COGIC to try $4 million Delaware theft case

Bishop_on_WhiteST LOUIS – COGIC bishops allegedly are set to put one of their own on trial during the denomination’s 2010 St Louis convention. As you can see from the title its about money again. It appears nothing will get you brought up on charges  in the nation’s largest pentecostal denomination quicker than stealing money. Not sexual abuse, not sexual misconduct, not even crime.  But retribution against theft is swift.

Theft is a serious crime and should be dealt with, but are the denomination’s leaders aware that the 10 commandments also mention sexual sins?

A clergy member (who asked that his name be with held) told GCM Watch that Bishop Thomas Hosely, head of the denomination’s Delaware “jurisdiction” could possibly be removed and the case turned over to criminal courts pending outcome of the ecclesiastical trial. Hosely is scheduled to be tried November 10th in COGIC’s new meeting city. Hosely who was consecrated into the bishopric in April 2009, stands accused of stealing an estimated 4 million dollars allegedly left in place by his predecessor the late Bishop LT Blackshear.

In March, COGIC fired longtime senior executive assistant Supt Dickerson LS Wells over $20, 000 in missing funds.

The denomination also failed to act on general board member JD Husband’s widespread sexual sins/crimes. That is, until he embezzled over $5 million dollars of church money.

But still no action on the mounting cases of sexual abuse, sexual misconduct and sexual harassment perpetrated by COGIC clergy members.  In other news, Bishop Charles Blake, however, did take time to tell a St Louis reporter about COGIC’s great music and the millinery couture of its women.

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43 thoughts on “COGIC to try $4 million Delaware theft case

  1. Elder,

    This will more than likely take place in one of the Bishop’s Council sessions if it happens at all during the Convocation. Obviously your source knew what he was talking about because these things aren’t normally announced either way, and are closed to anyone other than a Bishop.

    It’s hard to imagine a $4 million loss or theft in such a short period of time and I certainly hope this is untrue in every way, but i share your sentiments…why action over misuse of money, when no action over misuse of people???

    That’s the $64 Million question.

  2. Yes, this was a quick work. Just think Holsey was consecrated in April 09 and by July 10 he was in deep trouble. In contrast, Elder Ron Stidham in Kansas was persecuted relentlessly by a Bishop Gilkey who has stolen his property and sued him for back payment in tithes and offering resulting in the garnishment on the man’s personal wages. Yet, after almost five years of seeking justice, the stuffed purple shirts denied him and sit by silently while he is stoned. That’s COGIC justice for you.

    And apparently its not a such a secret after all.
    This is part of a letter released by Bishop Brooks.

    As of July 16th, 2010, due to Bishop Thomas Holsey refusal to cooperate with the Episcopal Oversight Committee (EOC), having no other remedy to protect the best interest of the Jurisdiction but to place interim leadership; pursuant to page 5, paragraph (a) and pages 17 and 18, of the Official Manual, over the Jurisdiction. As noted, “Given the gravity and the emergency nature of the situation”, Bishop Blake has appointed me as the interim Jurisdictional Bishop until such time things are stable or other leadership protocols are defined an implemented.

    Wow, but a bishop in their state can molest girls and when reported to him (Brooks) all he says is “go back to church and pray”.

    But money and “insubordination” issues are grave and emergency. What am I missing?

  3. How it burns my heart to see the condition of COGIC, but not just COGIC, but the body of Christ as a whole. I mean, nearly (if not all) demoninations you see have some repulsive things going on against the Word of God. It feels so hopeless when the foundation on what many church attendees are those that in office is $$$. I believe that this is not something that has just started, but have been covered and overlooked for years…decades.

    Though I don’t want to, I can see what you’re saying about their greed for money, power, position, etc. far exceeds their integrity and loyalty to the Word of God. I love COGIC. Am I ashamed of what I’ve seen and heard?….YES! My heart bleeds as I cannot imagine what the old true holiness saints what say when they see the condition of the church. How did we fall?? Well the real question is where do we STAND??? And what do we stand on?? It reminds me of what I read in the Word on how Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed because of abominiation against the Lord…..actually it was destroyed because He couldn’t find 10 (ten) righteous. Lot was vexed to see the sin that was so profound in his sight, let alone God’s. Are we vexed because of the sin in the church?? I am!

    As I saw another heretic…….Yvette Flunder, Tonex, just to name a few parade their uncovered sins openly not only in the world, but stand up in (what is supposedly) God’s House and preach, sing, shout and whatever else they see the saints doing. The shame and disgrace that preachers, bishops and molesting, sodomizing children, and little to nothing is really done. As I think back as a young teen of hearing about Bishop Husband, one who I use to love to hear him preach in Memphis, being a homosexual…and on the General Board!!! I didn’t understand fully of what was truth and what was going on, but now as the covers unfold….decades later, I’m appalled. Why, Oh Lord, wasn’t he taken down?? How could you watch this going on and nobody stopped him….until he got caught adding zeros to a “goodbye-get out of town check” that he was given (so I heard). I figure that if any man in authority and has the power can watch him do what he did, had to have enjoyed the sin. What man would know that he raped boys and still watch him deliver the Gospel??? OH MY GOD!! How could you expose the people of God to this man and others?? Yet when it’s a issue of $$$, you rise up! God’s judgment is soon approaching, and I pray that I too will not fall into temptation. Lord SAVE ME!

  4. kacogic, many of us share the same grief and sadness at the derelict spiritual condition of leadership in the church today. All we can do is pray, cry aloud and spare not and live holy ourselves. The rest is in God’s hands.

  5. Praise the Lord,

    Bishop Holsey has been fully exonerated after his trial. Right is right. More details to follow. It is a shame that this man was drug through the ringer as the Presiding Bishop and Bishop P.A. Brooks sought to get their hands on the jurisdiction funds in Delaware.

    Several days of testimony and thankfully, Bishop Holsey had legal representation to argue on his behalf. It is a crying shame when COGIC leaders can’t even follow their own constitution and protocol all in the name of trying to get their hands on monies to pay off other debts.

    At the end of the day, the Lord yet sits on the throne.

  6. Maranatha, I received the following email which completely contradicts what you have written.

    Bishop Holsey was found guilty, reduced to an Auxilary Bishop, and has to pay back $100,000. [He is]No longer a Jurisdictional Bishop.

    And the big picture of the story is not the guilt or innocence of Bishop Holsey but the rabid hypocrisy and internal wickedness of COGIC leadership.

    I so agree with you. COGIC leaders cannot even follow their own polluted constitution which is by the way completely devoid of biblical grounding.

  7. Both comments made regarding the outcome of Bishop Holsey’s trial are inaccurate. It would be wise to see what the official statement will be from the COGIC. I agree that there is a criminal element within the COGIC that needs to be rooted out immediately(as within ANY organization). The COGIC is a great church that is going through a transitional period in which the structural hierarchy is being forced to address issues that have been “swept under the rug” for many years. We as Bible believing people need not initiate witch hunts. Let us pray and allow the Lord to bring HIS church back into order. Bless you all.

  8. thank you COGIC deacon. As I have observed the church’s “official positions” and we have reported many times on this blog about them, I have little faith that such a thing will occur. Its part of a systemic dysfunction with leadership and I believe an obsession with protecting its “name, image and assets”. That’s per the Presiding Bishop. Such a mentality will never fully disclose the outcome of issues like this so that the constituency of the church is maturely informed and not forced to “gossip” because the national church will not tell them the truth. Case in point: Bishop JD Husband. Witch hunts occur when the truth is suppressed. The only way to avoid it is tell people the truth.

    So there will be no statement. Just like the was no statement of Derrick Hutchins and his sexual debacle. Just like Bishop ________ _____________ and his sexual harassment of a missionary in his church. There will be no statement.

    I will say that its is rather interesting that while you rebuffed both comments as “inaccurate” you made no attempt to present one that was accurate. If you are sure they are inaccurate, how? If you are not sure, then how can you call them inaccurate? If you know, why not simply correct? If you dont know, why add more confusion?

    Finally, as I said before the big issue here isnt the disposition of this case (or other like cases involving money) it is the blatant hypocrisy of the church’s leadership. They fall over themselves about money, but offer nothing but weak, spineless excuses on sexual immorality. Or they are stubbornly and arrogantly silent. Take your pick.

    I do agree this is a transitional period where leadership is being slowly forced to face decades of unrighteous governing and ungodly dictates that damage the membership. But its seems they are just circling the wagons. I see zero heart to right what is wrong. They should remember what God does to people who refuse to yeild.

  9. I absolutely agree with the Author of this blog, furthermore this opinion is reinforced by the decision by the Board of Bishops on 11/12/10 in finding Bishop Thomas Holsey not guilty on all charges and reinstating him as Jurisdictional Bishop on a two year probational period. This was a clear case of misuse of funds, and abuse of power. The most profound travesty of this whole situation is that this Jurisdiction was lead for over fifty years by one of the most ethical Bishops in the history of COGIC Bishop L.T. Blackshear. It was Bishops desire to leave this Jurisdiction spiritually and finacially sound. Moreover, He fulfilled his committment. This decision spat in the face of over seventy years of faithful, ethical service by Bishop. Surely, there was some evidence of misappropiation of funds when over Four million dollars evaporates in less than two years with absolutely nothng to show for it. COGIC, our moral authority is in QUESTION what will we answer?

  10. gcmwatch (author),

    You are correct. The payback amount is accurate. I will, until otherwise informed, go with your statement of the reduction from jurisdictional bishop office.

    Yes, it remains to be seen what, if any, message the national church will put out on this situation. In the end, there remains a culture within the organization that is driven by money, while turning a blind eye to the immoral sexual behavior that some in leadership have been able to get away with.

    Prayerfully, all will do the right thing going forward.

  11. Thank you Maranatha and Delaware Pastor. I just think people deserve to know the truth. They pay their tithes, support with their presence, give till it hurts and more and yet this leadership acts like they are a bunch of stupid second graders when it comes to matters of importance that affect them. Its a shame that we have to have this discussion on GAY CHRISTIAN movement watch and not on

    1. They wont publicly tell the church what is transpiring (for the reasons I cited) and 2. they wont allow responsible corporate discussion on the related issues.

    Yet, the presiding bishop promised “transparency”. Ask yourself why.

  12. The board of bishops owes delaware,Bishop Holsey, has stole money before. A Deacon in the Delaware made calls to Bishop Sheard about a year ago and let him know what was going on in that jurisdiction and noone did anything. He also called Bishop brooks, plus sent a complant. It wasnt until Bishop Holsey wrote bad checks to some preachers from outside of the jurisdiction,thats when Bishop Blake and his staff came here to investigate Bishop Holsey.Then a week later Bishop P.A. brooks came in.With the help of the members and the scared pastors Bishop Brooks was able to get to the core of the problem. The reason I say scared pastors is because,thier was a few pastors in dover that knew what was going on.Only one of them gave up the goods and at the trial Bishop Holsey, put the blame on him,but the members here knows Bishop Holsey stole 4 MILLION

  13. They just had a meeting at the Delaware Jurisdiction. Bishop White (General Board Member from NY) read from the Board of Bishops. This is a summary of what was read. Persuant to Artical 8 section D of the Official Manual of the Church Of God In Christ for ruling persuant Artical 8 Section D Through Enoch Perry special council to the Presiding Bishop Charles Blake; wherefore the Board of Bishops of majority vote whose members after reviewing the record: Bishop Blake, Bishop Brooks, Elder Bowe, and Missionary Green on charges 1-3 and 5-9 were proven by order, judge, and decree Artical 8 Section D against Bishop Thomas L. Holsey.

    1. Placed on 2 yr. probation
    2. If during probationary period if criminally charged he’ll be removed immediately.
    3. All FINANCIAL MATTERS will be carried out by a dully elected Trustee Board.
    4. The Board of Bishops will recommend and be allowed to observe and advise Bishop Holsey of all actions.
    5. Must gain the following and support of the Pastors and Elders.
    6. Must REPAY ALL MONEY within 3 years. He must turnover all bank statements, cancelled checks, records and accounts to the Board of Bishops.
    7. Provide the Chairman of the Board of Bishops a record of progress and compliance.
    8. He is notified that the COGIC, Delaware Jurisdiction IS NOT RESPONCIBLE for any fines, charges, lawyers fee that might occur.
    9. That he certify that this document was read and signed by him and he has to abide by it.

    Bishop Frank White read this at the Jurisdictional meeting held Nov. 20, 2010. It also should be noted that by a vote of the Pastors was held at this meeting. The vote was 6 In favor of keeping Thomas Holsey as Prelate of Delaware. 12 voted against keeping Thomas Holsey as Prelate of Delaware. 4 abstained in the vote. As it stands the majority of Pastors will not support or follow Bishop Thomas Holsey.

  14. We were also informed that the General Board which include Bishop Blake, Bishop Brooks and others stood up for the Delaware Jurisdiction but the Board of Bishops voted to re-instate Holsey as Prelate of Delaware and came up with the above statement. I just want to take the time and Thank God for all His mercies and kindness. Thank God for all the Bishops who stood in the gap for us. It is also reported that a number of credential holders through their Blue and Gold cards on stage and a uproar insued. It took a long time to regain order in the General Assembly. Thanks to the Delegates who stood with us. We thank God for the Saints.
    COGIC DE Jurisdiction.

  15. Thank you whomever you are for this update. I think that it reinforces my assertion that the current COGIC leadership cares more about money (image, name and assets) than they do about men, women and children who are sexually abused and victimized by clergy.
    Here, they have convened trials, sent commissions and investigators, expedited COGIC “justice” and handily handled all the business of the church’s money.

    Now, where is this same passion for righteousness when it comes to young boys who are raped by bishops, young girls who are raped by pastors and women who are manipulated into sex and silence by dirty old COGIC preachers?

    That’s not something important to you is it Bishop Blake?

  16. According to what I’ve been told in the Official Manual the General Board was overruled by the Board Of Bishops. They have the power to institute rules in our church. Bishop Blake and Bishop Brooks did testify on our behalf. I’m begining to think that in several cases someone or a group of Bishops were paid off. I beleive in some cases that the General Board came to the defense of the innocent only to be overruled by the Board of Bishops. So the question remains what Bishop or Bishops are corrupt. It is believed that Bishop Holsey had something on these Bishops that convinced them to vote against the General Board and for him. I think in the cases of sexual abuse that the same thing has happened, that some Bishops were paid to vote against the General Board and the evidence all in the name of an image. I can only image how many are wife beaters, or child molestors or in our case a man who stole 4 million dollars. Remember 12 pastors decided to vote against Bishop Holsey only 6 were for him and out of that 2 are pastors in name only they have no or very few members. He will not have the support or following of the majority of members of the COGIC, De Jurisdiction.

  17. The board of bishops has a long history of power struggles with the executive board (now general board). You can thank JO Patterson, Sr. for that. Church politics as usual while people suffer.
    Our prayers go out to the members of DE jurisdiction. God only knows where this tug of war will end.

  18. Seems to confirm the ongoing chip Bishop Sheard has on his shoulders in regards to Bishop Blake, Brooks, etc. These posts leave clear indication that the Board of Bishops likely voted with Bishop Holsey because they too have vulnerable in regards to how they have handled their jurisdictional accounts, and not wanting the presidium to have access, stood with one of their own.

    Many jurisdictions have far more money in the acct. than the general church in memphis. This is problematic as they nat’l continues to fund the ministry of the church on recessionary support they are receiving from the rank and file, hence a look at juris. acct’s as a potential cash cow.

  19. That’s a great point I hadn’t thought of that either. Here’s one for ya, I heard one to the Trustees had a meeting with the Attorney General’s Office or met with some Detectives. Don’t know for sure but still checking on it. I hope that he or she did it will certainly clean things up if they did.

  20. I am disappointed that were having a conversation like this, when souls are being lost and people are back sliding. I think the problem is people forget the whole reason why God saved them, and get caught up in the four temptation of sins that the devil offer to Jesus.

  21. Money, or should I say, the love of money can cause so many to stray from the path and began their own. COGIC churches all over have similar problems with leaders mismanaging monies that are given by their members. For example, there is a similar case right now in Colorado where a Bishop resigned from office leaving almost a million dollars and I hear almost , if not all, is spent unjustly. I wonder will anything be done about it?
    No group of people or organization is perfect, but being a part of the church should make people aware of the responsibility that goes along with it. Leaders in the church are responsible for the souls that are given to their care. They want us to obey and follow leadership yet they won’t obey themselves. “Obey those who rule over you, and be submissive, for they watch out for your souls, as those who must give account. Let them do so with joy and not with grief, for that would be unprofitable for you “(Hebrews 13:17). If the members are to be compliant, then the leaders are to be responsible. In addition they are to be examples and enforcers of what is right and just. Pray for our churches that God will have men and woman who will stand up and say no more… No more… No more!

  22. Randy, Im aware of that situation in Colorado you mentioned as Im sure many others are. I want to re-emphasize what I have been saying many times before. And I got this from the current PB in 2007 when we first started bringing attention to the clergy sexual abuse cases in COGIC. He said, “To protect the name, image and assets of the COGIC we must take positive steps to seriously investigate every case of alleged sexual abuse by the clergy”. Just a few weeks after that statement appeared on COGIC’s official website in the PB’s official church-wide missive, it was summarily scrubbed. Deleted and trashed. Ask yourself why. Blake gave out the formula that allows abuses of all kinds to continue unabated within COGIC. If anything happens which threatens the name, image or assets of COGIC they will do something about it. There is no mention of people. As you said, the leaders are to watch for the souls of the people. But when name, image and assets are more important than the souls of people, abuse is all but a guarantee. Blake’s statement is also grossly hypocritical if not an outright lie. Not one single case of sexual abuse (and notice he said even alleged sexual abuse) has been investigated. There are cases in Michigan, New York, Ohio, Kansas and Illinois right now and there has been no “serious investigations”. In fact no investigations at all.

    Under Blake’s administration, the rights of the people have been stripped away and more power given to the top leaders club to beat down , silence and intimidate anyone who would raise the issue of injustice. Some are allowed to “resign” when they have done wrong and yet others are promoted for doing the same thing (California and Florida). Some are quickly punished, yet others are allowed to go on as if nothing ever happened (Delaware, Colorado)…for committing the same crime. I think that the good ole boys purple robe club are just protecting their own nasty ongoing secrets. And someone who has irrefutable evidence should expose the whole nasty lot of it for the good of the church.

    There is no justice when the leadership is corrupt and will not even obey the Word of the Lord. I believe people have prayed and God has already spoken to many within COGIC to stand up and demand that this mockery of our founder’s dream be stopped. But fear and ignorance keeps them silent. To save the church some Esthers need to stand up and risk it all.

  23. I believe that there is hope for those who will not allow pressure from evil doers, to cloud their judgment in doing what is right and just. I am not one to just criticize leadership but I am one that will identify wrong when I see it, no matter who it is coming from. It is wrong to cover up leaders that take the monies of people who give for ministry, and use it to help out friends, who may not even be a part of the church. It is wrong to see leaders put before people visions and projects that they know they do not plan to see through, yet the monies received they continuously spend.
    When leaders have the power to come in and make things right and don’t, money in most cases is the underlined product of cover-up. I believe in the case of Delaware Jurisdiction, the General Board did make an attempt to set things right. The biggest problem in a case like that, is the wrong doings of many that are in the forefront which leaves the Presiding Bishop, very little room to really handle these situations effectively. Until we admit that there is much corruption among us and began to be the change we want to see, we will never be the church that God wants us to be. I admit, one person cannot change things overnight, but they can do the best they can to help make a difference.

  24. I understand your hesitation. It appears you see, but if your seeing is restricted by hesitation then it will affect nothing. And evildoers count on people doing and saying nothing. I dont know, perhaps you like many others have a position or some element you are concerned you could lose or be jeopardized by speaking out against this. However no opposition, no accountability. And also this isnt just criticizing. This is mounds and mounds of hard evidence that has minimized at best from the current leadership. At any rate, like I said, it will take an Esther to risk it all and move the church out of its current slouch into moral apostasy.

    Not an easy time or situation, but it takes brave men to change things. For that positions, possessions and popularity must lose its priority in one’s life.

  25. What an amazing turn of events. The sad thing is, this is happening all over the country in every denomination. I do not believe that God ever designed the church to ever be set up like the Catholics. In order to control these kinds of problems, the people must hold back on the money. They can not do anything, if we stop supplying their habits. When we see corruption we need to stop supporting it.

  26. I was raised COGIC and have seen COGIC leadership do a lot of things that go against scripture and the law. Over the years, the General Board has taken turns raiding the coffers of Jurisdictions (under the guise of being an interim Bishop) upon the demise of the Jurisdictional Prelate. And the only reason they went after Bishop Holsey is because he was not willing to “share” the Jurisdictional funds with certain people. They want to talk about how he’s using the funds, when all he’s doing is what every other COGIC bishop is doing. It’s crazy.

    What I don’t understand is why people look to COGIC to police it’s own misconduct. If a Pastor/Supt./Bishop is stealing money, avoiding payment of taxes, abusing people…these are crimes, contact the police–not Memphis.

  27. I am a young college educated Christian that is apart and member of the national COGIC. I’m twenty four years old and I love my church dearly. While it pains me to read this, I understand men aren’t perfect and are prone to sin if Christ isn’t the head of their life. But one thing I’m starting to realize is that while my church could do a better job disclosing information on serious matters whether it is money, sexual harassment, etc… I do believe that while these issues are out there people forget that there are good Bishops, Pastors, Supts. all the way down to the lay members. I’m not saying I agree with some of the things that have gone on or even some of the actions that some of our leaders taken (or not taken) on issues but I do realize and understand that the actions of a few are not the voice and actions of the many. I’ve been in this church all of my life, my dad was an ordained elder in this church (he is deceased now) and I can say I’ve had the opportunity to see behind close doors and I don’t agree with everything but I can say I’ve had the priviledge to have a great Bishop who isn’t money hungry, to have a Pastor that has a heart for the people and doesn’t hold offering for an hour or more. Leaders who have never laid a hand on me in an inappropriate way, but took time to show me what it is to be a young, responsible, dedicated and faithful christian man. Yes COGIC has our problems but if I’m a witness to the good side of my church I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. There is always so much of the negative reported on, and I do believe the truth should be told no matter what. But I wrote this just show that while there is some bad in COGIC, there is more good. Bishop Blake may not be perfect but he is my leader, so I will continually pray for him and the leadership of my Great Church. I write this with respect to all who have made posts and to the site creator. Pastor DL Foster, sir I understand what you have to do by getting the truth out and I continually pray for you sir because I know it isn’t easy.

    God still hears and answers

  28. THERE is no leader no where in the church of God in Christ that will stand up and cry loud to expose all of this mess in COGIC it will definitly take an ESTHER.

    all others are afraid of the title and position….

    they are more afraid of the bishop than they are God.

  29. Wow @Cogic De Jurisdiction…its sad i know who u are smh…but in house is in house. I do believe Bishop Holsey is wrong, and he will not gain the support of the jurisdiction. But another problem is members who thrive on drama! Who like to go to meetings get all the info and talk about it..Gossipers!! This is a major problem in the cogic church people who criticize wrong doers…but never take the time to clean there own demons out of there closet!

  30. DE Member, Id like to ask you a question. According to the bible, can a person actually “clean demons out of there own closet”. Where is that from? I mean can satan cast out satan? It seems a little hypocritical of you to throw off on “gossipers” and people who criticize, but you are seem to not have a grasp on truth yourself.
    Please explain.

  31. Many have written concerns to this website about the Hosley case, most of the discussions are pretty sincere. Yet until the people say no more and act on those convictions, what they say they are only words. It is the people who keep allowing leaders to run over them. People give others power to mess over them. History will confirm that during the slavery error at one point in America, the slaves outnumbered the slave masters in overwhelming numbers, yet most allowed themselves to be held captive instead of fighting back. In addition, there were more slaves in America than it was the white race. When we know something is wrong and still support the habit by doing whatever they say, in spite of the wrong we are just as guilty.

  32. An update as of today Bishop Thomas Holsey has been perminately suspended by the COGIC. He’s not allowed in any COGIC church especially in the Delaware Jurisdiction. From what I’ve been told he was under investigation by the Delaware Attorney General but the case has now been taken over by the FBI. Bishop Frank White of New York and General Board Member is now the Intrim Bishop for the Delaware Jurisdiction. Please pray for us that God would revive and restore this church.

  33. To De member It’s good to know that I’m known but the fact is 4 million dollars are missing. Unlike some folks I believe in repentance and forgiveness. I ask God for forgiveness everyday for my sins and it’s good to know that He is faithful and just to forgive us all our sins. But some people think they don’t have to ask God or the people of God for forgiveness. But God says Confess your faults one to another. How many of us really ask God and His people for forgiveness. Many continue in their sins thinking they’re going to get away with it. God says what is done in the dark He will bring it to light. As far as I know none of or very few of the Administration of Bishop Holsey have asked for forgiveness. Oh by the way, The FBI is taking a peak at the finances of the COGIC Delaware Jurisdiction, and it’s my prayer that they look at other Bishops and Jurisdictions.

  34. Interesting. How can they keep him out of COGIC churches? If he were to enter one, would they call the police and have him arrested?

    COGIC’s leadership is cresting at the height of hypocrisy. Bishop Blake and company are about as spiritually corrupt and spiritually bankrupt as it goes. Why are they being banned from entering COGIC churches?

    Lord, have mercy.

  35. “it’s my prayer that they look at other Bishops and Jurisdictions.”
    COGIC, DE, are you sure you want that? I mean COGIC’s house of cards could fall very quickly.

  36. Yes God needs to clean house. God is coming back for church without spot or wrinkle. God will always defend and protect His people. As far as being banned let me clarify. He’s no longer allowed to go as a leader or pastor. He can attend church as a brother but he’s no longer a bishop or is under permanent suspension in the COGIC. The people of God give and give and give to the work, that is the church to continue the work of God; and we have crooks who steal from them and from God. Yes it is my prayer that God does clean house so His work can go forth. Remember we’re in the soul business, reaching people for Christ. Many people have left the COGIC in Delaware, Bibleway the church that Bishop Holsey was pastoring is down to 10-20 members. At one time there was close to 300 people attending Sunday morning service. God does say woe unto the person who scatters my sheep afar off and the sheep are scattered and there’s only a remanent. I can only imagine what going on all over the country. From 300 to 20 members what else can be done other than for God to intervene.

  37. Thats really a sad and tragic situation. But in reality Hosely was put in position by the people who are now banning him. Didnt they properly vet him before they “consecrated” him. This is what the current money-driven system produces. Many of COGIC’s bishops are in position because of the amount of money they give to the church. Its the sheeple that suffer in the end. Thankfully God has already pronounced judgment on this wicked crop of hirelings.

  38. COGIC’s house of cards could fall very quickly.

    you got that right…i could see a scenario where Holsey turns states evidence….i think he knows enough to kickstart an even bigger investigation into some of these other bishops..

  39. Holsey was the only Elder to travel with Bishop Blackshear; he took him to all the meetings and convocations. Bishop Blackshear was able to get Holsey on one of the most powerful commitees, the Rules Committee. With all that when the Pastors voted Holsey didn’t get the majority of their votes then. But the National decided by unanimous vote to name him Prelate of Delaware. The National as you have stated only look at those who give the big offerings and such. It’s sad but it look like it’s money driven. Many people in the Jurisdiction didn’t support Holsey from the begining and sent letters to Bishop Blake voicing their disagreement to no avail. So it took this incident to change the mind of the National Church. I’m praying for God to do a new thing in us; that is to revive and restore the church. Please God send revival and let it begin in Me.

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