Bishop David Huskins: "Swilley not qualified to lead" *updated*

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ATLANTA – The Archbishop of the organization Bishop Jim Swilley resigned from after announcing to his church he was “gay”, said that “Swilley is not qualified to lead” in the church of God.  On October 19th, Swilley, in an hourlong, sometimes rambling video confession, told members of his Church in the Now that he was homosexual and had been since the age of four.

But the comments from Archbishop David Huskins come over a week after Swilley, his ex-wife Debye and his cousin/uncle Donnie Earl Paulk released the stunning video chocked full of profanity, heresy, mental manipulation,  gross stereotypes and apparent disdain for some unnamed members of the International Communion of Charismatic Churches (ICCC). The ICCC was headed by Swilley’s uncle deceased sexual predator Earl Paulk, until he was forced to resign in 2005. Swilley had served with the organization on its 13 member College of Bishops since 1998. This is the second time a member of the Paulk clan has drawn the organization into controversy over sexual immorality.

Asked if he believed that as a self identified “gay man” Bishop Swilley was fit for church leadership, Huskins told GCM Watch, “I believe it is not so much a matter of what he is struggling with as it is in what he yields to.  I believe all leaders in the Church of God have issues of the flesh but if he is yielding to a lifestyle that is contradictory to the Word of God, and then no, he would not be qualified to lead in the Church of God.”

In an (undated) letter he contested was posted on the organization’s website (it was not per our investigation), Huskins wrote that he paid little attention to the matter due to involvement in an “outpouring of the Holy Ghost”. The letter offers some insight into conversations between the two men about the matter, but contradicts Swilley’s statement that Huskins had no problem with his homosexuality.  Also in the letter: an assertion that Swilley promised no “announcement” would be made.

“I did however receive his resignation letter but only after he announced his sexual orientation to his congregation on that Wednesday Night.  He had told me there was no such announcement coming and if he were going to do any such thing he would certainly discuss that with me.  He had never personally discussed these issues with me but after hearing from others that his plan was to make such an announcement I contacted him.

Again, he did not verify or deny his sexual orientation but rather said there was no such announcement forthcoming.  I offered him my personal friendship, love, assistance, and concern.  I also voiced my concerns about such a position or announcement.  I also addressed the concerns that as an international organization the danger and difficulty he could place some of the bishops in if he were in leadership or a part of the leadership of this communion, in countries whereby homosexuality is not only immoral but in their countries illegal and in some nations punishable by severe consequences.  He graciously acknowledged my concerns but never denied nor verified any of the issues being addressed.

I also explained that if such an announcement was forthcoming and he was a member of the ICCC that naturally the College of Bishops would have to address the matter accordingly.  He then stated his resignation would be forthcoming.  I did not hear from him again until after I heard the announcement had been made and after that I received his resignation.” Full text of the letter

This account also conflicts with Swilley’s contention that Huskins asked him to step down from the college of bishops.

Huskins’ letter includes a rather odd warning to Swilley about how his homosexuality might be perceived should he make a public announcement about it. Particularly, in some African nations where homosexuality is a crime. Swilley had some foreign churches under his supervision.

The ICCC and homosexuality

The Archbishop told GCM Watch in an exclusive reply that the ICCC’s “position [on homosexuality] is the Word of God is inerrant and stands. We believe marriage is between one man and one woman. We believe that there is hope and restoration for anyone who desires freedom from it and yet we offer compassion to those who are trapped in it. ”

The ICCC’s ethics policy requires members to “maintain sexual, moral, and financial purity”. Although its doctrinal statements appear very orthodox, one GCM Watch commenter noted that questionable associations exist within the organization that conflict with its stated beliefs.

Namely, Reba Rambo McGuire and her husband Donnie. In May 2008,  GCM Watch reported on the Nashville-based pastors and what seemed to be affirmation of gay christian theology. At one point —though it has since been removed— the church’s website stated it “did not discriminate based on sexual orientation” and was widely known as a gay affirming church. The McGuires were ordained and are part of Huskin’s organization.

“Pastors are ordained by Bishop David Huskins under the Fellowship of Vineyard Harvester Churches. This fellowship acts as a covering and provides spiritual eldership to them and our church. We are proud to be considered part of this great network of churches in the United States and internationally.”

In email responses given to GCM Watch, Bishop Huskins said he had not fully watched the video (he was provided a link). But he indicated that the reason he wanted to set the record straight was because  Swilley and DE Paulk had mentioned the ICCC by name and made “certain derogatory remarks” on how the situation was handled.

Other observations by Huskins:

  • To his knowledge, Swilley had never previously revealed  his sexual orientation to anyone in ICCC leadership or otherwise.
  • Swilley resigned willingly not because he was asked to resigned. The ICCC had no previous awareness of Swilley’s sexual orientation or his plan to make such an announcement.  After hearing rumors, he contacted Swilley who neither denied or affirmed the rumors, but did say reinterate there would be no such announcement.
  • He had little agreement with the small parts of the video he’d viewed.
  • Any ties of a structural or organizational nature with Swilley has been severed.  Huskins has offered him help in dealing with his sexuality issues as well as “personal concern”.

Huskins said that he would not engage in any further public discussions about  dealings the organization has  had with any member in disciplinary matters.

“I have found that unhealthy to any potential recovery, restoration, or removal of said members.”, he said and “I will not be continually responding in a public way to these matters as they affect a lot of other people including his family, congregation, and many mutual friends and I have not found the public dialogue and scrutiny to be beneficial in anyone’s healing or recovery.”

UPDATE 10.27 7:55p

Bishop Jim Swilley talks to Atanta’s WSB-TV about his self-generated homosexual controversy.  GCM Watch surfaces in the story as a “conservative Christian blog” . Quotes from the blog about Swilley are cited, but the name is never mentioned. Read the story, see the video on WSB.


50 thoughts on “Bishop David Huskins: "Swilley not qualified to lead" *updated*

  1. The gay-supportive Harvest Glory Charismatic Conference 2005 featured Pentecostal leaders including D. E. Paulk, Bishop David Huskins, Roberts Liardon and Tammy Faye Messner.

    This is very telling, the real issue besides the homosexuality is the universalism and ultimate reconciliation that this bunch believes. Has Huskins come clean about his theology?? Thank you for your work.

  2. Im not sure why Huskins is saying he is against Swilley when he has these apparently shady relationships with people who are just as bad if not worse.

  3. Right, this is a homosexual church. The pastor started out as a MCC cleric. Did Huskins become reformed in his theology because it seems like a lot of his previous years were spent hobnobbing with homosexual churches and clergy.

  4. gcmwatch (author) said:

    Right, this is a homosexual church. The pastor started out as a MCC cleric. Did Huskins become reformed in his theology because it seems like a lot of his previous years were spent hobnobbing with homosexual churches and clergy.
    To my mind, its obvious his theology is still corrupt to this very day. Jay Bakker is a known supporter of homosexuality, and has said point blank that he doesn’t believe homosexuality is a sin… but Huskins and his organization provide “spiritual covering” for him.
    Mary Lou Hollis and New Beginning make no secret of their New Thought/New Age doctrines, but Huskins provides covering for her church too.

    That tells me all I need to know about David Huskins. He’s STILL hobnobbing with spiritual compromisers and the spiritually corrupt.

  5. Gay? If you’re a sodomite you might think you are belonging to some Christian faith or denomination but you are just kidding yourself—there are 3 admonitions that readily come to mind in the Bible and far and away at the top of the list is that homosexuality is a grievous sin—what shocks me about all this “gay” talk is that straight people are so ignorant of the Bible that they won’t accept that obvious fact.After 40 years of observing Christianity there is no doubt in my mind that the overwhelming majority of Christians do not read their Bibles–if they even own one.Sorry folks– going to a Church–watching or listening to those phoney/baloney evangelists(TV or radio) or reading the trash that is sold in Christian “bookstores”(Beth Moore anyone?)will not get you to paradise.It’s all incredibly depressing. Why don’t these people get real jobs?

  6. Every comment on this post has sounded an awful lot like the words of the Pharisees, proclaiming the sins and faulty beliefs of others while claiming their own beliefs as righteous.
    GCMW: Would that include yours too since its “on this post” and decrying the faults of other commenters as “Pharisees”. What it sounds like is hypocrisy coming from you.

    These kinds of comments are the reason why so many have turned away from Christianity towards other religions or no religion.
    GCMW: Please produce just one person who has “turned away from Christianity towards other religions” because of comments on this blog and your statement might be believeable. Otherwise, it is unsubstantiated, opinionated conjecture.

    Why is it that there was no hoopla over this Bishop being divorced, when Jesus preached against divorce more than just about anything else in the Gospels?
    GCMW: God said he hates divorce and he said that homosexuality is an abomination. The bible has already condemned both actions. What more “hoopla” do you want?

    Jesus never says a word about sexual orientation, yet you jump on this issue like it is the most important issue in the church.
    GCMW: That’s a technical lie, albeit still a lie. Read here and here to get up to speed.

    These kinds of comments and posts only hurt people.
    GCMW: The truth only “hurts” people intent on doing evil and encouraging others to do likewise. That would be Swilley.

    The reason that this Bishop wanted to come out was to help people that are hurting because of mean, heartless, hypocritical Christians like the folks who are posting on this board.
    GCMW: So he said. So in his past 30 years of ministry he never helped anyone by NOT saying he was homosexual? He could only “help” someone by telling us he is homosexual? It didnt help me one single bit. The truth is that selfish liars like Swilley always sounds good to those who seek to pervert God’s will. Its called the itching ear syndrome.

  7. Note to commenters: This is not a soapbox forum. If your comments are unrelated to the post at hand, they will be deleted.

  8. Tim makes some very good points, of course none of them will be addressed, because this isn’t about sharing points of view, it’s about reinforcing a set view over and over. You might want to ask yourself why you need to do that.

    I took the time to watch Jim Swilley’s sermon. I found his honesty refleshing. Being a Christian isn’t about how well you keep secrets.

  9. An interesting development in this story. The letter placed on the website of the ICCC by Bishop David Huskins refuting Jim Swilley’s claims, has been removed after just a few days.

    What’s really going on between these two guys?

  10. @Tim-you found lies and straight up disrespect of God refreshing? Wow what is this world coming to? People actually speak well of liars?

    Luke 6:26 “Woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you! For so did their fathers to the false prophets.”

  11. gcmwatch (author) said:
    “An interesting development in this story. The letter placed on the website of the ICCC by Bishop David Huskins refuting Jim Swilley’s claims, has been removed after just a few days.”

    I noticed that when I visited the website yesterday. Did anyone copy the letter, and if so could it be posted?

    This is not a private matter between Jim Swilley and Bishop Huskins. This is a matter that concerns the church “at large”. Jim Swilley made this public by his announcement and mentioning Bishop Huskin’s comments about not having a problem with him (what does that mean?) … but the rest of the pastors would, so his resignation would be neccessary.

  12. I copied about 2/3rds of it into this post. Its really strange that he would take it down. And youre right, he said in the video Huskins didnt have a problem with his homosexuality.
    Telling if you ask me especially given the background information that has been posted on Huskins.

  13. Wow Pastor Foster this mess just gets more and more pervasive….Huskins is just showing more and more of himself and just like T.D. Jakes said “sometimes too much light hurts the eyes……smh”

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  15. Huskins has been on TBN a few times-sounds like someone was lying, either Huskins or Swilley,or both- time for the closets to be opened and they would be better off staying closed. Huskins will be appearing at Michael Pitts Cornerstone “church” I use the term loosely-these wolves have crept in and they are affiliated with Mark Chironna, Kim Clement, Lynn Hiles,Kelly Varner, even Eddie Long endorsed one of Swilley’s books.-better make a copy of the Swilley video as that might disappear.

  16. wow the Huskins letter is gone!

    Somehow when I read, I believe it was his last sentence saying that he would still help swilley in any way he could(something of that nature) I got a very funny feeling, it was too much of an open ended statement.

    He didnt specify that he would help him get over homosexuality if he askes for help but he was just willing to help(with what?). I dont know, I just believe that letter was to save face.

    Tim said “I found his honesty refleshing”

    Was that a typo? if not I agree, Swilleys vid was refleshing!

  17. yeah Paul this is after Huskins emphatically told me that the letter had been up all along. I asked him why he or no one else in his organization has responded to Swilley’s video. All of this “I up in the glory” was just an excuse not to face the music. Like I said before he says the right things, but his actions are polar opposite of that. I wouldnt be surprised if Swilley put out some information on him. I think thats why he took the letter down so quickly after we broke the story on him.

    Sin is so messy.

  18. YEP, SIN IS MESSY!!!!

    These Churches have become more of an organization than an organism. In other words, its a business. In order for business to thrive in the manner these people want you have to be politically correct.

    What a shame!

  19. Thanks Mary. Good research.

    That just confirms what I suspected about Swilley. I guess I was a bit surprised Huskins believed that too, but then again, I probably shouldnt have been surprised at all. (It does make me wonder how many of his ICCC churches also believe in it.)

    It’s interesting that so many preachers who are sympathetic to gay theology are also followers of the Ultimate Reconciliation/”gospel of inclusion” doctrine.

  20. It’s amazing how these clerics are all linked. The associations with Reba Rambo McGuire, Swilley, and the Paulks are alarming. I’ve heard Bishop Huskins preach and it is a shame to be in association with those that can only hurt his ministry unless he aligns with the theology of these false teachers.

  21. Looking at the past dealings of ICCC with the Roman Catholic Church, Swilley false teaching/immoral lifestyle(Paulk family in a mess immorality and false doctrine), Pearson gospel of inclusion, Sharpton at COGIC Holy Convocation, points to the fact were on the fast track to a “one world church” to be lead by the “Beast” “The False Prophet.”

    Everything is lining up with the scriptures, and Bible prophecy is being confirmed. We must warn the people to come out of the Babylonian Church(church of confusion) and flee to the True Church of Jesus Christ. The battle lines are being drawn, a person can follow there favorite pastor/bishop/prophet/preacher to Hell/eternal damnation or follow Jesus Christ and the whole Word of God and obtain eternal life.

  22. This Swilley is a false profet he knows what the bible says about that anti-family life style,He is leading his flock straight to Hell shame on those who follow .Not a hater

  23. Well said, shofarsound.
    This gives new meaning to the old saying “all roads lead to Rome”. Clearly the ICCC was set up with the intention of it being a bridge to lead Pentecostals and Charismatics back to Rome at some time in the future, just as the Roman Church has helped set up other organizations intended to bring other denominations back itself.

    True bible-believing Pentecostals will never unite themselves with the Roman Catholic Church…. but APOSTATE Pentecostals will. I believe people like Huskins, Swilley, DE Paulk, C. Pearson, etc, give us a preview of the type of corrupted and/or backslidden [pseudo] Pentecostals who will one day bring their compromised and biblically illiterate flocks into the fold of the Roman Church, as this One Word Religion is formed in these last days. These men are fulfilling Bible prophecy and don’t even know it.

  24. I cant believe no one in leadership had a level of discernment to confront this guy long ago and offer him dileverence or prayer for his sin. That shows the true condition of the church…..

  25. Robert, they let that sexual predator Earl Paulk “lead” them for years and they never stopped him either until he was publicly brought to trial. That shows you that the ICCC is full on shallow yes men and women cowtowing to homosexual/heterosexual immoral leaders. Thats why Swilley was so comfortable “leading” them.

  26. Swilley has been confronted-He is not part of the real church, but is an imposter. He now has what he has always wanted, fame. But, let this be a lesson to all of us to beware of false prophets, now more than ever.

  27. It looks as if the the deception of Earl Paulk and his sexual sin which resulted to the fall of his ministry has been passed down to these false prophets. As I research this more on the internet I’m ashamed at all these aligned together. It’s like an orgy paid for by the church.

  28. It is quite sad that Bishop Paulk did not listen to the admonition given to him in the 1980s about his secret sin. Nor did Jimmy Swaggart. Swilley had “yes” men in his church to preach to whom he paid large sums of money so none ever admonished him. The Paulk family appears to have a “besetting sin” maybe a spirit of immorality or similar. All the college of bishops could not discern the sins of Earl or Swilley? the ICCC could not discern all those many years of immorality of Paulk and now self-admitted all those years of immorality and fornication by Swilley? What is wrong here? Who made them bishops? Bishops are to be overseers. What or whom are they overseeing? Apparently, they can judge others but not themselves. This is a disgrace and should be identified. Maybe Charisma magazine will do a special edition on the non-discerning bishops who allowed such sin to continue in both for decades.

  29. This is what I think is so amusing. Bishop Huskins and all of the people who love and support him are busy doing what God has called us to do. We gather together and worship God. During that time… people are healed, saved and delivered. During that same time… you are gathering together on here making rude statements and judging people for their “wrong doings”. The best person to change someone is the Spirit of God… not Bishop Huskins, me or you. For God so LOVED the world that He gave his only begotten Son. He did not come to condemn the world… so why should you? The bottom line is… God is doing a great work in the midst of Bishop Huskins. These comments can not stop that so why waste your time with them. I love that God is bigger than all of the haters in the world. What is most sad to me is that some of the haters are actually Christians… wow.

  30. Bishop Huskins is also busy lying. But I guess in your church little things like that dont matter as long as people are getting “delivered”. And really Angie you think lying is amusing?

  31. @ Angie: As believers, we are biblically mandated to lovingly, humbly judge each other in order to bring about restoration and righteousness. I don’t see anybody “hating” on Huskins…only saying what they see in his life that obviously goes against the Bible. I definitely pray that the Lord brings about repentance in his life, Swilley’s life and all our lives continually. And you are right, the Lord is the one who heals & delivers. He can deliver whoever he wants, whenever he wants, however he wants for his own glory. That said, I still hope Huskins repents and turns to the Lord for his own deliverance. By the way, I am not saying that from a holier than Huskins point-of-view. I am saying it because ALL of our lives are to be those of continual repentance.

    I hope the calling-out of the sins of these people can soften them and bring about repentance and a real work of God in their lives.

  32. Seth, we probably disagree on a lot of things, but I do appreciate the way you worded your email compared to others on this site where I do not see the love of God at all. For the person who left a comment above you, I do not find lying amusing, my comment explains very well what I am referring to. There was a time in my life as a saved individual that I was deceived and got caught up in a situation that was not right. I am so thankful that my church did not judge me, but they loved me unconditionally. Do you think I needed people to tell me what I was doing was wrong? The answer is no. When you are saved and filled with His Spirit… you just know. Bishop Huskins loves God and he loves people. I can not imagine him blasting a friend or anyone because of a disagreement he might have with them. He even loves the people on this site… he just thinks some of you are strange from one of the comments above 🙂 I do not know Bishop Swilley, but I do pray that God works out everything in his life according to His will. I would like to see the fullness of God in his life once again. I normally don’t post on sites like this, but I was actually googling to see if there was any information regarding Saturation Saturday at his church and this popped up. I hope to get caught up in the Glory with him again. An invite is open to you all!! Love and God Bless!!

  33. Angie, I think its strange that Bishop Huskins is engaged in systemic lying. But of course according to you, ssssshhhhh just dont tell him that, he’ll figure it out one day. Nevermind that he doesnt meet the biblical qualifications for a bishop. Newsflash false prophets love people like you who keep their sin on the downlow while goobling up the religious goodley gook at church.

    Are you sure youre not still “caught up” in a wrong situation? Maybe thats why you are so hesitant to call sin, sin.

  34. No sir… I have been out of that situation for a very long time, but how did I know that would be your comment. I actually agree with walking the walk and not just talking the talk. One last statement… God asked you if you would lay down your life for a friend. Your answer would be no Lord… he is in sin… why would you want me to be nice to him… why can’t I bash him… after all he is in sin Lord. I want to uncover those you do wrong… let me gossip with my fellow Christian friends who is so busy calling out other people that they can’t even see that they are in the wrong themselves. I pray for you… I really do… I pray that you get alone with God… alone… no one else there to distract you from focusing on other things that are not important… just you and your relationship with God. I pray that God pours His love out on you so that you will learn to love others who you feel are not important to God anymore because they have messed up. I pray that the world will wake up and realize that their harsh words are not changing people that it is only the love of God that will change… and be thankful that Jesus didn’t look at an unjust world and say no… they are not worthy to be saved. You know he died for a people who He knew would never receive Him… and He did it anyway. That is a love I pray for you.

  35. So lets just forget about a lying bishop who is leading people astray, lying to them and deceiving them. Lets just forget about all that so we can “get up in the glory” and be alone. Did I get it right?

    Nevermind that the bishop doesnt meet the biblical qualifications of a bishop and never mind that Jesus told us to warn others about people like him. But none of that matters to you because its all just gossip right?

    So what if your doctor was unqualified to practice medicine we should just pray and love him right? I mean eventually he will figure out that he’s not liscensed to practice medicine. That’s after he’s killed a few people. If we use your logic we should never warn others about fake people who are out to take advantage of them by using Christ’s name.

    Like I said you are a false teacher’s dream catch. Just remember you dont have to stay ignorant.

  36. @Angie-You obviously do not have a biblical understanding of the words “Love” and “Judge”. If you look through this website gcmwatch has provided plenty of great bible study articles that will supplement your own bible study time.

    You defend a liar and a false teacher, by playing the love not and judge not card. I just wanna let you know that you are actually the one not loving and judging. You keep wolves like Bishop Huskins in power and the blood of many will be on your hands because of your ignorance. Read your bible….stop going back and forth about things you don’t even know. Stop defending men who hate you and the God you say you serve. Read about how Jesus interacted with the Pharisees and Sadducee’s (Matthew 23) (who were the false teachers and false pro-fits of their day) and get an understanding.

    False teachers are not Christians they are agents of satan sent to deceive many….and your comments show that they are being successful. Love you!

  37. David Huskins has removed the list of his branch churches from his website. Is he trying to coverup who he really is??

  38. Mary, thank you for that update. It was to be expected. Huskins has done nothing but lie and attempt to conceal his down low activities with the gay christian movement every since we shined the light on his nest of illict behaviors. He should be very glad I have not allowed all of the comments people have tried to post here about his private goings on. But again that is the mark of a false teacher. They have to conceal their true alliances so the deception can continue without questions.

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