Prop 8: Spiritual Warfare in California Part 2


In part one of Prop 8 Spritual Warfare in California we covered the Principality of the city of San Francisco, and Powers in the San Francisco area. On this election day of California governmental races, where people are putting emphasis on flesh and blood candidates and propositions, we will take a deeper look at the spiritual warfare that is being raged in the state of California.

Spiritual Wickedness in High Places

Proposition 8 gained so much attention that most people didn’t even recognize that Proposition 4 did not pass in the November 2008 California Election.  Proposition 4 would have prohibited that an abortion performed to a non-emancipated minor until 48 hours after a physician notified the minor’s parent, legal guardian or alternative adult family member. Had this proposition passed, it would have been added to the California State Constitution. However, it was voted down and minors have the right receive an abortion without parental consent.

California performs more abortions that any other state in America and is one of seventeen states that receives public funds for abortions to low-income women.  The youth in California are deceived into believing that abortion is a form of birth control and not murder. Although teenagers do not require parental consent to have abortions, one needs to be 21 years old to drink in the state and 18 years old to buy cigarettes.

The majority of the votes for no on Proposition 4 and 8 come from region surrounding territory of the San Francisco area( Contra Costa County; Santa Clara County; Santa Cruz County; Alameda County; San Mateo County; Marin County; Sonoma County; Napa County; Yolo County) and Monterey County [source and here]. These are also the areas the Ohlone tribe once occupied.

There has been a connection between abortion and homosexual advocates within the state government of California.  They fight against restrictions on abortions and pass a long list of pro-homosexual measures within the California Assembly [source].

Ironically, the goddess pagan worship has a historical demonic connection between homosexuality and child sacrifice. The goddess worship included the celebration of same-sex relationships, cultic sex (both heterosexual and homosexual), child sacrifice, and witchcraft.  The San Francisco Bay Area has a history of not only homosexuality, but an extensive history of the occult.

The Church of Satan was started in San Francisco in June 6, 1966 by Anton Lavey. It promotes sexual lust over spiritual love and heavily promoted sexual perversion as a practice of Satanism. Lord Egan, a former member of Anton Lavey church, formed the First Church of Satan in the 1990s.    He took up the satanic mantle after Lavey’s death in 1997. Egan admitted on the church’s website that he had a strong interest in pedophilia and subscribed to North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA).  NAMBLA represents men who want to have the age of sexual consent reduced so that may have sex with boys. San Francisco also has a well-established witch coven called “The Reclaiming Witches of San Francisco.”  It is 501c3 Non-Profit Religious Organization that promotes the unity of the spirit and politics.  It teaches and makes magic through workshops and classes as well as conducts public rituals. Overall it is estimated that there maybe as many as 50,000 pagans and witches living in the Bay Area.   In addition, Southern California is home to countless psychic and tarot card reader businesses, and botanical stores in both southern and northern california that sell potions and charms.

The occult presence in the Bay Area fuels Spiritual wickedness in high places.  This branch of the kingdom of darkness has charge over the spiritual and religious atmosphere. Child sacrifice (abortion) helps fuel demonic powers.  And the demonic world requires blood sacrifice to invoke the spirits and favor from these demonic beings.  A good example of this is in 2 Kings 3:27 when Moab was in the process of losing a battle against Israel.   When King Mesha of Moab saw this, he sacrifice his eldest son to the Moabite, the god Chemosh.  This was done to aid the Moabite army in winning the battle against the backslidden army of Israel.  After King Mesha sacrificed his son, the battle turned in favor of Moab.

Furthermore the state is attempted to legalize marijuana through proposition 19 or the personal use of “pharmakeia.”  In the Greek “pharmakeia” means sorcery or witchcraft. In the ancient pagan religious practice and even in third world nations of shamans and witchdoctors use drugs to get in contact with the spirit world . The definition for “pharmakeia” is the use of administering drugs, poisoning, sorcery (magical arts, often found in connection with idolatry and fostered by it).

It is very evident that the Bay Area has a strong atmosphere of the occult practice and these practices set a tone for demonic strongholds that can’t be denied.  If you include all the occulted movies and television shows that come out of Hollywood, California that help assist the public interest of testing out the occult.

Rulers of Darkness of this World

Rulers of darkness of this world are evil spirits that control kingdoms and worldly business. In short, they attempt to control all facets of governments and businesses in the Earth that aren’t under the rule of the Almighty God. These rulers of darkness attempt to influence government officials and secular business people to align them with the satanic agenda.

The California state Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger opposed Prop 8 and told backers on same-sex marriage not to give up after the November 2008 Elections. Attorney General Jerry Brown urged the repeal of Prop 8.Both   Schwarzenegger and Brown filed motion on August 6, 2010 that same-sex marriage resume immediately during the appeals of Prop 8 being overturned on August 4, 2010. Governor Schwarzenegger has signed California Senate Bill SB 54 which legally recognizes same-sex marriages performed elsewhere between June 16, 2008 to November 5th, 2008. The governor also signed a bill that honors slain homosexual activist Harvey Milk on his birthday, May 22nd. Milk was one of the first openly homosexual politicians in California.  He served as the city of San Francisco’s supervisor before he and Mayor George Moscone were killed in 1978 by Dan White the former city supervisor who had recently resigned and wanted his job back. It was stated that Schwarzenegger might have felt the need to sign the bill because President Obama’s awarding Milk with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and Sean Penn’s Academy Award winning performance in the movie Milk.

While Northern California is pushing anti-Christ legislation, Southern California’s entertainment is pushing its anti-Christ agenda in motion pictures and television. With motion pictures like “The Kids Are All Right”, “Brokeback Mountain”, and “Avatar”, “The Last Airbender”, “Paranormal Activity”, “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” these occult theme motion pictures are all tools used to educate and seduce people into an alternative way of thinking and lifestyle. Within the television industry such show that push the occult theme are “The Gates”, “Vampire Diaries”, “Medium”, “Ghost Whispers.”   They help assist the indoctrination of the occult into unsuspecting people. Television shows also promote the homosexual lifestyle like.  Those are, “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Modern Family”, “Nurse Jackie”, and 90210.  The television industry pushes quite a bit of immoral things in front of people. Is it by accident? Anton LaVey stated in his book, “The Devil’s Notebook” that the television set is the satanic family altar because television is used as medium to promulgate Satanism more and more. Satanism in fact, is the worship of man. Lavey interviewed entertainers, newscasters and clergy of TV Religion who use the cathode-ray pulpit to spread the “word.”  Lavey knew the impact that television and the movies played in bringing America’s moral value system down.  The entertainment industry is multi-billion dollar industry in which allows evil people to produce a lot of filth for the kingdom of darkness. But at what cost to only lose their soul? Government is legislating ungodly laws and the entertainment industry is the propaganda machine used to promote ungodliness through the airwaves.


We’re living in the last days and Jesus Christ is soon to come. Just as in the days of Noah  Jesus said these things would happen.  In Noah’s day was the only time other than now; where same-sex marriage was taking place, among sorcery, violence, abortion, murder, and all kinds of gross wickedness was taking place daily. Despite living in a wicked age, we must continue to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ without compromise with love and compassion, praying and fasting, being steadfast in the Word of God, live a holy sanctified lifestyle, and evangelize this dying world till Jesus comes back. The body of Christ must fight the good fight of faith in the name of Jesus Christ, put on the whole armor of God that were able stand against wiles of the devil in these last and evil days.


20 thoughts on “Prop 8: Spiritual Warfare in California Part 2

  1. Shofarsound,

    You have written another compelling piece. I wonder though what is meant by “telling the truth in love?” In my experience people don’t like to hear the truth. They tend to use that cop out that you are “judging them” and will refuse your instruction. Telling the truth period is what I have resolved to do. Love isn’t always gentle and it seems like the state in which the world is in today; neither should we.

  2. Excellent article!

    I recently read (or heard, can’t quite remember) that Atlanta, Georgia is soon becoming the “gay capital” of the U.S., if it hasn’t already. In fact a visit a while back prompted me to NOT consider it a place for possible relocation since almost every man I came across seemed to be gay. I joked to friends that moving there would drastically reduce my chances of ever being married, but the way it’s looking now I may have been right.

    Are there any ties between San Francisco and Atlanta that are important to note as well?

    Hopefully my question is sufficiently on topic, if not my apologies!

  3. Not exactly a world class resource, but I looked Atlanta up in Wikipedia. According to its entry it’s actually #3 in the country for its homosexual population, behind #2 Seattle and #1 San Francisco.

    Still though, I wonder what makes Atlanta and Seattle prime locations for practicing homosexuality.

  4. @Taajanique your absolutely correct love isn’t always gentle, and we can’t water down the truth because someone may get offended. Paul said :have I become your enemy because I tell you the truth? However, people like Rev. Fred Phelps and Westboro Baptist present hate when speaking out against homosexuality. We need to follow Jesus example, he told the Samartian woman at the well the truth in love about all the men she been with, the rich young ruler to give up his riches. The book of Hebrews it says for those he loves he chastens(paraphrasing), if He didn’t love you then your a illegitimate child(santize version). The Bible also says that men love darkness because of there evil deeds.

    @Alexia good question. I have to look more in depth into Atlanta gay community connection. Maybe GCMW might be able to answer your question? I don’t want to base may answer on mere opinion, but on truth and facts.

  5. @shofarsound-Wow another very informative article. And a right on time one too, with today being election day. What baffles me is the lack of political awareness of black church folk. They voted for Obama not knowing that he was a major supporter of abortion and the whole pro-choice scene.

    What a serious error this was. Now we have Obama supporting the homosexual agenda, all the while claiming he is a Christian.

    It’s rather sad really…..

    Great Post Bro….

  6. Shofarsound thanks brother. We should do a spiritual analysis of every state in the union. Your well documented story begs the question about the state’s spiritual condition.

    When we look at all the data you cited can we come to a conclusion that the church in California has fallen and is powerless? I know that sin is everywhere but is this a case of the salt losing its savor, its effectiveness?

    And if as they say as California goes, so goes the rest of the country, is that true spiritually?

  7. Brother Shofarsound,
    Excellent analysis. You mentioned the entertainment industry in California.

    I want to add to the discussion of what I believe is why California has been turned over to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils.

    I have heard and read too many times that California is the #1 producer and exporter of pornagraphy and the pornography industry(books, films, internet, satellite, sex toys, and the list goes on). The spirit is definitely rooted in fornication from which we get the greek word “porneia”. California is damned because of pornography which I believe leads to unwanted pregnancies which lead to abortion(MURDER), people experimenting sexually and planting visual ideas in males and females heads(heterosexual and homosexual/lesbian, etc, etc fantasies) and then total idol worship or satanism! Pornography has been recorded to what leads to men becoming mass rapists and mass murders.

    In my humble opinion, the root spirit controlling this territory is porneia. It is an industry that employees millions of people and rewards them richly! California exports pornography to the entire world. And there is an old political saying, Whatever happens or is established in California affects the rest of the country(United States).

    As man that was delivered from pornagraphy(fornication) I can tell you that its grip is powerful and it takes everything Biblically and Spiritually by the power of the LORD to get delivered from its yoke. People think pornagraphy is only X-rated or TV-MA material. Pornagraphy is in every soap opera, sit-com, MTV, BET videos, music songs! PG-13 movies today are what used to be R-rated movies! G movies today are PG-13. It does not have to be butt-naked to be pornography, Amen!

    GOD bless to GCMWatch and Shofarsound and others, Keep up the good work in JESUS MIGHTY NAME!

  8. Pastor Foster,
    You said “And if as they say as California goes, so goes the rest of the country, is that true spiritually?”

    You and I were obviously in the SPIRIT before your post and my post showed up. I said, “And there is an old political saying, Whatever happens or is established in California affects the rest of the country(United States).”

    Speak HOLY GHOST! GOD is in this conversation, Amen! LOL!

  9. @GCMWATCH-You said: “When we look at all the data you cited can we come to a conclusion that the church in California has fallen and is powerless?”

    That’s a powerful statement sir….I hope its not true but with the way things are going, one can’t help but believe it.

    Now I know that spiritual warfare is real and it is going on. In the book of Daniel his prayer answer was delayed because of Spiritual warfare…..a battle between dark forces and the forces of light.

    But the forces of light were able to get through. Are we seeing any breakthrough in California? It just keeps getting worse and worse. Even with the Presiding Bishop of COGIC’s church right there in Cali.

  10. @Alexia you found that San Francisco is #1 in homosexual population, followed by #2 Seattle, #3 Atlanta. What I found interesting with San Francisco, Seattle, and Atlanta being the top 3, is that each city has a heavy influence of the occult. Anytime an area has heavy influence of the occult, homosexuality is not to far behind. Witchcraft and homosexuality are both rooted in rebellion(rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft 1 Samuel 15:23). As I mention in the article the San Francisco area has a heavy occult pressence, Seattle Washington has a heavy new age movement/wicca pressence, however what I found shocking that Atlanta has one of the largest open wicca coven in the country called Ravenwood(which may somewhat explain the level of homosexuality in the city?). I will continue to pray and seek God on how to fully answer your question.

    @Enochwalked thank you for your insightful comments as always. When you stated California has the biggest pornographic industry in the world. That is true. The base of pornographic material in California comes out of the San Fernando Valley(porn capital), which back in January 1994 was hit hard by a freak earthquake.

    @GCMWatch I think it would be good to do an analysis of each state spiritual climate and principalites ruling each state. What most churches have done is that they read the letters of Paul, and not studying the letters of Paul. Paul letters show spiritual warfare taking place(look at his travels to Ephesus and Cornith as examples), and how Paul addresses the pagan culture in the areas he does missions work. As for as California go so does the rest of the country, is a very true statement. Does anybody remember Azusa Street? Azusa Street laucnhed a worldwide revival out of a little house in California.

    @BRDAVISION your absolutely right about spiritual warfare that is going on is very real. On the churches most of the major mega-churches in California are in the mode of the Church of Laodicea(rich in material, but lukewarm, naked, blind, spiritually poor). As Gcmwatch put it powerless. Blake church has all the beautful celebrities and atheletes attending his church, and bankrolled that catheral, you can’t bite the hand/or rebuke the hand that feeds you.

  11. @shofarsound

    Now that you mention it I do remember Seattle being an important cultural force in music, namely grunge. Kurt Cobain was the head of the grunge movement and later committed suicide. Music and media in general are used as gateways for the spirit realm, so what you’ve found isn’t surprising.

    Anyway, don’t feel pressured to handle the entirety of my question! I’m very intrigued now and as gcmwatch suggested, I want to begin looking into spirituality markers in various states. A website I check out on occasion,, has a numerical gauge they use to show how things are moving prophetically with regards to the end times. It doesn’t predict anything of course, but I like the concept behind it. Something like that might be helpful for gcmwatch’s idea.

  12. This piece is very informative but it reads like a rough draft. This piece needs to be proofread badly. It has numerous grammatical errors. Subject verb agreement is not right in many places, prepositions are missing, and punctuation needs to be corrected. Please fix it.

    GCMW: Thank you for your comments Adrian. We want all of our commentary to reflect the best in writing, even its technical aspects. I will pass this on to the author to edit and correct.

  13. @Adrian

    This doesn’t reflect Pastor Foster or this blog, with the grammar errors. Gcmwatch blog represents the spirit of excellence.

    I apologize to both to Pastor Foster and Adrian. This mistake falls on me, I was rushing to get this article out on election day, and didn’t follow my own procedures of proofreading my material(which I do at least twice and another person proofread my material at least twice, then we make sure all the corrections are made).

    Humbly will make the correction and edit the material. Accept your constructive criticism, it helps me to become a better writer.


  14. Finally corrections made to this article. Thank you Pastor Foster and Adrian for bringing the errors to my attention.

  15. One of Alesiter Crowley prized disciples was John Whiteside Parsons who was over the Agape Lodge of O.T.O. in Pasendena, Calfornia. Parson was known to be the father of jet propulsion that helped the aerospace industry, through the occult knowledge he developed this technology.

    Parson was L Ron Hubbard(the founder of Thee Church of Scienetolgy) mentor, both were involved in some serious black magic. This is further proof of California occult roots. All these Hollywood stars that follow Sciencetology, are following satanic/occultic teachings of L Ron Hubbard.

  16. Jerry Brown the Governor-Elect for California
    Gavin Newsom Lt. Governor of California
    Kamala Harris State Attorney General of California. Harris has already stated she will not defend Prop 8.

    These next 4 years of California government should be interesting. Keep California in your prayers.

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