Retired military chaplains; denominations fight DADT repeal

Catholics, Baptists tdadtposterhreaten to remove all chaplains if DADT is repealed.

Its about time some brave voices stood up against the neutering of our armed forces.  Last week, over 60 chaplains released a letter speaking out on a very serious and real concern chaplains on active will face if homosexuality is allowed to be officially sanctioned by the US military. From WSB News:

Dozens of retired military chaplains say that serving both God and the U.S. armed forces will become impossible for chaplains whose faiths consider homosexuality a sin if the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy is thrown out. If a chaplain preaches against homosexuality, he could conceivably be disciplined as a bigot under the military’s nondiscrimination policy, the retired chaplains say. The Pentagon, however, says chaplains’ religious beliefs and their need to express them will be respected. Clergy would be ineligible to serve as chaplains if their churches withdraw their endorsements, as some have threatened to do if “don’t ask, don’t tell” ends. Critics of allowing openly gay troops fear that clergy will leave the service or be forced to find other jobs in the military that don’t involve their faiths. “The bottom line is religious freedom,” said retired Army Brig. Gen. Douglas Lee, one of 65 former chaplains who signed a letter urging President Barack Obama and Defense Secretary Robert Gates to keep “don’t ask, don’t tell.”

We told you before that the gay political movement fully intends to use 501c3 status as a tool to keep the churches locked behind the gates of a religious ghetto. That’ exactly what Ameriblog, a popular gay website proposed in response to any denomination that removes its chaplains under DADT:

“Any church that withdraws its endorsement of our military should have its 501(c)(3) status withdrawn. They’re making a political statement, not a religious one.”

The implications are enormous —not only for military chaplains whose promotions are tied to OERs(Officer Evaluation Report)—, it could be disastrous for any Christian enlisted service member who expresses a belief that homosexuality is sinful. Repeal of DADT would open the door for persecution and expulsion of service members who don’t keep their beliefs locked in a closet.

Every officer in the military, including chaplains, is evaluated in an annual report. One criterion is whether the officer supports the military’s equal opportunity policy. If gays and lesbians are included in that policy, careers of chaplains who criticize homosexuality could suffer. “As a chaplain, on religious grounds, I could not support that, meaning that as a chaplain, I’m going to face consequences,” said retired Col. David Upchurch, a former Army chaplain who is now a minister at Grace Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Lawrence, Kan. The retired chaplains’ letter raises numerous potential conflicts facing conservative chaplains: – As the administrators of the Army’s Strong Bonds program for marriages strained by military life, would chaplains have to begin including same-sex couples? – Would a chaplain be forced to allow gay soldiers to assist with lay duties at religious services? – If chaplains must be available to counsel personal problems for all soldiers, will they have to remain silent on their views about homosexuality?

In nearly every arena they have set their sights on, homosexual activists have zeroed in on one thing: the abolition of laws against them. While that is the battering ram, they intentionally keep the  argument  narrowly focused on the “denial of rights” . Their solution? The immediate dissolution of any and all barriers to those “rights”.  The abolition of law,  is by the way, a chilling characteristic of the man of lawlessness spoken of in 2 Thessaloninan 2:1-12. But if you notice the gay political agenda never reveals its true goals, which can only happen once current restrictions are destroyed. In the case with our military the goal is the same as it has been with other areas: remove all laws and restrictions and policies which prevent them from gaining control of how we adjudicate, discuss and even think about homosexuality. And the retired chaplains are right to call it out.

“Many (if not most) chaplains will confront a profoundly difficult moral choice: whether they are to obey God or to obey men,” they wrote in the Sept. 16 letter. The Department of Defense has not said specifically how it would address any potential conflicts with chaplains stemming from the end of “don’t ask, don’t tell,” but Pentagon spokeswoman Eileen Lainez said the military would not force chaplains to keep their beliefs silent. “Chaplains are allowed to speak according to the dictates of their faith,” she said. “With great acumen, chaplains, throughout the Department’s history, have found means wherein they could strike a balance between faith group requirements and Department of Defense needs,” Lainez said. “Members who feel something is inappropriate may always utilize their chain of command, the inspector general or other systems already in place, to address their concerns.” [our bold]

This is not true. And of course they would not say they would silence chaplains. Chaplains are already discouraged from preaching against certain sins (in the interest of so-called diversity) and cannot advocate any foundational biblical truths. In fact, one Army officer told me that the chapel messages have been reduced to watered down “inspirational” speeches. If DADT is repealed, GCM Watch supports the full recall of denominational chaplains from the military. If the government will not provide the same equal rights and free speech protections to the men and women who serve as spiritual leaders, then the chaplains will be nothing more than state regulated religious mouthpieces. Preachers of the gospel cannot afford to allow themselves to be muzzled for any reason. The conscience of our nation has been shaped by bold men and women of God who spoke out against the evils of our day. Now, another challenge has arisen and critical voices against it are already under attack.

Denominational leaders would be wise to gather their military chaplains together and advise them of what they could be facing. It would be a vote of confidence to the chaplains if those denomination sent out a pre-emptive —and public— letter telling the services they will not tolerate any restrictions on their affiliated chaplaincy.

As it stands, DADT is the best solution to the issue of homosexuals in the military and it should be kept in place without any changes.


18 thoughts on “Retired military chaplains; denominations fight DADT repeal

  1. Surprised nobody is saying much in this thread. The results if the repeal goes through are enormous and everyone will notice that if the repeal goes through.

    There are already homosexuals who wish to claim “marriage” who are also in the military. Some of them are seeking to as they claim “marry” people of the same sex who are not US citizens. The entire “citizenship by marriage” rule came into being to help veterans who wanted to marry women they met overseas. This same rule would be leveraged to continue the pro so-called “gay marriage” (which is an oxymoron) effort. And repeal fo DADT will give that effort a leverage many don’t yet recognize. The whole immigration and marriage issues would become a fight that suddenly would feature a military angle.

    This whole thing is a house of cards that is falling apart.

    But the Lord’s will be done. The world will bow to the Antichrist, prior to Christ’s return to judge and toss those who do into the lake of fire.

  2. IC Youre right. Im not sure people truly understand the magnitude of repealing DADT. It would have the same legal impact on the military as Lawrence v Texas had on civilians. It is literally the last lock on Pandora’s box for the military.
    Now that Obama is blocked from congressional repeal of DADT, he may do an executive order like the gays have pressured him to do. He has promised them he would repeal DADT during his presidency.
    Repealing DADT would literally change the fabric of the military’s order and discipline. They would even have to rewrite UCMJ.

  3. IC & GCM, this is all an educational (and spiritual lesson) for me, thus my lack of commenting thus far. My late father, all three of my elder siblings (two of their spouses, one deceased) and a host of other relatives have been in various branches of the armed forces dating back to the 50s, so this is something I do pay attention towards.

    IC, you made a very important point surrounding the issue of “citizenship by marriage” that would only further exacerbate the current US immigration mess. Last night’s elections notwithstanding, this country is literally coming apart at the seams. To have our military face such an unnecessary, asinine issue to make comfortable some serviceperson’s need to act out sexually with another same-gendered soldier is outrageous! (Aren’t there rules in place governing the prohibition of fornication among non-married people as it is?!)

    In any case, I do believe this is just another event thrusting us further into the abyss called the last days. No pun intended.

  4. How do chaplains deal with Muslims and Jews now? Christian chaplains certainly don’t agree with their religious choice and lifestyle. Chaplains are still free to tell Muslims and Jews that they have selected the wrong religion and will go to hell for it. How is this different from a chaplain telling people with same-gender attraction (homosexuals) that they are going to hell if they act on their attractions?

  5. I also should point out that homosexuals (people with same-gender attraction) who live a celibate lifestyle are also excluded from serving in the military. If a soldier chooses not to join his fellow soldiers in pursueing women for sexual relationships, it can become apparent that this soldier may be a homosexual. This should not be a reason for destroying a celibate homosexual’s military career.

  6. Ralph I think you are mischaracterizing the message of the chaplains. The chaplains are not protesting for the right to verbatim tell homosexuals, Jews or muslims they are “going to hell”, but to preach the fullness of the gospel which includes repentance from ALL sin and that there is only ONE WAY to God and that is through faith in Jesus Christ alone.

    I didnt see anything that suggesting said chaplains wanted to “destroy a celibate homosexual’s career”. No such thing. The issue is DADT repeal would create a hostile environment for military chaplains who feel compelled to speak the truth whether it is in the context of a corporate chapel message or personally to a service member.

    If indeed noncelibate open homosexuals will be given rights to proclaim their lifestyles, then the chaplains should be given equal rights to denounce such lifestyles with no punitive actions on them or their careers. That’s TRUE fairness.

    And I agree with your second point.

  7. I still don’t understand your position. Military chaplains are currently able to tell atheist, Jewish, and Muslim soldiers they are going to hell for not being Christian. Do military chaplains believe that allowing Muslims to serve in the military creates a hostile environment for them? If DADT is removed, known people with same-sex attractions will be allowed to serve in the military. Chaplains will still be able to tell these soldiers that they are going to hell if they do not live a celibate lifestyle. If a homosexual comes to a chaplain and asks for advice, the chaplain is free to tell him that he must remain celibate for life according to the Bible. The soldier may take this as valuable advice that may save his life. Why are homosexuals treated differently from any other non-Christians who serve in the military?

  8. Do any of you have a problem with celibate homosexuals being allowed to serve in the military? Currently, the military assumes that if you have same-sex attractions, then you will act on them. So all homosexuals, celibate and practicing can not have a career in the military. According to this policy, Alan Chambers, the president of Exodus International, could not serve in the military. He acknowledges that he still has same-sex attractions, but he chooses not to act on them. I think its sad that the military will now acknowledge there are many soldiers that while they serve our nation choose to live celibate lifestyles. And if prejudice is a reason for keeping a group out of the military, I guarantee you that there is far greater hatred of Muslims in the military than of gays. Should we implement a policy of DADT for Muslims? Meaning, you can be Muslim, but if your faith if found out, you will lose your career in the military.

  9. Ralph, Ive explained my position quite coherently. If you dont understand, its because you dont want to. You follow up with the same nonsensical mischaracterizations I already addressed.

    And Im not sure why you keep citing “celibate homosexuals” as if they are some sort of dominant subset of DADT beneficiaries. What’s that all about?

  10. Thank you Stand. I ask for your prayers.

    You asked if the midterms had any bearing on this issue. I believe it certainly did. First the election became a referendum on the president. He set himself up as savior, but had no power (or the wisdom) to do what he promised. If the homosexual issue had been put on the table and framed properly I believe the voters would have dealt with it as the liberal issue it is. Obama bears as much responsibility for it as he does for promising the moon to the American people but instead delivering a can of lima beans. Obama has done more to advance homosexual rights than any other president in history (although they arent satisfied with that). Obama has fiddled away while Rome almost burned to the ground. And I think the midterm results were a clear and convincing sign of the people’s rejection of his arrogance, disconnect with the people and terrible domestic policies.

  11. gcmwatch(author)
    I do not take your request for prayer lightly.
    The enemy is of course not happy with what you are doing, but you are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds. When the enemy comes against you one way, he shall have to flee seven ways. No weapon that is formed against you shall prosper. All who rise up against you in judgement, you shall you be able to condemn. He who began a good work in you will also bring it to completion. The holy blood of our Lord Jesus Christ covers your mind, will, emotions, body and spirit. You are strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. The wicked flee when no man pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion. Your righteousness is of the Lord, and His right arm is exceedingly strong to save. The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ rests upon your life and work. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.
    Brotherly love and prayers gcmwatch!

    Proverbs 25:11
    A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.

    GCMW: Indeed sir and thank you!

  12. You want homosexuals to be outcasts in society so badly that you refuse to make a logical conclusion. Chaplains are free to condemn atheists, Jews, and Muslims….and they will also be free to condemn homosexuals when DADT goes down. Why can’t you admit this? And how do we know which homosexuals live a celibate lifestyle? The fact is, heterosexual soldiers will never witness a homosexual being sexually active. Homosexuals are excluded from the military simply for having same-sex attractions. This excludes Alan Chambers president of Exodus International from serving in the military. Do you think that Alan Chambers would hurt morale? He’s a good Christian man who by the military’s definition is a homosexual.

  13. Chaplains I do not believe condemn anyone to hell. It is not their place or right to do so. Not to judge but to carry the word of the Lord to those who believe. STOP equating other religions with a sexual lifestyle. Both Jews and Muslims are also against homosexuality and gay marriage. Such a miniscule minority, what gives homosexuals the right to selfishly hoist their cult-like religion on the vast majority. That is not democracy, but thuggery and through abuse and manipulation of the courts they seek to make normal abominable behaviour. I also think this is about the socialistic take over of the U.S., so other forces are involved. Abraham Lincoln said that if this nation ever falls it will be by it’s own hand, not by a foreign invader. “There has always been homosexuality”. And there has alwayes been sin. It is impossible to be Christian and homosexual. Additionaly it is a fool and an ignoramus who equates sexual preference with race.

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