GCM Watch applauds ouster of gay marriage judges in Iowa

DES MOINES, IA – GCM Watch is applauding the ousting of three activist judges. In a bold move orchestrated by a coalition of pastors, citizens and leaders in Iowa, justices who voted to impose homosexual marriage on the people of that state were removed from office by the vote of the people. From the Washington Post:

Iowa Supreme Court rulings will be slowed after a contentious campaign persuaded voters to oust three justices, who supported a decision legalizing gay marriage, a court official said Wednesday.

Chief Justice Marsha Ternus and justices David Baker and Michael Streit were voted off the bench in Tuesday’s election, creating multiple vacancies on the court for the first time since its inception.

The three were among seven justices who unanimously decided last year that an Iowa law restricting marriage to a man and a woman violated the state’s constitution. They will leave at the end of the year.

Tuesday was the first time Iowa voters removed a Supreme Court justice since the current system began in 1962.

Gay marriage foes spent an estimated $1 million on the campaign to oust the judges, who chose not to raise money or campaign themselves. But a group of former governors, lawyers and judges formed Fair Courts For Us to support them, saying Iowa’s independent judiciary was at risk if a one-issue campaign succeeded in removing the justices.

GCM Watch reported on one pastor involved in leading the civil rebellion against the growing problem of issue activist judges who generally rule for liberal causes. Pastor Cary Gordon’s actions serve as a excellent example of what churches can do to resist the unwanted homosexual activism in their communities.

Gordon, an associate pastor at Cornerstone World Outreach in Sioux City, says he will defy federal law this month when he urges the congregation to vote to not retain the three justices, who participated in a unanimous ruling that allowed same-sex couples to wed. His mass mailing to 1,000 church leaders in September prompted one national religious liberty group to file a complaint with the Internal Revenue Service.

8 thoughts on “GCM Watch applauds ouster of gay marriage judges in Iowa

  1. Way to go for the Pastors in Iowa for standing bold for the Word of God. God bless them for the effort of getting these liberal judges voted out of office.

  2. This is one for the worth reporting file, not that other stories on this site aren’t worth reporting but the fact that this one made my day at the hearing thereof!

    Maybe this can send a message to the justices in the not so liberal states that remain.

    Hitting folks in the pocketbook sometimes screams the loudest.

  3. Having been born and raised in Iowa, I was sick to my stomach when Iowa became one of a small handful of states sanctioning gay marriage. My first thought was how did this happen? I have family and friends back there yet and they were very upset about this ruling.

    Thankfully the judges responsible are being removed. I am so appreciative of Pastor Gordon’s efforts, and of course the great citizens of Iowa for voting them out.

  4. Very uplifting and encouraging. Now this is truly putting works behind faith and voting according to your Christian liberties rather than along “party lines.” May the Lord continue to raise up and wake up the body of Christ when it comes to OUR voting power.

  5. Thank you GCM Watch for stating your positions so clearly. You help give courage to resist the constant barrage against true Christianity. We must be sober and vigilant and refuse to succumb to the wiles of the enemy.

  6. I love it, kick dem bums off the court. On a gay website, they are very afraid of this act, they know it sends a message to all judges across this nation.

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