying he was gay last fall, the announcement sent tidal waves of disbelief through the CCM world, shocking longtime listeners with his assertion, “If this is the way God made me, then this is the way I’m going to live.” The news prompted hundreds of related articles, messageboard threads and forum discussions on the topic of homosexuality and the church.

Gospel/worship artist B. David, whose own history of homosexuality and spiritual downward spiral hit rock bottom in 1997—which he calls “the worst year of my life”—shares in Boltz’ candidness, but not his convictions. “Some say, ‘I was born this way,’ and I don’t deny that at all. We are all born into sin,” he explains. “But we have a Savior.? There would be no reason for Jesus Christ if we were all OK.”

Presenting an alternative perspective of change through his own testimony of grace, the now-married father of three suggests, “The only way to break through this stuff is for people to expose themselves openly in front of congregations and in their spheres of influence.”

Realizing his own “sphere of influence” would greatly expand this year with the launch of his national recording debut, Life Journal, B. David remembers thinking, I’m starting to tell my testimony. People are really going to know who I am and what I am dealing with, alluding to the 6,000-plus congregants at Destiny Metropolitan Worship Church in Atlanta, where B. David serves as head worship leader. “But I have to be willing to [share my testimony] because my heart is for people to be free. My heart is for people to get more of God.”

I totally share the hopes of his heart. People need to be free and freedom comes only when God’s truth is brought center stage. Read the entire story here. B. David below singing “Believe”. I hope that B. David’s testimony and courage will jump start inspiration in other gospel artists to tell the truth about where God has brought them from. People really need to know and see this much more often. There is no overcoming in silence. We overcome by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of our testimony.


10 thoughts on “Atlanta gospel artist reveals how he left homosexuality

  1. Thanks for sharing this wonderful testimony of God’s amazing grace!!! This is so refreshing and encouraging; especially after reading the story of false “bishop Jim Swilley” coming out of the closet and trying to justify his ungodly decision.
    Thanks B David for letting the world know that God is more than able~

  2. What opinion do those at GCMW have of Tyler Perry’s discussion on “Oprah” about his history of sexual abuse and how it affected his sexuality? Perry will also appear on an upcoming November episode of “The Oprah Show” with other men who have experienced sexual abuse.

    GCMW: Good question Akilah, but lets not get into that on this particular post. Thanks.

  3. ALL GLORY TO GOD! Testimonies such as this confirms that God can deliverer and heal in the midst of a croiked and perverse industry/generation. May we continue to rejoice with this brother and other’s that “want” deliverance from this ungodly lifestyle and not ashamed to tell it and give God the glory!
    No, the gates of hell WILL NOT prevail against those that are truly the bride of Christ!

    If any man be IN CHRIST, he is a NEW CREATION; old things have PASSED AWAY, and behold, ALL THINGS ARE NEW! Hallelujah!
    2 Cor 5:17.

  4. I suppose I am asking not so much about Perry specifically but about the many men like B. David as well as those who blog here who have experienced childhood sexual abuse in some form addition to struggling against ssa. It seems that if the church began to address the issue of childhood sexual abuse in general that the enemy would be disarmed of one of his most harmless weapons and a lot of pain and suffering could be avoided for men and women; boys and girls throughout the body of Christ. Really, folks should not have to go to Oprah to get healing from abuse. Maybe I am expecting too much!

    I am glad to hear of D. David’s testimony.

  5. very refreshing good news that GOD still HEALS (and some people still have the faith to take Him up on it!!)….

  6. “The only way to break through this stuff is for people to expose themselves openly in front of congregations and in their spheres of influence.”

    Im am really liking this brother’s sound reasoning. Too many delivered from homosexuality are hiding just as if they are still in the closet. Its time to break the bondage of fear so GOD can get his due glory!

  7. All I can say is wow…that was such a blessing. I too have shared that struggle of being abused and having my sexuality highjacked by the enemy from my youth on up. I was abused for years by a close family friend and it confused me into thinking it was supposed to be that way. Although taught homosexuality was a sin since I was a boy, I couldn’t help the feelings that I had toward other guys. I was involved in church and saved at a young age, but never really dealt with that struggle directly. I just felt if I was churchy enough, I could ignore those feelings, but soon learned that sin in not regressive, it will reveal itself to the person. I too did the “serve the church while serving sin” thing, and I must say it was the most disgusting years of my life. I truly felt like a slave, but worst because I lived the lie of acting like I was free in the public eye, but in private, I would feel powerless to those attractions through pornography and occasion online “hookups”. Even though nobody knew, I still felt horrible because in my spirit I felt like I was cheating on God. To cope, I just became numb to the idea that it would be this way till I died. I was afraid to seek marriage, because I was terrified that nothing would change After praying for a long time, one day out of no where I heard the Holy Spirit say “You don’t have to do this”. At first I didn’t understand, and would still surrender to the urges, but the words continued to repeat itself to me, even why I yielded to the sin. Finally, it really hit me like a slave that had heard about his freedom a year later, I really didn’t have to do this. I was sold the lie that even though Jesus died for my sins, I would have no choice but to let THIS sin have a small portion of my heart every so often. As long as I hadn’t done drugs or committed crimes, I was suppose to be ok. But it was not ok and it was not the true freedom in Jesus Christ that I read about in the bible. It finally became a reality to me that sin really did NOT have to have dominion over me if I chose it not to. That’s what Calvary did, it gave me a real choice. Today, I am married with 3 kids and absolutely love my wife, as well as serve an elder at my church. The struggle of the attraction still lingers, waiting for an opportunity to pounce, because in this body I will war until the day of my redemption, but by God’s grace I continue to CHOOSE freedom. Please keep me in your prayers because this is the 1st time I shared this with anyone besides my wife. This testimony has inspired my not to stop here, but tell my church and friends as well. God Bless GCM!

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